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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6294

Chapter 6294 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Liu, C. H.; Tian, R. M., 1986: Reiter's disease with psoriasiform skin lesions report of 2 cases and a new method of differentiation

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Papa, G.; Trinchera, G. M. G.; Donnarumma, M. P.; Scala, C.; Perrella, S.; Schisa, C., 1978: Reiterant contaminations by pseudomonas aeruginosa on culture cell lines in a hospital virology service

Larkey L.S., 1983: Reiterant speech an acoustic and perceptual validation

Huetter R., 1982: Reiterated dna sequences in a mutant strain of streptomyces glaucescens and cloning of the sequence in escherichia coli

Palacios R., 1987: Reiterated dna sequences in rhizobium spp and agrobacterium spp

Ananiev, E. V.; Gvozdev, V. A.; Ilyin-Yu, V.; Tchurikov, N. A.; Georgiev, G. P., 1978: Reiterated genes with varying location in intercalary hetero chromatin regions of drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293013

Zelenka, P.; Piatigorsky, J., 1976: Reiteration frequency of delta crystallin dna in lens and nonlens tissues of chick embryos delta crystallin gene is not amplified during lens cell differentiation

Okabe, H.; Dubuy, J.; Hatanaka, M.; Gilden, R. V., 1978: Reiteration frequency of feline type c viral genomes in homologous and heterologous host cell dna

Herzfeld F., 1980: Reiteration frequency of genes coding for abundant and rare messenger rna in greened barley hordeum vulgare seedlings

Brentani R.R., 1982: Reiteration frequency of pro collagen genes in the guinea pig genome

Cashmore A.R., 1979: Reiteration frequency of the gene coding for the small subunit of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase

Scott, A. C.; Wells, J. R. E., 1976: Reiteration frequency of the gene for tissue specific histone h 5 in the chicken genome

Jacob, E.; Malacinski, G.; Birnstiel, M. L., 1976: Reiteration frequency of the histone genes in the genome of the amphibian xenopus laevis

Section 7, Chapter 6294 , Accession 006293021

Cevallos M.A., 1985: Reiteration of nitrogen fixation gene sequences and specificity of rhizobium in nodulation and nitrogen fixation in phaseolus vulgaris

Akers T.G., 1988: Reiterative rna folding and occupancy rate analysis for messenger rna modelling

Pustoshilova N.M., 1980: Reiterative synthesis of poly adenylic acid on oligo nucleotide templates in the escherichia coli rna polymerase system

Whisler R.L., 1979: Reiters aortitis with peri cardial fluid heart block and neurologic manifestations

Raj G.A., 1982: Reiters disease

Sharma A., 1980: Reiters disease clinical profile of epidemic form

Petty R.E., 1979: Reiters disease in children

Dietel K., 1981: Reiters disease in children following an infection by yersinia enterocolitica

Regan M.G., 1980: Reiters disease in women

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293031

Scherak O., 1981: Reiters disease successful treatment of keratoderma blennorrhagicum with oral photo chemo therapy

Friis J., 1980: Reiters disease with childhood onset having special reference to hla b 27 report of a case and a review

Mcculley J.B., 1982: Reiters keratitis

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293042

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293043

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Allison, R. W.; Graham, K. L., 1988: Reject material in kraft pulp from radiata pine part 1. effect of knotwood

Dozier, M., 1988: Rejected children's processing of interpersonal information

Kok-Van-Alphen, C. C.; Volker-Dieben, H. J. M.; Van-Der-Want, J. J. L.; Vrensen, G., 1981: Rejected human corneal grafts 1. clinical study

Van-Der-Want, J. J. L.; Kok-Van-Alphen, C. C.; Vrensen, G.; Volker-Dieben, H. J. M., 1981: Rejected human corneal grafts 2. light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Carpenter C.B., 1979: Rejected human renal allo grafts recovery and characteristics of infiltrating cells and antibody

Fritsch P., 1988: Rejection after a slightly prolonged survival time of langerhans cell free allogeneic cultured epidermis used for wound coverage in humans

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293059

Jeekel J., 1986: Rejection and survival of auxiliary partial liver grafts in non tissue typed pigs

Cleland J.F., 1981: Rejection and the use of chemical agents

Boon, T.; Kellermann, O., 1977: Rejection by syngeneic mice of cell variants obtained by mutagenesis of a malignant terato carcinoma cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293063

Seeman M.V., 1982: Rejection in parents of schizophrenic out patients correlates with time spent together

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293065

Terasaka R., 1980: Rejection mechanisms of xenogeneic tissue antigens in mice

Shiraishi M., 1981: Rejection mechanisms of xenogeneic tumor graft in the cheek pouch of hamster

Nakada T., 1984: Rejection monitoring by lymphocyte blastogenesis assay in canine lung allo transplantation

Kocandrle V., 1986: Rejection nephropathy before and after cyclosporin a

Galli S.J., 1979: Rejection of 1st set skin allo grafts in man the micro vasculature is the critical target of the immune response

Longoria J.F., 1983: Rejection of a neotype for globotruncana rosetta insignis

Calnek, B. W.; Fabricant, J.; Schat, K. A.; Murthy, K. K., 1978: Rejection of a transplantable mareks disease lymphoma in normal vs immunologically deficient chickens

Lewis A.M.Jr, 1979: Rejection of adenovirus type 2 transformed cell tumors and immune responsiveness in syrian hamsters

Piguet, P. F.; Vassalli, P., 1978: Rejection of allo grafts or xeno grafts of lymphoid cells by nude mice thymus derived cell suicide as a result of cooperation between histo incompatible thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells

Grant C.K., 1981: Rejection of allogeneic tumor cells growing in mouse cerebro spinal fluid functional analysis of the inflammatory process

Berke, G.; Sullivan, K. A.; Amos, B., 1972: Rejection of ascites tumor allo grafts part 1 isolation characterization and in vitro reactivity of peritoneal lymphoid effector cells from balb c mice immune to el 4 leukosis

Berke, G.; Sullivan, K. A.; Amos, B., 1972: Rejection of ascites tumor allo grafts part 2 a pathway for cell mediated tumor destruction in vitro by peritoneal exudate lymphoid cells

Jay G., 1988: Rejection of b16 melanoma induced by expression of a transfected major histocompatibility complex class i gene

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293079

Wachtel S.S., 1979: Rejection of c 57bl 6 skin grafts by c 57bl 6 x mus musculus castaneus f 1 hybrids

Gray, B. H., 1977: Rejection of chloropseudomonas ethylica as a nomina rejicienda request for an opinion

Billingham M.E., 1987: Rejection of combined heart lung transplants in rats function and pathology

Finch D.M., 1982: Rejection of cowbird molothrus ater obscurus eggs by crissal thrashers toxostoma dorsale

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293084

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293085

Roth, J. A.; Morton, D. L.; Holmes, E. C., 1978: Rejection of di nitrochloro benzene conjugated syngeneic tumor cells by di nitrochloro benzene sensitized guinea pigs

Arnason B.G.W., 1987: Rejection of fetal neocortical neural transplants by h 2 incompatible mice

Wartenberg, J.; Milgrom, F., 1978: Rejection of heart perfused in vitro by allo transplantation serum

Salaman, J. R.; Godfrey, A. M.; Russell, R. B.; Brown, P.; Festenstein, H., 1976: Rejection of hl a identical related kidney transplants

Groth, C. G.; Lundgren, G.; Arner, P.; Collste, H.; Hardstedt, C.; Lewander, R.; Ostman, J., 1976: Rejection of isolated pancreatic allo grafts in patients with diabetes

Coons, T. A.; Goldberg, E. H., 1978: Rejection of male skin grafts by splenectomized female mice/

Thomas E.D., 1979: Rejection of marrow from dog histo compatibility antigen identical canine littermates given transfusions before grafting antigens involved are expressed on leukocytes and skin epithelial cells but not on platelets and red blood cells

Lewert, R. M.; Yogore, M. G. Jr ; Para, J. M.; Ozcel, M. A., 1977: Rejection of mouse derived schistosoma japonicum and serum lethality of hosts immunized with mouse globulin or mouse erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293095

