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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6302

Chapter 6302 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301000

Mehra, K. S., 1978: Relationship of ph of blood and aqueous humor with vitamin c

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301002

Batten J.C., 1983: Relationship of phenotype changes in pseudomonas aeruginosa to the clinical condition of patients with cystic fibrosis

Rausher M.D., 1984: Relationship of phenotypic and genetic variation in plantago lanceolata to disease caused by fusarium moniliforme var subglutinans

Tomar, S. S., 1978: Relationship of phenotypic biometry with wool production of nali sheep

Moser J.C., 1986: Relationship of phoretic mites acari tarsonemidae to the bluestaining fungus ceratocystis minor in trees infested by southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae

Fisher, R. W.; Menzies, D. R., 1978: Relationship of phosmet deposit parameters to mortality of newly hatched oriental fruit moth larvae

Edwards L., 1982: Relationship of phosphate administration to serum and red cell phosphate concentration erythrocyte 2 3 di phospho glycerate and blood p 50 in the hyper glycemic dog

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301009

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301010

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301011

Wohlgemuth R., 1983: Relationship of phosphine residues after fumigation to concentration time of exposure and length of storage

Chandra J., 1983: Relationship of phospho gluco mutase in post mortem blood with time since and cause of death

Mclaurin B., 1981: Relationship of phospho lipid chemistry to serological reactivity in the venereal disease research laboratory slide test antigen

Graves D.J., 1987: Relationship of phosphorylation and adp ribosylation using a synthetic peptide as a model substrate

Kammermeier H., 1980: Relationship of phosphorylation potential and oxygen consumption in isolated perfused rat hearts

Cerda Olmedo E., 1980: Relationship of photo carotenogensis to other behavioral and regulatory responses in phycomyces blakesleeanus

Ozoga J.J., 1987: Relationship of photoperiod to puberty in doe fawn white tailed deer

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301019

Hatfield J.L., 1983: Relationship of photosynthetically active radiation to shortwave radiation in the san joaquin valley california usa

Taylor H.L., 1981: Relationship of physical characteristics and life habits to treadmill exercise capacity

Ladenson, J. H.; Miller, W. V.; Sherman, L. A., 1978: Relationship of physical symptoms electro cardiogram free calcium and other blood chemistries in re infusion with citrated blood

Rice C.A., 1981: Relationship of physician continuity to type of health problems in primary care

Elliston, J.; Kuc, J.; Williams, E. B.; Rahe, J. E., 1977: Relationship of phyto alexin accumulation to local and systemic protection of bean against anthracnose

Mcgee, Z. A.; Dourmashkin, R. R.; Gross, J. G.; Clark, J. B.; Taylor-Robinson, D., 1977: Relationship of pili to colonial morphology among pathogenic and nonpathogenic species of neisseria

Sandberg L., 1979: Relationship of pityriasis amiantacea to psoriasis a follow up study

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301027

Griffin G.D., 1981: Relationship of plant age soil temperature and population density of heterodera schachtii on the growth of sugar beet

Ogunlela V.B., 1984: Relationship of plant density and nitrogen fertilization to maize zea mays performance in the southern guinea savanna of nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301030

Nass H.G., 1983: Relationship of plant water content and winter hardiness of winter wheat triticum aestivum and fall rye secale cereale grown in atlantic canada

Mitchell, E. R., 1978: Relationship of planting date to damage by earworms in commercial sweet corn in north central florida usa

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301033

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301034

Wilson E.K., 1984: Relationship of plasma corticosterone and adrenal cholesterol and corticosterone to the production of soft shelled and shell less eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301036

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301038

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301040

Rosselin G., 1980: Relationship of plasma insulin levels to the incidence of myo cardial infarction and coronary heart disease mortality in a middle aged population

Mansoor N., 1986: Relationship of plasma lactoferrin content to neutrophil regeneration and bone marrow infusion

Bier D.M., 1982: Relationship of plasma leucine and alpha keto iso caproate during a l 1 carbon 13 labeled leucine infusion in man a method for measuring human intra cellular leucine tracer enrichment

Gotto A.M.Jr, 1985: Relationship of plasma lipoprotein levels to race and to apolipoprotein b

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301045

Daniel E.E., 1981: Relationship of plasma motolin concentration to fat ingestion duodenal acidification and alkalinization and migrating motor complexes in dogs

Lefer, A. M.; Martin, J., 1970: Relationship of plasma peptides to the myo cardial depressant factor in hemorrhagic shock in cats

