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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6303

Chapter 6303 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Starobogatov-Ya, I., 1977:
Relationships between biological and typological concepts of species

Lauroba, J.; Doménech, J.; Moreno, J.; Plá-Delfina, J.M., 1986:
Relationships between biophasic disposition and pharmacokinetic behavior in nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs

Petrelli, F.; Moretti, P.; Sciarresi, P.; Dahir, A.M., 1985:
Relationships between biotin and DNA contents and DNA turnover in lymphoid organs: thymus, lymph nodes and spleen

Johnson D.W.; Johnson R.T., 1985:
Relationships between black and white students in intergroup cooperation and competition

Rowlands, G.J.; Little, W.; Kitchenham, B.A., 1977:
Relationships between blood composition and fertility in dairy cows a field study

Young G.A.; Wolf D.L.; Khazan N., 1982:
Relationships between blood ethanol levels and ethanol induced changes in cortical electro encephalogram power spectra in the rat

Augier, D.; Boucard, J.P.; Pascal, J.P.; Ribet, A.; Vaysse, N., 1972:
Relationships between blood flow and secretion in the isolated perfused canine pancreas

Grecco C.A.; Altolaguirre D.E.; Gutierrez V.P., 1987:
Relationships between blood groups and biliary lithiasis

Grashorn, M.; Müller, E., 1985:
Relationships between blood groups, isozymes and halothane reaction in pigs from a selection experiment

Harvey P.G.; Hamlin M.W.; Kumar R.; Morgan G.; Spurgeon A., 1988:
Relationships between blood lead behavior psychometric and neuropsychological test performance in young children

Bortoli, A.; Fazzin, G.; Marin, V.; Trabuio, G.; Zotti, S., 1986:
Relationships between blood lead concentration and aminolevulinic acid dehydratase in alcoholics and workers industrially exposed to lead

Henrotte J G.; Colombani J., 1981:
Relationships between blood magnesium levels and mouse h 2 system

Kadima Nkashama M.; Bogner H.; Kraeusslich H.; Schmid D.O.; Sprengel D.; Matzke P.; Blendl H.M.; Gehra H., 1985:
Relationships between blood markers resistance to stress fattening performance and carcass yield as well as meat quality in swine of the german landrace

Goto K.; Ezoe K.; Ohkutsu S.; Kajisa O.; Akuzawa M.; Nakanishi Y.; Ogawa K.; Tasaki M.; Ohta H.; E.A., 1988:
Relationships between blood parameters and embryo quality in superovulated japanese black cattle

Sitarz, N.E.; Erb, R.E.; Martin, T.G.; Singleton, W.L., 1977:
Relationships between blood plasma testosterone weaning treatment daily gains and certain physical traits of young angus bulls

Collart F.; Staroukine M.; Verniory A., 1985:
Relationships between blood pressure heart rate and plasma epinephrine norepinephrine angiotensin ii concentrations plasma renin activity during chronic guanfacin therapy in patients with essential arterial hypertension

Lee C.A.; Bofill M.; Janossy G.; Thomas H.C.; Rizza C.R.; Kernoff P.B.A., 1985:
Relationships between blood product exposure and immunological abnormalities in english hemophiliacs

Deguchi Y., 1985:
Relationships between blood selenium concentrations and grasping power blood pressure hematocrit and hemoglobin concentrations in japanese rural residents

Bourbon P.; Rioufol C.; Levy P., 1984:
Relationships between blood urine and bone fluoride levels in guinea pig after short exposures to hydrogen fluoride

Kafanov A.I.; Fedotov P.A., 1982:
Relationships between body length and body weight in some amphipod crustaceans from the shore of vityaz bay sea of japan

Himes, J.H.; Malina, R.M.; Stepick, C.D., 1976:
Relationships between body size and 2nd metacarpal dimensions in oaxaca mexico school children 6 to 14 years of age

Nicholson, M.J.; Sayers, A.R., 1987:
Relationships between body weight, condition score and heart girth changes in Boran cattle

Blamey, F.P.C.; Mould, D.; Nathanson, K., 1978:
Relationships between boron deficiency symptoms in sunflowers and the boron and calcium boron status of plant tissues

Coffman, J.A.; Nasrallah, H.A., 1985:
Relationships between brain density, cortical atrophy and ventriculomegaly in schizophrenia and mania

Kott, R.W.; Halver, G.C.; Firehammer, B.; Thomas, V.M., 1988:
Relationships between Brucella ovis semen culture and various semen and serology parameters

Doss R.P.; Christian J.K., 1979:
Relationships between bulb size apex size and flowering in bulbous iris cultivar ideal

Powell, R.L.; Norman, H.D.; Dickinson, F.N., 1977:
Relationships between bulls pedigree indexes and daughter performance in the modified contemporary comparison

Lupu V.; Voinescu C.; Popa D.; Balan M., 1980:
Relationships between c reactive protein levels and the cardiac lesion in acute articular rheumatism

Ziyadeh F.N.; Kelepouris E.; Agus Z.S., 1986:
Relationships between calcium and chloride transport in frog rana pipiens skin glands

Bochkin L.M.; Zak P.P.; Ostrovskii M.A., 1981:
Relationships between calcium and cyclic nucleotides in the retinal rods of rana temporaria

Disalvo J.; Gruenstein E.; Schmidt C., 1979:
Relationships between calcium ion myosin light chains and atpase in bovine aortic acto myosin presence of calcium ion requiring inactivation factor

Neilsen G.H.; Edwards T., 1982:
Relationships between calcium magnesium and potassium in soil leaf and fruits of okanagan canada apple malus domestica orchards

Riley W.W.Jr; Pfeiffer D.R., 1985:
Relationships between calcium release calcium cycling and calcium mediated permeability changes in mitochondria

Bangerth, F., 1976:
Relationships between calcium treatments and ascorbic acid content of apple pear and tomato fruits

Algam G.; Toker C., 1981:
Relationships between cambial reactivation and bud swelling in 2 agricultural forms of malus sylvestris

Busolo F.; Conventi L.; Bertoloni G., 1981 :
Relationships between candida lactobacillus and mycoplasma in the human vagina

Sollenberger L.E.; Moore J.E.; Quesenberry K.H.; Beede P.T., 1987:
Relationships between canopy botanical composition and diet selection in aeschynomene limpograss pastures

Tsuchiya, H.; Kinoshita, O., 1983:
Relationships between canopy structure and yield in rice plants 1. panicle number type and panicle weight type cultivars in square and row plantings at 3 planting density levels in 3 cropping seasons

Tsuchiya, H.; Kinoshita, O., 1984:
Relationships between canopy structure and yield in rice plants 2. long and short culmed cultivars grown in single and mixed cropping at 3 planting density levels in 3 cropping seasons

Tsuchiya, H.; Kinoshita, O., 1985:
Relationships between canopy structure and yield in rice plants 3. direct sowing culture of lowland rice at 5 population density levels having 2 nitrogen levels on a well drained paddy field

Fader G.M.; Koller H.R., 1983:
Relationships between carbon assimilation partitioning and export in leaves of 2 soybean glycine max cultivars

Nishida K., 1982:
Relationships between carbon di oxide concentration within the leaf and photosynthesis during deacidification in a crassulacean acid metabolism plant kalanchoe pinnatum

Vogt K.A.; Edmonds R.L.; Antos G.C.; Vogt D.J., 1980:
Relationships between carbon di oxide evolution atp concentrations and decomposition in 4 forest ecosystems in western washington usa

Schlentner R.E.; Van Cleve K., 1985:
Relationships between carbon dioxide evolution from soil substrate temperature and substrate moisture in 4 mature forest types in interior alaska usa

Hobbs S.L.A., 1986:
Relationships between carbon dioxide exchange rate photosynthetic area and biomass in pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska

Baer G.R.; Schrader L.E., 1985:
Relationships between carbon dioxide exchange rates and activities of pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase and ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase chlorophyll concentration and cell volume in maize zea mays leaves

Knuuttila, M.; Lappalainen, R.; Alakuijala, P., 1985:
Relationships between carbonate, sex and other macroelements in human whole enamel

Schirvel, C.; Hanset, R., 1986:
Relationships between carcass composition and the carcass grading system used in belgian pig selection 1. the pietrain pig breed

Schirvel C.; Hanset R., 1986:
Relationships between carcass composition and the carcass grading system used in belgian pig selection the belgian landrace pig breed

Stewart B.W.; Haski R., 1984:
Relationships between carcinogen metabolism adduct binding and dna damage in 3 methylcholanthrene exposed lung

Peck, R.M.; Peck, E.B., 1980:
Relationships between carcinogenesis in vivo and alkylation and solvolysis in vitro

Chau, N.P.; Safar, M.E.; Weiss, Y.A.; London, G.M.; Simon, A.C.; Milliez, P.L., 1978:
Relationships between cardiac output, heart rate and blood volume in essential hypertension

Akanuma T.; Eguchi S.; Makino H., 1981:
Relationships between cardiac stimulation threshold and electric current stimulation shape

Nwanze K.F., 1982:
Relationships between cassava manihot esculenta root yields and crop infestations by the mealybug phenacoccus manihoti

Ramaswamy S.B.; Carde R.T.; Witter J.A., 1983:
Relationships between catch in pheromone baited traps and larval density of the spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae

Kaseda Y.; Kubozono H., 1980:
Relationships between causes of the low acid alcohol positive milk and the mineral contents of milk

Cullheim, S., 1978:
Relationships between cell body size axon diameter and axon conduction velocity of cat sciatic alpha moto neurons stained with horseradish peroxidase/

Bozzone D.M.; Kohnken R.E.; Berger E.A., 1987:
Relationships between cell cell interactions cyclic amp and gene expression in a developmental mutant of dictyostelium discoideum

Mcmyne, P.S.; Strejan, G.H., 1980:
Relationships between cell mediated immunity and the immuno globulin e antibody response 1. lympho toxin production to di nitro phenyl ascaris conjugates

Mcmyne, P.S.; Strejan, G.H., 1981:
Relationships between cell mediated immunity and the immuno globulin e antibody response 2. delayed hyper sensitivity and antibody production to di nitro phenyl ascaris conjugates

Jochen, A.L., 1988:
Relationships between cell surface insulin binding and endocytosis in adipocytes

