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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6304

Chapter 6304 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Richards M., 1986: Relationships between the eysenck personality questionnaire strelau temperament inventory and freiburger beschwerdenliste gesamtform

Pelevina I.I., 1983: Relationships between the formation and repair of dna double strand breaks and the death and recovery of cells after treatment with nitrosomethyl urea

Allison J.R., 1982: Relationships between the gallium 67 uptake and nuclear dna feulgen content in thyroid tumors

Stanley K.K., 1988: Relationships between the gene and protein structure in human complement component c9

Malavasi, A.; Da-Cunha, A. B.; Morgante, J. S.; Marques, J., 1976: Relationships between the gregarine schneideria schneiderae and its host trichosia pubescens diptera sciaridae

Yamazaki K., 1987: Relationships between the growth direction of primary roots and shoot growth in rice plants

Kawata S I., 1983: Relationships between the growth direction of primary roots and their anatomical characteristics in rice plants/

Kawata S I., 1983: Relationships between the growth direction of primary roots and their conductive capacities in rice plants/

Leuthold G., 1986: Relationships between the growth performance of potential artificial insemination bulls and their corresponding breeding values of growth and milk production

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303009

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303010

Champion S., 1986: Relationships between the gtp content and the tsh stimulated adenylate cyclase activity of cultured thyroid cells

Hood L.F., 1984: Relationships between the hard to cook phenomenon in red kidney beans and water absorption puncture force pectin phytic acid and minerals

Takada Y., 1979: Relationships between the hemolytic activities of the human complement system and complement components

Jebeleanu L., 1983: Relationships between the hepatitis b surface antigen antibody system and chronic hepatitis

Bell G.I., 1986: Relationships between the human pepsinogen dna and protein polymorphisms

Le Borgne R., 1981: Relationships between the hydrological structure chlorophyll and zoo plankton biomasses in the gulf of guinea

Johnson M., 1983: Relationships between the kinetic alternating line and poggendorff illusions the effects of inter stimulus interval inducing parallels and fixation

Sander G., 1979: Relationships between the late component of the contingent negative variation and the bereitschaftspotential

Lekhova E., 1979: Relationships between the level of nitrogen dressing and manganese content in the leaves and fruit of an apple tree orchard on a leached cinnamonic forest soil

Albert R.E., 1986: Relationships between the levels of binding to dna and the carcinogenic potencies in rat nasal mucosa for three alkylating agents

Konijin T.M., 1985: Relationships between the ligand specificity of cell surface folate binding sites folate degrading enzymes and cellular responses in dictyostelium discoideum

Mazat J P., 1980: Relationships between the magnitude of hill plot slopes apparent binding constants and factorability of binding polynomials and their hessians

Flesselles, J.; Gayet, M., 1977: Relationships between the mean leaf area of threshed leaf and the mean fiber length of cut tobacco made from it

Lapidus L., 1985: Relationships between the menopause and risk factors for ischemic heart disease

Rao S.N., 1982: Relationships between the metabolism of high density and very low density lipo proteins in man studies of apo lipo protein kinetics and adipose tissue lipo protein lipase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303027

Ruyooka D.B.A., 1986: Relationships between the microbial population of nasutitermes exitiosus wood rotting fungi and nasutitermes exitiosus workers

Feller M.C., 1988: Relationships between the moisture content of fine woody fuels in lodgepole pine slash and the fine fuel moisture code of the canadian forest fire weather index system

Perry J.N., 1985: Relationships between the multiplication of chronic bee paralysis virus and its associate particle

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303031

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303032

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303033

Hall W.C., 1984: Relationships between the nigro tectal pathway and the cells of origin of the predorsal bundle

Poroshina Yu A., 1982: Relationships between the number of t cells killer cells and natural killer cells and immuno globulin e level in patients with atopy pollinosis

Garant J., 1986: Relationships between the object focus of therapist interpretations and outcome in short term individual psychotherapy

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303038

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303039

Iwantsch, G. F.; Smilowitz, Z., 1976: Relationships between the parasitoid hyposoter exiguae and trichoplusia ni parasitoid induced histo pathology and cyto pathology

Estabrook G., 1979: Relationships between the partial amino acid sequences of plasto cyanin from members of 10 families of flowering plants

