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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6308

Chapter 6308 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kol'tover V.K., 1982: Reliability of enzyme systems and molecular mechanisms of aging

Haschke F., 1988: Reliability of estimation of maximum performance capacity on the basis of submaximum ergometric stress tests in children 10 14 years old

Garg A.K., 1986: Reliability of exoantigens for differentiating blastomyces dermatitidis and histoplasma capsulatum from chrysosporium and geomyces species

Jones R.J., 1987: Reliability of extrusa samples collected from steers fistulated at the esophagus to estimate the diet of resident animals in grazing experiments

Taft T.V., 1984: Reliability of femoral artery sampling during cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Ucieda F.J., 1980: Reliability of fetal anthropometry by ultrasound

Hicks, R. R-Jr ; Coster, J. E.; Watterston, K. G., 1978: Reliability of field crew judgments concerning site factors associated with southern pine beetle infestations

Dibble C., 1981: Reliability of fixation disparity curves

Yiu S., 1986: Reliability of fixation preference testing in diagnosing amblyopia

Wierbicki E., 1979: Reliability of flexible packaging of radappertized beef under production conditions

Von Der Hardt H., 1981: Reliability of flow volume measurements in children

Coryell W., 1986: Reliability of follow up assessments of depressed inpatients

Balkisson B.A., 1988: Reliability of form a of the eysenck personality inventory epi for indian south african subjects

Takaoka I., 1985: Reliability of four strength tests applied to growing boys and girls

Hilbig E., 1981: Reliability of frenzels glasses and the optimal observation period for routine explorations

Alazraki, N. P.; Ramsdell, J. W.; Taylor, A.; Friedman, P. J.; Peters, R. M.; Tisi, G. M., 1978: Reliability of gallium scan chest radiography compared to mediastinoscopy for evaluating mediastinal spread in lung cancer

Cantor R.E., 1979: Reliability of gated heart scintigrams for detection of left ventricular aneurysm concise communication

Grunow W.A., 1985: Reliability of gleason grading system in comparing prostate biopsies with total prostatectomy specimens

Ashton, B. B.; Pickles, B.; Roll, J. W., 1978: Reliability of goniometric measurements of hip motion in spastic cerebral palsy

Davis, J. M., 1977: Reliability of hearing impaired childrens responses to oral and total presentations of the test of auditory comprehension of language

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307020

Jones R.N., 1987: Reliability of high content disks and modified broth dilution tests for detecting staphylococcal resistance to the penicillinase resistant penicillins

Ringsted, J.; Amtrup, F.; Asklund, C.; Baunsgaard, P.; Christensen, H. E.; Hansen, L.; Jakobsen, C.; Jensen, N. K.; Moesner, J.; Et-Al, 1978: Reliability of histo pathological diagnosis of squamous epithelial changes of the uterine cervix

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307023

Barton C.A., 1986: Reliability of home observation for victims of mild closed head injury

Tipton C.M., 1987: Reliability of hydrostatic weighing in skinfold measurements of body composition using a generalizability study

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307026

Deodhar S., 1979: Reliability of immuno fluorescence of renal tissue obtained at autopsy

Carosi G., 1981: Reliability of immuno globulin m immuno fluorescent antibody and immuno globulin m immuno hem agglutinating antibody tests on pure immuno globulin m fractions obtained by a simple gel filtration method in acquired and congenital toxoplasmosis

Szilagyi G., 1983: Reliability of in vitro susceptibility tests for detecting coagulase negative staphylococcal resistance to penicillinase resistant semi synthetic penicillins

Mets J.T., 1987: Reliability of industrial audiometry as a screening method for incipient noise induced hearing loss

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307031

Bircks W., 1986: Reliability of intraoperative flow measurements to determine early graft patency with simultaneous introduction of a new method for distal coronary artery run off capacity

Schonfeld S.E., 1985: Reliability of intraoral blood for diabetes screening

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307034

Martin E.M., 1982: Reliability of kill and activity estimates in the usa waterfowl hunter survey

Vernberg, W. B.; Coull, B. C.; Jorgensen, D. D., 1977: Reliability of laboratory metabolic measurements of meio fauna