Fernandez Vivas A.; Arias J.M.; Montoya E., 1985:
Relationships between cellular functions and autolysis of myxococcus coralloides d in different physiological and culture conditions

Macchia F.; Nuzzaci G.; Triggiani O., 1983:
Relationships between cenopalpus wainsteini acarina tenuipalpidae and morphophysiological alterations of pinus halepensis in replanting with trees the apulian murge of the northwest italy

Ross G.C.; Bayssade Dufour C.; Southgate V.R.; Albaret J L.; Ngendahayo L.D.; Chabaud A.G., 1987:
Relationships between cercarial indices of schistosoma haematobium schistosoma bovis and schistosoma curassoni from senegal and the isoenzyme genotypes of the adult worms

Almay B.G.L.; Johansson F.; Von Knorring L.; Sedvall G.; Terenius L., 1980:
Relationships between cerebro spinal fluid levels of endorphins and mono amine metabolites in chronic pain patients

Baird P., 1979:
Relationships between certain minnesota multiphasic personality inventory factors and psycho therapeutic preferences

Senda Y., 1983:
Relationships between changes in myo cardial blood flow electro cardiographic alterations and serum creatine kinase and histologic extent of myo cardial infarction in conscious dogs with permanent coronary occlusion and effects of diltiazem hydro chloride on these variables

Taha, S.A.; Sagi, F., 1986:
Relationships between chemical composition of durum wheat semolina and macaroni quality i. total soluble and insoluble protein

Taha, S.A.; Sagi, F., 1987:
Relationships between chemical composition of durum wheat semolina and macaroni quality ii. ash carotenoid pigments and oxidative enzymes

Teubner, H.; Weuffen, W.; Hoeppe, H., 1975:
Relationships between chemical constitution and anti microbial action part 28 preparation of di iso thio cyanates and their anti microbial and anti helminthic activity

Stoecker D., 1980:
Relationships between chemical defense and ecology in benthic ascidians

Chamberlain K.; Butcher D.N.; White J.C., 1986:
Relationships between chemical structure and phloem mobility in ricinus communis var gibsonii with reference to a series of omega 1 naphthoxyalkanoic acids

Dvorácková, S.; Guénard, D.; Picot, F.; Simánek, V.; Waisser, K., 1985:
Relationships between chemical structures and antimitotic activities of a group of colchicine alkaloids

Ekblad, S., 1986:
Relationships between child rearing practices and primary school children's functional adjustment in china

Sutcliffe D.W.; Carrick T.R., 1983:
Relationships between chloride and major cations in precipitation and stream waters in the windermere catchment english lake district uk

Giesy J.P.; Newsted J.; Garling D.L., 1986:
Relationships between chlorinated hydrocarbon concentrations and rearing mortality of chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha eggs from lake michigan usa

Carder I.L.; Steward R.G.; Paul J.H.; Vargo G.A., 1986:
Relationships between chlorophyll and ocean color constituents as they affect remote sensing reflectance models

Bianchi F., 1986:
Relationships between chlorophyll measurements in the northern adriatic sea

Bar, A.; Hurwitz, S., 1981:
Relationships between cholecalciferol metabolism and growth in chicks as modified by age, breed and diet

Sarria Chueca A.; Ramos Fuentes F.J.; Bueno Lozano G.; Puzo Foncillas J.; Giner Soria A.; Bueno Sanchez M., 1988:
Relationships between cholesterol levels and anthropometric nutritional biochemical and hematological parameters in aragonese schoolchildren

Steurbaut, W.; Dejonckheere, W.; Kips, R.H., 1978:
Relationships between chromatographic properties partition data and chemical structure of o alkyl o arylphenyl phosphono thioates

Franco, R.; Bonaccorsi, A.; Castelli, M.G.; Garattini, S.; Morselli, P.L., 1976:
Relationships between chronotropic effect levo tritiated noradrenaline uptake and tissue concentrations of desipramine protriptyline and doxepin in rat isolated atria

Yeung, D.L., 1976:
Relationships between cigarette smoking oral contraceptives and plasma vitamin a vitamin e vitamin c and plasma tri glycerides and cholesterol

Rostock E.; Koeppen D.; Reiher W., 1988:
Relationships between classified sugar beet yields select soil fertility parameters and sugar beet spacing in experiments without interference conducted in production fields on calcic chernozem

Vetterlein E.; Ebert J., 1988:
Relationships between clay and fine particle contents of glacial sediment soils

Nurco D.N.; Shaffer J.W.; Hanlon T.E.; Kinlock T.W.; Duszynski K.R.; Stephenson P., 1988:
Relationships between client counselor congruence and treatment outcome among narcotic addicts

Thomson N.J., 1986:
Relationships between climate and relative performance of cotton in new south wales australia

Fedotov V.P., 1979:
Relationships between clinical features and types of specific humoral immunological responses in mycosis caused by trichophyton rubrum

Johnston E.C.; Bourne R.C.; Crow T.J.; Frith C.D.; Gamble S.; Lofthouse R.; Owen F.; Owens D.G.C.; Robinson J.; Stevens M., 1981:
Relationships between clinical response psycho physiological variables and plasma levels of amitriptyline and diazepam in neurotic out patients

Shinohara I.; Kurose S.; Harada I., 1985:
Relationships between cobalt and vitamin b 12 in the soil and the forage crops

Carter D.B., 1985:
Relationships between cognitive flexibility and sex role orientation in young adults

Mcnaughton J.L.; Reece F.N.; Deaton J.W., 1981:
Relationships between color trypsin inhibitor contents and urease index of soybean meal and effects on broiler performance

Yefenof, E.; Klein, G.; Kvarnung, K., 1977:
Relationships between complement activation complement binding and epstein barr virus absorption by human hematopoietic cell lines

Inada, Y.; Kamiyama, M.; Kanemitsu, T.; Clark, W.S.; Asai, Y., 1986:
Relationships between complement c 3b receptor cr 1 activity of erythrocytes and positive coombs' tests

Gunn, J.M.; Taylor, C.B., 1973:
Relationships between concentration of hepatic intermediary metabolites and induction of the key glycolytic enzymes in vivo

Klostermeyer H.; Wolfschoon Pombo A.F.; Graml R.; Buchberger J., 1986:
Relationships between concentration of individual components and so called anomalies of the freezing point of milk

Carskadon, T.G.; Knudson, M.L., 1978:
Relationships between conceptual systems and psychological types

Dadati, E.; Kennedy, B.W.; Burnside, E.B., 1986:
Relationships between conformation and calving interval in Holstein cows

Dumont, B.L., 1977:
Relationships between conformation and composition of bovine carcasses

Dadati E.; Kennedy B.W.; Burnside E.B., 1985:
Relationships between conformation and reproduction in holstein cows type and calving performance

Sone, H.; Yoshimasu, H.; Kojima, M., 1976:
Relationships between conformation of antigen and specificity of antibody in radio immunoassay for steroid hormone part 2 synthesis of 6 hydroxy testosterone 6 hemi succinate bovine serum albumin conjugates

Sone, H.; Kojima, M., 1978:
Relationships between conformation of antigen and specificity of antibody in radio immunoassay for steroid hormone part 3 highly specific cortisol antibody against 6 alpha and 6 beta hydroxy cortisol 6 hemi succinate bovine serum albumin conjugates

Doull K.M., 1980:
Relationships between consumption of a pollen supplement honey production and brood rearing in colonies of honey bees apis mellifera 1

Doull K.M., 1980:
Relationships between consumption of a pollen supplement honey production and brood rearing in colonies of honey bees apis mellifera 2

Bradshaw R.H.W.; Webb T.IIi, 1985:
Relationships between contemporary pollen and vegetation data from wisconsin and michigan usa

Jammes, Y.; Guillot, C.; Grimaud, C., 1976:
Relationships between control of inspiratory duration and eupneic pattern of breathing in conscious man

Griffiths, D.C.; Jeffs, K.A.; Scott, G.C.; Maskell, F.E.; Roberts, P.F., 1976:
Relationships between control of wheat bulb fly leptohylemyia coarctata and amounts of dieldrin carbophenothion and chlorfenvinphos on treated seed

Mathur, S.P.; Sanderson, R.B., 1978:
Relationships between copper contents rates of soil respiration and phosphatase activities of some histosols in an area of southwestern quebec canada in the summer and the fall

Angel, K.; Wicklow, D.T., 1975:
Relationships between coprophilous fungi and fecal substrates in a Colorado grassland

Perring T.M.; Holtzer T.O.; Toole J.L.; Norman J.M., 1986:
Relationships between corn canopy microenvironments and banks grass mite oligonychus pratensis acari tetranychidae abundance

Backman, C.; Billström, A.; Ericsson, M.; Jacobsson, K.A.; Johnson, O.; Linderholm, H.; Osterman, G., 1986:
Relationships between coronary artery obstruction, asynergy, presence of collaterals and the ejection fraction of the left ventricle in patients with coronary heart disease

Jones, C.D.; Webster, A.J., 1984:
Relationships between counts of nasopharyngeal bacteria, temperature, humidity and lung lesions in veal calves

Loehle K., 1988:
Relationships between crest form plumage or coat colors and several performance traits in small animals

Nakai Y.; Yamamoto K.; Terada K.; Kajiyama A., 1985:
Relationships between crystallinity of beta cyclodextrin and tablet characteristics

Tucker C.S., 1981:
Relationships between culture density and the composition of 3 floating aquatic macrophytes

Riva, S.; Fietta, A.; Berti, M.; Silvestri, L.G.; Romero, E., 1973:
Relationships between curing of the F episome by rifampin and by acridine orange in Escherichia coli

Uilenberg, G.; Franssen, F.F.; Perié, N.M., 1987:
Relationships between Cytauxzoon felis and African piroplasmids

Lemullois, M.; Gounon, P.; Sandoz, D., 1987:
Relationships between cytokeratin filaments and centriolar derivatives during ciliogenesis in the quail oviduct

Van Gansen, P.; Siebertz, B.; Capone, B.; Malherbe, L., 1984:
Relationships between cytoplasmic microtubular complex, DNA synthesis and cell morphology in mouse embryonic fibroblasts (effects of age, serum deprivation, aphidicolin, cytochalasin B and colchicine)

Lund C.T.; Herne D.C., 1980:
Relationships between degree days and computer simulated events within a population of the european red mite panonychus ulmi acarina tetranychidae