Chandler J.W., 1985: Rejection of murine heterotopic corneal transplants

Lichtenstein A., 1985: Rejection of murine ovarian cancer following treatment with regional immunotherapy correlations with a neutrophil mediated activation of cytostatic macrophages

Wied G.L., 1983: Rejection of noncellular artifacts in papanicolaou stained slide specimens by an automated high resolution system identification of important cytometric features

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293099

Huntoon P.W., 1985: Rejection of recharge water from madison aquifer along eastern perimeter of bighorn artesian basin wyoming usa

Stevenson J.R., 1986: Rejection of reovirus treated l 1210 leukemia cells by mice

Hovis J., 1983: Rejection of retrovirus infected tumor cells in guinea pigs effect on bystander tumor cells

Parr, I. B.; Wheeler, L. E.; Alexander, P., 1975: Rejection of sarcoma cells at the site of an inflammatory reaction macrophages are not the only effector cells

Semik D., 1980: Rejection of skin allo graft and xeno grafts in the grass frog rana temporaria and the edible frog rana esculenta

Plytycz, B.; Makiel, K.; Skowronska, A.; Roszak, A., 1978: Rejection of skin allo grafts in 2 geographically distant populations of triturus vulgaris and triturus cristatus

Plytycz B., 1979: Rejection of skin allo grafts in the common toad bufo bufo

Plytycz B., 1980: Rejection of skin allo graphs and xeno grafts in the fire bellied toads bombina bombina and bombina variegata

Neefe J.R.Jr, 1981: Rejection of skin grafts after orthotopic tooth transplantation between rhla paired monkeys

Seaman W.E., 1986: Rejection of skin grafts and generation of cytotoxic t cells by mice depleted of l3t4 positive cells

Talmage D.W., 1982: Rejection of stable cultured allo grafts by active or passive adoptive immunization

Mccullagh P., 1985: Rejection of syngeneic skin grafts following retransplantation from histo incompatible rats

Hirsch P., 1987: Rejection of the genus name pirella for pear shaped budding bacteria and proposal to create pirellula new genus

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293113

Tsukamura M., 1982: Rejection of the name nocardia farcinica approved lists 1980 request for an opinion

Mcclintock E., 1987: Rejection of the names magnolia heptapeta and magnolia quinquepeta magnoliaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293116

Askenase P.W., 1985: Rejection of ticks from guinea pigs by anti hapten antibody mediated degranulation of basophils at cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity sites role of mediators other than histamine

Cohen, I. R.; Globerson, A.; Feldman, M., 1971: Rejection of tumor allo grafts by mouse spleen cells sensitized in vitro

Sehon A.H., 1979: Rejection of tumor cells in vitro morphological studies on killer thymus derived cells and damaged tumor cells

Povlsen, C. O.; Rygaard, J., 1975: Rejection patterns of 3 human malignant tumors transplanted in thymus grafted nude mice

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293121

Weibezahn K.F., 1981: Rejoining of dna double strand breaks in human fibroblasts and its impairment in 1 ataxia telangi ectasia and 2 fanconi strains

Malz W., 1980: Rejoining of dna double strand breaks in x irradiated and neutron irradiated chinese hamster cells

Olinski, R.; Walter, Z.; Frankowski, W.; Wiaderkiewicz, R., 1978: Rejoining of dna in nondividing lymphocytes from pig blood

Roots, R.; Smith, K. C., 1975: Rejoining of dna single strand breaks in mammalian cells incubated in buffer or in medium after aerobic or anaerobic x irradiation

Johnstone A.P., 1984: Rejoining of dna strand breaks is an early nuclear event during the stimulation of quiescent lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293127

Tsuboi, A.; Terasima, T., 1970: Rejoining of single breaks of dna induced by x rays in mammalian cells effects of metabolic inhibitors

Roberts H.H., 1987: Rejuvenated marsh and bay bottom accretion of the rapidly subsiding coastal plain of usa gulf coast a second order effect of the emerging atchafalaya delta louisiana

Meites J., 1987: Rejuvenating effects of 10 week underfeeding period on estrous cycles in young and old rats

Brightwell W.T., 1984: Rejuvenating rabbiteye blueberry vaccinium ashei cultivars tifblue and woodard

Sampet P., 1979: Rejuvenation in vitro induction of juvenile characters in an adult clone of vitis vinifera

Ekberg I., 1987: Rejuvenation of juvenile growth characters in picea abies

Sicko-Goad, L.; Stoermer, E. F.; Fahnenstiel, G., 1986: Rejuvenation of melosira granulata bacillariophyceae resting cells from the anoxic sediments of douglas lake michigan usa i. light microscopy and carbon 14 uptake

Sicko-Goad, L., 1986: Rejuvenation of melosira granulata bacillariophyceae resting cells from the anoxic sediments of douglas lake michigan usa ii. electron microscopy

Boussaid M., 1986: Rejuvenation phenomena in hedysarum carnosum

Stones M.J., 1979: Rekitting the wechsler paired associate task the water ford index

Chesbro W., 1982: Rel a and related loci are growth rate determinants for escherichia coli in a re cycling fermenter

Bremer H., 1982: Rel a dependent rna polymerase activity in escherichia coli

Somerville, C. R.; Ahmed, A., 1977: Rel dependent methionine requirement in revertants of a methionyl transfer rna synthetase mutant of escherichia coli

Nunn, W. D.; Cronan, J. E. Jr, 1974: Rel gene control of lipid synthesis in escherichia coli evidence for eliminating fatty acid synthesis as the sole regulatory site

Bridger, W. A.; Paranchych, W., 1978: Rela gene control of bacterial glycogen synthesis

Spencer, A.; Muller, E.; Cronan, J. E. Jr ; Gross, T. A., 1977: Rela gene control of the synthesis of lipid a fatty acyl moieties

Deutscher, M. P.; Setlow, P.; Foulds, J., 1977: Rela overcomes the slow growth of cca mutants

Polcik J., 1984: Relaparotomy after gastric operations

Ozaki Y., 1981: Relapse after chemo therapy of acute simple cystitis

Diamond L., 1980: Relapse after short term drug therapy in neurotic out patients

Misiewicz I., 1986: Relapse and reinfection in the course of asymptomatic bacteriuria in elderly people

Morgan, R. T. T., 1978: Relapse and therapeutic response in the conditioning treatment of enuresis a review of recent findings on intermittent reinforcement over learning and stimulus intensity

Weeks, D. A.; Beckwith, J. B.; Luckey, D. W., 1987: Relapse associated variables in stage i favorable histology wilms' tumor a report of the national wilms' tumor study

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293151

Moroni C., 1988: Relapse cell population differs from acute onset clone as shown by absence of the initially activated n ras oncogene in a patient with acute myelomonocytic leukemia

Dorand, R. D.; Adams, G., 1976: Relapse during penicillin treatment of group b streptococcal meningitis

Hormaeche C.E., 1985: Relapse following cessation of antibiotic therapy for mouse typhoid in resistant and susceptible mice infected with salmonellae of differing virulence

Harrison, D. T.; Flournoy, N.; Ramberg, R.; Boyd, C.; Erne, K.; Buckner, C. D.; Fefer, A.; Sanders, J. E.; Storb, R.; Thomas, E. D., 1978: Relapse following marrow transplantation for acute leukemia

Moos K.F., 1986: Relapse following surgical treatment of anterior open bite

Williams R., 1983: Relapse following treatment withdrawal in patients with auto immune chronic active hepatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293158

Beirne G.J., 1980: Relapse in anti glomerular basement membrane antibody mediated crescentic glomerulo nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293160

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293161

Coatney, G. R., 1976: Relapse in malaria an enigma

Sheard M.H., 1982: Relapse in patients with shifting research diagnostic criteria diagnoses treated with lithium alone

Pamra, S. P.; Prasad, G.; Mathur, G. P., 1976: Relapse in pulmonary tuberculosis

Siemon G., 1986: Relapse in pulmonary tuberculosis trends between 1977 1979 and 1983 1985

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293166

Melville C., 1980: Relapse in schizophrenia

Berger R., 1986: Relapse in the monoblastic translocation form of an acute myeloblastic leukemia translocation with translocation 8 21

