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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6298

Chapter 6298 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ditzel J., 1982: Relationship between glycosylation of hemo globin and the duration of diabetes a study during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Uemura H., 1979: Relationship between gnawing compulsion and central dopaminergic mechanism in guinea pigs

Iwanaga T., 1984: Relationship between goblet cells and carcinoma of the pancreas during n nitroso bis 2 hydroxy propylamine induced carcinogenesis in syrian golden hamsters

Utz D.C., 1982: Relationship between grade and stage of adeno carcinoma of the prostate and regional pelvic lymph node metastases

Maeda K., 1988: Relationship between grade iii placental maturation changes and fetal well being

Liddle H.V., 1982: Relationship between graft patency post operative work status and symptomatic relief

Giordano I., 1981: Relationship between grain hardness and heat units in peas for processing grown in southern italy

Donovan G.R., 1979: Relationship between grain nitrogen nonprotein nitrogen and nucleic acids during wheat triticum aestivum grain development

Berezkin, A. N.; Klochko, N. A.; Bakeev, V. V.; Guida, V. N., 1978: Relationship between grain seed yield and their place of production

Inouye J., 1982: Relationship between grain shedding and abscission layer in pedicel of japonica x indica hybrid rice in korea

Woehlke P., 1984: Relationship between grammatical errors on rotters scale and performance on educational tests for students suspected of having learning problems

Yamamoto T.Y., 1983: Relationship between granule containing cells and blood vessels in the rat autonomic ganglia

Van Schagen J.G., 1985: Relationship between grapevine joannes seyve virus and tomato black ring virus

Gray L.E., 1986: Relationship between greenhouse and field ratings for brown stem rot reaction in soybean glycine max

Frey K.J., 1984: Relationship between groat oil content and grain yield of oats avena sativa

Furness G., 1984: Relationship between group jk corynebacteria and the biotypes of corynebacterium genitalium and corynebacterium pseudogenitalium

Bailey J.A., 1985: Relationship between group size feeding time and agonistic behavior of mountain goats oreamnos americanus

Tomlinson S., 1986: Relationship between growth and function of human thyroid cells in culture

Faure, J. M., 1977: Relationship between growth and open field activity in the hen part 1 effect of selection for open field activity on weight growth and conformation

Faure, J. M.; Ricard, F. H., 1977: Relationship between growth and open field activity in the hen part 2 effect of selection for live weight on open field activity

Lee A.J., 1981: Relationship between growth before mating and lifetime production in 8 lines of mice

Venkateswarlu, B.; Suryaprakasha-Rao, J.; Rao, A. V., 1977: Relationship between growth duration and yield parameters in irrigated rice oryza sativa

Gallagher M.L., 1988: Relationship between growth food conversion body size body composition and temperature in the european eel anguilla anguilla l

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297025

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297026

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297027

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297028

Biedermann M., 1981: Relationship between growth induced by iaa and the sterol content of plasma membrane enriched fractions from avena sativa coleoptiles

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297030

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297031

Salsac L., 1986: Relationship between growth nitrogen fixation and assimilation in a legume medicago sativa

Corkett C.J., 1980: Relationship between growth rate and egg production in the copepod acartia clausi hudsonica

Anderson M.G., 1988: Relationship between growth rate and net photosynthesis of azolla in ambient and elevated carbon dioxide concentrations

Moore L.D., 1987: Relationship between growth rate and phagocytosis susceptibility in streptococcus mutans

Herbert M.A., 1983: Relationship between growth rate fertilizing and foliar nutrient concentrations for eucalyptus grandis preliminary investigations

Page H.M., 1979: Relationship between growth size molting and number of antennal segments in orchestia traskiana amphipoda talitridae

Mackowiak P.A., 1984: Relationship between growth temperature and shedding of lipopolysaccharides by gram negative bacilli

Murata N., 1980: Relationship between growth temperature of anacystis nidulans and phase transition temperature of its thylakoid membranes

Fujii S., 1986: Relationship between guanase activity in donor blood and the incidence of posttransfusional non a non b hepatitis and a possible method for preventing posttransfusional hepatitis

Lyrene P.M., 1982: Relationship between guard cell length and ploidy in vaccinium

Shows T.B., 1983: Relationship between h 1 histone phosphorylation and genome replication in a mouse chinese hamster somatic cell hybrid

Haynes D.H., 1982: Relationship between h proton anion and monovalent cation movements and calcium transport in sarcoplasmic reticulum further proof of a cation exchange mechanism for the calcium magnesium atpase pump

Mahoney O.M., 1983: Relationship between habitual physical activity and serum lipo protein levels in white male adolescents

Suzuki, N.; Tsunematsu, Y.; Matsumoto, H.; Tazaki, T., 1977: Relationship between habs serotypes and 2 amino sugar composition of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Lebowitz R.L., 1985: Relationship between hair and eye color and primary vesicoureteral reflux in children

Rubel E.W., 1982: Relationship between hair cell loss on the chick basilar papilla and threshold shift after acoustic over stimulation

Davidova Z., 1984: Relationship between hair coat characteristics and milk production of holstein friesian cows in rainy season

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297050

Appelle S., 1980: Relationship between hand movements reading competence and passage difficulty in braille reading

Prokop, O.; Koehler, W., 1977: Relationship between hapto globin types and group g streptococci

Nagata A., 1987: Relationship between hardness of foods and occlusal function

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297055

Krajicek, F., 1975: Relationship between hay production and nitrogenous substances with respect to the establishment of an optimal harvest time for grass crops preliminary report

Gowans E.J., 1986: Relationship between hbeag and hbv dna in patients with acute and persistent hepatitis b infection

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297058

Korman S., 1988: Relationship between head dimensions and body length in the context of mental retardation

Mazor M., 1986: Relationship between head size and latency of the auditory brainstem response

Miyake T., 1980: Relationship between healing process of the gastric ulcer and mucosal defensive factors of the stomach with special reference to the gastric mucosal surface

Monden S I., 1987: Relationship between health conditions and dietary habits in junior high school students a study by simple questionnaire

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297063

Koizumi A., 1987: Relationship between health practices and depressive mood among industrial workers

Jessop D.J., 1984: Relationship between health status and psychological adjustment among children with chronic conditions

Yamamoto S., 1986: Relationship between heart rate and heat production of goats and the difference on linear regression constants between eating and walking

Sugiyama M., 1983: Relationship between heart rate and oxygen intake quantity and running pace in 1500 meter running

Yamaji, K.; Miyashita, M.; Shephard, R. J., 1978: Relationship between heart rate and relative oxygen intake in male subjects aged 10 to 27 years

Borodulin L., 1981: Relationship between heart rate and sinus arrhythmia in air traffic controllers at work

Li S R., 1986: Relationship between heart rate and the effective refractory period of ventricular cells of rabbit at sinus rhythm in situ

Stamps L.E., 1980: Relationship between heart rate indices of the orienting response and birth weight in normal full term new borns

Li P.H., 1981: Relationship between heat and frost resistance of tuber bearing solanum species effect of cold acclimation on heat resistance

Heath M.C., 1984: Relationship between heat induced fungal death and plant necrosis in compatible and incompatible interactions involving the bean and cowpea rust fungi

Marton L.J., 1986: Relationship between heat sensitivity and polyamine levels after treatment with alpha difluoromethylornithine dfmo

Wang L., 1987: Relationship between heavy metal pollution and water productivity in xiamen estuarine harbor china

Dyggve H.V., 1981: Relationship between height and intelligence in oligophrenic patients

White E.J., 1982: Relationship between height growth of scotch pine pinus sylvestris and site factors in great britain uk

White E.J., 1982: Relationship between height growth of stand and open grown single trees of scotch pine pinus sylvestris and site factors in great britain uk

Parrado J.L., 1986: Relationship between height of kenaf and root galling by meloidogyne incognita

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297080

Suzuki, E.; Robson, B., 1976: Relationship between helix coil transition parameters for synthetic poly peptides and helix conformation parameters for globular proteins a simple model

Rood, J. I.; Wilkinson, R. G., 1976: Relationship between hem agglutinin and sialidase from clostridium perfringens cn 3870 chromatographic characterization of the biologically active proteins

Rood, J. I.; Wilkinson, R. G., 1976: Relationship between hem agglutinin and sialidase from clostridium perfringens cn 3870 gel filtration of mutant and revertant activities

Niizeki K. , 1983: Relationship between hematocrit and carbon di oxide contents in whole blood and true plasma

Dobrowolska, A.; Gromadzka, J., 1978: Relationship between hematological parameters and progesterone blood concentration in different stages of estrus cycle in common vole microtus arvalis

Sekeres R., 1984: Relationship between hematopoietic parameters and behavioral measures in lead exposed rats

Janin J., 1980: Relationship between hemo globin a 1c and insulin c peptide in anomalies of carbohydrate metabolism

Hirata Y., 1980: Relationship between hemo globin a i c and micro angiopathy in diabetics

Cartei, G.; Chisesi, T.; Cazzavillan, M.; Battista, R.; Barbui, T.; Dini, E., 1976: Relationship between hemo globin and hemo globin a 2 concentrations in beta thalassemia trait and effect of iron deficiency anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297090