Labayle, D.; Chaput, J. C.; Phan, A.; Buffet, C.; Etienne, J. P., 1978: Reliability of laparoscopy for the diagnosis of gallbladder stones

Hoth S., 1986: Reliability of latency and amplitude values of auditory evoked potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307039

Black D.M., 1985: Reliability of lecithin sphingomyelin ratios in diabetic pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307041

Mcdonald Scott P., 1981: Reliability of lifetime diagnosis a multi center collaborative perspective

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307043

Schutte H.E., 1985: Reliability of mammographic reporting correlation of mammographic interpretation and diagnostic levels of confidence

Miller, S. H.; Calabretta, A.; Graham, W. P. Iii ; Davis, T. S., 1976: Reliability of mass spectrometric techniques for tissue gas analysis

Driscoll P.A., 1988: Reliability of maximal and submaximal parameters of treadmill testing for the measurement of physical training in older persons

Bohadana A.B., 1985: Reliability of maximal static respiratory pressure measurements

Rondal, J. A.; Defays, D., 1978: Reliability of mean length of utterance as a function of sample size in early language development

Tanaka, K.; Hayase, R.; Tanimura, M., 1977: Reliability of methods to estimate number of potentially marriageable 1st cousins for an individual using the mean and variance of sibship sizes

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307050

Beattie, R. C.; Edgerton, B. J., 1976: Reliability of mono syllabic discrimination tests in white noise for differentiating among hearing aids

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307052

Forrest D., 1984: Reliability of mothers reports of birth data

Bunnell F.L., 1985: Reliability of motion sensitive radio collars for estimating activity of black tailed deer odocoileus hemionus columbianus

Prinz R.J., 1982: Reliability of neurological soft signs in children reevaluation of the physical and neurological examination for soft signs

Smith I.C.P., 1981: Reliability of nitroxide spin probes in reporting membrane properties a comparison of nitroxide labeled and deuterium labeled steroids

Ito I., 1986: Reliability of non invasive estimates of pulmonary hypertension by pulsed doppler echocardiography

Wolfe, L. A.; Cunningham, D. A.; Davis, G. M.; Rechnitzer, P. A., 1978: Reliability of noninvasive methods for measuring cardiac function in exercise

Larini P., 1983: Reliability of noninvasive procedures in the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis a prospective study

Elgmork, K.; Brekke, O.; Selboe, R., 1976: Reliability of observations from the public of tracks and signs of the brown bear ursus arctos in the vassfaret area southern norway

Kitazawa Y., 1986: Reliability of optic disc measurement with computerized stereoscopic video image analyzer

Wijsman K., 1984: Reliability of optic disc topographic measurements recorded with a video ophthalmograph

Levesque M., 1987: Reliability of paired ultrasonography cystography in the investigation of urinary tract infections in the child prospective study involving 90 cases

Freeman B., 1980: Reliability of palpation of pedal pulses as ascertained by the kappa statistic

Jackson A.C., 1987: Reliability of parameter estimates from models applied to respiratory impedance data

Davis E.C., 1980: Reliability of peer review auditing procedures

Bar A., 1983: Reliability of perceptual voice assessment

Hirono Y., 1988: Reliability of percutaneous test for facial nerve function comparison between indirect and direct stimulation method

Millay, K.; Roeser, R. J.; Godfrey, J. J., 1977: Reliability of performance for dich otic listening using 2 response modes

Mastropieri M.A., 1984: Reliability of performance on a whole part perception task

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307071

Vecchi D., 1983: Reliability of photometric measurements in the zeiss fundus camera

Martin, K. H.; Stehn, R. A.; Richmond, M. E., 1976: Reliability of placental scar counts in the prairie vole

Lindstrom E., 1981: Reliability of placental scar counts in the red fox vulpes vulpes with special reference to fading of the scars

Tollefsen T., 1984: Reliability of plaque and periodontal measurements estimated by the internal consistency method

Cashmore, G. C.; Few, J. D.; Fowles, C. H., 1976: Reliability of plasma cortisol determination by a simple competitive protein binding method

Babiker M.A., 1985: Reliability of present day glucose test strips in the neonatal settings of a developing country

Heinze R., 1984: Reliability of pressure recordings via catheters used for trans luminal coronary angio plasty

