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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6311

Chapter 6311 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Holm S., 1982: Renal function in familial amyloidosis with poly neuropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310001

Williams R., 1987: Renal function in fulminant hepatic failure hemodynamics and renal prostaglandins

Yu, T. F.; Berger, L.; Dorph, D. J.; Smith, H., 1979: Renal function in gout 5. factors influencing the renal hemodynamics

Lukashina T.V., 1984: Renal function in humans with disturbed glucose tolerance and patients with type 1 early diabetes mellitus and type 2 early diabetes mellitus

Lins L E., 1979: Renal function in hyper calcemia a clinical and experimental study

Lins L E., 1979: Renal function in hyper calcemic dogs during hydropenia and saline infusion

Montero Garcia A., 1986: Renal function in hypoxemia

Hjalmas K., 1984: Renal function in idiopathic hydronephrosis in children follow up after conservative and surgical treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310009

Aperia A., 1979: Renal function in infants with hyper bilirubinemia

Buder R., 1985: Renal function in inflammatory nephropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310012

Murthy R.S., 1983: Renal function in long term lithium prophylaxis

Mcdonald F.D., 1979: Renal function in lophius americanus effects of angiotensin ii

Cronin, R. J.; Solomon, S.; Klingler, E. L-Jr, 1970: Renal function in macaca speciosa

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310016

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310017

Gordon H.A., 1987: Renal function in normal and kidney traumatized germfree rats

Abeywickrama K.H., 1984: Renal function in old age and uncomplicated benign essential hypertension

Shimizu M., 1985: Renal function in patients on prophylactic lithium therapy

Serjeant G.R., 1981: Renal function in patients over 40 with homo zygous sickle cell disease

Wolpert E.A., 1982: Renal function in patients treated with a flexible dose lithium regimen

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310023

Et Al, 1987: Renal function in patients with advanced chronic cor pulmonale during respiratory failure

Harrison B.D.W., 1982: Renal function in patients with chronic hypoxemia and cor pulmonale following reversal of polycythemia

Katznelson D., 1983: Renal function in patients with cystic fibrosis

Marsden P.D., 1985: Renal function in patients with mucocutaneous leishmaniasis treated with pentavalent antimonials

Kurtz D., 1988: Renal function in patients with obstructive sleep apnea effects of nasal continuous positive airway pressure

Karbysheva N.V., 1985: Renal function in patients with pseudotuberculosis

Vasil'eva Z.V., 1980: Renal function in pregnancy

Lins L E., 1979: Renal function in primary hyper parathyroidism and in nonhyperparathyroid hyper calcemia

Frenk S., 1980: Renal function in protein energy mal nutrition

Edwards B.R., 1984: Renal function in rats chronically exposed to high altitude

Thomson A.W., 1985: Renal function in rats treated with cyclosporin following unilateral nephrectomy

Finkelstein F.O., 1980: Renal function in rats with acute medullary injury

Lewy J.E., 1981: Renal function in rats with unilateral proteinuria produced by renal perfusion with amino nucleoside

Wilton P., 1983: Renal function in relation to metabolic control in children with diabetes of different duration

Et Al, 1984: Renal function in residents of an endemic fluorosis area in southern algeria

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310039

Yokota, S. D.; Benyajati, S.; Dantzler, W. H., 1985: Renal function in sea snakes aipysurus laevis 1. glomerular filtration rate and water handling

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310041

Erickson R.P., 1986: Renal function in spinal cord injury a preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310044

Parving H H., 1981: Renal function in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Zolotov I.N., 1985: Renal function in surgical treatment of acute cholecystitis

Powers J.D., 1981: Renal function in the indian buffalo bubalus bubalis

Wilson D.E., 1983: Renal function in the neotropical bat artibeus jamaicensis

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310049

Chauser, B. M.; Hudson, F. R.; Law, M. P., 1976: Renal function in the rat following irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310051

Bradshaw S.D., 1983: Renal function in the spectacled hare wallaby lagorchestes conspicillatus effects of dehydration and protein deficiency

Alexander E.A., 1982: Renal function in the term pregnant rat a micro puncture study

Borovkova T.F., 1986: Renal function in traumatic shock

Rankin J.C., 1983: Renal function in unanesthetized river lampreys lampetra fluviatilis effects of anesthesia temperature and environmental salinity

Ishwarlall J., 1987: Renal function in urinary schistosomiasis in the natal province of south africa

Kaneko, J. J.; Mattheeuws, D.; Rottiers, R. P.; Vermeulen, A., 1978: Renal function insulin secretion and glucose tolerance in mild streptozotocin diabetes in the dog