Yoshida O., 1985: Relationship between hemodialysis anemia and copper and zinc

Szymanska Kosmala M., 1982: Relationship between hemodynamic changes and endogenous catecholamine release caused by a new anti arrhythmic agent ab 2 d l n 2 quinuclidinomethyl 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro quinoline in cats and dogs

Kusakabe K., 1987: Relationship between hemodynamic response to exercise and distribution of pulmonary perfusion in mitral stenosis

Suzuki A., 1981: Relationship between hemodynamics and cardiac metabolism in the re perfusion period following hypo thermic global ischemia

Harrison C.E., 1981: Relationship between hemodynamics during immediate re perfusion and mitochondrial functional recovery in the ischemic myo cardium

Kuranari M., 1983: Relationship between hemolytic concentrations and physicochemical properties of basic drugs and major factors inducing hemolysis

Dowling R.H., 1982: Relationship between hepatic cholesterol synthesis and biliary cholesterol secretion in man hepatic cholesterol synthesis is not a major regulator of biliary lipid secretion

Dumont, M.; Chivrac, D.; Feldmann, G.; Erlinger, S., 1978: Relationship between hepatic cytochrome p 450 dependent microsomal enzyme induction and biliary lipid secretion in the rat

Van Thiel D.H., 1987: Relationship between hepatic injury status and event related potentials

Merino R.A., 1987: Relationship between hepatic levels of glutathione and sulfobromophthalein retention in hyperthyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297102

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297103

Brechot C., 1985: Relationship between hepatitis b core antigen in serum and liver and hepatitis b virus replication in patients with hepatitis b surface antigen positive chronic liver disease

Nakamura M., 1987: Relationship between hepatitis b virus dna hbe ag anti hbe status in serum and hbc ag in liver its clinical significance in chronic hbsag carriers

Et Al, 1986: Relationship between hepatitis b virus dna in blood and serological markers of hepatitis b infection

Sirotti M.A., 1984: Relationship between hepatitis b virus markers and heroin as a cause of liver injury in drug addicts

Sherlock S., 1983: Relationship between hepatitis b virus specific dna polymerase and hepatitis b e antigen antibody system in chronic hepatitis b virus infection factors determining selection of patients and outcome of anti viral therapy

Scribner H.E., 1987: Relationship between hepatotoxicity and induction of replicative dna synthesis following single or multiple doses of carbon tetrachloride

Ishida M., 1987: Relationship between herbicidal efficacy of pyrazolate formulations and concentration of detosylpyrazolate in paddy water

Gol'dfarb, L. G.; Fedorova, N. I.; Chumakov, M. P.; Petrov, P. A.; Vladimirtsev, A. I.; Ivanova, A. I., 1979: Relationship between hereditary and environmental factors in the etiology of vilyuisk encephalo myelitis 1. the frequency of vilyuisk encephalo myelitis patients in families

Gol'dfarb, L. G.; Spitsyn, V. A.; Fedorova, N. I.; Chumakov, M. P.; Boeva, S. B.; Bruk, I. S.; Irisova, O. V., 1979: Relationship between hereditary and environmental factors in the etiology of vilyuisk encephalo myelitis 2. population genetic studies of vilyuisk encephalo myelitis distribution region

Klein G., 1981: Relationship between herpesvirus ateles associated nuclear antigen and the number of virus genome equivalents in herpesvirus ateles carrying lymphoid lines

Semenova-Tyan-Shanskaya, A. G.; Patkin, E. L., 1977: Relationship between hetero chromatization of 1 of the x chromosomes in early human embryo gonocytes and the presence of these cells in the germinal epithelium/

Phul, P. S.; Singh, T. H.; Nanda, G. S., 1976: Relationship between hetero zygosity and performance in respect of yield factors in pearl millet

Hierl, H. F., 1976: Relationship between hetero zygosity as estimated from genetic markers and fertility in cattle part 1 estimation and dimension of hetero zygosity in german cattle breeds

Kolodziejczyk P., 1988: Relationship between heterochromatin and repetitive dna content and the dynamics of nuclear dna endoreplication in root parenchyma cells

Kerr E.D., 1984: Relationship between heterodera schachtii meloidogyne hapla and nacobbus aberrans on sugar beet beta vulgaris cultivar tasco ah 14

Reaven, G. M.; Olefsky, J. M., 1977: Relationship between heterogeneity of insulin responses and insulin resistance in normal subjects and patients with chemical diabetes

Chakraborty R., 1984: Relationship between heterozygosity and genetic distance in the 3 major races of man

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297121

Vieira L.G.E., 1987: Relationship between high molecular weight glutenin subunits and loaf volume in wheat as measured by the sds sedimentation test

Creten D., 1987: Relationship between high school student smoking and recognition of cigarette advertisements

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297124

Thompson L.H., 1979: Relationship between histidyl transfer rna level and protein synthesis rate in wild type and mutant chinese hamster ovary cells

Hammer D.K., 1979: Relationship between histo compatibility antigens other surface determinants and the immuno globulin e receptor on rat mast cells

Michetti A., 1981: Relationship between histo pathology of the bone marrow and clinical staging in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Mortel R., 1981: Relationship between histologic grading and extrapelvic nodal metastases in cervical carcinoma

Schlichting J., 1980: Relationship between histologic grading of head and neck tumors and regression after chemo therapy

Hiruma, K.; Agui, N., 1977: Relationship between histological changes and functions of the neuro secretory cells in the brain of the cabbage armyworm mamestra brassicae

Holczinger L., 1985: Relationship between histological structure and lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme pattern of rat mammary tumors induced by dimethylbenz a anthracene

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297132

D'angelo M., 1987: Relationship between histological type and blood groups in carcinoma of the lung

Kennedy T.L., 1984: Relationship between histology and gastric juice ph and nitrite in the stomach after operation for duodenal ulcer

Schemper M., 1981: Relationship between histology and steroid receptors in breast cancer

Smulson M., 1983: Relationship between histone h 1 poly adp ribosylation and histone h 1 phosphorylation using anti poly adp ribose antibody

Rao P.N., 1983: Relationship between histone phosphorylation and premature chromosome condensation

Murphy M.J.Jr, 1986: Relationship between histopathology and in vitro clonogenicity in breast cancer

Neauport-Sautes, C.; Bismuth, A.; Kourilsky, F. M.; Manuel, Y., 1974: Relationship between hl a antigens and beta 2 micro globulin as studied by immuno fluorescence on the lymphocyte membrane

Et Al, 1987: Relationship between hla and coronary heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297141

Griffin J.D., 1986: Relationship between hla dr expression by normal myeloid progenitor cells and inhibition of colony growth by prostaglandin e implications for prostaglandin e resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia

Iuvara E., 1985: Relationship between hla system in cluster headache and clinical response to lithium therapy

Meyers C.E., 1981: Relationship between home environment and school adjustment of trainable mentally retarded children

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297145

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297146

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297147

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297148

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297149

Van Houte J., 1979: Relationship between host age and susceptibility to oral colonization by actinomyces viscosus in sprague dawley rats

Valencia M.E., 1984: Relationship between household income expense and consumption of food in urban marginal areas of sonora mexico

Yokoyama H., 1985: Relationship between housing environment and allergic symptoms of children using american thoracic society division of lung diseases questionnaires

Constans, J.; Richard, P.; Viau, M., 1978: Relationship between hp 1s and hp 2 gene frequencies among human populations

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297155

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297156

Haour F., 1985: Relationship between human chorionic gonadotropin receptors disappearance and steroid accumulation during long term human chorionic gonadotropin stimulation in porcine leydig cell cultures

Valeri C.R., 1985: Relationship between human complement c 3 bound to stored preserved erythrocytes and their viability in vivo

Shellis R.P., 1984: Relationship between human enamel structure and the formation of caries like lesions in vitro

Khollan S., 1985: Relationship between human erythrocytic polymorphism and immune responsiveness to tetanus typhus and smallpox antigens

Bolton J.A., 1988: Relationship between human figure drawings and self esteem

Lebech P., 1981: Relationship between human follicular fluid inhibin f activity and steroid content

Delespesse G., 1987: Relationship between human ige binding factors ige bf and lymphocyte receptors for ige

Nakano R., 1985: Relationship between human oocyte maturation and different follicular sizes

Shu L L., 1987: Relationship between human papillomavirus infection and uterine cervical carcinoma development a pathomorphological observation of 357 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297166

Palmarino R., 1985: Relationship between human serum placental alkaline phosphatase and the abo and rh compatibility status in pregnancy

Sawers R.S., 1986: Relationship between human sperm motility characteristics and sperm penetration into human cervical mucus in vitro

Miller, R. W., 1977: Relationship between human teratogens and carcinogens

Zillmann D., 1982: Relationship between humor in introductory text books and students evaluations of the texts appeal and effectiveness

Mazurenko, N. P.; Stepina, V. N.; Gurtsevich, V. E.; Yarymova, N. M.; Kaverzneva, M. M.; Lorie-Yu, I.; Kraevskii, N. A.; Durnov, L. A.; Ermakov, E. S.; Et-Al, 1977: Relationship between humoral antibodies to epstein barr virus and tumors of the lymphoid system in man

Azoulay, E.; Dubreuil, J.; Dou, H.; Mille, G.; Giusti, G., 1983: Relationship between hydro carbons and bacterial activity in mediterranean sediments 1. nature and concentration of the hydro carbons in the sediments

