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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6300

Chapter 6300 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Miyazaki S.; Tsuji A.; Ishii T.; Kitaya S.; Kaneko Y.; Goto S., 1986: Relationship between superoxide dismutase and catalase activities of gram negative bacilli and the pathogenicity to mouse polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Yasuhara H.; Matsuo H.; Wada I.; Sakamoto K., 1979: Relationship between surface activity and toxicity to chang liver cultures of tri cyclic anti depressants

Hsia C N.L.; Foy H.M.; Cooney M.K., 1980: Relationship between surface antigens of 2 variants of influenza a h 3n 2 virus as revealed by hem agglutination inhibition kinetic neutralization and neuraminidase inhibition

King N.J.C.; Mullbacher A.; Blanden R.V., 1986: Relationship between surface h 2 concentration size of different target cells and lysis by cytotoxic t cells

Kira, J. I.; Itoyama, Y.; Goto, I., 1988: Relationship between surface marker expression and encephalitogenic potency of bp cultured lymphocytes

Vasseur M.; Pousse A.; Ferard G., 1980: Relationship between surface tension and release of rat jejunal brush border membrane hydrolases induced by sodium deoxy cholate

Krajina Z.; Kosokovic F.; Bolanca S.; Bumber Z., 1980: Relationship between surgery chemo therapy irradiation and immunological state in patients of laryngeal cancer

Nixon D.W.; Murphy G.F.; Sewell C.W.; Kutner M.; Lynn M.J., 1979: Relationship between survival and histologic type in small cell anaplastic carcinoma of the lung

Sagai M.; Suzuki S.; Ichinose T., 1983: Relationship between survival times of rats exposed to lethal level of nitrogen di oxide and aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase activity in lungs

Pallavicini M.G.; Ng C.R.; Gray J.W., 1984: Relationship between surviving clonogenic crypt fraction and animal lethality after cytosine arabinoside exposure

Pourreau Schneider N.; Malaise E.P., 1981: Relationship between surviving fractions using the colony method the ld 50 and the growth delay after irradiation of human melanoma cells grown as multi cellular spheroids

Vigouroux, A.; Molot, P. M., 1975: Relationship between susceptibility to verticillium wilt and glucide amount of 7 eggplant cultivars

Van Dyke T.A.; Finlay C.; Miller D.; Marks J.; Lozano G.; Levine A.J., 1987: Relationship between sv 40 large tumor antigen expression and tumor formation in transgenic mice

Chamberland, E., 1978: Relationship between sweet corn yield and quality upon fertilization and plant nitrate and potassium

Olbrecht J.; Madsen O.; Mader A.; Liesen H.; Hollmann W., 1985: Relationship between swimming velocity and lactic concentration during continuous and intermittent training exercises

Levin B.E.; Triscari J.; Sullivan A.C., 1983: Relationship between sympathetic activity and diet induced obesity in 2 rat strains

Lombardi F.; Verrier R.L.; Lown B., 1983: Relationship between sympathetic neural activity coronary dynamics and vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation during myo cardial ischemia and re perfusion

Dejong A.; Giel R.; Sloof C.J.; Wiersma D., 1986: Relationship between symptomatology and social disability empirical evidence from a follow up study of schizophrenic patients

Ikeda K.; Kano A.; Hayase H.; Yamashima T.; Ito H.; Yamamoto S., 1984: Relationship between symptoms of chronic subdural hematoma and hematoma volume or regional cerebral blood flow

Konno F.; Takayanagi I., 1983: Relationship between synaptosomal calcium uptake and anti nociceptive action of morphine

Redburn, D. A., 1978: Relationship between synaptosomal uptake and release of carbon 14 gamma amino butyric acid carbon 14 di amino butyric acid and carbon 14 alanine

Milano G.; Namer M.; Boublil J L.; Khater R.; Frenay M.; Thyss A.; Bourry J.; Philip C.; Renee N.; Bruneton J N., 1987: Relationship between systemic 5 fu passage and response in colorectal cancer patients treated with intrahepatic chemotherapy

Purice S.; Mitu S.; Popescu T.; Guran M.; Vintila M.; Suta G., 1982: Relationship between systemic lupus erythematosus and tuberculosis

