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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6309

Chapter 6309 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Surovegin A.L., 1986: Remote detection of chlorophyll using laser induced fluorescence method

Kenny J.E., 1985: Remote detection of groundwater contaminants using far uv laser induced fluorescence

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308002

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308003

Takahashi T., 1985: Remote diagnosis via a telecommunication satellite ultrasonic tomographic image transmission experiments

Hineline P.N., 1987: Remote effects of aversive contingencies disruption of appetitive behavior by adjacent avoidance sessions

Abbas S., 1988: Remote effects of bap and ethrel on growth and senescence in y branched mungbean vigna radiata l wilczek plants

Lenzi G.L., 1987: Remote effects of caudate hemorrhage a clinical and functional study

Keaney R.P., 1984: Remote effects of cerebrovascular accidents visual evoked potentials and electrophysiological coupling

Vladimirskaya I.K., 1988: Remote effects of exposure to ionizing radiation of different let correlation between changes in the intensity of light scattering of blood lymphocytes at early times after irradiation and life span of rats

Lenzi G.L., 1988: Remote effects of subcortical cerebrovascular lesions a spect cerebral perfusion study

Gonzalo Sanz L.M., 1987: Remote electrodermic response to an algogenic stimulus pathway and spinal integration

Milkova T., 1985: Remote halogenation some model studies and specific degradation of the cholesterol sitosterol and campesterol side chain

Ternovskii, M. F.; Lar'kina, N. I., 1978: Remote hybridization as a method of creating stock material resistant to peronospora tabacina

Steklenev, E. P., 1978: Remote hybridization in poultry breeding

Dardik I.I., 1980: Remote hydraulic syringe actuator its use to avoid radiation exposure during intra operative arteriography

Barbier M., 1988: Remote induction of the condensation of p nitrobenzaldehyde on the methylene group of 5 hydroxy 2 coumaranone

Pocha J.S., 1988: Remote interstitial afterloading in cancer of the prostate preliminary experience with the microselectron

Cervellera, G.; Quaranta, A.; Cassano, P., 1978: Remote masking as a test of cochlear conductive hearing losses

Karlovich, R. S.; Osier, H. A., 1977: Remote masking generated by high frequency 2 tone complexes

Quaranta, A.; Amoroso, C.; Cervellera, G., 1978: Remote masking in presbycusis

Swatland H.J., 1986: Remote measurement of electrical capacitance in meat carcasses and the effect of frequency and temperature

Conner W.D., 1986: Remote measurement of sulfur dioxide emissions using an uv light sensitive video system

Kamiya S., 1985: Remote measurement of test distance using the moire method

Mccluney, W. R., 1976: Remote measurement of water color

Mustafa A., 1987: Remote measurement of water transparency in selected water bodies of bangladesh

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308027

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308028

Clopton P.L., 1982: Remote memory during marihuana intoxication

Sagar, H. J.; Cohen, N. J.; Sullivan, E. V.; Corkin, S.; Growdon, J. H., 1988: Remote memory function in alzheimer's disease and parkinson's disease

Squire, L. R.; Slater, P. C., 1977: Remote memory in chronic anterograde amnesia

Fox J.H., 1981: Remote memory in senile dementia

Syrota A., 1987: Remote metabolic effects of cerebrovascular lesions magnetic resonance and positron tomography imaging

Jackson, A. M.; Graham, D. I., 1978: Remote metastases from intra cranial tumors

Galstyan, A. M., 1978: Remote metastases in cancer of the large intestine

Friedlender R., 1981: Remote metastases of laryngeal carcinoma

Salamonsen R.F., 1982: Remote monitoring by mass spectrometry during anesthesia evaluation of a suitable inlet system

Inoue, Y., 1986: Remote monitoring of function and state of crop community i. analysis of thermal image of crop canopy

Hallenbeck J.M., 1984: Remote monitoring of neur axial function in anesthetized dogs in compression chambers

Inoue, Y., 1987: Remote monitoring of physiological ecological status of crops ii. corn canopy temperature and its relations with climatic factors

Inoue, Y., 1987: Remote monitoring of the physiological ecological status of crops iii. estimating remotely the transpiration in corn canopy by means of multi sensing of ir canopy temperature and micrometeorological data

Inoue, Y., 1987: Remote monitoring of the physiological ecological status of crops iv. quantitative relationship between photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate per vapor pressure deficit for corn and soybean under field conditions

Inoue, Y., 1988: Remote monitoring of the physiological ecological status of crops v. texture analysis of canopy reflectance based on optical density in photographs and remote estimation of leaf chlorophyll concentration by spectral reflectances

Starke H., 1982: Remote monitoring system for exhaust air detection of nuclear power plants

Ray W.J.Jr, 1987: Remote nitrogen 15 isotope effects on addition of cyanide to nad

Barale V., 1987: Remote observations of the marine environment spatial heterogeneity of the mesoscale ocean color field in czcs imagery of california usa near coastal waters

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308047

Valberg A., 1982: Remote pattern reversal reduces the proximal negative response of the goldfish carassius auratus retina

Wallace G.F., 1983: Remote plume measurements by use of a correlation spectrometer and a differential absorption lidar

Dardik I.I., 1980: Remote profunda femoral bypass for limb salvage

Flores R., 1988: Remote prognosis of preeclampsia in women 25 years old and younger

Richards G., 1985: Remote regulatory sequences of the drosophila glue gene sgs 3 as revealed by p element transformation

Lubuzh K.D., 1980: Remote result of complicated and uncomplicated myo cardial infarction

Szczudrawa A., 1980: Remote results after the application of a personal technique of plastic surgery of the uterine cervix

Kuliev Ch B., 1981: Remote results of closed depressed fractures of the cranial fornix in children

Goikhberg, M. I.; Romanenko, A. M.; Zaparin, V. K.; Klimenko, I. A., 1978: Remote results of combined treatment of urinary bladder cancer depending on the histological form of the tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308058

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308059

Konovalova V.V., 1979: Remote results of the pre operative large fractionation gamma therapy for breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308061

Vodyanov N.M., 1982: Remote results of transplantation of a skin islet on a vaso neural pedicle according to kholevich

Khabirova G.F., 1980: Remote results of treatment of freshly torn knee joint ligaments

Zaitsev I.A., 1980: Remote results of treatment of patients with early forms of syphilis using penicillin and bicillin in a continuous method

Blair W., 1982: Remote salmonellosis surgical masquerader

Kuhl D.E., 1981: Remote semi automated production of fluorine 18 labeled 2 deoxy 2 fluoro d glucose

Talvitie J., 1979: Remote sensing and geobotanical prospecting in finland

Johnson, R. W., 1980: Remote sensing and spectral analysis of plumes from ocean dumping in the new york usa bight apex atlantic ocean

Edwards D., 1983: Remote sensing and vegetation mapping in south africa

Seguin B., 1987: Remote sensing and water balance combined use of an agrometeorological model and of noaa avhrr satellite thermal ir data

Guyot G., 1987: Remote sensing and water balance physical basis and potentials

Sobur, A. S.; Chambers, M. J.; Chambers, R.; Damopolii, J.; Hadi, S.; Hanson, A. J., 1978: Remote sensing applications in the southeast sumatra coastal environment

Aboul-Eid, H. Z.; Khodair, M. M.; Abdel-Hady, M. A., 1975: Remote sensing detection of some root knot nematode infected leguminous crops

Hatfield J.L., 1983: Remote sensing estimators of potential and actual crop yield

Stove G.C., 1982: Remote sensing for agricultural research and monitoring operations

Vinogradov, B. V., 1976: Remote sensing in ecological botany

Nicole M., 1985: Remote sensing in plant diseases using ir color aerial photography applications trials in the ivory coast to root diseases of hevea brasiliensis

Grall J R., 1983: Remote sensing observations of biological material by landsat along a tidal thermal front and their relevancy to the available field data

Estes, J. E.; Jensen, J. R.; Tinney, L. R., 1978: Remote sensing of agricultural water demand information a california usa study

Millan M.M., 1980: Remote sensing of air pollutants a study of some atmospheric scattering effects

Millan, M. M.; Hoff, R. M., 1978: Remote sensing of air pollutants by correlation spectroscopy instrumental response characteristics/

Alaniz M.A., 1987: Remote sensing of broom snakeweed gutierrezia sarothrae and spiny aster aster spinosus

Chepilov V.V., 1979: Remote sensing of chlorophyll concentration in surface ocean water from a ship

Aoki, M.; Yabuki, K.; Totsuka, T.; Nishida, M., 1986: Remote sensing of chlorophyll content of leaf i. effective spectral reflection characteristics of leaf for the evaluation of chlorophyll content in leaves of dicotyledons

Aoki, M.; Wang, M. X.; Yabuki, K.; Totsuka, T., 1986: Remote sensing of chlorophyll content of leaf ii. effective spectral reflection characteristics for evaluations of chlorophyll content and leaf area index of plant community

Wallen, V. R.; Jackson, H. R.; Macdiarmid, S. W., 1976: Remote sensing of corn aphid infestation 1974 hemiptera homoptera aphididae

