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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6295

Chapter 6295 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gibson D.G., 1984: Relation between regional echo intensity and myo cardial connective tissue in chronic left ventricular disease

Fedirko V.I., 1982: Relation between relative transparency and chlorophyll a concentration in water

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294002

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294003

Fleck, C.; Braeunlich, H., 1987: Relation between renal and hepatic excretion of drugs iv. influence of nephrectomy of bile duct ligation on the accumulation of phenol red in kidney and liver tissue of rats of different ages

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294005

Fleck, C.; Kunze, C.; Braunlich, H., 1987: Relation between renal and hepatic excretion of drugs v. factors influencing accumulation on phenol red in kidney and liver tissues from rats of different ages

Fleck, C.; Guenther, K. H.; Hartwich, R.; Braeunlich, H., 1987: Relation between renal and hepatic excretion of drugs vi. influence of pretreatment with phenol red on renal excretion and accumulation capacity of kidney of liver slices of immature and adult rats

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294008

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294009

Walker W.G., 1987: Relation between renal calcium content and renal impairment in 246 human renal biopsies

Odlind B., 1979: Relation between renal tubular secretion and effects of 5 loop diuretics

Mikami M., 1979: Relation between renin and vascular complication in senile essential hypertension

Hase T., 1985: Relation between rennin hysteresis and colloidal calcium phosphate alpha s and kappa caseins and whey protein

Fabre, F., 1972: Relation between repair mechanisms and induced mitotic recombination after uv irradiation in the yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe effects of caffeine

Uritani I., 1984: Relation between respiration and post harvest deterioration in cassava manihot esculenta roots

Thimann K.V., 1983: Relation between respiration and senescence in oat avena sativa cultivar victory leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294018

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294020

Riddle W., 1984: Relation between respiratory neural output and tidal volume

Come D., 1986: Relation between responsiveness to light and respiratory activity in seeds of oldenlandia corymbosa tropical rubiaceae

Rankin J.S., 1987: Relation between reversal of diastolic creep and recovery of systolic function after ischemic myocardial injury in conscious dogs

Yanase, H.; Ohtsubo, K.; Ishima, T.; Sagawa, H., 1985: Relation between rice milling methods and palatability of cooked rice part 2. relation between quality of milled rice and sensory evaluation of cooked rice

Yanase, H.; Ohtsubo, K., 1986: Relation between rice milling methods and palatability of cooked rice part 3. milling and cooking qualities of brown rice with a low moisture content

Nishiyama I., 1985: Relation between rice yield and photosynthetically active solar radiation during seed ripening stage in selected prefectures in japan

Havelda C.J., 1981: Relation between right ventricular mass and cavity size an analysis of 1500 human hearts

Yamanaka H., 1985: Relation between rigor mortis of sea bream pagrus major and storage temperatures

Sato, N.; Tomiyama, K., 1976: Relation between rishitin accumulation and degree of resistance of potato tuber tissue to infection by an incompatible race of phytophthora infestans

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294032

Kucheryavenko, A. A.; Van'ko, L. V., 1974: Relation between rnase resistant rna and dna synthesis and cell proliferation

Hinckley T.M., 1985: Relation between root system size and water inflow capacity of abies amabilis growing in a subalpine forest

Mucina L., 1981: Relation between ruderal and potential natural vegetation in great bratislava czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294036

Lessani, H.; Marschner, H., 1978: Relation between salt tolerance and long distance transport of sodium and chloride in various crop species

Shimizu T., 1980: Relation between scanty runoff from mountainous watershed and geology slope and vegetation

Pryor G.T., 1982: Relation between schedules of exposure to hexane and plasma levels of 2 5 hexanedione

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294040

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294041

Hirata H., 1980: Relation between sediment flux and fish feeding in coastal culture farms

Niwa T., 1984: Relation between selective alveolo bronchograms and pulmonary function tests in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Et Al, 1985: Relation between selective alveolo bronchography and small airway function tests

Steeves L., 1981: Relation between self actualization neuroticism and extraversion

David M.P., 1980: Relation between semen quality and fate of pregnancy retrospective study on 534 pregnancies

Satler S., 1979: Relation between senescence and stomatal opening senescence in darkness

Le Moigne A., 1979: Relation between serotonin and cyclic amp level variation during planarian regeneration

Atakurt Y., 1985: Relation between serum and salivary immunoglobulin a and oral aerobic bacterial flora in patients with chronic bronchitis

Ahonen J., 1985: Relation between serum group ii pepsinogen concentration and the degree of brunners gland hyperplasia in patients with chronic renal failure

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294051

Wiklund B., 1988: Relation between serum levels of tissue polypeptide antigen tpa and cancer antigen 125 ca125 and their immunohistochemical identification in benign and malignant gynecological disease

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294053

Harr K.S., 1985: Relation between serum opsonic activity for streptococcus pneumoniae and complement function in sickle cell disease

Johnson, S. G.; Levitt, M. D., 1978: Relation between serum pancreatic iso amylase concentration and pancreatic exocrine function

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294056

Nariman S., 1982: Relation between severity of mitral valve disease and results of routine lung function tests in nonsmokers

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294058

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294059

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294060

Gustafsson B., 1983: Relation between shapes of postsynaptic potentials and changes in firing probability of cat moto neurons

Tsuchiya Y., 1987: Relation between shoot and seed distributions of eelgrass bed

Harada H., 1984: Relation between shoot growth axillary bud development and flower initiation in japanese persimmon diospyros kaki cultivar hiratanenashi

Dushkov V.Yu, 1980: Relation between shrinkage of elm plantations and nitrogen deficiency

Harinck, H. I. J.; Bijvoet, O. L. M.; Vellenga, C. J. L. R.; Blanksma, H. J.; Frijlink, W. B., 1986: Relation between signs and symptoms in paget's disease of bone

Hutchin, M. E.; Vaughan, B. E., 1968: Relation between simultaneous calcium and strontium transport rates in isolated segments of vetch d vicia sativa d barley m hordeum distichum m cultivar hannchen and pine g pinus radiata g roots inst auto radiography

Cook M., 1984: Relation between simultaneous spatial discrimination thresholds and luminance in man

Josephson M.E., 1983: Relation between site of origin of ventricular tachy cardia and relative left ventricular myo cardial perfusion and wall motion

Smith F.W., 1984: Relation between size and density in developing stands a description and possible mechanisms

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294070

Nakayama T., 1987: Relation between size of fetal and neonatal adrenal glands and steroid levels in maternal and neonatal serum

Kazakov R.V., 1981: Relation between sizes of adult atlantic salmon salmo salar and duration of river and sea life periods

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294073

Nishizaki, Y., 1976: Relation between slow delayed light emission and acid base triggered luminescence in chloroplasts

Jick, H.; Porter, J.; Morrison, A. S., 1977: Relation between smoking and age of natural menopause report from the boston collaborative drug surveillance program boston university medical center

Domanski, J. J.; Nelson, L. A.; Guthrie, F. E.; Domanski, R. E.; Mark, R.; Postlethwait, R. W., 1977: Relation between smoking and levels of ddt and dieldrin in human fat

Fukuda K., 1984: Relation between snacks and 10 grams per day salt intake

Di Benedetto A., 1987: Relation between socio economic factors and antirubella immunity in adolescent females

Oken, B.; Hartz, A.; Giefer, E.; Rimm, A. A., 1977: Relation between socio economic status and obesity changes in 9046 women

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294080

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294081

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294082

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294083

Verstraete W., 1987: Relation between soil and microbial activity and the effect of seed inoculation with the rhizopseudomonad strain 7nsk2 on plant growth

Palanichamy S., 1986: Relation between soil moisture and body weight in tropical earthworm pontoscolex corethrurus

Fink D.H., 1987: Relation between soil properties and effectiveness of low cost water harvesting treatments

Takuma K., 1986: Relation between soil properties and erodibility of red yellow ultisols b soils

Takuma K., 1985: Relation between soil properties and the erodibility of masa soils granitic soils

Hedinger C., 1985: Relation between solid cell nest and focal lymphocytic thyroiditis

Villalon B., 1980: Relation between soluble protein content and levels of resistance to tobacco etch virus in pepper capsicum annuum breeding stocks

Uhlirova Simekova J., 1982: Relation between some abiotic factors and the specific composition of forest communities in the velky and maly sokol defiles in the slovak paradise czechoslovakia

Bojkovski S., 1979: Relation between some carcass indicators of lambs of the fine fleeced north bulgarian breed shumen type

Devadath S., 1980: Relation between some leaf characters and the occurrence of bacterial blight xanthomonas oryzae of rice

Beijersbergen Van Henegouwen G.M.J., 1981: Relation between some photobiological properties of furocoumarins and their extent of singlet oxygen production

Nef L., 1985: Relation between some poplar characteristics and the abundance of phytophagous insects

Wolfe, J. A.; Skinner, P.; Burns, J., 1978: Relation between sound intensity and the latency and amplitude of the brain stem auditory evoked response

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294097

Singh K.P., 1988: Relation between specific leaf weight leaf conductance carbon exchange rate and chlorophyll contents in genotypes of upland cotton gossypium hirsutum linn

Rebbe H., 1982: Relation between sperm count and semen volume and pregnancies obtained during a 20 year follow up period

Rebbe H., 1983: Relation between spermatozoa motility and pregnancies obtained during a 20 year follow up period spermatozoal motility and fertility

Fukuda S., 1987: Relation between spinal cord and epidural blood flow

Hernandez Fernandez F., 1984: Relation between spodoptera sunia and the tobacco plant nicotiana tabacum

Steer G.J., 1981: Relation between sport fishing catchability coefficients and salmon abundance

Sylven C., 1983: Relation between st and qrs vector changes and myo globin release in acute myo cardial infarction

Okada H., 1985: Relation between steroid receptor levels and prolactin level in the decidua of early human pregnancy

Amin A.A., 1986: Relation between storage conditions packaging materials and the furfural levels of guava psidium guajava pulp

Shiriaev B.I., 1984: Relation between structural and release parameters at the frog rana ridibunda sensory motor synapse

Kim S I., 1988: Relation between structure and cytotoxic activity of panaxydol analogues against l1210 cells

Davila, G.; Lara, M.; Guzman, J.; Mora, J., 1980: Relation between structure and function of neurospora crassa glutamine synthetase ec

Hardy, R. R.; Richards, J. H., 1978: Relation between structure and specificity of antibodies nmr study of binding fluorine 19 labeled nitro phenyl haptens to myeloma immuno globulin m 315 immuno globulin m 460 and immuno globulin x 25

Goodgame, D. M. L.; Leach, G. A.; Warnke, Z., 1978: Relation between structure and the degree of hydration for cobalt ii bonded to nucleoside 5 prime mono phosphates

Lu S., 1981: Relation between structure of acylphenyl hydrazine and their therapeutic effect on wheat leaf rust

Sredni, B.; Rozenszajn, L. A., 1978: Relation between structure of bacterial lipo poly saccharide and the stimulation of bone marrow derived lymphocytes into colony formation

Quastel D.M.J., 1981: Relation between subsynaptic receptor blockade and response to quantal transmitter at the mouse neuro muscular junction

Ishihara R., 1987: Relation between sugar content of potato tubers and chip color

Mitsuda, H.; Nakajima, K.; Nishikawa, Y., 1978: Relation between sugar metabolism and riboflavine formation in nongrowing cells of eremothecium ashbyii

Martins I., 1986: Relation between suicide and homicide in portugal from 1970 to 1982

Becker R.O., 1979: Relation between suicide and the electro magnetic field of overhead power lines

Inomata H., 1986: Relation between superficial capillaries and foveal structures in the human retina

Venrick E.L., 1982: Relation between surface chlorophyll integrated chlorophyll and integrated primary production

Wenzel R.P., 1981: Relation between surgical volume and incidence of post operative wound infection

Rude, J. M.; Doudney, C. O., 1973: Relation between survival and dna replication in uv irradiated resistant and sensitive strains of escherichia coli b r