Morimoto C.; Reinherz E.L.; Distaso J.A.; Steinberg A.D.; Schlossman S.F., 1984: Relationship between systemic lupus erythematosus t cell subsets anti t cell antibodies and t cell functions

Ritter M.; Hess O.M.; Nonogi H.; Murakami T.; Egloff L.; Corin W.J.; Schneider J.; Krayenbuehl H.P., 1987: Relationship between systolic and diastolic elastic properties of the pressure loaded hypertrophied left ventricle and myocardial morphology

Mor F.; Gotsman M.S.; Lewis B.S., 1981: Relationship between systolic time interval measurements and the extent of regional ventricular asynergy in coronary artery disease

De Scalzi M.; De Leonardis V.; Citi S.; Cinelli P., 1986: Relationship between systolic time intervals and arterial blood pressure

Galanti G.; Paoli G.; Fortini A.; Casolo G.C., 1983: Relationship between systolic time intervals and e point septal separation measured by monodimensional mode echocardiography in functional evaluation of patients with ischemic heart disease

Mantysaari M.; Antila K.; Peltonen T., 1984: Relationship between systolic time intervals and heart rate during 4 circulatory stress tests

Ferro G.; Ricciardelli B.; Sacca L.; Chiariello M.; Volpe M.; Tari M.G.; Trimarco B., 1980: Relationship between systolic time intervals and heart rate during atrial or ventricular pacing in normal subjects

Fieldsteel A.H.; Sato N.; Colston M.J., 1981: Relationship between t cell population in neo natally thymectomized lewis rats and susceptibility to infection with mycobacterium leprae

Victorino R.M.M.; Hodgson H.J.F., 1980: Relationship between t cell sub populations and the mitogen responsiveness and suppressor cell function of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in normal individuals

Barnaba V.; Musca A.; Cordova C.; Levrero M.; Ruocco G.; Albertini Petroni V.; Balsano F., 1983: Relationship between t cell subsets and suppressor cell activity in chronic hepatitis b virus infection

Caldwell C.W.; Patterson W.P., 1987: Relationship between t200 antigen expression and stages of b cell differentiation in resurgent hyperplasia of bone marrow

Malven, P. V.; Mollett, T. A., 1978: Relationship between tachy cardia prolactin and growth hormone in conscious ewes

Ramachandra, G.; Virupaksha, T. K.; Shadaksharaswamy, M., 1977: Relationship between tannin levels and in vitro protein digestibility in finger millet eleusine coracana

Gerlach, J., 1977: Relationship between tardive dys kinesia l dopa induced hyper kinesia and parkinsonism

Landay A.L.; Zarcone D.; Grossi C.E.; Bauer K., 1987: Relationship between target cell cycle and susceptibility to natural killer lysis

Berry D.C.; Broadbent D.E., 1984: Relationship between task performance and associated verbalizable knowledge

Lesel R.; Rouel M., 1987: Relationship between temperature and bacterial flora in the digestive tract of the rainbow trout a new analysis

Gullino, P. M.; Yi, P. N.; Grantham, F. H., 1978: Relationship between temperature and blood supply or consumption of oxygen and glucose by rat mammary carcinomas

Stevenson A.B., 1986: Relationship between temperature and development of the carrot weevil listronotus oregonensis coleoptera curculionidae in the laboratory

Rattigan K.; Hill S.J., 1987: Relationship between temperature and flowering in almond effect of location

Ratkowsky D.A.; Olley J.; Mcmeekin T.A.; Ball A., 1982: Relationship between temperature and growth rate of bacterial cultures

Elvin, M. K.; Krafsur, E. S., 1984: Relationship between temperature and rate of ovarian development in the house fly musca domestica l. diptera muscidae

Kingsland G.C., 1986: Relationship between temperature and survival of aspergillus flavus on naturally contaminated maize grain

Gary C., 1988: Relationship between temperature carbohydrate content and respiration in the whole tomato plant during the vegetative phase

Terkatin Shimony A.; Ilan Z.; Yaron Z.; Johnson D.W., 1980: Relationship between temperature ovarian recrudescence and plasma cortisol level in tilapia aurea cichlidae teleostei

Marx M.S.; May J.G., 1983: Relationship between temporal integration and persistence