Azoulay, E.; Colin, M.; Dubreuil, J.; Dou, H.; Mille, G.; Giusti, G., 1983: Relationship between hydro carbons and bacterial activity in mediterranean sediments 2. hydro carbon degrading activity of bacteria from sediments

Kobayashi M., 1981: Relationship between hydro chloric acid secretion and level of nonprotein sulfhydryl compounds in the mucosa of the gastric fundus gland of rabbits

Yu B., 1980: Relationship between hydrogenase and nitrogenase in hydrogen metabolism of photosynthetic bacterium rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Rodriguez R., 1987: Relationship between hydropathic variability and functional properties of alpha lactalbumins and type c lysozymes

Lluis, C.; Bozal, J., 1977: Relationship between hydroxy pyruvate and the production of oxalate in vitro

Chretien P., 1983: Relationship between hyper thermia induced heat shock proteins and thermo tolerance in morris hepatoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297180

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297181

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297182

Et Al, 1983: Relationship between hypertension and sodium salt excretion

Yamauchi A., 1987: Relationship between hypertensive response and brain kinin level in the rat injected intraventricularly with glandular kallikrein

Piedmont R.L., 1983: Relationship between hypnotic susceptibility and thermal regulation new directions for research

Teevan R.C., 1985: Relationship between hypnotic susceptibility fear of failure and need for achievement

Goto S., 1981: Relationship between hypo glycemic activity and binding ability with bovine serum albumin of sulfonyl urea related compounds

Hoshi M., 1985: Relationship between hypoglycemic symptoms and blood glucose levels due to self monitoring in summer camp for diabetic children in japan

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297189

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297190

Rougher, P.; Juszczak, G.; Doinel, C.; Salmon, C., 1980: Relationship between i and h antigens 1. a study of the plasma and saliva of a normal population

Rouger, P.; Juszczak, G.; Doinel, C.; Liberge, G.; Bhatia, H. M.; Salmon, C.; Joshi, S. R., 1980: Relationship between i and h antigens 2. study of the h and i deficient phenotypes

Upper C.D., 1982: Relationship between ice nucleation frequency of bacteria and frost injury

Ueda S., 1988: Relationship between idiopathic central serous choroidopathy and idiopathic focal subretinal neovascularization

Goube De La Forest P., 1986: Relationship between il 2 and human t cell colony formation

Finazzi Agro A., 1987: Relationship between immune lattice formation and compactness of holo and apo forms of amine oxidase from lens culinaris

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297197

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297198

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297199

Antonaci S., 1986: Relationship between immune system and gram negative bacteria acid treated salmonella minnesota r595 reenhances immune responsiveness in patients with gynecologic malignancies

Jirillo E., 1986: Relationship between immune system and gram negative bacteria binding of salmonella pullorum gallinarum to chicken lymphocytes

Jirillo, E.; Antonaci, S.; Kiyono, H.; Michalek, S. M.; Mcghee, J. R., 1985: Relationship between immune system and gram negative bacteria iv. t lymphocytes from lps d mice possess binding sites for rb salmonella

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297203

Mccann S.R., 1983: Relationship between immuno globulin levels lymphocyte sub populations and rai staging in patients with b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Copinschi G., 1984: Relationship between immuno reactive somatomedin c insulin and tri iodo thyronine patterns during fasting in obese subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297206

Yarchoan R., 1985: Relationship between immunoglobulin production and immortalization by epstein barr virus

Dunning A.J., 1983: Relationship between impaired parasympathetic and sympathetic cardio vascular control in diabetes mellitus

Stiner A., 1980: Relationship between in process evaluations of therapy and psycho therapy outcome in patients

Et Al, 1988: Relationship between in vitro binding activity and in vivo tumor accumulation of radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies

Uchino H., 1980: Relationship between in vitro colony forming ability and expression of ia like antigen of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia cells

Saiga, S.; Hojito, S., 1978: Relationship between in vitro digestibility and some plant characters in aftermath of space planted orchard grass dactylis glomerata

Saiga, S.; Hojito, S., 1978: Relationship between in vitro digestibility and some plant characters in hay of space planted orchard grass dactylis glomerata

Masters P.M., 1981: Relationship between in vitro digestibility of casein and its content of lysino alanine and d amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297216

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297217

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297218

Venditti J.M., 1988: Relationship between in vitro tumor stem cell assay and in vivo antitumor activity using the p388 leukemia

Griswold T., 1986: Relationship between in vivo and in vitro 17 alpha hydroxylase and c 17 20 lyase activity in ovaries of immature hypophysectomized rats treated chronically with human chorionic gonadotropin

Sotaniemi, E. A.; Pelkonen, R. O.; Ahokas, J. T.; Pirttiaho, H. I.; Ahlqvist, J., 1978: Relationship between in vivo and in vitro drug metabolism in man

Dice, J. F.; Goldberg, A. L., 1975: Relationship between in vivo degradative rates and iso electric points of proteins

Olefsky J.M., 1979: Relationship between in vivo insulin resistance and decreased insulin receptors in obese man

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297224

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297225

Nakajima Y., 1980: Relationship between incidence and onset age of mammary tumors and reproductive characteristics in mice

Jeger M.J., 1987: Relationship between incidence and severity of banana leaf spot in taiwan

Downey J.M., 1986: Relationship between incidence of early ventricular arrhythmias ischemic zone size and coronary collateral flow in the dog

Bowmer E.J., 1980: Relationship between incidence of salmonella contamination among pre scalded eviscerated and post chilled chickens in a poultry processing plant

Nanda R., 1986: Relationship between incident radiation leaf area and dry matter yield in wheat

Herrick D., 1983: Relationship between incorporation of 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl adenine in l 1210 dna and cyto toxicity

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297232

Silvestre P., 1980: Relationship between increased aerobic glycolysis and dna synthesis initiation studied using glycolytic mutant fibroblasts

Hamilton, S. M.; Johnston, M. G.; Fong, A.; Pepevnak, C.; Semple, J. L.; Movat, H. Z., 1986: Relationship between increased vascular permeability and extravascular albumin clearance in rabbit inflammatory responses induced with escherichia coli

Heather W.A., 1986: Relationship between increased virulence and the aggressiveness traits of melampsora medusae

Cashmore, G. C.; Davies, C. T. M.; Few, J. D., 1977: Relationship between increases in plasma cortisol concentration and rate of cortisol secretion during exercise in man

Bozdech V., 1983: Relationship between indirect hem agglutination test and other diagnostic tests for toxoplasmosis

Serieys F., 1985: Relationship between individual milk cell concentration on the susceptibility of cows to intramammary infections and their milk yield

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297240

Herscowitz H.B., 1988: Relationship between ineffective antigen presentation by murine alveolar macrophages and their immunosuppressive function

Clarke N.G., 1983: Relationship between infant death and maternal age comparison of sudden infant death incidence with other causes of infant mortality

Helgen S., 1988: Relationship between infection by leaf blotch net blotch and barley yield

Ioli, A.; Faraone, U.; Forino, D.; Montebianco-Abenavoli, S., 1983: Relationship between infections with free living amoebae and viral hepatitis 1. hepatitis b surface antigen and antibodies for protozoa in viral hepatitis patients

Doane J.F., 1985: Relationship between infestation levels and yield loss caused by wheat midge sitodiplosis mosellana diptera cecidomyiidae in spring wheat in saskatchewan canada

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297247

Hartley W.F., 1983: Relationship between ingestion of the locoweed oxytropis sericea and congestive right sided heart failure in cattle

Palomar L.S., 1985: Relationship between ingredients and cooking methods in menus from your regional menu guide of the philippines

Saxena S., 1979: Relationship between inhibiting influence of vitamin a and developmental stage of regenerating tail in toad tadpoles bufo andersonii

Ramirez, H.; Alejandre, M. J.; Zafra, M. F.; Garcia-Peregrin, E.; Segovia, J. L., 1984: Relationship between inhibition of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec by cholesterol feeding and short term changes in membrane fluidity during neo natal development

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297252

Larsson C M., 1986: Relationship between inhibition of carbon dioxide fixation and glutamine synthetase inactivation in lemna gibba treated with l methionine dl sulfoximine

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297254

Bourgeade M F., 1987: Relationship between inhibition of cell growth and of transferrin receptor expression by interferon ifn alpha studies in ifn sensitive and ifn resistant daudi cells

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297256

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297257

Sato, N.; Tomiyama, K., 1977: Relationship between inhibition of intra cellular hyphal growth of phytophthora infestans and rishitin concentration in infected potato cells

Pardini R.S., 1986: Relationship between inhibition of mitochondrial respiration by naphthoquinones their antitumor activity and their redox potential

Morris D.R., 1979: Relationship between inhibition of poly amine biosynthesis and dna replication in activated lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297261

Lederer E., 1979: Relationship between inhibition of protein methylase i and inhibition of rous sarcoma virus induced cell transformation

Tischer, W.; Strotmann, H., 1977: Relationship between inhibitor binding by chloroplasts and inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport

Iwadare T., 1986: Relationship between inhibitory activity of myrmicacin analogues on camellia japonica pollen germination and their lipophilicity

Kher K.K., 1984: Relationship between initial densities of rotylenchulus reniformis and damage to cotton with a fit to seinhorsts curves