Tanabe K.; Hayashi S.; Murayama N., 1982:
Relationships between degrees of occurrence of yuzuhada disorder and contents of inorganic elements of fruit pulp in japanese pear pyrus serotina cultivars

Nepveu G.; Tran Ngoc T., 1984:
Relationships between densitometric components and planed boards smoothness in pseudotsuga menziesii

Khatra, B.S.; Soderling, T.R., 1978:
Relationships between dephosphorylation and D to I conversion of rabbit skeletal muscle glycogen synthase

Delecolle, R.; Gurnade, J.C., 1980:
Relationships between development and morphology in winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar talent 1. stages of apex development appearance of leaves and stem growth

Rajendra, B.R.; Mujeeb, K.A.; Bates, L.S., 1978:
Relationships between di ploid hordeum sp di ploid secale sp and di ploid tetra ploid hexa ploid triticum spp for stomatal frequency size and distribution

Kim, S., 1977:
Relationships between diabetes and skin diseases

Bhattacharyya, A.K.; Eggen, D.A., 1987:
Relationships between dietary cholesterol, cholesterol absorption, cholesterol synthesis, and plasma cholesterol in rhesus monkeys

Kakimoto M., 1980:
Relationships between dietary fiber and dental caries by multi variate analysis

Yokogoshi H.; Inaba K.; Yoshida A., 1982:
Relationships between dietary levels of each essential amino acid and hepatic polysome profiles in rats

Lilburn, M.S.; Ngiam-Rilling, K.; Smith, J.H., 1987:
Relationships between dietary protein, dietary energy, rearing environment, and nutrient utilization by broiler breeder pullets

Macleod, M.G., 1978:
Relationships between dietary sodium chloride food intake and food conversion in the rainbow trout

Gill, P.G.; Waller, C.A.; MacClennan, I.C., 1977:
Relationships between different functional properties of human monocytes

Shapiro, J.P., 1988:
Relationships between dimensions of depressive experience and perceptions of the lives of people in general

Altshuller, A.P., 1987:
Relationships between direction of wind flow and fine particle sulfur concentrations within and upwind of st. louis missouri usa

Altshuller, A.P., 1986:
Relationships between direction of wind flow and ozone inflow concentrations at rural locations outside of st. louis missouri usa

Bashi E.; Sachs Y.; Rotem J., 1983:
Relationships between disease and yield in cotton fields affected by alternaria macrospora

Burkitt, D.P., 1977:
Relationships between diseases and their etiological significance

Krol' E.M.; Medvedev S.V., 1982:
Relationships between distant neuron populations in the brain

Kubitzki, K., 1975:
Relationships between distribution and evolution in some heterobathmic tropical groups

Sakai T.; Yanagihara S.; Kinugi Y.; Ushio K., 1982:
Relationships between distribution of lead in erythrocytes in vivo and in vitro and inhibition of delta amino levulinic acid dehydratase

Kojima M.K.; Nakashima S., 1979:
Relationships between distribution of tubulin para crystals granules staining with neutral red and cleavage activity in sea urchin egg fragments

Lazarova M.; Roussinov K., 1979:
Relationships between dopaminergic and serotoninergic mechanisms in pentylene tetrazole convulsions in albino mice

Balldin J.; Gottries C.G.; Karlson I.; Lindstedt G.; Langstrom G.; Svennerholm L., 1988:
Relationships between dst and the serotonergic system results from treatments with two 5 ht reuptake blockers in dementia disorders

Clausnitzer R.; Clausnitzer V., 1986:
Relationships between dysgnathias and dorsal or apical formation of the sound s

Miller, D.J.; Ryan, E.B.; Short, E.J.; Ries, P.G.; Mcguire, M.D.; Culler, M.P., 1977:
Relationships between early habituation and later cognitive performance in infancy

Best T.L., 1982:
Relationships between eco geographic and morphologic variation of the agile kangaroo rat dipodomys agilis in baja california mexico

Singhal R.N., 1980:
Relationships between ecological efficiencies of a herbivorous insect and a carnivorous insect

Palm R.C.Jr; Malvestuto S.P., 1983:
Relationships between economic benefit and sport fishing effort on west point reservoir alabama georgia usa

Nyström, C.; Matousek, M.; Hällström, T., 1988:
Relationships between EEG and biochemical parameters in major depressive disorder

Sato K.; Sato S.; Ino T., 1984:
Relationships between egg fertility and testes weight and semen characteristics in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica bred by full sib mating/

Mascianica M.P., 1983:
Relationships between electrical conductivity and fertilizer levels in an azalea rhododendron sp liner growing medium

Durelli, L.; Mutani, R.; Quattrocolo, G.; Delsedime, M.; Buffa, C.; Fassio, F.; Valentini, C.; Fumero, S., 1977:
Relationships between electro encephalographic pattern and biochemical picture of the cobalt epileptogenic lesion after cortical superfusion with taurine

Nystrom C.; Matousek M.; Hallstrom T., 1986:
Relationships between electroencephalographic and clinical characteristics in major depressive disorder

Kadish K.M.; S.C.H., 1983:
Relationships between electron transfer rate constants of bis ligated octa ethyl porphinato iron iii per chlorate and the presence of a spin equilibria

Goullet, P., 1977:
Relationships between electrophoretic patterns of esterases from Salmonella

Evans W.H.; Sherlock J.C., 1987:
Relationships between elemental intakes within the uk total diet study and other adult dietary studies

Testart, J.; Belaisch-Allart, J.; Frydman, R., 1986:
Relationships between embryo transfer results and ovarian response and in vitro fertilization rate: analysis of 186 human pregnancies

Cox N.M.; Britt J.H., 1982:
Relationships between endogenous gonadotropin releasing hormone gonadotropins and follicular development after weaning in sows

Carlsson, C.A., 1979:
Relationships between energy fluence and energy incident on, emitted by or imparted to a body

Russel, A.J.F.; Maxwell, T.J.; Sibbald, A.R.; Mcdonald, D., 1977:
Relationships between energy intake nutritional state and lamb birth weight in greyface ewes

Manu P.; Roventa A.; Pandrea S.; Ghise O., 1981:
Relationships between environmental concentration of lead and blood lead in workers at occupational risk

Sato, K.; Kim, J.M., 1980:
Relationships between environmental conditions and production and consumption activities of individual leaves in the population of rice plant in a paddy field 1. changes in photosynthesis and dark respiration of individual leaves under field conditions

Sato, K.; Kim, J.M., 1980:
Relationships between environmental conditions and production and consumption activities of individual leaves in the population of rice plant in a paddy field 2. effects of temperature on photosynthesis and dark respiration of individual leaf of different position

Sato, K.; Kim, J.M., 1980:
Relationships between environmental conditions and production and consumption activities of individual leaves in the population of rice plant in a paddy field 4. leaf positional and seasonal changes in the rates of net photosynthesis and dark respiration in paddy fields of different plant spacing and fertilization

Sato, K.; Kim, J.M., 1980:
Relationships between environmental conditions and production and consumption activities of individual leaves of rice plants in a paddy field 3. effects of shading on photosynthesis and dark respiration of individual leaves at different positions

Sato, K.; Kim, J.M., 1980:
Relationships between environmental conditions and production and consumption activities of individual leaves of rice plants in a paddy field 5. leaf positional and seasonal changes of some organic and mineral components of the individual leaf with different plant spacing and fertilization

Steinkamp, M.W., 1980:
Relationships between environmental distractions and task performance of hyperactive and normal children

LaBelle, R.L.; Gerba, C.P.; Goyal, S.M.; Melnick, J.L.; Cech, I.; Bogdan, G.F., 1980:
Relationships between environmental factors, bacterial indicators, and the occurrence of enteric viruses in estuarine sediments

Best, T.L.; Hoditschek, B., 1986:
Relationships between environmental variation and the reproductive biology of ord's kangaroo rat dipodomys ordii

Pollak L.M.; Gardner C.O.; Parkhurst A.M., 1984:
Relationships between enzyme marker loci and morphological traits in 2 mass selected maize zea mays populations

Rudgard S.A.; Wheeler B.E.J., 1985:
Relationships between establishment of erysiphe cruciferarum and soluble amino acids in leaves of brussels sprouts brassica oleracea var gemmifera

Sibbald I.R.; Wolynetz M.S., 1985:
Relationships between estimates of bioavailable energy made with adult cockerels and chicks effects of feed intake and nitrogen retention

Ghanadian R.; Puah C.M., 1981:
Relationships between estradiol 17 beta testosterone di hydro testosterone and 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 beta diol in human benign hypertrophy and carcinoma of the prostate

Mobbs B.G.; Johnson I.E., 1985:
Relationships between estrogen intake serum testosterone and tumor androgen estrogen and progesterone receptor levels in diethylstilbestrol treated rats bearing the r 3327 prostatic adenocarcinoma

Horne G.M.; Angus B.; Wright C.; Needham G.; Nicholson S.; Harris A.L.; Innes B.; Horne C.H.W., 1988:
Relationships between estrogen receptor epidermal growth factor receptor er d5 and p24 estrogen regulated protein in human breast cancer

Hall, L.E.; Tucker, C.M., 1985:
Relationships between ethnicity, conceptions of mental illness, and attitudes associated with seeking psychological help

Davies L.P.; Drew C.A.; Chow S.C.; Skerritt J.H.; Johnston G.A.R., 1983:
Relationships between ethylenediamine and gamma amino butyric acid transport systems in rat brain slices

Jammes, Y.; Prefaut, C.; Delpierre, S.; Mosse, P.; Grimaud, C., 1976:
Relationships between eupneic pattern of breathing and ventilatory control in man part 1 response to airways occlusion during active lung inflation

Jammes, Y.; Guillot, C.; Prefaut, C.; Grimaud, C., 1976:
Relationships between eupneic pattern of breathing and ventilatory control in man part 2 early response to transient hypercapnia

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Relationships between feeding and growth in the natterjack toad bufo calamita amphibia anura bufonidae

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Relationships between feeding habits of fish larvae and their food organisms in the western wakasa bay japan

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Relationships between fiber morphology growth strains and physical properties of wood

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Relationships between fires and winter habitat of deer odocoileus virginianus in idaho usa