Dransfield E.; Jones R.C.D., 1981: Relationship between tenderness of 3 beef muscles

Joffre, M., 1977: Relationship between testicular blood flow testosterone secretion and spermatogenic activity in young and adult wild red foxes vulpes vulpes

Au C.L.; Robertson D.M.; De Kretser D.M., 1984: Relationship between testicular inhibin content and serum fsh concentrations in rats after bilateral efferent duct ligation

Sajiki J.; Baba N., 1985: Relationship between testis injury and tocopherols in vivo in rat intoxicated by cadmium

Winters S.J.; Troen P.; Plant T.M., 1981: Relationship between testosterone binding globulin and the failure of androgens to suppress serum gonadotropin concentrations in long term castrated adult male rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Sharpe, R. M., 1977: Relationship between testosterone fluid content and luteinizing hormone receptors in the rat testis

Adachi K.; Vonk H.; Reilly M.P.; Adachi H.; Schroeder W.A.; Schwartz E.; Asakura T., 1984: Relationship between tetramer dimer assembly and the stability of hemoglobin malmo

Mimura Y., 1979: Relationship between thalamic and scalp alpha rhythms in man studied with cross spectral analysis

Sochor H.; Schwaiger M.; Schelbert H.R.; Huang S C.; Ellison D.; Hansen H.; Selin C.; Parodi O.; Phelps M.E., 1987: Relationship between thallium 201 technetium 99m stannous pyrophosphate and fluorine 18 2 deoxyglucose uptake in ischemically injured dog myocardium

Iwata N.; Satoh H.; Omura T., 1984: Relationship between the 12 chromosomes and the linkage groups studies on the trisomics in rice plants oryza sativa

Miller J.M.; Marchlinski F.E.; Buxton A.E.; Josephson M.E., 1988: Relationship between the 12 lead electrocardiogram during ventricular tachycardia and endocardial site of origin in patients with coronary artery disease

Ciliberto G.; Traboni C.; Cortese R., 1982: Relationship between the 2 components of the split promoter of eukaryotic transfer rna genes

Kawakami M.; Kimura F.; Tsai C W., 1984: Relationship between the 3 hour period sleep wakefulness cycle and growth hormone secretion in the immature rat

Lopes Cardozo M.; Albers R.W., 1979: Relationship between the 4 amino butyrate bypath and the oxidation of 2 oxo glutarate in rat brain mitochondria

Paine A.J.; Hockin L.J.; Legg R.F., 1979: Relationship between the ability of nicotinamide to maintain nad in rat liver cell culture and its effect on cytochrome p 450

Goosey M.W.; Dogget N.S., 1983: Relationship between the ability of some neuroleptics to enhance striatal tritium labeled dopamine release and their lipophilicity

Yamamoto H.; Inaba S.; Nishimura M.; Kishi F.; Kawakami Y., 1987: Relationship between the ability to detect added resistance at rest and breathlessness during bronchoconstriction in asthmatics

Coulombe, P.; Schwartz, H. L.; Oppenheimer, J. H., 1978: Relationship between the accumulation of pituitary growth hormone and nuclear occupancy by tri iodo thyronine in the rat

Rodrigo M.I.; Mallent D.; Casas A., 1985: Relationship between the acid and limonin content of washington navel orange juices

Balmukhanov, B. S.; Popova, O. A.; Ugolev, A. T.; Luk'yanova, L. D., 1978: Relationship between the action of amidopyrine on the respiratory systems of liver tissue preparations and intensity of extramitochondrial oxygen absorption

Mirossay L.; Kohut A.; Nicak A., 1987: Relationship between the action of chlorpromazine and some ulcerogenic substances in rats

Brandt M.; Buchen C.; Hamprecht B., 1980: Relationship between the actions of calcium ions opioid and prostaglandin e 1 on the level of cyclic amp in neuro blastoma x glioma hybrid cells

Thompson, E. A. Jr ; Keith, R. H. Jr ; Cavanaugh, A. H.; Wood, K. M., 1981: Relationship between the activity of dna dependent rna polymerase i ec and the rate of synthesis of ribosomal rna in hepatoma cells in culture