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301048

London, G. M.; Safar, M. E.; Weiss, Y. A.; Corvol, P. L.; Menard, J. E.; Simon, A. C.; Milliez, P. L., 1977: Relationship of plasma renin activity and aldo sterone levels with hemodynamic functions in essential hypertension

Stepan, J. J.; Silinkova-Milkova, E.; Havranek, T.; Formankova, J.; Zichova, M.; Lachmanova, J.; Strakova, M.; Broulik, P.; Pacovsky, V., 1983: Relationship of plasma tartrate resistant acid phosphatase ec to the bone iso enzyme of serum alkaline phosphatase ec in hyper parathyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301052

Brown D.B., 1982: Relationship of plasma total bilirubin apparent unbound bilirubin and total albumin with cerebellar glycogen and abnormal purkinje cells in the gunn rat

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301054

Nester E.W., 1980: Relationship of plasmids responsible for hairy root and crown gall tumorigenicity

Martin J.F., 1986: Relationship of platelet associated immunoglobulin g and platelet protein to platelet size and density in normal individuals and patients with thrombocytopenia

Stokes P.E., 1986: Relationship of platelet mao activity to characteristics of major depressive illness

Bloom, A. L.; Evans, E. P., 1969: Relationship of platelet retention in glass bead columns to the rate of aggregation with adp and thrombin

Staub N.C., 1985: Relationship of pleural effusions to pulmonary hemodynamics in patients with congestive heart failure

Aus H.M., 1980: Relationship of ploidy and chromatin condensation in the rat liver and a comparison of the nuclear texture in sections and touch preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301061

Volpe J.J., 1982: Relationship of pneumo thorax to occurrence of intra ventricular hemorrhage in the premature new born

Bellan G., 1980: Relationship of pollution to rocky substratum polychaetes on the french mediterranean coast

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301064

Beemon K., 1980: Relationship of poly peptide products of the transforming gene of rous sarcoma virus and the homologous gene of vertebrates

Semlitsch R.D., 1987: Relationship of pond drying to the reproductive success of the salamander ambystoma talpoideum

Kihlstrom, J. F.; Twersky, M., 1978: Relationship of post hypnotic amnesia to waking memory performance

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301068

Mollison P.L., 1983: Relationship of post transfusion viability to deformability of stored red cells

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301070

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301071

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301072

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301073

Goth R.W., 1988: Relationship of potato leaf sterols to development of potato late blight caused by phytophthora infestans on usa potato clones and breeding lines

Smith M.F., 1988: Relationship of pre and post ovulatory gonadotropin concentrations to subnormal luteal function in postpartum beef cattle

Park I.K., 1986: Relationship of pre anthesis fructan metabolism to grain numbers in winter wheat triticum aestivum

Meyer Zum Bueschenfelde K H., 1987: Relationship of pre s encoded antigens in liver and clinical manifestations of chronic hepatitis b infection

Vierling J.M., 1983: Relationship of pre transplant hepato biliary disease to bile duct damage occurring in the liver allo graft

Bowman W.P., 1982: Relationship of pre treatment lympho blast proliferative activity and prognosis in 97 children with acute lympho blastic leukemia

Whitemore W.F.Jr, 1984: Relationship of pre treatment trans urethral resection of the prostate to survival without distant metastases in patients treated with iodine 125 implantation for localized prostatic cancer

Maini R.N., 1983: Relationship of precipitating antibodies to soluble cellular antigens and histological defined renal lesions in systemic lupus erythematosus

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301082

Glasser M., 1985: Relationship of pregnanediol level to cognitive behavior and mood

Jensen H., 1986: Relationship of premorbid state of nutrition to endometrial carcinoma

Haake R., 1981: Relationship of preschool childrens habitual use of space to pro social anti social and social behaviors

Milgrom E., 1980: Relationship of presence of progesterone receptors to prognosis in early breast cancer

Domingo E.O., 1983: Relationship of prevalence and intensity of infection to morbidity in schistosomiasis japonica 3 communities in leyte philippines

Rosenthal M., 1986: Relationship of prevalence of non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus to amerindian admixture in the mexican americans of san antonio texas usa

Smith E.J., 1980: Relationship of primer specificity of fatty acid de novo synthetase to fatty acid composition in 10 species of bacteria and yeasts

Converse R.H., 1981: Relationship of prior heat treatment to growth and fruiting of cultivar thornless oregon evergreen blackberry rubus laciniatus

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301091

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301092

Eisenberg Berg N., 1979: Relationship of pro social moral reasoning to altruism political liberalism and intelligence

