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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6306

Chapter 6306 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Cope F.W., 1981: Relativity and uncertainty of electro magnetic energy measurement at a super conductive boundary application to perception of weak magnetic fields by living systems

Cadieu N., 1984: Relativity of effects of consanguinity on the absolute tarsal threshold response to saccharose in the drosophila drosophila melanogaster

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O'donnell S.R.; Wanstall J.C., 1983: Relaxation of cat trachea by beta adrenoceptor agonists can be mediated by both beta 1 adrenoceptors and beta 2 adrenoceptors and potentiated by inhibitors of extraneuronal uptake

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Reubi, J. C.; Cuenod, M., 1976: Release of exogenous glycine in the pigeon optic tectum during stimulation of a mid brain nucleus

Webb R.A., 1988: Release of exogenously supplied tritiated glutamate and endogenous glutamate from tissue slices of the cestode hymenolepis diminuta

Gould, A. R.; May, B. K.; Elliott, W. H., 1975: Release of extracellular enzymes from bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Sondergaard M.; Schierup H H., 1982: Release of extracellular organic carbon during a diatom bloom in lake moss denmark molecular weight fractionation

Tiesler E.; Trinks C., 1982: Release of extracellular products by groups c and g streptococci

Sultan Y.; Maisonneuve P.; Angles Cano E. , 1979: Release of factor viii related antigen and factor viii von willebrand activity

Morgan, H. W.; Corke, C. T., 1977: Release of fad on adsorption of the enzyme glucose oxidase to clays

Glatz J.F.C.; Van Bilsen M.; Paulussen R.J.A.; Veerkamp J.H.; Van Der Vusse G.J.; Reneman R.S., 1988: Release of fatty acid binding protein from isolated rat heart subjected to ischemia and reperfusion or to the calcium paradox

Mtabaji J.P.; Manku M.S.; Horrobin D.F., 1988: Release of fatty acids by perfused vascular tissue in normotensive and hypertensive rats

Piran, U.; Nishida, T., 1976: Release of fatty acids from phosphatidyl choline of lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase ec

Magee A.I.; Koyama A.H.; Malfer C.; Wen D.; Schlesinger M.J., 1984: Release of fatty acids from virus glyco proteins by hydroxylamine

Tille D.; Chhatwal G.S.; Blobel H., 1986: Release of fc receptors after streptococcal lysis induced by a lytic enzyme from streptomyces globisporus

Rowley B.; Sweeney G.D., 1984: Release of ferrous iron from ferritin by liver microsomes a possible role in the toxicity of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin

Gubler, F.; Ashford, A. E.; Bacic, A.; Blakeney, A. B.; Stone, B. A., 1985: Release of ferulic acid esters from barley aleurone 2. characterization of the feruloyl compounds released in response to gibberellic acid

Svanberg, L.; Astedt, B., 1976: Release of fibrinolytic activators from human ovarian tumors in organ culture

Lantz E.; Anderson A., 1982: Release of fibrinolytic activators from the cornea and conjunctiva

Sherman L.A.; Lee J.L.; Stewart C.C., 1981: Release of fibrinolytic enzymes by macrophages in response to soluble fibrin

Vincent P.A.; Del Vecchio P.J.; Saba T.M., 1988: Release of fibronectin fragments from endothelial cell monolayers exposed to activated leukocytes relationship to plasma fibronectin levels after particle infusion

Zerlauth G.; Wolf G., 1985: Release of fibronectin is linked to tumor promotion response of promotable and non promotable clones of a mouse epidermal cell line

Nealon T.J.; Beachey E.H.; Courtney H.S.; Simpson W.A., 1986: Release of fibronectin lipoteichoic acid complexes from group a streptococci with penicillin

Stavenow L.; Hultberg B., 1985: Release of fibronectin sulfated glycosaminoglycans and beta hexosaminidase from injured smooth muscle cells and fibroblasts in culture possible transferable effects of new cultures

Bruun, C.; Givskov, H., 1978: Release of fluoride from fluoride containing chewing gum