Menashe M.; Lichtenberg D.; Gutierrez Merino C.; Biltonen R.L., 1981: Relationship between the activity of pancreatic phospho lipase a 2 and the physical state of the phospho lipid substrate

Lemon, R. N.; Hanby, J. A.; Porter, R., 1976: Relationship between the activity of precentral neurons during active and passive movements in conscious monkeys

Umaki, I.; Shimoura, K.; Kobayasi, Y.; Hattori, K.; Note, S., 1984: Relationship between the activity of serum dopamine beta hydroxylase ec and enzymes related to hepatic function

Rosen M.H.; Perlmutter A., 1982: Relationship between the activity of splenic enzymes and the immune response in the goldfish carassius auratus

Rosen, M. H.; Perlumutter, A., 1982: Relationship between the activity of splenic enzymes and the immune response in the goldfish carassius auratus 1. preliminary experiments with human a 1 secretors saliva and a 1 red blood cells 2. preliminary enzyme experiments using alpha glucose phosphate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase

Gallay, J.; Vincent, M.; De-Paillerets, C.; Rogard, M.; Alfsen, A., 1981: Relationship between the activity of the 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec from bovine adrenal cortex microsomes and membrane structure influence of proteins and steroid substrates on lipid micro viscosity

Balague C.; Pech J C., 1985: Relationship between the activity of the ethylene forming enzyme and the level of intracellular 2 4 d in pear pyrus communis cell cultures in vitro

Dung, H. C., 1976: Relationship between the adrenal cortex and thymic involution in lethargic mutant mice

Lipson K.E.; Yamada K.; Kolhatkar A.A.; Donner D.B., 1986: Relationship between the affinity and proteolysis of the insulin receptor evidence that higher affinity receptors are preferentially degraded

Martin J.F.; Penington D.G., 1983: Relationship between the age and density of circulating chromium 51 labeled platelets in the subhuman primate

Sugiyama T.; Fujimoto D.; Arai C.; Hasegawa M., 1987: Relationship between the age and histidinoalanine content of human aorta

Low, W. D.; Ng, C. K.; Fung, S. H., 1978: Relationship between the age at menarche and the growth in biacromial and bi iliac diameters

Nowacki P., 1980: Relationship between the age of subdural hematoma and the morphological appearance of its capsule

Bedia-Mendez, I., 1978: Relationship between the algae content and the litho facies of the moniello formation from the devonian of northwestern spain

Goncharskaya E.V.; Iznak A.F., 1982: Relationship between the alpha like activity of cat brain and eye movements

Bourke R.M.; Evenson J.P.; Keating B.A., 1984: Relationship between the altitudinal limit of cassava manihot esculenta and soil temperature in papua new guinea

Plietz P.; Drescher B.; Damaschun G., 1987: Relationship between the amino acid sequence and the domain structure of the subunits of the 11s seed globulins

Nerush P.A.; Krauz V.A.; Borodkin Yu S., 1985: Relationship between the amino acid spectrum of brain structures and the retrieval of memory engrams under experimental neurosis

Ernberg I.; Klein G.; Giovanella B.C.; Stehlin J.; Mccormic K.J.; Andersson Anvret M.; Aman P.; Killander D., 1983: Relationship between the amounts of epstein barr virus dna and epstein barr virus nuclear antigen per cell clonability and tumorigenicity in 2 epstein barr virus negative lymphoma lines and their epstein barr virus converted sublines

Perlman I., 1983: Relationship between the amplitudes of the b wave and the a wave as a useful index for evaluating the electro retinogram

Phan, C. T., 1980: Relationship between the anatomical structure and the metabolism of plant tissues 2. variations of the content of soluble compounds and of malic enzyme activity in cultured explants of apple fruit and differences with the calli derived from these explants

Chaturvedi C.M.; Thapliyal J.P., 1980: Relationship between the annual adrenal and gonadal cycles of common myna acridotheres tristis

Durfort, M., 1976: Relationship between the annular lamellae and the granular endoplasmic endoplasmic reticulum in the oocytes of trachydermon cinereus mollusca polyplacophora

Boyd I.; Beveridge E.G., 1979: Relationship between the anti bacterial activity towards escherichia coli nctc 5933 and the physicochemical properties of some esters of 3 4 5 tri hydroxy benzoic acid gallic acid

