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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6297

Chapter 6297 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296000

Nishihara M., 1986: Relationship between body surface isopotential map of myocardial infarction and coronary arteriographic findings

Taylor, D. A.; Fennessy, M. R., 1978: Relationship between body temperature and brain mono amines during the development of tolerance to delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol in the rat

Pagnan A., 1988: Relationship between body weight and blood pressure and some metabolic parameters in psoriatic patients

Froese R., 1988: Relationship between body weight and loading densities in fish transport using the plastic bag method

Garcia-Carrillo, C., 1977: Relationship between body weight and spleen size in guinea pigs

Dasgupta I., 1983: Relationship between body weight and the incidence of positive axillary nodes at mastectomy for breast cancer

Grojec, M.; Woroszylska, J.; Ziemlanski, S., 1975: Relationship between body weight lean body mass total fat and maximal oxygen consumption in obese subjects

Balushkina E.V., 1982: Relationship between body weight of chironomid larvae and their length

Wright D.A., 1982: Relationship between body zinc concentration and allometric growth measurements in the mussel mytilus edulis

Thomas, T. H., 1978: Relationship between bolting resistance and seed dormancy of different celery cultivars

Bass J.J., 1986: Relationship between bone dimensions and conformation in beef carcasses

Valdimarsson H., 1987: Relationship between bone erosions and rheumatoid factor isotypes

Transbol I., 1983: Relationship between bone mineral content and frequency of post menopausal fractures

Offord K.P., 1986: Relationship between bone mineral density of spine and strength of back extensors in healthy postmenopausal women

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296017

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296018

Miyagawa K., 1985: Relationship between bowel habit and food intake among female college students

De Martino C., 1981: Relationship between brain cortex and testis maturation rate in 2 inbred strains of mice

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296021

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296022

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296023

Nakagawa R., 1981: Relationship between brain noradrenergic neurons and gastric mucosal lesion or pituitary adreno cortical system in rats exposed to acute stress

Dietz H., 1981: Relationship between brain tissue pressure gradients and cerebral blood flow distribution studied in circumscribed vasogenic cerebral edema

Gitlin G., 1981: Relationship between brain volume and size of dural venous sinuses in human fetuses and adults

Kuwabara, K.; Yakushiji, T.; Watanabe, I.; Yoshida, S.; Koyama, K.; Kunita, N.; Hara, I., 1978: Relationship between breast feeding and poly chlorinated bi phenyl residues in blood of the children whose mothers were occupationally exposed to poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Et Al, 1986: Relationship between breast parenchymal pattern and breast cancer incidence

Ohtagaki S., 1985: Relationship between breed structure and protein polymorphism in japanese black cattle

Dini F., 1981: Relationship between breeding systems and resistance to mercury in euplotes crassus ciliophora hypotrichida

Marlin G.E., 1979: Relationship between bronchial and arterial diameters in normal human lungs

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296033

Rubinfeld, A. R.; Pain, M. C. F., 1977: Relationship between bronchial reactivity airway caliber and severity of asthma

Dosman J.A., 1984: Relationship between bronchial response to respiratory heat exchange and nonspecific airways reactivity in asthmatic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296036

Nascimento M.D.G.F.D., 1986: Relationship between bronchopneumonias and swine atrophic rhinitis

Zusevics J.A., 1980: Relationship between buffer capacity and some properties of light tropical soil

Sundara-Sarma, K. S.; Nagaraja-Rao, Y., 1976: Relationship between bulk density and pore size distribution in a sandy loam soil

Beccari, M.; Mappelli, P.; Tandoi, V., 1980: Relationship between bulking and physicochemical biological properties of activated sludges

Obasola C.O., 1987: Relationship between bunch yield and bunch weight variation in the oil palm

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296042

Johnson, R. W.; Back, P. V., 1977: Relationship between burning and spraying in the control of brigalow acacia harpophylla re growth part 1 burning as a pre spraying treatment

Johnson, R. W.; Back, P. V., 1977: Relationship between burning and spraying in the control of brigalow acacia harpophylla re growth part 2 burning as a post spraying treatment

Kurihara Y., 1983: Relationship between burrowing activity of the polychaetous annelid neanthes japonica and nitrification denitrification processes in the sediments

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296046

Ryu D.D.Y., 1985: Relationship between butirosin biosynthesis and sporulation in bacillus circulans

Mclean R.H., 1986: Relationship between c 4 null genes hla d region antigens and genetic susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus in caucasian and black americans

Abe K., 1985: Relationship between cadmium and phosphate in the northwest pacific ocean

Talbot V., 1985: Relationship between cadmium concentrations in sea water and those in the mussel mytilus edulis

Cristina M.L., 1987: Relationship between cadmium smoking and prenatal development

Levy M., 1984: Relationship between caffeine concentrations in plasma and saliva

Carney J.M., 1981: Relationship between caffeine discrimination and caffeine plasma levels

Vassalle M., 1985: Relationship between caffeine effects and calcium in canine cardiac purkinje fibers

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296055

Paschen W., 1983: Relationship between calcium accumulation and recovery of cat brain after prolonged cerebral ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296057

Toninello A., 1983: Relationship between calcium and phosphate transport trans membrane potential and acetoacetate induced oxidation of pyridine nucleotides in rat liver mitochondria

Page, W. J.; Sadoff, H. L., 1975: Relationship between calcium and uronic acids in the encystment of azotobacter vinelandii

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296060

Frye R.A., 1982: Relationship between calcium ii uptake and catecholamine secretion in primary dissociated cultures of adrenal medulla

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296062

Mcdonald J.M., 1980: Relationship between calcium ion transport and calcium magnesium atpase activity in adipocyte endoplasmic reticulum

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296064

Craven, P. A.; Derubertis, F. R., 1982: Relationship between calcium stimulation of cyclic gmp and lipid per oxidation in the rat kidney evidence for involvement of calmodulin and separate pathways of per oxidation in cortex vs. inner medulla

Hodgson A.S., 1981: Relationship between calf birth weight and dams subsequent 200 day and 305 day yields of milk fat and total solids in holsteins

Section 7 , Chapter 6297, Accession 006296067

Deale O.C., 1987: Relationship between canine transthoracic impedance and defibrillation threshold evidence for current based defibrillation

Shigo A.L., 1984: Relationship between canker size and wood starch in american chestnut castanea dentata

Hirota, O.; Takeda, T., 1987: Relationship between canopy architecture and crop production with reference to light and carbon dioxide environment iii. relations between canopy architecture and construction factors for carbon dioxide diffusion in some crop stands

Hirota, O.; Takeda, T., 1987: Relationship between canopy architecture and crop production with reference to light and carbon dioxide environments i. light intensity of both upper and lower surfaces of leaves in rice and soybean canopies

Hirota, O.; Takeda, T., 1988: Relationship between canopy architecture and crop production with reference to light and carbon dioxide environments iv. effect of the leaf inclination size and vertical distribution on foliage photosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296073

Hirota, O.; Takeda, T., 1987: Relationship between canopy architecture and crop production with reference to light and carbon dioxide ii. carbon dioxide diffusion coefficient and canopy photosynthesis of rice and soybean populations

Matsumoto M., 1986: Relationship between capacity of hollow cavity and stress required to break hollow type suppository by compression

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296077

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296078

Hayashida S., 1981: Relationship between carbohydrate moiety and thermostability of beta glucosidase from mucor miehei yh 10

Hill, D. J.; Ahmadjian, V., 1972: Relationship between carbohydrate movement and the symbiosis in lichens with green algae

Tan K.H., 1983: Relationship between carbohydrate nitrogen contents and re growth of tall fescue festuca arundinacea cultivars kentucky 31 tillers

Schulz, B.; Knospe, S.; Michaelis, D.; Titze, K.; Hildmann, W., 1978: Relationship between carbohydrate tolerance insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity of isolated fat cells from obese proto diabetics

Mano, Y.; D'arrigo, J. S., 1978: Relationship between carbon di oxide levels and decompression sickness implications for disease prevention

Tschaepe, M.; Peisker, M., 1976: Relationship between carbon di oxide uptake and stomatal aperture

Tsel'niker Yu L., 1985: Relationship between carbon dioxide evolution by the trunk and gas exchange in the leaves of oaks

Bartos J., 1986: Relationship between carbon dioxide tension and ph in a medium for algal culture

Berry J.A., 1982: Relationship between carbon isotope discrimination and the inter cellular carbon di oxide concentration in leaves

Gray B.A., 1986: Relationship between carbon monoxide and transit times for dye and thermal indicators in central circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296089

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296090

Hockey H U.P., 1985: Relationship between carcass composition and first estrus in romney ewe lambs

Hamaoka T., 1980: Relationship between carcino embryonic antigen and major histo compatibility antigens on cultured human carcinoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296093

Yoshimura H., 1987: Relationship between carcinoma and stone of the gallbladder

Pokrovskii V.M., 1981: Relationship between cardiac and motor components of a conditioned reflex during local cooling of different zones of the cerebral cortex in cats

Reynolds, R. D.; Swan, J. F.; Disalvo, J., 1978: Relationship between cardiac hypertrophy and idio ventricular rate in dogs with chronic atrio ventricular block/

Efimova L.V., 1983: Relationship between cardio myocyte lysosomes and some characteristics of the function metabolism and ultrastructure of intact rabbit heart

Cantor, J. R.; Zillmann, D.; Day, K. D., 1978: Relationship between cardio respiratory fitness and physiological responses to films

Rogatskii G.G., 1984: Relationship between cardiodynamics and pulmonary gas exchange in experimental acute respiratory insufficiency

Kawashima Y., 1985: Relationship between cardioplegic dosage and effects of myocardial protection in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy

Luoma H., 1982: Relationship between caries and fluoride uptake by enamel from 2 fluoride varnishes in a community with fluoridated water

Sano H., 1987: Relationship between caries detector staining and structural characteristics of carious dentin

Birkeland J.M., 1982: Relationship between caries prevalence and incidence among adolescents

Heath, H. E.; Gaudy, E. T., 1978: Relationship between catabolism of glycerol and metabolism of hexose phosphate derivatives by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kobayashi H., 1987: Relationship between catalase activity and methemoglobin concentration in the blood of acatalasemic homozygous hypocatalasemic and normal mice

Syversen T.L.M., 1983: Relationship between catalase activity and uptake of elemental mercury by rat brain

Fletcher, J. E.; Rapuano, B. E.; Condrea, E.; Yang, C. C.; Rosenberg, P., 1981: Relationship between catalysis and toxicological properties of 3 phospho lipases a 2 ec from elapid snake venoms

Mori, I., 1977: Relationship between catch and fishing conditions in domesticated yellowtail fishing in nagasaki prefecture japan

Buu N.T., 1985: Relationship between catechol o methyltransferase and phenolsulfotransferase in the metabolism of dopamine in the rat brain

Jones B.E., 1982: Relationship between catecholamine neurons and cerebral blood vessels studied by their simultaneous fluorescent revelation in the rat brain stem