Bisson M., 1984: Relationships between the partitioning of trace metals in sediments and their accumulation in the tissues of the freshwater mollusk elliptio complanata in a mining area

Morris H.L., 1985: Relationships between the perception of nasalization and speech movements in speakers with cleft palate

Davis, E. J.; Lumeng, L., 1975: Relationships between the phosphorylation potentials generated by liver mitochondria and respiratory state under conditions of adp control

Louarn J.M., 1982: Relationships between the physical and genetic maps of a 470000 base pair region around the terminus of escherichia coli k 12 dna replication

Silva J., 1987: Relationships between the physiological characteristics and pathogenicity of nocardia brasiliensis

Nakayama M., 1987: Relationships between the placenta and the number of weeks of pregnancy before delivery and the degree of development of the fetus

Mukai T., 1985: Relationships between the polygenes affecting the rate of development and viability in drosophila melanogaster

Courtens J L., 1982: Relationships between the post nuclear band chromatin and nuclear envelope of ram spermatids a proposal of a partial model to explain the pulling of the manchette

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303050

Kuhn W., 1984: Relationships between the procoagulatory activity and the lung maturity in amniotic fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303052

Nieman R.H., 1985: Relationships between the rate of synthesis of atp and the concentrations of reactants and products of atp hydrolysis in maize zea mays root tips determined by phosphorus 31 nmr

Mcgwin N.F., 1980: Relationships between the release of acid the cortical reaction and the increase of protein synthesis in sea urchin eggs

Duval J C., 1982: Relationships between the responses from vessel contact cells and the nature of xylem stress

Cho, S. Y.; Kang, S. Y.; Ryang, Y. S.; Seo, B. S., 1976: Relationships between the results of repeated anal swab examinations and worm burden of enterobius vermicularis

Nechaeva N.V., 1983: Relationships between the rhythms of protein synthesis and secretion in mono layer culture of hepatocytes

Ball B.V., 1982: Relationships between the rna components of chronic bee paralysis virus and those of chronic bee paralysis virus associate

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303060

Jenkyn, J. F.; Griffiths, E., 1978: Relationships between the severity of leaf blotch rhynchosporium secalis and the water soluble carbohydrate and nitrogen contents of barley plants

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303062

Moraru, S.; Nicolau, G. Y., 1977: Relationships between the small ions in the atmosphere and the circadian and circannual bio rhythm of the rabbit and rat thyroid

Tietjen A.M., 1985: Relationships between the social networks of swedish mothers and their children

Leblanc G., 1984: Relationships between the sodium ion hydrogen ion antiport activity and the components of the electrochemical proton gradient in escherichia coli membrane vesicles

Baldissera, F., 1976: Relationships between the spike components and the delayed de polarization in cat spinal neurons

Debari V.A., 1988: Relationships between the structure and function of lipopolysaccharide chemotypes with regard to their effects on the human polymorphonuclear neutrophil

Cochrane B.J., 1988: Relationships between the structures of chlorinated phenols their toxicity and their ability to induce glutathione s transferase activity in daphnia magna

Potier P., 1984: Relationships between the structures of taxol and baccatine iii derivatives and their in vitro action on the disassembly of mammalian brain and physarum amoebal micro tubules

Hawkins A.J.S., 1985: Relationships between the synthesis and breakdown of protein dietary absorption and turnovers of nitrogen and carbon in the blue mussel mytilus edulis

Kondo N., 1980: Relationships between the tidal zones coastal sands and the marine sediments of kabira bay and their back soils in ishigaki island okinawa prefecture japan

Magina L.G., 1980: Relationships between the tolerance of plants to ionizing radiation and to some other unfavorable environmental factors

Follenius E., 1982: Relationships between the tubular system in the globules of the coronet cells of the saccus vasculosus and the cerebro spinal fluid in gasterosteus aculeatus f leiurus teleostei

Folse E.J.IIi, 1987: Relationships between the type a behavior pattern and phasic heart rate responses during a reaction time task

Mandal B.K., 1984: Relationships between the water quality and the chemical composition of aquatic plants

Dovrtel J., 1986: Relationships between the yields of winter wheat and infection by the pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides fungus