Levy N., 1982: Relationship of problem solving behaviors and jungian personality types

Sistrunk, W. A.; Mahon, M. K.; Freeman, D. W., 1977: Relationship of processing methodology to quality attributes and nutritional value of canned spinach

Tsang J.C., 1987: Relationship of prodigiosin condensing enzyme activity to the biosynthesis of prodigiosin and its precursors in serratia marcescens

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301097

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301098

Gallagher P.E., 1979: Relationship of prolactin receptors to concanavalin a binding

Tramezzani J.H., 1984: Relationship of prolactin release in lactating rats to milk ejection sleep state and ultrasonic vocalization by the pups

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301101

Braun C.P., 1985: Relationship of prospective diabetes control in pregnancy to neonatal cardiorespiratory function

Needleman P., 1979: Relationship of prostaglandin secretion by rabbit alveolar macrophages to phagocytosis and lysosomal enzyme release

Bodine A.B., 1982: Relationship of protease activity to shelf life of skim and whole milk

Wasik, R. J., 1978: Relationship of protein composition of durum wheat with pasta quality and the effects of processing and cooking on these proteins

Vihinen M., 1987: Relationship of protein flexibility to thermostability

Sibbitt L.D., 1982: Relationship of protein fractions of spring wheat flour to baking quality

Shul'man, G. E., 1978: Relationship of protein growth and fat accumulation to increases in weight and caloric value in fishes of the genus engraulis

Babior B.M., 1988: Relationship of protein phosphorylation to the activation of the respiratory burst in human neutrophils defects in the phosphorylation of a group of closely related 48 k da proteins in two forms of chronic granulomatous disease

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301110

Hamre E., 1982: Relationship of psycho social factors in bodily and psychological complaints in a population in western norway

Ockene I.S., 1982: Relationship of psycho social factors to smoking behavior change in an intervention program

Chadda K.D., 1985: Relationship of psychologic factors to frequent symptomatic ventricular arrhythmia

Wilson L.L., 1981: Relationship of psychological factors to failure of anti hypertensive drug treatment

Perry S., 1984: Relationship of psychological processes during delirium to outcome

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301116

Torresani J., 1981: Relationship of pulmonary diastolic and pulmonary wedge pressures to left ventricular diastolic pressures role of acute myo cardial infarction localization

Malik A.B., 1983: Relationship of pulmonary edema after hemorrhagic shock to intra vascular coagulation

Dickey D.A., 1983: Relationship of pulsation rate pulsation ratio and vacuum decrease time to milking performance

Billiar R.B., 1986: Relationship of putative nicotinic cholinergic receptors in the suprachiasmatic nucleus to levels of pineal serotonin n acetyltransferase activity in the normally cycling female the male and the ovariectomized rat

Ashburn W., 1979: Relationship of qrs amplitude changes during exercise to left ventricular function and volumes and the diagnosis of coronary artery disease

Geltman E.M., 1988: Relationship of qrs scoring system to enzymatic and pathologic infarct size the role of infarct location

Olson K.B., 1984: Relationship of quantitative estrogen receptor level and clinical response to cytotoxic chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer an extramural analysis

Kersten W., 1985: Relationship of queuosine lacking transfer rna to the grade of malignancy in human leukemias and lymphomas

Archibold, E. R.; Clark, C. W.; Sheehy, R. J., 1978: Relationship of r 6k replicating forms to the folded chromosome of escherichia coli

Orces H., 1979: Relationship of race to functional status among breast cancer patients after curative surgery

Kuschner M., 1988: Relationship of radioactive radon daughters and cigarette smoking in the genesis of lung cancer in uranium miners

Goldenberg D.M., 1987: Relationship of radioantibody localization and cell viability in a xenografted human cancer model as measured by whole body autoradiography

Turner M.J., 1984: Relationship of radiologic position to the diagnostic yield of fiber optic bronchoscopy in bronchial carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301130

Castell D.O., 1987: Relationship of radionuclide liquid bolus transport and esophageal manometry

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301132

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301133

Tew D., 1981: Relationship of raised platelet immuno globulin g in thrombocytopenia to total platelet protein content

Mcclusky G.A., 1981: Relationship of rat urinary metabolites of n nitrosomethyl n alkylamine to bladder carcinogenesis

Sastry N.S.R., 1982: Relationship of rate of milk flow with milk production composition and udder conformation in cross bred cows under hand milking conditions