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296111

Harbert, G. M-Jr ; Zuspan, F. P., 1977: Relationship between catecholamines and the periodicity of spontaneous uterine activity in a nonpregnant primate macaca mulatta

Glenn E.P., 1987: Relationship between cation accumulation and water content of salt tolerant grasses and a sedge

Steffens D., 1982: Relationship between cation anion uptake and the release of protons by roots of red clover

Inoko A., 1980: Relationship between cation exchange capacity and degree of maturity of city refuse composts

Lambooy A.M., 1984: Relationship between cation exchange capacity clay content and water retention of high veld south africa soils

Mane, V. B.; Savant, N. K.; Shingte, A. K., 1970: Relationship between cation exchange capacity of roots and mineral composition of plant tops as influenced by age

Barber J., 1980: Relationship between cation induced chlorophyll fluorescence and thylakoid membrane stacking changes

Ramos D.E., 1985: Relationship between catkin development and cropping in the persian walnut juglans regia cultivar serr

Schuerger J.M., 1982: Relationship between cattells high school personality questionnaire and zuckermans sensation seeking

Berg R.D., 1983: Relationship between cecal population levels of indigenous bacteria and translocation to the mesenteric lymph nodes

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296122

Young J.D., 1986: Relationship between cell age glutathione and cation concentrations in sheep erythrocytes with a normal and a defective transport system for amino acids

Greenberg, E. P.; Canale-Parola, E., 1977: Relationship between cell coiling and motility of spirochetes in viscous environments

Zippel R., 1979: Relationship between cell composition and timing of cell cycle events in fission yeast

Andreasen J.O., 1981: Relationship between cell damage in the periodontal ligament after replantation and subsequent development of root resorption a time related study in monkeys cercopithecus aethiops

Young D.A., 1982: Relationship between cell death and altered lipid a synthesis in a temperature sensitive lethal mutant of salmonella typhimurium that is conditionally defective in 3 deoxy d manno octulosonate 8 phosphate synthesis

Myara, I.; Wolfrom, C.; Charpentier, C.; Gautier, M.; Lemonnier, A., 1984: Relationship between cell density and prolidase ec activity in human skin fibroblasts effects of ascorbate and fructose

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296129

Nishinari, N.; Yamaki, T., 1976: Relationship between cell division and endogenous auxin in synchronously cultured tobacco cells

Toda Y., 1980: Relationship between cell division and gametophore bud formation in axenic cultures of the protonema of amblystegium riparium

Soran, V.; Lazar-Keul, G., 1978: Relationship between cell growth and rate of protoplasmic streaming

Van Zeeland A.A., 1984: Relationship between cell killing chromosomal aberrations sister chromatid exchanges and point mutations induced by monofunctional alkylating agents in chinese hamster cells a correlation with different ethylation products in dna

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296134

Schlager, S. I., 1982: Relationship between cell mediated and humoral immune attack on tumor cells 2. the role of cellular lipid metabolism and cell surface charge in the outcome of immune attack

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296136

Surrey C.R., 1984: Relationship between cell ploidy and gluco corticoid induced death in human lymphoid cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296138

Mitsui, Y.; Schneider, E. L., 1976: Relationship between cell replication and volume in senescent human di ploid fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296140

Preston K.Jr, 1983: Relationship between cell size and weight of the human liver an automated morphometric study

Krause, B. R.; Hartman, A. D., 1976: Relationship between cell size plasma cholesterol and rat adipocyte cholesterol storage

Sanwal B.D., 1984: Relationship between cell surface asparagine linked glyco proteins and myo blast differentiation analysis of wheat germ agglutinin resistant mutants

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296144

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296145

Hatcher, V. B.; Wertheim, M. S.; Rhee, C. Y.; Tsien, G.; Burk, P. G., 1976: Relationship between cell surface protease activity and doubling time in various normal and transformed cells

Koval T.M., 1985: Relationship between cell survival and heat stress protein synthesis in a drosophila cell line

Bentrup F W., 1983: Relationship between cell turgor pressure electrical membrane potential and chloride efflux in acetabularia mediterranea

Giebisch G., 1985: Relationship between cell volume and ion transport in the early distal tubule of the amphiuma kidney

Vaituzis, Z.; Doetsch, R. N., 1969: Relationship between cell wall cytoplasmic membrane and bacterial motility

Cummins C.S., 1982: Relationship between cell wall synthesis in propionibacterium acnes and ability to stimulate the res

Bergol'ts V.M., 1982: Relationship between cellular and humoral factors of immunity in acute leukemia

Hinks, R. P.; Daneo-Moore, L.; Shockman, G. D., 1978: Relationship between cellular autolytic activity peptido glycan synthesis septation and the cell cycle in synchronized populations of streptococcus faecium

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296154

Reed D.J., 1987: Relationship between cellular calcium and vitamin e metabolism during protection against cell injury

Segal, E.; Le-Pecq, J. B., 1986: Relationship between cellular diadenosine 5' 5''' p 1 p 4 tetraphosphate level cell density cell growth stimulation and toxic stresses

Noack, E. A.; Heinen, E. M., 1978: Relationship between cellular electrolytes and the contraction force of isolated guinea pig atria with special regard to the extracellular space volume

Perez-Diaz, J.; Martin-Requero, A.; Parrilla, R.; Ayuso-Parrilla, M. S., 1977: Relationship between cellular energy production and rates of glucose utilization by lung cells

Harms Ringdahl M., 1986: Relationship between cellular glutathione and hyperthermia toxicity in mammary carcinoma in mice

Dunn B.P., 1986: Relationship between cellular levels of beta carotene and sensitivity to genotoxic agents

Narama I., 1987: Relationship between cellular morphology and immunocytological findings of spontaneous pituitary tumors in the aged rat

Gordon S.G., 1983: Relationship between cellular pro coagulant activity and metastatic capacity of b 16 mouse melanoma variants

Sussman R., 1986: Relationship between cellular rec a protein concentration and untargeted mutagenesis in escherichia coli

Sartorelli A.C., 1981: Relationship between cellular replication and erythroid differentiation of murine leukemia cells

Kohl F.V., 1984: Relationship between cellular retinoic acid binding protein and histology of human lung tumors

Sungurov A.Yu, 1981: Relationship between cellular size and protein content

Cole O.J., 1987: Relationship between cellulolytic activity and adhesion to cellulose in ruminococcus albus

Van Cleve K., 1983: Relationship between cellulose decomposition jennys k forest floor nitrogen and soil temperature in alaskan usa taiga forests

Chatani Y., 1982: Relationship between central actions of brady kinin and prostaglandins in the conscious rat

Harkins, S. W.; Moss, S. F.; Thompson, L. W.; Nowlin, J. B., 1976: Relationship between central and autonomic nervous system activity correlates of psycho motor performance in elderly men

Leier C.V., 1984: Relationship between central hemodynamics and regional blood flow in normal subjects and in patients with congestive heart failure

Kazemi H., 1983: Relationship between central nervous system hydrogen ion regulation and amino acid metabolism in hypercapnia

Kazemi H., 1985: Relationship between central nervous system hydrogen ion regulation and amino acid metabolism in hypercapnia 2

Morris C.A., 1984: Relationship between central performance test for growth in hereford bulls and growth and carcass traits of progeny

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296176

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296177

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296178

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296179

Kuwashima, J.; Nakamura, K.; Fujitani, B.; Kadokawa, T.; Yoshida, K.; Shimizu, M., 1978: Relationship between cerebral energy failure and free fatty acid accumulation following prolonged brain ischemia

De Riu P.L., 1982: Relationship between cerebral nystagmogenic area and spinal cord

Arato M., 1983: Relationship between cerebro spinal fluid amine metabolites neuro endocrine findings and personality dimensions marke nyman scale factors in psychiatric patients

Lorenzo, A. V.; Page, L. K.; Watters, G. V., 1970: Relationship between cerebro spinal fluid formation absorption and pressure in human hydrocephalus

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296184

Salvati A., 1985: Relationship between cerebrospinal fluid noradrenaline levels computerized electroencephalographic indicators of activation and psychosis ratings in drug free schizophrenic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296186

Canter F.M., 1979: Relationship between certain circadian behavior patterns and jungian personality types

Auer G., 1987: Relationship between certain radiographic and biologic characteristics in breast cancer

Milart P., 1985: Relationship between certain semen features and frequency of conception and unsuccessful pregnancy in women with menstrual cycle disturbances

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296190

Pichel R.H., 1987: Relationship between chamber mechanical properties and mean pressure mean flow diagram of the left ventricle

Iwata T., 1983: Relationship between change in mitochondrial function and chilling injury of cucumber fruit

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296193

Blaschke E., 1986: Relationship between changed alveolar capillary permeability and angiotensin converting enzyme activity in serum in sarcoidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296195

Garcia Peregrin E., 1983: Relationship between changes in free cholesterol and pyro phospho mevalonate decarboxylase activity during myelination

Fyhrquist F., 1986: Relationship between changes in glucose dependent insulinotropic polypeptide concentrations and changes in insulin and c peptide concentrations after guar gum therapy

Peltonen T., 1984: Relationship between changes in heart rate and cardiac output during the valsalva maneuver

Turkewitz G., 1984: Relationship between changes in hemispheric advantage during familiarization to faces and proficiency in facial recognition

Ebashi H., 1981: Relationship between changes in intra gastric ph during physical exercise and work intensities

Read, N. W.; Smallwood, R. H.; Levin, R. J.; Holdsworth, C. D.; Brown, B. H., 1977: Relationship between changes in intra luminal pressure and trans mural potential difference in the human and canine jejunum in vivo

Orrego H., 1979: Relationship between changes in lactase activity and mono saccharide uptake in the small intestine of the rat during development

Zipes D.P., 1979: Relationship between changes in left ventricular bi polar electrograms and regional myo cardial blood flow during acute coronary artery occlusion in the dog

Horzela T., 1980: Relationship between changes in left ventricular contraction periods caused by ethanol and the functional state of this ventricle

Brasseur L.A., 1981: Relationship between changes in left ventricular inotropic state and relaxation in normal subjects and in patients with coronary artery disease

Engelbrecht A.H.P., 1986: Relationship between changes in membrane permeability respiration rate activities of lipase and phospholipase c and ultrastructure in senescing petals of dianthus caryophyllus cultivar white sim

Takeda T., 1984: Relationship between changes in plasma histamine levels and the location of the predominant site of exercise induced asthma

Lewis B., 1985: Relationship between changes in plasma lipoprotein concentrations and fecal steroid excretion in man during consumption of 4 experimental diets

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296210

Saruggia M., 1987: Relationship between changes in r wave voltage and cardiac volumes a vectorcardiographic study during hemodialysis

Tanabe Y., 1982: Relationship between changes in regional myo cardial contraction and energy metabolism following coronary flow reduction

Du Souich P., 1986: Relationship between changes in seromucoid concentrations and the rate of oxidation or acetylation of several substrates