Frey K.J., 1987: Relationships between three measures of genetic distance and breeding behavior in oats avena sativa l

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303080

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303081

Reinecke, P.; Seeland, G., 1988: Relationships between thyroid activity and growth of young bulls 1. exogenous and endogenous effects on triiodothyronine content and etr

Cabello G., 1980: Relationships between thyroid function and pathology of the new born calf

Bonadonna A., 1984: Relationships between thyroid function and very low density lipoprotein remnant accumulation in uremia and dialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303085

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303086

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303087

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303088

Fleischer R.C., 1983: Relationships between tidal oscillations and ruddy turnstone arenaria interpres flocking foraging and vigilance behavior

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303090

Hughes L.G., 1987: Relationships between time temperature daylength and development in spring barley

Bouquet Y., 1982: Relationships between tissue composition of meat rabbit carcasses and that of their principal portions

Young W.J., 1987: Relationships between tissue contaminant concentrations in a small sample of seabirds

Nicholls M.K., 1984: Relationships between tolerance to heavy metals in agrostis capillaris agrostis tenuis

Yamaki Y.T., 1987: Relationships between total free and combined acids of juice in four citrus species

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303096

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303097

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303098

Davis C., 1988: Relationships between trait measures in groups chosen for their extreme scores on the eysenck personality inventory

Solntseva, O. N., 1977: Relationships between transpiration of herbaceous cover and internal environmental characteristics of coniferous plantations in the moscow district ussr

Chittenden M.E.Jr, 1985: Relationships between trawl catch and tow duration for penaeid shrimp

Burkhart H.E., 1987: Relationships between tree crown stem and stand characteristics in unthinned loblolly pine plantations

Heikkinen O., 1985: Relationships between tree growth and climate in the subalpine cascade range of washington usa

Gotman J., 1984: Relationships between triggered seizures spontaneous seizures and inter ictal spiking in the kindling model of epilepsy

Morel L., 1986: Relationships between trophallaxis antennal lesions and seasonal factors in camponotus vagus ants

Bakken G., 1981: Relationships between udder and teat morphology mastitis and milk production in norwegian red cattle

Boor M., 1980: Relationships between unemployment rates and suicide rates in 8 countries 1962 1976

Pellet, J.; Harlay, F., 1977: Relationships between unit activity of the vermis and the phasic waves of the electro cerebellogram during sleep in the chronic cat

Choi J., 1987: Relationships between urease activities and physico chemical properties of different paddy soils

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303111

Escandon V., 1987: Relationships between urine energy nitrogen and dry matter comparative study in lambs and rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303114

Allen E.B., 1987: Relationships between va mycorrhizal fungi and plant cover following surface mining in wyoming usa

Bosco L., 1980: Relationships between vasculogenesis and morphogenesis in the chick embryo spinal ganglia

Murthy, M. S., 1978: Relationships between vegetation and climate in the upper catchment area of the narmada river central india

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303118

Choudhury B.J., 1987: Relationships between vegetation indices radiation absorption and net photosynthesis evaluated by a sensitivity analysis

Case R.M., 1984: Relationships between vegetation soils and pocket gophers geomys bursarius in the nebraska usa sand hills

Recalde L., 1985: Relationships between vegetative growth grain yield and grain protein content in 6 winter barley cultivars

Hu, V. J. H., 1978: Relationships between vertical migration and diet in 4 species of euphausiids

Platt T., 1984: Relationships between vertical mixing and photo adaptation of phyto plankton similarity criteria

Malcuit G., 1982: Relationships between vestibular kinesthetic stimulations provided by mother and infant exploratory behavior

Kume K., 1983: Relationships between virulence and morphological or serological properties of variants dissociated from serotype 1 haemophilus paragallinarum strains

Pinnick R.G., 1980: Relationships between visible extinction absorption and mass concentration of carbonaceous smokes

Broz J., 1984: Relationships between vitamin a and vitamin e in the chick

Gould W.J., 1983: Relationships between vocal intensity and noninvasively obtained aerodynamic parameters in normal subjects

Ishiguri T., 1979: Relationships between voluntary intake of orchard grass and their chemical composition digestibility and digestible nutrient

Richardson R.H., 1981: Relationships between water balance properties and habitat characteristics in sibling drosophilids drosophila mimica and drosophila kambysellisi of hawaii usa

