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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6305

Chapter 6305 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sirois J.C., 1982: Relative efficacy of different alfalfa cultivar rhizobium meliloti strain combinations for symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Lal R., 1985: Relative efficacy of different dosage and number of sprays of bavistin for the control of frog eye spot disease on burley tobacco

Veluswamy P., 1986: Relative efficacy of different dust formulations at two dosages against the bollworms in rainfed cambodia cotton

Schopler J., 1985: Relative efficacy of different encoding structures and judgment topics in a cued recall task

Bains B.S., 1987: Relative efficacy of different herbicides for the control of weeds in sugar beet

Bryan E.R., 1981: Relative efficacy of embryonated eggs and cell culture for isolation of contemporary influenza viruses

Sircar P., 1984: Relative efficacy of emulsifiers and solvents in designing the toxicity of endosulfan emulsion to spodoptera litura fab

Kawar N.S., 1984: Relative efficacy of ethiofencarb g in different conditions of bean aphid aphis fabae infestation on broad bean

Kawar N.S., 1985: Relative efficacy of ethiofencarb g in different conditions of bean aphid aphis fabae infestation on broad bean vicia faba

Jain H.K., 1984: Relative efficacy of fenvalerate quinalphos and neem azadirachta indica kernel extracts for the control of pod fly melanagromyza obtusa and pod borer heliothis armigera infesting red gram cajanus cajan together with their residues

Agarwal S.C., 1985: Relative efficacy of fungicides in the control of seedling blight and rust of lentil lens culinaris

Misra U.S., 1985: Relative efficacy of granular insecticides for the control of amrasca biguttula biguttula on okra abelmoschus esculentus

Steinman R.M., 1983: Relative efficacy of human monocytes and dendritic cells as accessory cells for t cell replication

Larsen S.A., 1983: Relative efficacy of imaginal and in vivo de sensitization in the treatment of agoraphobia

Verma A.N., 1979: Relative efficacy of insecticides as contact poisons to the adults of melon fruit fly dacus cucurbitae

Alexander J.A., 1983: Relative efficacy of left ventricular venting and venous drainage techniques commonly used during coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304017

Prakash I., 1984: Relative efficacy of male and female conspecific urine in masking shyness behavior in indian gerbil tatera indica

Dahiya B.S., 1984: Relative efficacy of mass selection for seed size pedigree selection and selection on yield per se in green gram vigna radiata

Vaughan M.K., 1984: Relative efficacy of melatonin and 5 methoxytryptamine in terms of their antigonadotropic and counterantigonadotropic actions in male syrian hamsters

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304021

Awate, B. G.; Naik, L. M.; Raut, U. M., 1977: Relative efficacy of modern insecticides against wheat jassids typhlocyba maculifrons jassidae homoptera

Nawale R.N., 1986: Relative efficacy of modern synthetic pesticides for the control of mites hemitarsonemus latus on chilli capsicum annuum

Joshi, B. G.; Ramaprasad, G.; Satyanarayana, S. V. V., 1978: Relative efficacy of neem kernel fentin acetate and fentin hydroxide as anti feedants against tobacco caterpillar spodoptera litura in the nursery

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304025

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304026

Biswas, P. P.; Ghosh, G., 1987: Relative efficacy of phosphatic fertilizers of varying water soluble phosphorus in summer moong vigna radiata l. wilczek in relation to soil moisture regime

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304028

Leblanc M.H., 1984: Relative efficacy of radiant and convective heat in incubators in producing thermo neutrality for the premature

Ercubanas E., 1980: Relative efficacy of radiographic and radio nuclide bone surveys in the detection of the skeletal lesions of histiocytosis

Zettner, A.; Duly, P. E., 1975: Relative efficacy of separation of free and bound 3 5 tritiated pteroyl glutamate by charcoal coated with various materials

Bhadauria, S. S.; Verma, S. S., 1977: Relative efficacy of soil and foliar application of urea and the economic optima for the production of wheat

Mohandas N., 1982: Relative efficacy of some anti feedants and deterrents against insect pests of stored paddy

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304034

Yein B.R., 1984: Relative efficacy of some insecticides against red ant dorylus orientalis westwood on potato

Bhattacharyya N.K., 1983: Relative efficacy of some media in short term preservation of goat embryo at room temperature

Katyal J.C., 1987: Relative efficacy of some new urea based nitrogen fertilizers for growing wetland rice on a permeable alluvial soil

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304038

Kushwaha K.S., 1984: Relative efficacy of some pesticides on ber mite larvacarus transitans acari tenuipalpidae

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304040

Tripathi S.N., 1987: Relative efficacy of suckericides on yield and quality of motihari tobacco nicotiana rustica l

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304042

Aust G., 1982: Relative efficacy of the proposed space shuttle anti motion sickness medications

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304044

Rimm D.C., 1981: Relative efficacy of thought stopping and covert assertion

Camm A.J., 1988: Relative efficacy of various physical maneuvers in the termination of junctional tachycardia

Ramirez G., 1988: Relative efficacy of vasodilator therapy in chronic congestive heart failure implications of randomized trials

Rao C.K., 1984: Relative efficacy of wuchereria bancrofti microfilarial and infective larval antigens in the detection of filarial antibodies

Latarjet R., 1983: Relative efficiencies of 3 uv wavelengths for cell killing and transformation in mouse cells in vitro