Maeda, H.; Yamamoto, N.; Nagoya, T.; Kurosawa, K.; Kobayashi, F., 1976: Release of formaldehyde from di methylol di methyl hydantoin a possible antiseptic agent

Annapurna A.; Rao V.S., 1987: Release of formaldehyde from gelatin lysine pellets hardened with formaldehyde

Salleo A.; La Spada G.; Denaro M.G., 1988: Release of free calcium from the nematocysts of aiptasia mutabilis during the discharge

Ueno K.; Tanaka Y.; Ando S., 1988: Release of free fatty acids from rat cerebral synaptosomes under in vitro hypoxia

Rudinsky, J. A.; Morgan, M. E.; Libbey, L. M.; Putnam, T. B., 1976: Release of frontalin by male douglas fir beetle

Hopper K.E.; Semler A.D.; Chapman G.V.; Davey R.A., 1986: Release of galactosyltransferase from human platelets and a subset of monocytes in culture

Hopper K.; Hollister W.; Davey R.; Semler A., 1985: Release of galactosyltransferase from peritoneal macrophages during acute inflammation

Jaffe E.H.; Cuello A.C., 1980: Release of gamma amino butyrate from the external plexiform layer of the rat olfactory bulb possible dendritic involvement

Taniyama K.; Kusunoki M.; Saito N.; Tanaka C., 1982: Release of gamma amino butyric acid from cat colon

Hoshino M.; Asakura T.; Matsuda M., 1979: Release of gamma amino butyric acid from isolated brain synaptosomes during semi carbazide induced convulsions

Moroni F.; Bianchi C.; Moneti G.; Tanganelli S.; Spidalieri G.; Guandalini P.; Beani L., 1982: Release of gamma amino butyric acid from the guinea pig neo cortex induced by electrical stimulation of the locus coeruleus or by norepinephrine

Nakamoto M.; Tanaka C.; Taniyama K., 1987: Release of gamma aminobutyric acid and acetylcholine by neurotensin in guinea pig ileum

Hicks T.P.; Ruwe W.D.; Veale W.L., 1986: Release of gamma aminobutyric acid from the visual cortex of young kittens

Howe A.; Ray K.S., 1984: Release of gamma msh from the in vitro superfused neurointermediate lobe of the pituitary of the rat by antidiuretic hormone

Klapdor R., 1982: Release of gastric inhibitory poly peptide and gastrin after a test meal with a low glucose load in patients after billroth ii resection proximal duodeno pancreatectomy and jejuno ileal bypass

Lauritsen K.B.; Moesgaard F.; Nielsen M.L.; Jensen S.L., 1982: Release of gastric inhibitory poly peptide and insulin in response to intra jejunal glucose in duodenal ulcer patients before and after truncal vagotomy

Ebert R.; Illmer K.; Creutzfeldt W., 1979: Release of gastric inhibitory poly peptide by intra duodenal acidification in rats and humans and abolishment of the incretin effect of acid by gastric inhibitory poly peptide anti serum in rats

Toyota T.; Nakanome C.; Akai H.; Umezu M.; Goto Y., 1982: Release of gastric inhibitory poly peptide during calcium infusion and in hyper parathyroidism

Schusdziarra V.; Rouiller D.; Harris V.; Unger R.H., 1979: Release of gastric somatostatin like immuno reactivity during acidification of the duodenal bulb

Wisen O.; Uvnas Wallensten K.; Efendic S.; Johansson C., 1980: Release of gastrin and somatostatin into the gastric lumen of healthy subjects and patients with duodenal ulcer and achlorhydria

Uvnas Wallensten K.; Efendic S.; Uvnas B.; Lundberg J.M., 1979: Release of gastrin from the skeletal muscles and from the antral mucosa in cats induced by sulfonuric drugs

Uvnas-Wallensten, K.; Efendic, S.; Luft, R., 1978: Release of gastro intestinal hormones into the duodenal lumen of cats

Revhaug A.; Lygren I.; Lundgren T.I.; Jorde R.; Andersen O.; Burhol P.G.; Giercksky K E., 1985: Release of gastrointestinal hormones in cardiodepressive shock