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Relationships between flood frequency vegetation and topography in a river red gum forest

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Relationships between floret size and grain weight in aneuploid lines of homoeologous group 5 chromosomes of common wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring

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Banno K.; Hayashi S.; Tanabe K., 1984:
Relationships between flower bud formation and nitrogen nutrition in japanese pear pyrus serotina

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Relationships between flowering and honey production of red ironbark eucalyptus sideroxylon and climate in the bendigo district of victoria australia

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Relationships between follicular size and antral fluid concentrations at 3 stages of the estrous cycle in the ewe

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Relationships between fomes fomentarius piptoporus betulinus and phellinus igniarius on betula pubescens

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Relationships between food and cellulase activity in fresh water fishes

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Relationships between forms of nitrogen and hydrological characteristics in a small stream near adelaide south australia

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Relationships between free carbohydrate levels and resistance or susceptibility of capsicum annuum to phytophthora capsici

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Relationships between frequency localization and errors in chiasma formation in desynaptic rye

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Relationships between frontal n1 augmenting reducing and dopaminergic metabolism

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Relationships between fruit softening respiration and ethylene production after deastringent treatment by alcohol in japanese persimmon diospyros kaki cultivar hiratanenashi fruits harvested at various stages

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Relationships between functional measurements and childhood respiratory diseases according to the age of onset

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Relationships between fungi and beetles attacking black pine stems

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Relationships between fusarium nivale and other microorganisms on seed of wheat and barley

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Relationships between fusion and visual acuity

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Relationships between gene trees and species trees

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Relationships between generic classification of the lecythidaceae from the new world and their pollinators and dispersers

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Relationships between genetic variability and niche dimensions among coexisting species of peromyscus

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Relationships between geographical and dietary factors and trypanosome infection rates of tsetse flies in the field diptera glossinidae

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Relationships between geomorphology and vegetation in the southern littoral of the province of almeria spain

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Relationships between glucose and mannose during late gestation in normal pregnancy and pregnancy complicated by diabetes mellitus: concurrent concentrations in maternal plasma and amniotic fluid

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Relationships between glycolate and folate metabolism in euglena gracilis

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Relationships between glycolate and formate metabolism in greening barley hordeum vulgare cultivar galt leaves

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Relationships between glycoprotein synthesis and carbohydrate metabolism in small intestinal mucosa effect of cholera enterotoxin

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Relationships between grain yield and agronomic traits in 5 maize variety hybrids

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Relationships between grain yield and morphological characters in the winter wheat genotypes of the belgian national list

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Relationships between grain yield grain percent nitrogen and grain weight in irrigated and nonirrigated late winter sown and spring sown karmau wheat

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Relationships between grazing animals and populations of the pasture insects costelytra zealandica and inopus rubriceps

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Relationships between green algae and hydrogen oxidizing bacteria

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Relationships between ground water silica total dissolved solids and specific electrical conductivity

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Relationships between growth and foliar nutrient concentrations in eucalyptus deglupta

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Relationships between growth and measured weather factors among contrasting varieties of lolium dactylis and festuca species

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Relationships between growth and nitrogen fertilization of celery apium graveolens cultivar tall utah 52 70r

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Relationships between growth and nonstructural carbohydrate storage in temperate grasses the usage of some plant characters as a criterion for the content of nonstructural carbohydrates

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Relationships between growth and pathogenicity of corynebacterium fascians

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Relationships between growth and peroxidase and iaa oxidase activities in bean callus tissues in salinized environment

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Relationships between growth cyclic amp and tylosin production in 2 mutants of streptomyces fradiae

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Relationships between growth differentiation and length of larval life for individually reared larvae of the marine gastropod crepidula fornicata

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Relationships between growth dissolved oxygen concentration and redox potential in the culture broth of an alkane utilizing yeast

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Relationships between growth of bell peppers capsicum annuum cultivar keystone resistant giant and nutrient accumulation during ontogeny in field environments

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Relationships between growth of oak and soil conditions

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Relationships between growth parameters and scrotal circumference in simmenthaler bulls

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Relationships between growth rate, carcass composition, feed intake, feed conversion ratio and income in four biological types of cattle

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Relationships between growth rate dressing percentage and carcass composition in lambs

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Relationships between growth stress and some tree characteristics in south african grown eucalyptus grandis

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Relationships between growth temperature fatty acid composition and the physical state and fluidity of membrane lipids in yersinia enterocolitica

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Relationships between habitat structure and bird community structure along a successional gradient in the mangrove of french guiana

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Relationships between harvest index and some traits in cowpea vigna unguiculata l. walp

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Relationships between harvest indices and other plant characteristics in soybeans glycine max

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Relationships between hatching of eggs of european red mite and fruit bud development in ontario canada peach and apple orchards

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Relationships between heart rate, exercise tolerance and cardiac output in atrial fibrillation: the effects of treatment with digoxin, verapamil and diltiazem

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Relationships between hemodynamic compensations and clinical pictures of sclerotic encephalopathy evaluations with doppler flowmetry

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Relationships between hemodynamic parameters with prognostic significance and left ventricular morphology in patients with aortic insufficiency

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Relationships between herd type and genetic and environmental variances in Holsteins

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Relationships between high density lipo protein cholesterol and other risk factors for athero sclerosis an epidemiological study

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Relationships between high tide levels and coastal resources in cumberland basin nova scotia canada

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Relationships between histological signs of atresia, steroids in follicular fluid, and gonadotropin binding in individual bovine antral follicles during postpartum anovulation

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Relationships between hla dr expressing cells and t lymphocytes of different subsets in rheumatoid synovial tissue

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Relationships between hordeum bulbosum ssp bulbosum and hordeum bulbosum ssp nodosum new combination new status

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Relationships between hormone induced calcium release and rubidium 86 uptake stimulation in starfish marthasterias glacialis oocytes

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Relationships between host and endophyte development in mycorrhizal soybeans glycine max cultivar kent

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Relationships between host dimensions and parasitization percentages in the host parasite couple galleria mellonella and gonia cinerascens

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Relationships between human genetics and pedagogy

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Relationships between humor formal operational ability and creativity in 8th graders

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Relationships between husbandry method and sheep losses to canine predators

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Relationships between hydrogen and methane production in man

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Relationships between hypocalcemic and anorectic effect of calcitonin in the rat

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Relationships between hypolignification and vitreous condition in salix babylonica in culture in vitro role of ammoniacal nutrition

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Relationships between hyponeophagia diazepam sensitivity and benzodiazepine receptor binding in 18 rat genotypes

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Relationships between imaginative ability variables and the Barber Suggestibility Scale

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Relationships between immuno globulin e antibody production and other immune responses part 2 effect of thymectomy at various times after birth

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Relationships between incremental responses and behavioral responses induced by stimulation of nucleus ventralis anterior thalami in the rat

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Relationships between indices of blood acid base equilibrium electrolyte metabolism and external respiration in patients with hypertension

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Relationships between infracapitulum and coxa i by some uropodid mite families acari anactinotrichida

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Relationships between instrumental and sensorial measurement methods of meat color

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Relationships between insulin secretion, insulin metabolism and insulin resistance in mild glucose intolerance

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Relationships between inter tidal zonation and circa tidal rhythmicity in littoral gastropods

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Relationships between intestinal motility and absorption

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Relationships between introversion and perceptual accuracy

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Relationships between ionizing radiation, bone marrow transplantation and leukemogenesis

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Relationships between iron uptake and iron transport in plants

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Relationships between ixodoidea ticks and rickettsia canada

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Relationships between kernel weight and occurrence of white core in kernel of rice

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Relationships between klebsiella ozaenae and other members of the microbial association of a pathological ozenous focus

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Relationships between laboratory bioassay derived potencies and field efficacies of bacillus thuringiensis isolates with different spectral activities

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Relationships between leaf age irradiance leaf conductance carbon dioxide exchange and water use efficiency in hybrid poplar

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Relationships between leaf area per fruit and fruit quality in bing sweet cherry

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Relationships between leaf fruit ratio and varying levels of european red mite stress on fruit size and return bloom of apple

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Relationships between leaf mass and disease progress in foliar diseases

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Relationships between leaf mass and the trunk vascular system of chinese elm

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Relationships between leaf surface area and linear dimensions in seedling citrus populations

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Relationships between learning and plasma steroids in a heterogeneous population of rats

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Relationships between length weight and average body weight of carp larvae in a spawning pond

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Relationships between level i and level ii abilities and problem solving

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Relationships between LH stimulation in vitro and progesterone, androstenedione and cyclic AMP synthesis in preantral follicles of the cyclic hamster

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Relationships between light and hormone action on ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase in cucumber cotyledons

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Relationships between light dependent fitness of drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans and their genotypes for pupation site photopreference

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Relationships between light temperature and photosynthesis in a temperate microcoleus cyanobacterium mat

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Relationships between linearly scored components of type and final score of jersey cows

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Relationships between lipid changes and plastid ultrastructural changes in senescing and re greening soybean cotyledons

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Relationships between lipophilicity and root uptake and translocation of nonionized chemicals by barley hordeum vulgare cultivar georgie

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Relationships between lipophilicity and the distribution of nonionized chemicals in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar georgie shoots following uptake by the roots

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Relationships between liquid phase and solid phase antibody association characteristics implications for the use of competitive elisa techniques to map the spatial location of idiotopes

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Relationships between live weight development of sows in advanced pregnancy and litter rate

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Relationships between locus of control and instrumentality theory predictor of academic performance

Weidman A., 1985:
Relationships between locus of control and psychological differentiation among compulsive adolescent substance abusers

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Relationships between lorica volume carbon nitrogen and atp content of tintinnids in narragansett bay usa

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Relationships between luminance and visual acuity in the rhesus monkey

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Relationships between luteinizing hormone fsh and prolactin secretion and ovarian follicular development in the weaned sow

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Relationships between luteinizing hormone fsh and prolactin secretion and reproductive activity in the weaned sow

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Relationships between lymphography and the histologic nodal and splenic types in Hodgkin's disease. Considerations on clinical evolution

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Relationships between machiavellianism task orientation and team effectiveness

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Relationships between macro algal functional form groups and substrata stability in a subtropical rocky inter tidal system

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Relationships between macro nutrient and micro nutrient nutrition of slash pine g on 3 coastal plain soils