Lecointe, P.; Macquet, J. P.; Butour, J. L.; Paoletti, C., 1977: Relative efficiencies of a series of square planar platinum ii compounds on salmonella mutagenesis

Bouin, J. C.; Atallah, M. T.; Hultin, H. O., 1976: Relative efficiencies of a soluble and immobilized 2 enzyme system of glucose oxidase ec and catalase ec

Doi K., 1980: Relative efficiencies of energy to photographic density conversions in typical screen film systems

Kannenberg L.W., 1979: Relative efficiencies of population improvement methods in corn a simulation study

Sharafeldin M.A., 1979: Relative efficiencies of selection indexes computed from farm records of sheep

Kaiser H.M., 1988: Relative efficiencies of size and implications for land redistribution programs in the dominican republic

Nei M., 1988: Relative efficiencies of the maximum parsimony and distance matrix methods in obtaining the correct phylogenetic tree

Peng C T., 1987: Relative efficiencies of tritium atoms and ionic species in peptide labeling

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304058

Hornblower, M.; Meryman, H. T., 1977: Relative efficiency and interchangeability of huggins and american red cross red cell freezing procedures

Braganza J., 1981: Relative efficiency and predictive value of ultrasonography and endoscopic retrograde pancreatography in diagnosis of pancreatic disease

Willan A.R., 1983: Relative efficiency in survival analysis

Walsh S.J., 1984: Relative efficiency of 2 bottom trawls in catching juvenile and commercial sized flatfishes in the gulf of st lawrence canada

Friend G.R., 1984: Relative efficiency of 2 pitfall drift fence systems for sampling small vertebrates

Fox, B. J.; Posamentier, H. G., 1976: Relative efficiency of 2 types of small mammal trap in eastern australia

Van Den Avyle M.J., 1988: Relative efficiency of a pump for sampling larval gizzard and threadfin shad

Lagerkvist U., 1979: Relative efficiency of anti codons in reading the valine codons during protein synthesis in vitro

Kresge P.O., 1983: Relative efficiency of applied nitrogen and soil nitrate for winter wheat triticum aestivum production

Sharma H.C., 1980: Relative efficiency of calcium ammonium nitrate di methyl urea urea and urea mixed with neem cake for potato solanum tuberosum

Abul-Nasr, S.; El-Sherif, S. I.; Naguib, M. A., 1974: Relative efficiency of certain sampling methods for the assessment of the larval population of the cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis in cotton field lepidoptera noctuidae

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304070

Goswami N.N., 1979: Relative efficiency of complex fertilizer plant prod and super phosphate with respect to phosphorus utilization by maize

Muraleedharan, K.; Kumar, S. P.; Hegde, K. S.; Alwar, V. S., 1975: Relative efficiency of copper sulfate sodium penta chloro phenate and bayluscide against fresh water snail indoplanorbis exustus

Singh S., 1986: Relative efficiency of diallel partial diallel and triple testcross designs for studying genetic architecture of some traits in wheat

Malik, D. M.; Sarwar, M., 1976: Relative efficiency of different extractants for determination of available phosphorus in the punjab pakistan soils

Naphade J.D., 1982: Relative efficiency of different sources of phosphatic fertilizers for groundnut and succeeding crops in saurashtra india soils

Singh V., 1986: Relative efficiency of fertilizer nitrogen and bio fertilizers in rice under irrigated condition

Elisa, N. A.; Barakat, F. M., 1978: Relative efficiency of fungicides in the control of damping off and stemphylium leaf spot of broad bean vicia faba

Patro, G. K.; Sahoo, B. C., 1972: Relative efficiency of herbicides on control of weeds in upland rice

Campbell L.E., 1979: Relative efficiency of high pressure and low pressure sodium and incandescent filament lamps used to supplement natural winter light in greenhouses

Bjercke, S.; Braathen, L.; Gaudernack, G.; Thorsby, E., 1985: Relative efficiency of human langerhans' cells and blood derived dendritic cells as antigen presenting cells

Joshi, O. P.; Prasad, R.; Subbiah, B. V., 1977: Relative efficiency of legumes in utilizing soil and fertilizer phosphorus

Saunders D.S., 1986: Relative efficiency of manitoba traps and adhesive panels for the capture of the common cleg haematopota pluvialis diptera tabanidae

Kleeman, D. O.; Dolling, C. H. S., 1978: Relative efficiency of merino and border leicester x merino ewes

Collins J.J., 1979: Relative efficiency of multi filament and mono filament nylon gill net towards lake whitefish coregonus clupeaformis in lake huron canada

Dravid, M. S.; Goswami, N. N., 1988: Relative efficiency of mustard brassica juncea l. and sunflower helianthus annuus l. in utilizing soil phosphorus in presence of phosphorus zinc and fym under normal and saline soil conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304090

Prasad R., 1982: Relative efficiency of nitrogen carriers and methods for increasing their efficiency in lowland rice

Singh K., 1984: Relative efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers as influenced by n serve in the potato crop

Singh S., 1979: Relative efficiency of north carolina designs i and ii and standard design iii in 3 wheat crosses

Grigg, J. L., 1980: Relative efficiency of phosphatic fertilizers in pasture top dressing 1. introduction and design of experiments

Grigg, J. L.; Crouchley, G., 1980: Relative efficiency of phosphatic fertilizers in pasture top dressing 2. on a kokotau silt loam

