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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6301

Chapter 6301 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barbaras R.; Puchois P.; Grimaldi P.; Barkia A.; Fruchart J C.; Ailhaud G., 1987: Relationship in adipose cells between the presence of receptor sites for high density lipoproteins and the promotion of reverse cholesterol transport

Michalides, R.; Schlom, J., 1975: Relationship in nucleic acid sequences between mouse mammary tumor virus variants

Gordon S.R.; Kelley S.L.; Sybyl J.R.; Mill M.; Kramer A.; Jahnigen D.W., 1985: Relationship in very elderly veterans of nutritional status self perceived chewing ability dental status and social isolation

Liliemark, J. O.; Plunkett, W.; Dixon, D. O., 1985: Relationship of 1 beta d arabinofuranosylcytosine in plasma to 1 beta d arabinofuranosylcytosine 5' triphosphate levels in leukemic cells during treatment with high dose 1 beta d arabinofuranosylcytosine

Guilbault L.A.; Thatcher W.W.; Foster D.B.; Caton D., 1984: Relationship of 15 keto 13 14 dihydroprostaglandin f 2 alpha concentration in peripheral plasma with local uterine production of f series prostaglandins and changes in uterine blood flow during the early postpartum period of cattle

Griffing G.T.; Dale S.L.; Holbrook M.M.; Melby J.C., 1983: Relationship of 19 nordeoxy cortico sterone to other mineralo corticoids in low renin hypertension

Boor M., 1981: Relationship of 1977 state suicide rates to population increases and immigration

Gill, G. S.; Allaire, F. R., 1976: Relationship of 1st lactation performance to lifetime production and economic efficiency

Chemtob S.; Gibb W.; Bard H., 1980: Relationship of 2 3 di phospho glycerate and 2 3 di phospho glycerate mutase in various mammals

Robertson D.; Miller M.W.; Carstensen E.L., 1981: Relationship of 60 hertz electric field parameters to the inhibition of growth of pisum sativum roots

Roy C.; Hall D.; Karish M.; Ausiello D.A., 1981: Relationship of 8 lysine vasopressin receptor transition to receptor functional properties in a pig kidney cell line llc pk 1

Braren, M.; Elinson, J., 1972: Relationship of a clinical examination to mortality rates

Suzuki, H.; Izumi, H.; Nakamura, F., 1983: Relationship of a higher protein intake and metabolic acidosis on changes in glucose 6 phosphatase ec activity of rat kidney cortex

Morgan E.; Hsu C.C.S., 1981: Relationship of a leukemia associated antigen to the presence of lympho blasts in the peripheral blood in children with acute lymphocytic leukemia

Rieber M.; Gross A.; Rieber M.S., 1987: Relationship of a m r 140000 fibronectin receptor and other adhesion related glycoproteins to tumor cell cell interaction

Kaback, H. R.; Milner, L. S., 1970: Relationship of a membrane bound d minus lactic dehydrogenase to amino acid transport in isolated bacterial membrane preparations

Rieber M.; Rieber M.S.; Urbina C.; Lira R., 1984: Relationship of a novel extracellular matrix glycoprotein to cell detachment in highly metastatic b 16 melanoma modulating effect of bromodeoxyuridine

Hinds, T. R.; Brodie, A. F., 1974: Relationship of a proton gradient to the active transport of proline with membrane vesicles from mycobacterium phlei

Arlin, Z. A.; Chiao, J. W.; Fried, J.; Dowling, M. D. Jr ; Clarkson, B. D.; Good, R. A., 1977: Relationship of a thymus derived lymphocyte marker to phase of cell cycle and morphology of leukemic cells

Underwood, B. O.; Smale, C. J.; Brown, F.; Hill, B. J., 1977: Relationship of a virus from tellina tenuis to infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Costerton, J. W., 1973: Relationship of a wall associated enzyme with specific layers of the cell wall of a gram negative bacterium

Finlay B.L.; Cairns S.J., 1981: Relationship of aberrant retino tectal projections to visual orienting after neo natal tectal damage in hamster

Yui S.; Yamazaki M., 1987: Relationship of ability of phospholipids to stimulate growth and bind to macrophages

Chambers R.; Groufsky A.; Hunt J.S.; Lynn K.L.; Mcgiven A.R., 1986: Relationship of abnormal tamm horsfall glycoprotein localization to renal morphology and function

Berndtson W.E.; Igboeli G.; Pickett B.W., 1987: Relationship of absolute numbers of sertoli cells to testicular size and spermatogenesis in young beef bulls

Swartzel K.R.; Hansen A.P.; Mcclure W.F., 1980: Relationship of absorbance to process treatments and flavor during storage of ultra high temperature dairy products

Jirsa, R. E.; Norris, T. W., 1978: Relationship of acoustic gain to aided threshold improvement in children

Piekut D.T., 1985: Relationship of acth 39 immunostained fibers and magnocellular neurons in the paraventricular nucleus of rat hypothalamus

Adams A.E.M.; Pringle J.R., 1984: Relationship of actin and tubulin distribution to bud growth in wild type and morphogenetic mutant saccharomyces cerevisiae

Sklar L.A.; Omann G.M.; Painter R.G., 1985: Relationship of actin polymerization and depolymerization to light scattering in human neutrophils dependence on receptor occupancy and intracellular calcium

Janda S., 1979: Relationship of active membrane transport and respiration in rhodotorula glutinis possibility of 2 respiratory systems

Willcox, M. D. P.; Drucker, D. B.; Hillier, V. F.; Green, R. M., 1985: Relationship of adhesion in vitro and cariogenicity of oral streptococcus spp. in germ free rats

Grodin M.; Nystrom R.; Scordato J.; Cantor M.H.; Oppenheimer S.B., 1979: Relationship of adhesiveness of cells in culture with specific enzyme activity

Powell H.C.; Mizisin A.P.; Wiley C.A.; Morey M.K.; Hughes R.A.C., 1987: Relationship of adjuvants and swine influenza vaccine to experimental neuropathy in rabbits

Mg Mg Thwin; Thein Than; Hla Pe U., 1985: Relationship of administered dose to blood venom levels in mice following experimental envenomation by russells viper vipera russelli venom

Peerschke E.I.; Zucker M.B., 1980: Relationship of adp induced fibrinogen binding to platelet shape change and aggregation elucidated by use of colchicine and cytochalasin b

Halperin R.; Gatchalian C.L.; Adachi T.J.; Carter J.; Leibowitz S.F., 1983: Relationship of adrenergic and electrical brain stimulation induced feeding responses

Potmesil M.; Kirschenbaum S.; Israel M.; Levin M.; Khetarpal V.K.; Silber R., 1983: Relationship of adriamycin concentrations to the dna lesions induced in hypoxic and euoxic l 1210 cells

Niemela P.; Hanhimaki S.; Mannila R., 1981: Relationship of adult size in noctuid moths lepidoptera noctuidae to breadth of diet and growth form of host plants

Tracy, R. E.; Toca, V., 1977: Relationship of advanced athero sclerotic lesions to fibrous plaques in 19 location race groups

Hockett E.A., 1986: Relationship of adventitious roots and agronomic characteristics in barley hordeum vulgare

Bernstein J.J.; Ganchrow D., 1981: Relationship of afferentation with soma size of nucleus gracilis neurons after bilateral dorsal column lesion in the rat

Haynes, L. W.; Kerkut, G. A., 1978: Relationship of afterpotential frequency adaptation to the size of afterhyper polarization and to membrane conductivity in neurons of helix aspersa

Bornstein R.A., 1983: Relationship of age and education to neuro psychological performance in patients with symptomatic carotid artery disease

Pentz C.A.IIi; Elias M.F.; Wood W.G.; Schultz N.A., 1979: Relationship of age and hypertension to neuro psychological test performance