Thomas, E. A.; Schanz, F., 1976: Relationships between water chemistry and primary products in streams a limnologic problem

Kay R., 1980: Relationships between water chemistry and respiration rate in several populations of lymnaea peregra gastropoda mollusca

Jaillard B., 1982: Relationships between water flow and soil morphological features in a cambisol

Rybakova N.A., 1985: Relationships between water permeability and some soil physical properties in stands of varying species composition

Pena J., 1986: Relationships between water stress and ultrasound emission in apple malus domestica

Gelfi N., 1981: Relationships between water supply leaf area development and survival and production in sunflower helianthus annuus

Sano T., 1987: Relationships between water temperature fish size infective dose and ichthyophonus infection of rainbow trout

Albrigo L.G., 1980: Relationships between water translocation and zinc accumulation in citrus citrus sinensis trees with and without blight

Kadlec J.A., 1986: Relationships between waterfowl and macroinvertebrate densities in a northern prairie marsh

Nybakken J.W., 1980: Relationships between wave disturbance and zonation of benthic invertebrate communities along a sub tidal high energy beach in monterey bay california usa

Wagner, E. E.; Mccormick, M. K., 1982: Relationships between wechsler adult intelligence scale verbal vs. performance decrements and bender gestalt errors

Sin F.Y.T., 1984: Relationships between weight changes protein content and protein synthesis in the left colleterial gland during the reproductive cycle of the cockroach periplaneta americana

Langenberg W.G., 1985: Relationships between wheat streak mosaic virus and soilborne wheat mosaic virus infection disease resistance and early growth of winter wheat triticum aestivum

Phillips P., 1987: Relationships between whole body chemical composition physically dissected carcass parts and backfat measurements in pigs

Hight, M. E.; Nadler, C. F., 1976: Relationships between wild sheep and goats and the aoudad caprini studied by immuno diffusion

Karr J.R., 1984: Relationships between woody debris and fish habitat in a small warmwater stream

Gable M., 1987: Relationships between work commitments and experience of personal well being

Bruinsma J., 1981: Relationships between xanthoxin photo tropism and elongation growth in the sunflower seedling helianthus annuus cultivar giganteus

Martins, U. R., 1978: Relationships between xystrocera and callichromatini with remarks on australian and oriental species coleoptera cerambycidae

D'auzac J., 1984: Relationships between yield and clonal physiological characteristics of latex from hevea brasiliensis

Watkins C.E.II, 1984: Relationships between zoo plankton abundance and chlorophyll a concentrations in florida usa lakes

Jolly V.H., 1985: Relationships between zooplankton abundance and trophic state in 7 new zealand lakes

Mazel, R., 1977: Relationships between zygaena transalpina and zygaena hippocrepidis in france zoo geographic taxonomic and genetic data lepidoptera zygaenidae

Gabrielli M.A., 1985: Relationships concerning respiratory devices in crabs from different habitats

Kroger J., 1985: Relationships during adolescence a cross national comparison of new zealand and usa teenagers

Catherall, P. L.; Chamberlain, J. A., 1977: Relationships host ranges and symptoms of some isolates of phleum mottle virus

Hanby, J. P., 1980: Relationships in 6 groups of rhesus monkeys 2. dyads

Kondo, K.; Watanabe, A.; Imaseki, H., 1975: Relationships in actions of iaa benzyl adenine and abscisic acid in ethylene production

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303164

Lowry O.H., 1982: Relationships in different parts of the nephron between enzymes of glycerol metabolism and the metabolite changes which result from large glycerol loads

Nazarov, P. G.; Volgarev, A. P.; Ermakov, S. A., 1978: Relationships in experiments in vitro between leukocyte migration activity and rna and dna synthesis

Wode Helgodt B., 1980: Relationships in healthy volunteers between concentrations of mono amine metabolites in cerebro spinal fluid and family history of psychiatric morbidity

Wode Helgodt B., 1982: Relationships in healthy volunteers between secretion of mono amine metabolites in urine and family history of psychiatric morbidity

Von Bothmer R., 1986: Relationships in taeniatherum poaceae

Jorgensen R.B., 1986: Relationships in the barley genus hordeum an electrophoretic examination of proteins