Grigg, J. L.; Crouchley, G.; Pownall, D. B., 1982: Relative efficiency of phosphatic fertilizers in pasture top dressing 3. effects on a rosedale silt loam

Grigg, J. L.; Thompson, A., 1982: Relative efficiency of phosphatic fertilizers in pasture top dressing 4. effects on a takapau silt loam

Barber C.J., 1983: Relative efficiency of plant sampling and soil sampling in detecting the presence of low potato cyst nematode globodera pallida infestations

Chandrasekhara G., 1984: Relative efficiency of prilled urea and urea supergranules in java citronella cymbopogon winterianus

Prasad R., 1987: Relative efficiency of prilled urea urea super granules sulfur coated urea and nitrification inhibitor n serve blended urea for direct seeded rice

Prasad R., 1986: Relative efficiency of prilled urea urea supergranules and urea coated with neem cake or dicyandiamide for direct seeded rice

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304102

Maloth, S.; Prasad, R., 1976: Relative efficiency of rock phosphate and super phosphate for cowpea vigna sinensis fodder

Singh A., 1980: Relative efficiency of rock phosphate and super phosphate for forage legumes and residual effects on succeeding wheat

Naphade K.T., 1982: Relative efficiency of soil and foliar application of nitrogen and phosphate on wheat variety kalyan sona

Owaga M.L.A., 1981: Relative efficiency of some mechanical traps used in the study of the tsetse species glossina pallidipes

Adler N.T., 1979: Relative efficiency of sperm transport and number of sperm ejaculated in the female rat

Abou-El-Fittouh, H. A., 1977: Relative efficiency of the latin square design

Abou-El-Fittouh, H. A., 1978: Relative efficiency of the split plot design

Verma A.K., 1985: Relative efficiency of two mating systems and selection procedures for yield improvement in wheat triticum aestivum

Binns M.R., 1986: Relative efficiency of two randomized block designs having different plot sizes and numbers of replications and of plots per block

Islam M.S., 1980: Relative efficiency of urea and urea derivatives as sources of nitrogen for rice oryza sativa

Singh S., 1985: Relative efficiency of urea and urea supergranules for irrigated wheat

Vithal Rao T.M., 1984: Relative efficiency of utilization of soil and fertilizer phosphorus by crops in red chalka soil

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304117

Fraass B.A., 1987: Relative electron beam measurements scaling depths in clear polystyrene to equivalent depths in water

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304119

Berg, A. R.; Macdonald, I. R.; Hart, J. W.; Gordon, D. C., 1986: Relative elemental elongation rates in the etiolated hypocotyl of sunflower helianthus annuus l. a comparison of straight growth and gravitropic growth

Rutman R.J., 1980: Relative enhancement by various liposomes of 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea effectiveness against l 1210 leukemia in vivo

Gunstone, F. D.; Wijesundera, R. C.; Love, R. M.; Ross, D., 1976: Relative enrichment of furan containing fatty acids in the liver of starving cod

Pearlstein R.M., 1984: Relative enrichment of p 870 in photosynthetic reaction centers treated with sodium borohydride

Klipstein, F. A.; Engert, R. F.; Short, H. B., 1977: Relative entero toxigenicity of coliform bacteria

White J.M., 1982: Relative enthalpies of 1 3 di methyl 2 4 pyrimidinedione 2 4 di methoxy pyrimidine and 4 methoxy 1 methyl 2 pyrimidinone estimation of the relative stabilities of 2 protomers of uracil

Singer M.J., 1983: Relative erodibility of 20 california usa range and forest soils

Thompson W.L., 1982: Relative error and variability in blood flow measurements with radio labeled microspheres

Chandra S., 1979: Relative estimates of combining ability variances under normal and sodic soil conditions in pearl millet pennisetum typhoides crosses

Belaud, A.; Sebert, P.; Soulier, P.; Peyraud, C., 1977: Relative estimation of ventilatory flow rate in the eel anguilla anguilla

Loftus R., 1983: Relative excitability of antennal olfactory receptors in the stick insect carausius morosus in search of a simple concentration independent odor coding parameter

Alho C.J.R., 1979: Relative exclusiveness of use of space as a measure of spatial distribution of mammal populations

Cinader B., 1981: Relative expression of light chain allotypic specificities on the surface of rabbit lymphocytes as a function of age

Lijinsky W., 1979: Relative extents of hydrogen deuterium exchange of nitrosamines relevance to biological isotope effect studies

Burne R.V., 1982: Relative fall of holocene sea level and coastal progradation northeastern spencer gulf south australia

Matsuda S., 1980: Relative fall of sea level within the past 3000 years

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304136

Samsioe G., 1982: Relative fatty acid composition of serum lecithin in the 2nd half of the normal pregnancy

Samsioe G., 1983: Relative fatty acid composition of serum lecithin in the normal puerperium

Vehrencamp, S. L., 1977: Relative fecundity and parenteral effort in communally nesting anis crotophaga sulcirostris

Oohara H., 1979: Relative feeding value of hayflake and hay prepared from the same herbage

Ogura N., 1982: Relative feeding values of corn silages and timothy ladino clover silages of different growth stages for lactating cows

Corruccini, R. S.; Mchenry, H. M., 1978: Relative femoral head size in early hominids