Cowan, R. T.; O'grady, P.; Moss, R. J., 1974: Relationship of age and live weight at 1st calving to subsequent lactation yields of friesian heifers grazing tropical pastures

Mccarty K.S.Jr; Silva J.S.; Cox E.B.; Leight G.S.Jr; Wells S.A.Jr; Mccarty K.S.Sr, 1983: Relationship of age and menopausal status to estrogen receptor content in primary carcinoma of the breast

Granerus, A. K.; Magnusson, T.; Roos, B. E.; Svanborg, A., 1974: Relationship of age and mood to mono amine metabolites in cerebro spinal fluid in parkinsonism

Talbert L.M.; Hammond M.G.; Groff T.; Udry J.R., 1985: Relationship of age and pubertal development to ovulation in adolescent girls

Cohen M.G.; Pollard K.M.; Schrieber L., 1988: Relationship of age and sex to autoantibody expression in mrl negative plus plus and mrl 1pr 1pr mice demonstration of an association between the expression of antibodies to histones denatured dna and sm in mrl minus plus plus mice

Gill, G. S.; Allaire, F. R., 1976: Relationship of age at 1st calving days open days dry and herdlife to a profit function for dairy cattle

Chapman, J. D.; Thompson, L. H.; Gaskins, C. T.; Tribble, L. F., 1978: Relationship of age at 1st farrowing and size of 1st litter to subsequent reproductive performance in sows

Broussard C.T.; Washburn K.W., 1981: Relationship of age at parabiosis and time of embryonic death on extent of mixing of embryonic blood

Duffus, J. E.; Skoyen, I. O., 1977: Relationship of age of plants and resistance to a severe isolate of the beet curly top virus

Porter J.C., 1986: Relationship of age sex and reproductive status to the quantity of tyrosine hydroxylase in the median eminence and superior cervical ganglion of the rat

Lee, J. A. H.; Chin, P. G.; Kukull, W. A.; Tompkins, R. S.; Weatherall, A. F., 1976: Relationship of age to incidence of breast cancer in young women

Longnecker D.S.; Hashida Y.; Shinozuka H., 1980: Relationship of age to prevalence of focal acinar cell dysplasia in the human pancreas

Hacker A.D.; Mustafa M.G.; Ospital J.J.; Elsayed N.M.; Si Duk Lee, 1986: Relationship of age to rat lung collagen synthesis in response to ozone exposure

Bubenik G.A.; Schams D., 1986: Relationship of age to seasonal levels of luteinizing hormone fsh prolactin and testosterone in male white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus

Kachadorian, W. A.; Levine, S. D.; Wade, J. B.; Discala, V. A.; Hays, R. M., 1977: Relationship of aggregated intra membranous particles to water permeability in vasopressin treated toad urinary bladder

Gartside P.S.; Buncher C.R.; Lerner S., 1982: Relationship of air lead and blood lead for workers at an automobile battery factory

Bull G.M.; Brozovic M.; Chakrabarti R.; Meade T.W.; Morton J.; North W.R.S.; Stirling Y., 1979: Relationship of air temperature of various chemical hematological and hemostatic variables

Quamme H.A., 1983: Relationship of air temperature to water content and super cooling of over wintering peach prunus persica flower buds

Martin R.A.; Clough K.S., 1984: Relationship of airborne spore load of pyrenophora teres and weather variables to net blotch development on barley hordeum vulgare

Welty C.; Weiss S.T.; Tager I.B.; Munoz A.; Becker C.; Speizer F.E.; Ingram R.H.Jr, 1984: Relationship of airways responsiveness to cold air cigarette smoking and atopy to respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function in adults

Tennant, F. S-Jr ; Detels, R., 1976: Relationship of alcohol cigarette and drug abuse in adulthood with alcohol cigarette and coffee consumption in childhood

Goldstein, D. B., 1972: Relationship of alcohol dose to intensity of withdrawal signs in mice

Traiger, G. J.; Plaa, G. L., 1972: Relationship of alcohol metabolism to the potentiation of carbon tetra chloride hepato toxicity induced by aliphatic alcohols

Borowsky S.A.; Perlow W.; Baraona E.; Lieber C.S., 1980: Relationship of alcoholic hyper tri glyceridemia to stage of liver disease and dietary lipid

O'leary M.; Donovan D.M.; Chaney E.F.; O'leary D.E., 1980: Relationship of alcoholic personality subtypes to treatment follow up measures

Nordby, H. E.; Nagy, S., 1977: Relationship of alkane and alkene long chain hydro carbon profiles to maturity of sweet oranges

Haahtela T.; Jaakonmaki I., 1981: Relationship of allergen specific immuno globulin e antibodies skin prick tests and allergic disorders in unselected adolescents

Siegel, S.; Rawitt, L.; Sokoloff, B.; Siegel, B., 1976: Relationship of allergy enuresis and urinary infection in children 4 7 years of age

Cummings S.; Seybold V., 1988: Relationship of alpha 1 and alpha 2 adrenergic binding sites to regions of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus containing corticotropin releasing factor and vasopressin neurons

Stone R.T., 1984: Relationship of alpha fetoprotein and albumin in fetuses and neonates from genetically lean and obese swine

Piekut D.T.; Knigge K.M., 1984: Relationship of alpha msh specific neurons to the arcuate opiocortin neuronal system as determined by dual antigen immunocytochemical procedures

Potter C.L.; Menahan L.A.; Peterson R.E., 1986: Relationship of alterations in energy metabolism to hypophagia in rats treated with 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin

Wyler D.J.; Quinn T.C.; Chen L T., 1981: Relationship of alterations in splenic clearance function and micro circulation to host defense in acute rodent malaria

Kaptein E.M.; Weiner J.M.; Robinson W.J.; Wheeler W.S.; Nicoloff J.T., 1982: Relationship of altered thyroid hormone indices to survival in nonthyroidal illnesses

Adamson I.Y.R.; Young L.; Bowden D.H., 1988: Relationship of alveolar epithelial injury and repair to the induction of pulmonary fibrosis

Ingram, R. H. Jr ; Finlay, G. D.; Bradford, J. M-Jr, 1976: Relationship of alveolar to arterial difference for oxygen to airway carbon di oxide tension in dog lungs

Farmer C.T.; Wade T.L., 1986: Relationship of ambient atmospheric hydrocarbon 12 32 carbon concentrations to deposition

Comeau, A.; Carde, R. T.; Roelofs, W. L., 1976: Relationship of ambient temperatures to diel periodicities of sex attraction in 6 species of lepidoptera

Schrag J.; D.; O'grady S.M.; Devries A.L., 1982: Relationship of amino acid composition and molecular weight of antifreeze glyco peptides to noncolligative freezing point depression

Bhatia P.K.; Abrol Y.P., 1985: Relationship of ammonia loss to arginine metabolism in the mungbean vigna radiata

Sparks D.L.; Blevins R.L.; Bailey H.H.; Barnhisel R.I., 1979: Relationship of ammonium nitrogen distribution to mineralogy in a hapludalf soil

Brown P.C.; Beverley S.M.; Schmke R.T., 1981: Relationship of amplified di hydro folate reductase genes to double minute chromosomes in unstably resistant mouse fibroblast cell lines

Brecher P.; Chobanian A.V.; Small D.M.; Van Sickle W.; Tercyak A.; Lazzari A.; Baler J., 1983: Relationship of an abnormal plasma lipo protein to protection from athero sclerosis in the cholesterol fed diabetic rabbit

Bettelheim, K. A.; Drabu, Y.; O'farrell, S.; Shaw, E. J.; Tabaqhcali, S.; Shooter, R. A., 1983: Relationship of an epidemic strain of escherichia coli o 125.h21 to other serotypes of escherichia coli during an outbreak situation in a neo natal ward