Cekan S.Z., 1985: Reliability of progesterone measurements in urine

Bremermann H.J., 1982: Reliability of proliferation controls the hayflick limit and its breakdown in cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307081

Pearl E., 1984: Reliability of psychiatric diagnosis in israels psychiatric case register

Myers P.E., 1983: Reliability of psycho physiological assessment

Mattes R.D., 1988: Reliability of psychophysical measures of gustatory function

Wellons H.A.Jr, 1986: Reliability of q wave formation and qrs score in predicting regional and global left ventricular performance in acute myocardial infarction with successful reperfusion

Hashiba K., 1988: Reliability of qt intervals as indicators of clinical hypercalcemia

Gutfeld N., 1979: Reliability of quantitative strength measurements in children

Foss O.P., 1982: Reliability of questionnaire information on cardio vascular disease in finnmark county norway

Deckart H., 1984: Reliability of radioactive phosphorus phosphorus 32 in the diagnosis of intra ocular tumors experience with 912 patients

Wilbrand H., 1986: Reliability of radiographic pelvimetry a methodological study

Reed K., 1985: Reliability of rapid clinical staging of all night sleep electroencephalography

Eckert, H. M.; Eichorn, D. H., 1976: Reliability of reaction time

Ross R.K., 1982: Reliability of recall of drug usage and other health related information

Eklund G., 1986: Reliability of record linkage in the swedish cancer environment register

Balaine D.S., 1988: Reliability of regular and irregular interval recording with variable centering date in estimating milk yield of crossbred temperate x zebu cattle

Khaledi H., 1986: Reliability of repetitive dynamic strengths as a screening tool for manual lifting tasks

Devesa S.S., 1980: Reliability of reported death rates and incidence rates

Hierholzer W.J.Jr, 1987: Reliability of reporting nosocomial infections in the discharge abstract and implications for receipt of revenues under prospective reimbursement

Harada K., 1982: Reliability of response threshold for middle latency response

Bellezza F.S., 1984: Reliability of retrieval from semantic memory common categories

Bellezza F.S., 1984: Reliability of retrieval from semantic memory information about people

Bellezza F.S., 1984: Reliability of retrieval from semantic memory noun meanings

Bellezza F.S., 1988: Reliability of retrieving information from knowledge structures in memory scripts

Bellezza F.S., 1987: Reliability of retrieving information from knowledge structures in memory self information

Cain M.E., 1987: Reliability of retrograde atrial activation patterns during ventricular pacing for localizing accessory pathways

Carscaddon D.M., 1984: Reliability of retrospective self reports of physical illness

Freund L.G., 1981: Reliability of routine clearance methods for assessment of glomerular filtration rate in advanced renal insufficiency

Fork F T., 1983: Reliability of routine double contrast examination of the large bowel a prospective study of 2590 patients

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307109

Anderson G.H.Jr, 1979: Reliability of screening methods for the diagnosis of primary aldo steronism

Pellegrini R.J., 1980: Reliability of seasonal variation in births of left handed women

Dunn, J. M., 1978: Reliability of selected psycho motor measures with mentally retarded adult males

Garnic J.D., 1987: Reliability of selective pulmonary arteriography in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism

Newman, R. G.; Cates, M.; Tytun, A.; Werbell, B., 1976: Reliability of self reported age of 1st drug use analysis of new york city usa narcotics register data

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307115

Sobell L.C., 1982: Reliability of self reports of low ethanol consumption by problem drinkers over 18 months of follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307117

Weippl G., 1983: Reliability of serum ferritin in iron prophylaxis of prematures

Schoultz J.D., 1984: Reliability of singing bird surveys changes in observer efficiency with avian density/

Bart J., 1985: Reliability of singing bird surveys effects of song phenology during the breeding season

Sketch, M. H.; Nair, C. K.; Esterbrooks, D. J.; Mohiuddin, S. M., 1978: Reliability of single lead and multiple lead electro cardiography during and after exercise

Merritt A.M., 1983: Reliability of single sample phosphorus fractional excretion determination as a measure of daily phosphorus renal clearance in equids

Shizgal H.M., 1981: Reliability of skin testing as a measure of nutritional state

Yoda M., 1979: Reliability of slow vertex response audiometry in young children with sensori neural hearing loss

