Regulation of lymphocyte transformation responses to phytohaemagglutinin, concanavalin A or lipopolysaccharide by normal serum

Neveu, P.J.; Perdoux, D.; Reiss, D.

Annales d'Immunologie 133c(1): 69-82


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-4910
PMID: 7092176
Accession: 006289124

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Lymphocyte blastogenesis of guinea pig spleen cells induced by various doses of phytohemagglutinin (PHA), concanavalin A (Con A) or lipopolysaccharide (LPS) was assayed in the absence or in the presence of normal guinea-pig serum, fetal calf serum or heterologous albumin or .gamma.-globulins. Opposite effects of diluted and of concentrated sera were observed on blastogenesis induced either by PHA or Con A: high concentrations inhibited blastogenesis; low concentrations enhanced mitogenesis. Homologous serum inhibited LPS-induced blastogenesis whatever the concentration used. These results could be explained by the interaction of serum with the membrane of lymphocytes stimulated by Con A, PHA or LPS. Sera could interfere with Con A. The implications of these experiments are discussed.