Betzler, M.; Dyson, P.; Schrempf, H., 1987: Relationship of an unstable arg g gene to a 5.7 kilobase amplifiable dna sequence in streptomyces lividans 66

Guidobono F.; Netti C.; Pagani F.; Sibilia V.; Pecile A.; Candeletti S.; Ferri S., 1986: Relationship of analgesia induced by centrally injected calcitonin to the central nervous system serotonergic system

Nimrod A.; Rosenfield R.L.; Otto P., 1980: Relationship of androgen action to androgen metabolism in isolated rat granulosa cells

Evans D.J.; Hoffman R.G.; Kalhoff R.K.; Kissebah A.H., 1983: Relationship of androgenic activity to body fat topography fat cell morphology and metabolic aberrations in pre menopausal women

Peiris A.N.; Mueller R.A.; Struve M.F.; Smith G.A.; Kissebah A.H., 1987: Relationship of androgenic activity to splanchnic insulin metabolism and peripheral glucose utilization in premenopausal women

Brown R.A.; Tomlinson I.W.; Hill C.R.; Weiss J.B.; Phillips P.; Kumar S., 1983: Relationship of angiogenesis factor in synovial fluid to various joint diseases

Boudoulas H.; Ruff P.D.; Fulkerson P.K.; Lewis R.P., 1983: Relationship of angiographic and echographic dimensions in chronic left ventricular dilatation

Danielsen H.; Pedersen E.B.; Christensen N.J., 1986: Relationship of angiotensin ii aldosterone arginine vasopressin adrenaline and noradrenaline in plasma blood and extracellular volumes to blood pressure in chronic glomerulonephritis

Serns S.L.; Kempinger J.J., 1981: Relationship of angler exploitation to the size age and sex of walleyes stizostedion vitreum vitreum in escanaba lake wisconsin usa

Breslau N.A.; Brinkley L.; Hill K.D.; Pak C.Y.C., 1988: Relationship of animal protein rich diet to kidney stone formation and calcium metabolism

Boor M., 1982: Relationship of anomia to perceived changes in financial status 1973 1980

Lenihan J.P.Jr, 1984: Relationship of ante partum pelvic examinations of premature rupture of the membranes

Watkins, J. E.; Littlefield, L. J., 1976: Relationship of anthesis in waldron wheat to infection by claviceps purpurea

Slaughter, M. H.; Lohman, T. G.; Boileau, R. A., 1978: Relationship of anthropometric dimensions to lean body mass in children

Raschack, M., 1976: Relationship of anti arrhythmic to inotropic activity and anti arrhythmic qualities of the optical isomers of verapamil

Croghan T.W.; Minota S.; Yamada A.; Winfield J.B., 1985: Relationship of anti beta 2 microglobulin antibodies to t 11 and t cell activation in systemic lupus erythematosus

Yamamoto K.; Kakinuma M.; Kato K.; Okuyama H.; Azuma I., 1980: Relationship of anti tuberculous protection to lung granuloma produced by intra venous injection of synthetic 6 o mycoloyl n acetylmuramyl l alanyl d iso glutamine with or without specific antigens

Hagedorn C., 1979: Relationship of antibiotic resistance to effectiveness in rhizobium trifolii populations

Petty, R. E.; Steward, M. W., 1977: Relationship of antibody affinity to onset of immune complex disease in new zealand mice

Yeager A.S.; Arvin A.M.; Urbani L.J.; Kemp J.A.IIi, 1980: Relationship of antibody to outcome in neo natal herpes simplex virus infections

Mandelbaum S.L.; Diamond M.P.; Decherney A.H., 1987: Relationship of antisperm antibodies to oocyte fertilization in in vitro fertilization embryo transfer

Mulholland M.W.; Quigley T.; Bonsack M.; Delaney J.P., 1984: Relationship of antral gastrin cells and serum gastrin to thyroid function in the rat

Correll R.E., 1985: Relationship of anxiety and depression scores to wechsler adult intelligence scale performance of psychiatric patients

Correll R.E., 1984: Relationship of anxiety and depression to age and sex in an acute psychiatric population

Andresen, M. C.; Krauhs, J. M.; Brown, A. M., 1978: Relationship of aortic wall and baro receptor properties during development in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Parr M.B.; Parr E.L., 1982: Relationship of apical domes in the rabbit uterine epithelium during the peri implantation period to endocytosis apocrine secretion and fixation

Noe J.P.; Starkey T.E., 1982: Relationship of apple fruit maturity and inoculum concentration to infection by glomerella cingulata

Braun D.P.; Harris J.E.; Rubenstein M., 1984: Relationship of arachidonic acid metabolism to indomethacin sensitive immunoregulatory function and lymphocyte prostaglandin sensitivity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of disseminated solid tumor cancer patients

Dawes G.S.; Johnston B.M.; Walker D.W., 1980: Relationship of arterial pressure and heart rate in fetal new born and adult sheep

Jasper A.C.; Soohoo S.L.; Goldberg H.S., 1986: Relationship of arterial wedge pressure to closing pressure in the pulmonary circulation

Diamond, L.; Baird, W. M., 1977: Relationship of aryl hydro carbon hydroxylase activity to benzo a pyrene metabolizing activity of cells in culture

Woolfe S.N.; Kenney E.B.; Hume W.R.; Carranza F.A.Jr, 1984: Relationship of ascorbic acid levels of blood and gingival tissue with response to periodontal therapy

Hicks R.R.Jr; Frank P.S.Jr, 1984: Relationship of aspect to soil nutrients species importance and biomass in a forested watershed in west virginia usa

Lohr J.M.; Nix J.; Dunbar D.; Mosesso L., 1984: Relationship of assertive behavior in women and a validated measure of irrational beliefs

Settipane, G. A.; Klein, D. E.; Boyd, G. K., 1978: Relationship of atopy and anaphylactic sensitization a bee sting allergy model

Morganroth J.; Horowitz L.N.; Josephson M.E.; Kastor J.A., 1979: Relationship of atrial fibrillatory wave amplitude to left atrial size and etiology of heart disease an old generalization reexamined

Meltzer H.Y.; Zureick J.L., 1987: Relationship of auditory hallucinations and paranoia to platelet mao activity in schizophrenics sex and race interactions

Kris M.G.; Mertelsmann R.; Jhanwar S.; Chaganti R.; Szatrowski T.H.; Gee T.S.; Arlin Z.; Kempin S.; Benedetto P.; Clarkson B., 1985: Relationship of auer rods and chromosome findings to outcome in eighty nine adults with acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia

Aist J.R.; Israel H.W., 1986: Relationship of autofluorescent and uv absorbing components in cell walls and wall appositions to disease resistance in kohlrabi brassica oleracea gongyloides roots

Mungare T.S.; Shingte A.K.; Pharande K.S., 1983: Relationship of available water capacity with some of the physical properties of soils

Kupfer D.J.; Grochocinski V.J.; Mceachran A.B., 1986: Relationship of awakening and delta sleep in depression

Nicolas J F.; Wegmann D.; Lebrun P.; Kaiserlian D.; Tovey J.; Glasebrook A.L., 1987: Relationship of b cell fc receptors to t cell recognition of mls antigen

Hitzeman, R. A.; Price, A. R., 1978: Relationship of bacillus subtilis dna polymerase iii to bacterio phage pbs 2 induced dna polymerase and to the replication of uracil containing dna

Gustavsson S.; Weiland L.H.; Kelly K.A., 1987: Relationship of backwash ileitis to ileal pouchitis after ileal pouch anal anastomosis

Mcmillin, K. W.; Judge, M. D.; Forrest, J. C.; Anderson, V. L.; Aberle, E. D., 1977: Relationship of bacon quality to pork carcass traits

Clarke C.W., 1979: Relationship of bacterial and viral infections to exacerbations of asthma