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297267

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297268

Nelson R.R., 1981: Relationship between initial inoculum and apparent infection rate in a set of disease progress data for powdery mildew on wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chancellor

Swarup G., 1984: Relationship between initial inoculum levels of heterodera avenae and penetration of juveniles in the roots of susceptible and resistant barley cultivars

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297271

Powell D.M., 1981: Relationship between injury and damage to potatoes by wireworms

Uematsu, T.; Fujii, H.; Ohata, K., 1977: Relationship between inoculation methods and seed infection with tomato canker bacteria corynebacterium michiganense

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297276

Hatt P.Y., 1986: Relationship between inotropy and relaxation in rat myocardium

Albe Fessard D., 1981: Relationship between input and output of cells in motor and somato sensory cortices of the chronic awake rat a study using glass micro pipettes

Garner G.B., 1986: Relationship between insect abundance and endophyte infestation level in tall fescue festuca arundinacea in missouri usa

Hwang J.D., 1984: Relationship between insecticide induced short and wry neck and cervical defects visible histologically shortly after treatment of chick embryos

Shafie, S. M.; Hilf, R., 1978: Relationship between insulin and estrogen binding to growth response in 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced rat mammary tumors

Pawlikowski M., 1979: Relationship between insulin and somatotropin in obesity

Plas C., 1981: Relationship between insulin binding and glycogenesis in cultured fetal hepatocytes

Howard B.V., 1985: Relationship between insulin mediated glucose disposal and lipid metabolism in man

Reaven G.M., 1981: Relationship between insulin resistance insulin secretion very low density lipo protein kinetics and plasma tri glyceride levels in normo tri glyceridemic man

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297286

Riccardi G., 1985: Relationship between insulin response to intravenous glucose and plasma lipoproteins in healthy men

Gagliardino J.J., 1987: Relationship between insulin secretion and rat islet plasma membrane calcium atpase during short term fasting

Konijnendijk W., 1980: Relationship between insulin secretion insulin content and dry weight of single rat pancreatic islets

Maruhama, Y.; Yanbe, A.; Abe, R.; Okuguchi, F.; Ohneda, A.; Yamagata, S., 1976: Relationship between insulin secretory function and endogenous hyper tri glyceridemia in obese humans with insulin resistance

Hobsley M., 1983: Relationship between insulin stimulated and histamine stimulated gastric secretion before and after vagotomy

Rytvinskii S.S., 1985: Relationship between insulin stimulated atp formation in particles enriched by plasma membranes and proton transport across the plasma membranes of target cells

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Basilico C., 1980: Relationship between integrated and nonintegrated viral dna in rat cells transformed by polyoma virus

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Raskin L., 1981: Relationship between intellectual status and reading skills for developmentally disabled children

Tengberg J E., 1979: Relationship between intensities of skin test reactions to glass fibers and chemical irritants

Karabashev, G. S.; Solov'ev, A. N., 1978: Relationship between intensity maxima of phyto plankton pigment fluorescence and the location of the seasonal pycnocline

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Harrison A.F., 1983: Relationship between intensity of phosphatase activity and physicochemical properties in woodland soils

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297305

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Huston J.P., 1985: Relationship between interhemispheric nigrostriatal projections and the direction of rotational behavior induced by amphetamine

Toone B., 1987: Relationship between interictal psychopathology and the type of epilepsy results of a survey in general practice

De Landazuri M.O., 1982: Relationship between interleukin 2 synthesis and the proliferative response to phyto hem agglutinin in different primary immuno deficiencies

Goldman R.D., 1986: Relationship between intermediate filaments and microfilaments in cultured fibroblasts evidence for common foci during cell spreading

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297311

Kohlikova, E.; Cicha, J., 1986: Relationship between internal diameter of inferior vena cava or aorta and pulmonary edema in experiment in animals iii. hemodynamic changes in partial or total occlusion of inferior vena cava under branching of renal veins and after induction of pulmonary edema in acute and chronic experiment

Cicha, J.; Kohlikova, E., 1986: Relationship between internal diameter of inferior vena cava or aorta and pulmonary edema in experiment in animals iv. hemodynamic changes in abdominal aorta stenosis under the branching of renal arteries and after induction of pulmonary edema in acute and chronic experiment

Cicha, J.; Kohlikova, E., 1986: Relationship between internal diameter of inferior vena cava or aorta internal diameter and lung edema in experiment on animals ii. hemodynamic changes in complete occlusion of inferior vena cava below or between renal veins of the rabbit in chronic experiment after induction of lung edema

Martin T.J., 1984: Relationship between internalization and calcitonin induced receptor loss in t 47d cells

Kondo T., 1985: Relationship between interstitia and prognosis of gastric carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297317

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297318

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297320

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297321

Novak, V. A.; Ivankina, N. G., 1976: Relationship between intra cellular and extracellular light induced bio electrical reactions in plants

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297324

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Meijer, A. J.; Van-Woerkom, G. M., 1977: Relationship between intra mitochondrial citrate and the activity of carbamoyl phosphate synthetase ec ammonia

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297327

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297328

Shimazu T., 1981: Relationship between intra uterine pressure and maternal hemodynamics

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297330

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297331

Reynolds M., 1984: Relationship between intracellular oxygenation and neuromuscular conduction during hypoxic hypoxia

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297335

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Takayanagi I., 1983: Relationship between intrinsic activity of beta adrenoceptor agonist and amount of spare receptors in guinea pig tenia cecum

Stone D.L., 1986: Relationship between introversion extraversion values regarding control over information and perceptions of invasion of privacy

Hatch D.J., 1987: Relationship between invasive and noninvasive measurements of gas exchange in anesthetized infants and children

Komiyama Y., 1987: Relationship between invertase activity and sugar composition of persimmon fruit

Pentony J.F., 1987: Relationship between involvement in an issue and number of arguments

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Et Al, 1983: Relationship between iron deficiency anemia and incidence of infections in childhood

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297351

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Et Al, 1988: Relationship between iud and menstrual blood loss

Stewart R.B., 1980: Relationship between jack pine budworm choristoneura pinus pinus early larva density to frequency of infested vegetative and staminate flower buds

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Krauskopf D.M., 1985: Relationship between juice and flesh calcium during apple malus domestica cultivar delicious fruit development

Neely D., 1984: Relationship between juvenile leaf resistance to anthracnose and the presence of juglone and hydro juglone glucoside in black walnut juglans nigra

Seth M.K., 1986: Relationship between juvenile wood and mature wood specific gravity at breast height in blue pine

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Mori S., 1988: Relationship between keratin and lymphocytes in granulation tissue in cholesteatoma otitis

Heyne E.H., 1983: Relationship between kernel color and protein content of hard red x hard white winter wheat triticum aestivum progeny

Rytter J., 1986: Relationship between kernel infection and spike infection of wheat triticum aestivum by tilletia indica causal agent of karnal bunt

Girard J., 1981: Relationship between ketogenesis and gluconeogenesis in isolated hepatocytes from new born rats

Fukudo S., 1985: Relationship between ketogenic metabolism and brain function during fasting therapy

Steinbach G., 1981: Relationship between ketone body content in the blood and anti infectious defense in calves

Masamune O., 1987: Relationship between kidney size and diabetic renal lesion in non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Drozdowski B., 1982: Relationship between kinetics of soybean oil hydrogenation on a laboratory scale and the reaction conditions

Duquesnoy B., 1987: Relationship between kyphosis scoliosis and osteoporosis in the elderly population

Hahn H J., 1986: Relationship between labeling index and thymidine incorporation in cultured rat islets of langerhans stimulation of dna synthesis by fgf s 3

Takahashi M., 1988: Relationship between labeling indices of ki 67 and brdurd in human malignant tumors

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O'neil M., 1988: Relationship between laboratory germination tests and field emergence of maize inbreds

Mcdowell B.L., 1986: Relationship between laboratory indices of hot pepper seed vigor and crop greenhouse performance

Tagashira Y., 1980: Relationship between laboratory mice and the subspecies mus musculus domesticus based on restriction endo nuclease cleavage patterns of mitochondrial dna

Dastugue B., 1986: Relationship between lacrimal gland isolated cells lacrimocytes and tears biochemical and histological studies in the rabbit eye

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297391

Gougoux A., 1979: Relationship between lactate and glutamine metabolism in vitro by the kidney differences between dog and rat and importance of alanine synthesis in the dog

Faucon G., 1982: Relationship between lactate arterio venous gradient and tissue lactate content in sub endo cardial and sub epi cardial layers of the ischemic in situ heart

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Yamamoto Y., 1987: Relationship between lactate threshold during running and relative gastrocnemius area

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297398

Faust M.A., 1982: Relationship between land use practices and fecal bacteria in soils

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297401

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297402

Losee E., 1979: Relationship between larval and spat growth rates in the oyster crassostrea virginica

Ohnishi S., 1979: Relationship between larval feeding behavior and viability in drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans

Mottecy C.S., 1984: Relationship between late deceleration of fetal heart rate during labor and vitality of the newborn

Yasui S., 1988: Relationship between late potentials and left ventricular function in patients with coronary artery disease

Hackenbrock C.R., 1984: Relationship between lateral diffusion collision frequency and electron transfer of mitochondrial inner membrane oxidation reduction components