Carter, C. C.; Hestand, R. S., 1977: Relationship of re growth of aquatic macrophytes after treatment with herbicides to water quality and phyto plankton populations

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301138

Kurosu K., 1985: Relationship of rectangle index and caries appearing in the upper first molars of schoolchildren

Villegas A., 1982: Relationship of red cell 2 3 di phospho glycerate with anemia hypoxemia and acid base status in patients with cirrhosis of the liver

Buckalew, L. W.; Coffield, K. E., 1978: Relationship of reference group to perception of humor

Massie, B. M.; Botvinick, E. H.; Brundage, B. H.; Greenberg, B.; Shames, D.; Gelberg, H., 1978: Relationship of regional myo cardial perfusion to segmental wall motion a physiologic basis for understanding the presence and reversibility of asynergy

Reaves J.Y., 1980: Relationship of reinforcement by student clinicians and peers to accuracy of imitated grammatical constructions during language training

Lohr J.M., 1980: Relationship of relaxation training to the controllability of imagery

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301146

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301147

Aggarwal V.P., 1981: Relationship of renal function tests in new born infants to gestational age

Valenzuela R., 1980: Relationship of renal histo pathology in systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis to immuno globulin class of anti dna

Vallotton M.B., 1985: Relationship of renal prostaglandins to distal transport of sodium chloride in normokalemic and hypokalemic man

Mauer S.M., 1985: Relationship of renal size to nephropathy in type 1 insulin dependent diabetes

Sreepada-Rao, T. K.; Gupta, S. K.; Butt, K. M. H.; Kountz, S. L.; Friedman, E. A., 1978: Relationship of renal transplantation to hypertension in end stage renal failure

Cowan, K.; Tegtmeyer, P.; Anthony, D. D., 1973: Relationship of replication and transcription of sv 40 dna

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301154

Zwillich C.W., 1987: Relationship of respiratory drives to dyspnea and exercise performance in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Van Der Plas L.H.W., 1985: Relationship of respiratory pathways in soybean glycine max cell suspensions to growth of the cells at various glucose concentrations

Buist A.S., 1985: Relationship of response to a bronchodilator and decline in forced expiratory volume in one second in population studies

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301158

Pellett H., 1980: Relationship of rest in dehardening in red osier dogwood cornus sericea

Davis L., 1988: Relationship of resting blood pressure and heart rate to experienced anger and expressed anger

Kuo P.T., 1981: Relationship of resting ejection fraction and extent of coronary arterial disease with changes of qrs amplitude during exercise stress testing

Kaplow L.S., 1985: Relationship of reticulocyte age to polychromasia shift cells and shift reticulocytes

Witte, O. N.; Baltimore, D., 1978: Relationship of retrovirus poly protein cleavages to virion maturation studied with temperature sensitive murine leukemia virus mutants

Sahagan, B. G.; Haseltine, W. A., 1980: Relationship of retroviruses isolated from human leukemia tissues to the woolly monkey gibbon ape leukemia viruses

Manning W.J., 1980: Relationship of rhizoctonia solani and colletotrichum coccodes to basal stem canker of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Peppi D., 1981: Relationship of rib cage and abdomen motion to diaphragm function during quiet breathing

Rhodes, P. R.; Kung, S. D.; Marsho, T. V., 1980: Relationship of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase ec specific activity to subunit composition

Goor D.A., 1988: Relationship of right and left ventricular negative diastolic pressures hypercontractility and relief of outflow tract obstructions

Kenefick, D. G.; Kolp, B. J.; Whitehead, E. I., 1977: Relationship of rna degrading enzymes to survival levels of winter barley phenotypes

Van-Onckelen, H. A.; Verbeek, R.; Khan, A. A., 1974: Relationship of rna metabolism in embryo and aleurone to alpha amylase synthesis in barley

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301172

Sasmal B., 1987: Relationship of root and shoot characters in parent f 1 and f 2 populations of rice

Gindrat D., 1987: Relationship of root necrosis potential of soil to asparagus asparagus officinalis decline in switzerland

Wargo P.M., 1983: Relationship of root starch to decline of sugar maple acer saccharum

Lynch, K. L.; Moskowitz, M., 1968: Relationship of route of inoculation and nature of toxin preparation to bioassay of clostridium perfringens alpha toxin in mice enz lecithinase intra cutaneous intra venous intra peritoneal administration

Butts W.T.Jr, 1980: Relationship of rumen capacity of mature angus cows to body measurements animal performance and forage consumption on pasture