Sherwood, B. I.; Jackson, R. D.; Reginato, R. J., 1977: Remote sensing of crop yields canopy temperature and albedo measurements have been quantitatively correlated with final harvests of wheat

Digby S.A., 1984: Remote sensing of drained ice areas around the breathing holes of ice inhabiting seals

Vinogradov B.V., 1981: Remote sensing of humus content in soils

Tucker C.J., 1980: Remote sensing of leaf water content in the near ir

Fabre J.P., 1979: Remote sensing of matsucoccus feytaudi coccoidea margarodidae attacks in the maritime pine forests of southeastern france using tri chromatic micro densitometry on ir color films

Reichert W.M., 1986: Remote sensing of protein adsorption using a single optical fiber

Khorram S., 1982: Remote sensing of salinity in the san francisco bay delta california usa

Shennan I., 1986: Remote sensing of salt marsh reclamation in the wash england uk

Klemas V., 1987: Remote sensing of submerged aquatic vegetation in lower chesapeake bay usa a comparison of landsat mss to tm imagery

Bouten W., 1979: Remote sensing of surface roughness and top soil moisture of bare tilled soil with an x band radar

Roettger, J.; Klostermeyer, J.; Czechowsky, P.; Ruester, R.; Schmidt, G., 1978: Remote sensing of the atmosphere by very high frequency radar experiments

Bowden, L. W., 1976: Remote sensing of the environment prospects for the last quarter of the 20th century

Mcmurtrey J.E.IIi, 1981: Remote sensing of total dry matter accumulation in winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar arthur

Rona, D. C., 1977: Remote sensing of turbidity in biscayne bay florida usa

Vinogradov B.V., 1979: Remote sensing phenology in geobotany

Hart W.G., 1983: Remote sensing survey of palms with respect to suspected lethal decline in south texas usa

Sokoloski, M. M.; Rubin, B., 1987: Remote sensing technologies for space missions in the second half of the nineties' decade

Sharma J.K., 1985: Remote sensing technology a potential tool in crop yield prediction

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308107

Millan M.M., 1981: Remote sulfur di oxide mass flux measurements using cospec

Gjessing, D. T., 1978: Remote surveillance by electro magnetic waves for air water land

Kilbourn M.R., 1984: Remote system for production of carbon 11 labeled glucose via photosynthesis

Kilbourn M.R., 1983: Remote system for production of carbon 11 labeled palmitic acid

Vining P.E., 1979: Remote television viewing an ultrasound teaching device

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308113

Susman E.P., 1979: Remote viewing a response bias interpretation

Swaroff P., 1979: Remote viewing failures to replicate with control comparisons

Smirnov, O. P.; Gromov-Yu, V.; Leonov, B. I.; Bal'ter, S. A., 1976: Remote visual control of the correlation between the working beam of radiation and the irradiated volume in radio therapy

Mair I.W.S., 1983: Remotely recorded cochlear microphonic in the cat

Sousa F.M., 1984: Remotely sensed oceanographic patterns and variability of bluefin tuna thunnus thynnus thynnus catch in the gulf of mexico

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308119

Yoo H.R., 1986: Remotely sensed water turbidity pattern on the korean side of the yellow sea

Karyukhina, V. S.; Kudryavtseva, M. I.; Nazarov, V. I.; Volkova, A. P.; Gleiberman, S. E., 1976: Removability of some surfactants from dishes during washing

Granata L., 1979: Removable electro magnetic transducer for the study of cardiac minute volume in the walking dog

Edwards R.O., 1984: Removable partial denture design a photoelastic study

Borio P., 1983: Removable partial dentures with controlled force distribution

Alfthan, O.; Koskela, E., 1977: Removable purse string suture of the bladder neck in trans vesical prostatectomy

Dushauskene-Duzh, R. F.; Polikarpov, G. G., 1978: Removal and accumulation of lead 210 by lake hydrobionts

Bazilinskaya, M. V.; Zabolotnova, L. A., 1977: Removal and accumulation of some elements in filled lysimeters with natural and cultivated vegetation

Leger C., 1982: Removal and addition of bile in the intestine and pancreatic colipase activity in the pig effect of a high lipid diet

Litvinenko M.V., 1986: Removal and consumption of nutrients by garden radish plants under protected ground growing at different levels of mineral nutrition

Hackman, R. J.; Rust, T., 1981: Removal and de contamination of residual 3 3' di chloro benzidine

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308131

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308132

Funk W.H., 1984: Removal and inactivation of bacteria during alum treatment of a lake

Navratil J.D., 1979: Removal and pre concentration of surfactants from waste water with open pore poly urethane

Skov, P. S., 1977: Removal and re fixation of surface immuno globulin from isolated rat mast cells

Bowling K.M., 1979: Removal and recovery of arsenious oxide from flue gases

Wouterlood H.J., 1982: Removal and recovery of arsenous oxide from flue gases a pilot study of the activated carbon process

Nose Y., 1988: Removal and recovery of cholesterol in thermofiltration

Solter, K. M.; Gibor, A., 1978: Removal and recovery of mating receptors on flagella of chlamydomonas reinhardi

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308140

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308141

Sakaguchi T., 1986: Removal and recovery of uranium by polyvinyl polyacrylate

Branzoli U., 1987: Removal and regeneration of the endothelium of the left common carotid artery of rats with induced hypercholesterolemia compared with normocholesterolemic animals experimental model to quantify the endothelial layer

Van Der Loos H., 1985: Removal and reimplantation of the parietal cortex of the neonatal mouse consequences for the barrelfield

Zwickel F.C., 1980: Removal and replacement of male blue grouse dendragapus obscurus on persistent and transient territorial sites

Paterson, A. D.; Morgan, A. G.; Bishop, M. C.; Burden, R. P., 1986: Removal and replacement of tenckhoff catheter at a single operation successful treatment of resistant peritonitis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Mccord, C. L-Jr ; Loyacano, H. A. Jr, 1978: Removal and utilization of nutrients by chinese water chestnut in catfish ponds

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308148

Goto, K.; Mizushima, S., 1978: Removal by bovine serum albumin of fatty acids from membrane vesicles and its effect on proline transport activity in escherichia coli

Cable R.G., 1984: Removal by centrifugation of leukocytes and red cells from apheresis platelets

Oota, Y., 1977: Removal by chemicals of photoperiodic light requirements of lemna gibba g 3

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308152

Dvorak, P., 1974: Removal by rhyolithic pumice of internally deposited thallium from the rat

Sarkar, B.; Dixon, H. B. F.; Webster, D., 1978: Removal by trans amination and scission of residues from the peptide representing the copper transport site of serum albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308155

Klaesson P., 1984: Removal experiments in a population of willow warblers phylloscopus trochilus in mountain birch forest in ammarnas swedish lapland

Pickett S.T.A., 1986: Removal experiments to test mechanisms of plant succession in oldfields

Wideroe T E., 1988: Removal generation and adsorption of beta 2 microglobulin during hemofiltration with five different membranes

Medley D., 1983: Removal mechanisms for toxic priority pollutants

Gonsior S.J., 1986: Removal of 1 4 dioxane from wastewater

Peck, N. H., 1978: Removal of 10 elements by vegetables and by alfalfa

Ahluwalia, V. K.; Prakash, C.; Singh, R. P., 1978: Removal of 4 hydroxyl group in 4 hydroxy 3 methoxy coumarins synthesis of 3 methoxy angelicin and partial methyl ethers of 3 methoxy coumarins

Ahluwalia, V. K.; Mehta, S., 1978: Removal of 4 hydroxyl group in 4 hydroxy 3 phenyl coumarins formation of 3 phenyl coumarins

Verma I.M., 1985: Removal of a 67 base pair sequence in the noncoding region of protooncogene fos converts it to a transforming gene

Van-Leeuwen, H. J., 1978: Removal of a bitter peptide from tryptic hydrolysates of casein co precipitate by immuno adsorbent affinity chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308166

Dixon, H. B. F., 1976: Removal of a bound ligand from a macro molecule by gel filtration

Ring E.J., 1979: Removal of a distal common bile duct stone through per cutaneous trans hepatic catheterization

Eckmann A., 1987: Removal of a fixed t drain after detachment by means of a ring stripper

Robles-De-Medina, E. O.; Westerhof, P. W.; Van-Mill, G. J.; Huysmans, H. A.; Schaepkens-Van-Riempst, A. L. E. M. S., 1977: Removal of a fragment of catheter entrapped in a bjork shiley aortic valvular prosthesis trans arterial approach using a modified loop snare technique

Hashi K., 1988: Removal of a large asymptomatic calcified chronic subdural hematoma

Mitchell G.W.Jr, 1981: Removal of a presacral tumor via a schuchardt incision

Mahorner, H.; Bean, W. J., 1971: Removal of a residual stone from the common bile duct without surgery

Court D., 1984: Removal of a terminator structure by rna processing regulates int gene expression

Amacher, D. E.; Lieberman, M. W., 1977: Removal of acetylamino fluorene from the dna of control and repair deficient human fibroblasts

Maccarthy P., 1984: Removal of actinides from radioactive wastewaters by chemically modified peat