Fett W.F., 1985: Relationship of bacterial cell surface hydrophobicity and charge to pathogenicity physiologic race and immobilization in attached soybean leaves

Bortolussi R.; Vandenbroucke Grauls C.M.J.E.; Van Asbeck B.S.; Verhoef J., 1987: Relationship of bacterial growth phase to killing of listeria monocytogenes by oxidative agents generated by neutrophils and enzyme systems

Reddy A.P.K.; Mackenzie D.R.; Rouse D.I.; Rao A.V., 1979: Relationship of bacterial leaf blight xanthomonas oryzae severity to grain yield of rice oryza sativa

Eklund, M. W.; Poysky, F. T.; Peterson, M. E.; Meyers, J. A., 1976: Relationship of bacterio phages to alpha toxin production in clostridium novyi type a and type b

Crooks M.; James S.M.; Tagg J.R., 1987: Relationship of bacteriocin like inhibitor production to the pigmentation and hemolytic activity of mutans streptococci

Tamura M., 1982: Relationship of barclaya and classification of nymphaeales

Del Pozo A.H.; Garcia Huidobro J.; Novoa R.; Villaseca S., 1987: Relationship of base temperature to development of spring wheat

Druzin M.L.; Hutson J.M.; Edersheim T.G., 1986: Relationship of baseline fetal heart rate to gestational age and fetal sex

Bennett J.A.; Marsh J.C., 1980: Relationship of bcg induced suppressor cells to hematopoietic precursor cells

Kessel, M.; Shilo, M., 1976: Relationship of bdellovibrio elongation and fission to host cell size

Epstein A.M.; Mcneil B.J., 1986: Relationship of beliefs and behavior in test ordering

Suzuki M.; Nakagawa K.; Fukui H.; Tabata M., 1987: Relationship of berberine producing capability between thalictrum plants and their tissue cultures

Gammon W.R.; Ruddy S.; Sams M.W.Jr; Carlo J.R., 1981: Relationship of beta 1h globulin and cleavage fragments of complement c 3 in the skin of patients with bullous pemphigoid and dermatitis herpetiformis

Karita, M., 1987: Relationship of bile acid level in the gastric juice to intestinal metaplasia in the stomach ii. a special study of the effect of bile acid in the gastric juice on the generative zone and microvilli of the surface of the intestinal metaplasia

Karita M., 1987: Relationship of bile acid levels in gastric juice to intestinal metaplasia and several lesions in the stomach

Akerboom T.P.M.; Bilzer M.; Sies H., 1982: Relationship of biliary glutathione di sulfide efflux and intra cellular glutathione di sulfide content in perfused rat liver

Carpentier J L.; Gorden P.; Freychet P.; Lecam A.; Orci L., 1979: Relationship of binding to internalization of iodine 125 labeled insulin in isolated rat hepatocytes

Sinadinovic, J.; Ratkovic, S.; Kraincanic, M.; Jovanivic, M., 1977: Relationship of biochemical and morphological changes in rat thyroid and proton spin relaxation of the tissue water

Canellakis E.S.; Chen T K., 1979: Relationship of biochemical drug effects to their anti tumor activity part 1 di acridines and the cell membrane

Elliott, R. E.; Karadsheh, N. S.; Kole, J.; Canellakis, E. S., 1985: Relationship of biochemical drug effects to their antitumor activity 2. diacridines and membrane related reactions

Kusnir J.; Federicova J.; Barna K., 1983: Relationship of biological effect of sisomicin to chemical changes in amino groups

Dutta R.N.; Jha U.N.; Jha S.N., 1986: Relationship of biomass yield of makhana euryale ferox with soil properties and water quality

Parker C.W.; Fischman C.M.; Wedner H.J., 1980: Relationship of biosynthesis of slow reacting substance to intra cellular glutathione concentrations

White H.B.IIi; Whitehead C.C.; Armstrong J., 1987: Relationship of biotin deposition in turkey eggs to dietary biotin and biotin binding proteins

Bradley, J. W.; Atkinson, R. L.; Krueger, W. F., 1976: Relationship of biotin to reproductive performance of leghorn type hens

Sibbons P.; Spitz L.; Vanvelzen D.; Bullock G.R., 1988: Relationship of birth weight to the pathogenesis of necrotizing enterocolitis in the neonatal piglet

Kelsall, J. P.; Telfer, E. S.; Kingsley, M., 1978: Relationship of bison weight to chest girth

Weibel D.E.; Sotomayor Rios A.; Pava H.M.; Mcnew R.W., 1982: Relationship of black layer to sorghum sorghum bicolor kernel moisture content and maximum kernel weight in the tropics

Mendez, J.; Franklin, B.; Kollias, J., 1976: Relationship of blood and saliva lactate and pyruvate concentration

Gangwar P.C.; Bahga C.S.; Mehta S.N.; Srivastava R.K.; Dhingra D.P., 1984: Relationship of blood composition with some lactational factors vis a vis effect of cooling in buffaloes bos bubalis

Dupre R.K.; Farrar E.S., 1982: Relationship of blood energy substrates and standard metabolic rate in several amphibian species

Bulkley, G. B.; Kvietys, P. R.; Parks, D. A.; Perry, M. A.; Granger, D. N., 1985: Relationship of blood flow and oxygen consumption to ischemic injury in the canine small intestine

Easwaran B.M.; Krishnamurthy U.S.; Rathnasabapathy V., 1980: Relationship of blood glutathione level with production traits in meyer strain white leghorn layers

Jordan G.H.; Lynch D.F.Jr, 1983: Relationship of blood group to testicular carcinoma

Srinivas V.; Khan S.A.; Hoisington S.; Varma A.; Gonder M.J., 1986: Relationship of blood groups and bladder cancer

Dutta, R., 1977: Relationship of blood groups with fertility and infertility a study in rural india

Suma'mur P.K.; Heryuni S., 1984: Relationship of blood lead and manganese in occupationally unexposed subjects

Babbs C.F.; Voorhees W.D.; Fitzgerald K.R.; Holmes H.R.; Geddes L.A., 1983: Relationship of blood pressure and flow during cardio pulmonary resuscitation to chest compression amplitude evidence for an effective compression threshold

Rabkin S.W.; Mathewson F.A.L.; Tate R.B., 1982: Relationship of blood pressure in 20 39 year old men to subsequent blood pressure and incidence of hypertension over a 30 year observation period

Nicholson J.P.; Resnick L.M.; Pickering T.G.; Marion R.; Sullivan P.; Laragh J.H., 1985: Relationship of blood pressure response and the renin angiotensin system to 1st dose prazosin

Ohnaka T.; Tochihara Y.; Yamazaki S.; Tanaka M.; Yoshida K.; Yagami T., 1984: Relationship of blood pressure to multiple personal characteristics of workers in a factory

Wyse D.G., 1984: Relationship of blood pressure to the responsiveness of an isolated human artery to selected agonists and to electrical stimulation

Wagner V.; Wagnerova M.; Kriz J.; Kodl M.; Wokounova D., 1988: Relationship of blood protein levels to outdoor air pollutant concentrations in a semicohort of school age children living in urban areas differing by quality of air

Bhat P.N.; Bhat P.P.; Negi P.R., 1983: Relationship of blood protein polymorphs with wool traits in gaddi sheep and their half breds with rambouillet and russian merino

Perry, T. W.; Peterson, R. C.; Griffin, D. D.; Beeson, W. M., 1978: Relationship of blood serum selenium levels of pregnant cows to low dietary intake and effect on tissue selenium levels of their calves

Mittelman D.; Cronin C., 1983: Relationship of blood transfusions to retrolental fibroplasia

Mentel, J.; Kapeller, K.; Gombos, A.; Polonyi, J., 1976: Relationship of blood vessels to small intensely fluorescent cells in the autonomic ganglion