Nagaraja, T. G.; Bartley, E. E.; Fina, L. R.; Anthony, H. D., 1978: Relationship of rumen gram negative bacteria and free endo toxin to lactic acidosis in cattle

Dean J.L., 1986: Relationship of rust severity and plant nutrients in sugarcane saccharum spp

Tappan W.B., 1986: Relationship of sampling time to tobacco thrips frankliniella fusca thysanoptera thripidae numbers in peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner foliage buds and flowers

Burroughs, N.; Doel, T.; Brown, F., 1978: Relationship of san miguel sea lion virus to other members of the calicivirus group

Gregory R.A., 1980: Relationship of sap sugar concentrations in sugar maple acer saccharum to ray tissue and parenchyma flecks caused by phytobia setosa

Carpenter B.N., 1983: Relationship of scales of schizophrenia proneness and pre morbid adjustment to thinking deficits in schizophrenia

Thompson, H. C. Jr ; Farragut, R. N.; Thompson, M. H., 1977: Relationship of scarlet prawns plesiopenaeus edwardsianus to a benthic oil deposit off the northwest coast of aruba dutch west indies

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301186

Johnson D.L.M., 1986: Relationship of scores on peabody picture vocabulary test revised and wechsler intelligence scale for children revised with special education children and youth

Asako M., 1981: Relationship of scores on the california psychological inventory to age

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301189

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301190

Zahrah A.S., 1982: Relationship of scrotal circumference to age body weight and onset of spermatogenesis in goats

Dow, R. L., 1977: Relationship of sea surface temperature of american and european lobster landings

Evans F., 1981: Relationship of sea temperature and food supply to the size of the planktonic copepod temora longicornis in the north sea

Anderson C.R., 1984: Relationship of season herd lactation age and pregnancy with serum thyroxine and triiodothyronine in holstein cows

Hazen, T. C.; Esch, G. W.; Glassman, A. B.; Gibbons, J. W., 1978: Relationship of season thermal loading and red sore disease with various hematological parameters in micropterus salmoides

Gorbet D.W., 1979: Relationship of seasonal thrips populations to economics of control on peanuts arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner in florida usa

Durrett M.E., 1982: Relationship of security of attachment to exploration and cognitive mapping abilities in 2 year olds

Sandman C.A., 1983: Relationship of sedative hypnotic response to self injurious behavior and stereotypy by mentally retarded clients

Munoz Orozco A., 1984: Relationship of seed coloration to precocity and production in maizes of high valleys

Werner D.J., 1984: Relationship of seed germination and respiration during stratification with cultivar chilling requirement in peach prunus persica

Morris J.R., 1982: Relationship of seed number and maturity to berry development fruit maturation hormonal changes and uneven ripening of vitis labrusca cultivar concord grapes

Patirana R., 1981: Relationship of seed yield with agronomic characters in soybean at different levels of variability

Timmer, L. W.; Leyden, R. F., 1978: Relationship of seedbed fertilization and fumigation to infection of sour orange seedlings by mycorrhizal fungi and phytophthora parasitica

Prusa K.J., 1986: Relationship of selected quality characteristics and the cholesterol and sodium content of turkey

Bunk, M. J.; Combs, G. F. Jr, 1981: Relationship of selenium dependent glutathione peroxidase ec activity and nutritional pancreatic atrophy in selenium deficient chicks

Clark P., 1985: Relationship of self esteem iq and task performance for a sample of usa undergraduates

Bemiller, J. N.; Birchenall-Sparks, M. C.; Fong, T. W.; Pappelis, A. J., 1976: Relationship of senescence of corn zea mays stalk pith cob parenchyma and 1st developed leaf tissues to rna content and synthesis

Fitch K.A., 1985: Relationship of senile macular degeneration to ocular pigmentation

Sanke R.F., 1984: Relationship of senile ptosis to age

Gray L.P., 1980: Relationship of septal deformity to snuffly noses poor feeding sticky eyes and blocked naso lacrimal ducts

Muramatsu T., 1986: Relationship of serum adrenaline level and state of extracorporeal circulation

Hatano S., 1984: Relationship of serum albumin concentration to aging and survivorship in the community volunteers aged 70

Marks H.L., 1986: Relationship of serum alpha amylase to aflatoxin resistance in japanese quail

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301214

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301215

Ranney R.R., 1987: Relationship of serum antibody to attachment level patterns in young adult with periodontitis or generalized severe periodontitis

Dubowitz L.M.S., 1987: Relationship of serum bilirubin levels and hearing impairment in newborn infants