Huang, F. L.; Hasuma, T.; Cho-Chung, Y. S., 1984: Relationship between the anti carcinogenic effect of n 6 o 2' di butyryl cyclic amp and modulation of gene expression and inhibition of binding of 7 12 di methyl benz alpha anthracene to dna of mammary cells

Chiu, H. M.; Hirsh, J.; Yung, W. L.; Regoeczi, E.; Gent, M., 1977: Relationship between the anti coagulant and anti thrombotic effects of heparin in experimental venous thrombosis

Zin'kovskii V.G.; Golovenko N.Ya; Bogatskii A.V., 1981: Relationship between the anti convulsant action of phenazepam and its contents in mouse brain

Lederballe Pedersen O.; Christensen C.K.; Mikkelsen E.; Raemsch K.D., 1980: Relationship between the anti hypertensive effect and steady state plasma concentration of nifedipine given alone or in combination with a beta adrenoceptor blocking agent

Iwamura S.; Kambegawa A.; Miyasaka K., 1984: Relationship between the anti inflammatory effects and intrapleural accumulations of anti inflammatory drugs in rats carrageenan pleurisy

Parente L.; Di Rosea M.; Flower R.J.; Ghiara P.; Meli R.; Persico P.; Salmon J.A.; Wood J.N., 1984: Relationship between the anti phospho lipase and anti inflammatory effects of gluco corticoid induced proteins

Santoro M.G.; Jaffe B.M.; Paez E.; Esteban M., 1983: Relationship between the anti viral action of interferon and prostaglandins in virus infected murine cells

Griffith R.W.; Kramer T.T.; Pohlenz J.F., 1984: Relationship between the antibody complement susceptibility of smooth salmonella cholerae suis var kunzendorf strains and their virulence for mice and pigs

Rodionychev E.A.; Krasnoproshina L.I., 1982: Relationship between the antibody inducing and protective properties of the poly saccharide antigen of pneumococcal serotype 3

Mazhilis L.I.; Garalene V.N., 1988: Relationship between the antihypoxic effect of indolinones and their structural physicochemical and pharmacological properties

Renton K.W.; Singh G., 1984: Relationship between the antiviral effects of interferons and their abilities to depress cytochrome p 450

Littner M.M.; Kaffe I.; Tamse A.; Dicapua P., 1986: Relationship between the apices of the lower molars and mandibular canal a radiographic study

Maas S.J.; Arkin G.F.; Rosenthal W.D., 1987: Relationship between the ares of successive leaves on grain sorghum

Vorontsov A.A.; Bol'shakov A.S., 1980: Relationship between the aroma of ham products and the degree of autolysis salting periods and heat treatment regimen

Steffen W., 1986: Relationship between the arrangement of microtubules and chromosome behavior of syntelic autosomal univalents during prometaphase in crane fly spermatocytes

Lessard J.; Nunnery E.; Cecere F.; Mcduffy S.; Pope R.M., 1983: Relationship between the articular manifestations of rheumatoid arthritis and circulating immune complexes detected by 3 methods and specific classes of rheumatoid factors

Kawamura T.; Higuchi W.; Emoto Y.; Tawada K., 1985: Relationship between the atpase activity with the atp induced fluorescence enhancement of sulfhydryl modified heavy meromyosin during its fractional inactivation by vanadate plus adp evidence for heterogeneity in the active sites

Dombrovskii A.M.; Radakova E.D.; Klushina T.N., 1984: Relationship between the auxotrophicity of salmonella typhi and salmonella gallinarum and their capacity for growing in simmons citrate agar

North, M. J.; Williams, K. L., 1978: Relationship between the axenic phenotype and sensitivity to omega amino carboxylic acids in dictyostelium discoideum

Flint, M. H.; Merrilees, M. J., 1977: Relationship between the axial periodicity and staining of collagen by the masson trichrome procedure

Schulz E.; Von Klitzing L.; Marre R.; Sack K., 1985: Relationship between the bactericidal and bacteriolytic activity of cephalosporins and changes in the cell volumes of escherichia coli cultures

Mukai T.; Takagi K.; Takayanagi I.; Iwayama Y.; Yamaguchi E., 1982: Relationship between the barium induced contraction and cyclic amp levels in the isolated longitudinal smooth muscle from guinea pig ileum