Catravas J.D., 1984: Removal of adenosine from the rabbit pulmonary circulation in vivo and in vitro

Popova V.B., 1986: Removal of admixtures from antibiotic filter cakes by displace washing on filtration plates

Fromageot, H. P. M.; Slusarczuk, G. M. J., 1976: Removal of adsorbed elastase from partially digested elastin

Cerutti P.A., 1983: Removal of afla toxin b dna adducts and in vitro transformation in mouse embryo fibroblasts c 3h 10t 1 2

Brackett R.E., 1988: Removal of aflatoxin b 1 from peanut milk inoculated with flavobacterium aurantiacum

Kozlovskaya V.I., 1985: Removal of algae and bacteria from water with filters with zeolite content

Bitton, G.; Fox, J. L.; Strickland, H. G., 1975: Removal of algae from florida usa lakes by magnetic filtration

Lawley P.D., 1980: Removal of alkylation products from dna of escherichia coli cells treated with the carcinogens n ethyl n nitroso urea and n methyl n nitroso urea influence of growth conditions and dna repair defects

Cheminat, A.; Benezra, C.; Farrall, M. J.; Frechet, J. M. J., 1981: Removal of allergens from natural oils by selective binding to polymer supports 2. application of aminated resins to iso alanto lactone and costus oil

Moseley, H.; Kennedy, J. A., 1977: Removal of alternating current interference from the electro cardiogram

Wright, S. H.; Stephens, G. C., 1978: Removal of amino acid during a single passage of water across the gill of marine mussels

Uitto, J.; Lichtenstein, J. R., 1976: Removal of amino terminal and carboxy terminal extension peptides from pro collagen during synthesis of chick embryo tendon collagen

Guimaraes J.A., 1986: Removal of amino terminal methionine from hemoglobin nascent peptides by a membrane bound rat liver methionine aminopeptidase

Kubota H., 1986: Removal of ammonia by a peat biofilter without and with nitrifier

De A.K., 1987: Removal of ammonia from waste water using coal fly ash

Burris R.H., 1979: Removal of an adenine like molecule during activation of di nitrogenase reductase from rhodospirillum rubrum

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308195

Garrido, E.; Stein, B., 1978: Removal of an arterio venous malformation from the basal ganglion

Oliver, L. K.; Cano, C., 1977: Removal of an endogenous antigen from an antibody to increase its effective affinity constant as illustrated by tri iodo thyronine assay

Young, D. A. B., 1971: Removal of an insulin inhibitor from the rat heart by perfusion

Zinn K.M., 1980: Removal of an intra ocular foreign body from the optic nerve head

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308200

Wilson D.J., 1986: Removal of antimony from aqueous systems

Edwardson J.A., 1988: Removal of arginine 1 and phenylalanine 22 from clip acth 18 39 by rodent pituitary and blood peptidases

Hayes E.R., 1980: Removal of arsenic from contaminated drinking water by a chitosan chitin mixture

Thomas D.M., 1985: Removal of arsenic from geothermal fluids by adsorptive bubble flotation with colloidal ferric hydroxide

Twidwell L.G., 1985: Removal of arsenic from lead smelter speiss

Logsdon, G. S.; Symons, J. M., 1977: Removal of asbestiform fibers by water filtration

Minamide T., 1987: Removal of astringency and storage of hiratanenashi persimmon fruits

Smith, W. H., 1977: Removal of atmospheric particulates by urban vegetation implications for human and vegetative health

Gillis C.N., 1986: Removal of atrial natriuretic peptide by perfused rabbit lungs in situ

Hata Y., 1986: Removal of bacteria from seawater by adding montmorillonitic clay in laboratory conditions

Matsumoto T., 1983: Removal of bacteria from water by adhesion to cross linked poly vinyl pyridinium halide

Evans S.K., 1984: Removal of bacteria from water by adsorption to magnetite

Braude P.R., 1986: Removal of bacterial contaminants from semen for in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination by the use of buoyant density

El Zanfaly H.T., 1981: Removal of bacterial indicators of pollution from sewage via combined treatment techniques

Martinez-Hernandez, A.; Fink, L. M.; Pierce, G. B., 1976: Removal of basement membrane in the involuting breast

Poots, V. J. P.; Mckay, G.; Healy, J. J., 1978: Removal of basic dye from effluent using wood as an adsorbent/

Shireman R.B., 1981: Removal of benzo a pyrene from cells by various components of medium

Kennedy, L. D.; Court, C. B., 1983: Removal of beta glucanase activities from commercial amylo glucosidase ec by chromatography on cellulose powder

Britz M.L., 1987: Removal of beta lactam antibiotics during growth of escherichia coli strains hosting pur and pex vectors

Ochoa S., 1981: Removal of beta subunit of the eukaryotic poly peptide chain initiation factor 2 by limited proteolysis

Taswell H.F., 1979: Removal of bile acids and bilirubin by plasma perfusion of usp charcoal coated glass beads

Wilmink J.M., 1982: Removal of bile acids from the blood by hemo dialysis with a poly acrylonitrile membrane treatment of pruritus of cholestatic disease

Hattori K., 1988: Removal of bile duct stones using electrohydraulic shock wave lithotripsy report of three cases

Shevtsov N.M., 1982: Removal of biogenic and mineral pollutants from waste water by sub soil irrigation

Beryl I., 1981: Removal of biogenic elements poly chlorinated bi phenyls and heavy metals during the biological final treatment of waste waters

Savkina M.A., 1985: Removal of biologically active impurities from immunoglobulin preparations

Misra M.K., 1987: Removal of black nightshade contamination from soybean seeds

Hines, H. C.; Trowbridge, C. L.; Zink, G. L., 1976: Removal of blood group determinants from bovine erythrocyte membranes part 3 action of proteolytic enzymes on intact cells

Bendig D.W., 1986: Removal of blunt esophageal foreign bodies by flexible endoscopy without general anesthesia

Ong T.H., 1982: Removal of blunt esophageal foreign bodies in children using a foley catheter

Zu'bi S.M., 1982: Removal of bolus fragmentation artifacts from pulmonary curves as applied to shunt fraction determination

Bradbury A.G.W., 1986: Removal of boric acid and related compounds from solutions of carbohydrates with a boron selective resin ira 743

Amos W.B., 1981: Removal of bound calcium from nematocyst contents causes discharge

Slavin S., 1988: Removal of breast cancer cells by soybean agglutinin in an experimental model for purging human marrow

Shima K., 1982: Removal of bronchial foreign bodies in children use of a new mini optical telescope

Kanterman I.L., 1980: Removal of bronchioliths with a fibro bronchoscope in a patient with coronary heart disease

Gill R., 1986: Removal of browning and growth enhancement by polyvinylpolypyrrolidone in protoplast cultures of cyamopsis tetragonoloba

Steinbergs C.Z., 1986: Removal of by products of chlorine and chlorine dioxide at a hemodialysis center

Xander J.G., 1987: Removal of cactus spines from the skin a comparative evaluation of several methods

Wisniewski P., 1987: Removal of cadmium from metal processing wastewaters by reverse osmosis

Chou, E. J.; Okamoto, Y., 1976: Removal of cadmium ion from aqueous solution

Pott L., 1985: Removal of calcium current inactivation in dialyzed guinea pig atrial cardioballs by calcium chelators

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308245

Rawlings C.A., 1981: Removal of canine renal calculi by pyelo lithotomy

Archer, T. E.; Stokes, J. D., 1978: Removal of carbofuran residues from strawberries by various washes and jam production

Collins, J. K.; Knight, C. A., 1978: Removal of carbohydrate from influenza a virus and its hem agglutinin and the effect on biological activities

Nagpal U., 1986: Removal of carbohydrates from leaf protein concentrate

Spitzer J.J., 1979: Removal of carbon 14 labeled palmitate during ventriculo cisternal perfusion in conscious dogs in insulin induced hypo glycemia

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308251

Genin, V. A.; Beloborodov-Yu, K., 1976: Removal of carcinogenic properties from industrial sewage containing the hydro azo compounds of benzidine and dianisidine

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308253

Dorken B., 1987: Removal of cells from a malignant b cell line from bone marrow with immunomagnetic beads and with complement and immunoglobulin switch variant mediated cytolysis

Slitzky B.E., 1986: Removal of cellular water prevents the reformation of the interphase nucleus

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308256

Brodard E., 1986: Removal of chlorinated solvents from water design method for countercurrent stripping

Schuettler A., 1986: Removal of chlorite by water treatment

El Nockrashy A.S., 1981: Removal of chlorogenic acid from sunflower helianthus annuus seed

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308260

Lopukhin Yu M., 1984: Removal of cholesterol from erythrocyte ghosts by phospholipids

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308262

Singh V.N., 1988: Removal of chrome dye from aqueous solutions by fly ash

Singh V.N., 1988: Removal of chrome dye from carpet effluents using coal i

Mehrotra I., 1986: Removal of chromium from industrial effluents by adsorption on sawdust

Singh V.N., 1984: Removal of chromium vi from aqueous solutions by adsorption on fly ash wollastonite

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308267

Hokano M., 1988: Removal of collagen bundles in murine uterus during postpartum involution