Tylen U., 1987: Renal function measured by x ray fluorescence analysis a comparison between contrast medium clearance and non simultaneous chromium 51 edta clearance

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310059

Labrie R.A., 1981: Renal function monitoring in patients receiving lithium carbonate

Zwennis W.C.M., 1988: Renal function of chrome plating workers and welders

Beierwaltes, W. H.; Arendshorst, W. J., 1978: Renal function of conscious spontaneously hypertensive rats

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310063

Thomsen K., 1986: Renal function of patients in long term treatment with lithium citrate alone or in combination with neuroleptics and antidepressant drugs

Zielhuis R., 1987: Renal function of workers with low level cadmium exposure

Yamori Y., 1980: Renal function plasma renin and spontaneous diuresis in an advanced stage of hypertension in rats

Splinter T.A.W., 1985: Renal function serum calcium and magnesium during treatment of advanced bladder carcinoma with cis dichlorodiammineplatinum impact of tumor site patient age and magnesium supplementation

Ljungman S., 1982: Renal function sodium excretion and the renin angiotensin aldo sterone system in relation to blood pressure an epidemiological and physiological study

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310070

Ringoir S., 1981: Renal function studies in an experimental model of papillary necrosis in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310072

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310073

Vogin, E. E., 1977: Renal function testing differentiation between a nephro toxic agent and diuretic drugs

Lopatkin, N. A.; Darenkov, A. F.; Gusev, B. S.; Golubchikov, V. A.; Avdeichuk-Yu, I.; Garilevich, B. A.; Golubchikov, I. V., 1987: Renal function under the effect of focused shock waves an experimental study

Klotz U., 1984: Renal function was not impaired by treatment with 5 amino salicylic acid in rats and man

Aperia, A.; Broberger, O.; Wilton, P., 1978: Renal functional adaptation in the remnant kidney in patients with renal agenesis and in patients nephrectomized in childhood

Glaenzer K., 1983: Renal functional and metabolic studies on the role of preventive measures in experimental acute ischemic renal failure

Wasserman J., 1979: Renal functional changes in acute glomerulo nephritis in children 1 year follow up

Oyasu R., 1988: Renal functional changes in experimental cystic disease are tubular in origin

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310081

Yokoyama M., 1985: Renal functional computed tomographic study in hydronephrosis the diagnosis of circulatory impairment and the prediction of recovery

Stroo, W.; Hook, J. B., 1977: Renal functional correlates of methyl mercury intoxication interaction with acute mercuric chloride toxicity

Hook J.B., 1979: Renal functional effects of 2 4 5 t acid and silvex after acute and prolonged exposure

Galaske R.G., 1986: Renal functional maturation renal handling of proteins by mature and immature newborns

Flanigan R.C., 1981: Renal functional recovery of the hydro nephrotic kidney predicted before relief of the obstruction

Glabman S., 1983: Renal functional reserve in humans effect of protein intake on glomerular filtration rate

Wilkinson R., 1986: Renal functional reserve in kidney donors

Rau H., 1979: Renal functional response to the mushroom gyromitra esculenta poison gyromitrin

Wynn N.C., 1985: Renal functional status and patterns of catecholamine excretion

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310091

Rehnberg B.F., 1986: Renal functional teratogenesis resulting from adriamycin exposure

Fang H.S., 1987: Renal functions following hyperbaric oxygen toxicity in conscious rats

Ross, B.; Cowett, R. M.; Oh, W., 1977: Renal functions of low birth weight infants during the 1st 2 months of life

Oh W., 1980: Renal functions of low birth weight infants with hyper glycemia and glucosuria produced by glucose infusions

Ronald K., 1982: Renal functions of the baikal seal pusa sibirica and ringed seal pusa hispida

Kubodera A., 1985: Renal gallium accumulation in mice with acute immune complex glomerulonephritis

Hollenbeck J., 1980: Renal gallium accumulation in rats with antibiotic induced nephritis clinical implications

Taylor A.Jr, 1983: Renal gallium accumulation in the absence of renal pathology in patients with severe hepato cellular disease

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310100

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310101

Bernstein J., 1988: Renal glomerular and tubular abnormalities in glycogen storage disease type i

Boichis H., 1982: Renal glomerular and tubular function following acute insulin deprivation in juvenile diabetes mellitus

Poortmans, J. R.; Vancalck, B., 1978: Renal glomerular and tubular impairment during strenuous exercise in young women

