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Regulation of intra cellular pyro phosphatase ec activity and conservation of the phospho anhydride energy of inorganic pyro phosphate in microbial metabolism

, : Regulation of intra cellular pyro phosphatase ec activity and conservation of the phospho anhydride energy of inorganic pyro phosphate in microbial metabolism. Zeitschrift fuer Naturforschung Section C Journal of Biosciences 31(9-10): 544-550

The conservation of the phosphoanhydride-energy of PPi in microbial metabolism requires a stringent metabolic control of the intracellular pyrophosphatases (PPases, EC The rate of intracellular PPi-liberation during biosynthesis of cellular constituents is calculated from the specific growth rate and the macromolecular composition of the respective microorganism. This rate is compared with the maximal specific activity of PPase in cell free extracts or purified enzyme preparations to study the possibility of the limitation of biosynthesis through PPase-activity. The catalytic and regulatory properties of microbial PPases are discussed in respect to the occurrence of PPi-dependent transphosphorylases. Certain anaerobic microorganisms including photosynthetic bacteria can use PPi instead of ATP as phosphate donor for transphosphorylation reactions.

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