Disaia P.J., 1988: Relationship of serum ca125 and lipid associated sialic acid tumor associated antigen levels to the disease status of patients with gynecologic malignancies

Keep P.A., 1981: Relationship of serum carcino embryonic antigen levels to tumor size and carcino embryonic antigen content in nude mice bearing colonic tumor xeno grafts

Hernandez I.J., 1988: Relationship of serum cholesterol in holstein sires with cholesterol levels in their daughters

Watne A.L., 1985: Relationship of serum cholesterol level with the dietary fat fecal bulk and steroid output

Neva, F. A.; Howard, W. A.; Glew, R. H.; Krotoski, W. A.; Gam, A. A.; Collins, W. E.; Collins, J. P.; Atkinson, J. P.; Frank, M. M., 1974: Relationship of serum complement levels to events of the malarial paroxysm

Olatunbosun, D. A.; Bolodeoku, J. O.; Cole, T. O.; Adadevoh, B. K., 1976: Relationship of serum copper and zinc to human hypertension in nigerians

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301225

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301226

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301227

Dwaraknath P.K., 1981: Relationship of serum guanase levels with economic characters in zebu pure bred and temperate x zebu cross bred dairy cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301229

Guzzetta T., 1987: Relationship of serum ige prick test and family history in asthmatic children

Van Wyk J.J., 1982: Relationship of serum immuno reactive somatomedin c to dietary protein and energy in growing rats

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301232

Et Al, 1987: Relationship of serum lactate dehydrogenase level with first remission length in adult acute lymphocytic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301235

Rauramaa R., 1988: Relationship of serum selenium and antioxidants to plasma lipoproteins platelet aggregability and prevalent ischemic heart disease in eastern finnish men

Wangsness R.J., 1980: Relationship of serum somatomedin like activity and fibroblast proliferative activity with age and growth in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301238

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301239

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301240

Jusko W.J., 1984: Relationship of serum thiocyanate concentrations to smoking characteristics

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301242

Rubinstein, E.; Sokal, J. E.; Reisman, R. E.; Arbesman, C. E., 1977: Relationship of serum total immuno globulin e and cell mediated immunity in patients with hodgkins disease

Nemeroff C.B., 1987: Relationship of serum tsh concentration and antithyroid antibodies to diagnosis and dst response in psychiatric inpatients

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301246

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301247

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301248

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301249

Daneo Moore L., 1986: Relationship of shape to initiation of new sites of envelope growth in streptococcus faecium cells treated with beta lactam antibiotics

Sodetz, J. M.; Pizzo, S. V.; Mckee, P. A., 1977: Relationship of sialic acid to function and in vivo survival of human factor viii von willebrand factor protein

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301252

Neilands J.B., 1981: Relationship of siderophore mediated iron assimilation to virulence in crown gall disease

Scheuchenzuber W.J., 1986: Relationship of silica and bcg exposures to humoral and cellular immune functions

Reddy, P. R.; Sagar, R. V.; Narayan, K.; Ali, S. M., 1987: Relationship of single crosses to double and three way cross hybrids in maize zea mays l. for yield

Foote R.H., 1987: Relationship of sire fertility to acrosome reacted and motile spermatozoa after treatment with liposomes

Avruch J., 1988: Relationship of site specific beta subunit tyrosine autophosphorylation to insulin activation of the insulin receptor tyrosine protein kinase activity

Marshall K., 1982: Relationship of site specific cancer mortality rates to altitude

Goldson, S. L.; Frampton, E. R.; Jamieson, P. D., 1986: Relationship of sitona discoideus coleoptera curculionidae larval density to sept. oct. potential soil moisture deficits

Kleinman J.S., 1980: Relationship of size to resident and staff behavior in small community residences

Kocian, J.; Patlejchova, E., 1976: Relationship of skeletal mineralization and dietary calcium content and its absorption

Charyulu, E. K.; Acharya, R. M.; Singh, M., 1977: Relationship of skin follicular characteristics with canary coloration in sheep

Moorehead H.C., 1979: Relationship of skin reflectance and serum bilirubin full term caucasian infants

Mcfarland R.A., 1985: Relationship of skin temperature changes to the emotions accompanying music

Mccormick, J. G., 1969: Relationship of sleep respiration and anesthesia in the porpoise a preliminary report

Glasser M., 1980: Relationship of small and large coronary artery disease to myo cardial ischemia

Hunter R.B., 1980: Relationship of small washes to the distribution of lycium andersonii and larrea tridentata at a site in the northern mojave desert nevada usa

