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Regulation of late functions in salmonella typhimurium bacterio phage p 22 and bacterio phage l studied by assaying endo lysin synthesis

Journal of Virology 32(1): 1-7

Regulation of late functions in salmonella typhimurium bacterio phage p 22 and bacterio phage l studied by assaying endo lysin synthesis

The rate of endolysin synthesis in S. typhimurium cells infected by bacteriophage P22 or L was taken as a measure for the activity of 23 gene product (the positive regulator for the late genes of P22 and L). Endolysin is coded for by gene 19. The amber mutations in gene 23 of P22 and L, used in this study, reduced the rate of endolysin synthesis by a factor of approximately 90 for P22 and of approximately 20 for L. In mixed infections with 19- and 23- mutants the 23 gene products of P22 and L act as positive regulators for the respective gene 19 in cis and in trans. Cross-specificity of the 23 gene products, i.e., turning on expression of gene 19 on a chromosome of the other species, could not be demonstrated.

Accession: 006288966

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