Lemoine J., 1987: Relation between symptoms of green crinkle virus disease on golden delicious malus domestica borkh

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294124

Analytis, S., 1977: Relation between temperature and biological response of some plant pathogenic fungi

Alderdice, D. F.; Velsen, F. P. J., 1978: Relation between temperature and incubation time for eggs of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha

Nagasawa, S., 1975: Relation between temperature and joint toxic action of p p ddt with p p 1 1 bis p chlorophenylmethyl carbinol to adult house fly of a ddt resistant strain diptera muscidae

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294128

Kawaguchi T., 1985: Relation between thallium 201 to gallium 67 uptake ratio and histological type in primary lung cancer

Bartak K., 1985: Relation between thallium scintigraphy coronarography and appropriate working capacity in patients with ischemic heart disease

Korpachev, V. V.; Gordienko, V. M.; Oleinik, B. V., 1976: Relation between the accumulation of o p ddd in the adrenals their function and structure

Kato K.H., 1980: Relation between the acrosome reaction and fertilization in the sea urchin fertilization in acidified sea water with egg water treated spermatozoa

Antonov, V. K.; Ginodman, L. M.; Rotanova, T. V.; Nutsubidze, N. N., 1978: Relation between the activation site and catalytic site in pancreatic lipase/

Goldberg, R. B.; Hanau, R., 1979: Relation between the adenylylation state of glutamine synthetase ec and the expression of other genes involved in nitrogen metabolism

Brydak K., 1986: Relation between the amount of nitrogen subject to mineralization in incubated soils and its uptake by plants

Serieys H., 1987: Relation between the amount of reducing sugars in sunflower tissues and their invasion by macrophomina phaseolina tassi goid

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294137

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294138

Moriizumi, S.; Osaki, K.; Kikkawa, A., 1975: Relation between the amounts of fertilizer and livestock waste on fields and the pollution of streams flowing into lake kasumigaura part 1 the relation between the amount of fertilizer application and the specific pollution loads of nitrogen and phosphors in main streams flowing into lake nishiura japan

Kikkawa, A.; Osaki, K.; Moriizumi, S.; Yoshida, T., 1975: Relation between the amounts of fertilizer and livestock waste on fields and the pollution of streams flowing into lake kasumigaura part 2 the relation between livestock waste per unit area of basin and the specific load of pollutants in main streams flowing into nishiura lake basin japan

Mayer A.M., 1979: Relation between the anatomy of the testa water permeability and the presence of phenolics in the genus pisum

Solomon A.K., 1988: Relation between the anion exchange protein in kidney medullary collecting duct cells and red cell band 3

Lograno M.D., 1983: Relation between the anti histaminic effect and the alpha adrenolytic one of thymoxamine

Radwan Kaznica M., 1981: Relation between the atp content and the viability of filbert corylus avellana pollen stored at 20 and 2 celsius

Ershov F.I., 1988: Relation between the biological activity of double helical interferon inducers and their penetration of cells and inhibition of protein synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294146

Inoue M., 1981: Relation between the catch and period of immersion for the pots of pink shrimp pandalus borealis

Shibata A., 1981: Relation between the change in wall thickness and the change in the internal dimension of left ventricle an echo cardiographic evaluation of the incompressibility of the cardiac wall

Kohlikova, E.; Cicha, J., 1986: Relation between the changes of inferior vena cava internal diameter or aorta internal diameter and lung edema in experiment on animals i. hemodynamic changes in complete occlusion of interior vena cava below or between renal veins of the rabbit in acute experiment after induction of lung edema

Matrka, M.; Rambousek, V.; Zverina, V., 1978: Relation between the chemical structure and acute toxicity of 1 phenyl 3 methyl triazenes as activated metabolites during the carcinogenic action of 1 phenyl 3 3 dimethyl triazenes

Fishcer, E., 1977: Relation between the composition and the acid sensitivity of some cytochemical reactions of chloragosomes in the earthworm lumbricus terrestris

Tucek S., 1980: Relation between the content of acetyl coenzyme a and acetyl choline in brain slices

Han J S., 1984: Relation between the content of central methionine enkephalin and leucine enkephalin and the analgesic effect of electroacupuncture in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294154

Chupka-Sh, 1975: Relation between the contents of strontium 90 in links of the chain soil forage plants milk under natural conditions

Ponec, J.; Turek, R.; Lichardus, B., 1978: Relation between the cortico papillary osmotic gradient and saline diuresis in normal and acutely hypophysectomized rats

Bernard S.D., 1988: Relation between the defense mechanisms inventory and the coping operations preference enquiry

Buryakov I.E., 1983: Relation between the degree of disturbances in cardiodynamic and myo cardium injury volume under cyto toxic effect on the heart

Kleihauer E., 1982: Relation between the degree of initial metabolic decompensation and the duration of the remission phase in type i diabetes mellitus

Hisatomi A., 1986: Relation between the diabetic control and the personality of patients with diabetes mellitus

Pieters G.A., 1986: Relation between the diameter of the growing shoot and the mature size of leaves and flower head of sunflower helianthus annuus cultivar nra 6501

Michael R.P., 1987: Relation between the dominance rank of female rhesus monkeys and their access to males

Suzuki, K.; Rokuhara, M.; Wada, F., 1978: Relation between the drug metabolizing activities of liver microsomes and multiplicity of cytochrome p 450

Haber J.E., 1981: Relation between the efficiency of homothallic switching of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mating type genes and the distribution of cell types

Mrevlishvili G.M., 1981: Relation between the enthalpy value of bio polymer denaturation and low temperature heat capacity of macro molecules in the state of helix and coil

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294167

Bruchwald, A.; Grochowski, J., 1976: Relation between the fullness series and stem true form factor in pine stands

Sharapov V.M., 1979: Relation between the fungus emmonsia crescens and higher plant phytoncides

Asahi M., 1987: Relation between the gas chromatogram patterns of pcb in human blood and six skeletal congeners of pcq in human adipose tissue

David J.R., 1985: Relation between the genetic variability of digging behavior of drosophila larvae and their susceptibility to a parasitic wasp

Klingenberg, M.; Rottenberg, H., 1977: Relation between the gradient of the atp adp ratio and the membrane potential across the mitochondrial membrane

Et Al, 1985: Relation between the growth pattern and the quantity of plasma cell of nasopharyngeal cancer and serum epstein barr virus antibody level

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294174

Gruenig H M., 1985: Relation between the hemolytic property and iron metabolism in escherichia coli

Gonzalez Llaven J., 1984: Relation between the hemolytic systems and variations of cell populations in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Sirtori C.R., 1981: Relation between the high density lipo protein apo proteins and ai iso proteins in subjects with the ai milano abnormality

Michael R.P., 1979: Relation between the hormonal status of the female and direct and re directed aggression by male rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Pratt O.E., 1983: Relation between the increase in the diffusional permeability of the blood central nervous system barrier and other changes during the development of experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in the lewis rat

Mizushima N., 1985: Relation between the individual difference in the anterior pituitary function and personality traits

Anjorand N., 1986: Relation between the infection of mollusc intermediary hosts and that of goats by muellerius capillaris in touraine france

Michel, H.; Caen, J. P.; Born, G. V. R.; Miller, R.; D'auriac, G. A.; Meyer, P., 1976: Relation between the inhibition of aggregation and the concentration of cyclic amp in human and rat platelets

Nagai, T.; Takauji, M.; Jou, M.; Yamamoto, T., 1970: Relation between the inhibitory action of native tropomyosin and the dual effect of magnesium on the atpase activity of actomyosin

Witt H.T., 1981: Relation between the initial kinetics of atp synthesis and of conformational changes in the chloroplast atpase studied by external field pulses

Hernandez F., 1985: Relation between the insect heliothis virescens and the tobacco plant

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294187

Ivanov N., 1980: Relation between the level and the composition of free fatty acids in the fatty tissue and the blood of starving chicks

Bolondinskii V.K., 1984: Relation between the level of conditioned activity and serotonin blood content in normal and neurotic dogs

Ben Porat T., 1985: Relation between the levels of messenger rna abundance and kinetics of protein synthesis in pseudorabies virus infected cells

Daskalova A., 1983: Relation between the levels of some anti oxidants ubi quinone 10 vitamin e and selenium in the liver of turkey poults and invasion with ascaridia dissimilis

Wiessner W., 1983: Relation between the light harvesting chlorophyll alpha protein complex lhcp a and photosystem i in the alga chlamydobotrys stellata

Hisada K., 1985: Relation between the location of elements in the periodic table and tumor uptake rate

Fudemoto Y., 1984: Relation between the location of the infarcted area in body surface iso potential mapping and the location of myo cardial infarction in vector cardiography

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294195

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294196

Morgan D.B., 1982: Relation between the membrane cholesterol content and anion exchange in the erythrocytes of patients with cholestasis

King P.S., 1979: Relation between the method of incorporation of systemic nematocides into soil and their effectiveness against root knot nematode meloidogyne arenaria on peanuts arachis hypogaea

Gradusov B.P., 1979: Relation between the mineralogical composition and physiochemical properties of soils

Sano H., 1982: Relation between the mode of hematoma spreading and the prognosis for hypertensive intra cranial hemorrhage

Blanc A., 1979: Relation between the modification of invertase activity and early tuberization of potato sprouts grown in vitro under the influence of a short temperature treatment

Salyanov, V. I.; Pogrebnyak, V. G.; Skuridin, S. G.; Lortkipanidze, G. B.; Chidzhavadze, Z. G.; Toryanik, I. A.; Evdokimov-Yu, M., 1978: Relation between the molecular structure of water solutions of poly ethylene glycol and the compaction of double stranded dna molecules

Lowe G.H., 1984: Relation between the mucosal flora and paneth cell population of human jejunum and ileum

Makizumi K., 1983: Relation between the multiplication of pseudomonas syringae pathovar eriobotryae and production of aucuparin in the loquat leaf

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294205

Bakici M.Z., 1985: Relation between the neonatal group b streptococcal colonization and maternal urogenital and anorectal carriage

Kanra G., 1986: Relation between the neonatal group b streptococcal colonization and maternal urogenital and anorectal carriage

Szentmihalyi S., 1987: Relation between the nickel contents of plants and the nickel status of animals

Nagasawa, S., 1975: Relation between the number of bird species and the number of individuals in ringing work

Satoh M., 1984: Relation between the number of newly sprouted shoots and increase in dry weight in mulberry trees during early summer

Petrushina, L. I.; Bugrova, V. I.; Nikolaeva, I. S., 1975: Relation between the number of staphylococci and accumulation of entero toxin type a in milk

Tymen J L., 1986: Relation between the number of trapped male lobesia botrana at 2 pheromone dosages and the larval population in the trapping plots

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294213

Brooks, D. E.; Mann, T., 1972: Relation between the oxidation state of nad and the metabolism of spermatozoa

Meerson F.Z., 1979: Relation between the parameters of myo cardial contraction and relaxation in compensatory hyper function of the heart

Kim H.C., 1986: Relation between the peak acceleration of aortic blood flow and end diastolic aortic pressure in intact dogs

Tsatinyan A.S., 1982: Relation between the permeability of aryl alkylamine derivatives through semi permeable membrane and their anti adrenergic action

Ashikari N., 1985: Relation between the phenolic compound in green leaves and the protein extracted mainly in the case of water hyacinth

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294219

Ogino K., 1986: Relation between the physical and chemical properties of forest soil and slope topography in a natural fir hemlock forest of the ehime university forest in komenono japan

Ogino K., 1985: Relation between the physical property of forest soil and a local topography in a natural fir hemlock forest

Kobayashi K., 1987: Relation between the population of rhizoctonia spp and the appearance of root rot of japanese radish in reclaimed fields of natural grasslands

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294223

Shirakusa T., 1980: Relation between the pre operative examination for pulmonary function and the post operative respiratory complications after surgical treatment of patients with esophageal cancer