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Relationships between macroalgal biomass and nutrient concentrations in a hypertrophic area of the venice lagoon italy

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Relationships between macrophages and suppressor t cells in the phenomenon of specific suppression of immune response

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Relationships between macroscopic symptoms of injury and cell structural changes in needles of ponderosa pine exposed to air pollution in california usa

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Relationships between magnesium and other plasma minerals and new born calf poly arthritis

Webster D.H., 1983:
Relationships between magnesium potassium and calcium of apple fruit

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Relationships between maize and teosinte of mexico and guatemala numerical analysis of allozyme data

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Relationships between major anatomical components conformation and bone length of the gigot in sheep

Rahman, L., 1978:
Relationships between major fatty acids of oleiferous species of brassica

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Relationships between malting quality and head type and kernel appearance in malting barley

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Relationships between mammary estrogen receptor and estrogenic sensitivity. II. Binding of cytoplasmic receptor to chromatin

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Relationships between mammary estrogen receptor and estrogenic sensitivity molecular properties of cytoplasmic receptor and its binding to dna

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Relationships between marine microorganisms and the wood boring isopod limnoria tripunctata

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Relationships between McCarthy Scales of children's abilities and teachers' ratings of school achievement

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Relationships between measurements of fat deterioration during heating and frying in rbd olein

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Relationships between measurements of the renal pelvis and kidney in domestic sheep

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Relationships between measures of direct and indirect hostility and self destructive behavior by hospitalized schizophrenics

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Relationships between membrane cholesterol alpha adrenergic receptors and platelet function

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Relationships between membrane lipid composition and biological properties of rat myocytes. Effects of aging and manipulation of lipid composition

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Relationships between meristic and continuous characters in temora stylifera copepoda calanoida

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Relationships between metabolic parameters and stream order in oregon usa

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Relationships between metabolizable energy values for poultry and some physical and chemical data describing canadian wheats oats and barleys

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Relationships between methoxy indoles and hydroxy indoles formed from 5 hydroxy tryptamine in rat pineal gland

D.L.renzo M.A.; Everett R.W., 1982:
Relationships between milk and fat production type and stayability in holstein sire evaluation

Distl O.; Roesch H.; Kraeusslich H., 1985:
Relationships between milk production and fertility parameters in german simmental cows of the artificial insemination station meggle west germany regarding culling rate in the fertility parameters

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Relationships between milk protein genotypes and milk production in holstein and jersey cattle Hang K.F.; Hayes J.F.; Moxley J.E.; Monardes H.G., 1986:
Relationships between milk protein polymorphisms and major milk constituents in holstein friesian cows

Ashmawy A.A., 1987:
Relationships between milk yield in the first lactation age at first calving and stayability in dairy cattle

Halacka J., 1981:
Relationships between milkability and milk production in cattle

Allison M.J., 1986:
Relationships between milling energy and hot water extract values of malts from some modern barleys and their parental cultivars

Roemer W.; Merbach W., 1982:
Relationships between mineral fertilization and supply of the population of potassium calcium magnesium and phosphorus under the conditions of intensive plant production in east germany

Vodzich V.L., 1980:
Relationships between mineral nutrition level and barley yields

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Relationships between minnesota multi phasic personality inventory measures of psycho pathology and wechsler adult intelligence scale subtest scores and iq

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Relationships between minute characteristics of finger ridges and pattern size and shape

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Relationships between minute ventilation, oxygen uptake, and time during incremental exercise

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Relationships between mitochondrial outer membranes and agranular reticulum in nervous tissue: ultrastructural observations and a new interpretation

Bartolini A.; Leonardi A.; Albano A.; Primavera A., 1983:
Relationships between moment of monitored time activity curves and regional cerebral mean transit time following common carotid administration of a nondiffusing tracer

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Relationships between morpho phenological characters and the environment in natural populations of dactylis glomerata l

Gil A.; Alonso J.C.; Castellanos R.; Coro E.; Gonzalez J.L.; Fernandez O., 1985:
Relationships between morphological and clinical characteristics of ovary of the cow

Bekele E., 1984:
Relationships between morphological variance gene diversity and flavonoid patterns in the land race populations of ethiopian barley

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Relationships between motivation and hostility among type a and type b middle aged men

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Relationships between motor nerve conduction velocities and motor unit contraction characteristics in a slow twitch muscle of the cat

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Relationships between mouse thymocyte receptors to immunoglobulin g syngeneic and allogeneic red cells

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Relationships between movement rate agonistic displacements and forage availability in spanish ibexes capra pyrenaica

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Relationships between muscle fiber conduction velocity and frequency parameters of surface electro myogram during sustained contraction

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Relationships between muscle strength and muscle cross sectional area in male sprinters and endurance runners

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Relationships between muscular strength and the level of energy sources in the muscle

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Relationships between mycelial and bacterial populations in stored air dried and glucose amended arable and grassland soils

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Relationships between mycobacterium simiae and the mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare mycobacterium scrofulaceum complex

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Relationships between myo cardial extraction of lactate and the pumping function of the left ventricle in patients with neuro circulatory dystonia

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Relationships between nanno plankton and lake trophic status

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Relationships between natural flesh darkening and polyphenoloxidase activity in japanese persimmon diospyros kaki thunb. fruits

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Relationships between near surface blood flow and altered sensations among spinal cord injured veterans

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Relationships between need to appear socially desirable achievement motivation and attribution of academic outcomes in secondary school students

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Relationships between neo natal behavioral organization and infant behavior during the 1st year of life

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Relationships between net re distribution of aluminum and iron and extractable levels in podzolic soils derived from lower paleozoic sedimentary rocks

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Relationships between neural and renal mechanisms in the origin of reflexogenic arterial hypertension

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Relationships between neuro secretory cells and capillaries in the preoptic nucleus of the carp

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Relationships between neuronal structure and function

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Relationships between neuropathology and cognitive function in temporal lobectomy patients

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Relationships between nidification and ovary in copris coleoptera scarabaeidae scarabaeinae

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Relationships between nitrate and oxygen supply in symbiotic nitrogen fixation by white clover trifolium repens cultivar blanca

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Relationships between nitrate reductase activity plant weight and nitrogen content in seedlings of triticum aegilops and triticale

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Relationships between nitrogen amino acids and storage proteins in lupinus albus seeds

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Relationships between nitrogen intake and water intake in ruminants special reference to the preventive effect on the incidence of uro lithiasis

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Relationships between nitrogenase glutamine synthetase ec glutamine and energy charge in azotobacter vinelandii

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Relationships between nor loci from different triticeae species

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Relationships between nuclei of agrocybe aegerita

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Relationships between nucleoside tri phosphate pyro phospho hydrolase ec activity and itp accumulation in human erythrocytes

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Relationships between number of sperm inseminated, number of eggs laid and fertility in turkeys

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Relationships between number size and shape or red blood cells in amphibians

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Relationships between nutrient intake and total serum and hdl cholesterol in the aged

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Relationships between nutrients in cereal grasses legumes and miscellaneous plants of the natural pastures and meadows in bulgaria

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Relationships between nutritive quality and fiber components of cool season and warm season forages: a retrospective study

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Relationships between obtrusive laboratory and unobtrusive naturalistic behavioral fear assessments treated and untreated subjects

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Relationships between oceanic epi zoo plankton distributions and the seasonal deep chlorophyll maximum in the northwestern atlantic ocean

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Relationships between ocellar units in the ventral nerve cord and ocellar pathways in the brain of schistocerca gregaria

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Relationships between odor and commonly measured water quality characteristics in surface water supplies

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Relationships between onion allium cepa leaf age and susceptibility to alternaria porri

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Relationships between organic matter digestibility dry matter intake and solute mean retention times in sheep given a ground and pelleted diet

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Relationships between organically bound copper and manganese in settling particulate matter and biological processes in a subarctic estuary

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Relationships between ornithine trans carbamylase genotypes and some economical traits in white leghorn breed chicken

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Relationships between ovarian morphology, vaginal cytology, serum progesterone, and urinary immunoreactive pregnanediol during the menstrual cycle of the cynomolgus monkey

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Relationships between ovarian proteolytic enzyme activity and multiple ovulation in the hypophysectomized hen gallus domesticus

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Relationships between overstory structure and understory production in the grand fir abies grandis myrtle boxwood pachistima myrsinites habitat type of north central idaho usa

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Relationships between overt behavior to a fear stimulus and self verbalizations measured by different assessment strategies

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Relationships between oxidative metabolism, macrophage activation, and antilisterial activity

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Relationships between oxygen and carbon di oxide tensions and acid base balance in arterial blood and medullary blood from long bones in dogs

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Relationships between oxygen consumption and hemodynamic changes in tetralogy of Fallot immediately after total correction

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Relationships between pain and schizophrenia

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Relationships between pancreatic blood flow and secretion in the dog

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Relationships between paracaryum intermedium and paracaryum boissieri on sinai and the generic separation of paracaryum and mattiastrum boraginaceae

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Relationships between parental seed and seedling chilling requirement in peach and nectarine prunus persica

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Relationships between particle grazing zoo plankton and vertical phyto plankton distributions on the texas usa continental shelf

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Relationships between particle size fabric and other factors in some australian soils

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Relationships between patterns of face fly musca autumnalis capture and pasture topography vegetation and cattle movements

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Relationships between pelvic dimensions between pelvic dimensions and hip height and estimates of heritabilities

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Relationships between perceived exertion hr and hla in cycling running and walking

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Relationships between performance and multilocus heterozygosity at enzyme loci in single cross hybrids of maize zea mays

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Relationships between performances of young handicapped children on peabody picture vocabulary test and revised stanford binet scale

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Relationships between perfusion defects and static brain scan positivity in patients with ischemic completed stroke considerations about the origin of the increased uptake

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Relationships between persons in groups of mentally ill and mentally healthy children

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Relationships between phenyl alanine ammonia lyase activity and physiological responses of soybean glycine max seedlings to herbicides

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Relationships between pheromone trap catches of male tobacco budworm heliothis virescens larval infestations and damage levels in tobacco

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Relationships between phosphate retention olsen and truog soil tests and the estimated short term phosphate fertilizer requirements of well established pasture

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Relationships between phosphoinositide and calcium responses to muscarinic agonists in astrocytoma cells

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Relationships between phosphorus loading and trophic state in calcareous lakes of southeast wisconsin usa