Wagner J., 1982: Removal of color chemical oxygen demand and toxicity from kraft bleach effluent

Wachasunder S.D., 1987: Removal of color from distillery effluent by bacterial culture

Veliky I.A., 1983: Removal of color from kraft mill waste waters with cultures of white rot fungi and with immobilized mycelium of coriolus versicolor

Karthikeyan J., 1987: Removal of color from synthetic dye effluents using low cost materials

Singh V.N., 1988: Removal of color from wastewater by sorption for water reuse

Chu, T. Y. J.; Steiner, G. R.; Mcentyre, C. L., 1978: Removal of complex copper ammonia ions from aqueous wastes with fly ash

Shelton M.J., 1983: Removal of contaminating erythrocytes from human polymorphonuclear leukocyte preparations

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308277

Nathan P., 1980: Removal of contaminating polymorphonuclear leukocytes to prepare purified lymphocytes for cyto toxicity testing

Nishikaze O., 1979: Removal of contaminating substances before gas liquid chromatographic determination of aldo sterone in urine

Salvato B., 1984: Removal of copper from octopus vulgaris hemocyanin preparation of the half apo and apo derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308281

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308282

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308283

Hamer, J., 1978: Removal of cranio pharyngioma by subnasal trans sphenoidal operation

Kodram F., 1979: Removal of cupric ions by means of activated sludge kinetics isotherms and yields

Grande M., 1983: Removal of cyanide from scrubber effluents and its effect on toxicity to fish

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308287

Reeck G.R., 1982: Removal of degradation products from calf thymus high mobility group nonhistone chromatin proteins by chromatography on immobilized double stranded dna

Saunders R.M., 1979: Removal of deleterious glucosides from safflower meal

Yamada K., 1986: Removal of denatured proteins with artificial res

Sato, Y.; Fusayama, T., 1976: Removal of dentin by fuchsin staining

Gupta, K. G.; Jain, A. K.; Dhawan, S., 1979: Removal of di acetyl from beer by adsorbents and di acetyl reductase ec

Ueda S., 1981: Removal of di methyl di sulfide from poultry manure by actinomycetes

Kim, B. R.; Snoeyink, V. L.; Schmitz, R. A., 1978: Removal of dichloramine and ammonia by granular carbon

Milligan L.P., 1985: Removal of digesta components from the rumen of steers determined by sieving techniques and fluid particulate and microbial markers

Kuno-Sakai, H.; Sakai, H.; Sarles, H. E., 1976: Removal of digitalis from human plasma using immuno adsorbents

Andrade M.O.D., 1982: Removal of disagreeable flavor and odor in tilapia sarotherodon niloticus

Badrinath S.S., 1985: Removal of dislocated lens material from the posterior segment

Okamoto K., 1982: Removal of dislocated lens nucleus in the vitreous by pars plana vitrectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308300

Salim, R.; Robinson, J. W., 1985: Removal of dissolved aluminum released by acid rain using decaying leaves i. effects of ph and species of leaves

Salim, R.; Robinson, J. W., 1985: Removal of dissolved aluminum released by acid rain using decaying leaves ii. effects of concentration of leaves aluminum and other cations

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308303

Sekine M., 1986: Removal of dissolved heavy metals by chemical coagulation magnetic seeding and high gradient magnetic filtration

Tsukui K., 1984: Removal of dissolved krypton 85 by vacuum degassing method

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308306

Ackerman, S.; Cool, B.; Furth, J. J., 1979: Removal of dna from rna by chromatography on acetylated n n' m di hydroxylborylphenylsuccinamylaminoethyl cellulose

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308308

Kuc J., 1987: Removal of duvatrienediols from the surface of tobacco leaves increases their susceptibility to blue mold

Verma O.P., 1986: Removal of ear cockles from contaminated wheat triticum aestivum seeds

Tjessem K., 1979: Removal of elemental sulfur from environmental samples

Yakovlev E.N., 1983: Removal of elements by drainage effluents from peat bog soils of the northeastern part of the amur river region ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308313

Christiansen J.F., 1981: Removal of endogenous gastrin in man

Kruse V., 1979: Removal of endogenous ligands from a high affinity anti serum for radio immunoassay

Yahiel V., 1979: Removal of endogenous middle molecules by hemo perfusion

Feighery C., 1987: Removal of endogenous peroxidase activity from cryostat sections for immunoperoxidase visualization of monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308319

Niwa M., 1986: Removal of endotoxin from water by microfiltration through a microporous polyethylene hollow fiber membrane

Kroon W.A., 1984: Removal of enteric viruses from surface water at 8 waterworks in the netherlands

Clarke, N. A.; Chang, S. L., 1975: Removal of enteroviruses from sewage by bench scale rotary tube trickling filters

Drozdov S.G., 1982: Removal of enteroviruses from water using asbestos containing material

Wallace R.A., 1987: Removal of enveloping follicle cells can trigger resumption of meiotic maturation in fundulus heteroclitus oocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308325

Jordan C.G., 1980: Removal of escherichia coli bacterio phage t 1 by sand columns using calcium as a filter aid

Van-Der-Drift, C.; Van-Seggelen, E.; Stumm, C.; Hol, W.; Tuinte, J., 1977: Removal of escherichia coli in waste water by activated sludge

Martinez Pons V., 1981: Removal of esophageal foreign bodies

Mueller D.L., 1987: Removal of esophageal foreign bodies with a foley balloon catheter under fluoroscopic control

Arnold, W. C.; Butler, H. L.; Kearns, G. L.; Sorensen, J. R. J., 1988: Removal of essential metalloelements by hemodialysis and exchange transfusion in a patient with acute hepatic necrosis from wilson's disease

Boerrigter H.A.M., 1986: Removal of ethene to very low concentrations by immobilized mycobacterium e3

Scott K.J., 1986: Removal of ethylene from air and low oxygen atmospheres with uv radiation

Pedersen J E.P., 1987: Removal of excess gas from a pediatric nozzle insufflation system

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308335

White, I. N. H.; Liem, H. H.; Muller-Eberhard, U., 1978: Removal of exogenous heme or hemo globin from rat liver microsomes

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308337

Rossner, S.; Hallberg, D., 1976: Removal of exogenous tri glycerides in subjects with massive obesity before and after jejuno ileal shunt operation

Geiger B., 1981: Removal of extracellular fibronectin from areas of cell substrate contact

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308340

Henry J.G., 1983: Removal of extracellular material techniques and pitfalls

Inoue Y., 1981: Removal of extracellular materials by hydro chloric acid tween treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308343

De Bruin M.P., 1983: Removal of eye movement and electro cardiogram artifacts from the noncephalic reference electro encephalogram

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308345

Veerkamp J.H., 1983: Removal of fatty acids from serum albumin by lipidex 1000 chromatography

Hind G., 1986: Removal of ferredoxin nadp oxidoreductase from thylakoid membranes rebinding to depleted membranes and identification of the binding site

Pagani S., 1986: Removal of ferritin bound iron by dl dihydrolipoate and dl dihydrolipoamide

Polyakova, A. N., 1975: Removal of fibrin from mouse immune ascitic fluids to arboviruses using beta propio lactone

Kozima M., 1981: Removal of fibrin thrombi in disseminated intra vascular coagulation morphological studies

Akbar A.M., 1984: Removal of fine oily hazes from waste water using deep fibrous bed coalescer/

Reddy K.R., 1987: Removal of floodwater nitrogen in a cypress swamp receiving primary wastewater effluent

Habibi H.R., 1985: Removal of follicle wall component from ovarian oocytes of the brook trout salvelinus fontinalis

Fieselmann, J. F.; Zavala, D. C.; Keim, L. W., 1977: Removal of foreign bodies 2 teeth by fiber optic bronchoscopy

Christie, D. L.; Ament, M. E., 1976: Removal of foreign bodies from esophagus and stomach with flexible fiber optic pan endoscopes

Subotic B., 1986: Removal of gadolinium ions from solutions using granulated zeolites

Witzel, L.; Wolbergs, E.; Halter, F., 1978: Removal of gall stones by a catheter loop after duodenoscopic sphincterotomy

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308359

Angilletti V., 1982: Removal of gastro enterostomy and pathology of the resected stomach

Kornicker, L. S., 1976: Removal of gelatinous coating from the surface of the carapace of ostracoda in preparation for their examination with the scanning electron microscope

Haakenstad A.O., 1987: Removal of glomerular deposits induced by either preformed immune complexes or by a chronic immune complex model in nzb w mice

Striker G.E., 1980: Removal of glomerular deposits of immune complexes in mice by administration of excess antigen

Mannik M., 1983: Removal of glomerular immune complex deposits by excess antigen in chronic mouse model of immune complex disease

Nakazawa, M.; Emancipator, S. N.; Lamm, M. E., 1986: Removal of glomerular immune complexes in passive serum sickness nephritis by treatment in vivo with proteolytic enzymes

Krishnamoorthy C.R., 1984: Removal of glycine from copper ii upon peptide proton ionization in a mixed ligand copper ii peptide amino acid chelate a possible model for substrate removal at metalloenzyme centers