Perez Silva J., 1986: Relation between the presence of a nodulation plasmid and cell wall lipopolysaccharides of rhizobium trifolii

Prieto L.M., 1986: Relation between the presence of echocardiographic vegetations and the complication rate in infective endocarditis

Watanabe T., 1986: Relation between the presence of supragingival calculus and protease activity in dental plaque

Putz, P.; Bremer, A., 1976: Relation between the pressure in a thiry vella jejunal loop and the volume shifted by it in the awake dog/

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294229

Hromas J., 1982: Relation between the quality of wild boar trophies and environmental conditions in czechoslovakia

Fernandez-Cabadi, Y.; Monnet, A., 1977: Relation between the quantity of h substance before conversion and the quantity of b substance after conversion of red blood cells by alpha d galactosyl transferase

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294232

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294233

Harel, L.; Jullien, M., 1976: Relation between the rate of phosphate uptake or dna synthesis and the mean inter cellular distance in mouse and hamster cell cultures

Chueva, I. V.; Dudkin, K. N.; Virsu, V., 1978: Relation between the receptive field spatial frequency filtering properties in cat striatum and the length of stimulating lattice

Pfeffer E., 1980: Relation between the renal allantoin excretion and the infusion of different substances in the abomasum of wether sheep

Hunnius W., 1980: Relation between the resistance to erwinia carotovora var atroseptica and to fusarium spp in potato

Katan M.B., 1984: Relation between the response of serum cholesterol to dietary cholesterol and to the type of dietary fat protein and fiber in hypo responsive and hyper responsive rats

Katan M.B., 1986: Relation between the responses of serum cholesterol to dietary cholesterol and to the type of dietary fat in random bred rabbits

Kapsa Z., 1986: Relation between the rheological properties of collagen dispersions and collagen films

Lockwood, A. H.; Maitra, U., 1974: Relation between the ribosomal sites involved in initiation and elongation of poly peptide chains evidence for 2 gtpase sites

Miake S., 1981: Relation between the scavenger function of macrophages and immune responses against sheep red blood cells or listeria monocytogenes

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294243

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294244

Zakharova N.S., 1982: Relation between the sensitizing and protective properties of pertussis antigens

Almli C.R., 1985: Relation between the severity of early malnutrition and the effects of later frontal cortical lesions in rats

Haralabakis N.B., 1987: Relation between the shape of the condyle and the bennett movement

Yosida T.H., 1983: Relation between the sister chromatid exchanges and metabolic perturbation of deoxy ribo nucleotide synthesis

Ullen H., 1986: Relation between the site of primary intracranial tumors and mitogenic responses of blood lymphocytes

Hayakawa H., 1986: Relation between the sites for blood sucking activity and the larval habitats in tabanid flies at a pasture

Solon J., 1982: Relation between the size of the aboveground and the underground phytomass of plant communities in the region of gurwan turuu in central mongolia

Ramel C., 1982: Relation between the somatic toxicity of di methyl nitrosamine and a genetically determined variation in the level and induction of cytochrome p 450 in drosophila melanogaster

Ruegg D.G., 1984: Relation between the specific h reflex facilitation preceding a voluntary movement and movement parameters in man

Haines, E. B., 1976: Relation between the stable carbon isotope composition of fiddler crabs plants and soils in a salt marsh

Karpachevskii L.O., 1984: Relation between the state of trees in the forest protective belt and some water physical properties of the dark chestnut soil

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294257

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294258

Woutersen Van Nijnanten F., 1979: Relation between the thermo regulatory effects of intra cerebro ventricularly injected dopamine and 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294260

Depasse, J.; Warlus, J., 1976: Relation between the toxicity of silica and its affinity for tetra alkyl ammonium groups comparison between silicon di oxide and titanium di oxide

Zaki, M. M., 1976: Relation between the toxigenicity and pyogenicity of corynebacterium ovis in experimentally infected mice

Kloner R.A., 1985: Relation between the transmural extent of acute myocardial infarction and associated myocardial contractility 2 weeks after infarction

Naito R., 1985: Relation between the type of flowering and the seedlessness ratio in the gibberellic acid treated clusters of cultivar muscat bailey a grape

Yliskoski M., 1984: Relation between the type of immuno reactive cells found in human papillomavirus lesions of the uterine cervix and the subsequent behavior of these lesions

Baird J.D., 1983: Relation between the urinary cortisol creatinine ratio and hypo glycemia

Netto, N. R-Jr ; Rangel, P. E.; Pimenta-Da-Silva, R.; Lemos, G. C., 1978: Relation between the vaginal introital and peri anal flora in recurrent cystitis in women

Legouix, J. P.; Teas, D. C.; Beagley, H. A.; Remond, M. C., 1978: Relation between the waveform of the cochlear whole nerve action potential and its intensity function

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Sakai T., 1980: Relation between thickness and interference colors of biological ultra thin section

Ohta R., 1981: Relation between thielaviopsis basicola and soil micro flora in the rhizosphere

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294273

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294274

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294275

Bataini, J. P.; Picco, C.; Martin, M.; Calle, R., 1978: Relation between time dose and local control of operable breast cancer treated by tumorectomy and radio therapy or by radical radio therapy alone

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Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294280

Van Der Straeten M., 1979: Relation between total serum immuno globulin e levels and immuno globulin e antibody production in rats

Penner S.S., 1988: Relation between toxic inputs and dioxin and furan outputs for municipal waste incinerators mwis

Manabe K., 1979: Relation between toxicity and accumulation of various chloro phenols in goldfish

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294284

Pride N.B., 1982: Relation between tracheal size and forced expiratory volume in 1 second in young men

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Singer, M. S.; Singer, A. E., 1986: Relation between transformational vs. transactional leadership preference and subordinates' personality an exploratory study

Noda K., 1985: Relation between translingual potential changes induced by sodium chloride in the bullfrog rana catesbeiana tongue and taste nerve activity

Covell J.W., 1988: Relation between transmural deformation and local myofiber direction in canine left ventricle

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294290

Knight, A. D.; Levick, J. R.; Mcdonald, J. N., 1988: Relation between transsynovial flow and plasma osmotic pressure with an estimation of the albumin reflection coefficient in the rabbit knee

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294292

Kawaguchi T., 1983: Relation between tri phospho inositide mediated calcium binding and atp dependent calcium extrusion of swine erythrocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294294

Gregory R.W., 1980: Relation between trophic position and mercury accumulation among fishes from the tongue river reservoir montana usa

Ranstam J., 1985: Relation between tumor size and plasma prolactin levels in premenopausal patients with breast carcinoma a preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294297

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294298

Kadota H., 1980: Relation between uptake of glycine and biosynthesis of spore coat protein during sporulation of bacillus subtilis

Ueda H., 1981: Relation between urinary bi carbonate concentration and carbon di oxide tension in patients with proximal or distal renal tubular acidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294301

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294302

Sato T., 1988: Relation between urinary dopamine and sodium output in term infants

Abebe Y., 1988: Relation between urine and blood glucose in adult ethiopian diabetics

Pedrajas A., 1985: Relation between urine concentration of different cations and lithogenesis

Sakurai H., 1984: Relation between uv spectral change and nucleotide binding of the chloroplast coupling factor 1

Tessman I., 1981: Relation between uv suppression of polarity in phi x 174 and uv sensitivity of rho mutants

Pollard R., 1980: Relation between vaccination and notification rates for whooping cough in england and wales uk

Vercruysse A., 1984: Relation between valepotriate content and differentiation level in various tissues from valerianeae

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294310

Theorell T., 1980: Relation between ventricular arrhythmias and psychological profile

Ricciardi L., 1987: Relation between ventricular dna content and number of myocytes and non myocytes in hearts of normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Sasaki G., 1979: Relation between ventricular electrograms and conduction velocity

Crow R.S., 1987: Relation between ventricular premature complexes and sudden cardiac death in apparently healthy men

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Suzuki H., 1988: Relation between visual input and motor outflow for eye movements in monkey frontal eye field

Rotunno R., 1979: Relation between voice onset time and vowel duration

Gilbert H.R., 1984: Relation between voice profile ratings and aerodynamic and acoustic parameters

Klingholz F., 1979: Relation between voice sound pressure and subglottal pressure as a diagnostic cue

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Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294323

Zimmermann F.J.P., 1982: Relation between web blight disease and common bean phaseolus vulgaris yield

Nair N.B., 1986: Relation between weight and linear measurements of shell in crassostrea madrasensis

Pomerol, B.; Aubry, M. P., 1977: Relation between western european chalks and opening of the north atlantic

Anderson R.G., 1981: Relation between wheat triticum aestivum rye secale cereale crossability and seed set of common wheat after pollination with other species in the hordeae

Hartfiel W., 1984: Relation between winter feeding and the bark stripping behavior of red deer in the eifel west germany

Briggs R.W., 1986: Relation between work and phosphate metabolite in the in vivo paced mammalian heart

Hart A.A.M., 1984: Relation between wound healing after surgery and susceptibility to periodontal disease

Aihara H., 1987: Relation between yawning behavior and central serotonergic neuronal system in rats

Sato M., 1979: Relation between yield and quality of japanese domestic air cured tobacco variety shiroenshu

Winer G.A., 1981: Relation in children of psychological differentiation and reasoning by class inclusion

Van-Vliet, G. J. A.; Meijsing, W. D., 1977: Relation in the inheritance of resistance to pseudoperonospora cubensis and sphaerotheca fuliginea in cucumber cucumis sativus

Robelin J., 1982: Relation in vivo between the dilution space of deuterated water and body water in growing cattle

Wiggans G.R., 1981: Relation of 1st lactation production and conformation to lifetime performance and profitability in jerseys

Pestka J.J., 1985: Relation of 8 ketotrichothecene and zearalenone analog structure to inhibition of mitogen induced human lymphocyte blastogenesis

Mozingo R.W., 1985: Relation of a 36000 dalton arachin subunit to blanchability in peanuts arachis hypogaea

Muller Eberhard H.J., 1980: Relation of a putative thio ester bond in complement c 3 to activation of the alternative pathway and the binding of complement c 3b to biological targets of complement

Shohtsu A., 1987: Relation of abh blood group antigen expression to prognosis in lung carcinoma

Lehnert L., 1984: Relation of ability to conserve and use of specific syntactic features

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294342

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294343

Mayorov E.A., 1981: Relation of acoustic characteristics of human gastric juice to its composition for some stomach diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294345

Kutalek S.P., 1988: Relation of acute antiarrhythmic drug efficacy to left ventricular function in coronary artery disease

Carle W.C., 1981: Relation of acyl transfer to the overall reaction of thiolase i from porcine heart

Hachisuka K., 1982: Relation of adenoma to carcinoma in the gallbladder

Kunze E., 1979: Relation of adenomatous hyperplasia of the gastric mucosa to carcinogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294350

Kadner R.J., 1980: Relation of aerobiosis and ionic strength to the uptake of di hydro streptomycin in escherichia coli

James A.E.Jr, 1979: Relation of age and cerebral ventricle size to central canal in man morphological analysis

Nelson S.J., 1985: Relation of age race and allotype to immunoglobulin subclass concentrations

Lowry S.R., 1983: Relation of age season production and health indices to iodine and beta carotene concentrations in cows milk

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Ouchi M., 1980: Relation of aggregation turbidity by per chloric acid to the quality of canned mackerel

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294357

Price J.H., 1985: Relation of agoraphobics health locus of control orientation to severity of agoraphobia

Bauer M.E., 1983: Relation of agronomic and multi spectral reflectance characteristics of spring wheat triticum aestivum canopies

Henry, K. R.; Rhoades, R. W., 1978: Relation of albinism and drugs to the visual evoked potential of the mouse

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294362

Hsu Y M., 1988: Relation of algae to earthy odors of fish in taiwan

Williams M.M.R., 1987: Relation of alveolar size to forced vital capacity in professional divers