Laget, P.; Salbreux, R.; Raimbault, J.; D'allest, A. M.; Mariani, J., 1976: Relationship between changes in somesthetic evoked responses and electro encephalographic findings in the child with hemiplegia

Harris P.J., 1986: Relationship between changes in st segment elevation and patency of the infarct related coronary artery in acute myocardial infarction

Storm D.R., 1979: Relationship between changes in the calcium dependent regulatory protein and adenylate cyclase during viral transformation

Oderfeld-Nowak, B.; Potempska, A., 1977: Relationship between changes in the content of acetyl choline and the activities of acetyl cholin esterase and choline acetyl transferase in the hippocampus of the rat after septal lesions

Williams J.L., 1986: Relationship between changes in the histologic subtype of small cell carcinoma of the lung and the response to chemotherapy

Surina, A. G., 1976: Relationship between changes in the hydroxy proline and lipid content of rat lungs and the amount of plutonium administered

Jones, G. H., 1977: Relationship between changes in the translational apparatus and actinomycin production in streptomyces antibioticus

Pichel R.H., 1988: Relationship between changes of chamber mechanical parameters and mean pressure mean flow diagrams of the left ventricle

Sebastiani F., 1984: Relationship between changes of lipid metabolism and macrocytic anemia in the course of chronic liver disease evaluation of treatment with a membranotropic agent

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296225

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296226

Kim S.J., 1988: Relationship between characteristics of pulmonary metastatic lesions of trophoblastic diseases and prognosis following chemotherapy

Arents J.C., 1980: Relationship between chemi osmotic flows and thermodynamic forces in oxidative phosphorylation

Taira, H.; Taira, H., 1976: Relationship between chemical composition of lowland brown rice and producing district in hokkaido japan

Taira, H.; Taira, H., 1976: Relationship between chemical composition of lowland brown rice and that of a producing district in hokkaido japan

Jenssen, D.; Ramel, C., 1980: Relationship between chemical damage of dna and mutations in mammalian cells 1. dose response curves for the induction of 6 thio guanine resistant mutants by low doses of mono functional alkylating agents x rays and uv radiation in v 79 chinese hamster cells

Fini, A.; Orienti, I.; Zecchi, V., 1988: Relationship between chemical properties and dissolution of nsaids nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs iii. release from monoliths in a 3 phase system

Fukuda S., 1980: Relationship between chemical reactions and anti tumor activities of bis halo alkyl piperidine derivatives

Gonda R., 1986: Relationship between chemical structural and activating potencies complement by an acidic polysaccharide plantago mucilage a from the seed of plantago asiatica

Audibert, F.; Chedid, L.; Lefrancier, P.; Choay, J.; Lederer, E., 1977: Relationship between chemical structure and adjuvant activity of some synthetic analogs of n acetyl muramyl l alanyl d iso glutamine

Korpachev, V. V., 1982: Relationship between chemical structure and adreno corticolytic properties of 1 1 di phenyl ethane derivatives 1. influence of the substituents in the aromatic moiety of the molecule

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296237

Shimada K., 1985: Relationship between chemical structure and anti complementary activity of plant polysaccharides

Ikekawa N., 1979: Relationship between chemical structure and anti tumor activity of withaferin a analogs

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296240

Sultanov A.S., 1985: Relationship between chemical structure and mutagenic activity of herbicide toluin derivatives

Vila Jato J.L., 1984: Relationship between chemical structure and physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties of some benzodiazepines

Kida, T.; Mizuno, H.; Takinami, K.; Matsunaka, S., 1976: Relationship between chemical structure and plant growth regulating activity of amino acid related compounds

Neuman M., 1987: Relationship between chemical structure of antibiotics and pharmacokinetics

Nishide E., 1987: Relationship between chemical structure of chlorinated benzenes and their effect on hepatic and serum lipid components in rats

Sugiyama H., 1979: Relationship between chemical structure of the sulfides derived from alpha alpha alpha omega tetra chloro alkane and controlling effect against rice blast pyricularia oryzae

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296247

Siperstein, G. N.; Bak, J. J.; O'keefe, P., 1988: Relationship between children's attitudes toward and their social acceptance of mentally retarded peers

Purvis A.C., 1985: Relationship between chilling injury of grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar marsh and moisture loss during storage amelioration by polyethylene shrink film

Numazaki, K.; Chiba, S.; Kogawa, K.; Umetsu, M.; Motoya, H.; Nakao, T., 1986: Relationship between chlamydia trachomatis infection and elevated serum immunoglobulin m levels in premature infants

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296251

Et Al, 1986: Relationship between chlordane and its metabolites in blood of pest control operators and spraying conditions

Desortova B., 1981: Relationship between chlorophyll a concentration and phyto plankton biomass in several reservoirs in czechoslovakia

Dibelka A.W., 1984: Relationship between chlorophyll a fluorescence and under water light transmission in coastal waters off southern california usa

Gnanam A., 1981: Relationship between chlorophyll concentration and photosynthetic potential in callus cells

Kumar P., 1980: Relationship between chlorophyll content and dry matter production in grassland communities at pilani rajasthan india

Fiorentino E., 1986: Relationship between chlorophyll content and leaf biomass for quercus ilex in a mediterranean maquis stand

Balyeva Ye F., 1980: Relationship between chlorophyll renewal and the activity of the photosynthetic apparatus in ontogenesis of maize leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296259

Peoples, T. R.; Koch, D. W.; Smith, S. C., 1978: Relationship between chloroplast membrane fatty acid composition and photosynthetic response to a chilling temperature in 4 alfalfa cultivars

Maenpaa P., 1986: Relationship between chloroplast structure and oxygen evolution rate of leaf discs in plants from different biotopes in south finland

Redmond C.K., 1980: Relationship between cholecystectomy and ascending colon cancer

Arakawa H., 1983: Relationship between cholecystectomy and colonic cancer in low risk japanese population a preliminary study

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296264

Goh, E. H., 1980: Relationship between cholesterogenesis microsomal sterols and 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec in the perfused rat liver

Dettbarn W.D., 1979: Relationship between choline availability and acetyl choline synthesis in discrete regions of rat brain

Pages, J.; Poncet, P.; Serban, D.; Witz, I.; Bussard, A. E., 1982: Relationship between choline derivatives and mouse erythrocyte membrane antigens revealed by mouse mono clonal antibodies 1. anti choline activity of anti mouse erythrocyte mono clonal antibodies

Brown J.H., 1983: Relationship between choline uptake acetyl choline synthesis and acetyl choline release in isolated rat atria

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296269

Murakami T., 1984: Relationship between chromaffin cells and blood vessels in the rat adrenal medulla a transmission electron microscopic study combined with blood vessel reconstructions

Puvion E., 1981: Relationship between chromatin and peri chromatin granules in cadmium treated isolated hepatocytes

Dubsky M., 1980: Relationship between chromatin structure and replication in mouse l cells

Gileva E.A., 1979: Relationship between chromosomal and morphological variability the case of the arctic lemming

Iwahara S., 1983: Relationship between chromosome aberrations at the 1st cleavage metaphases and post implantation loss in dominant lethal mutations induced by iso propyl methanesulfonate

Tanaka N., 1980: Relationship between chromosome aberrations in the 1st cleavage metaphases and unscheduled dna synthesis following paternal methyl methanesulfonate treatment

Tanphaichitr, N.; Moore, K. C.; Granner, D. K.; Chalkley, R., 1976: Relationship between chromosome condensation and metaphase lysine rich histone phosphorylation

Tonyan Ts R., 1980: Relationship between chromosome numbers and some morphological indices in representatives of the subtribe centaureinae

Meacock, P. A.; Pritchard, R. H., 1975: Relationship between chromosome replication and cell division in a thymineless mutant of escherichia coli strain b r

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296279

Mantero O., 1980: Relationship between chronic arterial carbon di oxide partial pressure and total body buffering capacity in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

Gauss J.D., 1986: Relationship between chronic toxicity and bioaccumulation of copper cadmium and zinc as affected by water hardness and humic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296282

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296283

Bosse R., 1981: Relationship between cigarette smoking chest size and body size in health screened adult males

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296285

Saloojee Y., 1982: Relationship between cigarette yields puffing patterns and smoke intake evidence for tar compensation?

Niederlaender C., 1986: Relationship between ciliary perfusion pressure and pattern reversal visual evoked cortical potentials an electro encephalo dynamographic investigation

Cordier, A. C., 1976: Relationship between ciliary rootlets and smooth endoplasmic reticulum

Morimoto, Y.; Arisue, K.; Yamamura, Y., 1977: Relationship between circadian rhythm of food intake and that of plasma cortico sterone and effect of food restriction on circadian adreno cortical rhythm in the rat

Sontheimer R.D., 1987: Relationship between circulating anti ro ss a antibody levels and skin disease activity in subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus

Kjellmer I., 1984: Relationship between circulating catecholamines and st waveform in the fetal lamb electro cardiogram during hypoxia

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Mimura Y., 1981: Relationship between circulating immune complexes and pathogenesis of uveitis

Morton D.L., 1982: Relationship between circulating immune complexes and urinary antigens in human malignancy

Gioannini P., 1985: Relationship between circulating immune complexes serum interferon and clinical features in sarcoidosis

Ley K.D., 1985: Relationship between circulating interferon and anti interferon antibodies and impaired natural killer cell activity in systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296297

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296298

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296300

Guthrie D., 1979: Relationship between classroom behavior and achievement of mildly mentally retarded children

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296302

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Boeri R., 1981: Relationship between clinical and electro physiological findings and indicators of heavy exposure to 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzodioxin

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296306

Rossi E., 1979: Relationship between clinical conditions radiographic findings and pulmonary functions in patients with cystic fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296308

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296309

Oliver G.C., 1981: Relationship between clinical features of acute myo cardial infarction and ventricular runs 2 weeks to 1 year after infarction

Crome, P.; Braithwaite, R. A., 1978: Relationship between clinical features of tri cyclic anti depressant poisoning and plasma concentrations in children

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296312

Lukl J., 1979: Relationship between clinical presentation of atrio ventricular block and its localization defined by his bundle electrogram

Yoshida K., 1979: Relationship between clinical response and kinetics of plasma dopa and plasma total dopamine in parkinsons disease

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296316

Matsuoka T., 1981: Relationship between closing volume and distribution of bolus gas studied with xenon 133

Selcer K.W., 1986: Relationship between clutch development and variation in fatbody mass and liver mass of female keeled earless lizards holbrookia propinqua sauria iguanidae

Menne T., 1980: Relationship between cobalt and nickel sensitization in females

Rodgers D.M., 1985: Relationship between coefficient of parentage and genetic similarity indices in the soybean glycine max

Roth S., 1981: Relationship between cognitive activity and adjustment in 4 spinal cord injured individuals a longitudinal investigation

Sigel I.E., 1979: Relationship between cognitive and social functioning in preschool children

Kurdek, L. A., 1978: Relationship between cognitive perspective taking and teachers ratings of childrens classroom behavior in grades 1 through 4