Schiffrin E.L., 1988: Renal glomerular atrial natriuretic factor receptors in one kidney one clip rats

Thorning, D.; Vracko, R., 1977: Renal glomerular basal lamina scaffold embryologic development anatomy and role in cellular reconstruction of rat glomeruli injured by freezing and thawing

Surma M., 1980: Renal glomerular basement membrane in vivo biosynthesis and turnover in normal rats

Fukuda Y., 1982: Renal glomerular changes associated with liver cirrhosis

Cohen, M. P.; Khalifa, A., 1977: Renal glomerular collagen synthesis in streptozotocin diabetes reversal of increased basement membrane synthesis with insulin therapy

Devries A.L., 1986: Renal glomerular evolution in antarctic notothenioid fishes

Maue R., 1983: Renal glomerular filtration rate and hepatic blood flow during voluntary diving in weddell seals leptonychotes weddelli

Depaulo Jr Jr, 1981: Renal glomerular function and long term lithium therapy

Mason R.M., 1988: Renal glomerular proteoglycans an investigation of their synthesis in vivo using a technique for fixation in situ

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310114

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310115

Towers R.P., 1985: Renal glomerulopathies associated with hodgkins disease

Herken, H.; Keller, K.; Kolbe, H.; Lange, K., 1975: Renal gluconate excretion after 6 amino nicotinamide

Archer, L. T.; Benjamin, B.; Lane, M. M.; Hinshaw, L. B., 1976: Renal gluconeogenesis and increased glucose utilization in shock

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310119

Smith, O. K.; Long, C. N. H., 1971: Renal gluconeogenesis in eviscerated diabetic rats

Faulkner A., 1980: Renal gluconeogenesis in pregnant and nonpregnant sheep

Traeger J., 1984: Renal glucose transport after kidney transplantation

Gotzsche, O., 1977: Renal glucosuria and amino aciduria

Chang, A. Y.; Noble, R. E.; Perry, C. S.; Greenberg, H. S., 1980: Renal glucosyl transferase ec activity in highly inbred spontaneously diabetic chinese hamsters

Rane A., 1982: Renal glucuronidation of morphine in the human fetus

Brosnan, J. T.; Mcphee, P.; Hall, B.; Parry, D. M., 1978: Renal glutamine metabolism in rats fed high protein diets

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310127

Veltman J.C., 1988: Renal glutathione homeostasis in compensatory renal growth

Jones D.P., 1984: Renal glutathione transport characteristics of the sodium dependent system in the basal lateral membrane

Wirthensohn, G.; Vandewalle, A.; Guder, W. G., 1981: Renal glycerol metabolism and the distribution of glycerol kinase ec in rabbit nephron

Geloso J P., 1983: Renal glycogen content and hormonal control of enzymes involved in renal glycogen metabolism

Montandon A., 1984: Renal glycosuria in renal homograft recipients

Schabel, F.; Glatzl, J.; Irnberger, E., 1978: Renal glycosuria with loss of phosphate/

Van Es L.A., 1983: Renal graft dys function during infection with cytomegalovirus association with immuno globulin m lymphocyto toxins and hla dr 3 and dr 7

Georgi P., 1979: Renal graft evaluation with per technetate and iodine 131 labeled hippuran a comparative clinical study

Anderson C.B., 1983: Renal graft irradiation in acute rejection

Levey R.H., 1981: Renal growth after transplantation infant kidney received by adolescent

Aperia, A.; Broberger, O.; Wikstad, I.; Wilton, P., 1977: Renal growth and function in patients nephrectomized in childhood

Garin E., 1983: Renal growth and scarring in kidneys with reflux and a concentrating defect

Willscher, M. K.; Bauer, S. B.; Zammuto, P. J.; Retik, A. B., 1976: Renal growth and urinary infection following anti reflux surgery in infants and children

Zicha, J., 1976: Renal growth compensatory renal hypertrophy after unilateral nephrectomy

Dinkel, E.; Britscho, J.; Dittrich, M.; Schulte-Wissermann, H.; Ertel, M., 1988: Renal growth in patients nephrectomized for wilms' tumor as compared to renal agenesis

Hoffman A.D., 1982: Renal growth in small kidneys after uretero neo cystostomy

Genton N., 1985: Renal growth retardation in children sign suggestive of vesicoureteral reflux

Gallagher, J. C.; Gallagher, D. J., 1978: Renal hamartoma angio myo lipoma with spontaneous rupture during pregnancy

