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Regulation of immuno globulin synthesis in mouse myeloma cells

Biochemistry 15(25): 5497-5501

Regulation of immuno globulin synthesis in mouse myeloma cells

The rate of synthesis of immunoglobulin (Ig) was compared to that of other proteins in MPC-11 mouse myeloma cells subjected to various treatments. Starvation or exposure to actinomycin D caused a rapid reduction in overall protein synthesis, but affected the H and L Ig chains to a lesser extent. Under these conditions, which are known to interfere with polypeptide chain initiation, the synthesis of the L and H chains became more predominant. Cycloheximide, which inhibits chain elongation and leads to excess initiation capacity, affected Ig synthesis more severely than that of other polypeptides. The Ig mRNAs probably are particularly efficient in polypeptides chain initiation, and this characteristic could influence the rate of Ig synthesis under certain physiological conditions.

Accession: 006288684

PMID: 999823

Related references

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