Seichert, V., 1976: Relationships in the developing body wall and limb bud blastemas of the chick embryo

Cumming, I. A., 1977: Relationships in the sheep of ovulation rate with live weight breed season and plane of nutrition

Ladiges, P. Y.; Humphries, C. J., 1986: Relationships in the stringybarks eucalyptus l'herit informal subgenus monocalyptus series capitellatae and olsenianae phylogenetic hypotheses biogeography and classification

Penrith M L., 1986: Relationships in the tribe adesmiini coleoptera tenebrionidae and a revision of the genus stenodesia reitter

Tumanyan S.A., 1979: Relationships in time of bio electric activity of the occipital areas of the brain during changes of the functional state of the visual analyzer

Altshuller A.P., 1985: Relationships involving fine particle mass fine particle sulfur and ozone during episodic periods at sites in and around st louis missouri usa

Altshuller A.P., 1982: Relationships involving particle mass and sulfur content at sites in and around st louis missouri usa

Morin, R. J.; Chen, A. F. T., 1978: Relationships of adenine nucleotide metabolism to platelet collagen adhesion

Lee J.A.H., 1987: Relationships of age period and birth cohort for stomach cancer mortality in japan

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303182

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303183

Sussman N., 1983: Relationships of air pollution to health results from the pittsburgh pennsylvania usa study

Coons M.P., 1982: Relationships of amaranthus caudatus

Van Zyll De Jong C.G., 1982: Relationships of amphiberingian shrews of the sorex cinereus group

Asano K., 1983: Relationships of anaerobic threshold and onset of blood lactate accumulation with endurance performance

Lusby W., 1981: Relationships of apple malus domestica sensory attributes to headspace volatiles soluble solids and titratable acids

Stretton, R. J.; Lee, J. D.; Dart, R. K., 1976: Relationships of aspergillus spp based on their long chain fatty acids

Ottani, V.; Puddu, P.; Zanetti, P.; Marchetti, M., 1970: Relationships of atp to fatty liver effects of adenine analogue 4 aminopyrazolo pyrimidine on lipid metabolism in rat liver

Sapozhnikov A.M., 1979: Relationships of bees to electric fields

Blumberg W.E., 1982: Relationships of bilirubin binding parameters

Nakos G., 1984: Relationships of bio climatic zones and lithology with various characteristics of forest soils in greece

Awad H., 1982: Relationships of biogenic and exogenic hydro carbons in fishes subjected to conditions of chronic contamination

Leymaster K.A., 1985: Relationships of birth weight and pre nursing concentrations of serum albumin to survival and growth rate in swine

Kalish L.A., 1984: Relationships of body size with breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6304 , Accession 006303198

Hanowski J.M., 1984: Relationships of breeding birds to habitat characteristics in logged areas

Speta, F., 1987: Relationships of brimeura salisb. a comparison with the genera oncostema rafin. hyacinthoides medic. and camassia lindl. hyacinthaceae

Calisher C.H., 1979: Relationships of bunyamwera group viruses by neutralization

Otema C., 1981: Relationships of capri poxviruses found in kenya with 2 middle eastern strains and some orthopoxviruses

Manicatide M.A., 1979: Relationships of carbon di oxide retention to ventilatory impairment and hypoxemia in chronic obstructive lung disease

Tenckhoff L., 1986: Relationships of cardiac and somatic growth in infancy and childhood

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303205

Kamimura, S.; Sato, K.; Ono, H.; Miyake, M., 1977: Relationships of cervical mucus ovarian findings and serum reproductive steroids in dairy cows involving fertile and infertile insemination

Vickers Z.M., 1982: Relationships of chewing sounds to judgments of crispness crunchiness and hardness

Rybchinskaya L.M., 1986: Relationships of cholinergic and antigen binding receptors of human lymphocytes studied in the test of direct binding with tritiated quinuclidinylbenzilate

Nicolella G., 1984: Relationships of climatic variables and cacao theobroma cacao production of the unit farm of the cacao research center bahia brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303210

Emilson-Cardoso, J.; Hildebrandt, A. C.; Grau, C. R., 1978: Relationships of concentration and age of inoculum of rhizoctonia solani on pathogenicity to germinating soybean seeds