Akesson H.O., 1988: Relative fertility and mutation rate in neurofibromatosis

Cade W.H., 1987: Relative fertility in hybridization experiments using three song types of the field crickets gryllus integer and gryllus rubens

Cadogan B.L., 1986: Relative field efficacies of sumithion 20 percent flowable and sumithion technical formulations against spruce budworm choristoneura fumiferana lepidoptera tortricidae

Holmgren, R. M.; Wagner, W. W.; Lloyd, R. D.; Pendleton, R. C., 1977: Relative filter efficiencies for sampling radon daughters in air

Foucher R.P., 1985: Relative fishing power for canadian trawlers landing pacific cod gadus macrocephalus and important shelf cohabitants from major offshore areas of western canada 1969 1981

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304148

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304149

Muggleton J., 1983: Relative fitness of malathion resistant phenotypes of oryzaephilus surinamensis coleoptera silvanidae

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304151

Schoen D.J., 1983: Relative fitnesses of selfed and outcrossed progeny in gilia achilleifolia polemoniaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304153

Clausen G., 1986: Relative flow of blood cells platelets and microspheres in outer and inner renal cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304155

Mukharji S.P., 1979: Relative food preference of diacrisia obliqua arctiidae lepidoptera

Manoharan T., 1982: Relative food preference of euproctis fraterna lepidoptera lymantriidae

Andersen R.L., 1979: Relative freezing injury to peach prunus persica cultivars velvet redhaven and siberian c following controlled freezer tests at selected dates during 2 winters

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304159

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304160

Lee, Y. T. N., 1978: Relative frequency and survival results of cancer seen at a county hospital

Hoffmann K P., 1979: Relative frequency and visual resolution of x cells and y cells in the lateral geniculate nucleus of normal and mon ocularly deprived cats inter laminar differences

Bond, W. W.; Favero, M. S.; Petersen, N. J.; Marshall, J. H., 1971: Relative frequency distribution of decimal reduction time at 125 celsius values for spore isolates from the mariner mars 1969 spacecraft

Blackman, A. R., 1980: Relative frequency effect on choice reaction time

Bertoncello G., 1986: Relative frequency of acentrics to dicentrics caused by radiation and by chemical action on human lymphocytes

Genta V.M., 1981: Relative frequency of clostridium difficile in patients with diarrheal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304167

Lyon S.T., 1986: Relative frequency of inferior vestibular schwannoma

Ghai G.L., 1979: Relative frequency of mammary colonic rectal and pancreatic cancer in a large autopsy series statistical associations between mortality rates from these cancers dietary fat intake as a common etiological variable

Jena D.C., 1985: Relative frequency of oral cancer in southern orissa india

Lattal, K. A., 1970: Relative frequency of reinforcement and rate of punished behavior

Madubunyi, L. C., 1978: Relative frequency of reproductive abnormalities in a natural population of glossina morsitans morsitans diptera glossinidae in zambia

Flores J., 1984: Relative frequency of rotavirus subgroups 1 and 2 in venezuelan children with gastro enteritis as assayed with mono clonal antibodies

Galle L., 1987: Relative frequency of species coalitions in ecological communities some comments

Kim B.W., 1987: Relative frequency study of malignant and benign neoplasms and inflammatory lesions in otolaryngeal fields during 1981 to 1985

Anthony B.F., 1986: Relative functional activity of purified human immunoglobulin g against a type iii group b streptococcal strain

Rapoport A., 1985: Relative gain maximization in sequential 3 person characteristic function games

Zdichynec, B.; Stransky, P.; Hartmann, M.; Holas, V.; Konrad, J.; Hogen, J.; Svatos, Z.; Sabl, J., 1978: Relative genealogic incidence of certain civilization diseases in a geriatric population vs pre geriatric groups

Palmer R.G., 1983: Relative genetic contributions among ancestral lines to north american soybean cultivars glycine max

Zinsly J.R., 1985: Relative genetic potential of brachytic maize zea mays varieties as breeding populations

Freshwater D.W., 1988: Relative genome size differences among populations of spartina alterniflora loisel poaceae along east and gulf coasts of usa

Behera B.C., 1987: Relative genotoxicity of trichloroacetic acid tca as revealed by different cytogenetic assays bone marrow chromosome aberration micronucleus and sperm head abnormality in the mouse

Fisher D.S., 1988: Relative grazing preference of panicum germplasm from three taxa

Singh, B. P.; Garg, O. K., 1976: Relative growth and development in mentha arvensis during summer and winter seasons

Poli B.M., 1984: Relative growth and distribution of lean in barrows and gilts ranging from 20 200 kilograms live weight

Shiraishi S., 1984: Relative growth and gliding adaptations in the japanese giant flying squirrel petaurista leucogenys

Millican P.F., 1986: Relative growth and growth efficiency of ostrea edulis spat fed various algal diets

Allen P.J., 1986: Relative growth and persistence of planted legumes in a mid rotation radiata pine pinus radiata plantation

Rodriguez-Roda, J., 1983: Relative growth and populations study from the north atlantic ocean and mediterranean sea 1. relative growth of north atlantic and mediterranean tuna thunnus thynnus

Teng S K., 1979: Relative growth and production of the estuary grouper epinephelus salmoides under different stocking densities in floating net cages