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296324

Brodzinsky D.M., 1982: Relationship between cognitive style and cognitive development a 2 year longitudinal study

Heins, E. D.; Hallahan, D. P.; Tarver, S. G.; Kauffman, J. M., 1976: Relationship between cognitive tempo and selective attention in learning disabled children

Simeoni F., 1980: Relationship between coleoptile length and culm length in barley hordeum sativum

Falkow S., 1979: Relationship between colicin v activity and virulence in escherichia coli

Miller J.G., 1981: Relationship between collagen and ultrasonic backscatter in myo cardial tissue

Roveri N., 1980: Relationship between collagen fiber orientation and mechanical properties of the carotid arterial wall

Pilotto, F.; Filosi, M., 1977: Relationship between collagen fibril diameters and body size study of fish derma

Yonemitsu N., 1982: Relationship between colloid droplets of thyroid follicular cells and serum thyro globulin concentration in neo natal rats after trh injection

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Ham B.M., 1980: Relationship between colloid osmotic pressure and prognosis of critically ill patients

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296336

Yokoyama I., 1986: Relationship between colonic mucosal blood flow and motility

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296338

Carver T.L.W., 1986: Relationship between colony development resistance to penetration and autofluorescence in oats infected with powdery mildew

Yeates J.S., 1986: Relationship between colony pigmentation and pathogenicity of gaeumannomyces graminis to oats

Robinson W.A., 1980: Relationship between colony stimulating factor and colony forming unit in culture in nonimmunized and immunized c 57bl mice infected with escherichia coli

Caniaux P., 1983: Relationship between color evaluation and chlorophyllian pigment content in dried parsley leaves

Kuo J., 1982: Relationship between color phenolic content and impermeability in the seed coat of various trifolium subterraneum genotypes

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296345

Wulke P., 1987: Relationship between combined effects of workplace factors and the health state of workers

Lei T J., 1979: Relationship between community environments and resident changes in adaptive behavior a path model

Tevethia, M. J.; Caudill, C. P., 1971: Relationship between competence for transformation of bacillus subtilis with native and single stranded dna

Eagles C.F., 1983: Relationship between competitive ability and yielding ability in mixtures and mono cultures of populations of dactylis glomerata

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296350

Howard J.A., 1979: Relationship between competitiveness and empathy in 6 year olds and 7 year olds

Yoshinaga K., 1982: Relationship between complement fixing hemolytic antibodies to single stranded and double stranded dna and the prognosis in systemic lupus erythematosus

Et Al, 1981: Relationship between completeness of re vascularization functional improvement and survival in 1000 patients after aorto coronary bypass surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296354

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296355

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296356

Ricker M.D., 1986: Relationship between components of resistance and disease progress of early leaf spot on virginia type peanut arachis hypogaea

Mynott, A. R.; Higgs, S. J.; Jowitt, R., 1975: Relationship between composition and physical properties of a 3 component sugar system

Eitenmiller, R. R.; Friend, B. A.; Shahani, K. M., 1976: Relationship between composition and stability of bovine milk lysozyme ec

Sugawara S., 1980: Relationship between composition of tobacco essential oil and its aroma

Toledo, R.; Cabot, J.; Brown, D., 1977: Relationship between composition stability and rheological properties of raw comminuted meat batters

Rhodes C.T., 1988: Relationship between compression profile and physical properties of lithium carbonate formulation

Soderholm K J., 1982: Relationship between compressive yield strength and filler fractions of poly methyl methacrylate composites

Uemura Y., 1984: Relationship between computed tomographic findings and consciousness in patients with hypertensive putaminal hemorrhage

Tokoro K., 1984: Relationship between computed tomography findings and prognosis in diffuse brain injury

Barth R.F., 1981: Relationship between concanavalin a induced agglutinability of murine leukemia cells and their propensity to form heterotypic aggregates with syngeneic lymphoid cells

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296367

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296368

Koyanagi T., 1987: Relationship between concentrations of elements and body size of the clam cyclosunetta menstrualis

Mcblain W.A., 1984: Relationship between concentrations of extractable and matrix bound nuclear androgen receptor and clinical response to endocrine therapy for prostatic adeno carcinoma

Zondek, L. H.; Zondek, T., 1976: Relationship between concentrations of human chorionic gonadotropin in maternal plasma amniotic fluid and fetal cerebro spinal fluid

Baumgartner W., 1985: Relationship between condition of feces and causes of diarrhea of calf

Ishihara M., 1980: Relationship between conditions for alkali treatment of sugarcane bagasse and uv absorption value of the alkali extract

Oka S., 1987: Relationship between conditions for steaming rice and productivity in mirin making

Morrow M.M., 1980: Relationship between condom strength and failure during use

Wyse D.G., 1982: Relationship between conductivity and functional refractoriness of atrio ventricular node in man

Faras A.J., 1980: Relationship between condylomata and laryngeal papillomata clinical and molecular virological evidence

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Luck, H.; Smith, A., 1975: Relationship between constituent concentrations and the ph value of mammary gland secretions

Dartsmeliya V.A., 1986: Relationship between constitutional and functional characteristics of the cardiovascular system in clinostatic and orthostatic healthy and hypertensive people

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296385

Diamond J., 1981: Relationship between contraction and cyclic gmp levels of guinea pig tenia coli

Burg W.V.D., 1984: Relationship between contrast medium dose and adverse effects in lumbar myelography

Cristante F., 1985: Relationship between convergent and divergent thinking processes in children a non parametric approach

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Singh K.B., 1983: Relationship between cooking time and some physical characteristics in chick peas cicer arietinum

Pierre, W. H.; Dumenil, L.; Jolley, V. D.; Webb, J. R.; Shrader, W. D., 1977: Relationship between corn yield expressed as a percentage of maximum and the nitrogen percentage in the grain part 1 various nitrogen rate experiments

Pierre, W. H.; Dumenil, L.; Henao, J., 1977: Relationship between corn yield expressed as a percentage of maximum and the nitrogen percentage in the grain part 2 diagnostic use

Winder A.F., 1983: Relationship between corneal arcus and hyper lipidemia is clarified by studies in familial hyper cholesterolemia

Yasui S., 1986: Relationship between coronary artery stenosis and left ventricular global and regional systolic and diastolic function in coronary artery disease in chronic phase

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Mustafa S.J., 1984: Relationship between coronary flow and adenosine release in reactive hyperemia

Rossouw J.E., 1986: Relationship between coronary prone type a behavior and other coronary risk factors in the colored population of the cape peninsula south africa

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296402

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296403

Kobayashi K.T., 1988: Relationship between corrected handedness and dysgraphia

Imae, Y.; Strominger, J. L., 1976: Relationship between cortex content and properties of bacillus sphaericus spores

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296406

Wilkinson R.C., 1980: Relationship between cortical mono terpenes and susceptibility of eastern white pine pinus strobus to white pine weevil pissodes strobi attack

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296408

Jackson W.G., 1984: Relationship between cortisol and cholesterol in men with coronary artery disease and type a behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296410

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296411

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296412

Banner A.S., 1988: Relationship between cough due to hypotonic aerosol and the ventilatory response to carbon dioxide in normal subjects

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296415

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Miller J.C.Jr, 1988: Relationship between cowpea root systems and mycorrhizal dependency

Jackai L.E.N., 1981: Relationship between cowpea vigna unguiculata crop phenology and field infestation by the legume pod borer maruca testulalis

Fioretto A., 1983: Relationship between crassulacean acid metabolism and succulence in some species of vitaceae and piperaceae

Brennan M.A., 1982: Relationship between creative ability in dance and selected creative attributes

Dehlavi N.S., 1980: Relationship between creativity and personality characteristics in an iranian sample

Inui T., 1987: Relationship between critical flicker frequency and visual sensitivity in normal and amblyopic eye

Watts D.G., 1981: Relationship between crop temperature and the physiological and phenological development of differentially irrigated corn zea mays

Scholte K., 1987: Relationship between cropping frequency root rot and yield of silage maize on sandy soil

Sannomiya, M., 1978: Relationship between crossing over and chiasma formation in a translocation hetero zygote of atractomorpha bedeli acrididae orthoptera

Zhuchenko A.M., 1986: Relationship between crossing over frequency and quasi linkage level

Beckwith, J. R-Iii ; Shackelford, L. S., 1976: Relationship between crown growth and annual xylem sheath development in loblolly pine saplings

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296429

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296430

Da Silva C.B., 1980: Relationship between cultural characteristics and pathogenicity in fusarium moniliforme var subglutinans

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296432

Schulz, U.; Bamberg, M., 1978: Relationship between curative radiation therapy of para vertebral tumors and the incidence of radiation myelitis

Okajima S., 1983: Relationship between cure rate of human cancer and delivered dose in radio therapy

Nussinov R., 1987: Relationship between curved dna conformations and slow gel migration

Giuntini C., 1987: Relationship between cutaneous and bronchial specific response to dermatophagoides pteronyssinus in asthmatic patients

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296437

Et Al, 1982: Relationship between cutaneous manifestations and visceral lesions in systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296439

Wainwright, S. D.; Wainwright, L. K., 1984: Relationship between cycles in level of serotonin n acetyl transferase ec activity and cyclic gmp content of cultured chick pineal glands

Dechavanne M., 1984: Relationship between cyclic amp and thromboxane formation in platelet endothelial cell interactions

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296442

Chernysheva E.K., 1982: Relationship between cyclic amp level and accumulation of carotenoid pigments in neurospora crassa

Kahn, A.; Brachet, E., 1976: Relationship between cyclic amp levels and albumin permeability in the isolated rat mesentery

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296445

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296446

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296447

Levine S., 1981: Relationship between cyclo oxygenase activity inhibition and stimulation of ventilation by salicylate

Jacques, N. A., 1982: Relationship between cyclo propane synthetase ec and the formation of cyclo propane fatty acids by proteus vulgaris grown under various respiratory conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296450

Nishimura K., 1984: Relationship between cysts and granulomas in murine cryptococcosis

Ivanov V.B., 1983: Relationship between cyto genetic effect of platinum ii complexes and their structure

Kulaeva O.N., 1982: Relationship between cyto kinin action on the growth of excised pumpkin cotyledons and on rna and protein synthesis

Sakai E., 1982: Relationship between cyto morphologic features and prognosis in small cell carcinoma of the lung

Meyn R.E., 1983: Relationship between cyto toxicity and dna damage in mammalian cells treated with anthracenedione derivatives

Maconi A., 1979: Relationship between cyto toxicity and induction of sister chromatid exchanges in mouse fetal cells exposed to several doses of carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic chemicals

Mitelman F., 1987: Relationship between cytogenetic findings and histopathology in non hodgkin lymphoma

Kaynar V., 1980: Relationship between cytomegalovirus antigen and varicella zoster herpes simplex virus type 1 antigens

Brown, D. A.; Parsons, T. R., 1978: Relationship between cytoplasmic distribution of mercury and toxic effects to zoo plankton and chum salmon oncorhynchus keta exposed to mercury in a controlled ecosystem