Jenssen T.G.; Burhol P.G.; Jorde R., 1985: Release of gastrointestinal regulatory peptides after a soap enema

Dewald B.; Bretz U.; Baggiolini M., 1982: Release of gelatinase from a novel secretory compartment of human neutrophils

Wroblewski B.M.; Esser M.; Srigley D.W., 1986: Release of gentamicin from bone cement

Tan E.T.H.; Lambie D.G.; Johnson R.H.; Whiteside E.A., 1983: Release of glucagon in male alcoholics with vagal neuropathy

Shima K.; Hirota M.; Ohboshi C.; Sato M.; Nishino T., 1987: Release of glucagon like peptide 1 immunoreactivity from the perfused rat pancreas

Ii, I.; Rebhun, L. I., 1982: Release of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec from cortex of spisula solidissima eggs at fertilization and its recombination after meiosis

Anumula K.R.; Spiro R.G., 1983: Release of glucose containing poly mannose oligo saccharides during glyco protein biosynthesis studies with thyroid microsomal enzymes and slices

Daoud, A.; Miller, R., 1976: Release of glutamate and other amino acids from arthropod nerve muscle preparations

Kawagoe R.; Takeuchi A.; Onodera K., 1981: Release of glutamate from the crayfish cambarus clarkii neuro muscular junction

Nakada, H.; Yamashina, I., 1978: Release of glyco peptides and muco poly saccharides from ascites hepatoma cells by tryptic treatment

Keller, K.; Kolbe, H.; Lange, K.; Zimmermann, B., 1978: Release of glycolytic enzymes from cultivated tumor cells

Klohs W.D.; Mastrangelo R.; Weiser M.M., 1981: Release of glycosyl transferase and glycosidase activities from normal and transformed cell lines

Bachmann M.; Theus R.; Luethy J.; Schlatter C., 1985: Release of goitrin into cow's milk after rape feeding

Valadez F.J.; Staley D.; Conn P.M., 1988: Release of gonadotropin alpha subunit from rat pituitary cultures in response to gnrh

Zeller, F. J.; Breneman, W. R., 1976: Release of gonadotropin from the anterior pituitary gland of fowl by luteinizing hormone releasing hormone as measured by the phosphorus 32 uptake of the testes

Powers C.A.; Johnson D.C., 1980: Release of gonadotropin releasing hormone by veratrine in a hypothalamic pituitary co incubation

Kao, L. W. L.; Weisz, J., 1977: Release of gonadotropin releasing hormone from isolated perfused medial basal hypothalamus by melatonin

Millam J.R.; Burke W.H.; El Halawani M.E., 1984: Release of gonadotropin releasing hormone from the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica hypothalamus in vitro

Smith G.P.; Peters T.J., 1982: Release of granule components from human polymorphonuclear leukocytes in response to both phagocytic and chemical stimuli

Haggerty J.G.; Jackson R.C., 1983: Release of granule contents from sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus egg cortices new assay procedures and inhibition by sulfhydryl modifying reagents

Dittmer H.; Jochum M.; Fritz H., 1986: Release of granulocyte elastase and alterations in plasma proteins following traumatic hemorrhagic shock

Aasen, A. O.; Ohlsson, K., 1978: Release of granulocyte elastase in lethal canine endo toxin shock

Lopez Karpovitch X.; Padros Semorile M.R.; Rojas R.; Martinez Sanchez L., 1985: Release of granulocyte macrophage colony inhibiting activity by normal human postthymic precursor cells

Piacibello W.; Lu L.; Wachter M.; Rubin B.; Broxmeyer H.E., 1985: Release of granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factors from major histocompatibility complex class ii antigen positive monocytes is enhanced by human gamma interferon

Hoerl W.H.; Jochum M.; Heidland A.; Fritz H., 1983: Release of granulocyte proteinases during hemo dialysis

Gerson S.L.; Cooper R.A., 1984: Release of granulocyte specific colony stimulating activity by human bone marrow exposed to phorbol esters