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304192

Blackstone N.W., 1986: Relative growth and specific growth rates in crustaceans pagurus longicarpus

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304194

Witten G.J., 1985: Relative growth in australian agamid lizards adaptation and evolution

Gyorkos I., 1987: Relative growth in cattle a multivariate approach

Kaye P.E., 1985: Relative growth of 6 thistle species along a nutrient gradient with multispecies competition

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304199

Goldman, J. C.; Stanley, H. I., 1974: Relative growth of different species of marine algae in waste water sea water mixtures

Satake T., 1984: Relative growth of hand bone length to width by longitudinal investigation

Mohanty S.C., 1982: Relative growth of oocyte nurse cells and follicular epithelium during oogenesis in the fly sarcophaga ruficornis diptera

Ebert T.A., 1980: Relative growth of sea urchin diadema setosum jaws an example of plastic resource allocation

Benson D.R., 1986: Relative growth of the anulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus in human and kitten fetuses

Akiyoshi T., 1982: Relative growth of the human fetal ilium

Shea B.T., 1981: Relative growth of the limbs and trunk in the african apes

Ozutsumi K., 1979: Relative growth of the major carcass bone of fattening holstein steers after grazing

Gill H.S., 1983: Relative growth of tissues at different somatic growth rates in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304210

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304211

Krishna, S. T.; Chaudhary, R. P., 1975: Relative growth rate and its relationship with subsequent performance in white leghorn

Twarog J.W.Jr, 1984: Relative growth rate cycles in crassostrea virginica fed five algal diets

Dyer M.I., 1981: Relative growth rates and the grazing optimization hypothesis

Hunt R., 1984: Relative growth rates of cohorts of ramets cloned from a single genet

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304216

Curtis S.E., 1980: Relative growth rates of various fat depots in sprague dawley rats

Smitherman R.O., 1984: Relative growth survival and harvestability of bighead carp aristichthys nobilis silver carp hypophthalmichthys molitrix and their reciprocal hybrids

Odeyemi O., 1984: Relative half lives of chloranil and dichlone in different tropical milieu

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304220

Price G.R., 1983: Relative hazard of weapons impulses

Weeden R.B., 1979: Relative heart size in alaskan usa tetraonidae

Karim S.A., 1983: Relative heat tolerance of indian nali and soviet merino x nali half bred sheep to continuous 35 and 40 celsius temperature conditions

Ostergren J., 1980: Relative hematocrit in human skin capillaries and its relation to capillary blood flow velocity

Shoemaker, W. C.; Matsuda, T.; State, D., 1977: Relative hemodynamic effectiveness of whole blood and plasma expanders in burned patients

Filip, D. J.; Aster, R. H., 1978: Relative hemostatic effectiveness of human platelets stored at 4 celsius and 22 celsius/

Hanzlik R.P., 1983: Relative hepato toxicity of ortho and meta mono substituted thio benzamides in the rat

Traiger G.J., 1980: Relative hepato toxicity of substituted thio benzamides and thio benzamide s oxides in the rat

Lundberg S., 1986: Relative hepatotoxicity of some industrial solvents after intraperitoneal injection or inhalation exposure to rats

Garber E.D., 1985: Relative heterothallism and production of hybrid perithecia by auxotrophic mutants of glomerella cingulata from apple

Baracho, I. R.; Azevedo, J. L., 1977: Relative heterothallism in aspergillus nidulans

Sobrinho-Simoes, M. A.; Areias, M. A., 1978: Relative high frequency of childhood hodgkins disease in the north of portugal

Saxena, S. C.; Vir, S., 1976: Relative humidity affecting the biology of trogoderma granarium

Henny R.J., 1980: Relative humidity affects in vivo pollen germination and seed production in dieffenbachia maculata cultivar perfection

Khan H.R., 1983: Relative humidity affects the inter cellular spaces and cell contacts of the kidney epithelium of the terrestrial snail helix aspersa

Smith A., 1981: Relative humidity and manic admissions in the london england uk area

Seinfeld J.H., 1982: Relative humidity and ph dependence of the vapor pressure of ammonium nitrate nitric acid solutions at 25 celsius

Savary S., 1986: Relative humidity and wind velocity associated with diurnal rhythmicity of aerial dispersal of puccinia arachidis urediniospores

Abatzis C., 1980: Relative humidity effects at 20 celsius on eggs of the olive fruit fly dacus oleae diptera tephritidae reared on artificial diet

Taylor G.E., 1981: Relative humidity important modifier of pollutant uptake by plants

Madge, D. S.; Buxton, J. H., 1975: Relative humidity reactions of the european earwig forficula auricularia dermaptera forficulidae

Wheeler T.T., 1985: Relative hydrophobicities of actinomyces viscosus and actinomyces naeslundii strains and their adsorption to saliva treated hydroxylapatite

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304244

Rogozhin S.V., 1979: Relative hydrophobicity of surfaces of erythrocytes from different species as measured by partition in aqueous 2 polymer phase systems

Zaslavsky, B. Yu ; Baevskii, A. V.; Rogozhin, S. V.; Gedrovich, A. V.; Shishkov, A. V.; Gasanov, A. A.; Masimov, A. A., 1984: Relative hydrophobicity of synthetic macro molecules 1. poly ethylene glycol poly acrylamide and poly vinyl pyrrolidone