Pearse, J. S.; Pearse, V. B., 1973: Removal of glycine from solution by the sea urchin strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Silbert J.E., 1981: Removal of glycosamino glycans from cultures of human skin fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308369

Issekutz A.C., 1983: Removal of gram negative endo toxin from solutions by affinity chromatography

Young J.C., 1979: Removal of grease and oil by biological treatment processes

Perez, G.; Abraira, C.; Rey, A.; Horn, M., 1977: Removal of guanidino succinic acid by hemo dialysis

Mapes G., 1982: Removal of gypsum from micro fossiliferous shales

Thiessen D., 1983: Removal of harderian exudates by sand bathing contributes to osmotic balance in mongolian gerbils meriones unguiculatus

Maccarthy P., 1984: Removal of heavy metal ions from solution by chemically modified peat effects of ph ionic strength and flow rate

Deluise F.J., 1982: Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using micro gas dispersions

Delwiche J.T., 1982: Removal of heavy metals from electro plating rinse waters by precipitation flocculation and ultra filtration

Tatsuyama, K.; Egawa, H.; Senmaru, H.; Goto, T.; Jodai, S.; Onishi, H., 1975: Removal of heavy metals from polluted water using forest products waste removal by wood flour and bark powder

Martin G., 1984: Removal of heavy metals from waters by means of natural zeolites

Shambaugh, R. L.; Melnyk, P. B., 1978: Removal of heavy metals via ozonation

Christensen S., 1986: Removal of heme from lipids extracted from intact erythrocytes with particular reference to polyphosphoinositides

Neri P., 1980: Removal of heme from preparations of human chorionic somatomammotropin

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308383

Melnick J.L., 1988: Removal of hepatitis a virus and rotavirus by drinking water treatment

Berris B., 1981: Removal of hepatitis b surface antigen from a contaminated applanation tonometer

Contreras, T. J.; Valeri, C. R., 1976: Removal of hepatitis b surface antigen from blood in vitro part 1 effects of washing alone glycerol addition and removal and glycerolization freezing and washing

Johnson, A. J.; Semar, M.; Newman, J.; Harris, R. B.; Brandt, D.; Middleton, S.; Smith, J., 1976: Removal of hepatitis b surface antigen from plasma fractions

Miller E., 1981: Removal of hepatitis b virus from a concentrate of coagulation factor ii factor vii factor ix and factor x by hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Gerety R.J., 1980: Removal of hepatitis b virus infectivity from factor ix complex by hepatitis b immune globulin experiments in chimpanzees

Kaplan P.M., 1985: Removal of hepatitis b virus infectivity from human gamma globulin prepared by ion exchange chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308391

D'amelio E.D., 1983: Removal of histological sections from glass for electron microscopy use of quetol 651 resin and heat

Whitlock, J. P-Jr ; Simpson, R. T., 1976: Removal of histone h 1 exposes a 50 base pair dna segment between nucleosomes

Dessev G., 1984: Removal of histone h 1 exposes linker dna in chromatin to dnase i

Lieberman M.W., 1981: Removal of histone h 1 from intact nuclei alters the digestion of nucleosome core dna by staphylococcal nuclease

Heal J., 1984: Removal of hla a and hla b antigens from platelets

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308397

Lobo E., 1987: Removal of human polymorphonuclear leukocyte surface sialic acid inhibits reexpression or recycling of formyl peptide receptors a possible explanation for its effect on formyl peptide induced polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemotaxis

Abe M., 1988: Removal of humic substance dissolved in water i

Mazet M., 1986: Removal of humic substances by powdered activated carbon a study of some physico chemical effects occurring in the adsorption system

Koottatep S., 1982: Removal of humic substances from natural waters by reverse osmosis

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308402

Abdel Shafy H.I., 1983: Removal of hydro carbons from nile water egypt

Kubota H., 1984: Removal of hydrogen sulfide by a biofilter with fibrous peat

Gustafsson J A., 1980: Removal of hydrophobic compounds from biological fluids by a simple method

Roeck W., 1985: Removal of image intensifier veiling glare by mathematical deconvolution techniques

Van-Oss, C. J.; Bronson, P. M., 1970: Removal of immuno globulin m from serum by ultra filtration

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308408

Schulz T.B., 1981: Removal of immuno reactive gastric inhibitory poly peptide by the kidneys in man and the effect of acute nephrectomy on plasma gastric inhibitory poly peptide in rats

Miyazaki, M., 1986: Removal of immunosuppressive substances from cancer patient serum i. selective removal of immunosuppressive substances from cancer patient serum by double filtration plasmapheresis

Miyazaki, M., 1986: Removal of immunosuppressive substances from cancer patient serum ii. removal of immunosuppressive substances from cancer patient serum by microporous glass bead adsorbent

Herzig J.W., 1987: Removal of inactivation and blockade of cardiac sodium ion channels by dpi 201 106 different voltage dependencies of the drug actions

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308413

Melnick J.L., 1987: Removal of indigenous rotaviruses during primary settling and activated sludge treatment of raw sewage

Hedberg T., 1987: Removal of individual off flavor compounds in water during artificial groundwater recharge and during treatment by alum coagulation sand filtration

Praeuer H.W., 1980: Removal of infected entrapped pacemaker electrodes by continuous traction

Houel J., 1987: Removal of inferior vena cava obstruction under cardiopulmonary by pass

Mewhinney J.A., 1981: Removal of inhaled americium 241 oxide particles of various sizes from beagle dogs using lung lavage and chelation treatment

Mcdonald, K. E.; Park, J. F.; Dagle, G. E.; Sanders, C. L.; Olson, R. J., 1975: Removal of inhaled plutonium 239 oxide from beagle dogs by pulmonary lavage

Muggenburg, B. A.; Felicetti, S. A.; Silbaugh, S. A., 1977: Removal of inhaled radioactive particles by lung lavage a review

Landwall, P.; Holme, T., 1977: Removal of inhibitors of bacterial growth by dialysis culture

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308423

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308424

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308425

Bradley T.J., 1984: Removal of insect basal laminae using elastase

Anderson R.B., 1983: Removal of inter varietal competition effects in forestry varietal trials

Negi S.S., 1984: Removal of interference by dithiothreitol in protein estimation by lowry and biuret methods

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308430

De Pablo J., 1988: Removal of interferences in the spectrophotometric determination of cyanide by dialysis using flow injection analysis

Street H.V., 1981: Removal of interfering phenolic compounds in the analysis of drugs in biological material

Inoue H., 1981: Removal of intra atrial tumor thrombus of renal cell carcinoma report of a case

Kitamura S., 1987: Removal of intra atrial tumor thrombus of renal cell carcinoma report of a case

King T.T., 1979: Removal of intra ventricular cranio pharyngiomas through the lamina terminalis

Abu Talib Bachik, 1984: Removal of iron and aluminum interferences in boron determination from soil extracts

Carlson L., 1985: Removal of iron and manganese from groundwater by re infiltration and slow sand filtration

Williams J., 1982: Removal of iron from di ferric rabbit serum transferrin by rabbit reticulocytes

George, A. D.; Chaudhuri, M., 1977: Removal of iron from ground water by filtration through coal

Sundaresan, B. B.; Bulusu, K. R.; Kulkarni, D. N.; Pathak, B. N., 1978: Removal of iron manganese copper arsenic lead and cadmium by serpentine mineral

Skjeldestad F.E., 1987: Removal of iuds intrauterine device practical problems

Scheynius A., 1987: Removal of langerhans cells from human epidermal cell suspensions by immunomagnetic particles

Moskalewski S., 1985: Removal of large lipid droplets from cytochalasin b treated chondrocytes by high speed centrifugation

Farmakis A., 1981: Removal of large staghorn calculi of the kidney by anatrophic nephro lithotomy under surface cooling

Kikugawa, K.; Minoshima, K., 1978: Removal of leukocytes and platelets from blood

Loos J.A., 1982: Removal of leukocytes from blood by fiber filtration a comparison study on the performance of 2 commercially available filters

Howard, R. J.; Smith, P. M.; Mitchell, G. F., 1978: Removal of leukocytes from red cells in plasmodium berghei infected mouse blood and purification of schizont infected cells

Matsuno R., 1988: Removal of lignin and reuse of cellulases for continuous saccharification of lignocelluloses

Udagawa S I., 1985: Removal of lignosulfonate and use of its sulfur by penicillium sp

Ando S., 1983: Removal of lipid from myosin b preparation by triton x 100 treatment

Eder H.A., 1983: Removal of lipid rich lipo proteins by the liver

Winters A.L., 1986: Removal of lipopolysaccharide from acellular bordetella pertussis vaccine by detergent treatment

Rutherford, J. C., 1977: Removal of living snails from their shells by a hermit crab

Will G.M., 1981: Removal of logging waste thinning debris and litter from a pinus radiata pumice soil site

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308457

Rubin A.L., 1986: Removal of low density lipoproteins in patients by extracorporeal immunoadsorption

Klamfeldt A., 1981: Removal of lower 3rd molar germs by lateral trepanation and conventional technique a comparative study

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308460

Takahashi, M. A.; Asada, K., 1976: Removal of manganese from spinach chloroplasts by sodium cyanide and the binding of manganese to manganese depleted chloroplasts