Mulcahy R., 1981: Reliability of smoking history among survivors of myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307126

Taylor S.M., 1982: Reliability of social survey data on noise effects

Bercea O., 1987: Reliability of some diagnostic methods in neoplastic pleurisy

Rankovic, M., 1975: Reliability of some indicator plants for identification of sharka plum poxvirus strains

Okken A., 1987: Reliability of sonography in non hemorrhagic periventricular leukomalacia

Lewis D., 1981: Reliability of spark source mass spectrometry for environmental assessment

Byrne D., 1985: Reliability of speech intelligibility estimation for measuring speech reception thresholds in quiet and in noise

Freixa I.Baque E., 1983: Reliability of spontaneous electro dermal activity in humans as a function of sleep stages

Roy J C., 1980: Reliability of spontaneous electro dermal activity in the cat as a function of waking and sleep stages

Piotrowicz, R.; Dabrowski, A., 1987: Reliability of st segment morphologic assessment in electrocardiograms recorded by holter's monitoring system medilog 2 direct recording type

Tavazzi L., 1987: Reliability of standard electrocardiogram in detecting left ventricular asynergy in 315 patients with recent myocardial infarction

Marwit, S. J.; Walker, E. F.; Marwit, K. L., 1977: Reliability of standard english differences among black and white children at 2nd 4th and 7th grades/

Chauhan K., 1981: Reliability of standard plasmas used by clinical laboratories for 1 stage factor viii assays

Ainamo J., 1985: Reliability of standardized narrow strips in the periotron

Leonard K.J., 1985: Reliability of statistical analyses for estimating relative specificity in quantitative resistance in a model host pathogen system

Del Basso De Caro M., 1983: Reliability of stereotactic biopsy a model to test the value of diagnoses obtained from small fragments of nervous system tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307142

Lambert E.W., 1982: Reliability of subscales of the new york state usa level of care survey

Clarke R.T., 1984: Reliability of suspended load estimates in chalk streams

Pennebaker J.W., 1983: Reliability of symptom blood glucose relationships among insulin dependent adult diabetics

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307146

Basagni M., 1982: Reliability of systolic time intervals

Vince D.J., 1981: Reliability of systolic time intervals in diagnosis of transposition of great arteries in new born

Hattori J., 1982: Reliability of telephone transmission facilities for computerized electro cardiogram analysis in japan

Dulinski J., 1984: Reliability of the 2 4 dinitrophenylhydrazine method of vitamin c determination in potato tuber extracts

Lindholm, J.; Kehlet, H.; Blichert-Toft, M.; Dinesen, B.; Riishede, J., 1978: Reliability of the 30 minute acth test in assessing hypothalamic pituitary adrenal function

Turbott S.H., 1987: Reliability of the aberrant behavior checklist and the effect of variations in instructions

Van Der Staak F.H.J., 1981: Reliability of the acetyl cholin esterase reaction in rectal mucosal biopsies for the diagnosis of hirschsprungs disease

Kunitz S.C., 1987: Reliability of the activities of daily living scale and its use in telephone interview

Tegeler J., 1980: Reliability of the amdp system work study group for methods and documentation in psychiatry a preliminary report on a multicenter exercise on the reliability of psycho pathological assessment

Harris, R. E.; Marraro, R. V., 1977: Reliability of the bacturcult system in the clinical evaluation of post partum bacteriuria

Kelly C., 1981: Reliability of the behavior problem checklist with institutionalized male delinquents

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307158

Cabello Tomas M.L., 1985: Reliability of the biochemical determination of the free iron uptake in children

Iacoponi E., 1986: Reliability of the brazilian version of the clinical interview schedule

Courtieu A.L., 1985: Reliability of the bronchoscopic protected catheter brush in intubated and ventilated patients

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307162

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307163

Kukulka G., 1984: Reliability of the competition knowledge test

Van-Bogaert, L. J.; Mazy, G., 1977: Reliability of the cyto radio clinical triplet in breast pathology diagnosis

Fladerer W., 1980: Reliability of the diagnostic results obtained with confined quantities of the contrast medium in endolymphatic radio nuclide therapy of the inferior limbs