Otero R.L., 1984: Relapse measurements in experimental tooth movements

Lange, G.; Mittermayer, C.; Schmidt, C. L., 1977: Relapse of a naso pharyngeal fibroma after 20 years in the right upper cheek

Peters L., 1986: Relapse of acute b viral hepatitis role of delta agent

Ost A., 1981: Relapse of acute myelo blastic leukemia lasting for 4 years production by leukemic cells of colony stimulating activity and nonproduction of leukemia associated inhibitor

Liden M., 1987: Relapse of acute purulent otitis media antibiotic sensitivities of nasopharyngeal pathogens

Grondin C.M., 1980: Relapse of angina after coronary artery surgery results of re operation for myo cardial re vascularization

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293175

Castiglione M., 1988: Relapse of breast cancer after adjuvant treatment in premenopausal and perimenopausal women patterns and prognoses

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293177

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293178

Trope C., 1986: Relapse of endometrial carcinoma related to steroid receptor concentration staging histologic grading and myometrial invasion

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293180

Feldman, W. E.; Laupus, W. E.; Ledaal, P., 1976: Relapse of haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis after combined antibiotic therapy report of a case

Imamura T., 1985: Relapse of hereditary spherocytosis following splenectomy

Grangeponte M.C., 1987: Relapse of herpes simplex encephalitis

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293184

Horner, R. J.; Chaffey, J. T.; Rosenthal, D. S.; Moloney, W. C., 1978: Relapse of hodgkin disease after extended field radio therapy

Sondel, P. M.; Hank, J. A.; Molenda, J.; Blank, J.; Borcherding, W.; Longo, W.; Trigg, M. E.; Hong, R.; Bozdech, M. J., 1985: Relapse of host leukemic lymphoblasts following engraftment by an hla mismatched marrow transplant mechanisms of escape from the graft vs. leukemia effect

Head, D. R.; Avakian, J.; Kjeldsberg, C. R.; Cerezo, L., 1988: Relapse of intermediate or high grade unfavorable non hodgkin's lymphoma as a low grade favorable non hodgkin's lymphoma report of four cases

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293189

Barker C.F., 1979: Relapse of pneumonia caused by cytomegalovirus in 2 recipients of renal transplants

Caffey E.M.Jr, 1982: Relapse of psychiatric patients in foster care

Sladen G.E., 1981: Relapse of ulcerative procto colitis during treatment with nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Hietanen P., 1986: Relapse pattern and follow up of breast cancer

Pilotti S., 1985: Relapse pattern of pathologic stage i nonseminomatous germ cell tumors of the testis following orchiectomy and lymphadenectomy

Glaros A.G., 1986: Relapse prevention and smoking cessation

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293197

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293198

Moe P.J., 1980: Relapse rate after cessation of therapy in childhood leukemia a follow up report on 277 cases from the 5 nordic countries

Moe P.J., 1983: Relapse rate after cessation of therapy in childhood leukemia material from the 5 nordic countries

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293201

Shuster S., 1981: Relapse rate and long term management of plaque psoriasis after treatment with photo chemo therapy and dithranol

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293203

Seville, R. H., 1976: Relapse rate of psoriasis worsened by adding steroids to a dithranol regime

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293205

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293206

Hammond D., 1979: Relapse rates following cessation of chemo therapy during complete remission of acute lymphocytic leukemia a report from childrens cancer study group

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293208

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293209

Khazan N., 1981: Relapse to morphine self administration in morphine methadone and levo alpha acetyl methadol post addict rats

Siegel, R. D.; Skarin, A. T.; Canellos, G. P., 1986: Relapse with nodular lymphoma following combination chemotherapy for diffuse non hodgkin's lymphoma

Savastano A., 1987: Relapsed neuroblastoma in a young man treatment with iodine 131 meta iodobenzylguanidine

Bely M., 1984: Relapsed tumors in the urethra after cystectomies performed because of urinary bladder cancers

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293214

Webber B., 1985: Relapsed wilms tumor factors affecting survival and cure

Lindenbaum J., 1983: Relapses after interruption of cyano cobalamin therapy in patients with pernicious anemia

Alinder I., 1982: Relapses after thionamide therapy for graves disease

Vienne J L., 1983: Relapses and preventive treatment of relapses after dissolution of biliary lithiasis by cheno deoxy cholic acid in 22 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293219

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293220

Wojcik Z., 1986: Relapses of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children treated at the institute of pediatrics in zabrze poland

Egorov Yu N., 1985: Relapses of adenoma of the large intestine

Shvetsov S.K., 1985: Relapses of diffuse toxic goiter results of treatment with radioactive iodine

Kaverzneva, M. M.; Vasygova, N. F., 1986: Relapses of hodgkin's disease after radical radiation therapy and their treatment

Sobel A., 1987: Relapses of idiopathic diffuse crescentic glomerulonephritis without immune deposits report of 6 cases

Korytova L.I., 1986: Relapses of lymphogranulomatosis

Amiel J.L., 1983: Relapses of nonseminomatous germ cell cancer of the testis

Sapozhnikova, M. A.; Tebenikhin, V. S., 1978: Relapses of ovarian granulo cellular tumors

Cotton P.B., 1984: Relapsing acute and chronic pancreatitis

Henze K., 1984: Relapsing acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis and essential thrombocythemia

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293231

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293232

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293233

Krook, G.; Waldenstrom, J. G., 1978: Relapsing annular erythema and myeloma successfully treated with cyclo phosphamide

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293235

Kleckova A., 1986: Relapsing dry pleuritis after blind liver biopsy case history

Durston, J. H. J.; Milnes, J. N., 1970: Relapsing encephalo myelitis

Maldonado E.M., 1979: Relapsing eosinophil granuloma of skin and bone with spontaneous involution

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293239

Girot, R.; Griscelli, C., 1977: Relapsing erythro blastopenia a case followed during 22 years

Helms, P. J., 1977: Relapsing escherichia coli k 1 antigen meningitis in a new born

Mcfarlin D.E., 1981: Relapsing experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in the sjl j mouse

Lassmann H., 1981: Relapsing experimental allergic encephalo myelitis induced with isolated myelin and with myelin basic protein plus myelin lipids

Korngold R., 1986: Relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in radiation bone marrow chimeras between high and low susceptible strains of mice

Rosenthal E., 1982: Relapsing fever in cape town south africa a case

Coene J., 1984: Relapsing fever in sichili zambia

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293247

Hershko, C.; Berrebi, A.; Resnitzky, P.; Eldor, A., 1976: Relapsing hemolytic anemia of pregnancy with negative anti globulin reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293249

Foldes J., 1988: Relapsing hepatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293251

Brechenmacher C., 1986: Relapsing inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy in a diabetic patient

Feild, C.; Brady, S.; Lowe, B., 1987: Relapsing kawasaki's disease

Pinkhas J., 1982: Relapsing legionella pneumophila pneumonia

Hofmann, W.; Staude, G., 1970: Relapsing lithogenesis after operative treatment for calculus

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293256

Labrecque R., 1979: Relapsing neuropathy cerebral atrophy and folate deficiency a close association

Pollard, J. D.; Selby, G., 1978: Relapsing neuropathy due to tetanus toxoid report of a case

Fenichel G.M., 1981: Relapsing ocular myasthenia

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293260

Carr P., 1981: Relapsing poly chondritis

Kindblom, L. G.; Dalen, P.; Edmar, G.; Kjellbo, H., 1977: Relapsing poly chondritis a clinical pathologic anatomic and histochemical study of 2 cases

Hashimoto, K.; Arkin, C. R.; Kang, A. H., 1977: Relapsing poly chondritis an ultrastructural study

Ryckewaert A., 1981: Relapsing poly chondritis an ultrastructural study of elastic and collagen fibers degradation revealed by tannic acid

Blau, E. B., 1976: Relapsing poly chondritis and retro peritoneal fibrosis in an 8 year old boy

Pinkhas J., 1982: Relapsing poly chondritis associated with mixed cryo globulinemia