Yoshida T., 1987: Removal of marine red tide planktons with acid treated clay

Herve, P.; Flesch, M.; Cahn, J. Y.; Racadot, E.; Plouvier, E.; Lamy, B.; Rozenbaum, A.; Noir, A.; Leconte-Des-Floris, R.; Peters, A., 1985: Removal of marrow t cells with okt 3 okt 11 monoclonal antibodies and complement to prevent acute graft vs. host disease a pilot study in 10 patients

Nishino H., 1988: Removal of mercury vapor from air with sulfur impregnated adsorbents

Siegel S.M., 1987: Removal of metal ions from aqueous solutions by penicillium biomass kinetic and uptake parameters

Loutit M.W., 1982: Removal of metals from sewage in an oxidation pond system

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308468

Oesterhelt D., 1983: Removal of methyl groups from retinal controls the activity of bacterio rhod opsin

Pegg, A. E.; Hui, G., 1978: Removal of methylated purines from rat liver dna after administration of di methyl nitrosamine

Chekhovskaya T.P., 1980: Removal of microbial cells from a silica gel layer after their electro retention

Hoffmann, J. R. H. , 1976: Removal of microcystis toxins in water purification processes

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308473

Hiddink, J.; De-Boer, R.; Romijn, D. J., 1978: Removal of milk salts during ultra filtration of whey and butter milk

Wingate-Hill, R.; Cunningham, R. B., 1986: Removal of moisture from green sapwood of pinus radiata d. don and eucalyptus regnans f. muell. during confined compression perpendicular to the grain

Bull R.J., 1983: Removal of mutagens from drinking water by granular activated carbon evaluation using bacterial mutagenicity tests

Campbell, J. M., 1977: Removal of mycetochara puncticollis from the alleculidae to the melandryidae coleoptera

Smirnova T.D., 1986: Removal of mycoplasmas from cell cultures a comparison of three methods

Zola H., 1979: Removal of myelo toxicity from anti lymphocytic sera

Mairanovskii, V. G.; Loginova, N. F., 1976: Removal of n tosyl and n benzyloxycarbonyl protective groups from amino acids by electrochemical reduction in di methyl formamide study of amino acid anion protonation in a nonaqueous solution

Robertson G.L., 1982: Removal of naringin and limonin from grapefruit juice using poly vinyl pyrrolidone

Kemshead J.T., 1984: Removal of neuro blastoma cells from bone marrow with mono clonal antibodies conjugated to magnetic microspheres

Lalchandani A., 1985: Removal of new indicators by coagulation and filtration

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308484

Salim R., 1988: Removal of nickel from polluted water using decaying cypress leaves

Salim R., 1988: Removal of nickel ii from water using decaying leaves effects of ph and type of leaves

Vovnyanko-Ye, K., 1976: Removal of nicotinic acid 7 carbon 14 from rats given different vitamin pp supplies

Van-Kessel, J. F., 1977: Removal of nitrate from effluent following discharge on surface water

Victot J., 1986: Removal of nitrate in drinking water by ion exchange impact on the chemical quality of treated water

Korngold, E., 1973: Removal of nitrates from potable water by ion exchange

Michelsen, O. B., 1978: Removal of nitric acid from effluents containing mixtures of nitric acid and sulfuric acid

Chang S G., 1988: Removal of nitric oxide from flue gas using water soluble iron ii dithiocarbamates

Perry R., 1982: Removal of nitrilo tri acetic acid during primary sedimentation and its effect on metal removal

Ostern S., 1979: Removal of nitro glycerol and nitro glycol from a nitration plant effluent by means of solvent extraction

Syers J.K., 1982: Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from untreated milking shed wastes after application to permanent pasture

Ryther J.H., 1983: Removal of nitrogen and phosphorus from waste water in a water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes based treatment system

Mycielski R., 1979: Removal of nitrogen from industrial waste waters by 3 step nitrification and denitrification

Bisz Konarzewska A., 1984: Removal of nitrogen from industrial wastewaters with the use of algal rotating discs and denitrification packed bed reactor

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308500

Kurihara Y., 1987: Removal of nitrogen phosphorus and cod from waste water using sand filtration system with phragmites australis

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308502

Brotman B., 1985: Removal of non a non b hepatitis virus from a concentrate of the coagulation factor ii factor vii factor ix and factor x by hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308504

Schluederberg, A., 1971: Removal of nonidet p 40 absorbance for optical density monitoring of cytoplasmic rna

Stralfors, P.; Tornqvist, H.; Jergil, B.; Belfrage, P., 1978: Removal of nonionic detergent from proteins fractionated by electro focusing

Kusov-Yu-Yu ; Kalinchuk, N. A.; Gogilashvili, L. M., 1978: Removal of nonionic detergents by ultra filtration

Scherer, R. K.; Brown, R. W., 1972: Removal of nonspecific anti proteinases from serum of rabbits hyper immunized against micrococcus proteinase and staphylococcus proteinase

Hara, T.; Matsuda, M.; Yoneda, M., 1977: Removal of nonspecific antibodies from tetanus anti toxin serum by affinity chromatography using the antigens of a nontoxigenic derivative of clostridium tetani

Minamishima Y., 1987: Removal of nonspecific hemagglutination inhibitors immunoglobulin g and immunoglobulin a with streptococcal cells and its application to the rubella hemagglutination inhibition test

Wenzel R.P., 1988: Removal of nosocomial pathogens from the contaminated glove implications for glove reuse and handwashing

Damodaran S., 1986: Removal of nucleic acids from yeast nucleoprotein complexes by sulfitolysis

Gabriel P.F., 1983: Removal of nutrients and heavy metals from anaerobic waste by aero biological treatment

Fedorov V.A., 1981: Removal of nutrients by crops in crop rotation in typical deep chernozem

Boyt, F. L.; Bayley, S. E.; Zoltek, J. Jr, 1977: Removal of nutrients from treated municipal waste water by wetland vegetation

Yavtushenko V.E., 1987: Removal of nutritive substances from leached chernozem in a soil conserving crop rotation

Montesano R., 1982: Removal of o 6 methyl guanine from dna by human liver fractions

Strauss B., 1981: Removal of o 6 methyl guanine from dna of normal and xeroderma pigmentosum derived lympho blastoid lines

Clay M.G., 1983: Removal of o acetylated sialic acids from rat colonic epithelial glyco proteins by cell free extracts of rat feces

Hill P.M., 1987: Removal of observer variability from the determination of the volume of isoflow

Ferraz F., 1981: Removal of occipital arterio venous malformations with sparing of visual fields

Robinzon, B.; Snapir, N.; Perek, M., 1977: Removal of olfactory bulbs in chickens consequent changes in food intake and thyroid activity

Perassi, N. I.; Peralta, M. E.; Loyber, I., 1975: Removal of olfactory bulbs in rats of different ages repercussion on some metabolic constants

Omosaiye, O.; Cheryan, M.; Matthews, M. E., 1978: Removal of oligo saccharides from soybean water extracts by ultra filtration

Righetti P.G., 1987: Removal of oligomers and n mers from the immobiline chemicals for isoelectric focusing

Sato S., 1987: Removal of oligosaccharides from textured whole soybean product twsp by washing

Grafstein B., 1985: Removal of optic tectum prolongs the cell body reaction to axotomy in goldfish carassius auratus retinal ganglion cells

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308528

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308529

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308530

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308531

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308532

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308533

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308534

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308535

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308537

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308538

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308539

Lutade S.L., 1979: Removal of ortho phosphates and condensed phosphates by clay and aluminum sulfate from clear and turbid waters using a jar test

Mallevialle J., 1984: Removal of p nitrophenol maleic acid and salicylic acid by granular activated carbon

Wilkinson B.J., 1981: Removal of paracoccus denitrificans outer membrane material by sodium chloride

Djebbar K.E., 1986: Removal of paraquat diquat and amitrole from aqueous solution by chemically modified peat

Amplatz K., 1982: Removal of partially extruded steel coils

Robinson D.S., 1981: Removal of partially metabolized very low density lipo proteins by the perfused rat liver

Kobayashi T., 1981: Removal of pediatric bronchial foreign bodies under a ventilation bronchoscope combined with new super mini telescopes

Lane A.G., 1983: Removal of peel oil from citrus peel press liquors before anaerobic digestion

Jimenez Flores R., 1985: Removal of penicillin g from contaminated milk by ultrafiltration

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308549

Pertoft H., 1982: Removal of percoll from microsomal vesicles by gel filtration on sephacryl s 1000 superfine

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308551

Cleaver J.E., 1979: Removal of phage t 4 endo nuclease v sensitive sites from sv 40 dna after exposure to uv light

Lazarova Z., 1984: Removal of phenol from waste water by double emulsion membranes and creeping film pertraction

Mahajan S.P., 1983: Removal of phenol using water hyacinth in a continuous unit

Moor C.V., 1982: Removal of phenolic compounds from soy protein extracts using activated carbon

Upadhya Y.D., 1987: Removal of phenols by adsorption on fly ash

El-Dib, M. A.; Aly, O. A., 1977: Removal of phenylamide pesticides from drinking waters part 1 effect of chemical coagulation and oxidants