Rink T.J., 1985: Relationship between cytoplasmic free calcium and myosin light chain phosphorylation in intact platelets

Hedley D., 1987: Relationship between cytoplasmic ph and proliferation during exponential growth and cellular quiescence

Sherman N., 1988: Relationship between cytosolic free calcium concentration and 2 deoxyglucose uptake in adipocytes isolated from 2 and 12 month old rats

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296464

Aoki K., 1987: Relationship between daily variation of locomotor activity and that of plasma corticosterone levels in the newt cynops pyrrhogaster pyrrhogaster

Mukai F., 1982: Relationship between dam growth patterns and her productivity in japanese black cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296467

Foster, W. R.; Seaby, D. A.; Malone, J. P., 1976: Relationship between day length root growth and infection of chamaecyparis lawsoniana var ellwoodii by phytophthora cinnamomi

Olefsky J.M., 1980: Relationship between deactivation of insulin stimulated glucose transport and insulin dissociation in isolated rat adipocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296470

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296471

Desmonts J.M., 1981: Relationship between decay of plasma concentration of fazadinium and recovery from its neuro muscular blocking effect

Muse P.D., 1983: Relationship between deciduoma formation and uterine blood flow in the pseudopregnant rat

Ishikawa T., 1980: Relationship between deficiency of phospho glucose isomerase in coprinus macrorhizus and fruiting body formation

Tereshchenko A.A., 1987: Relationship between deficiency of thymus dependent immune system factors and lipoprotein metabolism disturbances in patients with ischemic heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296476

Yoder P.J., 1987: Relationship between degree of infant handicap and clarity of infant cues

Buescher R.W., 1986: Relationship between degree of pectin methylation and tissue firmness of cucumber cucumis sativus pickles

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296480

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296481

Herman R., 1985: Relationship between delayed hypersensitivity response and acquired cell mediated immunity in c 57bl 6j mice infected with leishmania donovani

Poulter, L. W.; Lefford, M. J., 1978: Relationship between delayed type hyper sensitivity and the progression of mycobacterium lepraemurium infection

Jones G.P., 1983: Relationship between density and behavior in juvenile pseudolabrus celidotus pisces labridae

Eliason M.A., 1984: Relationship between density temperature and dry substance of commercial corn syrups high fructose corn syrups and blends with sucrose and invert sugar

Pederson E.D., 1980: Relationship between dental caries experience and surface enamel fluoride concentration in young men from 3 optimally fluoridated cities

Taura K., 1981: Relationship between dental caries in deciduous teeth and toothbrushing in nursery school children

Van Der Hoeven J.S., 1987: Relationship between dental plaque indices and bacteria in dental plaque and those in saliva

Robitaille, P.; Tan, E. M., 1973: Relationship between deoxy ribo nucleo protein and dna antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus

Fuchs J.A., 1979: Relationship between deoxy ribo nucleoside tri phosphate pools and dna synthesis in an nrda mutant of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296491

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296492

Glebovskii, V. D.; Gizatullina, N. S., 1977: Relationship between depth of breathing and expiratory duration in de cerebrated cats

Mann K.H., 1981: Relationship between destructive grazing by the sea urchin strongylocentrotus droebachiensis and the abundance of american lobster homarus americanus on the atlantic coast of nova scotia canada

Ramsden P.D., 1987: Relationship between detrusor function and residual urine in men undergoing prostatectomy

Okuyama S., 1987: Relationship between development of benomyl resistant strains and hyphal fusion in botrytis cinerea

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296497

Bernstein R.M., 1983: Relationship between developments in self perception and peer perception during adolescence

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296500

Liu D P., 1983: Relationship between di ethyl lipoamide induced tissue hypoxia and radiation protective effect in mice

Castro J.A., 1980: Relationship between di methyl nitrosamine metabolism or activation and its ability to induce liver necrosis in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296503

Miyakawa K., 1987: Relationship between diabetic retinopathy and clinical factors including hemoglobin a 1

Yoshizawa K., 1986: Relationship between diabetic retinopathy and clinical variables obtained at the initial hospital visit in type 2 diabetic patients

Kaehny, W. D.; Miller, G. E.; White, W. L., 1977: Relationship between dialyzer reuse and the presence of anti blood group n like antibodies in chronic hemo dialysis patients

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Abe M., 1986: Relationship between diaphragmatic emg h l ratio and thoracic abdominal respiration patterns with inspiratory resistive loads

Maynard, N. G., 1976: Relationship between diatoms in surface sediments of the atlantic ocean and the biological and physical oceanography of overlying waters

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296512

Lai, C. M.; Yacobi, A.; Levy, G., 1976: Relationship between dicumarol distribution and the effect of enzyme induction on dicumarol elimination in rats

Geraizade A.P., 1986: Relationship between dielectric soil permeability and moisture

Meyer, F., 1977: Relationship between diet and carcinoma of stomach colon rectum and pancreas in france

Caine, E. A., 1976: Relationship between diet and the gland filter of the gastric mill in hermit crabs decapoda paguridea

Holund U., 1987: Relationship between diet related behavior and caries in a group of 14 year old danish children

Atinmo T., 1985: Relationship between dietary and plasma cooper levels of pregnant nigerian women

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296520

Naber E.C., 1984: Relationship between dietary fiber and nutrient density and its effect on energy balance egg yolk cholesterol and hen performance

Eastoe J.E., 1984: Relationship between dietary habits and caries increment assessed over 2 years in 405 english adolescent school children

Goodwin J.S., 1984: Relationship between dietary intake of choline choline serum levels and cognitive function in healthy elderly persons/

Patterson G.W., 1981: Relationship between dietary phyto sterols and the sterols of wild and cultivated oysters crassostrea virginica

Puzynska L., 1984: Relationship between dietary protein level and enzymatic changes in acute poisoning of rats with chlorfenvinphos

Savoie L., 1986: Relationship between dietary proteins their in vitro digestion products and serum cholesterol in rats

Robison W.G.Jr, 1986: Relationship between dietary retinol and lipofuscin in the retinal pigment epithelium

Fujita S., 1980: Relationship between dietary value of brine shrimp artemia salina and their content of omega 3 highly unsaturated fatty acids

Noworolska A., 1980: Relationship between different cell surface markers in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Waldenstrom J., 1985: Relationship between different enzymatic estimations of the infarct size

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296535

Chan N.S., 1987: Relationship between different measurements of respiratory function in asthma

Yamasaku K., 1985: Relationship between differential aluminum tolerance and plant induced ph change of medium among barley hordeum vulgare cultivars

Ryden O.O., 1987: Relationship between differentiation and integration of self and nonself an investigation in terms of modes of perceptual adaptation

Thoenen H., 1987: Relationship between differentiation and terminal mitosis chick sensory and ciliary neurons differentiate after terminal mitosis of precursor cells whereas sympathetic neurons continue to divide after differentiation

Thomas, S.; Campling, R. C., 1976: Relationship between digestibility and fecal nitrogen in sheep and cows offered herbage ad libitum

Elias L.G., 1984: Relationship between digestibility and protein value of common beans phaseolus vulgaris

Ugherughe P.O., 1986: Relationship between digestibility of bromus inermis plant parts

Richardson D., 1982: Relationship between digital artery and nailfold capillary flow velocities in human skin

Swan H.J.C., 1983: Relationship between digital heat loss and systemic hemodynamics in patients with heart disease

Shaw R.B., 1982: Relationship between digitaria milanjiana poaceae paniceae and the annual species of digitaria section digitaria in north america

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296546

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296547

Cunningham, T.; Presnall, D., 1978: Relationship between dimensions of adaptive behavior and sheltered workshop productivity

Tanihara H., 1987: Relationship between disc shape and focal vulnerability of nerve fiber layer

Holdstock G., 1986: Relationship between disease activity indices and colonoscopic findings in patients with colonic inflammatory bowel disease

Simianer H., 1988: Relationship between disease and milk production traits in norwegian red cattle

Prestele H., 1981: Relationship between diseases of the pancreas and hyperplasia of brunners glands

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296553

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296555

Michael Jacoby A., 1986: Relationship between disruption of rhythmicity and reentrainment in surgical patients

Saliot A., 1980: Relationship between dissolved and particulate fatty acids and hydro carbons chlorophyll a and zoo plankton biomass in villefranche bay mediterranean sea

Cavanagh P.R., 1987: Relationship between distance running mechanics running economy and performance

Isouchi T., 1982: Relationship between distribution of surface plankton communities and coastal water of southern honshu and shikoku islands and in the seto inland sea japan in summer 1980

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Podvarchenko G.F., 1979: Relationship between divergence and convergence phenomena during reflex activity of the spinal cord

Longhurst A.R., 1985: Relationship between diversity and the vertical structure of the upper ocean

Verly W.G., 1986: Relationship between dna acid solubility and frequency of single strand breaks near apurinic sites

Latt S.A., 1980: Relationship between dna adduct formation and sister chromatid exchange induction by tritium labeled 8 methoxy psoralen in chinese hamster ovary cells

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296569

Kapp L.N., 1982: Relationship between dna chain growth termination and replicon sizes in gamma irradiated mouse cells

Kozinec G.I., 1986: Relationship between dna content and nuclear morphology of mature granulocytes

Heale J.B., 1985: Relationship between dna content and spore volume in sixteen isolates of verticillium lecanii and two new diploids of verticillium dahliae equals verticillium dahliae var longisporum

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296573

Bello, L. J.; Ginsberg, H. S., 1969: Relationship between dna like rna synthesis and inhibition of host protein synthesis in type 5 adenovirus infected neopl kb cells

Rustum Y.M., 1985: Relationship between dna ploidy glandular differentiation and tumor spread in human prostate cancer

Wheeler K.T., 1985: Relationship between dna repair and cell recovery importance of competing biochemical and metabolic processes

Shibaoka H., 1988: Relationship between dna synthesis and the increase in the level of tubulin during dedifferentiation of isolated zinnia mesophyll cells

Ormotsadze L.G., 1980: Relationship between dog internal carotid artery tone and cyclic amp

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296579

Miadokova, E.; Dubovsky, J., 1978: Relationship between dominance and recessivity

Keverne E.B., 1985: Relationship between dominance hierarchy cerebrospinal fluid levels of amine transmitter metabolites 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid and homovanillic acid and plasma cortisol in monkeys

Koike T., 1985: Relationship between dopamine content and its secretion in pc 12 cells as a function of cell growth

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296583

Porter J.C., 1984: Relationship between dopamine release into hypophyseal portal blood and prolactin release after morphine treatment in rats

Cobbold R.S.C., 1983: Relationship between doppler pulsatility index and direct femoral pressure measurements in the diagnosis of aorto iliac occlusive disease

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296586

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296587

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296588

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296589

Barsanti-De-Camargo, I. J.; Ternynck, T.; Avrameas, S., 1978: Relationship between dose of injected serum albumin and apparition of cells which synthesize immuno globulins or antibody