Thompson A.C., 1984: Relationships of cotton phenology leaf soluble protein extrafloral nectar carbohydrate and fatty acid concentrations with populations of 5 predator species

Ellis L., 1987: Relationships of criminality and psychopathy with eight other apparent behavioral manifestations of sub optimal arousal

Inagaki K., 1979: Relationships of curiosity to perceptual and verbal fluency in young children

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303215

Ashmawy A.A., 1988: Relationships of days open and days dry with milk production in friesian cattle in egypt

Allen T.C., 1984: Relationships of defined potato virus x infection levels to verticillium wilt yield and quality of the cultivar russet burbank potato solanum tuberosum

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303218

Caccamise D.F., 1987: Relationships of diet and roosting behavior in the european starling

Ishizuka J., 1984: Relationships of dinitrogen fixation acetylene reduction with respiration atp and magnesium in soybean glycine max cultivar akisengoku nodules

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303221

Glueck C.J., 1981: Relationships of education and occupation to coronary heart disease risk factors in school children and adults the princeton school district suburban cincinnati ohio usa study

Ahmad, M. M.; Froning, G. W.; Mather, F. B.; Bashford, L. L., 1976: Relationships of egg specific gravity and shell thickness to quasi static compression tests

Schaalje G.B., 1983: Relationships of electrical conductivity with total dissolved salts and cation concentration of sulfate dominant soil extracts

Zobel, D. B.; Mckee, A.; Hawk, G. M.; Dyrness, C. T., 1976: Relationships of environment to composition structure and diversity of forest communities of the central western cascades of oregon usa

Hensler G.L., 1983: Relationships of environmental contaminants to reproductive success in red breasted mergansers mergus serrator from lake michigan usa

Fisher, W. S., 1976: Relationships of epibiotic fouling and mortalities of eggs of the dungeness crab cancer magister

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303228

Tomana T., 1983: Relationships of ethanol production by seeds of different types of japanese persimmons diospyros kaki and their tannin content

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303230

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303231

Oglesby, R. T., 1977: Relationships of fish yield to lake phyto plankton standing crop production and morpho edaphic factors

Pehrsson O., 1984: Relationships of food to spatial and temporal breeding strategies of mallards anas platyrhynchos in sweden

Mullin B.C., 1985: Relationships of frankia isolates based on dna homology studies

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303235

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303236

Williams, N. D.; Kaveh, H., 1976: Relationships of genes for reaction to stem rust from marquis and reliance wheat to other sr genes

Tung, J. S.; O'donnell, P. V.; Fleissner, E.; Boyse, E. A., 1978: Relationships of gp 70 of mouse leukemia virus envelopes to gp 70 components of mouse lymphocyte plasma membranes

Meyers S.M., 1987: Relationships of habitat structure to nest success of ring necked pheasants

Murray N., 1985: Relationships of hearing threshold levels most comfortable listening levels loudness discomfort levels and psychoacoustic tuning curves to the optimal frequency response characteristics of hearing aids

Buno, W. Jr ; Velluti, J. C., 1977: Relationships of hippocampal theta cycles with bar pressing during self stimulation

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303243

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303244

Heading R.C., 1984: Relationships of human antroduodenal motility and transpyloric fluid movement non invasive observations with real time ultrasound

Campbell C.H., 1979: Relationships of influenza a viruses with avian subtype 1 hem agglutinin including the fowl plague viruses

Barker, K. R.; Shoemaker, P. B.; Nelson, L. A., 1976: Relationships of initial population densities of meloidogyne incognita and meloidogyne hapla to yield of tomato

Michell, D. J., 1978: Relationships of inoculum levels of several soil borne species of phytophthora and pythium to infection of several hosts

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303250

Boyer P.D., 1984: Relationships of itp and bicarbonate effects on f 1 atpase to the binding change mechanism

Datta, P. C.; Maiti, R. K., 1970: Relationships of justicieae d acanthaceae d based on cytology

Kozlowski T.T., 1979: Relationships of leaf diffusion resistance of populus clones to leaf water potential and environment

Yelenosky G., 1982: Relationships of leaf fatty acids to cold hardening of citrus spp seedlings