Peiretti R.A.; Amini I.; Weibel D.E.; Starks K.J.; Mcnew R.W., 1980: Relationship of bloomless bm bm sorghum sorghum bicolor to greenbug schizaphis graminum resistance

Roland D.A.Sr, 1982: Relationship of body checked eggs to photoperiod and breaking strength

Slaughter, M. H.; Lohman, T. G., 1976: Relationship of body composition to somatotype

Lohman, T. G.; Slaughter, M. H.; Selinger, A.; Boileau, R. A., 1978: Relationship of body composition to somatotype in college men

Jone P.R.M.; Satwanti; Bharadwaj H.; Bhatia M.R.; Zachariah T.; Kishnani S., 1982: Relationship of body density and lean body mass to body measurements application to indian soldiers of relationships developed for people of european descent

Satwanti, K.; Bharadwaj, H.; Singh, I. P., 1977: Relationship of body density to body measurements in young punjabi women applicability of body composition prediction equations developed for women of european descent

Kalkhoff R.K.; Hartz A.H.; Rupley D.; Kissebah A.H.; Kelber S., 1983: Relationship of body fat distribution to blood pressure carbohydrate tolerance and plasma lipids in healthy obese women

Evans D.J.; Hoffmann R.G.; Kissebah A.H.; Kalkhoff R.K., 1984: Relationship of body fat topography to insulin sensitivity and metabolic profiles in pre menopausal women

Gabbard C., 1986: Relationship of body size to force production in children

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Izuka S.K., 1988: Relationship of magnesium and other minor elements in tests of cassidulina subglobosa and cassidulina oriangulata to physical oceanic properties

Joffres M.R.; Reed D.M.; Yano K., 1987: Relationship of magnesium intake and other dietary factors to blood pressure the honolulu hawaii usa heart study

Patel V.P.; Fairbanks G., 1986: Relationship of major phosphorylation reactions and magnesium atpase activities to atp dependent shape change of human erythrocyte membranes

Okanoue T.; Ohta M.; Ou O.; Kachi K.; Kagawa K.; Yuki T.; Okuno T.; Takino T.; French S.W., 1985: Relationship of mallory bodies to intermediate filaments in hepatocytes a scanning electron microscopy study

Irie T.; Benson N.C.; French S.W., 1982: Relationship of mallory bodies to the cytoskeleton of hepatocytes in griseofulvin treated mice

Moore C.J.; Bachhuber A.J.; Gould M.N., 1983: Relationship of mammary tumor susceptibility mammary cell mediated mutagenesis and metabolism of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in 4 types of rats

Zhang X.; Bell W.H.; Washko P.W., 1988: Relationship of mandibular anterior tooth apices to genial muscle attachments

Kosten T.R.; Jalali B.; Steidl J.H.; Kleber H.D., 1987: Relationship of marital structure and interactions to opiate abuse relapse

Delaune R.D.; Smith C.J.; Patrick W.H.Jr, 1983: Relationship of marsh elevation redox potential and sulfide to spartina alterniflora productivity

Thomas N.R.; Peyton S.C., 1983: Relationship of masseter electro myographic activity to mandible position in the freely moving rat

Houghton D.J.; Shackleton P.; Obiekwe B.C.; Chard T., 1984: Relationship of maternal and fetal levels of human placental lactogen to the weight and sex of the fetus

Delgado H.L.; Valverde V.E.; Martorell R.; Klein R.E., 1982: Relationship of maternal and infant nutrition to infant growth

Ilyes I.; Jezerniczky J.; Kovacs J.; Dvoracsek E.; Csorba S., 1985: Relationship of maternal and newborn cord serum ferritin concentrations measured by immunoradiometry

Grunebaum A.N.; Minkoff H.; Schwarz R.H.; Schiffman G., 1983: Relationship of maternal antibody levels of post cesarean section endometritis

Mahoney G.; Finger I.; Powell A., 1985: Relationship of maternal behavioral style to the development of organically impaired mentally retarded infants

Soria, J.; Canales, E. S.; Forsbach, G.; Karchmer, S.; Guzman, V.; Zarate, A., 1977: Relationship of maternal fetal and amniotic fluid prolactin levels

Cano A.; Barcelo F.; Fuente T.; Martinez P.; Parrilla J.J.; Abad L., 1986: Relationship of maternal glycosylated hemoglobin and fetal beta cell activity with birth weight

Petersen G.A.; Sherrod K.B., 1981: Relationship of maternal language to language development and language delay of children

Simonds M.P.; Simonds J.F., 1981: Relationship of maternal parenting behaviors to the temperament of preschool children

Everett R.B.; Porter J.C.; Macdonald P.C.; Gant N.F., 1980: Relationship of maternal placental blood flow to the placental clearance of maternal plasma dehydroiso androsterone sulfate through placental estradiol formation

Rantakallio, P., 1978: Relationship of maternal smoking to morbidity and mortality of the child up to the age of 5

Csaba, I. F.; Sulyok, E.; Ertl, T., 1978: Relationship of maternal treatment with indomethacin to persistence of fetal circulation syndrome

Pongthai S.; Piyapinyo P.; Suthutvoravut S.; Hiranrak A.; Chaturachinda K., 1988: Relationship of maternal weight at first prenatal visit and maternal height with infant birth weight

Vobecky J.S.; Vobecky J.; Shapcott D.; Cloutier D.; Demers P P.; Blanchard R.; Black R., 1983: Relationship of maternal weight gain to maternal and early neo natal nutritional status

Rettenmaier M.A.; Haesslein H.C., 1984: Relationship of maternal weight status to selected pregnancy events

Fuleki, T.; Cook, F. I., 1976: Relationship of maturity as indicated by flesh color to quality of canned clingstone peaches

Baron V.S.; Kibite S., 1987: Relationship of maturity height and morphological traits with whole plant yield and digestibility of barley cultivars

Howell M.M.; Cassingham R.J.; Yukna R.A., 1986: Relationship of maxillary molar root angulation and palatal vault height

Jansson L., 1985: Relationship of mean platelet volume to platelet count in morphologic evaluation of thrombopoiesis

Jackson C.W.; Dahl G.V., 1983: Relationship of megakaryocyte size at diagnosis to chemo therapeutic response in children with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

O'steen W.K.; Kastin A.J., 1980: Relationship of melanocyte stimulating hormone to photo receptor damage

Khosravi M.; Liao S K.; Thomson D.M.P.; Dent P.B., 1983: Relationship of melanoma associated antigens to histo compatibility antigen and beta 2 micro globulin in material spontaneously shed by cultured human melanoma cells

Harris R.A.; Crabbe J.C.; Mcswigan J.D., 1984: Relationship of membrane physical properties of alcohol dependence in mice selected for genetic differences in alcohol withdrawal

Harting G.H.; Moore C.E.; Mitchell R.; Kappus C.M., 1984: Relationship of menopausal status and exercise level to high density lipo protein cholesterol in women

Tibbetts, C.; Pettersson, U.; Johansson, K.; Philpson, L., 1974: Relationship of messenger rna from productively infected cells to the complementary strands of adenovirus type 2 dna

Shirai T.; Fysh J.M.; Lee M S.; Vaught J.B.; King C.M., 1981: Relationship of metabolic activation on n hydroxy n acyl arylamines to biological response in the liver and mammary gland of the female cd rat

Valiner Z.; Ladesic B.; Hrsak I.; Tomasic J., 1987: Relationship of metabolism and immunostimulating activity of peptidoglycan monomer in mice after three different routes of administration

Webster, D. R.; Boston, G. D.; Holford, N. H. G.; Paton, D. M., 1986: Relationship of metabolism of 2' 3' and 5' adenine nucleotides to presynaptic inhibition of transmitter release in rat vas deferens