Barnett E.V., 1981: Relapsing poly chondritis associated with ulcerative colitis serial determinations of antibodies to cartilage and circulating immune complexes by 3 assays

Bergfield W.F., 1980: Relapsing poly chondritis immuno microscopic findings in cartilage of ear biopsy specimens

Moloney, J. R., 1978: Relapsing poly chondritis its oto laryngological manifestations

Ryckewaert A., 1981: Relapsing poly chondritis pathogenic role of anti native collagen type ii antibodies a case report with immunological and pathological studies

Theorell H., 1982: Relapsing poly chondritis presentation of 4 cases

Gange, R. W., 1976: Relapsing poly chondritis report of 2 cases with an immuno pathological review

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293274

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293275

Owen, D. S-Jr ; Irby, R.; Toone, E., 1970: Relapsing poly chondritis with aortic involvement

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293277

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293278

Vital, C.; Staeffen, J.; Series, C.; Terme, R.; Brechenmacher, C.; Pachebat, B., 1978: Relapsing poly radiculitis after porta caval anastomosis

Ophir D., 1988: Relapsing polychondritis

Nozaki T., 1985: Relapsing polychondritis

Khan M.A., 1988: Relapsing polychondritis and spondyloarthropathies

Zucchi A., 1985: Relapsing polychondritis description of 1 clinical case

Machado M.M., 1987: Relapsing polychondritis features of the associated renal disease

Gijon Banos J., 1988: Relapsing polychondritis in 6 patients clinical pathologic and immunologic study

Halabe Cherem J., 1986: Relapsing polychondritis report of seven cases

Spiera H., 1985: Relapsing polychondritis studied by computed tomography

O'fallon W.M., 1986: Relapsing polychondritis survival and predictive role of early disease manifestations

Revert L., 1984: Relapsing polychondritis with segmental necrotizing glomerulonephritis

Kawamura M., 1986: Relapsing process in french american british subtypes of adult acute leukemia and its relationship to treatment regimens

Van Der Straeten M., 1979: Relapsing spontaneous pneumo peri cardium and pneumo thorax with proven pleuro peri cardial defect a case report

Ter Meulen V., 1984: Relapsing subacute demyelinating encephalomyelitis in rats during the course of coronavirus jhm infection

Dastur F.D., 1981: Relapsing tetanus a case

Geissler D., 1983: Relapsing tumor and excessive cerebral angio fibrosis 28 years after high dose conventional prolactinoma radiation

Koellermann, M. W.; Scherf, H.; Schwarke, D.; Schassan, H. H., 1976: Relapsing urinary infections after successful anti reflux surgery their localization by the bladder washing test

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293296

Dienstag J.L., 1985: Relapsing viral hepatitis type a

Brown D.D., 1981: Related 5s rna transcription factors in xenopus oocytes and somatic cells

Lamb, B. C., 1969: Related and unrelated changes in conversion and recombination frequencies with temperature in sordaria fimicola and their relevance to hybrid dna models of recombination

Sundin U., 1984: Related and unrelated changes in response to exercise and cold in rats a reevaluation

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293301

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293302

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293303

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293304

Bjorck L., 1986: Related bindings of aggregated beta 2 microglobulin immunoglobulin g fab kappa and lambda light chains to group a streptococci

Reger L.A., 1984: Related cell surface antigens expressed with positional specificity in drosophila imaginal discs

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293335

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293352

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293353

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293368

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293377

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293384

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293392

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293395

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293403

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293406

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293407

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293410

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Section 7, Chapter 6294 , Accession 006293415

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293420

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293425

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293429

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293435

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293447

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Gallo A.B., 1979: Relation between biological potency and clearance rates of gonadotropins in the lizard anolis carolinensis

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293459

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Perez E., 1983: Relation between body composition and weight in growing rabbits

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Sakai T., 1980: Relation between body size and food of the amago oncorhynchus rhodurus from hirakura stream mie prefecture japan

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Bergstrand H., 1982: Relation between bronchial reactivity to antigen in vivo and serum immuno globulin e and immuno globulin g 2a antibody levels in rats

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Nicholas D.J.D., 1981: Relation between carbon di oxide evolution and in situ reduction of nitrate in wheat leaves

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Caidahl K., 1987: Relation between cardiac dyspnea and left ventricular function a non invasive study of 67 year old men

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293490

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293499

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293501

Takakuwa M., 1980: Relation between cell surface antigenicity of bakers yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and susceptibility to lytic enzymes

Domoto, T.; Daniel, E. E.; Oki, M.; Tanaka, O., 1978: Relation between cell to cell junctions and electrical activities in the dog and frog stomach

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293504

Glaser, L.; Lindsay, B., 1977: Relation between cell wall turnover and cell growth in bacillus subtilis

Tenkku M., 1982: Relation between central cerebral atrophy memory defects and prolactin secretion

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293507

Chernukh A.M., 1981: Relation between changes in the platelet shape and calcium balance and the separation effect of cytochalasin b

Llorente S., 1985: Relation between changes of the external coloring and the pigment contents in tomato

Shimoji M., 1986: Relation between characterization components and the mature degree of awamori

Mizusaki, S.; Okamoto, H.; Akiyama, A.; Fukuhara, Y., 1977: Relation between chemical constituents of tobacco and mutagenic activity of cigarette smoke condensate

Renard A.M., 1980: Relation between chemical structure and anti mitotic activity of a new series of pyrimidine aryl thio ethers

Kalliopuska M., 1984: Relation between childrens and parents empathy

Murata T., 1981: Relation between chilling sensitivity of cucurbitaceae fruits and the membrane permeability

Kristensen, P.; Larsen, E. H., 1978: Relation between chloride exchange diffusion and a conductive chloride pathway across the isolated skin of the toad bufo bufo

Luttke A., 1980: Relation between chloroplast replication and cell division in olisthodiscus luteus

Lenz, K., 1977: Relation between cholic acid synthesis rate and fecal radio isotope excretion following oral administration of carbon 14 cholic acid

Rengo, F.; Trimarco, B.; Chiariello, M.; Sacca, L.; Violini, R.; Rasetti, G.; Ferro, G., 1978: Relation between cholinergic and histaminergic components in reflex vaso dilatation in the dog

Todorov B., 1984: Relation between cholinesterase activity its polymorphism in blood plasma and broiler type bird resistance to mareks disease virus

Meade T.W., 1987: Relation between cigarette smoking and use of hormonal replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293521

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293522

Paivarinta H., 1980: Relation between clinical and autopsy diagnoses especially as regards cancer

Freyschuss U., 1987: Relation between clinical and roentgenological scores and measures of lung function in cystic fibrosis with special reference to pulmonary xenon 133 elimination

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293525

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293526

Martinez De Toda F., 1987: Relation between clusters microclimate and must ph and acidity in garnacha variety

Prades A., 1983: Relation between coffee drinking and blood pressure analysis of 6321 subjects in the paris region france

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293529

Whitfield J.F., 1984: Relation between colony formation in calcium deficient medium colony formation in soft agar and tumor formation by t 51b rat liver cells

Onuma, M.; Mikami, T.; Hayashi, T. T. A., 1976: Relation between common antigen and membrane antigens associated with mareks disease herpesvirus and turkey herpesvirus infections

Ladnykh L.F., 1980: Relation between common pine extract substances and its resistance to root fungus

Fraser W.D., 1987: Relation between complement activation and susceptibility to decompression sickness

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Smedegard G., 1985: Relation between components of the immune response in rats sensitized by aerosol and subcutaneous injections

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293538

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293539

Stinshoff, K.; Weisshaar, D.; Staehler, F.; Hesse, D.; Gruber, W.; Steier, E., 1977: Relation between concentrations of free glycerol and tri glycerides in human sera

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293541

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293543

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Minten J., 1987: Relation between coronary artery stenosis and myocardial purine metabolism histology and regional function in humans

Hundeshagen H., 1982: Relation between coronary obstructions left ventricular wall motion and regional myo cardial blood flow in single vessel coronary artery disease

De Schaepdrijver A., 1979: Relation between coronary prone behavior pattern excretion of urinary catecholamines heart rate and heart rhythm