Morash M., 1982: Relationships of legal reasoning to social class closeness to parents and exposure to a high level of reasoning among adolescents varying in seriousness of delinquency

Norman H.D., 1988: Relationships of lifetime profit to sire evaluations from first all and later records

Simmons K.S., 1987: Relationships of lomatium among other genera of apiaceae

Forey P.L., 1986: Relationships of lungfishes

Katz D.F., 1981: Relationships of mammalian sperm motility and morphology to hydrodynamic aspects of cell function

Kaplansky H.K.A., 1983: Relationships of marathon running to physiological anthropometric and training indices

Krishnamurti C.R., 1984: Relationships of maternal fetal plasma steroid and amniotic fluid electrolyte levels to uterine myoelectrical activity during late gestation in sheep

Lynch, C. B.; Possidente, B. P-Jr, 1978: Relationships of maternal nesting to thermo regulatory nesting in house mice mus musculus at warm and cold temperatures

Mitsuda H., 1986: Relationships of membrane phospholipids to freezing resistance of cultured green lavandula vera cells

Lehmiller, D. J.; Kanto, W. P. Jr, 1978: Relationships of mesenteric thrombo embolism oral feeding and necrotizing entero colitis

Tattersall I., 1982: Relationships of microadapis sciureus and 2 new primate genera from the eocene of switzerland

Guy V., 1980: Relationships of microbial quality of retail meat samples and sanitary conditions

Reynolds, W. L.; Derouen, T. M.; Bellows, R. A., 1978: Relationships of milk yield of dam to early growth rate of straight bred and cross bred calves

Huey L., 1984: Relationships of mood and interpersonal perceptions

Carter, D.; Marsh, B. R.; Baker, R. R.; Erozan, Y. S.; Frost, J. K., 1976: Relationships of morphology to clinical presentation in 10 cases of early squamous cell carcinoma of the lung

Hulley P.E., 1979: Relationships of musca domestica ssp calleva and musca domestica ssp curviforceps diptera muscidae in rhodesia

Heath E., 1979: Relationships of musculus rhomboideus ligamentum nuchae and vertebrae thoracis and lumbales in bos indicus

Viner, A. B., 1977: Relationships of nitrogen and phosphorus to a tropical phyto plankton population

Mattson F.H., 1982: Relationships of nutrient intake to lipids and lipo proteins in 1234 white children the lipid research clinics prevalence study

Lind L.R., 1984: Relationships of objective measurements to sensory components of canned applesauce and apple slices

Mednick A.S., 1986: Relationships of ocular pigmentation to the boundaries of dorsal and ventral retina in a nonmammalian vertebrate

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303280

Parent L.R., 1981: Relationships of oryzias and the groups of atherinomorph fishes

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303282

Lindsay, J. A.; Moran, R. L., 1976: Relationships of parasitic isopods lironeca ovalis and olencira praeguatator to marine fish hosts in delaware bay usa

Peirce L.C., 1983: Relationships of parental combining ability and test cross segregation to breeding productivity in tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Parkhurst A., 1988: Relationships of pelvic structure body measurements pelvic area and calving difficulty

Churton M.W., 1983: Relationships of perceptual motor development to hyper kinesis educational placement drug utilization socio economic status and age

Britton, C. M.; Dodd, J. D., 1976: Relationships of photosynthetically active radiation and shortwave irradiance

Gazey G.M., 1987: Relationships of physical and chemical conditions to species diversity and density of gastropods in english lakes

Munawar, M.; Burns, N. M., 1976: Relationships of phyto plankton biomass with soluble nutrients primary production and chlorophyll a in lake erie canada usa 1970

Schloesser D.W., 1988: Relationships of phytomacrofauna to surface area in naturally occurring macrophyte stands

Gotsis Skretas O., 1987: Relationships of phytoplankton with certain environmental factors in the south euboikos gulf greece

Akoroda M.O., 1986: Relationships of plantable okra abelmoschus esculentus seed and edible fruit production

Knight W.E., 1983: Relationships of planting density and competition to growth characteristics and internal crown breakdown in arrowleaf clover trifolium vesiculosum

Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303294

Patton J.L., 1980: Relationships of pocket gopher thomomys bottae populations of the lower colorado river usa

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Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303549

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Section 7, Chapter 6304, Accession 006303999

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