Conrad, R. S.; Sokatch, J. R.; Jensen, R. A., 1976: Relationship of metabolite inhibition of growth to flow of carbon patterns in nature

Mendelsohn G.; Baylin S.B.; Eggleston J.C., 1980: Relationship of metastatic medullary thyroid carcinoma to calcitonin content of pheo chromo cytomas an immuno histochemical study

Berendt, R. F., 1978: Relationship of method of administration to respiratory virulence of klebsiella pneumoniae for mice and squirrel monkeys

Curtis R.A.; Cote J.F.; Mclennan M.C.; Smart J.F.; Rowe R.C., 1979: Relationship of methods of treatment to relapse rate and serum levels of calcium and phosphorus in parturient hypo calcemia

Day, R. S-Iii ; Yarosh, D. B.; Ziolkowski, C. H. J., 1984: Relationship of methyl purines produced by n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine in adenovirus 5 dna to viral inactivation in repair deficient mer negative human tumor cell strains

Leyden R.; Laduke J.V., 1984: Relationship of micro nutrient application to yield in texas usa citrus

Rogers K.A.; Khoshbaf M.A.; Brown D.L., 1981: Relationship of micro tubule organization in lymphocytes to the capping of immuno globulin

Engerman, R.; Bloodworth, J. M. B. Jr ; Nelson, S., 1977: Relationship of micro vascular disease in diabetes to metabolic control

Burton G.A.Jr; Drotar A.; Lazorchak J.M.; Bahls L.L., 1987: Relationship of microbial activity and ceriodaphnia responses to mining impacts on the clark fork river montana usa

Feagans L.; Sanyal M.; Henderson F.; Collier A.; Appelbaum M., 1987: Relationship of middle ear disease in early childhood to later narrative and attention skills

Benson M.D.; Rebar R.W., 1986: Relationship of migraine headache and stroke to oral contraceptive use

Chiu L.P.W.; Rimon R., 1987: Relationship of migration to paranoid and somatoform symptoms in chinese patients

Berndt D.J.; Berndt S.M., 1980: Relationship of mild depression to psychological deficit in college students

Wise G.H.; Anderson G.W.; Linnerud A.C., 1984: Relationship of milk intake by sucking and by drinking to reticular groove reactions and ingestion behavior in calves

Littledike, E. T., 1976: Relationship of milk secretion to hypo calcemia in the dairy cow

Murray A.C.; Doornenbal H.; Martin A.H., 1982: Relationship of mineral content and tenderness of meat from cattle differing in breed sex and age

Revis N.W.; Schmoyer R.L.; Bull R., 1982: Relationship of minerals commonly found in drinking water to athero sclerosis and hypertension in pigeons

Mukherjee A.; Buja L.M.; Kulkarni P.; Nicar M.; Chien K.R.; Willerson J.T., 1982: Relationship of mitochondrial alterations and technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate uptake during myo cardial ischemia

Yamawaki K.; Yamauchi N.; Chachin K.; Iwata T., 1983: Relationship of mitochondrial enzyme activity to chilling injury of cucumber fruit

Hilf R.; Murant R.S.; Narayanan U.; Gibson S.L., 1986: Relationship of mitochondrial function and cellular atp levels to hematoporphyrin derivative induced photosensitization in r 3230ac mammary tumors

Wong W.; Robinson S.H.; Tsiftsoglou A.S., 1985: Relationship of mitochondrial membrane potential to hemoglobin synthesis during friend cell maturation

Parameswaran M.; Arinze I.J., 1981: Relationship of mitochondrial phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase to neo natal gluconeogenesis

Wilson B.J.; Shiigi S.M.; Malley A.; Mcnulty W.P.; Olson L.; Howard C.F.; Marx P.A., 1986: Relationship of mitogen reactivity to type d retrovirus infection in celebes black macaques macaca nigra

Coles G., 1979: Relationship of mixed link beta glucan accumulation to accumulation of free sugars and other glucans in the developing barley hordeum vulgare endosperm

Thompson, J. S.; Parmely, M. J.; Flink, R. J.; Canady, M. S.; Severson, C. D., 1972: Relationship of mixed lymphocyte culture response to hl a histo compatibility antigens effect of allele plus 1 antigen match

Laramee J.A.; Chang Y S.; Arbogast B.C.; Deinzer M.L., 1988: Relationship of molecular radical anion abundance and calculated lowest unoccupied molecular orbital energies for polychlorinated dibenzofurans and dibenzodioxins in electron capture negative ion mass spectrometry evidence for negative metastable ions

Winstead, M. B.; Dougherty, D. A.; Lin, T. H.; Khentigan, A.; Lamb, J. F.; Winchell, H. S., 1978: Relationship of molecular structure to in vivo scintigraphic distribution of carbon 11 labeled compounds part 4 carbon 11 labeled mandelonitriles mandelic acids and their esters

Hendler F.J.; Yuan D., 1985: Relationship of monoclonal antibody binding to estrogen and progesterone receptor content in breast cancer

Kaye W.H.; Gwirtsman H.E.; George D.T.; Weiss S.R.; Jimerson D.C., 1986: Relationship of mood alterations to bingeing behavior in bulimia

Shacham S.; Dar R.; Cleeland C.S., 1984: Relationship of mood state to the severity of clinical pain

Krasnoshchekov N.N.; Shamgunova R.Sh; Khalidova N.G., 1980: Relationship of morbidity rates of workers to production processes at cellulose factories

Bracco F.; Gennaro J.Jr; Lajtha A., 1982: Relationship of morphologic damage and amino acid uptake in incubated slices of brain

Greub L.J.; Collins M.; Carlson S.K.; Casler M.D., 1986: Relationship of morphological characteristics to forage quality in quackgrass elytrigia repens

Goldy R.G., 1985: Relationship of morphological development to meiotic occurrence in various small fruits

Parfitt D.E., 1984: Relationship of morphological plant characteristics of sunflower helianthus annuus to bird feeding

Peto J.; Doll R.; Hermon C.; Binns W.; Clayton R.; Goffe T., 1985: Relationship of mortality to measures of environmental asbestos pollution in an asbestos textile factory

Fisher, S., 1978: Relationship of mortality to socio economic status and some other factors in sydney australia in 1971

Nevius J., 1984: Relationship of mothers and 10 year old sons perceptions of maternal child rearing practices

Huber, S. J.; Paulson, G. W.; Shuttleworth, E. C., 1988: Relationship of motor symptoms intellectual impairment and depression in parkinson's disease

Mortimer J.A.; Pirozzolo F.J.; Hansch E.C.; Webster D.D., 1982: Relationship of motor symptoms to intellectual deficits in parkinsons disease

Dobozy A.; Kenderessy A.S.; Hunyadi J.; Simon N., 1983: Relationship of mouse erythrocyte binding receptor on peripheral blood mononuclear cells to receptors for immuno globulin g fc and c 3

Settleman J.; Fonseca R.; Nolan J.; Angeletti R.H., 1985: Relationship of multiple forms of chromogranin

Graml R.; Schmid D.O.; Erhard L.; Buchberger J.; Ohmayer G.; Pirchner F., 1986: Relationship of murnau werdenfels cattle to other races

Vandenburgh H.H.; Lent C.M., 1984: Relationship of muscle growth in vitro to sodium pump activity and trans membrane potential appendix tetra phenyl phosphonium distribution as a measure of trans membrane potential of avian myo tubes in tissue culture

Nakamura R.; Hosokawa T.; Tsuji I., 1985: Relationship of muscle strength for knee extension to walking capacity in patients with spastic hemiparesis

O'donnell T.F.Jr; Raines J.K.; Darling C., 1979: Relationship of muscle surface ph to noninvasive hemodynamic studies in arterial occlusive disease