Shukla, R. N.; Pathak, S. C., 1976: Relation between corpus allatum and hemolymph proteins in sphaerodema rusticum

Kramer H., 1986: Relation between crown parameters and volume increment of picea abies stands damaged by environmental pollution

Bracchi M., 1987: Relation between ct patterns clinical findings and etiological factors in children born at term affected by congenital hemiparesis

Weber D.L., 1984: Relation between cubic difference tone generation and suppression

Thomsen E., 1983: Relation between currents and the growth of paleocene reef mounds

Challis J.R.G., 1985: Relation between cyclic amp and prostaglandin output by dispersed cells from human amnion and decidua

Hansford R.G., 1988: Relation between cytosolic free calcium and respiratory rates in cardiac myocytes

Hansford R.G., 1987: Relation between cytosolic free calcium concentration and the control of pyruvate dehydrogenase in isolated cardiac myocytes

Tochikubo K., 1984: Relation between d glucose and l alanine and d alanine in the initiation of germination of bacillus subtilis spore

Ikeda, K., 1977: Relation between death rates for gastric cancer and zinc contents of rice in nara prefecture

Ishiwata N., 1979: Relation between decline of biting in angling and appetite of fish school

Haase J., 1979: Relation between decreased mental efficiency in mice and the presence of cerebral lesions after experimental encephalitis caused by yellow fever virus

Komatsu M., 1980: Relation between degree of rotting in the bed log and fruitbody formation in lentinus edodes

Kurup P.A., 1979: Relation between degree of unsaturation of the dietary fat and metabolism of glycosamino glycans in rats fed cholesterol free and cholesterol containing diets

Nakamura Y., 1987: Relation between denaturation and some functional properties of soybean protein

Gross J., 1982: Relation between density and maturity of red blood cells of rats during the peri natal period

Imanishi H., 1982: Relation between depth of dormancy and temperature for sprouting in gladiolus cormels

Saraclar M., 1985: Relation between depths of echocardiographic pulmonary valve a waves and hemodynamic values in pure valvular pulmonary stenosis patients

Maekawa A., 1985: Relation between development of leukemia and duration of n nitroso n ethylurea treatment in donryu rats

Mallozi M., 1986: Relation between diagonal ear lobe crease and ischemic chronic heart disease and the factors of coronary risk

Thurlbeck A., 1981: Relation between diameter and flow in branches of the bronchial tree

Hiroki M., 1988: Relation between diel vertical migration and locomotor activity of a marine hyperiidean amphipod themisto japonica bovallius

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293575

Chalfoun S.M., 1981: Relation between different coffee rust hemileia vastatrix levels and the yield of coffee plants coffea arabica at some localities of minas gerais state brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293577

Fernandez C., 1984: Relation between discharge regularity and responses to externally applied galvanic currents in vestibular nerve afferents of the squirrel monkey

Walton J.P., 1983: Relation between discharges in auditory nerve fibers and the whole nerve response shown by forward masking an empirical model for the action potential

Guo Y., 1988: Relation between discoloration stability and ph value of 34 percent streptomycin sulfate aqueous solution

Becker, S., 1977: Relation between disease progress and spore catches of hemileia vastatrix in kenya

Larsen S.E., 1981: Relation between dispersion characteristics over surfaces with dissimilar roughness and atmospheric stability under conditions of equal geostrophic winds

Watanabe A., 1988: Relation between distribution of dna synthesizing cells and blood flow and glucose metabolism in rous sarcoma virus induced rat brain tumors

Vasilevich, V. I.; Pakhorukov, N. M., 1975: Relation between distribution of spiders and vegetation cover in the central taiga of the ural region russian sfsr ussr

Section 7 , Chapter 6294, Accession 006293585

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Bernhardt D., 1982: Relation between dna synthesis and germination of vaccaria pyramidata seeds

Nordenfelt E., 1988: Relation between donor transaminase and recipient hepatitis non a non b in sweden

Tholey P., 1983: Relation between dream content and eye movements tested by lucid dreams

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293590

Skrzeczkowski L., 1979: Relation between dry matter content and nitrogen content in tubers of solanum tuberosum

Thor P., 1986: Relation between duodenal alkaline secretion and motility in fasted and sham fed dogs

Hurley J.F., 1986: Relation between dust exposure and lung function in miners and ex miners

Tamura T., 1986: Relation between early drop of apple fruit and shoot growth

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293595

Tamura T., 1984: Relation between early drop of apple fruit ethylene evolution and formation of abscission layer

Tamura T., 1984: Relation between early fruit drop and embryo development in apple

Persson G., 1980: Relation between early parental death and life event ratings among 70 year olds a test of a sensitization theory

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Bachus S., 1982: Relation between eating evoked by lateral hypothalamic stimulation and tail pinch in different rat strains

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293606

Iskandrian A.S., 1984: Relation between electro cardiographic and scintigraphic location of myo cardial ischemia during exercise in 1 vessel coronary artery disease

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293608

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293609

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Kerboeuf D., 1984: Relation between enzyme activity and infectivity during aging of heligmosomoides polygyrus nematospiroides dubius infective larvae

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Pearson, G.; Klein, G.; Henle, G.; Henle, W.; Clifford, P., 1969: Relation between epstein barr viral and cell membrane immuno fluorescence in burkitt tumor cells part 4 differentiation between antibodies responsible for membrane and viral immuno fluorescence

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293640

Walter P., 1980: Relation between extramitochondrial and intra mitochondrial atp adp ratios in rat liver mitochondria

Nochimson D., 1986: Relation between fetal heart rate accelerations fetal movements and fetal breathing movements

Lal R., 1983: Relation between fetal weight and placental size

Khan A.W., 1984: Relation between filter paper activity and saccharifying ability of a trichoderma reesei cellulase system

Wakae O., 1983: Relation between fine spots on broad bean leaf inoculated with rhizoctonia solani and degeneration of the leaf glandular hair tissues

Luper H.L., 1983: Relation between finger reaction time and voice reaction time in stuttering and nonstuttering children and adults

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Ejima Y., 1988: Relation between flicker and two pulse sensitivities for sinusoidal gratings

Fukuda T., 1979: Relation between flicker fusion threshold and retinal positions

Kawaguchi T., 1985: Relation between flow and water storage of a small forested watershed during a heavy rainfall

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Barraco R.A., 1984: Relation between food and water intake in the pigeon columba livia

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Bohle, H. W., 1978: Relation between food supply drift and micro distribution of larvae of baetis rhodani investigations in a stream model

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293658

Damert W.C., 1987: Relation between force constant and bond length for carbon nitrogen bonds

Wiktorowicz K., 1985: Relation between formation of adducts to dna induction of dna repair and release of dna from cells in benzo a pyrene treated human mitogen stimulated lymphocytes effect of duration of culture on the conditions for assessment of unscheduled dna synthesis

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293662

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Hunt J.N., 1983: Relation between freely chosen meals and body habitus

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Tokuyama K., 1988: Relation between frequency of asthma and ige antibody levels against dermatophagoides farinae and total serum ige levels in schoolchildren

Brookhouser P.E., 1985: Relation between frequency selectivity and speech perception following glycerol induced cochlear changes

Shibata N., 1983: Relation between freshness of antarctic krill euphausia superba and extractability of its muscular protein

Kasuga T., 1983: Relation between friend leukemia virus induced leukemia and genetic control of the host

Kumar B., 1987: Relation between full moon and medicolegal deaths

Romeo F., 1987: Relation between function and hypertrophy distribution in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293674

Corday E., 1983: Relation between functional response to nitro glycerin and extent of myo cardial necrosis in dogs mapping of the left ventricle by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

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Kubodera A., 1985: Relation between gallium 67 uptake and the stage of inflammation induced by turpentine oil in rats

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Kennedy T.L., 1984: Relation between gastric histology and gastric juice ph and nitrite and n nitroso compound concentrations in the stomach after surgery for duodenal ulcer

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Gould K.L., 1987: Relation between geometric dimensions of coronary artery stenoses and myocardial perfusion reserve in man

Veverka K., 1985: Relation between germination of sugar beet seed its infection with the fungus phoma betae and field emergence