Panerai, A. E.; Rossi, G. L.; Cocchi, D.; Gil-Ad, I.; Locatelli, V.; Muller, E. E., 1977: Release of growth hormone by thyrotropin releasing hormone in intact rats or in intact or hypophysectomized rats bearing a heterotopic pituitary

Sheppard M.S.; Moor B.C.; Kraicer J., 1985: Release of growth hormone from purified somatotrophs interaction of growth hormone releasing factor and somatostatin and role of cyclic amp

Spence J.W.; Sheppard M.S.; Kraicer J., 1980: Release of growth hormone from purified somatotrophs interrelation between calcium ii and cyclic amp

Sheppard M.S.; Spence J.W.; Kraicer J., 1979: Release of growth hormone from purified somatotrophs role of cyclic amp and cyclic gmp

Kraicer J.; Spence J.W., 1981: Release of growth hormone from purified somatotrophs use of high potassium and the ionophore a 23187 to elucidate interrelations among calcium cyclic amp and somatostatin

Kraicer J.; Chow A.E.H., 1982: Release of growth hormone from purified somatotrophs use of perifusion system to elucidate interrelations among calcium cyclic amp and somatostatin

Tindal, J. S.; Knaggs, G. S.; Hart, I. C.; Blake, L. A., 1978: Release of growth hormone in lactating and nonlactating goats in relation to behavior stages of sleep electro encephalograms environmental stimuli and levels of prolactin insulin glucose and free fatty acids in the circulation/

Critchlow V.; Dyke A.; Kaler L.W., 1986: Release of growth hormone prolactin and somatostatin during perifusion of anterior pituitary and preoptic medial basal hypothalamus from male and female rats

Popa, M.; Florea, I.; Simionescu, L.; Dimitriu, V., 1977: Release of growth hormone prolactin luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone and immuno reactive insulin in serum through orally administered l proline in high dosage

Gjerde B.; Boyum A.; Lovhaug D.; Melby T., 1983: Release of growth promoters from mononuclear human blood cells by lipo poly saccharide lectins and lithium as tested in the mouse colony forming unit culture assay

Burns, D. L.; Moss, J.; Vaughan, M., 1983: Release of guanyl nucleotides from the regulatory subunit of adenylate cyclase ec

Dieffenbach, H.; Luettge, U.; Pitman, M. G., 1980: Release of guttation fluid from passive hydathodes of intact barley hordeam vulgare plants 2. the effects of abscisic acid and cyto kinins

Dieffenbach, H.; Kramer, D.; Luettge, U., 1980: Release of guttation fluid from passive hydathodes of intact barley hordeum vulgare plants 1. structural and cytological aspects

Amini Sereshki L.; Morrison A.R., 1988: Release of heat loss responses in paradoxical sleep by thermal loads and by pontine tegmental lesions in cats

Patt Kh M.; Maloni M.A., 1982: Release of hematopoietic stem cells from the bone marrow to the blood

Lanfrancone L.; Ferrero D.; Gallo E.; Foa R.; Tarella C., 1985: Release of hemopoietic factors by normal human t cell lines with either suppressor or helper activity

Shimada K.; Ozawa T., 1985: Release of heparan sulfate proteoglycans from cultured aortic endothelial cells by thrombin

Tanaka K.; Nomura H.; Onosaka S.; Min K S., 1981: Release of hepatic cadmium by carbon tetra chloride treatment

Rustan A.C.; Nossen J.O.; Blomhoff J.P.; Drevon C.A., 1986: Release of hepatic lipase and very low density lipoprotein by cultured rat hepatocytes

Tsuda, M.; Taketani, S.; Sawamura, T.; Shiozaki, Y.; Tokunaga, R.; Sameshima, Y., 1985: Release of hepatic mitochondrial ornithine transcarbamylase ec into the circulation in d galactosamine treated rats identification of serum ornithine transcarbamylase as the intact form of the mitochondrial enzyme