Whitworth J.A., 1983: Renal handling and acute urinary electrolyte effects of amino glycoside antibiotics use of a solitary renal auto transplant in the conscious sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310147

Madsen P.O., 1984: Renal handling and lymph concentration of tetroxoprim and metioprim an experimental study in dogs

Spielman W.S., 1985: Renal handling and production of plasma and urinary adenosine

Costello L.C., 1979: Renal handling and utilization of citrate in starvation induced hypo citricemia

Pritchard J.B., 1980: Renal handling of 2 4 d by the dogfish shark squalus acanthias

Rogowski, P.; Faber, J.; Siersbaek-Nielsen, K., 1980: Renal handling of 3 3' 5' tri iodo thyronine compared to thyroxine and 3 5 3' tri iodo thyronine in different thyroid function states in man

Yoshinaga K., 1982: Renal handling of 3 5 3 tri iodo thyronine in the dog studied by stop flow analysis

Lau K., 1985: Renal handling of aluminum in the rat clearance and micropuncture studies

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310155

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310156

Arant B.S.Jr, 1983: Renal handling of beta 2 micro globulin in the human neo nate

Kanai M., 1987: Renal handling of beta 2 microglobulin and creatinine among residents in a cadmium polluted area

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310159

Rodriguez Garay E.A., 1987: Renal handling of bilirubin photo derivatives

Schurek H J., 1987: Renal handling of cadmium and cadmium metallothionein studies on the isolated perfused rat kidney

Weinstein S.L., 1986: Renal handling of cadmium in perfused rat kidney and effects on renal function and tissue composition

Macgregor G.A., 1988: Renal handling of calcium and phosphate during mineralocorticoid administration in normal subjects

Hosking D.J., 1986: Renal handling of calcium and sodium in metastatic and non metastatic malignancy

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310166

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310167

Roch Ramel F., 1980: Renal handling of carbon 14 labeled allantoin in the rabbit

Mcnamara, P. D.; Rea, C.; Ozegovic, B.; Segal, S., 1976: Renal handling of carbon 14 mannose

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310170

Suzuki M., 1987: Renal handling of catecholamines during hemorrhagic hypotension

Ladefoged J., 1988: Renal handling of cathodic trypsin like immunoreactivity in man

Weiner M.W., 1980: Renal handling of cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii

Gold, A. J.; Costello, L. C., 1976: Renal handling of citrate during heat induced hypo citricemia

Butlen, D.; Jard, S., 1972: Renal handling of cyclic amp in the rat the possible role of luminal cyclic amp in the tubular re absorption of phosphate

Simell, O.; Perheentupa, J., 1974: Renal handling of di amino acids in lysinuric protein intolerance

Kato, T., 1977: Renal handling of di basic amino acids and cystine in cystinuria

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310179

Lin T H., 1988: Renal handling of drugs in renal failure i differential effects of uranyl nitrate and glycerol induced acute renal failure on renal excretion of teab and pah in rats

Nangia O.P., 1983: Renal handling of electrolytes in response to climatic variations in buffaloes

Pruzanski, W.; Wilson, D. R., 1977: Renal handling of endogenous lysozyme in man

Baumann K., 1983: Renal handling of endogenous lysozyme in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310184

Binswanger U., 1982: Renal handling of fluoride in healthy man

Unger, T.; Buu, N. T.; Kuchel, O., 1978: Renal handling of free and conjugated catecholamines following surgical stress in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310187

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310188

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310189

Kashyap M.L., 1984: Renal handling of high density lipo proteins by isolated perfused kidneys

Zick R., 1982: Renal handling of homologous and heterologous insulin in the isolated perfused rat kidney

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310192

Lauwerys R., 1983: Renal handling of human beta 2 micro globulin in normal and cadmium poisoned rats

Ravnskov, U.; Karatson, A., 1975: Renal handling of human beta 2 micro globulin in the rat the importance of sham operation

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310195

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310196

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310197

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310198

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310199

Siersbaek Nielsen K., 1987: Renal handling of iodothyronines in acromegaly

Silbernagl S., 1981: Renal handling of l histidine studied by continuous micro perfusion and free flow micro puncture in the rat

Young T K., 1985: Renal handling of lactate in normal chinese subjects

Vander, A. J.; Taylor, D. L.; Valitis, K.; Mouw, D. R.; Victery, W., 1977: Renal handling of lead in dogs clearance studies

Mouw D.R., 1979: Renal handling of lead in dogs stop flow analysis

Mogielnicki, R. P.; Waldmann, T. A.; Strober, W., 1971: Renal handling of low molecular weight proteins part 1 l chain metabolism in experimental renal disease