Van Gerven L., 1987: Relation between germination trehalose and the status of water in phycomyces blakesleeanus spores as measured by proton nmr

Sies H., 1984: Relation between glutathione redox changes and biliary excretion of tauro cholate in perfused rat liver

Hirata Y., 1985: Relation between glycemic control and glycosylated hemoglobin in type ii diabetic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293689

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293690

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293691

Inouye J., 1982: Relation between grain shedding and pedicel morphology near the abscission layer of japonica indica hybrid rices bred in korea

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293694

Young R., 1979: Relation between growth and replication in bacteria

Zhu Z., 1987: Relation between growth and substrate in dictyophora rubrovalvata

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293697

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293698

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293699

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293700

Enesco H.E., 1982: Relation between growth rate and life span in alpha tocopherol cultured turbatrix aceti

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293702

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Legenore L., 1979: Relation between habitat and fish populations attempt at defining a numerical method for northern rivers

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Martin, J. M.; Hallauer, A. R., 1976: Relation between hetero zygosis and yield for 4 types of maize inbred lines

Guidotti P., 1980: Relation between high density lipo protein cholesterol and total cholesterol in serum of normal subjects

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Ikeda K., 1982: Relation between histological evaluation of spermatogenesis and sperm counts

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293725

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293730

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Wang, Z.; Guo, J., 1988: Relation between hydrogen metabolism and nitrogen fixation in azospirillum spp iii. a hup negative mutant of azospirillum brasilense by transposon tn5 mutagenesis

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Glorieux F.H., 1983: Relation between hypo mineralized periosteocytic lesions and bone mineralization in vitamin d resistant rickets

Glick, D.; Ben-Aryeh, H.; Gutman, D.; Szargel, R., 1976: Relation between idiopathic glossodynia and salivary flow rate and content

Forstrom L.A., 1985: Relation between in vivo abscess localization and in vitro migration and adherence of neutrophils

Umezawa H., 1983: Relation between in vivo effects and in vitro effects of serine and thiol proteinase inhibitors

Talbot M.D., 1986: Relation between incidence of gonorrhea in sheffield england uk and efficiency of contact tracing a paradox

Smith, K. D.; Rodriguez-Rigau, L. J.; Steinberger, E., 1977: Relation between indices of semen analysis and pregnancy rate in infertile couples

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293744

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293745

Et Al, 1988: Relation between infarct size and left ventricular performance assessed in patients with first acute myocardial infarction randomized to intracoronary thrombolytic therapy or to conventional treatment

Rush M.C., 1980: Relation between infection by rhizoctonia solani and rhizoctonia oryzae and disease severity in rice oryza sativa

IItaka Y., 1985: Relation between ingress and population density

IItaka Y., 1987: Relation between ingress escape and height of pot entrance

Guinand, M.; Vacheron, M. J.; Michel, G., 1978: Relation between inhibition of bacilli sporulation and synthesis of lytic enzymes

Uchida M.K., 1985: Relation between inhibition of calmodulin and mediator release from rat mast cells

Thouveny Y., 1984: Relation between innervation and proliferative activity of blastema cells during regeneration in owenia fusiformis polychaete annelid ultrastructural and auto radiographic studies/

Mesturino L., 1986: Relation between inoculum concentration of cronartium flaccidum aecidiospores and uredia and telia production on vincetoxicum hirundinaria leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293755

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293756

England E.C., 1983: Relation between intensity of schistosoma haematobium infection and clinical hematuria and proteinuria

Rappaport B.N., 1987: Relation between interastral distance time of furrow initiation and rate of furrow progress in cylindrical sand dollar eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293759

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293760

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293761

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293762

Schultz S.G., 1983: Relation between intra cellular sodium and active sodium transport in rabbit colon current voltage relations of the apical sodium entry mechanism in the presence of varying luminal sodium concentrations

Fozzard H.A., 1983: Relation between intra cellular sodium and twitch tension in sheep cardiac purkinje strands exposed to cardiac glycosides

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293765

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293766

Kennedy T.L., 1984: Relation between intra gastric bile acid concentration and mucosal abnormality in the stomach after vagotomy and gastro enterostomy for duodenal ulcer

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293768

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293769

Rubin A.B., 1984: Relation between intramolecular dynamics and electron transfer in photosynthetic reaction centers

Jacobi K.W., 1987: Relation between intraorbital pressure and volume of the orbital contents

Pentony J.F., 1986: Relation between involvement in an issue and quality of the argument

Lissitzky S., 1984: Relation between iodination of human thyro globulin and the cleavage of the 26 kilodalton amino terminal hormonogenic peptide

Neumann H., 1985: Relation between ion accumulation of salt sensitive and isolated stable salt tolerant cell lines of citrus aurantium

Thode J., 1983: Relation between ionized calcium and ph in infants with acute acid base disturbances

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293776

Davignon A., 1980: Relation between iso volumic relaxation period of left ventricle and pulmonary artery pressure in dextro transposition of the great arteries

Verhey B.A., 1983: Relation between isometric force and stimulus rate in cat hind limb motor units of different twitch contraction time

Kozlov, L. V.; D'yachenko, E. D.; Antonov, V. K., 1977: Relation between kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of chymotrypsin catalysis

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Dulta A., 1982: Relation between laminar expansion and distribution of stomata in the leaf of holarrhena antidysenterica

Josephson M.E., 1983: Relation between late potentials on the body surface and directly recorded fragmented electrograms in patients with ventricular tachy cardia

Ruger J., 1980: Relation between lateral hypothalamic damage and impairment of sodium appetite evidence of subcortical mass action

Branson J.R., 1987: Relation between lead in air and in petrol in two urban areas of britain uk

Noro Y., 1988: Relation between leaf age and geraniin content of geranium nepalense and geranium thunbergii

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Satler S.O., 1979: Relation between leaf senescence and stomatal closure senescence in light

Hernandez Martinez L., 1985: Relation between leaves and productivity in a plantation of hibiscus elatus in sierra del rosario cuba

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293790

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293795

Knobil E., 1982: Relation between levels of circulating ovarian steroids and pituitary gonadotropin content during the menstrual cycle of the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293797

Usai C., 1986: Relation between light responses and dendritic branching in the salamander ganglion cells

Garcia-De-Siles, J. L.; Martinez, J. L.; Galvez, J. F., 1978: Relation between linear measurements of bovine and porcine carcasses and their yield at butchering

De Kruijff B., 1986: Relation between lipid polymorphism and transbilayer movement of lipids in rat liver microsomes

Schaper W., 1986: Relation between lipolysis and glycolysis during ischemia in the isolated rat heart

Jachymczyk W., 1980: Relation between liquid holding recovery dna repair and mitotic recombination in the rad 3 mutant of saccharomyces cerevisiae after treatment with di epoxy butane

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Van Der Laarse R., 1985: Relation between local cure and dose time volume factors in interstitial implants

Knook D.L., 1982: Relation between localization and function of rat liver kupffer cells

Gielen C.C.A.M., 1984: Relation between location of a motor unit in the human biceps brachii and its critical firing levels for different tasks

Giraldez R., 1988: Relation between loss of chromosome associations at metaphase i and interference estimates in rye

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293808

Yuthavong Y., 1979: Relation between low erythrocyte acetyl cholin esterase activity and membrane lipids in paroxysmal nocturnal hemo globinuria

Rosell S., 1983: Relation between lower esophageal sphincter pressure and the plasma concentration of neurotensin during intra venous infusion of neurotensin 1 13 and 4 glutamine neurotensin 1 13 in man

Welinder H., 1987: Relation between lung function exercise capacity and exposure to asbestos cement

Golembiewska Skoczylas M., 1985: Relation between macronuclear dna and total protein content and generation time in the chilodonella steini ciliata sister cells

Cameron, C. M.; Van-Rensburg, J. J.; Engelbrecht, M. M., 1976: Relation between macrophage migration inhibition and immunity to brucella abortus in guinea pigs

Thilander B., 1980: Relation between mal occlusion and mandibular dys function in swedish men

Poulsen H.S., 1985: Relation between mammographic findings and hormonal receptor content in breast cancer

