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Remarkable cyclopoida crustacea copepoda from the subterranean waters of slovenia yugoslavia

Petkovski, T.K.

Acta Musei Macedonici Scientiarum Naturalium 17(2): 23-52


Accession: 006307510

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In numerous hydrobiological samples from the karstic and underflow waters of Slovenia, 8 hypogean species of Cyclopoida were ascertained. Six species are discussed in detail, from taxonomical and zoogeographical aspects. For comparison, 2 other species are included which originate from other localities out of Slovenia. Acanthocyclops hispanicus Kiefer is a new element in the fauna of Slovenia as in south-east Europe, known up to now only from north Spain. Besides the redescription of the female, a description of the male is given which was unknown up to now. A. kieferi (Chappuis) shows great morphological variation, especially in comparison with populations from Macedonia. A significant finding is the presence of 3 different forms of Diacyclops languidoides (Lilljeborg) s. l. in the same sample from the underflow waters. These forms were made into distinct species although they were considered as subspecies by all authors until now: D. languidoides s.s., D. zschokkei (Graeter) and D. clandestinus Kiefer. The detailed characteristics for each of these related species are given. D. hypnicola (Gurney) is distinguished from the scope of D. languidoides s. l. and raised to a rank of distinct species. Speocyclops infernus (Kiefer) does not show any morphological peculiarities in regard to other known populations form the karstic waters of Slovenia and north Italy. S. demetiensis (Scourfield) is a close species to S. infernus (Kiefer), from which it is distinguished by a slender harpacticoid body form and shorter furcal rami.

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