Tarui S., 1987: Relationship between ldl receptor activity and development of coronary heart disease in japanese cases with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297410

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297411

Tomokuni, K.; Ogata, M., 1981: Relationship between lead concentration in blood and the activities of erythrocyte pyrimidine 5' nucleotidase and delta amino levulinate dehydratase in the mice exposed to lead

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Sinn, W., 1981: Relationship between lead concentration in the air and blood lead levels of people living and working in the center of a city frankfurt west germany blood lead study 2. correlations and conclusions

Talbot V., 1987: Relationship between lead concentrations in seawater and in the mussel mytilus edulis a water quality criterion

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297417

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Kennedy, R. A., 1976: Relationship between leaf development carboxylase enzyme activities and photo respiration in the 4 carbon plant portulaca oleracea

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Rangasamy S.R.S., 1985: Relationship between leaf photosynthetic rate and yield in blackgram vigna mungo genotypes

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Gruenstein E., 1979: Relationship between lectin mono saccharide specificity and binding to the plasma membrane of human fibroblasts

Harrison C.E., 1983: Relationship between left ventricular morphology and post operative cardiac function following valve replacement for mitral stenosis

De Geest H., 1986: Relationship between left ventricular pressure and the calibrated apexcardiogram during abrupt outflow obstruction

Strauss H.W., 1987: Relationship between left ventricular systolic function and plasma clearance of ytterbium 169 dtpa in normal and ischemic dogs

Nissinen A., 1987: Relationship between leisure time physical activity and risk factors for coronary heart disease in middle aged finnish women

Yabu H., 1987: Relationship between length tension relation and 20000 dalton myosin light chain phosphorylation in guinea pig tenia ceci

Ishiguro I., 1986: Relationship between lenticular vitamin e level and cataract formation in experimentally diabetic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297433

Naeser, M. A.; Helm-Estabrooks, N.; Haas, G.; Auerbach, S.; Srinivasan, M., 1987: Relationship between lesion extent in wernicke's area on computed tomographic scan and predicting recovery of comprehension in wernicke's aphasia

Paunio I., 1987: Relationship between lesions of enamel focal demineralization and caries in groups of finnish and russian children

Averbeck D., 1985: Relationship between lesions photoinduced by mono functional and bi functional furocoumarins in dna and genotoxic effects in diploid yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Blenda V.F., 1979: Relationship between leuco antho cyan accumulation in nursery grown fruit plants and characteristics of their ontogenesis

Opelz, G.; Gale, R. P.; Mcclelland, J. D., 1977: Relationship between leukemia antigens and stimulation in mixed leukocyte culture

Kester D.A.P.M., 1987: Relationship between leukemic cell count and degree of maturation in acute myeloid leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297441

Honma, Y.; Kasukabe, T.; Hozumi, M., 1978: Relationship between leukemogenicity and in vivo inducibility of normal differentiation in mouse myeloid leukemia cells

Boncinelli, U.; Fornieri, C.; Muscatello, U., 1978: Relationship between leukocytes and tumor cells in pre cancerous and cancerous lesions of the lip a possible expression of immune reaction

Guidetti B., 1987: Relationship between leukocytosis and ischemic complications following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297445

Ogra P.L., 1988: Relationship between leukotriene c4 and an uteroglobin like protein in nasal and tracheobronchial mucosa of children implication in acute respiratory illnesses

Cross H., 1983: Relationship between level of adjustment and expectations for therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297448

Rencz A.N., 1980: Relationship between levels of copper uranium and lead in glacial sediments and in vaccinium uliginosum at an arctic site enriched with heavy metals

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297450

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297451

Heinrichs E.A., 1986: Relationship between levels of resistance to the striped stemborer chilo suppressalis lepidoptera pyralidae and rice grain yield losses

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297453

Cooley, E. J.; Keesey, J. C., 1981: Relationship between life change and illness in coping vs. sensitive persons

Hoey J., 1984: Relationship between life enjoyments perceived health status and general activity in the aged

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297457

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Tazawa M., 1979: Relationship between light induced potential change and internal atp concentration in tonoplast free chara cells

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Senger H., 1985: Relationship between light induced state i ii transitions and magnesium effect on fluorescence tested in synchronous cultures of scenedesmus obliquus

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Wurtman R.J., 1983: Relationship between light intensity and the melatonin and drinking rhythms of rats

Fein A., 1985: Relationship between light sensitivity and intracellular free calcium concentration in limulus ventral photoreceptors a quantitative study using calcium selective microelectrodes

Kirk T.K., 1983: Relationship between lignin degradation and production of reduced oxygen species by phanerochaete chrysosporium

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297466

Williams R.C., 1984: Relationship between linear and area measurements of radiographic bone levels utilizing simple computerized techniques

Ashby F.G., 1986: Relationship between linear systems theory and covariance structure modeling

Sotaniemi E.A., 1985: Relationship between lipid composition and drug metabolizing capacity of human liver

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297470

Ballantyne, D., 1976: Relationship between lipid composition of very low density lipo protein and electrophoretic mobility in agarose gel

Bushuk W., 1986: Relationship between lipid content and composition and loaf volume of twenty six common spring wheats

Field M., 1986: Relationship between lipid fluidity and water permeability of bovine tracheal epithelial cell apical membranes

Robak, J.; Sobanska, B., 1976: Relationship between lipid per oxidation and prostaglandin generation in rabbit tissues

Konev V.V., 1982: Relationship between lipid per oxide oxidation and cell respiration

Dil'man V.M., 1985: Relationship between lipidemia and insulinemia and body fat level body surface area and subcutaneous fat tissue condition in patients with cancer of the breast and lung

Yasuda H., 1984: Relationship between lipids and angiographically defined coronary artery disease in japanese patients

Luria M.A., 1980: Relationship between lipids and occlusive coronary artery disease

Howes E.A., 1984: Relationship between lipofuscin granules and poly unsaturated fatty acids in the house fly musca domestica

Wilhelm J., 1986: Relationship between lipofuscin like pigment formation and lipolysis in gamma irradiated rats

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297481

Le Liepvre X., 1985: Relationship between lipogenesis ketogenesis and malonyl coenzyme a content in isolated hepatocytes from the obese zucker rat adapted to a high fat diet

Christophe J., 1979: Relationship between lipolysis and calcium in epididymal adipose tissue of obese hyper glycemic mice

Ostman J., 1979: Relationship between lipolysis cyclic amp and fat cell size in human adipose tissue during fasting and in diabetes mellitus

Headon D.R., 1979: Relationship between lipolyzed flavor and free fatty acid levels in milk and butter

Borea P.A., 1986: Relationship between lipophilic character and urinary excretion of nitroimidazoles and nitrothiazoles in rats

Kilbourn M.R., 1983: Relationship between lipophilicity and brain extraction of carbon 11 labeled radio pharmaceuticals

Kubo I., 1986: Relationship between lipophilicity bitterness and structure of phenyl beta d glucopyranosides

Ronald A.R., 1987: Relationship between lipopolysaccharide composition and virulence of haemophilus ducreyi

Kirstein P., 1984: Relationship between lipoproteins including high density lipoprotein subfractions and intravenous fat tolerance test

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297491

Saubidet, C. L.; Verde, L. S., 1976: Relationship between live weight age and dry matter intake for beef cattle after different levels of food restriction

Klaassen C.D., 1981: Relationship between liver and kidney levels of glutathione and metallo thionein in rats

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Gushima, M., 1977: Relationship between liver disturbance and mono amine oxidase ec part 2 effect of amino acetonitrile on mono amine oxidase

Watts C., 1986: Relationship between liver glycogen metabolism and glucose homeostasis in the fetal rat studies with the gsd gsd rats

Crosnier J., 1983: Relationship between liver histo pathological changes and hepatitis b surface antigen in 111 patients treated by long term hemo dialysis

Pushkar' E.N., 1981: Relationship between living conditions and infection of midges by microsporidia

Skirtachev V.L., 1979: Relationship between living conditions of a population of meriones meridianus and sprouting of salsola ruthenica in the southwestern part of the volga ural sands ussr

Christiansen C., 1984: Relationship between local and total bone mineral in normal pubertal boys

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297501

Senyukov M.V., 1980: Relationship between local radiation reactions and dose in electron therapy

Ward E.W.B., 1982: Relationship between localized glyceollin accumulation and metalaxyl treatment in the control of phytophthora rot in soybean glycine max cultivar altona hypocotyls

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297504

Hanec, W.; Dolinski, M. G.; Loschiavo, S. R., 1975: Relationship between loco motor activity and respiration rate of the rusty grain beetle cryptolestes ferrugineus at temperatures from 1 celsius to 30 celsius

Hall, J. N., 1978: Relationship between locus of control and drug effects in users of narcotics stimulants hypnotic sedatives and hallucinogens

Carden R.L., 1981: Relationship between locus of control and extraversion introversion in predicting academic behavior

Pihl R.O., 1981: Relationship between locus of control and irrational beliefs

Wilmesmeier J.M., 1983: Relationship between locus of control and moral judgments among college students

Dailey R.C., 1980: Relationship between locus of control task characteristics and work attitudes

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297511

Adelana B.O., 1980: Relationship between lodging morphological characters and yield of tomato cultivars