Wilson J.R.; Mccully K.K.; Mancini D.M.; Boden B.; Chance B., 1988: Relationship of muscular fatigue to ph and diprotonated inorganic phosphorus in humans a phosphorus 31 nmr study

Punja Z.K.; Huang J S.; Jenkins S.F., 1985: Relationship of mycelial growth and production of oxalic acid and cell wall degrading enzymes to virulence in sclerotium rolfsii

Sensharma G.C.; Singh M., 1981: Relationship of myelin and neuro glia in human optic nerve

Crang, A. J.; Jacobson, W., 1982: Relationship of myelin basic protein arginine methyl transferase ec to myelination in mouse spinal cord

Culler, R. D.; Parrish, F. C. Jr ; Smith, G. C.; Cross, H. R., 1978: Relationship of myo fibril fragmentation index to certain chemical physical and sensory characteristics of bovine longissimus muscle

Olson, D. G.; Parrish, F. C. Jr, 1977: Relationship of myo fibril fragmentation index to measures of beef steak tenderness

Rumsey W.L.; Wilson D.F.; Erecinska M., 1987: Relationship of myocardial metabolism and coronary flow dependence on extracellular calcium

Perennec J.; Herreman F.; Cosma H.; Ilers F.; Djigouadi Z.; Degeorges M.; Hatt P Y., 1988: Relationship of myocardial morphometry in aortic valve regurgitation to myocardial function and post operative results

Cowling W.R.IIi, 1985: Relationship of mystical experience differentiation and creativity

Oglesby L.A.; Cudak C.; Curtis G.; Garland H.; Hyatt B.; Montgomery L.; Nesnow S., 1982: Relationship of n aryl acetamide metabolism and macro molecular binding to oncogenic transformation of c 3h 10t 1 2cl 8 cells

Alvan G.; Grind M.; Graffner C.; Sjoqvist F., 1984: Relationship of n demethylation of amiflamine and its metabolite to debrisoquine hydroxylation polymorphism

Walker, B. A.; Ziskind, E., 1977: Relationship of nail biting to sociopathy

Hersey P.; Edwards A.; Trilivas C.; Shaw H.; Milton G.W., 1979: Relationship of natural killer cell activity to rhesus antigens in man

Atim A.B.; Daud M.N.; Yaakob A.M., 1986: Relationship of nectar flow on colony development and honey yield of apis cerana under hevea brasiliensis in malaysia

Bovre, K.; Froholm, L. O.; Henriksen, S. D.; Holten, E., 1977: Relationship of neisseria elongata ssp glycolytica to other members of the family neisseriaceae

Douch P.G.C.; Harrison G.B.L.; Buchanan L.L.; Greer K.S., 1988: Relationship of nematode cholinesterase activity and nematode burdens to the development of resistance to trichostrongyle infections in sheep

Mccabe R.P.; Evans C.H.; Dipaolo J.A., 1983: Relationship of neo antigens induced by 3 methyl cholanthrene treatment of syrian hamster embryo cells to antigens expressed on fetal and 3 methyl cholanthrene transformed neoplastic cells

Brandenburg R.L.; Kennedy G.G., 1982: Relationship of neozygites floridana entomophthorales entomophthoraceae to two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae populations in field corn

Sterzel, R. B.; Semar, M.; Lonergan, E. T.; Treser, G.; Lange, K., 1971: Relationship of nervous tissue transketolase to the neuropathy in chronic uremia

Knauf P.A.; Law F Y.; Marchant P.J., 1983: Relationship of net chloride flow across the human erythrocyte membrane to the anion exchange mechanism

Lester G.E.; Bruton B.D., 1986: Relationship of netted muskmelon cucumis melo var reticulatus cultivar magnum 45 fruit water loss to postharvest storage life

Forfar J.C.; Riemersma R.A.; Russell D.C.; Oliver M.F., 1984: Relationship of neuro sympathetic responsiveness to early ventricular arrhythmias in ischemic myo cardium

Peroutka S.J.; Snyder S.H., 1980: Relationship of neuroleptic drug effects at brain dopamine serotonin alpha adrenergic and histamine receptors to clinical potency

Woods B.T.; Yurgelun Todd D.; Kinney D.K., 1987: Relationship of neurological abnormalities in schizophrenics to family psychopathology

De Obaldia R.; Parsons O.A., 1984: Relationship of neuropsychological performance to primary alcoholism and self reported symptoms of childhood minimal brain dysfunction

Mcsweeny A.J.; Grant I.; Heaton R.K.; Prigatano G.P.; Adams K.M., 1985: Relationship of neuropsychological status to everyday functioning in healthy and chronically ill persons

Stockley R.A.; Dale I.; Hill S.L.; Fagerhol M.K., 1984: Relationship of neutrophil cytoplasmic protein l 1 to acute and chronic lung disease

Grosso D.S.; Macdonald C.P.; Thomasson J.E.; Christian C.D., 1980: Relationship of new born serum prolactin levels to the respiratory distress syndrome and maternal hypertension

Tsai C.Y.; Huber D.M.; Glover D.V.; Warren H.L., 1984: Relationship of nitrogen deposition to grain yield and nitrogen response of 3 maize zea mays hybrids

Eck, P., 1976: Relationship of nitrogen nutrition of early black cranberry to vegetative growth fruit yield and quality

Fenn P.; Kirk T.K., 1981: Relationship of nitrogen to the onset and suppression of ligninolytic activity and secondary metabolism in phanerochaete chrysosporium

Koundal K.R.; Khanna S.; Sinha S.K., 1987: Relationship of nitrogenase activity to leghemoglobin and sugar content in nodules of chickpea cicer arietinum l

Albrecht S.L.; Boote K.J.; Bennett J.M., 1984: Relationship of nitrogenase activity to plant water stress in field grown soybeans glycine max

Kaku S.; Iwaya Inoue M.; Gusta L.V., 1984: Relationship of nmr relaxation time to water content and cold hardiness in flower buds of evergreen azalea rhododendron akebono

Walters J.R.F.; Weiser M.M., 1984: Relationship of nonesterified fatty acids to vitamin d dependent calcium binding by rat intestinal golgi enriched membrane fractions

Marks J.L.; Ax R.L., 1985: Relationship of nonreturn rates of dairy bulls to binding affinity of heparin to sperm

Rauls D.O.; Baker J.K., 1979: Relationship of nonspecific anti arrhythmic and negative inotropic activity with physicochemical parameters of propranolol analogs

Lavin J.P.Jr; Miodovnik M.; Barden T.P., 1984: Relationship of nonstress test reactivity and gestational age

Lasley J.; Kuhl A.F.; Roberg R.R., 1985: Relationship of nontraditional sex role attitudes to severity of womens criminal behavior

Jungkunz, G.; Kulss, H. J., 1980: Relationship of nortriptyline amitriptyline ratio to clinical improvement of amitriptyline treated depressive patients

Bell C.D.; Stadler J.; Michowitz M.; Inbar M., 1987: Relationship of nuclear appearance to stromal invasion in human breast cancer

Mulvihill, E. R.; Palmiter, R. D., 1977: Relationship of nuclear estrogen receptor levels to induction of ov albumin and con albumin messenger rna in chick oviduct

Franke, W. W., 1971: Relationship of nuclear membranes with filaments and micro tubules

Wartiovaara, J.; Virtanen, I., 1977: Relationship of nuclear pores to nuclear envelope studied under conditions of outer nuclear membrane blebbing

Mulvihill, E. R.; Palmiter, R. D., 1980: Relationship of nuclear progesterone receptors to induction of ov albumin and con albumin messenger rna in chick oviduct

Leighton, T. J.; Stock, J. J., 1970: Relationship of nuclear segregation and macro conidial germination in microsporum gypseum