El-Dib, M. A.; Aly, O. A., 1977: Removal of phenylamide pesticides from drinking waters part 2 adsorption on powdered carbon

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308560

Morachiello P., 1986: Removal of phosphate by either bicarbonate dialysis or biofiltration in uremics

Huang, C. P., 1977: Removal of phosphate by powdered aluminum oxide adsorption

List, G. R.; Evans, C. D.; Black, L. T.; Mounts, T. L., 1978: Removal of phosphorus and iron by commercial de gumming of soybean oil

Smoczynski L., 1986: Removal of phosphorus and residual aluminum by recirculating electrolysis of wastewater

Jorgensen, S. E., 1978: Removal of phosphorus by ion exchange

Kobayashi T., 1987: Removal of phosphorus from chemically waste water by a treating plant using aggregation precipitation

Takahara Y., 1979: Removal of phthalate esters by activated sludge inoculated with a strain of nocardia erythropolis

Reddy, N. R.; Sathe, S. K.; Pierson, M. D., 1988: Removal of phytate from great northern beans phaseolus vulgaris l. and its combined density fraction

Thompson L.U., 1984: Removal of phytic acid and protein phytic acid interactions in rapeseed

Fagnani, R.; Braatz, J. A., 1980: Removal of phyto hem agglutinin from conditioned medium by affinity chromatography

De Landazuri M.O., 1981: Removal of phyto hem agglutinin from supernatants containing t cell growth factor

Gardner, H. K-Jr ; Hron, R. J. Sr ; Vix, H. L. E., 1976: Removal of pigment glands gossypol from cottonseed

Takayanagi S., 1981: Removal of pigmentation from giant hairy nevi using a dermatome

Lopukhin, U. M.; Molodenkev, M. N.; Leykin, U. A.; Gorchakov, V. D.; Evseev, N. G.; Ryabov, A. V., 1977: Removal of plasma bilirubin by hemo perfusion in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308575

Staub N.C., 1988: Removal of pleural liquid and protein by lymphatics in awake sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308577

Szot, Z.; Zablotna, R.; Geisler, J.; Poczynajlo, A., 1978: Removal of plutonium 239 internally deposited in mice by means of di ethylenetriaminepentamethylene phosphonates

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308579

Taylor, G. N.; Lloyd, R. D.; Boseman, J. J.; Atherton, D. R.; Mays, C. W., 1978: Removal of plutonium from beagles using calcium di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid and zinc di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid effects of initial di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid injection

Gieskes, W. W. C., 1971: Removal of podon polyphemoides from the genus podon

Strauch D., 1981: Removal of poliovirus and parvovirus in sewage sludge by lime treatment

Costello M., 1984: Removal of poliovirus and rotavirus from tap water by a quaternary ammonium resin

Ingham K.C., 1980: Removal of poly ethylene glycol from proteins by salt induced phase separation

Skoog B., 1980: Removal of poly ethylene glycols from immuno globulin samples by adsorption chromatography on poly styrene beads

Hoerz W., 1986: Removal of positioned nucleosomes from the yeast pho 5 promoter upon pho 5 induction releases additional upstream activating dna elements

Bishop, P. L., 1978: Removal of powdered activated carbon from water by foam separation

Kingham J.D., 1979: Removal of pre retinal blood during vitrectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308589

Jones B.E., 1983: Removal of priority pollutants in integrated activated sludge activated carbon treatment systems

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308591

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308592

Ezaki H., 1984: Removal of protein bound substance in hepatic failure polyether urethane sheet embedded with powdered charcoal

Nose Y., 1980: Removal of protein bound toxins from critical care patients

Nunokawa, Y.; Shinoki, S.; Watanabe, T., 1978: Removal of protein precursors of turbidity in sake with an immobilized tannin

Polson, A., 1977: Removal of proteolytic enzymes with aldehyde treated gelatin

Reynolds, R. J., 1978: Removal of pyrimidine dimers from saccharomyces cerevisiae nuclear dna under nongrowth conditions as detected by a sensitive enzymatic assay

Nozu K., 1985: Removal of pyrimidine dimers in uv irradiated spores of dictyostelium discoideum during germination

Bedford, R. F., 1977: Removal of radial artery thrombi following per cutaneous cannulation for monitoring

Arkhipov A.F., 1980: Removal of radio nuclides of the uranium radium series from polluted soil by wheat plants

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Andersen J.E., 1981: Removal of radium from elliot lake ontario canada uranium tailings by salt washing

Berkowitz M.R., 1984: Removal of rat dendritic cells from single cell suspensions by passage through columns of sephadex g 10

Mehrotra I., 1981: Removal of reactive dyes using alum lignin sludge

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308607

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308608

Boszormenyi G., 1987: Removal of renal tumors from thoracoabdominal incision

Athey G., 1984: Removal of retained urinary catheters

Duncan C.C., 1982: Removal of retained ventricular shunt catheters without craniotomy technical note

Gruberg E.R., 1981: Removal of retinal input fails to elicit isthmo tectal sprouting in the frog rana pipiens

Chekulaeva L.N., 1988: Removal of retinal oxime from bacterioopsin containing halobacterium halobium apomembranes by extraction with beta cyclodextrin

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Mills G.C., 1982: Removal of salts from purines pyrimidines and nucleosides using an xad 4 resin

Shenolikar, I. S., 1976: Removal of sanguinarine from edible oils contaminated with argemone oil

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308620

Porter R.J., 1983: Removal of sedative hypnotic anti epileptic drugs from the regimens of patients with intractable epilepsy

Lamont B.B., 1985: Removal of seed of grevillea pteridifolia proteaceae by ants

Nikol'skaya E.B., 1981: Removal of selenium compounds and hydrogen per oxide from waste waters

Walter G., 1987: Removal of serine phosphates from sv 40 large t antigen increases its ability to stimulate dna replication in vitro but has no effect on atpase and dna binding

Tarkka M., 1981: Removal of serotonin 5 hydroxy tryptamine by the lungs an experimental study in dogs

Nomura T., 1987: Removal of serum blocking activities using immobilized protein a columns

Kathuria S., 1985: Removal of sialic acids from the purified insulin receptor results in enhanced insulin binding and kinase activities

Goebel L., 1984: Removal of silver and mercury from chemical oxygen demand waste

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308630

Hamada T., 1982: Removal of sodium 24 by chromatographic extraction with a kieselguhr column and a crown ether solution

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308632

Eaton D.C., 1985: Removal of sodium channel inactivation in squid loligo pealei axon by the oxidant chloramine t

Carbone E. , 1982: Removal of sodium channels in squid loligo vulgaris giant axons by perfusion with trypsin

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308635

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308636

Yeh J.Z., 1987: Removal of sodium inactivation and block of sodium channels by chloramine t in crayfish and squid giant axons

Welch G.B., 1979: Removal of soil peds from soybean glycine max seeds

Wiznia R.A., 1983: Removal of solid silicone rubber explants after retinal detachment surgery

Eaton A., 1979: Removal of soluble iron in the potomac river estuary usa

Apateanu L., 1986: Removal of some aromatic amines from residual waters

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308642

Bones P.J., 1987: Removal of spike interference from digitized angiographic images

Fujita S., 1984: Removal of subarachnoid blood clots after subarachnoid hemorrhage

Mannik M., 1987: Removal of subepithelial immune complexes with excess unaltered or cationic antigen

Gaines R.W., 1987: Removal of sublaminar wires after spinal fusion

Ali, A.; Mulla, M. S.; Pelsue, F. W., 1976: Removal of substrate for the control of chironomid midges in concrete lined flood control channels

Musterman J.L., 1979: Removal of sulfate by ion exchange

Christoe, J. R., 1976: Removal of sulfate from industrial waste waters

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308650

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308651

Abraham, V.; Deman, J. M., 1988: Removal of sulfur compounds from canola oil

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308653

Ichikawa K., 1981: Removal of sulfur containing nitrogen compounds

Clark P.A., 1986: Removal of sulfur dioxide in a two dimensional rain system based on a scale analysis of the conservation equations

Tritsch G.L., 1982: Removal of super oxide dis mutase activity from cytochrome c

Koshitani J., 1980: Removal of surface active agent from waste water by ultra filter

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Kondakov, V. N., 1975: Removal of surface pollutants

Mook D.H., 1981: Removal of suspended particles by fouling communities

Patki S.A., 1982: Removal of suspensions from ash slurry in effluent of a steam generation plant

Burger K.J., 1983: Removal of symmetrical sequences from the origin region of plasmid r 1 reduces its replication efficiency

Waldman H., 1983: Removal of t cells from bone marrow for transplantation a mono clonal anti lymphocyte antibody that fixes human complement

Leulliette L., 1985: Removal of tannins from some bark species by different groups of wood and bark decaying bacteria

Rittmann B.E., 1987: Removal of taste and odor causing compounds by biofilms grown on humic substances

Vukas A., 1982: Removal of tattoos by dermabrasion

Lohfink H D., 1985: Removal of tattoos by excision and spontaneous epithelialization under syspur derm