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294365

Benyajati, S.; Goldstein, L., 1978: Relation of ammonia excretion adaptation to glutaminase activity in acidotic subtotal nephrectomized rats

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294367

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Baxter, R. H.; Reid, J. M.; Mcguiness, J. B.; Stevenson, J. G., 1978: Relation of angina to coronary artery disease in mitral and in aortic valve disease

Lewis B., 1981: Relation of angiographically defined coronary artery disease to plasma lipo protein subfractions and apo lipo proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294372

Moring J.R., 1985: Relation of angler catch rates and effort to reductions in numbers of trout salmo gairdneri stocked in five oregon usa streams

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294374

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294375

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294376

Jansen C.T., 1984: Relation of anti psoriatic and langerhans cell depleting effects of systemic psoralen photo chemo therapy a clinical enzyme histochemical and electron microscopic study

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294378

Sakane T., 1982: Relation of antibodies specific for asialo t cells to renal disease activity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Lennox E.S., 1985: Relation of antigenic structure of cereal proteins to their toxicity in celiac patients

Thornby J.I., 1985: Relation of antioxidants and level of dietary lipid to epidermal lipid peroxidation and uv carcinogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294383

Chin W T., 1980: Relation of aphid populations on field spread of tobacco vein banding mosaic virus in taichung taiwan

Yamamoto M., 1982: Relation of appressorium pigmentation and penetration of nitro cellulose membranes by colletotrichum lagenarium

Nelson J.D., 1981: Relation of arginine lysine antagonism to herpes simplex growth in tissue culture

Phelan P.D., 1988: Relation of armspan to height and the prediction of lung function

Thijs L.G., 1987: Relation of arterial blood lactate to oxygen delivery and hemodynamic variables in human shock states

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294390

Leon F., 1979: Relation of ash moisture quotients in some cheeses to hydrolysis of alpha s casein and beta casein

Ross, W. D., 1976: Relation of aspen root size to infection by ganoderma applanatum

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294393

Forbes C.D., 1983: Relation of atrial fibrillation and high hematocrit to mortality in acute stroke

Mcilduff, J. B.; O'keefe, D. D.; Lappas, D. G.; Daggett, W. M., 1978: Relation of atrio ventricular systolic interval to left ventricular function

Lahdenpaa R., 1981: Relation of attrition and mobility of the teeth to periodontal conditions in adult females

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294399

Yates, A. J.; Bouchard, J. P.; Wherrett, J. R., 1976: Relation of axon membrane to myelin membrane in sciatic nerve during development comparison of morphological and chemical parameters

Epstein R.A., 1980: Relation of beat to beat variability to heart rate in normal sleeping infants

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294403

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294404

Eggermont J.J., 1985: Relation of binaural interaction and spectro temporal characteristics in the auditory midbrain of the grass frog

Raske, A. G.; Bryant, D. G., 1977: Relation of birch casebearer lepidoptera coleophoridae numbers to percent defoliation of white birch

Belmont, L.; Wittes, J.; Stein, Z., 1977: Relation of birth order family size and social class to psychological functions

Woodring, J. P.; Clifford, C. W.; Roe, R. M.; Mercier, R. R., 1977: Relation of blood composition to age in the larval female house cricket acheta domesticus

Section 7, Chapter 6295 , Accession 006294409

Brigham K.L., 1985: Relation of blood free to blood inclusive postmortem lung water measurements in sheep

Umezawa H., 1985: Relation of blood glucose levels to the changes in plasma levels of various hydrolytic enzymes in diabetic patients

Hakomori S I., 1985: Relation of blood group carbohydrates to differentiation patterns of normal and pathological odontogenic epithelium

Friedewald V.E.Jr, 1987: Relation of blood pressure during exercise to anaerobic metabolism

Weiss S.T., 1986: Relation of blood pressure measured in several positions to the subsequent development of systemic hypertension the normative aging study

Homan K., 1982: Relation of blood pressure serum lipids and smoking to the risk of cerebral stroke a longitudinal study in eastern finland

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294416

Suzuoki Z., 1984: Relation of body energetic status to dietary self selection in sprague dawley rats

Rath R., 1979: Relation of body fat to age in the czech population

Fisher, A. K., 1977: Relation of body mass to oxygen consumption rate in dental pulp

Virtanen H., 1983: Relation of body posture to eustachian tube function

Herichova A., 1985: Relation of boron to the differentiation of conducting tissues

Herichova, A., 1977: Relation of boron to the morphogenesis of the epidermal cells of the sunflower helianthus annuus

Olson C., 1981: Relation of bovine leukosis virus production to cell growth cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294426

Horsfield K., 1986: Relation of branching angles to optimality for four cost principles

Cooke, J. P.; Ikels, K. G.; Adams, J. D.; Miller, R. L., 1980: Relation of breathing oxygen argon gas mixtures to altitude decompression sickness

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Magilligan D.J.Jr, 1985: Relation of calcification to torn leaflets of spontaneously degenerated porcine bioprosthetic valves

Montero V.M., 1984: Relation of callosal and striate extrastriate cortical connections in the rat morphological definition of extrastriate visual areas

Dinuzzo A.R., 1986: Relation of campylobacter pyloridis to gastritis and peptic ulcer

Abildskov J.A., 1982: Relation of canine atrial activation sequence to anatomic landmarks

Greiner, J. W.; Rumbaugh, R. C.; Kramer, R. E.; Colby, H. D., 1978: Relation of canrenone to the actions of spirono lactone on adrenal cytochrome p 450 dependent enzymes

Mizuguchi Y., 1985: Relation of capsular materials and colony opacity to virulence of vibrio vulnificus

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Abildskov J.A., 1988: Relation of cardiac surface qrst distributions to ventricular fibrillation threshold in dogs

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Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294439

Nader P.R., 1988: Relation of cardiovascular fitness and physical activity to cardiovascular disease risk factors in children and adults

Tanaka R., 1979: Relation of cation binding sites on synaptic vesicles to opiate action

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294442

Eshel M., 1982: Relation of cell division to the acquisition of responsiveness to cortisol in the neural retina of the chick embryo

Kadner, R. J.; Bassford, P. J. Jr, 1977: Relation of cell growth and colicin tolerance to vitamin b 12 uptake in escherichia coli

De-Gast, G. C.; Halie, M. R., 1976: Relation of cell mediated immunity to staging histology and prognosis in untreated patients with hodgkins disease

Gershon R.K., 1983: Relation of cell surface antigens on methyl cholanthrene induced fibro sarcomas to immuno globulin heavy chain complex variable region linked t cell interaction molecules

Goldberg R.I., 1986: Relation of cellular phospholipid composition to oligodendroglial differentiation in c 6 glial cells

Langfitt T.W., 1979: Relation of cerebral blood flow to neurological status and outcome in head injured patients

Conforti P., 1982: Relation of cerebral vaso spasm to operative findings of subarachnoid blood around ruptured aneurysms

Fisher C.M., 1983: Relation of cerebral vaso spasm to the extent and location of subarachnoid blood visualized by computed tomographic scan a prospective study

Wu J.T., 1986: Relation of change in river diatom assemblages to water pollution

Hazelbauer G.L., 1979: Relation of chemo tactic response to the amount of receptor evidence for different efficiencies of signal transduction

Palmblad J., 1986: Relation of chemotactic factor gradients to neutrophil migration and orientation under agarose

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294455

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294456

Volpe J.J., 1984: Relation of cholesterol to astrocytic differentiation in c 6 glial cells

Obert K.A., 1983: Relation of cholesterol to oligodendro glial differentiation in c 6 glial cells

Vogh B.P., 1980: Relation of choroid plexus carbonic anhydrase activity to cerebro spinal fluid formation study of 3 inhibitors in cat with extrapolation to man

Slone, D.; Shapiro, S.; Rosenberg, L.; Kaufman, D. W.; Hartz, S. C.; Rossi, A. C.; Stolley, P. D.; Miettinen, O. S., 1978: Relation of cigarette smoking to myo cardial infarction in young women/

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294463

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Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294465

Grodman R., 1982: Relation of colloid osmotic pressure to arterial hypoxemia and cerebral edema during crystalloid volume loading of patients with diabetic keto acidosis

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Krock L.A., 1980: Relation of community mental health ideology and the community adaptation of formerly hospitalized individuals

Feldman, W. E., 1977: Relation of concentrations of bacteria and bacterial antigen in cerebro spinal fluid to prognosis in patients with bacterial meningitis

Graham L., 1982: Relation of concentrations of haemophilus influenzae type b in cerebro spinal fluid to late sequelae of patients with meningitis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294473

Friedrich Cofer L., 1980: Relation of conceptual tempo to social behaviors of head start children

Tashiro T., 1981: Relation of conformation to anti tumor activity of platinum ii complexes of 1 2 cyclo hexanediamine and 2 aminomethyl cyclo hexylamine isomers against leukemia p 388

Norgren R., 1981: Relation of consummatory responses and pre absorptive insulin release to palatability and learned taste aversions

Pachinger O., 1985: Relation of coronary arterial occlusion pressure during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty to presence of collaterals

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294479

Jones R.H., 1987: Relation of coronary artery stenosis and pressure gradient to exercise induced ischemia before and after coronary angioplasty

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294481

Komatsu, H.; Wurtz, R. H., 1988: Relation of cortical areas mt and mst to pursuit eye movements i. localization and visual properties of neurons

Newsome, W. T.; Wurtz, R. H.; Komatsu, H., 1988: Relation of cortical areas mt and mst to pursuit eye movements ii. differentiation of retinal from extraretinal inputs

Komatsu, H.; Wurtz, R. H., 1988: Relation of cortical areas mt and mst to pursuit eye movements iii. interaction with full field visual stimulation

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294485

Bindra O.S., 1985: Relation of cotton cultivars to the cotton pest problem in the sudan gezira

Yamada H., 1982: Relation of cotton gossypium hirsutum growth and yield to minimum leaf water potential

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294489

Rubenstein A., 1982: Relation of counter regulatory responses to hypo glycemia in type i diabetics

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294491

Popovich F., 1983: Relation of cranial base flexure to cranial form and mandibular position

Ito J., 1982: Relation of cranial nerve involvement to the location of intra cranial aneurysms

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294494

Simon Z., 1987: Relation of crude fiber content and cell wall constituents to dry matter digestibility in roughages

Drew W.L., 1980: Relation of culture site to the recovery of nonpolio enteroviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294497

Longo F.J., 1982: Relation of cytoplasmic alkalinization to micro villar elongation and micro filament formation in the sea urchin arbacia punctulata egg

Kuroda H., 1982: Relation of cytoplasmic calcium to contractility in physarum polycephalum

Kemmerich, B.; Small, G. J.; Pennington, J. E., 1986: Relation of cytosolic calcium to the microbicidal activation of blood monocytes by recombinant gamma interferon

Higgins I.T.T., 1982: Relation of daily mortality to air pollution an analysis of 14 london england uk winters 1958 1959 and 1971 1972

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294502

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294504

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294505

Umbreit, J. N.; Strominger, J. L., 1973: Relation of detergent hydrophobic lipophilic balance number to solubilization and stabilization of d alanine carboxy peptidase from bacillus subtilis membranes

Knuuttila M., 1986: Relation of diabetes control of periodontal pocketing and alveolar bone level

Tchobroutsky, G., 1978: Relation of diabetic control to development of micro vascular complications

Trench R.K., 1983: Relation of diel patterns of cell division to diel patterns of motility in the symbiotic dinoflagellate symbiodinium microadriaticum in culture

Rifkind B.M., 1982: Relation of diet to low density lipo protein cholesterol very low density lipo protein cholesterol and plasma total cholesterol and tri glycerides in white adults the lipid research clinics prevalence study

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294513

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294514

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294515

Blantz, R. C.; Konnen, K. S., 1977: Relation of distal tubular delivery and re absorptive rate to nephron filtration