Goodman, R. M.; Yergin, B. M.; Landa, J. F.; Golinvaux, M. H.; Sackner, M. A., 1978: Relationship of smoking history and pulmonary function tests to tracheal mucous velocity in nonsmokers young smokers ex smokers and patients with chronic bronchitis

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301269

Renne U., 1988: Relationship of social rank in mice to growth endurance and fertility

Delouise E.R., 1982: Relationship of socio demographic factors to blood lead concentrations in new haven connecticut usa children

Pearce, J. W., 1978: Relationship of socio economic status and aggression in preschool children

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301273

Kurtzman, N. A.; White, M. C.; Rogers, P. W.; Flynn, J. J-Iii, 1972: Relationship of sodium re absorption and glomerular filtration rate to renal glucose re absorption

Campbell W.G.Jr, 1982: Relationship of sodium retention and induction of hypertensive arterial necrosis in rabbits

Ingle S.J., 1983: Relationship of soil cations to the distribution of phymatotrichum omnivorum

Singh B., 1982: Relationship of soil characteristics with sulfur content of soil and response of groundnut to sulfur and phosphorus

Baharuddin M.K., 1986: Relationship of soil dispersibility to infiltration and erosion of southeastern usa soils

Wilson G.W.T., 1988: Relationship of soil fertility to suppression of the growth response of mycorrhizal big bluestem in non sterile soil

Chaudhry M.R., 1983: Relationship of soil iron removed by 4 extractants to iron uptake by oat plants and to some soil properties

Craven J.A., 1980: Relationship of soil moisture to survival of escherichia coli and salmonella typhimurium in soils

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301282

Brown, H. G.; Loewenstein, H., 1978: Relationship of soil properties to phosphorus fixing capacity of soils in northern idaho usa

Patrick W.H.Jr, 1979: Relationship of soil properties to standing crop biomass of spartina alterniflora in a louisiana usa marsh

Denton H.P., 1985: Relationship of soil texture and structure to corn zea mays yield response to subsoiling

Gibson I.M., 1984: Relationship of solar keratosis and history of skin cancer to objective measures of actinic skin damage

Yamauchi K., 1979: Relationship of soluble glyco protein of milk fat globule membrane to component 3 component 5 and component 8 fractions of proteose peptone

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301288

Kasimatis, A. N.; Vilas, E. P-Jr ; Swanson, F. H.; Baranek, P. P., 1977: Relationship of soluble solids and berry weight to airstream grades of natural thompson seedless raisins

Woodhouse V.E., 1981: Relationship of somatic cell count and cell volume analysis of goat milk to intra mammary infection with coagulase negative staphylococci

Carey D.E., 1986: Relationship of somatomedin c concentration to bone age in boys with constitutional delay of growth

Bock D., 1983: Relationship of somatomedin c concentrations to pubertal changes

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301295

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301301

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301303

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Mcwilliams J.M., 1983: Relationship of soybean pod development to bollworm heliothis zea and tobacco budworm heliothis virescens damage

Mayhew J.L., 1987: Relationship of specific and nonspecific variables to successful basketball performance among high school players

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301307

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Tammets T.Kh, 1984: Relationship of specific leaf weight to irradiation adaptation and photosynthetically active radiation regimen in some plant species

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301311

Hinder R.A., 1986: Relationship of spinal cord blood flow to vascular anatomy during thoracic aortic cross clamping and shunting

Narechania R., 1985: Relationship of spine deformity and pelvic obliquity on sitting pressure distributions and decubitus ulceration

Sartorelli A.C., 1983: Relationship of spontaneous chemical transformation of arylsulfonyl hydrazones of 2 pyridinecarboxaldehyde 1 oxide to anti cancer activity

Swinburne T.R., 1982: Relationship of spore germination and appressoria formation in isolates of septoria nodorum to pathogenicity on wheat and barley leaves

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Parigi A., 1987: Relationship of st hr slope and cad severity in inferior myocardial infarction new exercise test criteria

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301325

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301327

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301328

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301330

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Dube L.A., 1981: Relationship of steroid receptor cell kinetics and clinical status in patients with breast cancer

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Akeson W.R., 1981: Relationship of sugar beet beta vulgaris fruit size to vigor of commercially processed seed lots and cultivars

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301355

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301356

Coughenour M.B., 1981: Relationship of sulfur di oxide dry deposition to a grassland sulfur cycle