Bemiller, J. N.; Loretta-Liu-Tu, Y. S.; Liu, C. R.; Pappelis, A. J., 1976: Relationship of nuclease activity and synthesis to senescence of corn zea mays stalk pith cob parenchyma and 1st developed leaf tissues

Kalinich J.F.; Mandava N.B.; Todhunter J.A., 1985: Relationship of nucleic acid metabolism to brassinolide induced responses in beans

Nell T.A.; Fischer J.M.; Sheehan T.J.; Barrett J.E., 1982: Relationship of number of long nights to meristem development and flowering in kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Kannwischer M.E.; Mitchell D.J., 1981: Relationship of numbers of spores of phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae to infection and mortality of tobacco nicotiana tabacum

Mitchell, D. J.; Kannwischer, M. E.; Moore, E. S., 1978: Relationship of numbers of zoo spores of phytophthora cryptogea to infection and mortality of watercress

Momparler, R. L.; Goodman, J., 1977: Relationship of nutritional factors to in vitro tumor cell growth and cyto toxicity produced by cytosine arabinoside

Hartz A.J.; Rupley D.C.Jr; Kalkhoff R.D.; Rimm A.A., 1983: Relationship of obesity to diabetes influence of obesity level and body fat distribution

Leresche L.; Strobino D.; Parks P.; Fischer P.; Smeriglio V., 1983: Relationship of observed maternal behavior to questionnaire measures of parenting knowledge attitudes and emotional state in adolescent mothers

Bischof P.; Hughes G.; Klopper A., 1980: Relationship of obstetric parameters to the concentration of pregnancy associated plasma protein a

Van-Deusen, J., 1985: Relationship of occupational therapists' education and experience to perceived value of theory development

Rim S.; Audus K.L.; Borchardt R.T., 1986: Relationship of octanol buffer and octanol water partition coefficients to transcellular diffusion across brain microvessel endothelial cell monolayers

Bradley M.K.; Griffin J.D.; Livingston D.M., 1982: Relationship of oligomerization to enzymatic and dna binding properties of the sv 40 large t antigen

Ain K.B.; Refetoff S., 1988: Relationship of oligosaccharide modification to the cause of serum thyroxine binding globulin excess

Van De Carr S.W.; Kennedy D.L.; Rosa F.W.; Anello C.; Jones J.K., 1983: Relationship of oral contraceptive estrogen dose to age

Kleemola Kujala E.; Rasanen L., 1982: Relationship of oral hygiene and sugar consumption to risk of caries in children

Sutton, J. M-Jr ; Mcintire, W. G., 1977: Relationship of ordinal position and sex to neuroticism in adults

Wilson D.E.; Zeikus R.; Chan I F., 1987: Relationship of organ lipoprotein lipase activity and ketonuria to hypertriglyceridemia in starved and streptozocin induced diabetic rats

Gosselink J.G.; Hatton R.; Hopkinson C.S., 1984: Relationship of organic carbon and mineral content to bulk density in louisiana usa marsh soils

Masten, W. G.; Caldwell-Colbert, A. T., 1987: Relationship of originality to kirton's scale for innovators and adaptors

Willey J.C.; Laveck M.A.; Mcclendon I.A.; Lechner J.F., 1985: Relationship of ornithine decarboxylase activity and cyclic amp metabolism to proliferation of normal human bronchial epithelial cells

Manen, C. A.; Russell, D. H., 1975: Relationship of ornithine decarboxylase to rna polymerase i activity

Silveira J.O.L., 1987: Relationship of ovarian fibromas and the multiple nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome

Stene Larsen G.; Weberg R.; Larsen I.F.; Bjortuft O.; Hoel B.; Berstad A., 1988: Relationship of overweight to hiatus hernia and reflux esophagitis

Burk R.F.; Lane J.M.; Patel K., 1984: Relationship of oxygen and glutathione in protection against carbon tetrachloride induced hepatic microsomal lipid peroxidation and covalent binding in the rat rationale for the use of hyperbaric oxygen to treat carbon tetrachloride ingestion

Torres, J. J.; Childress, J. J., 1983: Relationship of oxygen consumption to swimming speed in euphausia pacifica 1. effects of temperature and pressure

Torres, J. J., 1984: Relationship of oxygen consumption to swimming speed in euphausia pacifica 2. drag efficiency and a comparison with other swimming organisms

Montoye, H. J.; Mikkelsen, W. M.; Block, W. D.; Gayle, R., 1978: Relationship of oxygen uptake capacity serum uric acid and glucose tolerance in males and females age 10 69

Fairbank J.C.T.; Howell P.; Nockler I.; Lloyd Roberts G.C., 1986: Relationship of pain to the radiological anatomy of the hip joint in adults treated for congenital dislocation of the hip as infants a long term follow up of patients treated by three methods

Alexander, D. J.; Chettle, N. J., 1978: Relationship of parakeet netherlands 449 75 virus to other avian paramyxoviruses

Robertson L.T.; Logan K., 1986: Relationship of parasagittal bands of acetylcholinesterase activity to the climbing fiber representation

Ekwo E.E.; Weinberger M.M.; Lachenbruch P.A.; Huntley W.H., 1983: Relationship of parental smoking and gas cooking to respiratory disease in children

Yannakopoulos, A. L.; Tserveni-Gousi, A. S., 1987: Relationship of parents' age hatching egg weight and shell quality to day old chick weight as influenced by oviposition time

Costa P.T.Jr; Chauncey H.H.; Rose C.L.; Kapur K.K., 1980: Relationship of parotid saliva flow rate and composition with personality traits in healthy men

Bergman, A. B.; Wiesner, L. A., 1976: Relationship of passive cigarette smoking to sudden infant death syndrome

Lee P.N.; Chamberlain J.; Alderson M.R., 1986: Relationship of passive smoking to risk of lung cancer and other smoking associated diseases

Sobers, E. K.; Doupnik, B. Jr, 1972: Relationship of pathogenicity to tobacco d leaves and toxicity to chicks of isolates of alternaria longipes

Shrader C.E.; Thomas J.V.; Simmons R.J., 1983: Relationship of patient age and tolerance to carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

Fedullo A.J.; Swinburne A.J., 1985: Relationship of patient age to clinical features and outcome for in hospital treatment of pneumonia

Uhlmann R.F.; Inui T.S.; Pecoraro R.E.; Carter W.B., 1988: Relationship of patient request fulfillment to compliance glycemic control and other health care outcomes in insulin dependent diabetes

Fordyce, W. E.; Brena, S. F.; Holcomb, R. J.; De-Lateur, B. J.; Loeser, J. D., 1978: Relationship of patient semantic pain descriptions to physician diagnostic judgments activity level measures and minnesota multiphasic personality inventory

Eisenthal, S.; Koopman, C.; Stoeckle, J. F., 1988: Relationship of patients' pain reports to their requests in two medical settings

Campos E.; Maher E.A.; Kelman A., 1982: Relationship of pectolytic clostridia and erwinia carotovora strains to decay of potato tubers in storage

Morley, J. E.; Korenman, S. G.; Kaiser, F. E.; Mooradian, A. D.; Viosca, S. P., 1988: Relationship of penile brachial pressure index to myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accidents in older men

Smith K.J.; Anderson J.L., 1982: Relationship of perceived effectiveness to verbal interaction content variables in supervisory conferences in speech language pathology

Burns B., 1986: Relationship of perceived stimulus structure and intelligence further tests of a separability hypothesis

Sheen, S. J.; Diachun, S., 1978: Relationship of peroxidase and poly phenol oxidase activity to virus symptoms in red clover

Dhillon D.S.; Dhillon J.S., 1982: Relationship of personal traits of farmers with comprehension level relevance and use of information obtained from lessons of correspondence course

Tappan D.V.; Weybrew B.B., 1982: Relationship of personality factors and some social habits to cardio vascular risk in submariners

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