Andrews, A. D.; Barrett, S. F.; Robbins, J. H., 1976: Relation of dna repair processes to pathological aging of the nervous system in xeroderma pigmentosum

Kuo L.C., 1987: Relation of doppler derived left ventricular filling parameters to age and radius thickness ratio in normal and pathologic states

Joyner, B. G.; Couch, H. B., 1976: Relation of dosage rates nutrition air temperature and suscept genotype to side effects of systemic fungicides on turf grasses

Kumahara Y., 1984: Relation of doubling time of plasma calcitonin levels to prognosis and recurrence of medullary thyroid carcinoma

Mancuso, T. F., 1970: Relation of duration of employment and prior respiratory illness to respiratory cancer among beryllium workers

Zvyagintsev D.G., 1981: Relation of dynamics of the incidence of nodule bacteria in the soil to the stage of microbial succession

Wilhelmsen L., 1987: Relation of dyspnea to left ventricular wall motion disturbances in a population of 67 year old men

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U, S. Natl-Heart-Lung-Inst-Collab-Study-Group, 1976: Relation of e antigen to infectivity of hepatitis b surface antigen positive inoculations among medical personnel

Kloner R.A., 1985: Relation of early mononuclear and polymorphonuclear cell infiltration to late scar thickness after experimentally induced myocardial infarction in the rat

Fortlage R.J., 1986: Relation of early splitting and tattering of pistachio pistachia vera nuts to aflatoxin in the orchard

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Edelberg, R., 1977: Relation of electrical properties of skin to structure and physiologic state

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Lechner H., 1981: Relation of electro encephalogram and computed tomography in transient ischemic attacks

Sanada, S., 1978: Relation of electro encephalogram to changes in blood flow in response to brain stimulation

Childers R.W., 1985: Relation of electrocardiographic r wave amplitude to changes in left ventricular chamber size and position in normal subjects

Otsuki, M.; Yuu, H.; Maeda, M.; Yamasaki, T.; Okano, K.; Sakamoto, C.; Baba, S., 1977: Relation of electrophoretic pattern of amylase iso enzymes to severity of pancreatic disease

Sobue I., 1981: Relation of emotion to neuronal mechanism considerations of pharmacological effects on involuntary movements

Kalliopuska M., 1987: Relation of empathy and self esteem to active participation in finnish baseball

Filkins J.P., 1983: Relation of endo toxin structure to hypo glycemic and insulin like actions

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294541

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294542

Mercuri, A. J.; Cox, N. A.; Carson, M. O.; Tanner, D. A., 1978: Relation of enterobacteriaceae counts to salmonella contamination of market broilers

Sourek A., 1984: Relation of enterotoxin production and lipolytic activity in staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from acute diarrheal diseases to clinical course of illness

Hanyu, J.; Matuoka, N.; Kon, H.; Nakayama, K., 1986: Relation of environmental conditions to the frost injury part 2. freezing temperature influenced by the wet or dry conditions on the leaf surface of soybean seedlings

Neely B.S.Jr, 1979: Relation of environmental factors to breeding status of royal terns sterna maxima and sandwich terns sterna sandvicensis in south carolina usa

Hill R.A., 1985: Relation of environmental stress duration to aspergillus flavus invasion and aflatoxin production in preharvest peanuts arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294548

Gill G.N., 1984: Relation of epidermal growth factor receptor concentration to growth of human epidermoid carcinoma a 431 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294550

Zheng S., 1984: Relation of estrogen and its receptor to rat liver growth and regeneration

Salmon S.E., 1985: Relation of estrogen receptor expression to clonal growth and antiestrogen effects on human breast cancer cells

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294553

Et Al, 1983: Relation of exercise to the recurrence rate of myo cardial infarction in men ontario exercise heart collaborative study

Yonemoto, J.; Suzuki, S., 1980: Relation of exposure to di methyl formamide vapor and the metabolite methyl formamide in urine of workers

Shapiro B.A., 1982: Relation of facial expressions and activities a study of attensity differences in events

Beks J.W.F., 1982: Relation of false localizing signs and remote hyperemia in patients with intra cranial mass lesions

Schneewind K., 1982: Relation of family climate variables to locus of control in german and american students

Walker P.B., 1986: Relation of family factors in treatment outcome for bulimic patients

Takeuchi J., 1984: Relation of family history of hypertension to platelet aggregation ratio of total cholesterol to high density lipo protein cholesterol and urinary kallikrein excretion

Syrovy I., 1986: Relation of fast and slow skeletal and atrial and ventricular myosin in various mammals

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294562

Schmidt, M. F. G.; Schlesinger, M. J., 1980: Relation of fatty acid attachment to the translation and maturation of vesicular stomatitis and sindbis virus membrane glyco proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294564

Schmitt, C. C.; Skud, B. E., 1978: Relation of fecundity to long term changes in growth abundance and recruitment

Woodring, J. P.; Roe, R. M.; Clifford, C. W., 1977: Relation of feeding growth and metabolism to age in the larval female house cricket

Berger A., 1980: Relation of female polygamy to gonotrophic activity in the rockefeller strain of aedes aegypti

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Collins R.J., 1980: Relation of fertilizer treatments and cropping sequence to populations of pratylenchus scribneri

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Graeff H., 1987: Relation of fibrin and tumor associated antigens to the spread of ovarian cancer

Hill D., 1980: Relation of field independence to development of conservation

Sundberg, A. D.; Carlin, A. F., 1978: Relation of final internal temperature to clostridium perfringens destruction in beef loaves cooked in a crockery pot or conventional oven

Kurita Y., 1984: Relation of fine structure to prognosis of papillary adenocarcinoma of the lung

May, N.; Trent, L.; Pristas, P. J., 1976: Relation of fish catches in gill nets to frontal periods

Khan, J. A.; Hempel, G., 1974: Relation of fish larvae and zoo plankton biomass in the gulf of aden

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Bearden B.E., 1985: Relation of floral infection to botrytis cinerea blossom end rot of pears in storage

Ashizawa M., 1982: Relation of flower thinning number of leaves and mineral nutrient to the incidence of physiological dropping in satsuma mandarin fruits

Amoruso M.A., 1979: Relation of fluorescence in lipid containing red cell membrane extracts to in vivo lipid per oxidation

Maruchi, N.; Aoki, S.; Tsuda, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Toyokawa, H., 1977: Relation of food consumption to cancer mortality in japan with special reference to international figures

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294582

Johnson L.C., 1979: Relation of frequency analyzed electro encephalogram to monitoring behavior

Obata, Y.; Ikeda, H.; Stockert, E.; Boyse, E. A., 1975: Relation of g ix antigen of thymocytes to envelope glyco protein of murine leukemia virus

Molina E., 1983: Relation of gastric acid and pepsin secretion to serum gastrin levels in dogs given bombesin and gastrin 17

Csendes, A.; Guiraldes, E.; Bancalari, A.; Braghetto, I.; Ayala, M., 1978: Relation of gastro esophageal sphincter pressure and esophageal contractile waves to age in man/

Barnett A.H., 1985: Relation of gene expression allotypes of complement c 4 to insulin dependent diabetes and its microangiopathic complications

Finger, F. W., 1976: Relation of general activity in rats to environmental temperature

Cunnison K.M., 1983: Relation of geographic variation in the skull of microtus pennsylvanicus to climate

Basu P.S., 1984: Relation of gibberellic acid induced growth of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sonalika coleoptiles with iaa

Ritchie J.L., 1988: Relation of global and regional left ventricular function to tomographic thallium 201 myocardial perfusion in patients with prior myocardial infarction

Heptinstall R.H., 1986: Relation of glomerular injury to preglomerular resistance in experimental hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294593

Vandervoorde J., 1981: Relation of glucose to alpha feto protein in amniotic fluid

Horikoshi K., 1979: Relation of glutamate transport to growth of alkalophilic bacillus sp

Malik C.P., 1981: Relation of glycosidases to amaryllis vittata pollen tube growth

Nevins, D. J., 1970: Relation of glycosidases to bean d hypocotyl growth

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294598

Boyse E.A., 1981: Relation of gp 70 to spontaneous cytolytic activity of mouse spleen cells

Swedes, J. S.; Sedo, R. J.; Atkinson, D. E., 1975: Relation of growth and protein synthesis to the adenylate energy charge in an adenine requiring mutant of escherichia coli

Brunton G.F., 1982: Relation of growth delay to cure for experimental tumor systems conforming to poisson cure statistics

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294602

Konings W.N., 1988: Relation of growth of streptococcus lactis and streptococcus cremoris to amino acid transport

Yamafuji K., 1987: Relation of growth process to spatial patterns of electric potential and enzyme activity in bean roots

Ross P.F., 1983: Relation of growth temperature to fatty acid composition of propionibacterium strains

Checkley D.M.Jr, 1984: Relation of growth to ingestion for larvae of atlantic herring clupea harengus and other fish

Augenfeld, J. M., 1978: Relation of habitat to glycogen concentration and glycogen synthetase in polychaetes

Huddleston E.W., 1981: Relation of head capsule width to instar development in larvae of the range caterpillar hemileuca oliviae lepidoptera saturniidae

Section 7, Chapter 6295 , Accession 006294610

Elliott, R.; Bankart, C. P.; Flaherty, B., 1976: Relation of heart rate deceleration and simple reaction time

Duhamel G., 1982: Relation of hematopoietic macrophages preservation to the freezing rate following the heat of fusion

Laragh J.H., 1983: Relation of hemodynamic load to left ventricular hypertrophy and performance in hypertension

Simpson, C. F., 1978: Relation of hemodynamics to the incidence of di ethyl stilbestrol induced aortic ruptures in hypertensive and hypotensive lines of turkeys

Peterson C.M., 1985: Relation of hemoglobin a 1 and blood glucose to cardiac function in diabetes mellitus

Pearson J.F., 1986: Relation of hemoglobin levels in first and second trimesters to outcome of pregnancy

Calabrese S., 1985: Relation of hemostatic function neurovascular impairment and vibration exposure in workers with different stages of vibration induced white finger

Kubodera A., 1982: Relation of heparan sulfate content and gallium 67 uptake in various tissues of rats

Chung W.K., 1988: Relation of hepatitis b virus infection to hepatocellular carcinoma in korea histologic and serologic evaluation

Popovic V., 1986: Relation of hepatitis type b virus markers and histologic finding of liver parenchyma in kbs ag positive blood donors

Papsin F.R., 1979: Relation of herpesvirus hominis type ii to carcinoma of the cervix

Tobin, S. M.; Wilson, W. D.; Papsin, F. R., 1978: Relation of herpesvirus hominis type ii to carcinoma of the cervix an animal model for the induction of long term latency of herpesvirus hominis type ii

Alhassan, W. S.; Buchanan-Smith, J. G.; Ashton, G. C., 1976: Relation of high temperature regimes to energy metabolism body composition and feed and water intake in rats

Mills C., 1987: Relation of human cardiac action potential duration to the interval between beats implications for the validity of rate corrected qt interval qtc

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294625

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294626

Catalano P.M., 1986: Relation of human t lymphotropic virus type iii antibodies to t lymphocyte subset abnormalities in hemophiliac patients

Hatano M., 1984: Relation of hvj sendai virus production to cell growth phase in persistently infected mouse 3t3 cells

Umezawa H., 1986: Relation of hydrolytic enzymes in spleen to immunological dysregulations in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294630

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294631

Sherman, J. K.; Liu, K. C., 1976: Relation of ice formation to ultrastructural cryo injury and cryo protection of rough endoplasmic reticulum

Haber E., 1983: Relation of immediate and delayed thallium 201 distribution to localization of iodine 125 labeled anti myosin antibody in acute experimental myo cardial infarction

Davison, J. M.; Uldall, P. R.; Taylor, R. M. R., 1977: Relation of immediate post transplant renal function to long term function in cadaver kidney recipients

Ohnishi T., 1982: Relation of immuno reactive angiotensin ii and sodium concentrations in cerebro spinal fluid to systemic blood pressure levels in essential and secondary hypertensive patients