Crance J M.; Deloince R.; Lechevallier C.; Crevat D.; Laveran H.; Fontanges R., 1983: Release of hepatitis a virus into the culture medium during its propagation in plc prf 5 cells

Milby M.M.; Mcdonald P.T.; Nelson R.L., 1980: Release of hetero zygous translocated adult males for genetic control of culex tarsalis at an isolated site

Feng J.C.; Stornes V.; Rogers R., 1988: Release of hexazinone from pronone 10g granules exposed to simulated rainfall under laboratory conditions

Calza R.E.; Schroeder A.L., 1983: Release of high molecular weight dna from neurospora crassa using enzymic digestions

Reilly K.M.; Dawes J.; Yap P.L.; Barnetson R.S.C.; Macgregor I.R., 1988: Release of highly sulfated glycosaminoglycans and histamine from human basophils

Oishi M.; Ishiko J.; Inagaki C.; Takaori S., 1983: Release of histamine and adrenaline in vivo following intra venous administration of neurotensin

Ishizaka T.; Iwata M.; Ishizaka K., 1985: Release of histamine and arachidonate from mouse mast cells induced by glycosylation enhancing factor and bradykinin

Strandberg, K.; Mathe, A. A.; Yen, S. S., 1977: Release of histamine and formation of prostaglandins in human lung tissue and rat mast cells

Lipshits, R. U.; Klimenko, N. A., 1977: Release of histamine and serotonin and vascular permeability in the focus of acute aseptic inflammation

Totani Y., 1983: Release of histamine and slow reacting substance from human peripheral leukocytes

Katagiri M.; Kishimoto M.; Hida Y.; Ueda M.; Torii S., 1986: Release of histamine and slow reacting substance from leukocytes of asthmatic children stimulated by calcium ionophore a 23187 and zymosan activated serum

Shalit M.; Schwartz L.B.; Golzar N.; Vonallman C.; Valenzano M.; Fleekop P.; Atkins P.C.; Zweiman B., 1988: Release of histamine and tryptase in vivo after prolonged cutaneous challenge with allergen in humans

Skofitsch G.; Donnerer J.; Petronijevic S.; Saria A.; Lembeck F., 1983: Release of histamine by neuro peptides from the perfused rat hindquarter

Erjavec F.; Lembeck F.; Florjanc Irman T.; Skofitsch G.; Donnerer J.; Saria A.; Holzer P., 1981: Release of histamine by substance p

Gross S.S.; Guo Z G.; Levi R.; Bailey W.H.; Chenouda A.A., 1984: Release of histamine by sympathetic nerve stimulation in the guinea pig heart and modulation of adrenergic responses a physiological role for cardiac histamine

Zhou T.; Conroy M.C.; Spengler H.; De Weck A.L., 1985: Release of histamine from human leukocytes by 1 preparation of immunoglobulin g oligomers

Schleimer, R. P.; Gillespie, E.; Lichtenstein, L. M., 1981: Release of histamine from human leukocytes stimulated with the tumor promoting phorbol di esters 1. characterization of the response

Schleimer, R. P.; Gillespie, E.; Daiuta, R.; Lichtenstein, L. M., 1982: Release of histamine from human leukocytes stimulated with the tumor promoting phorbol di esters 2. interaction with other stimuli

Neijens H.J.; Raatgeep H.C.; Degenhart H.J.; Kerredijn K.F., 1982: Release of histamine from leukocytes and its determinants in vitro in relation to bronchial responsiveness to inhaled histamine and exercise in vivo

Jacaruso R.B.; Barletta M.A.; Carson S.; Trombetta L.D., 1985: Release of histamine from rat peritoneal cells in vitro as an index of irritation potential

Pitt, D., 1977: Release of host lysosomal rnase in leaves of solanum tuberosum during infection by phytophthora infestans

Takemori M.; Nishimura R.; Ashitaka Y.; Tojo S., 1981: Release of human chorionic gonadotropin and its alpha subunit from perifused human placenta

Welsch F., 1979: Release of human chorionic somatomammotropin from isolated perfused lobules and superfused fragments of term placenta spontaneous liberation and the effects of cholinergic drugs di butyryl cyclic amp and calcium