Kuhlwein A., 1984: Removal of tattoos with a keratotome and wound healing with a fibrin adhesive

Lundt, B. F.; Johansen, N. L.; Volund, A.; Markussen, J., 1978: Removal of tert butyl and tert butoxycarbonyl protecting groups with tri fluoro acetic acid mechanisms byproduct formation and evaluation of scavengers

Garcia Rodriguez A., 1988: Removal of tetramethyl thiuram disulfide from aqueous solution by chemically modified bentonite

Popovic R., 1988: Removal of the 33 kda 23 kda and 18 kda extrinsic proteins of photosystem ii by sulfite treatment at alkaline ph

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308673

Jaspars E.M.J., 1983: Removal of the amino terminal part of alfalfa mosaic virus coat protein interferes with the specific binding to rna 1 and genome activation

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308675

Ramaswamy, S., 1977: Removal of the brain a new procedure

Khorana H.G., 1984: Removal of the carboxyl terminal peptide does not affect re folding or function of bacterio rhod opsin as a light dependent proton pump

Sack W.O., 1983: Removal of the cecum including the ileo cecocolic junction and its effects on digestibility in cattle

Kuroyanagi K., 1987: Removal of the characteristic x ray from intraoral source radiography

Ohshiba S., 1986: Removal of the common bile duct stone using neodymium yag laser irradiation report of two cases

Trounson A.O., 1985: Removal of the cumulus oophorus from the human oocyte for in vitro fertilization

Dole W.P., 1985: Removal of the endothelium potentiates canine large coronary artery constrictor responses to 5 hydroxytryptamine in vivo

Diemer N.H., 1987: Removal of the entorhinal cortex protects hippocampal ca 1 neurons from ischemic damage

Dunn S.D., 1986: Removal of the epsilon subunit from escherichia coli f 1 atpase using monoclonal anti epsilon antibody affinity chromatography

Ida, H., 1976: Removal of the family hypoptychidae from the suborder ammodytoidei order perciformes to the suborder gasterosteoidei order syngnathiformes

Hutchins G.M., 1986: Removal of the femoral head at autopsy

Foerder C.A., 1979: Removal of the fertilization membrane of sea urchin embryos employing amino triazole

Rowlands D.J., 1981: Removal of the genome linked protein of foot and mouth disease virus by rabbit reticulocyte lysate

Bertsch, S.; Marks, F., 1978: Removal of the horny layer does not stimulate cell proliferation in neo natal mouse epidermis

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Sakvarelidze I.M., 1982: Removal of the necessity of vernalization in winter wheat by blue and red light

Kohli K.K., 1983: Removal of the nonionic detergent emulgen 911 from solubilized microsomes by high performance liquid chromatography

Baturin V.A., 1979: Removal of the optimizing effect of neuroleptics on the avoidance behavior of rats after destruction of the corpus striatum

Gevelberg A., 1982: Removal of the phyto toxicity of uracil herbicides in water by photo decomposition

Vallee, R. B.; Borisy, G. G., 1977: Removal of the projections from cytoplasmic micro tubules in vitro by digestion with trypsin

Clapin D.F., 1981: Removal of the schwann sheath from the giant nerve fiber of the squid loligo pealei an electron microscopic study of the axolemma and associated axoplasmic structures

Ascoli M., 1981: Removal of the surface bound human chorio gonadotropin results in the cessation of hormonal responses in cultured leydig tumor cells

Huston J.P., 1980: Removal of the telencephalon spares turning induced by injection of gamma amino butyric acid agonists and antagonists into the substantia nigra

Mayaux, J. F.; Kalogerakos, T.; Brito, K. K.; Blanquet, S., 1982: Removal of the tightly bound zinc from escherichia coli trypsin modified methionyl transfer rna synthetase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308701

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308702

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308707

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Leimgruber, R. M.; Senior, A. E., 1976: Removal of tightly bound nucleotides from soluble mitochondrial atpase f 1

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308710

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308711

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308715

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Prozesky O.W., 1982: Removal of toxicants during direct and indirect reuse of waste water evaluated by means of a mammalian cell culture technique

Hayashi K., 1986: Removal of toxicity from pufferfish liver by cooking

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308720

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308721

Wilson D.J., 1987: Removal of trace levels of phenols from aqueous solution by foam flotation

Goebel N.K., 1982: Removal of trace metals from culture media and sera for in vitro deficiency studies

Tsunogai S., 1985: Removal of trace metals from seawater during a phytoplankton bloom as studied with sediment traps in funka bay japan

Springer C., 1986: Removal of traces of pentachlorophenol from aqueous acidic solutions by solvent extraction and solvent sublation

Butler B.D., 1987: Removal of tracheal secretions in anesthetized dogs balloon catheters versus suction

Rasey J.S., 1987: Removal of transferrin from fetal bovine serum

Middlebrooks E.J., 1983: Removal of tri halo methane precursors by reverse osmosis

Evans S., 1979: Removal of tri halo methane precursors from surface waters using weak base resins

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308730

Lulai E.C., 1982: Removal of triton x 100 and reduction of tween 20 concentration in extracts of fatty oxidation products

Cheetham P.S.J., 1979: Removal of triton x 100 from aqueous solution using amberlite xad 2

Weber A., 1985: Removal of tropomyosin overlap and the cooperative response to increasing calcium concentrations of the acto subfragment 1 atpase

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308734

Debusk T.A., 1987: Removal of two chlorinated compounds from secondary domestic effluent by a thin film technique

Avigliano L., 1987: Removal of type 2 copper from ascorbate oxidase and laccase by reaction with n n diethyldithiocarbamate

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308737

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Mehta, B. J.; Dasare, B. D., 1987: Removal of urea from solution by oxidation part ii. electrolytic oxidation

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308743

Berg K.J., 1980: Removal of uremic toxins and regeneration of hemo filtrate by a selective dual hemo filtration artificial kidney system

Karcher G., 1981: Removal of ureteral calculi trans urethrally with special reference to the so called indwelling zeiss loop

Akimoto M., 1985: Removal of ureteral stone by using rutner balloon dilating helical stone extractor

Haseltine W.A., 1984: Removal of uv light induced pyrimidine pyrimidone 6 4 products from escherichia coli dna requires the uvr a uvr b and urv c gene products

Gipson I.K., 1985: Removal of viable sheets of conjunctival epithelium with dispase ii

Singh V.N., 1987: Removal of victoria blue from aqueous solution by fly ash

Bitton, G.; Gifford, G. E.; Pancorbo, O. C., 1976: Removal of viruses from water by magnetic filtration

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308751

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308752

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308753

Thomsen A., 1981: Removal of waste gas from pediatric anesthetic systems

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Orphanos, P. I., 1977: Removal of zinc residues from apple leaves by hydro chloric acid and leaching of other nutrients in the process

Elfman F., 1985: Removal or oxidation of surface membrane sialic acid inhibits formylpeptide induced polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemotaxis

Feather K.F., 1983: Removal rate of zinc from coal bottom ash in aqueous solutions

Slater N.K.H., 1982: Removal rates of bacterial cells from glass surfaces by fluid shear

Reisen W.K., 1985: Removal sampling of male mosquitoes from field populations by sound trapping

Francis J.W., 1980: Removal techniques to control an enclosed deer odocoileus virginianus herd

Miner M.S., 1985: Removal trapping studies of dispersal in peromyscus leucopus

Onishi S., 1987: Removal treatment of hbv in hbeag positive chronic hepatitis type b

Gokhman M.V., 1981: Removing 1 limitation of the breeding index method when creating cultivars with balanced parameters

Grunwald A., 1983: Removing ammonia from sewage by sedimentation

Gjessing E.T., 1985: Removing aquatic humus from norwegian lakes

Rubel F.Jr, 1987: Removing arsenic from drinking water

Snyder D.W., 1985: Removing barium and radium through calcium cation exchange

Ostroy S.E., 1980: Removing bi carbonate carbon di oxide reduces the cyclic gmp concentration of the vertebrate photo receptor to the levels normally observed on illumination

Amirtharjah A., 1985: Removing color caused by humic acids

Archibald E.M., 1986: Removing contaminants by groundwater recharge basins

Notermans, S.; Terbijhe, R. J.; Van-Schothorst, M., 1980: Removing fecal contamination of broilers by spray cleaning during evisceration

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Logsdon G.S., 1985: Removing giardia cysts with slow sand filtration

Jodellah A.M., 1985: Removing humic substances by chemical treatment and adsorption

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Siviour N.G., 1982: Removing metals from waste solutions with low rank coals and related materials

Cressie, N. A. C., 1978: Removing nonadditivity from 2 way tables with 1 observation per cell

Prinz L., 1980: Removing of tattoos by nitric acid

Serres P., 1986: Removing port wine stains with argon laser a 6 year follow up

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308792

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308796

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308801

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308802

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308803

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308804

Merrill J.E., 1987: Remyelination by oligodendrocytes stimulated by antiserum to spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308806

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308812

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308825

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308826

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308858

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308880

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308881

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308896

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308897

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Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308906

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308907

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308908

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308909

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308910

Section 7, Chapter 6309, Accession 006308911

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