Whitmore M.E., 1985: Relationship between dose of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide mixtures and growth of poa pratensis

Born, R., 1978: Relationship between dose rate and oxygen effect

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296593

Maskens A.P., 1979: Relationship between dose time and tumor yield in mouse di methyl hydrazine induced colon tumorigenesis

Roberts E.M., 1981: Relationship between doses of prostaglandin f 2 alpha and stages of the breeding season for synchronization of estrus and ovulation in ewes

Coquerelle T.M., 1986: Relationship between double strand break rejoining and g 2 block formation in v 79 cells

Grula, M.; Watson, M.; Pohl, H. A., 1985: Relationship between dough raising activity of baker's yeast and the fraction of vital cells as determined by methylene blue staining or by dielectrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296598

Trucco M., 1986: Relationship between dq alpha and dq beta rflp and cell surface polymorphisms of class ii hla antigens

Primak A.B., 1986: Relationship between dreissena and planktonic invertebrates under experimental conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296601

Burini G., 1981: Relationship between drinking water quality and death from cardio vascular disease association between hardness and chemical constituents of drinking waters

Tamura F., 1982: Relationship between drought spot and sun scald of grape vitis vinifera cultivar muscat of alexandria

Fujii T., 1984: Relationship between drug and phospholipase induced shape changes of human erythrocytes

Loecher W., 1981: Relationship between drug induced changes in seizure thresholds and the gamma amino butyric acid content of brain and brain nerve endings

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296606

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296607

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296608

Vetter M., 1984: Relationship between drug induced increases of gamma aminobutyric acid levels in discrete brain areas and different pharmacological effects in rats

Mckelvey S.T.D., 1987: Relationship between duodenal bile acids and colorectal neoplasia

Manolas, J.; Wirz, P.; Rutishauser, W., 1976: Relationship between duration of systolic upstroke of apex cardiogram and internal indexes of myo cardial function in man

Matsuo R.R., 1980: Relationship between durum wheat triticum turgidum protein properties and pasta dough rheology and spaghetti cooking quality

Saastamoinen M., 1983: Relationship between dye binding capacity value and grain weight in 2 finnish barley land race populations

Chartier M., 1985: Relationship between dynamics of nitrogen uptake and dry matter growth for lucerne medicago sativa

O'brien J.E., 1986: Relationship between dystonia and serum calcium levels

Tokumasu, K.; Fujino, A.; Nishihata, S., 1986: Relationship between each vertiginous attack and hearing disturbance in meniere's disease

Lambert R.J., 1987: Relationship between ear removal induced leaf senescence and green score in maize

Yoshimori, M.; Yoshida, S.; Nakamura, K.; Oguro, Y., 1978: Relationship between early and advanced gastric cancers retrospective follow up study of gastric cancer

Sin F.Y.T., 1987: Relationship between early and late protein induced by 20 hydroxyecdysone in imaginal wing discs of drosophila melanogaster

Sobajima Y., 1987: Relationship between early fruit drop and dry matter accumulation on bearing shoot in japanese persimmon diospyros kaki thunb

Kato Y., 1982: Relationship between early fruit growth and harvest fruit quality in satsuma mandarin citrus unshiu

Williams, L. E.; Kennedy, R. A., 1977: Relationship between early photosynthetic products photo respiration and stage of leaf development in zea mays

Lowry S.R., 1980: Relationship between early post partum blood composition and reproductive performance in dairy cattle

Klein H.B., 1985: Relationship between early pronunciation processes and later pronunciation skill

Lown B., 1986: Relationship between ease of inducibility of arrhythmia with electrophysiologic testing and response to antiarrhythmic therapy

Sweet, R. L.; Moraski, R. E.; Russell, R. O. Jr ; Rackley, C. E., 1975: Relationship between echo cardiography cardiac output and abnormally contracting segments in patients with ischemic heart disease

Kumazawa J., 1987: Relationship between echogram and histology of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Ceccarelli S., 1980: Relationship between ecological adaptation and carbohydrate reserve evolution for 2 different cultivars of lolium perenne

Gerasimova N.K., 1981: Relationship between economic value indices in buckwheat in greenhouse and field condition

Zanin, M. T.; Ferreira, S. H., 1978: Relationship between edema and plasma exudation in rat paw carrageenan inflammation

Ghosh S., 1980: Relationship between educational and economic status and parity in a bengali speaking population india

Suzuki J., 1984: Relationship between effectiveness and physiological factors in fasting therapy

Wilkins T.A., 1987: Relationship between effects of added albumin initial free thyroxine value and endogenous serum binding protein concentrations on amerlex free thyroxine estimations

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296634

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296635

Bukowiecki, L.; Freinkel, N., 1976: Relationship between efflux of ionic calcium and phosphorus during excitation of pancreatic islets with glucose

Gu J D., 1986: Relationship between egg size and manifestation of quantitative characters in bombyx mori

Harms R.H., 1982: Relationship between egg specific gravity and plasma phosphorus from hens fed different dietary calcium phosphorus and sodium levels

Escudero J., 1984: Relationship between eggshell color and 2 measurements of shell strength in the vasca breed

Covell J.W., 1984: Relationship between ejection phase indices of performance and myo cardial functions during the development of pressure overload hypertrophy

Jenkin G., 1984: Relationship between electrical activity of the uterus and surgically isolated myometrium in the pregnant and nonpregnant ewe

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Lindblom B., 1985: Relationship between electrical and mechanical activity of the isolated term pregnant human myometrium

Grucza R., 1985: Relationship between electrical skin resistance and rectal temperature in man during physical exercise

Still J., 1988: Relationship between electrically active skin points and acupuncture meridian points in the dog

Wehr T.A., 1980: Relationship between electro encephalogram sleep patterns and clinical improvement in depressed patients treated with sleep deprivation

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296648

Timofiejew Z., 1980: Relationship between electro gustometric taste perception threshold and age

Kovgan L.N., 1981: Relationship between electro kinetic and trans membrane potentials of closed membrane structure

Monod H., 1979: Relationship between electro myogram and blood magnesium calcium and zinc levels in a tunisian population

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296652

Waldenstrom J., 1984: Relationship between electrocardiographically and enzymatically estimated size in anterior myocardial infarction

Hjalmarson A., 1985: Relationship between electrocardiographically estimated infarct size and morbidity during a two year follow up

Kakizaki T., 1984: Relationship between electroencephalogram amplitude and subjective rating of task strain during performance of a calculating task

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296656

Yamaguchi N., 1981: Relationship between electrolyte balance and the function of the renin angiotensin aldo sterone system in fetuses and neo nates

Friedman E.A., 1981: Relationship between electronic fetal monitoring and apgar score

Filipovic P., 1982: Relationship between electronic structure and biological activity of 2 formyl pyridine thio semi carbazones

Fahey G.C.Jr, 1983: Relationship between electrophoretic band patterns and in vitro ammonia release of soluble soybean meal protein

Hannig K., 1985: Relationship between electrophoretic mobility and activation of human monocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296662

Jaffe A.S., 1987: Relationship between elevated plasma levels of crosslinked fibrin degradation products xl fdp and the clinical presentation of patients with myocardial infarction

Sperti, S.; Montanaro, L.; Mattioli, A.; Testoni, G., 1975: Relationship between elongation factor 1 and elongation factor 2 dependent gtpase activities of ribosomes inhibition of both activities by ricin

Lee R.G., 1987: Relationship between emg patterns and kinematic properties for flexion movements at the human wrist

Fujita O., 1985: Relationship between emotionality of intruders and aggressive behavior of residents in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296668

Borso M.T., 1986: Relationship between emotions and some aspects of respiratory activity morphology of the chest cyclic activity and acid base balance

Bradley E.L., 1987: Relationship between enamel fluoride concentration and dental caries experience

Jamison H.C., 1985: Relationship between enamel fluoride concentration and dental caries in a selected population

Saksanen, S., 1976: Relationship between encephalographic measurements and social performance a statistical analysis of 915 patients with partial or permanent occupational disability

Fukushima K., 1979: Relationship between endo toxemia and protein concentration of ascites in cirrhotic patients

Goldberg J.M., 1988: Relationship between endocardial activation of sa valve and right atrium in domestic fowl

Cohn S.H., 1981: Relationship between endogenous 3 methyl histidine excretion and body composition

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296676

Nagata Y., 1983: Relationship between endogenous factor and decrease in color formation of low quality pork

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296678

De-Castro, J. M.; Balagura, S., 1975: Relationship between endogenous natural feeding patterns and body composition in the rat

Clements J.A., 1984: Relationship between endogenous opioids and the estrous cycle in the rat

Michibayashi T., 1984: Relationship between endogenous prostaglandin e and the vasoconstrictor response to noradrenaline in a perfused arterial segment

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296682

Remacle J., 1982: Relationship between endoplasmic reticulum and golgi membranes evidence for a heterogeneous localization of cytochrome b 5 in the golgi membranes

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296684

Herron K.M., 1982: Relationship between energy and protein intakes and laying characteristics in individually caged broiler breeder hens

Luettge U., 1981: Relationship between energy dependent phosphate uptake and the electrical membrane potential in lemna gibba g 1

Taverner M.R., 1988: Relationship between energy intake and protein and energy metabolism growth and body composition of pigs kept at 14 or 32 c from 9 to 20 kg

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Carter, B. L. A.; Bull, A. T.; Pirt, S. J.; Rowley, B. I., 1971: Relationship between energy substrate utilization and specific growth rate in aspergillus nidulans

Rabinovitch M., 1980: Relationship between enhanced macrophage phagocytic activity and the induction of interferon by newcastle disease virus in mice

Hamelin C., 1987: Relationship between enhanced reactivation and mutagenesis of uv irradiated human cytomegalovirus in normal human cells

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296692

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296693

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296694

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296695

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296696

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296697

Koster F.T., 1979: Relationship between entero toxin production and serotype in entero toxigenic escherichia coli

Dubose P., 1979: Relationship between entrance holes and stalk cavities caused by 1st generation and 2nd generation european corn borer in field corn

Cantliffe D.J., 1983: Relationship between environment during seed development and seed vigor of 2 endosperm mutants of corn zea mays

Morosi A., 1986: Relationship between environment spread and presence in hosts of escherichia coli strains resistant to antibiotics and metals

Wilcox R.B., 1980: Relationship between environmental and vegetational parameters for understory and open area communities

Bieniek J., 1982: Relationship between environmental effects estrous activity and ovulation in rabbit

Yamagata K., 1987: Relationship between environmental factors yeasts and coliforms in the yodo river japan

Orsi N., 1980: Relationship between enzymatic modifications of serum low density lipo proteins and their hem agglutination inhibiting activity towards sindbis virus

Waldenstrom J., 1984: Relationship between enzymatically estimated infarct size and short term and long term survival after acute myocardial infarction

Tsunemitsu A., 1988: Relationship between enzyme activities involved in oxygen metabolism and oxygen tolerance in black pigmented bacteroides

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296709

Ward, R. D., 1977: Relationship between enzyme hetero zygosity and quaternary structure