Zimin Yu I.; Chukanov S.V., 1982: Release of human k cell migration inhibition factor by stimulated lymphocytes

Geenen V.; Langer G.; Koinig G.; Schoenbeck G.; Ansseau M.; Von Frenckell R.; Smitz S.; Legros J.J., 1985: Release of human neurophysin i during insulin induced hypoglycemia in depressed patients is abolished after recovery with clomipramine treatment

Fink A.S.; Floyd J.C.Jr; Fiddian Green R.G., 1979: Release of human pancreatic poly peptide and gastrin in response to intra duodenal stimuli a case report

Vicic W.J.; Lages B.; Weiss H.J., 1980: Release of human platelet factor 5 activity is induced by collagen and adp and is inhibited by aspirin

Zao P.Z.R.; Meizel S.; Talbot P., 1985: Release of hyaluronidase and beta n acetylhexosaminidase during in vitro incubation of hamster sperm

Rogers, B. J.; Yanagimachi, R., 1975: Release of hyaluronidase from guinea pig spermatozoa through an acrosome reaction initiated by calcium

Caristan A.; Vincendeau P.; Desmazes J P.; Pautrizel A N.; Pautriezel R., 1980: Release of hydrogen per oxide by peritoneal macrophages from mice infested with trypanosoma musculi

Harborne A.J.; Shute J.K.; Smith M.E., 1984: Release of hydrolases and acetyl choline sensitivity in rat skeletal muscle

Sorlie D.; Myhre K.; Saugstad O.D.; Giercksky K E., 1982: Release of hypo xanthine and phosphate from exercising human legs with and without arterial insufficiency

Van Der Laarse A.; Graf Minor M.L.; Witteveen S.A.G.J., 1979: Release of hypo xanthine from and enzyme depletion in rat heart cell cultures deprived of oxygen and metabolic substrates

Khorram O.; Pau K Y.F.; Spies H.G., 1988: Release of hypothalamic neuropeptide y and effects of exogenous npy on the release of hypothalamic gnrh and pituitary gonadotropins in intact and ovariectomized does in vitro

Sachs, D. H.; Kiszkiss, P.; Kim, K. J., 1980: Release of ia antigens by a cultured bone marrow derived cell line

Najib N.M.; Salem M.A.S., 1987: Release of ibuprofen from polyethylene glycol solid dispersions equilibrium solubility approach

Orchard I.; Lange A.G., 1983: Release of identified adipo kinetic hormones during flight and following neural stimulation of locusta migratoria

Small M.; Lasser Weiss M.; Daniel V., 1979: Release of immature cells from the thymus during solid tumor growth identification by assay of terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase activity

Thomsen B.S.; Nielsen H.; Bendixen G., 1986: Release of immune complexes bound to cr 1 on erythrocytes suramin inhibits factor i in the presence of edta

Jepsen H.H.; Svehag S E.; Jensenius J.C.; Sim R.B., 1986: Release of immune complexes bound to erythrocyte complement receptor cr 1 with particular reference to the role of factor i

Warberg J.; Oliver C.; Barnea A.; Parker C.R.Jr; Porter J.C., 1979: Release of immuno reactive alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone by synaptosome enriched fractions of homogenates of hypothalami

Schatz, H.; Pfeiffer, E. F., 1977: Release of immuno reactive and radioactively pre labeled endogenous pro insulin from isolated islets of rat pancreas in the presence of exogenous insulin

Fukata J.; Nakai Y.; Imura H., 1980: Release of immuno reactive beta endorphin from a synaptosome enriched fraction of rat hypothalami

Kromer W.; Hoellt V.; Schmidt H.; Herz A., 1981: Release of immuno reactive dynorphin from the isolated guinea pig small intestine is reduced during peristaltic activity

Ahlman H.; Demagistris L.; Zinner M.; Jaffe B.M., 1981: Release of immuno reactive serotonin into the lumen of the feline gut in response to vagal nerve stimulation