Isichei, U. P., 1978: Relative hyper electrolytemia in northern nigerians

Kettesy, A., 1976: Relative hypermetropia a conception of donders fallen into oblivion

Masramon J., 1987: Relative hyperphosphaturia in diabetic chronic renal failure a protective factor of hyperparathyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304250

Belyaev D.K., 1985: Relative hypertrophy of the right heart ventricle in silver foxes selected for domestication behavior

Traeger J., 1984: Relative hypomagnesuria in calcium stone formers normal values for a new parameter

Ladefoged J., 1983: Relative immuno suppressive potency of various cortico steroids measured in vitro

Holan V., 1981: Relative immunogenicity and tolerogenicity of individual regions or segments of the major histo compatibility complex

Makela O., 1983: Relative immunogenicity in mice of different regions of the human immuno globulin g

Barry R.D., 1984: Relative immunogenicity of the cold adapted influenza virus a ann arbor 6 60 recombinants of a ann arbor 6 60 and parental strains with similar surface antigens

Fischer D.L., 1983: Relative impact of age and attractiveness stereotypes on persuasion

Spence J.R., 1986: Relative impacts of mortality factors in field populations of the waterstrider gerris buenoi heteroptera gerridae

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304259

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304260

Lodish, H. F.; Rose, J. K., 1977: Relative importance of 7 methyl guanosine in ribosome binding and translation of vesicular stomatitis virus messenger rna in wheat germ and reticulocyte cell free systems

Rous, S., 1976: Relative importance of acetate acetoacetate and d beta hydroxy butyrate in the transport of acetyl coenzyme a from the mitochondria to the cytoplasm for fatty acid synthesis in mice

Parpagnoli D., 1988: Relative importance of airborne odors and trails in the group homing of limacus flavus linnaeus gastropoda pulmonata

Ceponis, M. J.; Cappellini, R. A., 1976: Relative importance of alternaria rot in post harvest disease development in new jersey blueberries

Smith, C. M.; Henderson, J. F., 1976: Relative importance of alternative pathways of purine nucleotide biosynthesis in ehrlich ascites tumor cells in vivo

Lazerte, B. D.; Dillon, P. J., 1984: Relative importance of anthropogenic vs. natural sources of acidity in lakes and streams of central ontario canada

Cole P.J., 1986: Relative importance of antibiotic and improved clearance in topical treatment of chronic mucopurulent rhinosinusitis a controlled study

St Geme J.W.Jr, 1981: Relative importance of bacteremia and viremia in the course of acute fevers of unknown origin in out patient children

Speck W.T., 1980: Relative importance of bacterial and mammalian nitro reductases for niridazole mutagenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304270

Abel, F. L., 1988: Relative importance of cardiac output and arterial pressure in determining myocardial oxygen consumption and coronary blood flow

Heinonen O., 1987: Relative importance of caries risk factors in finnish mentally retarded children

Quinn J.A., 1985: Relative importance of chasmogamously and cleistogamously derived seeds of dichanthelium clandestinum

Elmes P.C., 1981: Relative importance of cigarette smoking in occupational lung disease

Davies Colley R.J., 1986: Relative importance of clarity determinants in lakes okaro and rotorua new zealand

Kurkela R., 1984: Relative importance of color fruity flavor and sweetness in the overall liking of soft drinks

Ruddy S., 1979: Relative importance of complement c 3b inactivator and beta 1h globulin in the modulation of the properdin amplification loop in systemic lupus erythematosus

Cats A., 1983: Relative importance of complement c 4 binding protein in the modulation of the classical pathway complement c 3 convertase in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Singh D., 1982: Relative importance of components affecting the leaf rust puccinia recondita progress curve in wheat

Henning S.J., 1982: Relative importance of cortico sterone and thyroxine in the post natal development of sucrase and maltase in rat small intestine

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Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304393

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304395

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Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304431

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Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304551

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304552

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Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304592

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Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304682

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Sharma V.K., 1982: Relative susceptibility of maize zea mays germ plasms to red flour beetle tribolium castaneum

Mavis R.D., 1980: Relative susceptibility of microsomes from lung heart liver kidney brain and testes to lipid per oxidation correlation with vitamin e content

Verma A.N., 1983: Relative susceptibility of okra abelmoschus esculentus to shoot and fruit borer earias spp

Johari R.K., 1979: Relative susceptibility of paddy varieties to sitotroga cerealella lepidoptera gelechiidae

Jadhav L.D., 1984: Relative susceptibility of pigeon pea cajanus cajan cultivars to pulse beetle callosobruchus maculatus

Nawale R.N., 1983: Relative susceptibility of pigeon pea cajanus cajan germ plasm to gram pod borer heliothis armigera

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Mcgauley, B.; Hubbes, M., 1976: Relative susceptibility of selected pure and hybrid pines to fomes annosus

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Sharma S.K., 1979: Relative susceptibility of some cowpea varieties to pulse beetle callosobruchus maculatus

Jadhav L.D., 1982: Relative susceptibility of some gram cicer arietinum varieties to pulse beetle callosobruchus maculatus in storage

Mehrotra N.K., 1979: Relative susceptibility of some maize zea mays varieties to magnesium deficiency in sand culture

Dumbre R.B., 1983: Relative susceptibility of some rice varieties to angoumois grain moth sitotroga cerealella

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304862

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Neely D., 1979: Relative susceptibility of tree species to verticillium dahliae