Balinova A.; Deneva S., 1987: Relationship between the behavior of lenacil and metolachlor in soils and in mangel wurzel plants compared with mode of application

Babbini, M.; Gaiardi, M.; Bartoletti, M., 1975: Relationship between the behavioral and electro encephalographic effects of chlorpromazine and fluphenazine in rats

Dempfle, L., 1977: Relationship between the best linear unbiased prediction and the bayesian method

Ross, E. M.; Maguire, M. E.; Sturgill, T. W.; Biltonen, R. L.; Gilman, A. G., 1977: Relationship between the beta adrenergic receptor and adenylate cyclase studies of ligand binding and enzyme activity in purified membranes of s 49 lymphoma cells

Rossi F.; De Togni P.; Bellavite P.; Della Bianca V.; Grzeskowiak M., 1983: Relationship between the binding of n formylmethionylleucylphenyl alanine and the respiratory response in human neutrophils

Reynolds M.L.; Little P.J.; Thomas B.F.; Bagley R.B.; Martin B.R., 1985: Relationship between the biodisposition of tritiated soman and its pharmacological effects in mice

Zloch, Z.; Sidlova, A., 1977: Relationship between the biological action of flavonoids and the function of vitamin c in the body/

Lindahl A.; Eden S.; Albertsson Wikland K.; Isaksson O.; Kostyo J.L., 1983: Relationship between the biological and immunological activities of growth hormone circulating in normal rats

Todorov M., 1985: Relationship between the biological value of alfalfa protein and the fertilizer application rate

Aruin A.S.; Prilutskii B.I., 1985: Relationship between the biomechanical properties of muscles and their ability to use energy from elastic deformation

Rowlands G.J.; Bunch K.J.; Brookes P.A.; Manston R., 1986: Relationship between the blood composition of friesian holstein bulls and their improved contemporary comparisons for production traits

Drozdowski, A., 1978: Relationship between the body weight without shell and the pulmonary surface in succinea putris gastropoda pulmonata

Oddgeirsson O.; Simpson S.P.; Morgan A.L.G.; Ross D.S.; Spooner R.L., 1988: Relationship between the bovine major histocompatibility complex bola erythrocyte markers and susceptibility to mastitis in icelandic cattle

Abbiati G.A.; Restelli G.V.; Schiavi S.; Ceserani R.; Testa R., 1987: Relationship between the brain levels and the anticonvulsant activity of denzimol after its acute and repeated administration to mice

Fujita S.; Tono T., 1985: Relationship between the browning of rind oil spot of citrus fruit peel and the absorption spectra of its extract

Tyree M.T., 1981: Relationship between the bulk modulus of elasticity of a complex tissue and the mean modulus of its cells

Barletta C.; Pelicci P G.; Kenyon L.C.; Smith S.D.; Dalla Favera R., 1987: Relationship between the c myb locus and the 6q minus chromosomal aberration in leukemias and lymphomas

Martinez E.; Fuste E.; Diallo M.B., 1981: Relationship between the california mastitis test direct cell counting and bacteriologic findings in the diagnosis of bovine subclinical mastitis

Pickens L.G., 1981: Relationship between the capture of marked face flies musca autumnalis and the number of sticky traps used

Leiber D.; Harbon S., 1982: Relationship between the carbachol stimulatory effect on cyclic gmp content and activation by fatty acid hydro per oxides of a soluble guanylate cyclase in the guinea pig myometrium

Fontaine, M.; Malmendier, C. L., 1978: Relationship between the carbohydrate content of apo proteins of very low density lipo proteins intermediate low density lipo proteins and low density lipo proteins and the plasma level of these lipo proteins in man short dietary effect

Hewitt W.R.; Brown E.M.; Plaa G.L., 1983: Relationship between the carbon skeleton length of ketonic solvents and potentiation of chloroform induced hepato toxicity in rats

Burakovskii V.I.; Gazizova D.Sh; Grinberg Ya Z.; Zenkov V.E.; Lishchuk V.A.; Mironenko V.I.; Novikov Yu Yu, 1987: Relationship between the cardiac index and the functional state of the right heart ventricle in cardiosurgical patients in the early postoperative period