Ipata P.L., 1980: Relationship between enzyme levels and extractable proteins in alfalfa medicago sativa

Azumi T., 1979: Relationship between epi cardial and intra myo cardial st segment voltage and myo cardial blood flow during graded coronary constriction in the dog

Heng, M. K.; Singh, B. N.; Norris, R. M.; John, M. B.; Elliot, R., 1976: Relationship between epi cardial st segment elevation and myo cardial ischemic damage after experimental coronary artery occlusion in dogs

Irvin, R. G.; Cobb, F. R., 1977: Relationship between epi cardial st segment elevation regional myo cardial blood flow and extent of myo cardial infarction in awake dogs

Kodama, M.; Kodama, T.; Totani, R.; Aoki, K., 1978: Relationship between epidemiologic and endocrinologic aspects of cervical cancer

Cunningham D.D., 1984: Relationship between epidermal growth factor receptor occupancy and mitogenic response quantitative analysis using a steady state model system

Daynes R.A., 1981: Relationship between epidermal langerhans cell density atpase activity and the induction of contact hyper sensitivity

Stadtman E.R., 1982: Relationship between epitope density and immuno precipitation of multivalent antigens by bivalent antibody immuno precipitation of adenylylated glutamine synthetase by anti amp antibodies

Rivnay B., 1986: Relationship between epitopes on immunoglobulin e recognized by defined monoclonal antibodies and by the fc receptor on basophils

Klein G., 1979: Relationship between epstein barr virus genome number amount of nuclear antigen and early antigen inducibility in di ploid and tetra ploid lymphoma cells of related origin

Vonka V., 1983: Relationship between epstein barr virus nuclear antigen and dna genome number in super infected and induced lympho blastoid cell lines

Klein, G.; Yefenof, E.; Falk, K.; Westman, A., 1978: Relationship between epstein barr virus production and the loss of the epstein barr virus receptor complement receptor complex in a series of sublines derived from the same original burkitts lymphoma

Kalofoutis, A.; Paterakis, S.; Koutselinis, A.; Spanos, V., 1976: Relationship between erythrocyte 2 3 di phospho glycerate and age in a normal population

Akita T., 1981: Relationship between erythrocyte antigens and lymphocyte antigens in chickens

Canestrari, F.; Dacha, U.; Giacchi, R.; Magnani, M.; Stocchi, V.; Palma, F.; Piacentini, G.; Dacha, M., 1983: Relationship between erythrocyte hexo kinase ec in cancer patients and red cell age

Gattringer, C.; Wick, G., 1977: Relationship between erythrocyte receptors and a thymus derived specific surface antigen on human thymus derived cells

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296728

Berger J., 1986: Relationship between erythrocyte volume and count after experimental induction of anemia in laboratory rats

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296730

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Mclean, A. J., 1977: Relationship between escherichia coli endo toxin toxicity and the immunization status of normal adult guinea pigs

Ono K., 1979: Relationship between essential fatty acid requirements of aquatic animals and the capacity for bio conversion of linolenic acid to highly unsaturated fatty acids

Kleinman, K. M.; Goldman, H.; Snow, M. Y.; Korol, B., 1977: Relationship between essential hypertension and cognitive functioning part 2 effects of bio feedback training generalized to nonlaboratory environment

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Francis R.I.C.C., 1983: Relationship between esterase gene frequencies and length in juvenile snapper chrysophrys auratus

Sturges J.S., 1981: Relationship between estimated pre morbid adjustment and cerebro spinal fluid homo vanillic acid and 5 hydroxy iaa levels

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296738

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296739

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296740

Saksena, S. K.; Lau, I. F.; Chang, M. C., 1976: Relationship between estrogen prostaglandin f 2 alpha and histamine in delayed implantation in the mouse

Cocconi G., 1985: Relationship between estrogen receptor concentration and cytomorphometry in breast cancer

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Rilke F., 1986: Relationship between estrogen receptor immunochemical assay and conventional steroid receptor assays in human breast cancer

Mcguire W.L., 1979: Relationship between estrogen receptor values and clinical data in predicting the response to endocrine therapy for patients with advanced breast cancer

Abul Hajj Y.J., 1979: Relationship between estrogen receptors 17 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase and estrogen content in human breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296747

Molinoff P.B., 1986: Relationship between ethanol induced alterations in fluorescence anisotropy and adenylate cyclase activity

Blanpied, G. D.; Blak, V. A., 1976: Relationship between ethylene level and varietal flavor in delicious apples

Skot L., 1983: Relationship between ethylene reduction hydrogen evolution and nitrogen 15 fixation in root nodules of pea pisum sativum cultivar bodil

Li Y., 1987: Relationship between ethylene release membrane permeability and activity of polyphenol oxidase changes of duck pears pyrus bretschneideri rehder during low temperature storage

Tam, H. S.; Darling, R. C.; Downey, J. A.; Cheh, H. Y., 1976: Relationship between evaporation rate of sweat and mean sweating rate

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Clarke A.E., 1982: Relationship between evolutionary age and hydroxy proline containing macro molecules in uni cellular algae

Mccormick J.J., 1982: Relationship between excision repair and the cyto toxic and mutagenic effect of the anti 7 8 diol 9 10 epoxide of benzo a pyrene in human cells

Ishizuka, T.; Ohga, A.; Saito, K.; Takahashi, H., 1978: Relationship between excitation of vagal inhibitory neurons and nucleoside release estimation by paper chromatography

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Zilm D., 1982: Relationship between excitatory postsynaptic potential shape and cross correlation profile explored by computer simulation for studies on human moto neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296763

Feruglio G.A., 1983: Relationship between exercise testing data and follow up in 409 patients with prior myocardial infarction

Yamasaki T., 1984: Relationship between exocrine and endocrine pancreatic function in diabetes mellitus

Hart T., 1984: Relationship between exogenous fuel availability and performance by teleost hemitripterus americanus and elasmobranch raja erinacea hearts

Balazs C., 1981: Relationship between exophthalmogenic and thyroid stimulating immuno globulins in graves endocrine ophthalmopathy

Dey K.A., 1984: Relationship between experienced control and domiciles of elderly persons

Ivanov V.N., 1980: Relationship between experimental and theoretical values of the number of grams of dry biomass synthesized from monomer using 1 mole of atp

Flynn D., 1981: Relationship between experimental fluid therapy and wound edema in scald wounds

Hackett R.L., 1984: Relationship between experimentally induced crystalluria and relative supersaturation of various stone salts in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296772

Jongen W.M.F., 1984: Relationship between exposure time and metabolic activation of di chloro methane in salmonella typhimurium

Moretta L., 1983: Relationship between expression of fc gamma receptors or ia antigens and cytolytic activities of allo activated human t cells

Williams R., 1984: Relationship between expression of hepatitis b virus antigens in isolated hepatocytes and autologous lymphocyte cyto toxicity in patients with chronic hepatitis b virus infection

Schwartz S.A., 1983: Relationship between expression of herpes simplex virus glyco proteins and susceptibility of target cells to human natural killer activity

Lebman, D. A.; Griffin, P. M.; Cebra, J. J., 1987: Relationship between expression of iga by peyer's patch cells and functional iga memory cells

Ananthaswamy, H. N., 1986: Relationship between expression of tumor specific transplantation antigens and neoplastic transformation in a uv radiation induced murine skin cancer

Hoskins C., 1985: Relationship between expressive language ability and rhythm perception pitch perception vocal range and vocal midpoint among mentally retarded adults

Lesage M C., 1987: Relationship between exsheathment and enzyme activity alkaline phosphatase and leucine amino peptidase during ageing of trichostrongylus colubriformis infective larvae

Gotsman M.S., 1979: Relationship between extent of coronary artery disease and correlative risk factors

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296782

Buchet J P., 1987: Relationship between external and internal parameters of exposure to manganese in workers from a manganese oxide and salt producing plant

Schaeffer L.R., 1984: Relationship between external body measurements and calving difficulties in canadian holstein friesian cattle

Lopez I., 1983: Relationship between external sodium concentration and intra cellular osmotic effectors in respiratory tree of holothuria glaberrima

Palfreyman M.G., 1988: Relationship between extracellular 5 hydroxytryptamine and behavior following monoamine oxidase inhibition and l tryptophan

Czeczuga, B.; Gradzki, F., 1973: Relationship between extracellular and cellular production in the sulfuric green bacterium chlorobium limicola chlorobacteriaceae as compared to primary production of phyto plankton

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Miyata, M.; Miyata, H., 1978: Relationship between extracellular enzymes and cell growth during the cell cycle of the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe acid phosphatase ec

Pestka J.J., 1985: Relationship between extracellular neutral protease production and appearance of bleb like evaginations in pseudomonas fragi

Bennett, W. F.; Belville, J. S.; Lynch, G., 1980: Relationship between extracellular ph and control of blood platelet serotonin secretion

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296792

Van Furth R., 1985: Relationship between extracellular stimulation of intracellular killing and oxygen dependent microbicidal systems of monocytes

Chiba S., 1988: Relationship between extraluminal oxyhemoglobin and endothelium dependent vasodilatation in isolated perfused canine internal carotid arteries

Nedergaard J., 1983: Relationship between extramitochondrial calcium concentration respiratory rate and membrane potential in mitochondria from brown adipose tissue of the rat

Ozaki T., 1987: Relationship between extravascular lung water and cardiorespiratory function after open heart surgery

Averett, M.; Mcmanis, D. L., 1977: Relationship between extraversion and assertiveness and related personality characteristics

Walsh, D. M.; Walsh, M. D., 1978: Relationship between extraversion and neuroticism and intelligence for students in grade 9 english and mathematics

Weinberg, R. S., 1978: Relationship between extrinsic rewards and intrinsic motivation

Fuchs A.F., 1981: Relationship between eye acceleration and retinal image velocity during foveal smooth pursuit in man and monkey

Swinney T., 1985: Relationship between eye lens weight and age in the wild house mouse mus musculus

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296803

Riesenfeld, A. , 1977: Relationship between facial protrusion and tooth length in 4 strains of rats

Kolodchenko V.P., 1982: Relationship between familial longevity and state of the loco motor apparatus

Min B.K., 1984: Relationship between family environmental variables and adolescent students behavioral problems

Keilin W.G., 1986: Relationship between family socioeconomic status and cognitive affective responses to the threat of nuclear war

Castelli G., 1985: Relationship between fasting blood glucose in diabetic pregnant women and birth weights

De Dryver G., 1987: Relationship between fasting periods and endogenous nitrogen recycling in the rumen of a dry cow

Khalid, R. A.; Zidan, Z. H.; Rezk, G. N., 1975: Relationship between fat content in larvae of the cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis and their resistance to certain insecticides lepidoptera noctuidae

Mendez J., 1980: Relationship between fat free weight and urinary 3 methyl histidine excretion in man

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296814

Loeb H., 1981: Relationship between fat intake cholesterol saturated and poly unsaturated fats serum cholesterol metabolic control hemo globin a 1c and retinopathy in diabetic children