Raddi, P.; Fagnani, A., 1978: Relative susceptibility to blister rust caused by cronartium flaccidum of several species of pine

Rothschild M.A., 1981: Relative synthesis of cardiac contractile proteins evidence for synthesis from the same precursor pool

Fuller G.N., 1979: Relative synthesis of myelin in different brain regions of post natally under nourished rats

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304870

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304871

Rakita L., 1986: Relative tachycardia in ambulant children with borderline hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304873

Shastry S.S., 1979: Relative thermo luminescence response of calcium sulfate dysprosium to alpha rays and gamma rays

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Mensforth R.P., 1985: Relative tibia long bone growth in the libben and bt 5 prehistoric skeletal populations

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304877

Mou S W., 1983: Relative titers of antibodies to individual poly peptide antigens of herpes simplex virus type 1 in human sera

Hassan S.A., 1982: Relative tolerance of 3 different strains of the predatory mite phytoseiulus persimilis acari phytoseiidae to 11 pesticides used on glasshouse crops

Butcher, J. A.; Drysdale, J., 1977: Relative tolerance of 7 wood destroying basidiomycetes to quaternary ammonium compounds and copper chrome arsenate preservative

Yang C P., 1984: Relative tolerance of desert salt grass distichlis stricta and reed canary grass phalaris arundinacea to boron

Raiker D.S., 1986: Relative tolerance of safflower carthamus tinctorius l varieties to saline water irrigation

Patel, D. J.; Desai, M. V., 1977: Relative tolerance of several tobacco varieties to root knot nematodes

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Brinkhurst R.O., 1982: Relative tolerances of selected aquatic oligochaetes to individual pollutants and environmental factors

Dorough H.W., 1984: Relative toxicities of chemicals to the earthworm eisenia foetida

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304888

Paine A.J., 1979: Relative toxicities of particulate and soluble forms of beryllium to a rat liver parenchymal cell line in culture and possible mechanisms of uptake

Galley D.J., 1982: Relative toxicities of phorate and some of its metabolites to aphis fabae

Acosta D., 1985: Relative toxicities of several nonsteroidal antiinflammatory compounds in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

Helal T.Y., 1980: Relative toxicity and anti cholin esterase activity to phosfolan and carbofuran to 4 rodent species

Sparks T.C., 1988: Relative toxicity and ester hydrolysis of pyrethroids in the soybean looper and tobacco budworm lepidoptera noctuidae

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Parsana G.J., 1987: Relative toxicity of certain newer insecticides to maruca testulalis geyer attacking pigeonpea

Gorman R.L., 1986: Relative toxicity of cyclic antidepressants

Saxena S.K., 1982: Relative toxicity of decomposed and undecomposed oilcakes to plant parasitic nematodes

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Brain J.D., 1983: Relative toxicity of inhaled metal sulfate salts for pulmonary macrophages

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Sabir G., 1986: Relative toxicity of insecticides to larvae of athalia proxima

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304907

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304909

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304910

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304911

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304912

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Trimble, R. M.; Pree, D. J., 1987: Relative toxicity of six insecticides to male and female pholetesor ornigis weed hymenoptera braconidae a parasite of the spotted tentiform leafminer phyllonorycter blancardella fabr. lepidoptera gracillariidae

Das L.K., 1979: Relative toxicity of some important insecticides to adults of the jute stem weevil apion corchori coleoptera curculionidae

Chakravorty S., 1986: Relative toxicity of some insecticides to adults of mesta flea beetle nisotra orbiculata coleoptera chrysomelidae

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Srivastava A.S., 1980: Relative toxicity of some insecticides to the final instar grubs of holotrichia consanguinea

Mathur K.C., 1984: Relative toxicity of some insecticides to the rice green horned caterpillar melanitis leda ismene

Masoodi M.A., 1985: Relative toxicity of some insecticides to the second instar larvae of lymantria obfuscata

Shivpuje P.R., 1985: Relative toxicity of some modern synthetic insecticides against tur plume moth exelastis atomosa

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304927

Butani D.K., 1981: Relative toxicity of some pesticides against immature stages and adult of eutetranychus orientalis acari tetranychidae

Swarup P.A., 1984: Relative toxicity of technical grade and formulated carbaryl and 1 naphthol to and carbaryl induced biochemical changes in the fish cirrhinus mrigala

Inbaraj R.M., 1986: Relative toxicity of technical material and commercial formulation of malathion and endosulfan to a freshwater fish channa punctatus

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Sen C., 1986: Relative toxins production by parental and fungicide adapted isolates of macrophomina phaseolina in culture

Page J.L., 1985: Relative translucency of american sign language signs representing 3 semantic classes

Khalil Ur Rehman, 1984: Relative transmitting ability of sahiwal bulls

Mercer A.J., 1986: Relative trends in mortality from related respiratory and airborne infectious diseases

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Otsuka H., 1984: Relative tumor enhancement of gallium 67 uptake by iron loading

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Sreedharan C., 1988: Relative uptake of phosphorus 32 by cassava banana elephant foot yam and groundnut in intercropping systems

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304942

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304943

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Morris L.J., 1986: Relative use of municipal street trees by birds during summer in state college pennsylvania usa

Ash M.J., 1981: Relative use of uni variate and multi variate analysis of variance in developmental psychology