Schneiter A.A., 1984: Relationship of sunflower helianthus annuus germination and vigor tests to field performance

Carlson R.B., 1982: Relationship of sunflower helianthus annuus planting dates to damage by cylindrocopturus adspersus coleoptera curculionidae in north dakota usa

Charlet L.D., 1987: Relationship of sunflower planting dates to damage by smicronyx fulvus coleoptera curculionidae in north dakota usa

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301370

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301379

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301381

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301382

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301383

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301384

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301397

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Joseph S.A., 1982: Relationship of the central acth immuno reactive opiocortin system to the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei of the hypothalamus of the rat

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301423

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Borer J.S., 1987: Relationship of the electrocardiographic response to exercise to geometric and functional findings in aortic regurgitation

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Hazleman B.L., 1981: Relationship of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate to acute phase proteins in poly myalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301433

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Marinello M., 1984: Relationship of the growth of leukemic cells in vitro to the outcome of therapy for acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

Karp J.E., 1987: Relationship of the hematopoietic cycle to the combined activities of a stimulator and a short lived inhibitor

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301442

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301445

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301453

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301478

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301481

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301487

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301490

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Nakagawa S., 1980: Relationship of the spiral grain between mother trees and clones of larix leptolepis

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301497

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Cummings R.D., 1987: Relationship of the terminal sequences to the length of poly n acetyllactosamine chains in asparagine linked oligosaccharides from the mouse lymphoma cell line bw5147 immobilized tomato lectin interacts with high affinity with glycopeptides containing long poly n acetyllactosamine chains

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301500

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301501

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301503

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301504

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301515

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301516

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301518

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301519

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301520

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301521

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301523

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301524

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Feiner H.D., 1983: Relationship of tissue deposits of cryo globulin to clinical features of mixed cryo globulinemia

Harrington F., 1982: Relationship of tissue nonprotein sulfhydryls to the acute toxic effects of 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane

Brun W.A., 1987: Relationship of tissue water relations to aspargine uptake in developing soybean seeds

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301530

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Lemme G.D., 1983: Relationship of topography to soils and vegetation in an upper michigan usa ecosystem

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Vander A.J., 1983: Relationship of trace metals to fever during infection are prostaglandins involved?

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301539

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301541

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Bentley P.J., 1988: Relationship of transmural electrical parameters to the luminal sodium concentration in the colon of the fowl gallus domesticus

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Ritzi D.M., 1979: Relationship of treponema pallidum to acidic muco poly saccharides

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301551

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Zajchuk J., 1983: Relationship of tri glyceride levels to thrombosis in patients with coronary artery disease

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Goldberg B.D., 1988: Relationship of type i procollagen to corticosteroid therapy in children with inflammatory bowel disease

Schwarz R., 1985: Relationship of ultrasound findings after cesarean section to operative morbidity

Davis H.C., 1984: Relationship of unbound bilirubin concentration to reserve albumin binding concentration for bilirubin in human neo natal plasma/

Katz M., 1985: Relationship of upbringing to later behavior disturbance of mildly mentally retarded young people

Mata L., 1987: Relationship of upper body fat distribution to serum glucose and lipids in a costa rican population

Durante M.V., 1980: Relationship of upper permian flora of nan shan china to angara ussr flora of the same age

Dahlquist, R., 1974: Relationship of uptake of sodium and calcium 45 to atp induced histamine release from rat mast cells

Kurtzman N.A., 1985: Relationship of urinary and blood carbon dioxide tension during hypercapnia in the rat its significance in the evaluation of collecting duct hydrogen ion secretion

Trewyn R.W., 1983: Relationship of urinary excretion of modified nucleosides to disease status in childhood acute lympho blastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301571

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301572

Matsuoka M., 1983: Relationship of urinary kallikrein excretion to renal water and sodium excretion

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301574

Okada M., 1983: Relationship of urinary n butyl n 3 carboxypropyl nitrosamine to susceptibility of animals to bladder carcinogenesis by n butyl n 4 hydroxybutyl nitrosamine

Martin L.J., 1984: Relationship of urinary polyamines to tumor activity and tumor volume in patients

Lederis K., 1987: Relationship of urotensin i induced vasodilatory action in rat thoracic aorta to calcium regulation

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301649

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301748

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301749

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301798

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301821

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301822

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301860

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301897

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301898

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301933

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301954

Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301955

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Section 7, Chapter 6302, Accession 006301998

Weber J., 1988: Relationships between biological age especially age of teeth and calendar age in juvenile athletes participating in selected sports

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