Klimenko, E. D.; Martsevich, M. S.; Mukhina, A. P.; Shenkman, N. S., 1975: Relationship between the cardio vascular and digestive systems in the genesis of experimental athero sclerosis

Frisk Holmberg M.; Paalzow L.; Wibell L., 1984: Relationship between the cardio vascular effects and steady state kinetics of clonidine in hypertension demonstration of a therapeutic window in man

Wolf C.R.; Statham C.N.; Mcmenamin M.G.; Bend J.R.; Boyd M.R.; Philpot R.M., 1982: Relationship between the catalytic activities of rabbit pulmonary cytochrome p 450 isozymes and the lung specific toxicity of the furan derivative 4 ipomeanol

Cho K D.; Kim Y A.; Park S W.; Kim J C.; Park M S., 1987: Relationship between the catches of tuna and oceanographic conditions in the south east pacific

Risse E.K.J.; Vooijs G.P.; Hof M.A.V., 1987: Relationship between the cellular composition of sputum and the cytologic diagnosis of lung cancer

Schellekens H.; De Wilde G.A.; De Reus A., 1981: Relationship between the cellular expression of the anti viral and anti cellular activities of interferon

Kai K.; Sato H.; Odaka T., 1986: Relationship between the cellular resistance to friend murine leukemia virus infection and the expression of murine leukemia virus gp 70 related glycoprotein on cell surface of balb c fv 4w r mice

Bian C F.; Ye M.; Xing S H.; Teng Y D.; Xu P C., 1985: Relationship between the central stimulation of atropine and cholinergic system

Oshita S., 1979: Relationship between the cerebral metabolism blood flow and electro encephalogram during anesthesia in the dog

Terata T., 1986: Relationship between the change of serum glycoprotein during 100 g glucose tolerance test and glucose tolerance studies on the metabolism secretion and excretion of serum glycoprotein in arteriosclerosis

Kaptein E.M.; Fisler J.S.; Duda M.J.; Nicoloff J.T.; Drenick E.J., 1985: Relationship between the changes in serum thyroid hormone levels and protein status during prolonged protein supplemented caloric deprivation

Papasova M.; Boev K.; Bonev A.; Milusheva E., 1981: Relationship between the changes in the membrane potential and the contraction of the smooth muscles of the lower esophageal sphincter and the ileo cecal sphincter

Xu C.; Shen Y., 1984: Relationship between the changes of the fast phase of milli second delayed light emission and the proton released by the oxidation of water

Tursunov B., 1979: Relationship between the character of the glucose tolerance test and the blood plasma immuno reactive insulin content in relatives of patients with a juvenile form of diabetes mellitus

Shutov V.V., 1986: Relationship between the characteristics of cenopopulations of oxycoccus palustris and their habitats and fruit productivity

Korol'kova T.A.; Korinevskii A.V.; Vasil'ev Ya A., 1981: Relationship between the characteristics of pre stimulation electro encephalograms and choice reaction time

Troya M.; Bomsel Helmreich O.; Bertrand P.; Papiernik E.; Spira A., 1985: Relationship between the characteristics of the menstrual cycle and congenital malformations in the human

Dormashev Yu B.; Romanov V.Ya, 1983: Relationship between the characteristics of the slow phases of galvanic nystagmus and parameters of electro stimulation

Berezkin A.N.; Gruzdev L.G.; Klochko N.A.; Guida V.N.; Bakeev V.V.; Berezkina L.L., 1980: Relationship between the chemical composition of grain crop seeds and their seeding and yield qualities in the central area of the nonchernozem zone in the russian sfsr ussr

Chauvet S.; Sudraud P., 1982: Relationship between the chemical composition of sweet white wines and quality of the vintaging used the index of over ripening

Senova, Z. P.; Lyskovtsev, V. V., 1976: Relationship between the chemical structure and anti arrhythmic action of ethmozine analogs

Nesunts, N. S.; Avetisyan, S. A.; Dzhagatspanyan, I. A.; Akopyan, N. E.; Mndzhoyan, O. L., 1983: Relationship between the chemical structure and anti convulsive activity of 4 4' alpha omega alkylenedioxydiphenyl succinimides