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296816

Ryan A.S., 1983: Relationship between fatness and hemo globin levels in the national health and nutrition examinations of the usa

Tigchelaar E.C., 1982: Relationship between fatty acid composition and low temperature seed germination in tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Parodi P.W., 1983: Relationship between fatty acid composition and tri glyceride structure of bovine milk fat

Renaud, S.; Kuba, K.; Goulet, C.; Lemire, Y.; Allard, C., 1970: Relationship between fatty acid composition of platelets and platelet aggregation in rat and man relation to thrombosis

Yazlovetskii I.G., 1981: Relationship between fatty acid composition of the predaceous fly syrphus corollae larvae and their food composition

Rinne R.W., 1985: Relationship between fatty acid composition of vegetative and reproductive structures of six soybean glycine max genotypes

Ceccaldi H.J., 1988: Relationship between fatty acids and carotenoid pigments in a crustacean copepod calanipeda aquae dulcis

Kehrer, J. P.; Autor, A. P., 1978: Relationship between fatty acids and lipid per oxidation in lungs of neo nates

Roughan P.G., 1983: Relationship between fatty acyl composition of di acylgalactosyl glycerol and turnover of chloroplast phosphatidate

Suzuki T., 1987: Relationship between fc gamma 2b receptor and adenylate cyclase of a murine macrophage like cell line p388d 1

Asofsky R., 1979: Relationship between fc immuno globulin g receptors and allo antigens on the surface of balb c bone marrow derived cell lymphoma lines

Basten, A.; Miller, J. F. A. P.; Abraham, R., 1975: Relationship between fc receptors antigen binding sites on thymus derived and bone marrow derived cells and h 2 complex associated determinants

Takagi H., 1986: Relationship between fecal egg counts and total worm counts in subclinically parasitized calves and examination of possible variations in fecal worm egg excretion by cows

Jensen R., 1987: Relationship between fecal neutral steroid concentrations and malignancy in colon cells

Apolen D., 1986: Relationship between fecundity and wool production in merino sheep

Sukhanov V.V., 1981: Relationship between feeding conditions and the variability of increase in the weight of animals

Neal B.R., 1984: Relationship between feeding habits climate and reproduction of small mammals in meru national park kenya

Hoover, E. A.; Olsen, R. G.; Mathes, L. E.; Schaller, J. P., 1977: Relationship between feline leukemia virus antigen expression and viral infectivity in blood bone marrow and saliva of cats

Cardellino R.A., 1986: Relationship between female growth to 550 days and its future maternal ability in hereford cows

Stoffolano J.G.Jr, 1983: Relationship between female size type of egg mass deposited and description of the oviposition behavior of the sibling species tabanus nigrovittatus and tabanus simulans diptera tabanidae

Ribereau Gayon P., 1984: Relationship between fermentation difficulties and certain enzyme activities of yeast

Shoup, J. L.; Cuniglio, J. J.; George, B. F., 1976: Relationship between fermentation time and bloater type damage of brined cucumbers

Hama, H., 1976: Relationship between fertility and its age distribution

Rogers B.J., 1982: Relationship between fertilizing ability and cyclic amp in human spermatozoa

Mitra M., 1987: Relationship between fertilizing and grain quality of the h 708 maize hybrid

Ishibashi T., 1979: Relationship between fetal body weight and number of fetuses in jcl icr mice following gonadotropin treatment

Martin, C. E.; Cake, M. H.; Hartmann, P. E.; Cook, I. F., 1977: Relationship between fetal cortico steroids maternal progesterone and parturition in the rat

Yarkoni S., 1984: Relationship between fetal heart rate accelerations fetal movements and uterine contractions

Di Lenardo L., 1987: Relationship between fetal outcome and the management of pregnancy

Honjo S., 1985: Relationship between fetal position and stillbirth in the cynomolgus monkeys macaca fascicularis retrospective analysis

Natori M., 1980: Relationship between fetal trans cutaneous oxygen pressure and the velocity of placental blood flow during labor

Tosovsky, J.; Kucera, J., 1978: Relationship between fetal weight in certain congenital anomalies from the 28th to 42nd week of gestation

Macieira Coelho A., 1981: Relationship between fibrin clot retraction and tumorigenesis in c 3h 10t 1 2 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296855

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296856

Hirashima K., 1984: Relationship between fibroblastoid colony forming units and hemopoietic precursor cells in normal human bone marrow

Trejdosiewicz L.K., 1986: Relationship between fibronectin and lymphoid cells in buccal mucosa labial salivary glands and palatine tonsil

Tada H., 1987: Relationship between fibronectin degradation products in urine and the development of diabetic nephropathy

Archer, K. A.; Decker, A. M., 1977: Relationship between fibrous components and in vitro dry matter digestibility of autumn saved grasses

Rosielle A.A., 1986: Relationship between field and greenhouse ratings for tolerance to verticillium wilt on cotton gossypium hirsutum

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296862

Panek P.E., 1982: Relationship between field dependence independence and personality in older adult females

Chauhan V.B., 1985: Relationship between field levels and light and darkness on the development of phytophthora blight of pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Saali K., 1987: Relationship between field strength and abnormal development in chick embryos exposed to 50 hz magnetic fields

Ehret C.F., 1983: Relationship between field strength and arousal response in mice exposed to 60 hertz electric fields

Petrakis E., 1981: Relationship between figure ground perception and viewing time in a ball catching task

Koonce K.L., 1984: Relationship between final temperature thaw rate and quality of bovine semen

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296869

Stark M.A., 1986: Relationship between fire and basal scarring on afzelia africana in benoue national park cameroon

Sevaldrud I.H., 1984: Relationship between fish populations and ph for lakes in southernmost norway

Schwerin M., 1987: Relationship between fitness and spontaneous chromosome mutations in pig

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296874

Nash A.R., 1987: Relationship between flow cytometric parameters steroid receptors and menopausal status in breast cancers

Hashimoto T., 1985: Relationship between flower abscission and ethylene production in some flowering ornamentals treated with plant growth regulators and sts

Forkmann G., 1983: Relationship between flower development antho cyanin accumulation and activity of enzymes involved in flavonoid biosynthesis in matthiola incana

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296878

Finardi G., 1988: Relationship between fluctuations in heart rate and asymptomatic nocturnal ischemia

Bigler E.D., 1984: Relationship between fluid and crystallized cognitive functions using category test and wechsler adult intelligence scale scores

Yerkes K., 1980: Relationship between fluid bed aerosol generator operation and the aerosol produced

Thomas P., 1985: Relationship between fluidity and ionic permeability of bilayers from natural mixtures of phospholipids

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296883

Kim D.H., 1983: Relationship between fluorescence and anti oxidant activity of ethanol extracts of a maillard browning mixture

Silva P.A., 1984: Relationship between fluoridation and socio economic status on dental caries experience in 5 year old new zealand children

Kobayashi S., 1981: Relationship between fluoride concentration and solubility of enamel surface of primary teeth

Ekstrand, J., 1978: Relationship between fluoride in the drinking water and the plasma fluoride concentration in man

Lankford M.T., 1981: Relationship between fluoride resistance of streptococcus mutans 6715 and medium ph

Sano K., 1982: Relationship between focal cerebral ischemia and cerebral water content

Girvin J.P., 1983: Relationship between focal penicillin spikes and cortical spindles in the cerveau isole cat

Iyer, J. G.; Schulte, E. E.; Randall, G. W., 1971: Relationship between foliar composition of red pine g and jack pine g seedlings and vulnerability to lophodermium pinastri needle cast disease

Cole R.H., 1986: Relationship between foliar nitrogen fractions in three leaf zones of ten potato cultivars and population growth of the green peach aphid homoptera aphididae

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296894

Suzuki M., 1985: Relationship between follicular fluid steroid concentrations and in vitro fertilization

Yzjima A., 1986: Relationship between follicular maturation and serum progesterone concentration

Muramatsu T., 1985: Relationship between food consumption and energy and nitrogen utilization by chicks given varying amounts of standard and leucine isoleucine and valine deficient diets

Sakurai Y., 1984: Relationship between food consumption and growth of adult walleye pollock theragra chalcogramma in captivity

Barrett R.H., 1983: Relationship between food habits and activity patterns of pine martens martes americana

Karp, M.; Shachar, M.; Reshef, A.; Laron, Z., 1977: Relationship between food intake and insulin response to oral glucose tolerance test in short lean children/

Burkhardt S.S., 1982: Relationship between food intake weight gain and dietary nutrient concentration in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296902

Cassar G., 1981: Relationship between force and integrated electro myogram activity during voluntary isometric anisotonic contraction

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296904

Osorio C., 1982: Relationship between foreign h 2 like antigens on mcg 4 sarcoma and the in vivo rejection of this tumor by syngeneic and semi syngeneic mice

Winner W., 1983: Relationship between form function and distribution of 2 arctostaphylos spp ericaceae and their putative hybrids

Sharon R., 1981: Relationship between formaldehyde related antibodies and cross reacting anti n like antibodies in patients undergoing chronic hemo dialysis

Gemrich, E. G-Ii ; Lee, B. L.; Tripp, M. L.; Vandestreek, E., 1976: Relationship between formamidine structure and insecticidal miticidal and ovicidal activity

Spychala, M.; Schneider, J.; Szweykowska, A., 1975: Relationship between formation of gametophore buds in the protonema of mosses and increase in rnase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296910

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296911

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296912

Marchant R., 1980: Relationship between free and complexed forms of copper in malt whiskey distillery spent wash

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296914

Fletcher, R. J., 1988: Relationship between freezing injury suffered during the stem elongation stage of development and vernalization response in a winter wheat cultivar triticum aestivum l. cultivar cheyenne

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296917

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296918

Whitwam J.G., 1986: Relationship between frequency of ventilation airways and pulmonary artery pressures cardiac output and tracheal tube deadspace

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296920

Hartleip S.B., 1986: Relationship between fructose 2 6 bisphosphate activation and magnesium atp inhibition of rat liver phosphofructokinase at high ph kinetic evidence for individual binding sites linked by finite couplings

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Kishimoto O., 1983: Relationship between fruit productivity and optimum range of pruning severity in peach prunus persica var vulgaris trees

Kurushima T., 1984: Relationship between fruit productivity and training system in japanese pears pyrus serotina var culta

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296930

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296934

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296938

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296941

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296969

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296970

Kretschmer, M., 1978: Relationship between germination ability of lactuca serriola and lactuca sativa achenes

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296973

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296975

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296976

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296977

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Harken A., 1983: Relationship between global myo cardial ischemia left ventricular function myo cardial redox state and high energy phosphate profile a phosphorus 31 nmr study

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Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296994

Section 7, Chapter 6297, Accession 006296995

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Laron Z., 1979: Relationship between glycosylated hemo globin and post prandial blood glucose in insulin dependent juvenile diabetes patients

Seshiah V., 1988: Relationship between glycosylated hemoglobin and lipids in diabetes mellitus

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