Remison, S. U.; Akinleye, D., 1978: Relationship between lodging morphological characters and yield of varieties of maize zea mays

Pietrogrande, M. C.; Bighi, C.; Borea, P. A.; Barbaro, A. M.; Guerra, M. C.; Biagi, G. L., 1985: Relationship between log k' values of benzodiazepines and composition of the mobile phase

Thijssen, H. H. W., 1981: Relationship between log p rm log k' and the constants pi and f a study on penicillins

Mccallum F., 1987: Relationship between longevity of spermatozoa after insemination and the percentage of normal embryos in brown marsupial mice antechinus stuartii

Prentice R.L., 1984: Relationship between longitudinal changes in blood pressure and stroke incidence

Carbone A.R., 1987: Relationship between lordosis and the position of the center of reaction of the spinal disc

Derubertis F.R., 1986: Relationship between loss of rat colonic surface epithelium induced by deoxycholate and initiation of the subsequent proliferative response

Ito, K.; Nakamura, K.; Izaki, K.; Takahashi, H., 1977: Relationship between loss of viability and cell lysis in sodium chloride osmotic shock in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297521

Tanaka Y., 1987: Relationship between loudness and masking level in tinnitus

Greenberg H.J., 1979: Relationship between loudness discomfort level and acoustic reflex threshold for normal and sensori neural hearing impaired individuals

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297524

Hollis T.M., 1980: Relationship between low intensity shear stress aortic histamine formation and aortic albumin uptake

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297526

Beiko P., 1981: Relationship between lower esophageal sphincter pressure and serum gastrin concentration in the new born infant

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297528

Chapnick B.M., 1988: Relationship between ltd 4 induced endothelium dependent vasomotor relaxation and cyclic gmp

Kuwae, T.; Andoh, M.; Fukasawa, S.; Kurata, M., 1983: Relationship between luminous fish and symbiosis 1. comparative studies of lipo poly saccharides isolated from symbiotic luminous bacteria of the luminous marine fish physiculus japonicus

Mendoza Mendoza A., 1987: Relationship between lung inflammation or fibrosis and frequency dependence of compliance in interstitial pulmonary diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297532

Strohl K.P., 1988: Relationship between lung volume and tracheal area as assessed by acoustic reflection

Hoffstein V., 1986: Relationship between lung volume maximal expiratory flow forced expiratory volume in one second and tracheal area in normal men and women

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297535

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297536

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297537

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297538

Rozental' V.V., 1985: Relationship between lymph flow interstitial pressure and the degree of the hydration of the lung

Milas L., 1985: Relationship between lymph nodal status and primary tumor control probability in tumors of the supraglottic larynx

Murata T., 1984: Relationship between lymph node metastases and prognosis in patients irradiated postoperatively for carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Hsin Y P., 1984: Relationship between lymphatic and venous pressure in normal and lymphedematous rabbit ears

Nightingale, G.; Hurley, J. V., 1978: Relationship between lymphocyte emigration and vascular endothelium in chronic inflammation

Tsuji H., 1981: Relationship between lymphocyte proliferation and migration inhibitory factor production in response to autologous tumor extract in cancer patients

Mannick J.A., 1979: Relationship between lymphocyte proliferation and tumor specific cyto toxicity after immune rna treatment

Peel, M. M.; Edsall, G.; White, W. G.; Barnes, G. M., 1978: Relationship between lymphocyte response to tetanus toxoid and age of lymphocyte donor

Sugiyama Y., 1985: Relationship between lymphocytic cytotoxicity and phytohemagglutinin induced lymphoblastogenesis before and after surgical tumor excision an experimental study

Gasbarrini G., 1982: Relationship between lymphocyto toxicity to rabbit hepatocytes and circulating antibodies against hepatocyte membrane antigens in chronic active hepatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297549

Garro, A. J.; Law, M. F., 1974: Relationship between lysogeny spontaneous induction and transformation efficiencies in bacillus subtilis

Jennings R.B., 1984: Relationship between lysophospholipid accumulation and plasma membrane injury during total in vitro ischemia in dog heart

Szlamka, I.; Menyhart, J.; Somogyi, J., 1975: Relationship between lysosomal damage fatty infiltration and hepato cellular necrosis in the course of acute liver injury induced by carbon tetra chloride in the rat

Ogawa K., 1984: Relationship between lysosomal wrapping mechanism and cytoskeletal elements during auto phago lysosome formation

Sloan G.L., 1979: Relationship between lysostaphin endo peptidase production and cell wall composition in staphylococcus staphylolyticus

Tanaka, T.; Imamura, S.; Takigawa, M., 1988: Relationship between macrophage infiltration and epidermopoiesis in delayed type hypersensitivity

Collery P., 1986: Relationship between magnesium cancer and carcinogenic or anticancer metals

Gross C.F., 1979: Relationship between magnesium content of alfalfa medicago sativa and stemphylium botryosum leaf spot severity

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297559

Doelle H.W., 1980: Relationship between maintenance energy requirement mineral salts and efficiency of glucose to ethanol conversion by zymomonas mobilis

Kim M.Y., 1986: Relationship between maintenance of hypertension and central noradrenergic nervous system activity in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Rinone R., 1981: Relationship between mal nutrition and immunity in vitro effect of thymic extract tp 1

Buist A.S., 1987: Relationship between maldistribution of ventilation and airways obstruction in children with asthma

Demason D.A., 1984: Relationship between male and female gametophyte development in rye secale cereale

Terp S., 1987: Relationship between malocclusion and maintenance of teeth

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297566

Meyer J.E., 1988: Relationship between mammographic and histologic features of breast tissue in women with benign biopsies

Itoh S., 1984: Relationship between manganese concentration in the soil solution and manganese injury of cabbage plant

Schleger, W.; Mayrhofer, G.; Stur, I., 1978: Relationship between marker hetero zygosity and fitness in cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297570

Farver T.B., 1986: Relationship between mastitis pathogen numbers in bulk tank milk and bovine udder infections in california usa dairy herds

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297572

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297573

Sanii M.R., 1988: Relationship between maternal and fetal lung growth

Nemet, K.; Andrassy, K.; Bognar, K.; Czappan, P.; Stuber, A.; Simonovits, I., 1986: Relationship between maternal and infant iron stores 1. full term infants

Morley, G., 1978: Relationship between maternal anti blood group d levels fetal phenotype and hemolytic disease of the new born

Wallenburg H.C.S., 1987: Relationship between maternal hemodynamics and hematocrit and hemodynamic effects of isovolemic hemodilution and hemoconcentration in the awake late pregnant guinea pig

Silva J.F.D., 1986: Relationship between maternal nutritional status smoking during pregnancy and growth of fetus and of child during first year life

Carta S., 1988: Relationship between maternal parity basal prolactin levels and neonatal breast milk intake

Christianson R.E., 1980: Relationship between maternal smoking and the incidence of congenital anomalies

Madhavapeddi R., 1986: Relationship between maternal vitamins b 2 and b 6 status and the levels of these vitamins in milk at different stages of lactation a study in a low income group of indian women

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297584

Oda T., 1987: Relationship between maturation of the skin and electrical skin resistance

Moynihan, J. B., 1977: Relationship between maturity and iso enzymes of erythrocytic carbonic anhydrase in new born infants

Ardigo A., 1984: Relationship between maturity class and grain yield of maize zea mays in a mediterranean environment

Thurzo V., 1979: Relationship between maturity electrolyte balance and the function of the renin angiotensin aldo sterone system in new born infants

Miyashita M., 1988: Relationship between maximal aerobic power and the fatiguability during repeated isokinetic contractions

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Kang Y.S., 1983: Relationship between maximum standing crop and species density in the herbaceous vegetation of west central korea

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Waiss A.C.Jr, 1985: Relationship between maysin concentration in corn zea mays cultivar zapalote chico silk and corn earworm heliothis zea lepidoptera noctuidae growth

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297598

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297599

Trujillo A., 1985: Relationship between mean weights of incubated egg and of layer hen in production conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297601

Krishna K.V.R., 1986: Relationship between measles malnutrition and blindness a prospective study in indian children

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297603

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297604

Yu-Yu, 1976: Relationship between measurements of heating and acid detergent insoluble nitrogen in heat damaged fresh alfalfa haylage and hay

Ohshima N., 1985: Relationship between mechanical and hydrodynamic properties of bioprosthesis produced from canine aortic valve

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Jones M., 1984: Relationship between melanogenesis proliferative activity and response to chemotherapy of human melanoma xenografts

Wilhite H.S., 1983: Relationship between melanose incidence and dead wood in texas grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar ruby red

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297613

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Hilton J.G., 1986: Relationship between membrane atpase and shape changes in the dog erythrocyte

Noventa F., 1979: Relationship between membrane bound immuno globulin and viral antigens in liver cells from patients with hepatitis b virus infection

Scholar E.M., 1985: Relationship between membrane bound protein kinase c activity and calcium dependent proliferation of balb c 3t3 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297618

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Defelice L.J., 1983: Relationship between membrane excitability and single channel open close kinetics

Wong J.T F., 1980: Relationship between membrane fluidity and capping of receptors for concanavalin a

Carrasco L., 1982: Relationship between membrane integrity and the inhibition of host translation in virus infected mammalian cells comparative studies between encephalomyocarditis virus and poliovirus