Waldbott, G. L., 1978: Reliability of the double blind test in fluoride poisoning

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307168

Candland D.K., 1985: Reliability of the emotions profile index primate form with papio hamadryas macaca fuscata and two saimiri species

Wijsman, T. C. M., 1977: Reliability of the enzymatic determination of adenosine phosphates in crude extracts of marine bivalves

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307172

Mimouni, M.; Galatzer, A.; Madanes, L.; Lew, E.; Doron, M.; Laron, Z., 1978: Reliability of the eyetone instrument and the reflectance meter in instant blood glucose determinations

Silverman, J. M.; Breitner, J. C. S.; Mohs, R. C.; Davis, K. L., 1986: Reliability of the family history method in genetic studies of alzheimer's disease and related dementias

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307175

Elkins T.E., 1986: Reliability of the frozen section in sharp knife cone biopsy of the cervix

Chelune G.J., 1981: Reliability of the halstead reitan battery in individuals displaying acutely psychotic behavior

Zijlstra W.G., 1984: Reliability of the henderson hasselbalch equation in routine clinical acid base chemistry

Dunkel V.C., 1982: Reliability of the hepatocyte primary culture dna repair test in testing of coded carcinogens and noncarcinogens

Sawada Y., 1979: Reliability of the home made smedley dynamometers and their stability for a long term full grasping power test

Casale R., 1984: Reliability of the isokinetic test in the knee extension flexion evaluation

Jackson, D. N., 1977: Reliability of the jackson personality inventory

Bergman H., 1979: Reliability of the karolinska rod and frame test

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307184

Hustak, T. L.; Dinning, W. D.; Andert, J. N., 1976: Reliability of the koppitz scoring system for the bender gestalt test

Geller L.M., 1979: Reliability of the learning style inventory

Atkinson G.Jr, 1988: Reliability of the learning style inventory 1985

Epstein, M. H.; Cullinan, D.; Lloyd, J., 1977: Reliability of the matching familiar figures test scores of learning disabled children

Bishop V.S., 1979: Reliability of the maximum derivatives of left ventricular pressure and internal diameter as indices of the inotropic state of the depressed myo cardium

Balint P., 1981: Reliability of the measurement of intra renal hemodynamics in the dog as determined by the radioactive microsphere technique

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307191

Degermendzhi, A. G., 1977: Reliability of the micro evolution process in stable and fluctuating populations in open systems

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307194

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307195

Fukuda M., 1986: Reliability of the new criteria on abdominal plain film diagnosis in infancy and early childhood with suspected intussusception

Orstavik D., 1988: Reliability of the periapical index scoring system

Odum L., 1982: Reliability of the plaque assay to determine the sensitivity of neisseria gonorrhoeae to the bactericidal activity of normal human serum

Graff Radford S.B., 1986: Reliability of the pressure algometer as a measure of myofascial trigger point sensitivity

Yates J.W., 1986: Reliability of the psychophysical approach to manual lifting of liquids by females

Bashir M., 1987: Reliability of the psychosocial axes of dsm iii in an adolescent population

Khaltaev, N. G.; Deev, A. D.; Khaltaeva, E. D., 1978: Reliability of the questionnaire method of population nutrition studies

Jaszovszky I., 1981: Reliability of the rabbit pyrogen test and of the limulus test in predicting the pyrogenicity of vaccines in man

Xavier M.A., 1984: Reliability of the raven colored progressive matrices test

Ranck J.B.Jr, 1982: Reliability of the relationship between hippocampal unit activity and sensory behavioral events in the rat

Shoyab, M.; Markham, P. D.; Baluda, M. A., 1974: Reliability of the rna dna filter hybridization for the detection of oncornavirus specific dna sequences

Piotrowski C., 1983: Reliability of the semantic differential used by children evaluation of the evaluative dimension

Boan T., 1986: Reliability of the short form of the bruininks oseretsky test of motor proficiency with five year old children

Horvath S.M., 1984: Reliability of the sleep cycle as a scoring unit

Bornstein R.A., 1982: Reliability of the speech sounds perception test

Jones P.B., 1986: Reliability of the standard progressive matrices test for hispanic and anglo american children

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307212

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307213

Raffin T.A., 1982: Reliability of the thermo dilution method in the determination of cardiac output in clinical practice