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Relationships between photosynthesis and respiration in carbon di oxide gas exchange in the light in 3 carbon pathway plant leaves as affected by temperature/

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Relationships between photosynthesis and respiration in the assimilating cell 1. glycolysis and the krebs cycle under light and dark conditions in chlorella cells

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Relationships between photosynthetic characteristics and the nitrogen content of apple malus prunifolia cultivar fuji leaves

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Relationships between photosynthetic intensity quantity of assimilating pigments and resistance to water loss in some carbon 3 pathway and carbon 4 pathway plants

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Relationships between photosynthetic production and light penetration in waters of lake berre france

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Relationships between photosynthetic rate of leaves and specific leaf area in timothy plants phleum pratense

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Relationships between photosynthetically active radiation nocturnal acid accumulation and carbon di oxide uptake for a crassulacean acid metabolism plant opuntia ficus indica

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Relationships between physical activity bone mass and bone cell activities in elderly healthy male volunteers

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Relationships between physical characteristics of the pig house the engineering and control systems of the environment and production parameters of growing pigs

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Relationships between physiological stress and trace toxic substances in the bay mussel mytilus edulis from san francisco bay california usa

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Relationships between phyto plankton and periphyton communities in a central iowa usa stream

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Relationships between phyto plankton periodicity and the concentrations of total and unionized ammonia in channel catfish ictalurus punctatus ponds

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Relationships between phytophthora megasperma isolates from chick pea cicer arietinum lucerne medicago sativa and soybean glycine max

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Relationships between phytoplankton photosynthesis and light in a mesotrophic reservoir pareloup france seasonal variations of parameters

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Relationships between pituitary secretory granules size and the timing of maximal response to stress

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Relationships between plague bacteria and listeria monocytogenes under different environmental conditions

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Relationships between plant and invertebrate communities under 3 management regimes

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Relationships between plant associations and physicochemical characteristics of soils in a catena of crystalline mountains vosges france

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Relationships between plasma aluminum per oral aluminum hydroxide intake and symptoms of encephalopathy in patients on renal dialysis treatment

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Relationships between plasma catecholamines, renin, age and blood pressure in essential hypertension

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Relationships between plasma concentrations of di phenyl hydantoin pheno barbital carbamazepine and 3 sulfamoylmethyl 1 2 benzisoxazole ad 810 a new anti convulsant or neuro toxic effects in experimental animals

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Relationships between plasma concentrations of placental lactogen insulin like growth factors metabolites and lamb size in late gestation ewes subject to nutritional supplementation and in their lambs at birth

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Relationships between plasma cyclic amp concentration cyclic amp content in various tissues and urinary cyclic amp excretion in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

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Relationships between plasma membrane de polarization nuclear membrane breakdown and the appearance of cytoplasmic factors during the 1st meiotic division in rana pipiens oocytes

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Relationships between plasma progesterone levels and testicular testosterone production in the rat fetus: effects of maternal ovariectomy

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Relationships between ploidy degree and number of nucleoli in vetch vicia sativa cells during callus formation

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Relationships between pollen characters structure of exine and tectum clinical and ecological conditions in some species of the genus peucedanum umbelliferae

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Relationships between pollen rain and vegetation in kroumiria northern tunisia

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Relationships between polyamine dna and estrogen receptor binding site concentrations in human breast tumors

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Relationships between pond plankton algae and certain environmental factors

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Relationships between population density and reproductive success in the female guppy poecilia reticulata peters

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Relationships between population density of the tick haemaphysalis longicornis and environmental factors in the permanent pasture 2. considerations of surveying method to quantitatively determine the population density of ticks

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Relationships between population density of the tick haemaphysalis longicornis and environmental factors in the permanent pasture 2. ixodid fauna and seasonal fluctuation of the tick haemaphysalis longicornis in kawatabi japan

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Relationships between portal and peripheral insulin and pro insulin concentrations in the human during glucose infusion

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Relationships between positive conditioned reflexes and differentiations during development of experimental neurosis and its elimination in monkeys papio hamadryas

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Relationships between possible available food and the composition condition and reproductive state of oysters from galveston bay texas usa

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Relationships between post albumins transferrins and amylase and transmitting ability for production in black and white bulls

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Relationships between potassium per manganate treatment and water quality

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Relationships between pre natal medical and nutritional measures pregnancy outcome and early infant development in an urban poverty setting part 1 the role of nutritional intake

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Relationships between pre operative duration of symptom and prognosis or immunological findings in myasthenia gravis

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Relationships between precipitation chemistry and some meteorological parameters in the netherlands a statistical evaluation

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Relationships between precipitation chemistry hydrology and runoff acidity

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Relationships between prednisone therapy disease activity and the total serum immuno globulin e level in allergic broncho pulmonary aspergillosis

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Relationships between production mortality and abundance in testacean protozoa communities in soil

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Relationships between productivity egg shell thickness and pollutant contents of addled eggs in the population of white tailed eagles haliaeetus albicilla in finland during 1969 1978

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Relationships between productivity quality of the grain and nitrate reductase activity in the cereals

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Relationships between prostaglandin b x and isoproterenol in the isolated perfused rat heart

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Relationships between prostaglandins and estrogens on the motility of isolated rings from the rat urinary bladder

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Relationships between protein phosphorylation and electron transport in the reconstituted chloroplast system

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Relationships between pseudosatellites morphological characteristics and associative ability of human acrocentric chromosomes

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Relationships between psychiatric diagnosis and some quantitative electro encephalography variables

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Relationships between psychological measurements and cerebral organic changes in Alzheimer's disease

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Relationships between pulmonary inflammation, plasma transudation, and oxygen metabolite secretion by alveolar macrophages

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Relationships between pupal size and sex in giant silkworm moths saturniidae

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Relationships between pyramidal and extrapyramidal systems

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Relationships between radiographic change, pulmonary function, and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid lymphocytes in farmer's lung disease

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Relationships between radiological and biochemical evidence of rickets in Asian schoolchildren

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Relationships between rainfall population density and the size of the bontebok lamb crop in the bontebok national park south africa

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Relationships between rate of growth catheptic enzymes and meat palatability in young bulls

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Relationships between rates of steady state atp synthesis and the magnitude of the proton activity gradient across thylakoid membranes

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Relationships between receptors of androgens and estrogens and clinico morphological features of prostate carcinoma

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Relationships between recovery periods and resistance to carbon di oxide for soil mites and collembola living in different habitats

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Relationships between reduced gases nutrients and fluorescence in surface waters off baja california mexico

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Relationships between regional soils and foliage characteristics and western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae outbreak frequency

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Relationships between relative crop yields soil test phosphorus levels and fertilizer requirements for phosphorus

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Relationships between religiosity and attitudes towards death and dying in a middle aged sample

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Relationships between renal blood flow and the kidney tissue oxygen tension under conditions of acute neurogenic hypertension

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Relationships between renal hemodynamics and kidney tissue oxygen tension during reflex sino carotid reactions

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Relationships between respiration rate and adenylate and carbohydrate pools of the soybean glycine max fruit

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Relationships between respiratory rate of root and temperature modulated photosynthesis in rice plant and the factors concerning the respiratory rate of root

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Relationships between responsiveness of the bronchi to acetyl choline and cyclic amp response of lymphocytes to beta 1 adrenergic receptor and beta 2 adrenergic receptor stimulation in patients with asthma

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Relationships between resting tension and mechanical properties of papillary muscle

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Relationships between retention behavior and structure of n substituted 1 2 4 triazoles in thin layer chromatography on silica gel

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Relationships between rna dna ratio prey density and growth rate in atlantic cod gadus morhua larvae

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Relationships between root and leaf distribution of citrus trees

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Relationships between Rorschach variables as relevant to the interpretation of structural data

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Relationships between rotavirus diarrhea and intestinal microflora establishment in conventional and gnotobiotic mice

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Relationships between rps 2 and other genes controlling resistance to phytophthora rot in soybean glycine max cultivar cns

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Relationships between ruminant bloat and the composition of alfalfa herbage 2. saponins

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Relationships between running performances and maximum oxygen uptake lactate threshold or percent fat in 11 12 year old boys

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Relationships between rutting behavior and non annual incisor dentin layers of male sika deer cervus nippon a hypothesis

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Relationships between ryodoraku autonomic nervous patterns and immunological levels

Isaac M.D.; Naranjo J.A.; Martinez Victoria E.; Valverde A.; Manas M., 1986:
Relationships between salivary flow rate and concentrations of total protein total calcium and inorganic phosphate in parotid gland saliva of the goat stimulated by pilocarpine effect of parathyroidectomy

Nukaya A.; Masui M.; Ishida A., 1981:
Relationships between salt tolerance of green soybeans glycine max and calcium sulfate applications in sand culture

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Relationships between sapwood cross section area and needle mass in scotch pine

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Relationships between schizophrenic thought and humor

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Relationships between scores on stanford binet iv and scores on mccarthy scales of children's abilities

Carvajal H.; Mcvey S.; Sellers T.; Weyand K.; Mcknab P., 1987:
Relationships between scores on the general purpose abbreviated battery of stanford binet iv peabody picture vocabulary test revised columbia mental maturity scale and goodenough harris drawing test

Tuurala H., 1983:
Relationships between secondary lamellar structure and dorsal aortic oxygen tension in salmo gairdneri with gills damaged by zinc

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Relationships between seed characters and seedling growth of 3 herbage grasses

Payne P.I.; Holt L.M.; Krattiger A.F.; Carrillo J.M., 1988:
Relationships between seed quality characteristics and hmw glutenin subunit composition determined using wheats grown in spain

Fenner M., 1983:
Relationships between seed weight ash content and seedling growth in 24 species of compositae

Katz L.C.; Constantine Paton M., 1988:
Relationships between segregated afferents and postsynaptic neurons in the optic tectum of three eyed frogs

Song I S.; Hattie J., 1985:
Relationships between self concept and achievement

Smith B.M.; Blyton Conway J.; Mee C., 1983:
Relationships between self incompatibility and s allele constitution in inbred lines of brussels sprouts brassica oleracea var gemmifera

Hironaka Y., 1986:
Relationships between sensory flavor evaluation and gas chromatographic profiles of french bread