Tronier B., 1984: Relation of immuno reactive gastric inhibitory poly peptide to changes in glycemic control and b cell function in type 1 insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Salmon S.E., 1984: Relation of in vitro colony survival to clinical response in a prospective trial of single agent chemotherapy for metastatic melanoma

Senff, L. M. M.; Moskowitz, M., 1969: Relation of in vitro inhibition by chelates of clostridium perfringens alpha toxin to their ability to protect against experimental toxemia mouse

Butler, W. B.; Berlinski, P. J.; Hillman, R. M.; Kelsey, W. H.; Toenniges, M. M., 1986: Relation of in vitro properties to tumorigenicity for a series of sublines of the human breast cancer cell line mcf 7

Justin J.R., 1983: Relation of in vivo blood flow to ultrasound echogenicity

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294642

Kalliopuska, M., 1985: Relation of ineffective communication of emotion and children's recognition of emotional expressions

Zideman D.A., 1986: Relation of infant heart to sternum its significance in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Foster, M. T-Jr ; Labrum, A. H., 1976: Relation of infection with neisseria gonorrhoeae to abo blood groups

Klisiewicz J.M., 1979: Relation of infestation with sunflower moth homoeosoma electellum larvae to the incidence of rhizopus rot in sunflower seed heads helianthus annuus

Parker D.S., 1982: Relation of inflow infiltration costs to varying policy requirements

Makarenko N.V., 1983: Relation of information processing quality to the human operator professional activity level

Griffin G.J., 1988: Relation of inoculum density of thielaviopsis basicola to the severity of black root rot and the growth of tobacco in naturally infested soil

Alldredge J.R., 1985: Relation of inoculum size and concentration to infection of wheat triticum aestivum roots by gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294652

Laprade, J. C.; Manwiller, A., 1977: Relation of insect damage vector and hybrid reaction to afla toxin b 1 recovery from field corn

Van Rood J.J., 1984: Relation of insulin dependent mellitus and the hla linked sb system

Kemmler W., 1982: Relation of insulin receptor occupancy and deactivation of glucose transport

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Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294657

David E., 1986: Relation of intelligence to ego functioning in an adult psychiatric population

Meno F., 1985: Relation of intensity of cardiac sounds to age

Smith H., 1981: Relation of interferon and nonspecific inhibitors to virus levels in nasal washes of ferrets infected with influenza viruses of differing virulence

Matsumoto T., 1981: Relation of interferon production to the limited replication of newcastle disease virus in l cells

Van Den Berghe H., 1982: Relation of internal thio esters to conformational change and receptor recognition site in alpha 2 macro globulin complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294664

Riley M.V., 1980: Relation of intra cellular levels and redox state of glutathione to endothelial function in the rabbit cornea

Longo F.J., 1980: Relation of intra cellular ph and pro nuclear development in the sea urchin arbacia punctulata a fine structural analysis

Stein P.D., 1983: Relation of intra myo cardial and intra cavitary pressure to regional myo cardial asynergy in the canine left ventricle

Maclenna I.C.M., 1984: Relation of intra splenic migration of marginal zone b cells to antigen localization of follicular dendritic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294669

Zablotskaite D.P., 1979: Relation of inward current on calcium ion concentration and membrane potential

Gibson D., 1979: Relation of iso volumic relaxation to left ventricular wall movement in man

Garcia A.M., 1981: Relation of kidney size to kidney function in early insulin dependent diabetes

Ono C., 1985: Relation of kidney size to renal function and comparative study of kidney size in various diseases a new analysis of renal area index

Smith B.T., 1985: Relation of kidney tissue somatomedin c insulin like growth factor i to postnephrectomy renal growth in the rat

Finardi G. , 1982: Relation of kineto cardiogram to systolic time intervals in patients with old myo cardial infarction

Kunimoto R.K., 1982: Relation of kretzschmaria clavus to hypoxyloid stromata on diseased macadamia macadamia integrifolia tissues

Bristow J.D., 1987: Relation of lactate production to postischemic reduction in function and myocardial oxygen consumption after partial coronary occlusion in swine

Barwick, D. H.; Holcomb, D. E., 1976: Relation of largemouth bass reproduction to crowded sunfish populations in florida ponds usa

Barreca P., 1987: Relation of late potentials to ejection fraction and wall motion abnormalities in acute myocardial infarction

Josephson M.E., 1985: Relation of late potentials to site of origin of ventricular tachycardia associated with coronary heart disease

Dawson G., 1986: Relation of lead and social factors to iq of low socioeconomic status children a partial replication

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294682

Mckenna W.J., 1985: Relation of left ventricular function and prognosis in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy an angiographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294684

Greenfield J.C.Jr, 1983: Relation of left ventricular mass to geometry of the proximal coronary arteries in the dog

Et Al, 1988: Relation of left ventricular perfusion and wall motion with metabolic activity in persistent defects on thallium 201 tomography in healed myocardial infarction

Blein J.P., 1983: Relation of lenacil metabolism with growth inhibition of acer pseudoplatanus cell suspension

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294688

Roberts W.C., 1984: Relation of level of total serum cholesterol to amount of calcific deposits in operatively excised stenotic mitral valves analysis of 155 cases

Vogt, T. M.; Ireland, C. C.; Greenlick, M. R.; Hughes, G. H., 1988: Relation of life events to blood pressure control in the shep pilot trial

Ouimet R., 1988: Relation of light and nitrogen source to growth nitrate reductase and glutamine synthetase activity of jack pine seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294692

Lobyshev V.I., 1986: Relation of lipid composition to compressibility variations of phospholipid monolayers caused by substitution of water by deuterium oxide

Leibowitz, M. E.; Johnson, M. C., 1971: Relation of lipid per oxidation to loss of cations trapped in liposomes

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294695

Winshell, E. B.; Neu, H. C., 1970: Relation of lipo poly saccharide and fatty acid ester release to the edta alteration of permeability in enterobacteriaceae

Guenther, W.; Leonhardt, W.; Hanefeld, M.; Haller, H., 1977: Relation of lipo protein lipase activity in adipose tissue to adipocyte volume and its influence in hyper tri glyceridemia pathogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294698

Barnes C.R., 1987: Relation of long term and short term atmospheric sulfur concentrations to sulfate deposition in new york state usa

Rodstein, M.; Zarit, S.; Savitsky, E.; Goldfeder, M., 1977: Relation of long term electronic cardiac pacing to mental status and adaptation in the institutional aged

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294701

Syzdykova R.T., 1980: Relation of lymph flow in the thoracic duct of a dog to parameters of artificial respiration

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294703

Deddish, P. A.; Ravin, A. W., 1974: Relation of macro molecular synthesis in streptococci to efficiency of transformation by markers of homo specific and hetero specific origin

Gudauskas R.T., 1982: Relation of maize dwarf mosaic virus infection to increased susceptibility of corn to helminthosporium maydis race o

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294707

Cotton C.C., 1980: Relation of marginality to extraversion introversion dimension

Verme L.J., 1986: Relation of maternal age to fawn rearing success in white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus

Hussain, M. A. M.; Gaafar, T. H.; Laulicht, M.; Hoffbrand, A. V., 1977: Relation of maternal and cord blood serum ferritin

Dilling L.A., 1980: Relation of maternal cigarette smoking obesity and energy consumption to infant size

Rapoport S.I., 1987: Relation of measured brain glucose utilization and cerebral atrophy in man

Chikuni K., 1985: Relation of meat characteristics and carcass grades in commercial beef

Nottebohm F., 1982: Relation of medullary motor nuclei to nerves supplying the vocal tract of the budgerigar melopsittacus undulatus

Beute M.K., 1981: Relation of meloidogyne hapla and macroposthonia ornata populations to cylindrocladium black rot in peanuts arachis hypogaea

Samuels L.T., 1980: Relation of membrane property of microsomes to androgen biosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294717

Ritz E., 1988: Relation of mesangial iga glomerulonephritis to polymorphism of immunoglobulin heavy chain switch region

Koyama T., 1979: Relation of metabolism and translocation of propaphos in rice plant to insecticidal activity against 2 strains of green rice leafhopper

Aprille J.R., 1985: Relation of mevalonate synthesis to mitochondrial ubiquinone content and respiratory function in cultured neuroblastoma cells

Westdt M L., 1988: Relation of microscopic haematuria in ankylosing spondylitis to circulating iga containing immune complexes

Rabago G., 1984: Relation of midwall circumferential systolic stress to equatorial midwall fiber shortening in chronic aortic regurgitation value as a predictor of postoperative outcome

Nishioka R.S., 1980: Relation of mitochondria rich chloride cells to active chloride transport in the skin of a marine teleost gillichthys mirabilis

Waite, M.; Van-Deenen, L. L. M.; Ruigrok, T. J. C.; Elbers, P. F., 1969: Relation of mitochondrial phospho lipase a activity to mitochondrial swelling

Minami M., 1982: Relation of mitotic activity to various pathological findings in human colo rectal cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294726

Johnsson P., 1988: Relation of mobility fixity to the interpretation of pictorial stimuli

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294728

Josephson M.E., 1983: Relation of mode of induction and cycle length of ventricular tachy cardia analysis of 104 patients

Bolin H.R., 1980: Relation of moisture to water activity in prunes and raisins

Kier L.B., 1981: Relation of molecular connectivity to molecular volume and biological activity

Stevman M.B., 1979: Relation of mono methyl hydrazine seizure thresholds to afterdischarge thresholds with amygdaloid stimulation in cats

Johansen K.S., 1981: Relation of monocyte and neutrophil oxidative metabolism to skin and oral lesions in carriers of chronic granulomatous disease

Panchenko, K. I., 1978: Relation of mononuclear infiltration of the epidermis to its hyperplasia in auto transplantation and allo transplantation of fully layered skin of mice

Peter T., 1988: Relation of monophasic action potential recorded with contact electrode to underlying transmembrane action potential properties in isolated cardiac tissues a systematic microelectrode validation study

Thoma S.J., 1985: Relation of moral judgment development to formal education

Moss D.N., 1979: Relation of morphological characters and shoot yield in wheat triticum aestivum

Morris, R. F., 1976: Relation of mortality caused by parasites to the population density of hyphantria cunea

Nelson, R. L.; Tempelis, C. H.; Reeves, W. C.; Milby, M. M., 1976: Relation of mosquito density to bird mammal feeding ratios of culex tarsalis in stable traps

Fromm, C.; Evarts, E. V., 1977: Relation of motor cortex neurons to precisely controlled and ballistic movements

Hosler, W. W.; Richardson, P., 1978: Relation of motor fitness test items to gross motor skills

Butler J.P., 1987: Relation of mouth flow to body surface flow during forced oscillation at the chest

Yoshida, K.; Ekstedt, R. D., 1968: Relation of mucoid growth of staphylococcus aureus to clumping factor reaction morphology in serum soft agar and virulence mouse intra peritoneal

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294744

Chipperfield J.R., 1979: Relation of myo cardial metal concentrations to water hardness and death rates from ischemic heart disease

Maroko P.R., 1985: Relation of myocardial salvage to size of myocardium at risk in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294747

Martin D., 1983: Relation of nephron recruitment to detectable filtration and recovery of function and release of ureteral obstruction

Morimoto, K.; Iwata, K. S., 1976: Relation of nerve to melanophore pulsations induced by barium ions in the bitterling acheilognathus lanceolata part 1 experiments on the isolated scale

Morimoto, K.; Iwata, K. S., 1976: Relation of nerve to melanophore pulsations induced by barium ions in the bitterling acheilognathus lanceolata part 2 experiments on the sympathetic nerve cord tail fin preparation

Hayes K., 1985: Relation of neuroleptic dose and tardive dyskinesia to attention information processing and psychophysiology in medicated schizophrenics

Hough D., 1982: Relation of neutrophil alkaline phosphatase activity to fc immuno globulin g receptor development in human blood and bone marrow

