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Relation of inorganic phosphorus fractions with soil available phosphorus fiber yield and phosphorus uptake by jute corchorus capsularis

Doharey, A.K.; Nayak, P.; Katyal, V.; Sagar, R.L.; Mandal, A.K.

Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science 28(1): 110-112


Accession: 006294652

Relationship of different inorganic fractions of soil P, with available P measured by Olsen's and Bray P1 reagents and fiber yield and P uptake by jute crop was investigated in a neutral, clay loam alluvial soil. Al bound phosphate, though least in proportion, was of the most significance for both methods of extraction and also for the 2 yield parameters in these Ca bound phosphate-dominating soils. The consistent relationship of this fraction with all dependent variables suggests that Al-P is a major source of P for jute crop in these soils.

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