Diehl K.C.; Hamann D.D., 1980:
Relationships between sensory profile parameters and fundamental mechanical parameters for raw potatoes solanum tuberosum melons and apples malus sylvestris

Goodall E.; Corbett J., 1982:
Relationships between sensory stimulation and stereotyped behavior in severely mentally retarded and autistic children

Babb J.L.; Cummins C.S., 1981:
Relationships between serological groups and dna homology groups in bacteroides fragilis and related species

Hashimoto M., 1987:
Relationships between serotonin concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid and blood pressure levels in patients with essential hypertension or with cerebrovascular accidents

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Relationships between serum levels and immunohistological tissue levels of ca 125 and carcinoembryonic antigen in epithelial ovarian cancers their implications for tumor cell type specificity

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Relationships between serum levels of complement c 3 complement c 4 and ch 50 total hemolytic complement

Bromage, N.R.; Whitehead, C.; Breton, B., 1982:
Relationships between serum levels of gonadotropin estradiol 17 beta and vitellogenin in the control of ovarian development in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri 2. effects of alterations in environmental photoperiod

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Relationships between serum levels of haloperidol and prolactin anti psychotic effect and extrapyramidal side effects

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Relationships between serum prolactin levels and fsh response to lhrh during early puerperium

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Relationships between sesqui oxides kaolinite and phosphate sorption in a catena of oxisols in malawi

Widdows J.; Fieth P.; Worrall C.M., 1979:
Relationships between seston available food and feeding activity in the common mussel mytilus edulis

Bulinska Radomska Z.; Lester R.N., 1986:
Relationships between seven species of vulpia poaceae

Aguglia E.; Sapienza S., 1985:
Relationships between sex and sport experimental study in basketball players

Leblanc Y., 1987:
Relationships between sex of gosling and position in the laying sequence egg mass hatchling size and fledgling size

Rauste Von Wright M.; Von Wright J.; Frankenhaeuser M., 1981:
Relationships between sex related psychological characteristics during adolescence and catecholamine excretion during achievement stress

Collins M.; Waters L.K.; Waters C.W., 1979:
Relationships between sex role orientations and attitudes toward women as managers

Bongarten B., 1986:
Relationships between shoot length and shoot length components in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii and blue spruce picea pungens

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Relationships between short term blood pressure fluctuations and heart rate variability in resting subjects 1. a spectral analysis approach

De-Boer, R.W.; Karemaker, J.M.; Strackee, J., 1985:
Relationships between short term blood pressure fluctuations and heart rate variability in resting subjects 2. a simple model R.S.J.; Isserow L.W.; Gilfillan T.C.; Robock K.; Teichert U., 1983:
Relationships between simultaneous airborne dust samples taken with 5 types of instruments at south african asbestos mines and mills

Lorente P.; Azancot I.; Masquet C.; Babalis D.; Duriez M.; Slama R., 1985:
Relationships between single vessel coronary artery obstructions and wall motion dysfunction analyzed by 4 computer based methods

Cassell B.G.; Lee K.L.; Kroll G.; Norman H.D., 1985:
Relationships between sires and sons for evaluations from first all and later records

Kluge E.; Krumbiegel D.; Roeder K., 1988:
Relationships between site risk of frost damage and mildew infection in winter barley

Fox P.N.; Rathjen A.J., 1981:
Relationships between sites used in the interstate wheat variety trials

Wood P.D.P.; King J.O.L.; Youdan P.G., 1980:
Relationships between size live weight change and milk production characters in early lactation in dairy cattle

Houston W.J.B., 1980:
Relationships between skeletal maturity estimated from hand wrist radiographs and the timing of the adolescent growth spurt

Hemmer, H., 1978:
Relationships between skin color and expression of the activity rhythm in laboratory mice and wild domestic mice

Fehm, H.L.; Bieber, K.; Benkowitsch, R.; Fehm-Wolfsdorf, G.; Voigt, K.H.; Born, J., 1986:
Relationships between sleep stages and plasma cortisol: a single case study

Lewis W.M.Jr; Grant M.C., 1980:
Relationships between snow cover and winter losses of dissolved substances from a mountain watershed

Goebel B.L., 1985:
Relationships between social cognition and sibling constellations

Katzir, G., 1983:
Relationships between social structure and response to novelty in captive jackdaws corvus monedula 2. response to novel palatable food

Katzir, G., 1982:
Relationships between social structure and response to novelty in captive jackdaws corvus monedula 2. response to novel space

Lescure J P.; Boulet R., 1985:
Relationships between soil and vegetation in a tropical rain forest in french guiana

Turner J.; Kelly J., 1981:
Relationships between soil nutrients and vegetation in a north coast forest new south wales australia

Ojeniyi S.O., 1987:
Relationships between soil organic matter availability of nitrogen and phosphorus and the total root biomass of coffee coffea canephora

Goto K., 1985:
Relationships between soil ph available calcium and prevalence of potato scab

Rayment G.E.; Compton B.L.; Mcdonald R.C., 1979:
Relationships between soils current nutrient status and persistence of greenleaf desmodium at tinana in southeastern queensland australia

Neilsen, G.H.; Mackenzie, A.F., 1978:
Relationships between soluble and exchangeable calcium magnesium and potassium lost from agricultural watersheds

Brown T.H.; Mahler R.L., 1988:
Relationships between soluble silica and plow pans in palouse idaho usa silt loam soils

Puigcerver M.; Rodriguez Teijeiro J.D., 1984:
Relationships between some activity variables and census in the black headed gull larus ridibundus in regard to certain meteorological parameters

Obilana A.T.; Okoh P.N., 1984:
Relationships between some agronomic and physicochemical traits in long season sorghum

Owens L., 1981:
Relationships between some environmental parameters and trypanorhynch cestode loads in banana prawns penaeus merguiensis

Gainotti, G.; Caltagirone, C.; Miceli, G., 1976:
Relationships between some high level verbal tasks and mono hemispheric brain lesions

Neyzi, O.; Günöz, H.; Celenk, A.; Dindar, A.; Bundak, R.; Sağlam, H., 1987:
Relationships between some maternal factors and pregnancy outcome

Herrera R.L.A.; Valencia L.F.; Gonzalez M.A.E., 1984:
Relationships between some physical parameters and humidity constants in determining water levels for irrigation

Metz G.L.; Green D.E.; Shibles R.M., 1984:
Relationships between soybean glycine max yield in narrow rows and leaflet canopy and developmental characters

Marza, V.D., 1981:
Relationships between specialized cells capillaries and intermediary cyto fibrillary elements 15. biological evolution of the respiratory stereotype and subsystem in aquatic vertebrates

Marza, V.D., 1982:
Relationships between specialized cells capillaries and intermediary cyto fibrillary elements 16. biological evolution of respiratory mechanisms and of airways

Bell Behti F.; Pisoni D.B.; Sawusch J.R.; Raphael L.J., 1979:
Relationships between speech production and perception

Nichelli P.; Manni A.; Faglioni P., 1983:
Relationships between speed accuracy of performance and hemispheric superiorities for visuo spatial pattern processing in the 2 sexes

Moore R.K.; Kennedy B.W.; Burnside E.B.; Moxley J.E., 1983:
Relationships between speed of milking and somatic cell count and production in holsteins

Uzu G.; Bonneau M., 1980:
Relationships between spermatic production and androsterone level in boar adipose tissue

Bolander F.F.Jr; Topper Y.J., 1979:
Relationships between spermidine gluco corticoid and milk proteins in different mammalian species

Ninomiya Y.; Funakoshi M., 1982:
Relationships between spontaneous discharge rates and taste response of the dog thalamic neurons

Hudson W.F.; Bulow F.J., 1984:
Relationships between squamation chronology of the bluegill lepomis macrochirus and age growth methods

Filippov G.V.; Rubtsov V.G.; Chertov O.G., 1980:
Relationships between stand evaluation characters and site conditions

Zalitis P.P., 1981:
Relationships between stand parameters and total evaporation in drained forests of the latvian ssr ussr

Biaggio A.M.B., 1985:
Relationships between state trait anxiety and locus of control experimental studies with adults and children

Johnson R.S.; Lakso A.N., 1985:
Relationships between stem length leaf area stem weight and accumulated growing degree days in apple shoots malus domestica

Vecchi S.; Capodieci C.; Lucchi M.G.; Masellis G.; Borsari S.; Barbanti Silva C., 1985:
Relationships between steroids and neoplastic hepatic pathology experimental research

Willis D.W.; Stephen J.L., 1987:
Relationships between storage ratio and population density natural recruitment and stocking success of walleye in kansas reservoirs usa

Rodwell, A.W.; Rodwell, E.S., 1978:
Relationships between strains of mycoplasma mycoides ssp mycoides and mycoplasma mycoides ssp capri studied by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis of cell proteins

Lewis W.M.Jr; Grant M.C., 1979:
Relationships between stream discharge and yield of dissolved substances from a colorado usa mountain watershed

Sherman, R.A., 1985:
Relationships between strength of low back muscle contraction and reported intensity of chronic low back pain

Leach, D.; Cymbaluk, N.F., 1986:
Relationships between stride length, stride frequency, velocity, and morphometrics of foals

Panarin, E.F.; Afinogenov, G.E., 1978:
Relationships between structural and anti microbial activity in a series of alkyl sulfates

Potter, R.L.; Taylor, S.S., 1979:
Relationships between structural domains and function in the regulatory subunit of cyclic amp dependent protein kinases ec i and ii from porcine skeletal muscle

Craciunescu, D.G., 1977:
Relationships between structure and anti tuberculosis activity of complexes formed by transition metals and isoniazid derivatives

Sturdikova M.; Fuskova A.; Proksa B.; Fuska J., 1988:
Relationships between structure and biological activities of the antibiotic psx 1 botryodiplodine

Bartelt R.J.; Moats M.L.; Jackson L.L., 1986:
Relationships between structure and chromatographic retention for n alkadienes

Harada K., 1987:
Relationships between structure and feeding attraction activity of certain l amino acids and lecithin in aquatic animals

Fleurat Lessard P.; Satter R.L., 1985:
Relationships between structure and motility of albizzia julibrissin motor organs changes in ultrastructure of cortical cells during dark induced closure

Vacatello M.; D.G.rolamo M.; Busico V., 1981:
Relationships between structure and properties in long chain bis n alkyl ammonium tetra bromo cuprates ii and bis n alkyl ammonium tetra bromo manganates ii

