Relationships between development and morphology in winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar talent 1. stages of apex development appearance of leaves and stem growth

Delecolle, R.; Gurnade, J.C.

Annales de l'Amelioration des Plantes (Paris) 30(4): 479-498


Accession: 006302178

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During a 2 yr experiment in Greous (France), leaf appearance, phenological stages of the developing apex and growth of the stem internodes on the main shoot and first-leaf tillers were measured. The rhythms of appearance of leaves, apex stages and beginning of internode growth were plotted against time and the sum of positive daily mean air temperatures from sowing time. Leaf appearance was more closely related to sum of temperatures than to time; phenological stages were related to time or temperature summation, but with successive rhythms neither time nor temperature gave a comprehensive description of internode growth. The rhythms of appearance of leaves and phenological stages were obviously different and there was no precise relation between apex phenology and growth of internodes, mainly because of the differences of internode number between the two. Even if development and growth are actually in close relation, field measurements or the selected climatic scale are not accurate enough to confirm this fact. The temperature summation from sowing time, whatever its physiological meaning, is an accurate scale to describe the evolution of leaf number, and the most meaningful apex stages remain At (true floral initiation), B1 (early shooting), C3 (end of shooting) and D (meiosis).