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Release of tritium labeled water from tritium labeled 1 beta 2 beta androstenedione by equine granulosa cells

Release of tritium labeled water from tritium labeled 1 beta 2 beta androstenedione by equine granulosa cells

Acta Endocrinologica 104(2): 227-232

Granulosa cells were harvested from mares at various stages of the estrous cycle and incubated in Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer with 1.beta.,2.beta.[3H]androstenedione as substrate. The release of 3H2O expressed as cpm/h per mg protein varied from 44,000-768,000 in follicles from 7 mares. The release of 3H2O was not significantly altered by luteinizing hormone, FSH or pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin. There was a significant negative correlation between the release of 3H2O and the concentration of progesterone in the follicular fluid. Based on the assumption that the release of 3H2O represents total aromatization, these data suggest that the equine granulosa cells have a very active aromatizing enzyme system.

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Accession: 006306563

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