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Thottappilly G., 1984: Relative usefulness of mechanical and aphid inoculation as modes of screening cowpeas vigna unguiculata for resistance against cowpea aphid borne mosaic virus

Bhola A., 1988: Relative usefulness of physical examination urodynamics and roentgenography in the diagnosis of urinary stress incontinence

Raskin N.H., 1988: Relative utility of different electrophysiologic techniques in the evaluation of brachial plexopathies

Pautler C.C., 1980: Relative validity of a chronological drinking record

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304953

Grant A.B.F., 1988: Relative value of antibiotics and catheter care in the prevention of urinary tract infection after transurethral prostatic resection

Fagard, R.; Amery, A.; De-Plaen, J. F.; Lijnen, P.; Missotten, A., 1976: Relative value of beta blockers and thiazides for initiating anti hypertensive therapy

Hugenholtz P.G., 1986: Relative value of clinical variables bicycle ergometry rest radionuclide ventriculography and 24 hour ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring at discharge to predict 1 year survival after myocardial infarction

Patel R., 1981: Relative value of computed tomography and ultrasonography in the assessment of renal angio myo lipoma

Mansoor N., 1985: Relative value of estrogen receptor assay lactoferrin content and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase activity as prognostic indicators in primary breast cancer

Helfant R.H., 1983: Relative value of isotonic and isometric exercise radio nuclide angiography to detect coronary heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304960

Ratnaparkhi M.V., 1986: Relative value of plasma copper zinc lipids and lipoproteins as markers for coronary artery disease

Olive J.A., 1985: Relative value of screening tests of hemostasis prior to dental treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304964

Bjorneklett, A.; Stavem, P.; Elgjo, K., 1978: Relative value of sternal aspiration iliac crest biopsy and biopsy imprint in the diagnosis of secondary cancer involvement of the bone marrow

Giesen V., 1988: Relative value of ultrasonography and computed tomography in the diagnosis of tumors of the female pelvis prospective comparative study in 132 resected space occupying pelvic lesions

Matheson A.C., 1983: Relative values for some physical properties of wood and bark in pinus radiata

Kalmin, Nd; Bartholomew, Wr; Wicher, K., 1981: Relative values of laboratory assays in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Vida B., 1988: Relative variability of some somatometric parameters

Chernova O.N., 1981: Relative variations in charged particle ranges in micro volumes under different irradiation conditions

Park N.H., 1979: Relative vaso dilator potency of atp adp amp and adenosine in the cat hind limb

Glueck C.J., 1984: Relative velocity of accretion of weight and height using the benn index in the 1st 9 years of life

Defago G., 1986: Relative virulence of melampsora euphorbiae from central europe toward north american and european spurges

Barker K.R., 1986: Relative virulence of meloidogyne incognita host races on soybean glycine max

Nag P.K., 1979: Relative viscosity of human seminal fluid influence of sperm concentration motility and biochemical ingredients

Parrish D.B., 1984: Relative vitamin a activity of dietary retinoic acid for japanese quail

Cavicchia, J. C.; Dym, M., 1977: Relative volume of sertoli cells in monkey seminiferous epithelium a stereological analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304979

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304980

Strouse B.H., 1988: Relative vulnerability of six freshwater gastropods to the leech nephelopsis obscura verrill

Rizzoli H.V., 1980: Relative vulnerability of the brain and spinal cord to ischemia

Sutton M.S., 1985: Relative wall thickness analysis by two dimensional echocardiography

Daum I., 1985: Relative weight and personality analyses with the personality research form

Speizer F.E., 1985: Relative weight and risk of breast cancer among premenopausal women

Gaili, E. S. E., 1978: Relative weight changes in carcass tissues of western sudan baggara bulls

Jones R.K., 1981: Relative white rust albugo occidentalis resistance and adaptability of spinach spinacia oleracea varieties in southwest texas usa

Marklund T., 1982: Relative width of the lower spinal canal in children

Caplan R., 1988: Relative worth of estrogen or progesterone receptor and pathologic characteristics of differentiation as indicators of prognosis in node negative breast cancer patients findings from national surgical adjuvant breast and bowel project protocol b 06

Mcintyre, J. D.; Johnson, A. K., 1977: Relative yield of 2 transferrin phenotypes in coho salmon

Section 7, Chapter 6305, Accession 006304991

Burton V.L., 1979: Relative yields and nutritive values of barley oats and peas harvested at 4 successive dates for forage

Gonzalez Rodriguez E., 1983: Relative yields of marine algae grown in heavily nutrient enriched sea water

Frey K.J., 1979: Relative yields of mixtures and mono cultures of oat avena sativa genotypes

Johnson, P. E.; Evans, G. W., 1978: Relative zinc availability in human breast milk infant formulas and cows milk

Ament M.E., 1986: Relative zinc binding activities of ligands in the cytosol of rat small intestine

Will, B. E.; Rosenzweig, M. R.; Bennett, E. L.; Hebert, M.; Morimoto, H., 1977: Relatively brief environmental enrichment aids recovery of learning capacity and alters brain measures after post weaning brain lesions in rats

Hofmann A.F., 1986: Relatively high biliary secretory maximum for non micelle forming bile acid possible significance for mechanism of secretion

Pearson J., 1982: Relatively high levels of dopamine in nucleus accumbens of l dopa treated patients with parkinsons disease

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