Wierbicki E., 1979: Reliability of the tinplate can for packaging of radappertized beef under production conditions

Goldman P., 1981: Reliability of the toxic screen in drug over dose

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307217

Ravizza A., 1984: Reliability of the vestibulo ocular reflex as an index of the effects of hypnotic drugs on the central nervous system

Seacat G.F., 1987: Reliability of the wais wms and reitan battery raw scores and standardized scores corrected for age and education

Berg L., 1988: Reliability of the washington university clinical dementia rating

Papas E., 1987: Reliability of the wetting value of tears

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307222

Adekeye J.D., 1984: Reliability of thermo nuclease production for the identification of human and animal staphylococcus aureus

De Scrilli A., 1986: Reliability of three methods commonly used to predict adult stature

Raffin M.J.M., 1985: Reliability of threshold slope and maximum intelligibility for monosyllabic words

Kenny M.A., 1986: Reliability of transcutaneous carbon dioxide monitoring in premature infants with chronic lung disease

Saling E., 1985: Reliability of transcutaneous measurement of oxygen and carbon dioxide partial pressure with a combined oxygen tension and carbon dioxide tension electrochemical sensor in the fetus during labor

Matsen F.A.IIi, 1987: Reliability of transcutaneous oxygen tension measurements in elderly normal subjects

Mihok, S.; Ewing, D., 1983: Reliability of transferrin and leucine amino peptidase ec phenotyping in wild meadow voles microtus pennsylvanicus

Reale A., 1988: Reliability of transtelephonic electrocardiographic monitoring in detecting st changes during exercise

Harris R.B., 1986: Reliability of trend lines obtained from variable counts

Lorenzo, A; Kronstad, We, 1987: Reliability of two laboratory techniques to predict bread wheat protein quality in nontraditional growing areas

Crosby P.M., 1987: Reliability of two point discrimination measurements

Van Der Heemst M., 1981: Reliability of ultrasound as compared to direct fetal electro cardiography for ante partum cardio tocography

Weldner B M., 1986: Reliability of ultrasound fetometry in estimating gestational age in the second trimester

Fagnani A.M., 1984: Reliability of ultrasound for the diagnosis of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

Schwartz J.F., 1980: Reliability of ultrasound in diagnosis of intra cerebral hemorrhage and post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus comparison with computed tomography

Buster J.E., 1988: Reliability of ultrasound in predicting uterine leiomyoma volume

Ghezzi I., 1985: Reliability of urinary creatinine as a parameter used to adjust values of urinary biological indicators

Schulmann G.B., 1985: Reliability of urinary cytodiagnosis in urothelial neoplasms

Levin D.R., 1987: Reliability of urinary cytology follow up of bladder cancer

Kobayashi Y., 1987: Reliability of urinary n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase as an indicator of renal tubular damage in neonates

Mishell D.R.Jr, 1985: Reliability of urinary pregnancy tests in the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Goma, M.; Tobena, A., 1978: Reliability of various measures obtained in open field test

Ziegler, V. E.; Meyer, D. A.; Rosen, S. H.; Biggs, J. T., 1978: Reliability of video taped hamilton ratings

Danielsson M L., 1980: Reliability of violet redbile agar and brilliant green lactose bile broth enumeration of 44 celsius coliforms escherichia coli and klebsiella spp in food

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307248

Ipatov V.S., 1984: Reliability of visual evaluation of the dominance degree of the forest herbaceous covering

Marlow R.W., 1987: Reliability of walking endurance with an incremental treadmill test

Jodoin L., 1985: Reliability of weight measurements and histopathological studies in intoxication studies of the meadow vole microtus pennsylvanicus

Persson, I.; Bergkvist, L.; Adami, H. O., 1987: Reliability of women's histories of climacteric estrogen treatment assessed by prescription forms

Youkeles L., 1982: Reliability of xerographic reproduction measurements of ulnar deviation

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307255

Loucks D.P., 1982: Reliability resiliency and vulnerability criteria for water resource system performance evaluation

Wagner B.S., 1983: Reliability scalability and validity of an instrument to assess developmental levels of children from birth to 3 years of age

Goldstein S., 1987: Reliability stability and relationships between infant and parent temperament