Gamse R.; Vaccaro D.E.; Gamse G.; Dipace M.; Fox T.O.; Leeman S.E., 1980: Release of immuno reactive somatostatin from hypothalamic cells in culture inhibition by gamma amino butyric acid

Ipp, E.; Dobbs, R. E.; Arimura, A.; Vale, W.; Harris, V.; Unger, R. H., 1977: Release of immuno reactive somatostatin from the pancreas in response to glucose amino acids pancreozymin cholecystokinin and tolbutamide

Devito W.J.; Hedge G.A., 1982: Release of immuno reactive tsh from the rat hypothalamus in vitro

Pittman Q.J.; Riphagen C.L.; Lederis K., 1984: Release of immunoassayable neuro hypophyseal peptides from rat spinal cord in vivo

Zipser, R. D.; Speckart, P. F.; Zia, P. K.; Hahn, J. A.; Boswell, W. P.; Horton, R., 1978: Release of immunoassayable prostaglandin e by the human ischemic kidney

Tanaka I.; Inagami T., 1986: Release of immunoreactive atrial natriuretic factor from rat hypothalamus in vitro

Forman L.J.; Marquis D.; Stevens R., 1985: Release of immunoreactive beta endorphin in vitro from pituitaries of young and old male rats

Emanuele N.; Anderson J.; Baker G.; Mcdonald D.; Kirsteins L.; Lawrence A.M., 1984: Release of immunoreactive luteinizing hormone from rat hypothalamus pars tuberalis explants

Tseng L F.; King R.C.; Fujimoto J.M., 1986: Release of immunoreactive methionine enkephalin by intraventricular beta endorphin in anesthetized rats

Tseng L F.; Higgins M.J.; Hong J S.; Hudson P.M.; Fujimoto J.M., 1985: Release of immunoreactive methionine enkephalin from the spinal cord by intraventricular beta endorphin but not morphine in anesthetized rats

Myers A.K.; Farhat M.Y.; Vaz C.A.; Keiser H.R.; Zukowska Grojec Z., 1988: Release of immunoreactive neuropeptide by rat platelets

Geenen V.; Legros J.J.; Hazee Hagelstein M.T.; Louis Kohn F.; Lecomte Yerna M.J.; Demoulin A.; Franchimont P., 1985: Release of immunoreactive oxytocin and neurophysin i by cultured luteinizing bovine granulosa cells

Emanuele N.V.; Baker G.; Anderson J.; Kirsteins L.; Lewrence A.M., 1985: Release of immunoreactive tsh from rat hypothalamus

Roy R.K.; Lau A.S.; Munro H.N.; Baliga B.S.; Sarkar S., 1979: Release of in vitro synthesized poly adenylic acid containing rna from isolated rat liver nuclei characterization of the ribo nucleo protein particles involved

Padfield P.J.; Case R.M., 1987: Release of individual enzymes from guinea pig pancreas following stimulation with cck 8 or cck 33

Miller, G.; Lipman, M., 1973: Release of infectious epstein barr virus by transformed marmoset leukocytes

Molster, A.; Svanes, K.; Raugstad, T. S.; Soreide, O., 1978: Release of inflammatory mediators into the gastric wall of rats with acute acetic acid induced ulcer

Stalker D.M.; Filutowicz M.; Helinski D.R., 1983: Release of initiation control by a mutational alteration in the r 6k pi protein required for plasmid dna replication

Baker M.T.; Nelson R.M.; Van Dyke R.A., 1983: Release of inorganic fluoride from halothane and halothane metabolites by cytochrome p 450 hemin and hemo globin

Maire J.C.; Straub R.W., 1980: Release of inorganic phosphate during activity in mammalian nonmyelinated nerve fibers

Araki Y.; Nakamura N.; Koyama K.; Nakamura Y.; Inoue Y.; Yoshioka K.; Nakano K.; Yoshida T.; Kondo M., 1981: Release of insulin and glucagon from isolated human islets of langerhans

Gustavsson S.; Lundqvist G., 1982: Release of insulin and pancreatic somatostatin in response in increased circulating growth hormone levels

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