Epstein S.E., 1984: Relation between marked changes in left ventricular outflow tract gradient and disease progression in hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Wegner, T. N.; Stull, J. W., 1978: Relation between mastitis test score mineral composition of milk and blood electrolyte profiles in holstein cows

Reddy V., 1986: Relation between maternal and cord serum ferritin

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293820

Villa Elizaga I., 1984: Relation between maternal plasmatic zinc levels and uterine contractility

Christensen P., 1980: Relation between maternal uro genital carriage of group b streptococci and post maturity and intra uterine asphyxia during delivery

Smith D.E., 1981: Relation between maternal weight and serum alpha feto protein concentration during the 2nd trimester

Betancourt A., 1984: Relation between measures of y chromosome and fertility of holstein friesian breed/

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293825

De Baerdemaeker J., 1987: Relation between mechanical properties of apple fruit and sensory quality

Jennes R., 1982: Relation between melting and textural properties of process cheddar cheese

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293828

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293829

Yamamura Y., 1980: Relation between mercury levels in brain and blood or cerebro spinal fluid after mercury exposure

Nobel, P. S.; Zaragoza, L. J.; Smith, W. K., 1975: Relation between mesophyll surface area photosynthetic rate and illumination level during development for leaves of plectranthus parviflorus

Suzuki K.T., 1983: Relation between metal and glutathione concentrations in mouse liver after cadmium zinc or copper loading

Shin Y.H., 1980: Relation between meteorological condition and performance of rice growth in suweon korea over the last 5 years period 1975 1979

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293834

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293835

Witt H.T., 1985: Relation between microsecond reduction kinetics of photooxidized chlorophyll a i i p 680 and photosynthetic water oxidation

Krog N., 1985: Relation between microstructure destabilization phenomena and rheological properties of whippable emulsions

Mueller F., 1987: Relation between microvilli membrane potential and glucose transport capacity of rat small intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293840

Saxena, H. K., 1975: Relation between milk yield and milk vein thickness in murrah buffaloes

Gibson D.G., 1985: Relation between mitral valve closure and early systolic function of the left ventricle

Rubin L.J., 1984: Relation between mixed venous oxygen tension and pulmonary vascular tone during normoxic hyperoxic and hypoxic ventilation in dogs

Zhang S., 1982: Relation between modification of tryptophan residues and the activity of gluco amylase from monascus rubiginosus

Mavlonazarov P., 1980: Relation between moisture content and moisture pressure in the soils of east pamir tadzhik ssr ussr

Palmer T.N., 1986: Relation between monophasic action potential duration st segment elevation and regional myocardial blood flow coronary occlusion in the pig

Nobel P.S., 1986: Relation between monthly growth of ferocactus acanthodes and an environmental productivity index

Dahlstrom, B. E.; Paalzow, L. K.; Segre, G.; Agren, A. J., 1978: Relation between morphine pharmaco kinetics and analgesia

Rebbe H., 1982: Relation between morphologically abnormal spermatozoa and pregnancies obtained during a 20 year follow up period

Vilar O., 1982: Relation between motility and atp in human spermatozoa

Mcclung J.R., 1981: Relation between moto neuron position and lateral rectus motor unit contraction speed intra cellular study in the cat abducens nucleus

Ahlstedt S., 1983: Relation between mucous cells and lymphoid tissue in rat intra pulmonary airways

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293854

Hildebrand, C.; Hahn, R., 1978: Relation between myelin sheath thickness and axon size in spinal cord white matter of some vertebrate species

Friede R.L., 1986: Relation between myelin sheath thickness internode geometry and sheath resistance

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Aosaki N., 1983: Relation between myo cardial injury and post extra systolic potentiation of regional function measured by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Stritoni P., 1984: Relation between myocardial contractility hypertrophy and pump performance in patients with chronic aortic regurgitation an echocardiographic study

Schneider, R. M.; Morris, K. G.; Chu, A.; Roberts, K. B.; Coleman, R. E.; Cobb, F. R., 1987: Relation between myocardial perfusion and left ventricular function following acute coronary occlusion disproportionate effects of anterior vs. inferior ischemia

Kedem J., 1986: Relation between myocardial substrate utilization oxygen consumption and regional oxygen balance in the dog heart in vivo

Bisschop, A.; De-Jong, L.; Lima-Costa, M. E.; Konings, W. N., 1975: Relation between nadh oxidation and amino acid transport in membrane vesicles from bacillus subtilis

Christensen P., 1982: Relation between neo natal pneumonia and maternal carriage of group b streptococci

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293864

Geraudie, J.; Singer, M., 1977: Relation between nerve fiber number and pectoral fin regeneration in the teleost

Myand R., 1980: Relation between nesting conservatism and ecological and morphological parameters in terns

Gierer A., 1983: Relation between neuro physiological and mental states possible limits of decodability

Vander-Wal, J., 1977: Relation between nipigon bay benthic macro invertebrates and selected aspects of their habitat

Kornfeldt R A., 1982: Relation between nitrogen and phosphorus content of macro algae and the waters of northern oresund sweden

Makino, A.; Mae, T.; Ohira, K., 1984: Relation between nitrogen and ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec in rice oryza sativa cultivar sasanishiki leaves from emergence through senescence

Szmigiel A., 1985: Relation between nitrogen content in plants during vegetation and the yield of winter wheat

Sattelmacher, B.; Marschner, H., 1978: Relation between nitrogen nutrition cyto kinin activity and tuberization in solanum tuberosum

Magalhaes, J. R.; Wilcox, G. E., 1987: Relation between nitrogen source and plant growth regulators on tomato growth and nutrient uptake

Gesser H., 1980: Relation between nonbicarbonate buffer value and tolerance to cellular acidosis a comparative study of myo cardial tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293875

Marciniak, K.; Olszewska, M. J.; Osiecka, R.; Bialas, J., 1978: Relation between nuclear dna content and rate of cell growth during interphase in 4 species of angiospermae

Leonard A., 1985: Relation between number of hemopoietic stem cells in newborn mice and their radiosensitivity

Rebbe H., 1984: Relation between number of immobile spermatozoa and pregnancies obtained during a 20 year follow up period immobile spermatozoa and fertility

Vague J., 1979: Relation between obesity and troubles of the menses

Jayakar S.D., 1982: Relation between obesity insulinemia and serum amino acid concentrations in a sample of italian adults

Whitwell, F.; Scott, J.; Grimshaw, M., 1977: Relation between occupations and asbestos fiber content of the lungs in patients with pleural mesothelioma lung cancer and other diseases

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Yasuhara A., 1980: Relation between odor and odorous components in solid swine manure

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Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293888

Israel Y., 1983: Relation between osmotically induced hepatocyte enlargement and portal hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293890

Et Al, 1985: Relation between ovarian cancer and metastasis to pelvic lymph nodes

Kobayashi F., 1987: Relation between overhead work and complaints of pear and apple orchard workers

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293893

Steinberg M.P., 1985: Relation between oxygen 17 nmr and rheological characteristics of wheat flour suspensions

Suga H., 1987: Relation between oxygen consumption and pressure volume area of in situ dog heart

Ikeda K., 1980: Relation between oxygen debt and renal concentrating mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293897

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Freyssinet, G., 1976: Relation between paramylum content and the length of the lag period of chlorophyll synthesis during greening of dark grown euglena gracilis

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293901

Ehly S.W., 1987: Relation between parent rated adaptive behavior and school ratings of students referred for evaluation as educable mentally retarded

Swan A.V., 1985: Relation between parents and childrens smoking behavior and attitudes

Elichegaray C., 1982: Relation between particulate concentration in the atmosphere and aerosol collection efficiency

Et Al, 1983: Relation between pathologic grading and the distribution of hepatitis b antigens in hepato cellular carcinoma

Skaug V., 1986: Relation between pathological grading and lung fiber concentration in a patient with asbestosis

Jaeger M., 1981: Relation between pedaling and breathing rhythm

Pitt M.J., 1984: Relation between pelvic phleboliths and diverticular disease of the colon

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293909

Suarez D.L., 1981: Relation between ph c and sodium adsorption ratio and an alternative method of estimating sodium adsorption ratio of soil or drainage waters