Macdonald J.E.; Powell G.R., 1983:
Relationships between stump sprouting and parent tree diameter in sugar maple acer saccharum in the 1st year following clear cutting

Volkova E.F.; Shubnikova E.A., 1980:
Relationships between submaxillary glands and the pancreas

Tsuchida K.; Numata M., 1979:
Relationships between successional situation and production of miscanthus sinensis communities at kirigamine heights central japan

Garn S.M.; Cole P.E.; Solomon M.A.; Schaefer A.E., 1980:
Relationships between sugar foods and the decayed missing filled teeth in 1968 1970

Mcnaughton D.J., 1981:
Relationships between sulfate and nitrate ion concentrations and rainfall ph for use in modeling applications

Ustin S.L.; Woodward R.A.; Barbour M.G.; Hatfield J.L., 1984:
Relationships between sunfleck dynamics and red fir abies magnifica seedling distribution

Onsager J.A., 1983:
Relationships between survival rate density population trends and forage destruction by instars of grasshoppers melanoplus sanguinipes orthoptera acrididae

Goulder, R., 1976:
Relationships between suspended solids and standing crops and activities of bacteria in an estuary during a neap spring neap tidal cycle

Ugryumov M.V.; Borisova N.A., 1980:
Relationships between tanycytes and primary portal system plexus of capillaries during the peri natal period in rats

Campbell L.G.; Cole D.F., 1986:
Relationships between taproot and crown characteristics and yield and quality traits in sugar beets beta vulgaris

Palomar M.K., 1987:
Relationships between taro feathery mosaic disease and its insect vector tarophagus proserpina kirk

Schwartz G.J.; Grill H.J., 1984:
Relationships between taste reactivity and intake in the neurologically intact rat

Binde, M.; Bakke, H., 1984:
Relationships between teat characteristics and udder health. A field survey

Rathore, A.K., 1976:
Relationships between teat shape, production and mastitis in Friesian cows

Toussaint, A.; Lefebvre, N.; Scott, J.R.; Cowan, J.A.; De-Bruijn, F.; Bukhari, A.I., 1978:
Relationships between temperate phage mu and phage p 1

Lee, S.P.; Kim, K.M.; Lee, J.C., 1978:
Relationships between temperature varied rearing system and weather conditions for the stability of the early autumn silkworm cocoon yield in korea

Penit, C.; Jotereau, F.; Gelabert, M.J., 1985:
Relationships between terminal transferase expression, stem cell colonization, and thymic maturation in the avian embryo: studies in thymic chimeras resulting from homospecific and heterospecific grafts

Brackenridge, C.J., 1979:
Relationships between the ABO blood group system and some obstetric factors

Luque F.J.; Sanz F.; Illas F.; Pouplana R.; Smeyers Y.G., 1988:
Relationships between the activity of some h 2 receptor agonists of histamine and their ab initio molecular electrostatic potential mep and electron density comparison coefficients

Panov A.V.; Vavilin V.A.; Solov'ev V.N.; Lyakhovich V.V., 1983:
Relationships between the adenine nucleotide system and oxidative phosphorylation in rat liver in the dynamics of starvation

Spaldonova R.; Corba J., 1979:
Relationships between the anti trichinellous effect of 7 derivates of benzimidazole carbamates and their chemical structure

Bergen, M.P., 1982:
Relationships between the arteries and veins and the connective tissue system in the human orbit 2. the retrobulbar part of the orbit septal complex region

Bergen, M.P., 1982:
Relationships between the arteries and veins and the connective tissue system in the human orbit 3. the bulbar part of the orbit

Perring T.M.; Archer T.L.; Krieg D.L.; Johnson J.W., 1983:
Relationships between the banks grass mite oligonychus pratensis acariformes tetranychidae and physiological changes of maturing grain sorghum

Vakov L.; Koparanova O., 1984:
Relationships between the basal blood levels of contrainsular hormones and those of the free bound and total insulin in healthy patients

Vakov L.; Koparanova O., 1984 :
Relationships between the basal blood levels of contrainsular hormones and those of the free bound and total insulin in patients with diabetes mellitus

Vakov L., 1984:
Relationships between the basal blood levels of contrainsular hormones in healthy people

Vakov L., 1984:
Relationships between the basal blood levels of non esterified fatty acids and some contra insular hormones in patients with diabetes mellitus

Vakov L., 1984:
Relationships between the basal blood levels of nonesterified fatty acids and some contrainsular hormones in healthy people

Douce C.; Moreau S.; Decloitre F.; Moule Y., 1982:
Relationships between the biological effects and chemical structure of the geno toxic myco toxin botryodiplodin

Tunnicliffe, V.; Risk, M.J., 1977:
Relationships between the bivalve macoma balthica and bacteria in inter tidal sediments minas basin bay of fundy

Devillers, P.; Terschuren, J.A., 1978:
Relationships between the blue eyed shags of south america

MacInnes, W.D.; Golden, C.J.; McFadden, J.; Wilkening, G.N., 1983:
Relationships between the Booklet Category Test and the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test

Suvorov N.B.; Ur'yash V.V.; Yakovlev V.V., 1980:
Relationships between the brain cortex sensory motor rhythm and heart rate in cats

Masarovicova E., 1979:
Relationships between the carbon di oxide compensation concentration the slope of carbon di oxide curves of net photosynthetic rate and the energy of irradiance

Asanuma K I., 1987:
Relationships between the carbon dioxide exchange and the growth and chemical contents in soybean seedlings

Brugal, G., 1977:
Relationships between the cell proliferation and the differentiation in the embryonic and larval intestine of pleurodeles waltlii part 1 normal development

Brugal, G., 1977:
Relationships between the cell proliferation and the differentiation in the embryonic and larval intestine of pleurodeles waltlii part 2 effects of intestinal chalones extracted from the intestine of the adult newt

Suginobu K I.; Matsu Ura M.; Maki Y.; Sato H., 1983:
Relationships between the characteristics of space planted and clonally propagated plants and their general combining ability in alfalfa

Sastry, B.V.R.; Cheng, H.C., 1977:
Relationships between the chemical structure and pharmacological activities of d levo s tropinoyl choline and l dextro r tropinoyl choline at cholinergic sites

Dobarganes M.C.; Rios J.J.; Perez Camino M.C., 1986:
Relationships between the composition of vegetable oils and the volatile components produced during thermal oxidation

Roels H.; Abdeladim S.; Ceulemans E.; Lauwerys R., 1987:
Relationships between the concentrations of mercury in air and in blood or urine in workers exposed to mercury vapor

Groth, W.; Claus, R., 1977:
Relationships between the concentrations of testosterone and the boar taint steroid 5 alpha androst 16 en 3 one in plasma and adipose tissue and histometric evaluation in testes of boars

Ivonis I.Yu; Kyalina L.V.; Khokhlina E.V., 1981:
Relationships between the content of natural growth regulators in needles and micro strobile abundance in norway spruce

Bartosiewicz L., 1980:
Relationships between the cranial measurements of cattle

Greenwood D.J.; Barnes A.; Liu K.; Hunt J.; Cleavor T.J.; Loquens S.M.H., 1980:
Relationships between the critical concentrations of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in 17 different vegetable crops and duration of growth

Natsuaki T.; Natsuaki K.T.; Okuda S.; Teranaka M.; Milne R.G.; Boccardo G.; Luisoni E., 1986:
Relationships between the cryptic and temperate viruses of alfalfa medicago sativa beet beta vulgaris and white clover trifolium repens

Carney, D.N.; Ahluwalia, G.S.; Jayaram, H.N.; Cooney, D.A.; Johns, D.G., 1985:
Relationships between the cytotoxicity of tiazofurin and its metabolism by cultured human lung cancer cells

Balthazart J.; Hendrick J.C., 1979:
Relationships between the daily variations of social behavior and of plasma follicle stimulating hormone luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels in the domestic duck anas platyrhynchos

Bar Tal D.; Korenfeld D.; Raviv A., 1985:
Relationships between the development of helping behavior and the development of cognition social perspective and moral judgment

Exner, G.U.; Kaufmann, L.; Schreiber, A., 1985:
Relationships between the development of the apophyses of the iliac crest risser's sign and development of the hand skeleton in girls with scoliosis

Michea, M.; Greppin, H., 1975:
Relationships between the different fractions of the pseudomonas fluorescens pigment

Tkachenko E.I., 1983:
Relationships between the dispatch and destination stations during formation of pathological reactions

Inoue Y.; Moriwaki T.; Kuihara H., 1982:
Relationships between the distribution of nitrogen and development and absorbing parts of root system in a rice plant

Heflich, R.H.; Morris, S.M.; Beranek, D.T.; Mcgarrity, L.J.; Chen, J.J.; Beland, F.A., 1986:
Relationships between the dna adducts and the mutations and sister chromatid exchanges produced in chinese hamster ovary cells by n hydroxy 2 aminofluorene n hydroxy n' acetylbenzidine and 1 nitrosopyrene

Appleyard M.; Kirby E.J.M.; Fellowes G., 1982:
Relationships between the duration of phases in the pre anthesis life cycle of spring barley

Agras W.S.; Berkowitz R.I.; Hammer L.C.; Kraemer H.C., 1988:
Relationships between the eating behaviors of parents and their 18 month old children a laboratory study

Cocucci, M., 1978:
Relationships between the effect of oxygen on energy metabolism and rna synthesis in rhodotorula gracilis

Landau, I.T., 1977:
Relationships between the effects of the anti estrogen ci 628 nitromophene citrate on sexual behavior uterine growth and cell nuclear estrogen retention after estradiol 17 beta benzoate administration in the ovariectomized rat

Ohashi T.; Hirakata Y.; Hetsuka K.; Yamauchi K.; Haga S., 1984:
Relationships between the egg production rate or eggshell qualities and the activities of uterus carbonic anhydrase in laying hens

Stodieck, L.S.; Luttges, M.W., 1984:
Relationships between the electrocardiogram and phonocardiogram: potential for improved heart monitoring

Yaglinskii, V.A.; Krivonos, V.A., 1976:
Relationships between the epithelium and the stroma of the small intestinal mucosa in antigenic stimulation

Snow, D.W., 1978:
Relationships between the european and african avi faunas

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