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Regulation of humoral immune responses by a bone marrow derived glyco lipid like molecule

Cellular Immunology 71(2): 293-302

Regulation of humoral immune responses by a bone marrow derived glyco lipid like molecule

Bone marrow cells nonspecifically suppress primary in vitro antibody responses. This suppression appears to be mediated by a low-MW soluble factor, B-SF [B-suppresser factor] which was released from a fraction of cells of similar size to the suppressor as obtained by velocity sedimentation. Like the suppressor cell, B-SF was effective very early in the immune response. It was produced by all strains of mice tested and functioned across strain barriers. Characterization of the active suppressor molecule showed it to be a highly heat-stable, nonsialic acid-containing glycolipid of 1000-35,000 daltons MW. Recovery of the purified suppressor from TLC plates was achieved indicating that the major glycolipid component visualized on TLC is likely the active suppressor molecule. The characteristics of this suppressor may show it to be a fundamental immune regulatory mechanism.

Accession: 006288593

PMID: 6215990

Related references

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