Carrasco L., 1981: Relationship between membrane permeability and the translation capacity of human hela cells studied by means of the ionophore nigericin

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297626

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297628

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297631

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297632

Barnes B.L., 1984: Relationship between mental health and job efficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297634

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297636

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Kardos M., 1982: Relationship between metabolic control and plasma lipo protein level in diabetic children

Sohal R.S., 1982: Relationship between metabolic rate aging lipid per oxidation and fluorescent age pigment in milkweed bug oncopeltus fasciatus hemiptera heteroptera

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297647

Fidler I.J., 1981: Relationship between metastatic potential and resistance to natural killer cell mediated cyto toxicity in 3 murine tumor systems

Marinkov, P., 1986: Relationship between meteorological factors and effectiveness of insecticides controlling the leaf blister moth cemiostoma scitela z. lepidoptera cemiostomidae

Uchimura K., 1986: Relationship between meteorological factors and pollen counts of cryptomeria japonica and cupressaceae in sakado city japan

Saxena M.B.L., 1983: Relationship between meteorological factors and the occurrence of ergot disease claviceps microcephala of pearl millet

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297652

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297656

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Tashian A.H.Jr, 1983: Relationship between mezerein mediated biological responses and phorbol ester receptor occupancy

Ragni F., 1983: Relationship between micro climatic indexes at various levels of energetic expenditure and thermic impedance from clothes

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Senda M., 1981: Relationship between microbial degradability and polarographic half wave potential of poly chloro cyclo hexenes and bhc isomers

Obiamiwe, B. A., 1977: Relationship between microfilarial density the number of microfilariae ingested by mosquitoes and the proportion of mosquitoes with larvae

Amano K., 1987: Relationship between microflora of the upper small intestine and steatorrhea in patients with extensive gastric resection

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297667

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297668

Grierson W., 1979: Relationship between mid season resistance to chilling injury and reducing sugar level in grapefruit peel

Berthold P., 1979: Relationship between migratory restlessness and migration in the barred warbler sylvia nisoria an eco physiological investigation

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Bains, S. S.; Jhooty, J. S., 1978: Relationship between mineral nutrition of muskmelon and development of downy mildew caused by pseudoperonospora cubensis

Kings J.A., 1986: Relationship between mineralizable nitrogen and microbial biomass in a range of plant litters peats and soils of moderate to low ph

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297682

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297683

Scott K.J., 1981: Relationship between minerals and the development of storage breakdown in apples

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297685

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297686

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297692

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Studneva I.M., 1987: Relationship between mitochondrial glutamate and adenine nucleotides in hypoxic heart

Colby H.D., 1988: Relationship between mitochondrial lipid peroxidation and alpha tocopherol levels in the guinea pig adrenal cortex

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Pfeiffer D.R., 1980: Relationship between mitochondrial membrane permeability membrane potential and the retention of calcium by mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297698

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Puccianai F., 1985: Relationship between mixed acid alkaline gastroesophageal reflux and esophagitis

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297704

Wallace T.L., 1987: Relationship between modulation of natural killer cell activity and antitumor activity of bropirimine when used in combination with various types of chemotherapeutic drugs

Zaitseva R.I., 1980: Relationship between moisture potential and moisture in quartz fractions

Ekiert L., 1982: Relationship between molecular connectivity indices of barbiturates and chromatographic parameters

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297709

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297719

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Etherington J.R., 1984: Relationship between morphological adaptation to grazing carbon balance and waterlogging tolerance in clones in dactylis glomerata

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Labo G., 1987: Relationship between morphological changes detected by ultrasonography and pancreatic exocrine function in chronic pancreatitis

Gapasin R.M., 1987: Relationship between morphological characteristics and varietal resistance of sweet potato to scab infection caused by sphaceloma batatas saw

Imagawa N., 1982: Relationship between morphological characteristics of follicular wall and steroid contents in follicular fluid during menstrual cycle

Aytenfisu A., 1980: Relationship between morphological characters above the flag leaf node and grain yield in spring wheats triticum aestivum aestivum

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Blinov N.N., 1984: Relationship between morphological structure of lung cancer and frequency and nature of regional metastatic spreading

Dipaolo J.A., 1980: Relationship between morphological transformation and tritium labeled thymidine incorporation stimulated by a chemical carcinogen in post confluent cultures of hamster embryo cells

Belkin M., 1988: Relationship between morphology and functional ability of regenerated corneal endothelium

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297734

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Sirivunaboot P., 1980: Relationship between mothers attitudes toward breast feeding and types of feeding practices

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Orchardson R., 1986: Relationship between mouth opening force and facial skeletal dimensions in human females

Choppin P.W., 1979: Relationship between movement and aggregation of centrioles in syncytia and formation of micro tubule bundles

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297747

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Williams R.O., 1983: Relationship between multiple copies of a trypanosoma brucei variable surface glyco protein gene whose expression is not controlled by duplication

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297750

Garton D.W., 1984: Relationship between multiple locus heterozygosity and physiological energetics of growth in the estuarine gastropod thais haemastoma

Herriott M.J., 1986: Relationship between murine macrophage fc receptor mediated phagocytic function and competency for activation for non specific tumor cytotoxicity

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297753

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297754

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297755

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297756

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297757

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297758

Burton L., 1986: Relationship between musical accompaniment and learning style in problem solving

Miyazawa S., 1980: Relationship between mutability polarity and exteriority of amino acid residues in protein evolution

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297761

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297762

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Helfant R.H., 1979: Relationship between myo cardial fibrosis and epi cardial and surface electro cardiogram q waves in man

Bulkley B.H., 1983: Relationship between myo cardial infarct size and occluded bed size in the dog difference between left anterior descending and circumflex coronary artery occlusions

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297774

Covell J.W., 1985: Relationship between myocardial fiber direction and segment shortening in the midwall of the canine left ventricle

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297776

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297777

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297778

Schaub M.C., 1985: Relationship between myosin isoenzyme composition hemodynamics and myocardial structure in various forms of human cardiac hypertrophy

Weber W.W., 1984: Relationship between n acetylator phenotype and susceptibility toward hydrazine induced lethal central nervous system toxicity in the rabbit

Smulson M., 1980: Relationship between nad concentration and in vitro synthesis of poly adp ribose on purified nucleosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297782

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297783

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297793

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Asada Y., 1987: Relationship between naturally occurring t lymphocytotoxic antibodies in viral and related diseases and their target t lymphocyte subsets

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Chen G., 1983: Relationship between needling sensation and acupuncture effects with special reference to their ascending pathway in the spinal cord

Tager H.S., 1981: Relationship between negative cooperativity and insulin action

Campbell C.W., 1980: Relationship between nematode density and weed density in avocado persea americana groves

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297802

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297803

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297804

Thoenen H., 1983: Relationship between nerve growth factor mediated volume increase and priming effect in fast and slow reacting clones of pc 12 pheo chromo cytoma cells role of cyclic amp

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Fonseca Pantoja R., 1986: Relationship between net basic elimination and hematic phosphorus in female cattle

Khan T.N., 1987: Relationship between net blotch drechslera teres and losses and grain yield of barley in western australia

So, Y. P.; Fenwick, J. C., 1977: Relationship between net calcium 45 influx across a perfused isolated eel gill and the development of post stanniectomy hyper calcemia

Zelitch I., 1982: Relationship between net carbon di oxide assimilation and dry weight accumulation in field grown tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar connecticut broadleaf

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297812

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297813

Webb S.B., 1980: Relationship between neurological and functional status after acute spinal cord injury an epidemiological study

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297815

Sokolee J., 1980: Relationship between neurological dys function and a test of speed of motor performance

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297818

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Nakasone T., 1987: Relationship between neuronal size and axonal length in chick propriospinal neurons

Pohlhammer K., 1985: Relationship between neurosecretory activity and staining properties in a neurosecretory cell pair of the subesophageal ganglion of the cricket teleogryllus commodus

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297823

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Dressel, J., 1976: Relationship between nitrate nitrite and nitrosamines in plants and soil

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Reed, A. J.; Hageman, R. H., 1980: Relationship between nitrate uptake flux and reduction and the accumulation of reduced nitrogen in maize zea mays 1. genotypic variation

Reed, A. J.; Hageman, R. H., 1980: Relationship between nitrate uptake flux and reduction and the accumulation of reduced nitrogen in maize zea mays 2. effect of nutrient nitrate concentration

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297837

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297838

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297839

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Yu O., 1986: Relationship between nitrogen dilution and growth kinetics in gramineae

Lemaire F., 1982: Relationship between nitrogen fertilization and aesthetic quality of turf

Mackenzie D.R., 1979: Relationship between nitrogen fertilization bacterial leaf blight xanthomonas oryzae severity and yield of rice oryza sativa

Hanson, R. B.; Gundersen, K., 1977: Relationship between nitrogen fixation acetylene reduction and the carbon nitrogen ratio in a polluted coral reef ecosystem kaneohe bay hawaii usa

Singh U.B., 1980: Relationship between nitrogen intake and excretion in cattle bos indicus and buffaloes bos bubalis fed different fodders

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297850

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Aoki T., 1984: Relationship between nocturnal scratching and sleep stages in the patients of itching skin diseases

Hattori I., 1983: Relationship between nola innocua lepidoptera nolidae a klepto parasite and aphids which cause galls on distylium racemosum trees