Nasuno S., 1986: Relation of nitrite concentration to mutagen formation in soy sauce

Awada, M.; Long, C., 1978: Relation of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization to fruiting and petiole composition of solo papaya

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294755

Schmidt A., 1988: Relation of noninvasive parameters and pulmonary artery mean pressure in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

Trepte, H. H., 1977: Relation of nuclear growth to polytene chromosomal growth and puffing activity during bristle apparatus development in the flesh fly sarcophaga barbata

Klug E.E., 1982: Relation of nuclear volume and radio sensitivity to ploidy level ha ploid to 22 ploid in higher plants and a yeast

Haynes, E.; Karinen, J. F.; Watson, J.; Jopson, D. J., 1976: Relation of number of eggs and egg length to carapace width in the brachyuran crabs chionoecetes bairdi and chionoecetes opilio from the southeastern bering sea and chionoecetes opilio from the gulf of st lawrence canada

Fisher E.R., 1983: Relation of number of positive axillary nodes to the prognosis of patients with primary breast cancer a national surgical adjuvant breast and bowel project update

Berenson G.S., 1987: Relation of obesity to clustering of cardiovascular disease risk factors in children and young adults the bogalusa heart study

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294763

Lin, T. M.; Halbert, S. P.; Spellacy, W. N., 1976: Relation of obstetric parameters to the concentrations of 4 pregnancy associated plasma proteins at term in normal gestation

Brackenridge C.J., 1979: Relation of occupational stress to the age at onset of huntingtons disease

Bressler, S. L., 1987: Relation of olfactory bulb and cortex i. spatial variation of bulbocortical interdependence

Bressler, S. L., 1987: Relation of olfactory bulb and cortex ii. model for driving of cortex by bulb

Grajski K.A., 1987: Relation of olfactory eeg to behavior factor analysis

Baird B., 1987: Relation of olfactory eeg to behavior spatial analysis

Gilbert, W. G., 1976: Relation of operation and maintenance to treatment plant efficiency

Levy J.A., 1987: Relation of oral hairy leukoplakia to infection with the human immunodeficiency virus and the risk of developing aids

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294772

Mundy G.R., 1981: Relation of osteoclast activating factor production to extent of bone disease in multiple myeloma

Scully R.E., 1987: Relation of ovarian dermoid cysts and immature teratomas an analysis of 350 cases of immature teratoma and 10 cases of dermoid cyst with microscopic foci of immature tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294775

Mispagel M.E., 1981: Relation of oxygen consumption to size and temperature in desert arthropods

Weathers, W. W.; Snyder, G. K., 1977: Relation of oxygen consumption to temperature and time of day in tropical anuran amphibians

Miyamoto K., 1983: Relation of oxygen delivery mixed venous oxygenation and pulmonary hemodynamics to prognosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294779

Popp R.L., 1982: Relation of p s 4 interval to left ventricular end diastolic pressure

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294781

Takeuchi M., 1979: Relation of pancreatic duct hyperplasia to carcinoma

Melik Adamyan V.R., 1987: Relation of paramagnetic characteristics of the active center of t catalase to the nature of ligands and redox state of manganese ions

Morris, R. F., 1976: Relation of parasite attack to the colonial habit of hyphantria cunea

Hutchins A., 1980: Relation of parent material geology to reaction classes of floodplain entisols in the coastal plains florida usa

Claude J R., 1987: Relation of parental history of early myocardial infarction to the level of apoprotein b in men

Arap Maritim E.K., 1984: Relation of parental strictness to competitive and cooperative attitudes of primary school children/

Smith A., 1981: Relation of particle dimension to carcinogenicity in amphibole asbestoses and other fibrous minerals

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294789

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294790

Shier D.R., 1980: Relation of pediatric blood lead levels to lead in gasoline

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294793

Smith, J. W.; Castro, G. A., 1978: Relation of peroxidase activity in gut mucosa to inflammation

Faccioli G., 1979: Relation of peroxidase catalase and poly phenol oxidase to acquired resistance in plants of chenopodium amaranticolor locally infected by tobacco necrosis virus

Moulopoulos S., 1981: Relation of personality and emotional factors to myo cardial ischemia methodology and 1st observations

Stimpson M.F., 1979: Relation of personality characteristics and color preferences

Kozeki B., 1983: Relation of personality dimensions to social and intellectual factors in children

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294799

Moore J., 1987: Relation of ph and other soil variables to concentrations of lead copper zinc cadmium and selenium

Kamin H., 1981: Relation of ph and oxidation reduction potential to the association state of the ferredoxin ferredoxin nadp reductase complex

De-Leiva, A.; Schwartz, S., 1976: Relation of ph to fluorescence of serotonin melatonin and other indole compounds reacted with o phthaldialdehyde

Singh S., 1979: Relation of phenyl thio carbamide responses and secretor status to blood groups

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294804

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294805

Fomina I.R., 1985: Relation of photosynthetic carbon metabolism and photochemical chloroplast activity in maize leaves

Bhagsari A.S., 1981: Relation of photosynthetic rates to yield in sweet potato ipomoea batatas genotypes

Hopkins D.L., 1982: Relation of pierces disease bacterium to a wilt type disease in citrus in the greenhouse

Klich M.A., 1987: Relation of plant water potential at flowering to subsequent cottonseed infection by aspergillus flavus

Hamer J., 1979: Relation of plasma aldo sterone concentration to diuretic treatment in patients with severe heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294813

Domino S.E., 1987: Relation of plasma morphine concentrations to severity of abrupt withdrawal in morphine dependent monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294815

Bitman J., 1983: Relation of plasma thyroxine and tri iodo thyronine to body weight in growing male and female holstein cattle

Kosuge T., 1982: Relation of plasmid dna to iaa production in different strains of pseudomonas syringae var savastanoi

Lekakis J., 1981: Relation of platelet phospho lipids to diabetic control

Moschos, C. B.; Haider, B.; Khan, Y.; Lyons, M. M.; Regan, T. J., 1978: Relation of platelets to catecholamine induced myo cardial injury

Finney K.F., 1982: Relation of polar lipid content of mixing requirement and loaf volume potential of hard red winter wheat flour

Reddi N.S., 1985: Relation of pollen release to pollen concentrations in air

Berger, N. A.; Weber, G.; Kaichi, A. S.; Petzold, S. J., 1978: Relation of poly adp ribose synthesis to dna synthesis and cell growth

Galston A.W., 1982: Relation of poly amine biosynthesis to the initiation of sprouting in potato tubers solanum tuberosum

Galston A.W., 1982: Relation of poly amine synthesis and titer to aging and senescence in oat avena sativa leaves

Wang J., 1987: Relation of polyamine titer to photoperiodic induction of flowering in pharbitis nil

Gillin J.C., 1987: Relation of pontine choline acetyltransferase immunoreactive neurons with cells which increase discharge during rem sleep

Paskanik A.M., 1983: Relation of portal hemodynamics to cardiac output during mechanical ventilation with positive end expiratory pressure

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294828

Rowell J.B., 1981: Relation of post penetration events in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar idaed 59 seedlings to low receptivity to infection by puccinia graminis f sp tritici

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294830

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294831

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294832

Michelson, E. L.; Morganroth, J.; Torosian, M.; Macvaugh, H. Iii, 1978: Relation of pre operative use of aspirin to increased mediastinal blood loss after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Sneva F.A., 1982: Relation of precipitation and temperature with yield of herbaceous plants in eastern oregon usa

Kihlstrom J.F., 1984: Relation of predicted to actual hypnotic responsiveness with special reference to posthypnotic amnesia

Kress P., 1988: Relation of pressure and flow of pulmonary circulation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Schwarz R.H., 1986: Relation of private or clinic care to the cesarean birth rate

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294839

Einhorn L.H., 1988: Relation of proliferative activity to survival in patients with advanced germ cell cancer

Nishio Y., 1987: Relation of properties of logs to the rate of wood decay and fruitbody yield in cultivation of lentinus edodes

Cosowsky L., 1987: Relation of prostaglandin induced increases in cellular cyclic amp to stimulation of pepsinogen secretion from dispersed chief cells

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294843

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294844

Morse, J. O.; Lebowitz, M. D.; Knudson, R. J.; Burrows, B., 1977: Relation of protease inhibitor phenotypes to obstructive lung diseases in a community

Brooks G.F., 1982: Relation of protein i and colony opacity to serum killing of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Shiraki, K.; Yamada, T.; Yoshimura, H., 1977: Relation of protein nutrition to the reduction of red blood cells induced by physical training

Haber, J. E.; Koshland, D. E-Jr, 1967: Relation of protein subunit interactions to the molecular species observed during cooperative binding of ligands

Rice, R. H.; Green, H., 1978: Relation of protein synthesis and trans glutaminase activity to formation of the cross linked envelope during terminal differentiation of the cultured human epidermal keratinocyte

Lane B.G., 1980: Relation of protein synthesis in imbibing wheat embryos to the cell free translational capacities of bulk messenger rna from dry and imbibing embryos

Ward, C. A.; Ruegsegger, B.; Stanga, D.; Zingg, W.; Herbert, M. A., 1977: Relation of proteins platelets and gas nuclei in adhesion to a synthetic material

Kraev V.G., 1985: Relation of proteins to messenger rna in the ribonucleoproteins revealed in datura stramonium leaves infected with potato virus x

Chandler, W. A.; Daniell, J. W., 1976: Relation of pruning time and inoculation with pseudomonas syringae to short life of peach trees growing on old peach land

Bohne B.A., 1981: Relation of psycho physical data to histo pathology in monkeys with cochlear implants

Pechacek T.F., 1983: Relation of puff volume to other topographical measures of smoking

Musk A.W., 1983: Relation of pulmonary vessel size to transfer factor in subjects with air flow obstruction

Vesely, D., 1978: Relation of pythium oligandrum to bacteria actinomyces and several fungi inhabiting the rhizosphere of the emerging sugar beet

Ui T., 1982: Relation of pythium spp to mono culture injury of soybean

Ishida, K.; Tange, M., 1984: Relation of quantitative characters with yields and weights of grain in black bean cultivar tanba kuro daizu 1. effects of seeding times on quantitative characters yields and weight of grain in black beans

Stolk J.G., 1987: Relation of quantitative features of visually normal intermediate cells in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia i and ii smears to progression or nonprogression of the lesion

Smith, J. T.; Wyatt, J. M., 1974: Relation of r factor and chromosomal beta lactamase with the periplasmic space

Yamamoto, T.; Shimizu, Y., 1978: Relation of radiation to gastric carcinoma observed in autopsy cases in a fixed population hiroshima and nagasaki japan 1961 1974

Vigh L., 1980: Relation of raman order parameters to spin labeling parameters

Whaun, J. M.; Oski, F. A., 1970: Relation of red blood cell glutathione peroxidase to neo natal jaundice

Gratzer W.B., 1985: Relation of red cell membrane properties to invasion by plasmodium falciparum

Stewart I.M.G., 1979: Relation of reduction in pressure to 1st myo cardial infarction in patients receiving treatment for severe hypertension

Et Al, 1987: Relation of regional asynchrony to global left ventricular systolic and diastolic function in patients with angina pectoris without previous myocardial infarction

Wiggans G.R., 1987: Relation of registration with yield and termination of first lactation in dairy goats

Lysenko N.I., 1980: Relation of relative growth rate to productivity and sugar content in sugar beet cotyledon leaves

Karal'nik B.V., 1981: Relation of relative hemo sensitive activity to the molecular parameters of lipo poly saccharides

Pagliara, A. S.; Goodman, A. D., 1970: Relation of renal cortical gluconeogenesis glutamate content and production of ammonia

Oda H., 1986: Relation of renal function to salt sensitivity of blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension

Bailie, M. D.; Oparil, S., 1977: Relation of renal hemodynamics to metabolism of angiotensin ii by the canine kidney