Shapiro R.W., 1981: Reliability studies of psychiatric diagnosis theory and practice

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307260

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307261

Herbers J.M., 1981: Reliability theory and foraging by ants

Dudley, N. J.; Reklis, D. M.; Burt, O. R., 1976: Reliability trade offs and water resources development modeling with multiple crops

Price T.R., 1983: Reliability validity and clinical utility of the social functioning examination in the assessment of stroke patients

Aiken, L. R., 1978: Reliability validity and veridicality of questionnaire items

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307266

Willems J.L., 1987: Reliable and efficient deconvolution technique based on total linear least squares for calculating the renal retention function

Shimizu, H., 1978: Reliable and precise identification of r waves in the electro cardiogram with a simple peak detector

Eismann D., 1980: Reliable assessment of morphological changes resulting from orthodontic treatment

Frants, R. R.; Eriksson, A. W., 1978: Reliable classification of 6 pi m subtypes by separator iso electric focusing

Frigoletto F.D.Jr, 1987: Reliable criteria for the prenatal sonographic diagnosis of alobar holoprosencephaly

Hosli, P.; Vogt, E., 1978: Reliable detection of cystic fibrosis in skin derived fibroblast cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307273

Toelg G., 1986: Reliable determination of elemental traces in the nanogram gram range in biotic materials and in coal by inverse voltammetry and atomic absorption spectrometry after combustion of the sample in a stream of oxygen

Ticha, H., 1978: Reliable determination of the fungus cercosporella herpotrichoides

Hosli, P.; Kollberg, H.; Vogt, E., 1978: Reliable diagnosis of the major type of cystic fibrosis with fibroblast cultures a double blind study

Zimmer B., 1988: Reliable discrimination of elderly depressed and demented patients by electroencephalographic sleep data

Robertson N.A., 1979: Reliable estimation of hemo globin a 2 concentration by electrophoresis with densitometry

Devereux R.B., 1982: Reliable estimation of peak left ventricular systolic pressure by m mode echographic determined end diastolic relative wall thickness identification of severe valvular aortic stenosis in adult patients

Hamelin C., 1984: Reliable identification of herpes simplex viruses by dna restriction endo nuclease analysis with e c o r i

Portnoy, B. L.; Conklin, R. H.; Menn, M.; Olarte, J.; Dupont, H. L., 1977: Reliable identification of reovirus like agent in diarrheal stools

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307283

Kurachi M., 1988: Reliable induction of generalized seizures in hippocampal kindling triggered with low frequency electrical stimulations

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307285

Samperi R., 1984: Reliable measurement of non esterified long chain fatty acid pattern in blood plasma

Walls, E. K.; Wishart, T. B., 1977: Reliable method for cannulation of the 3rd ventricle of the rat

Herzog J., 1986: Reliable method to produce single zoospore cultures of plasmopara viticola

Smith, T. W., 1978: Reliable methods of tip reduction

Okada K., 1985: Reliable phenotyping of esterase d by low voltage isoelectric focusing evidence for the new variant esterase d yamaguchi

Aitken J., 1981: Reliable plantlet formation from embryos and seedling shoot tips of radiata pine pinus radiata

Petavy G., 1985: Reliable preparative procedures for the cytological study of yolk laden insect eggs and embryos

Roslycky, E. B., 1972: Reliable procedure for silica gel preparation

Mueller Oerlinghausen B., 1980: Reliable routine method for determination of perazine in serum by thin layer chromatography with an internal standard

Toll P.J.M.M., 1984: Reliable routine method for the determination of antidepressant drugs in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307297

Macy, J. M.; Yu, I.; Caldwell, C.; Hungate, R. E., 1978: Reliable sampling method for analysis of the ecology of the human alimentary tract

Martin Villa C., 1984: Reliable separation of xylitol from some carbohydrates and polyols by high performance liquid chromatography

Goldfarb S., 1983: Reliable stereological method for estimating the number of microscopic hepato cellular foci from their transections

Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307302

Hartlova, E.; Mohelska, H., 1978: Reliable technique of preparation of ultra thin sections of tissue infected with mycobacteria

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Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307953

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Section 7, Chapter 6308, Accession 006307970

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