De Ley J., 1987: Relation between ph hydrogenase and nitrogenase activity ammonium concentration and hydrogen production in cultures of rhodobacter sulfidophilus

Timmerman H., 1987: Relation between pharmacological response and receptor binding with histamine blocking drugs irreversible antagonism of three analogues of mifentidine on right atrium and cerebral cortex of the guinea pig

Vignola, P. A.; Walker, H. J.; Pohost, G. M.; Zir, L. M., 1977: Relation between phasic mitral flow and the echo cardiogram of the mitral valve in man

Hole D.J., 1987: Relation between phenotype and banal melanocytic nevi

Konishi K., 1980: Relation between phosphorylation and atp dependent calcium ion binding of swine and bovine erythrocyte membranes

Du-Pont, J. S., 1976: Relation between photic evoked slow potential and action potentials in the optic tectum of the frog rana esculenta part 1

Du-Pont, J. S., 1976: Relation between photic evoked slow potential and action potentials in the optic tectum of the frog rana esculenta part 2/

Yamada K., 1981: Relation between photo sensitization of rats by chlorella powder and chlorophyllase activity in the powder

Biehl B., 1982: Relation between photosynthetic and phenolase activities in spinach spinacia oleracea chloroplasts

Jinda K., 1979: Relation between photosynthetic area and above ground biomass in 5 tree species of deciduous forests near udaipur rajasthan india

Kalindi, 1986: Relation between photosynthetic rate translocation of assimilates and boll weight in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum linn

Huber S.C., 1983: Relation between photosynthetic starch formation and dry weight partitioning between the shoot and root

Frouin R., 1987: Relation between photosynthetically available radiation and total insolation at the ocean surface under clear skies

Sokoloff, L., 1977: Relation between physiological function and energy metabolism in the central nervous system

Nissim-Sabat, D., 1978: Relation between piagets cognitive stages and social orientation

Nissim Sabat D., 1980: Relation between piagets cognitive stages and temporal extension

Jones D.T., 1984: Relation between pica and blood lead in areas of differing lead exposure

Shishiyama J., 1987: Relation between pigment intensity and penetrating ability in appressoria of colletotrichum lagenarium

Moore B.C.J., 1981: Relation between pitch shifts and maximum masking frequency shifts in forward masking

Das J.P., 1980: Relation between planning and simultaneous successive processing

Barbetti M.J., 1984: Relation between plant size and severity of root rot in subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293934

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293935

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293937

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293938

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293939

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293940

Opie L.H., 1983: Relation between plasma free fatty acids and arrhythmias within the 1st 12 hours of acute myo cardial infarction

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Hood B., 1983: Relation between plasma insulin and blood glucose in a cross sectional population study of the oral glucose tolerance test

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Tsutsui K., 1979: Relation between plateau potential and systole of the heart

Bracken G.K., 1987: Relation between pod damage caused by larvae of bertha armyworm mamestra configurata walker lepidoptera noctuidae and yield loss shelling and seed quality in canola

Ramalho, F. S.; Machado, R. C. R.; Albuquerque, M. M., 1977: Relation between pod hardness and resistance to pod borer etiella zinckenella lepidoptera phycitidae in bean phaseolus vulgaris

Mori H., 1985: Relation between polycythemia and function of hemoglobin with amino acid substitution in alpha 1 beta 2 contact hemoglobin chesapeake and hemoglobin j cape town

Nelson H.S., 1983: Relation between positive small air ions weather fronts and pulmonary function in patients with bronchial asthma

Chen K T., 1981: Relation between post meal body weight and egg production in dermacentor silvarum

Lieder U., 1982: Relation between post natal form change and cyclomorphosis in bosmina crustacea cladocera

Olive A., 1981: Relation between post operative anti thrombin iii concentrations and site of operation

Burnand, K.; Thomas, M. L.; O'donnell, T.; Browse, N. L., 1976: Relation between post phlebitic changes in the deep veins and results of surgical treatment of venous ulcers

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293959

Tomita K., 1987: Relation between prawn escape and pot neck height

Korner, A. F.; Gabby, T.; Kraemer, H. C., 1980: Relation between pre natal maternal blood pressure and infant irritability

Bolton A.E., 1985: Relation between pregnancy associated plasma protein a in human peri ovulatory follicle fluid and the collection and fertilization of human ova in vitro

Specchia G., 1984: Relation between preinfarction angina and postinfarction myocardial ischemia symptomatic and asymptomatic

Bashore T.M., 1984: Relation between premature ventricular contraction site of origin defined by radio nuclide phase analysis and subsequent left ventricular function

Nakajima N., 1986: Relation between preoperative physical status and prognosis of abdominal or thoracic aortic aneurysm in the elderly

Clark, C., 1978: Relation between pressure difference across the aortic valve and left ventricular outflow

Becacos-Kontos, T.; Svansson, A., 1969: Relation between primary production and irradiance

Cleveland T.E., 1982: Relation between production of extracellular kievitone hydratase by isolates of fusarium and their pathogenicity on phaseolus vulgaris

Norman O., 1979: Relation between prognosis in early carcinoma of the uterine body and hysterographically assessed localization and size of tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293970

Campbell H., 1981: Relation between progressive massive fibrosis emphysema and pulmonary dys function in coal workers pneumoconiosis

Lu, K. H.; Chen, H. T.; Huang, H. H.; Grandison, L.; Marshall, S.; Meites, J., 1976: Relation between prolactin and gonadotropin secretion in post partum lactating rats

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293973

Crowfoot, P. D.; Esfahani, M.; Wakil, S. J., 1972: Relation between protein synthesis and phospho lipid synthesis and turnover in escherichia coli

Gadal P., 1988: Relation between protoplast division cell cycle stage and nuclear chromatin structure

Plomp R., 1980: Relation between psycho physical data and speech perception for hearing impaired subjects 1

Et Al, 1986: Relation between psychological or life stress and pattern of acute myocardial infarction

Will J.A., 1979: Relation between pulmonary trans vascular fluid filtration rate and measured starlings forces after major burn

Bilgi, C.; Jones, R. L.; Sproule, B. J., 1977: Relation between pulsus paradoxus and pulmonary function in patients with chronic airways obstruction

Group P., 1986: Relation between q qs changes on the rest electrocardiogram and left ventricular function with healed myocardial infarction

Jones R.H., 1983: Relation between qrs changes and left ventricular function after coronary artery bypass grafting

Condorelli M., 1986: Relation between qt and qs 2 intervals during exercise and recovery response in patients with coronary artery disease and age matched control subjects

Tanaka H., 1984: Relation between qt interval and heart rate applications and limitations of bazetts formula

Norman J., 1981: Relation between qt interval and heart rate new design of physiologically adaptive cardiac pacemaker

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293986

Cobb F.R., 1984: Relation between radio nuclide angiographic regional ejection fraction and left ventricular regional ischemia in awake dogs/

Askergren, A.; Szamosi, A., 1978: Relation between radiological pleuro pulmonary changes clinical history and weight index of construction workers

Kowalski A., 1985: Relation between raised concentrations of fucose sialic acid and acute phase proteins in serum from patients with cancer choosing suitable serum glycoprotein markers

Logunov D.B., 1983: Relation between rapid and slow elementary synaptic potentials in command neurons of the snail helix lucorum taurica

Vincourt P., 1984: Relation between rate of leaf emergence total leaf number and earliness in maize zea mays

Slaby O., 1988: Relation between recapitulation of morphogenetic stages and the rate of evolution

Stegner, H. E.; Broerken, W.; Bahnsen, J., 1986: Relation between receptor status and ultrastructure in breast cancer estrogen and progesterone receptor positive vs. estrogen and progesterone receptor negative

Chuang C., 1985: Relation between recurrence of cancer of the colon and blood transfusion

Solomon A.K., 1985: Relation between red cell anion exchange and urea transport

Section 7, Chapter 6294, Accession 006293997

Kohlerman N.J., 1985: Relation between red nucleus discharge and movement parameters in trained macaque monkeys

Fisher A.B., 1982: Relation between reduced alveolar oxygen tension and collagen biosynthesis in the perfused rat lung

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