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297854

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Magallanes M., 1985: Relationship between non symbiotic nitrogen fixing activity and some physicochemical soil properties

Jambunathan R., 1981: Relationship between nonprotein nitrogen and total nitrogen in chick pea cicer arietinum seed

Takeya K., 1980: Relationship between nonspecific activity of macrophages and immune responses to listeria monocytogenes

Pineault M.A., 1983: Relationship between nonverbal sensitivities and detection of deception

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297860

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297861

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297862

Pisarev M.A., 1987: Relationship between nuclear adp ribosylation and rna transcription in calf and human thyroid

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297872

Bordonneau M., 1987: Relationship between nuclear ultrastructure and heteroblastic development in marsilea vestita

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297874

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Ueda K., 1980: Relationship between nucleo cytoplasmic ratio and final cell volume in micrasterias crux melitensis desmidiaceae chlorophyta

Lombardi, L., 1976: Relationship between nucleolar micro spherule formation by urethane and inhibition of rna and protein synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297878

Vassilenko S.V., 1987: Relationship between number of eggs brood weight and female body weight in crustacea

Moyoyoshi M., 1983: Relationship between number of human japanese encephalitis cases and summer meteorological conditions in nagasaki japan

Escaffre A.M., 1981: Relationship between number of pyloric ceca and growth in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Xin G., 1980: Relationship between numbers and degree of harmfulness of the plateau pika ochotona curzoniae

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297884

Peagler J., 1979: Relationship between numbers of beta adrenergic receptors in lymphocytes and disease severity in asthma

Gibson P.H., 1985: Relationship between numbers of cortical argentophilic and congophilic senile plaques in the brains of elderly people with and without senile dementia of alzheimer type

Lucena F., 1988: Relationship between numbers of enteroviruses and bacteriophages infecting bacteroides fragilis in different environmental samples

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Prepas E.E., 1985: Relationship between nutrients dominant ions and phytoplankton standing crop in prairie saline lakes

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Andrews D.J., 1983: Relationship between nutritional quality characters and grain yield in pearl millet pennisetum americanum

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Fulcher R.G., 1988: Relationship between oat kernel weight and milling yield

Guarniere J., 1985: Relationship between obesity and diabetes in children

Foley J.E., 1984: Relationship between obesity and maximal insulin stimulated glucose uptake in vivo and in vitro in pima indians

Chwojnowska Z., 1981: Relationship between obesity or over weight development and the frequency of meals their distribution during the day and consumption of atherogenic food products

Rodin, J.; Moskowitz, H. R.; Bray, G. A., 1976: Relationship between obesity weight loss and taste responsiveness

Dendy P.P., 1983: Relationship between objective and subjective assessment of gamma camera image sharpness

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297905

Kurosu K., 1986: Relationship between occlusal surface pattern and caries status in lower first molars of schoolchildren

Misaghi, I. J.; Devay, J. E.; Duniway, J. M., 1978: Relationship between occlusion of xylem elements and disease symptoms in leaves of cotton plants infected with verticillium dahliae

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297908

Ceridono D., 1980: Relationship between ocular dominance and field dependence independence

Konishi J., 1980: Relationship between ocular signs and serum l thyroxine as an index of thyroid function

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297911

Simon P.W., 1986: Relationship between oil ducts and volatile terpenoid content in carrot daucus carota roots

Orren M.J., 1981: Relationship between oil pollution and psammo littoral meio fauna density of 2 south african beaches

Selman J.D., 1987: Relationship between oil uptake and moisture loss during frying of potato slices from cultivar record uk

Lennarz W.J., 1983: Relationship between oligo saccharide lipid synthesis and protein synthesis in mouse lm cells

Saito I., 1988: Relationship between onion growth stage and susceptibility to bacterial soft rot erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora

Ohta T., 1981: Relationship between oocyte and follicle cells around the time of ovulation in the medaka oryzias latipes

Vozenilkova J., 1984: Relationship between operating conditions on large calf raising units and morbidity as well as mortality in czechoslovakia

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Nakao Y., 1982: Relationship between ophthalmoscopic changes and affected cerebral vessels in cases of stroke

Gift J.J., 1983: Relationship between optimum temperatures for growth and preferred temperatures for the young of 4 fish species

Koivisto V.A., 1986: Relationship between oral glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in healthy man and type 1 diabetic patients

Andre, C.; Klinowska, J.; Fargier, M. C., 1978: Relationship between orally induced immune tolerance and local immune response

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297925

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297926

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297927

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297928

Section 7, Chapter 6298 , Accession 006297929

Jouret, M. F., 1976: Relationship between origin and germinative behavior in seeds of impatiens balfourii

Johnson L.R., 1987: Relationship between ornithine decarboxylase activity and gastric damage

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Koshimizu K., 1980: Relationship between ornithine decarboxylase inducing activity and configuration at carbon 4 in phorbol ester derivatives

Valois A.C.C., 1984: Relationship between ortets ramets and its efficiency in microtest tapping for early rubber plant selection

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297935

Eluma F.O., 1986: Relationship between ossification and body weight of the cd 1 mouse fetus exposed in utero to anticonvulsant drugs

Kodera K., 1987: Relationship between oto acoustic emissions and stimuli

Eggers D.M., 1984: Relationship between otolith micro structure and the growth of juvenile chum salmon oncorhynchus keta under different prey rations

Allen D.C., 1987: Relationship between outbreaks of saddled prominent heterocampa guttivitta lepidoptera notodontidae and drought

Hearn J.P., 1983: Relationship between ovarian and placental steroid production during early pregnancy in the marmoset monkey callithrix jacchus

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Norris M.L., 1984: Relationship between ovarian delta 5 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity and implantation in nonlactating and lactating mongolian gerbils meriones unguiculatus

Tschinkel W.R., 1987: Relationship between ovariole number and spermathecal sperm count in ant queens a new allometry

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Rubin A.B., 1985: Relationship between oxidative phosphorylation and lipid peroxidation

Cox C.D., 1986: Relationship between oxygen and siderophore synthesis in pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kobayashi M., 1982: Relationship between oxygen consumption and resistance to oxygen deficiency of pale daphnia magna

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297950

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297951

Picaud M. , 1985: Relationship between oxygen evolution capacity and cytochrome b 559 high potential form in photosystem ii particles

Gould, J. M.; Cramer, W. A., 1977: Relationship between oxygen induced proton efflux and membrane energization in cells of escherichia coli

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297959

Hazucha M.J., 1987: Relationship between ozone exposure and pulmonary function changes

Hoch G.E., 1980: Relationship between p 700 turnover millisecond and nadp reduction as a function of ferredoxin concentration in isolated broken chloroplasts

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Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297964

Whidden M.A., 1979: Relationship between packed cell volume platelets and platelet survival in red blood cell hyper transfused mice

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297966

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297967

Su S., 1983: Relationship between paleo geographic environment of early cretaceous and oil gas distribution in songliao basin china

Pawar K.R., 1983: Relationship between pan evaporation and soil moisture in groundnut

Warwick F., 1982: Relationship between pancreatic exocrine function and ductal morphology in chronic pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297971

Teshima S I., 1988: Relationship between papillary and nodular transitional cell carcinoma in the human urinary bladder

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Vermeulen N.P.E., 1987: Relationship between paracetamol binding to the its oxidation by two cytochromes p 450 isozymes a proton nmr and spectrophotometric study

Destrade, C.; Hennevin, E.; Leconte, P.; Boumireu-Mourat, B., 1978: Relationship between paradoxical sleep and time dependent improvement of performance in balb c mice

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297976

Fortunato E., 1985: Relationship between parasite host specificity and host species population structure

Ryan R.B., 1985: Relationship between parasitism of larch casebearer lepidoptera coleophoridae and dead hosts in the blue mountains usa 1973 1983

De Troyer A., 1985: Relationship between parasternal intercostal length and rib cage displacement in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297981

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297982

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297983

Seinhorst J.W., 1983: Relationship between paratrichodorus sp density and growth of wheat triticum durum in pots

Montemayor R., 1982: Relationship between parent adolescent conflict and the amount of time adolescents spend alone and with parents and peers

Billingham, R. E.; Walters, J., 1978: Relationship between parent preference and peer preference among pre adolescents

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297987

Tserveni Gousi A.S., 1987: Relationship between parental age egg weight and hatching weight of japanese quail

O'brien G., 1984: Relationship between parental child rearing attitudes and preschoolers moral judgments

Melamed B.G., 1980: Relationship between parental discipline and childrens ability to cope with stress

Georgaklis C.C., 1987: Relationship between parental views and romantic happiness in college women

Devroede G., 1988: Relationship between parietal blood flow studies in the left colon and the rectum in dogs colonic pressure and blood flow

Khan A.G., 1988: Relationship between part egg production records body weight and egg weight in iwm strain of white leghorn breed

Watanabe, J.; Kozaki, A., 1978: Relationship between partition coefficients and apparent volumes of distribution for basic drugs part 1

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297996

Buzoni Gatel D., 1984: Relationship between pathogenicity in footpad lesion test and invasiveness in escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6298, Accession 006297998

Vooijs G.P., 1987: Relationship between patient characteristics and the sputum cytologic diagnosis of lung cancer

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