Juhasz I., 1988: Relation of renal thromboxane a 2 production to urine flow electrolyte excretion and plasma renin activity in control state and drug induced hypotension

Laragh J.H., 1987: Relation of renin angiotensin system activity to left ventricular hypertrophy and function in experimental and human hypertension

Reifman V.G., 1981: Relation of replication of tobacco mosaic virus and potato virus x to age in detached leaves of nicotiana tabacum cultivar samsun

Pietilainen P., 1982: Relation of resemblance in information retrieval

Baehner R.L., 1982: Relation of respiratory burst and arachidonate metabolism during phagocytosis by guinea pig alveolar macrophages

O'connor M., 1984: Relation of respiratory water loss to coughing after exercise

Mazmanian D., 1985: Relation of response set to observed suicide intent

Wagner H J., 1985: Relation of retinomotor responses and contractile proteins in vertebrate retinas

Ohanian, S. H.; Schwab, J. H.; Oromartie, W. J., 1969: Relation of rheumatic like cardiac lesions of the mouse to localization of group a streptococcal cell walls

Franciosa J.A., 1984: Relation of right ventricular ejection fraction to exercise capacity in chronic left ventricular failure

Dayton A.D., 1983: Relation of rumen atp concentration to bacterial and protozoal numbers

Velicer W.F., 1988: Relation of sample size to the stability of component patterns

Harrold, J. F. Jr, 1978: Relation of sample variations to plate orientation in the hester dendy plate sampler

Oomen P.A., 1984: Relation of scarlet mite brevipalpus phoenicis density in tea camellia sinensis

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294889

Roth J.L., 1987: Relation of scores on the open middle test to self control and academic achievement of inner city fourth grade children

Molchanov, A. G., 1977: Relation of scotch pine photosynthesis to environmental conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294892

Frey, K. J.; Huang, T. F., 1969: Relation of seed weight to grain yields in oats m avena sativa m

Mckenzie, K. S.; Rutger, J. N.; Peterson, M. L., 1980: Relation of seedling vigor to semi dwarfism early maturity and pubescence in closely related rice oryza sativa lines

Et Al, 1983: Relation of segmental wall motion to global left ventricular function in acute myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294896

Glezen W.P., 1987: Relation of serum antibody to glycoproteins of respiratory syncytial virus with immunity to infection in children

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294898

Puska P., 1983: Relation of serum cholesterol and tri glycerides to the risk of acute myo cardial infarction cerebral stroke and death in eastern finnish male population

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294900

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294901

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294902

Loebl K., 1987: Relation of serum total cholesterol and high density lipoprotein cholesterol percentage to the incidence of definite coronary events twenty year follow up of the donolo tel aviv prospective coronary artery disease study

Hames C.G., 1984: Relation of serum vitamins a and e and carotenoids to the risk of cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294906

Et Al, 1984: Relation of severity of symptoms to prognosis in stable angina pectoris

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294908

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294909

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294910

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294911

Wallman J., 1981: Relation of single unit properties to the oculo motor function of the nucleus of the basal optic root accessory optic system in chickens

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294914

Roberts W.C., 1986: Relation of size of transmural acute myocardial infarct to mode of death interval between infarction and death and frequency of coronary arterial thrombus

Clough G.C., 1987: Relation of small mammals to forest management in northern maine usa

Doyle A B., 1984: Relation of social fantasy play to social competence in preschoolers

Cohen, J. J.; Merkens, L. S.; Peterson, O. W., 1980: Relation of sodium ion re absorption to utilization of oxygen and lactate in the perfused rat kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294919

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294920

Hardell L., 1981: Relation of soft tissue sarcoma malignant lymphoma and colon cancer to phenoxy acids chloro phenols and other agents

Devine O.J., 1987: Relation of soil and plant magnesium to nutrition of animals and man

Singh, D. P., 1978: Relation of soil moisture and air conditioning irrigation to plant water balance growth characteristics and nutrients uptake in rye and wheat

Bertrand, P. F.; English, H.; Carlson, R. M., 1976: Relation of soil physical and fertility properties to the occurrence of cytospora leucostoma canker in french prune orchards

Pharande K.S., 1985: Relation of soil properties with erodibility in black soils

Cobb F.W.Jr, 1983: Relation of soil redox potential to infection of ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa by ceratocystis wageneri

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294927

Hammerschlag R., 1980: Relation of somal lipid synthesis to the fast axonal transport of protein and lipid

Furmanik, F.; Szczepinska, J.; Biegaj, R., 1976: Relation of some dimensions of the middle part of the laryngeal cavity to span of the greater horns of the hyoid bone

Dimitrov, I.; Tyankov, S.; Ivanov, I. S., 1987: Relation of some genetic blood systems with basic productive characters in the introduction of sheep from ile de france breed i. fertility

Herzog H., 1982: Relation of source and sink during grain filling period in wheat triticum aestivum and some aspects of its regulation

Bizzini B., 1985: Relation of spastic and flaccid paralysis to retrograde transport of iodine 125 labeled tetanus toxin and its iodine 125 labeled fragment modulating effect of fab antibodies directed to specific areas on the toxin molecule

Ohtsuka T., 1985: Relation of spectral types to oil droplets in cones of turtle retina

Thygesen N., 1987: Relation of spelling and writing in learning disabilities

Nolan N.G., 1984: Relation of st segment elevation of after healing of acute myo cardial infarction to the presence of left ventricular aneurysm

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294937

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294938

Van Hoevan Duin J., 1983: Relation of stereo acuity to inter ocular transfer of the motion and the tilt aftereffects

Schwartz, M. L.; Goldberg, S. J.; Wilson, N.; Allen, H. D.; Marx, G. R., 1986: Relation of still's murmur small aortic diameter and high aortic velocity

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294941

Fischetti V.A., 1987: Relation of streptococcal m protein with human and rabbit tropomyosin the complete amino acid sequence of human cardiac alpha tropomyosin a highly conserved contractile protein

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294943

Mattocks A.R., 1981: Relation of structural features to pyrrolic metabolites in livers of rats given pyrrolizidine alkaloids and derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294945

Elin R.J., 1986: Relation of structure to function for the usa reference standard endotoxin after exposure to cobalt 60 radiation

Ohashi, J.; Iwanaga, K.; Sato, H., 1987: Relation of subjective sensations to electromyogram and heart rate in sustained isometric shoulder abductions at 5 50 percent mvc

Ellersieck M.R., 1986: Relation of survival to other end points in chronic toxicity tests with fish

Lumsden A., 1984: Relation of target encounter and neuronal death to nerve growth factor responsiveness in the developing mouse trigeminal ganglion

Serns S.L., 1982: Relation of temperature and population density to 1st year recruitment and growth of smallmouth bass micropterus dolomieui in a wisconsin lake usa

Bond E.J., 1979: Relation of temperature to ethylene di bromide desorption from fumigated wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294952

Sabbah, H. N.; Stein, P. D., 1978: Relation of the 2nd sound to diastolic vibration of the closed aortic valve

Mojzis, A.; Ninger, E., 1970: Relation of the activity of urinary lactate dehydrogenase to the activity of glomerulo nephritis

Montalvo, J. G. Jr ; Faught, S. E.; Buco, S. M., 1988: Relation of the acute pulmonary response to cotton dust and dust compositional analysis by near ir reflectance spectroscopy part ii. unsieved dust

Janne J., 1980: Relation of the anti proliferative action of methyl glyoxal bis guanyl hydrazone to the natural poly amines

Liu J F., 1987: Relation of the antihypertensive effect and central alpha adrenoceptor of rhomotoxin

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294959

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294960

Fedenko G.A., 1986: Relation of the blood plasma lipid level and the character of the population nutrition

Sandholm M., 1988: Relation of the bovine m blood group system with growth of streptococcus agalactiae and staphylococcus aureus in whey

Arditi R., 1979: Relation of the canadian lynx lynx canadensis cycle to a combination of weather variables a stepwise multiple regression analysis

Ferreti F.H., 1986: Relation of the carbonyl region with the bacteriostatic activity of chalcones

Zapata A.R.P., 1980: Relation of the cared dove zenaida auriculata chrysauchenia aves columbidae with weeds

Alexandre J M., 1979: Relation of the centrally evoked pressor effect of angiotensin ii to central noradrenaline in the rabbit

Fujii T., 1980: Relation of the characteristic action of bis coclaurine alkaloids on the erythrocyte membrane and their incorporation into the membrane

Muthu, M.; Bond, E. J.; Petrasovits, A., 1975: Relation of the concentration time product to uptake and mortality in sitophilus granarius treated with methyl bromide

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294969

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294970

Burda H., 1982: Relation of the distribution of the hearing neuro epithelium to the auditory function

Vaclavek, J., 1975: Relation of the dorsal tendinous variations of the hand to the texture of the dorsal tendinous extensor system of the human finger

Ainson E., 1980: Relation of the dynamics of trans capillary protein metabolism to exogenous serotonin

Newman, E. A.; Lettvin, J. Y., 1978: Relation of the e wave to ganglion cell activity and rod responses in the frog

Watanabe, N.; Hayashi, N.; Kikuchi, G., 1984: Relation of the extra sequence of the precursor form of chicken liver delta amino levulinate synthase ec to its quaternary structure and catalytic properties

Blowers, G. H., 1977: Relation of the frame in a portable rod and frame apparatus to judgments of perceived verticality

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294977

Mallidis, C. G.; Scholefield, J., 1987: Relation of the heat resistance of bacterial spores to chemical composition and structure i. relation to core components

Mallidis, C. G.; Scholefield, J., 1987: Relation of the heat resistance of bacterial spores to chemical composition and structure ii. relation to cortex and structure

Goepfert, J. M.; Iskander, I. K.; Amundson, C. H., 1970: Relation of the heat resistance of salmonellae to the water activity of the environment

Pitha J., 1985: Relation of the hepatic and splenic microcirculations to the development of lesions in experimental amyloidosis

Belousov L.V., 1980: Relation of the intensity of metabolism with the process of determination in embryonic cell comparison of the experimental data with theory

Hargrove W.C.IIi, 1988: Relation of the intraoperative defibrillation threshold to successful postoperative defibrillation with an automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator

Kutova I., 1981: Relation of the large leaved tobacco cultivars and lines to black root rot thielaviopsis basicola

Sklan, D.; Bondi, A.; Hurwitz, S., 1977: Relation of the metabolizable energy intake of growing cattle to body weight live weight gain and dry matter intake

Bach B.O., 1980: Relation of the morphology of stick like bryozoans at friday harbor washington usa to bottom currents suspended matter and depth

Gonzalez J., 1986: Relation of the nematodes meloidogyne incognita and rotylenchulus reniformis to the fungus rhizoctonia solani on soybean

Meites J., 1980: Relation of the neuro endocrine system to the development and growth of experimental mammary tumors

Herich, R., 1978: Relation of the nucleoli of vegetative nuclei to the division of the generative nuclei in pollen tubes

Kawashima C., 1986: Relation of the number of shoot units without crown roots to ability of nutrient and water absorption in the ripening stage of rice plant

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294991

Martin P.R., 1984: Relation of the parabigeminal nucleus to the superior colliculus and dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in the hooded rat

Section 7, Chapter 6295, Accession 006294993

Emi K., 1984: Relation of the posterior staphyloma to corneal astigmatism

El Moussallamy M.K., 1986: Relation of the production of penicillium chrysogenum lipase to alpha amylase biosynthesis and some factors affecting the crude lipase activity

Vitseva O.I., 1983: Relation of the regulatory site of chloroplast coupling factor atpase to photo phosphorylation

Williams G.H., 1981: Relation of the renin angiotensin aldo sterone system to clinical state in congestive heart failure

Schubert A.M., 1980: Relation of the seed hull ratio to yield and dollar value in peanut arachis hypogaea production

Eberle, H.; Lark, K. G., 1969: Relation of the segregative origin of chromosome replication to the origin of replication after amino acid starvation escherichia coli

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