Vorontsov V.V.; Lerner I.M.; Shchelkunov E.L., 1980: Relationship between the chemical structure and diuretic action of acyl derivatives belonging to the phenothiazine series

Venegas W.; Sala M.; Buisson J P.; Royer R.; Chouroulinkov I., 1984: Relationship between the chemical structure and the mutagenic and carcinogenic potentials of 5 naphtho furans

Xin Fu L.; Qiao C L.; Zhou H A., 1986: Relationship between the chemical structure of trichloroethyl acetate analogues and biological activity

Pechenkin, A. G.; Tignibidina, L. G.; Gorshkova, V. K.; Tikhonova, L. A., 1979: Relationship between the chemical structure of urea derivatives and anti convulsant activity 4. substituted benzhydryl ureas

Arend, P.; Sous, H.; Poszich, G.; Mueckter, H., 1975: Relationship between the chemo therapeutic effectiveness of ciclacillin and ampicillin and the time of their administration in experimental infections

Coates A.L.; Boyce P.; Shaw D.G.; Godfrey S.; Mearns M., 1981: Relationship between the chest radiograph regional lung function studies exercise tolerance and clinical condition in cystic fibrosis

Swierczewska E.; Szymkiewicz M.; Rzeszewska Z.; Murkocinska N., 1981: Relationship between the cholesterol level in the blood serum of hens and chicks of the meat and both egg and meat type

Smith N.B., 1980: Relationship between the cholesteryl esters and free cholesterol of individual athero sclerotic lesions and lesion size in aortas of rabbits on atherogenic and regression diets

Barbaro A.M.; Pietrogrande M.C.; Guerra M.C.; Forti G.C.; Borea P.A.; Biagi G.L., 1984: Relationship between the chromatographic behavior of dermorphin related oligo peptides and the composition of the mobile phase in reversed phase thin layer chromatography comparison of extrapolated r m values/

Alvestad-Graebner, I.; Adam, H., 1976: Relationship between the chromatoid body and the acrosomal system in early spermatids of myxine glutinosa

Yokozawa, T.; Kanai, K.; Oura, H., 1977: Relationship between the circadian variation of uric acid level and dietary conditions

Nicolini A.; Buonaguidi R.; Ferdeghini M.; Carpi A., 1984: Relationship between the circulating levels of adeno hypophyseal hormones in blood and in cerebro spinal fluid

Aldridge A.; Neims A.H., 1980: Relationship between the clearance of caffeine and its 7 n demethylation in developing beagle puppies

Paldi E.; Devay M., 1983: Relationship between the cold induced ribosomal rna synthesis and the ribosomal rna cistron number in wheat triticum aestivum cultivars with varying degrees of frost hardiness

Akimoto Y.; Mizuno H., 1985: Relationship between the color of tobacco leaves harvested and some characteristics of those leaves after cured

Jarvinen A., 1984: Relationship between the common cuckoo cuculus canorus and its host the redstart phoenicurus phoenicurus

Romualdez, A. G-Jr ; Ward, P. A.; Torikata, T., 1976: Relationship between the complement c 5 peptides chemo tactic for leukocytes and tumor cells

Welch T.R.; Forristal J.; Beischel L., 1986: Relationship between the component and regulatory proteins of the classical pathway c 3 convertase

Kalinina A.K.; Poperelya F.A.; Novikov N.N., 1985: Relationship between the component composition of gliadin to economically valuable characters of winter soft wheat in f 2 hybrids

Vizir A.D.; Kraidashenko O.V., 1981: Relationship between the components of the blood kinin system and gastric secretory function in patients with chronic gastritis

Fecikova H.; Gbelska Y.; Barath Z.; Grmanova M., 1982: Relationship between the composition of phospho lipids and respiratory activity of choline deficient mutants of neurospora crassa

Prochazka P.; Nohynek M.; Rokos J., 1981: Relationship between the composition of the regulatory complex of esterases and the age of mycobacterium phlei culture

Ehlinger F.; Audic J.M.; Faup G.M., 1987: Relationship between the concentration of acetate in the feed and the composition of a biofilm in an anaerobic filter

Cole R.A., 1985: Relationship between the concentration of chlorogenic acid in carrot roots and the incidence of carrot fly psila rosae larval damage

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