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310206

Maunsbach A.B., 1979: Renal handling of lysozyme in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310208

Hautmann, R.; Osswald, H., 1978: Renal handling of oxalate a micro puncture study in the rat

Sheikh, M. I.; Moller, J. V., 1980: Renal handling of phenol red 4. tubular localization in rabbit and rat kidney in vivo

Sheikh, M. I., 1972: Renal handling of phenol red part 1 a comparative study on the accumulation of phenol red and amino hippurate in rabbit kidney tubules in vitro

Sheikh, M. I., 1976: Renal handling of phenol red part 2 the mechanism of substituted phenolsulfophthalein dye transport in rabbit kidney tubules in vitro

Gerdes, U.; Kristensen, J.; Moller, J. V.; Sheikh, M. I., 1978: Renal handling of phenol red part 3 bi directional transport

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310215

Nienhuis D., 1984: Renal handling of phosphate during acute respiratory acidosis and alkalosis in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310217

Suki W.N., 1987: Renal handling of phosphate following release of ureteral obstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310219

Sbyrakis S., 1986: Renal handling of phosphate in the first six months of life

Tenenhouse, H. S.; Scriver, C. R.; Mcinnes, R. R.; Glorieux, F. H., 1978: Renal handling of phosphate in vivo and in vitro by the x linked hypo phosphatemic male mouse evidence for a defect in the brush border membrane

Popovtzer, M. M.; Massry, S. G.; Villamil, M.; Kleeman, C. R., 1971: Renal handling of phosphorus in oliguric and nonoliguric mercury induced acute renal failure in rats

Moore P.A., 1984: Renal handling of plasma high density lipoprotein

Carone, F. A., 1978: Renal handling of proteins and peptides

Nagase M., 1982: Renal handling of salt and water in the early stage of obstructive jaundice in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310226

Takacs L., 1979: Renal handling of sodium after chronic renal sympathectomy in the anesthetized rat

Cunningham E., 1984: Renal handling of sodium and calcium in hyper calciuria

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310229

Zanon G., 1981: Renal handling of sodium and water in early chronic liver disease evidence for a reduced natriuretic activity of the cirrhotic urinary extracts in rats

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Castillo G., 1983: Renal handling of sodium in premature and full term neo nates a study using clearance methods during water diuresis

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310235

Goldstein L., 1982: Renal handling of taurine in marine fish

Goldstein L., 1987: Renal handling of taurine l alanine l glutamate and d glucose in opsanus tau studies on isolated brush border membrane vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310238

Stern M., 1983: Renal handling of the monobactam azthreonam in healthy subjects

Pritchard, J. B.; Karnaky, K. J. Jr ; Guarino, A. M.; Kinter, W. B., 1977: Renal handling of the polar ddt metabolite 2 2 bis p chlorophenyl acetic acid by marine fish

Faber, J.; Siersbaek-Nielsen, K.; Kirkegaard, C., 1987: Renal handling of thyroxine 3 5 3' and 3 3' 5' triiodothyronine 3 3' and 3' 5' diiodothyronine in man

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310243

Deetjen P., 1980: Renal handling of urate in healthy man in hyper uricemia and renal insufficiency circadian fluctuation effect of water diuresis and of uricosuric agents

Wikstrom B., 1982: Renal handling of urate in patients with calcium stone disease

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310246

Andreucci V.E., 1987: Renal handling of urea in subjects with persistent azotemia and normal renal function

Stolte H., 1982: Renal handling of uremic middle molecules a study with the isolated perfused rat kidney

Gutierrez P.C., 1986: Renal handling of uric acid in gout impaired tubular transport of urate not dependent on serum urate levels

Sorensen L.B., 1982: Renal handling of uric acid in man

Sorensen L.B., 1980: Renal handling of uric acid in normal and gouty subjects evidence for a 4 component system

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310252

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310253

Gomez Mantilla J.M., 1984: Renal handling of uric acid in patients with recurrent calcium nephro lithiasis and hyper uricosuria

Oliveros R., 1980: Renal handling of water and sodium in children with proximal and distal renal tubular acidosis

Ekman, R.; Johansson, B. G.; Ravnskov, U., 1976: Renal handling of zinc alpha 2 glyco protein as compared with that of albumin and the retinol binding protein

Mcdonald F.D., 1981: Renal handling of zinc effect of cysteine infusion

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310258

Tonkin, A. L.; Wheldrake, J. F.; Baudinette, R. V., 1977: Renal handling turnover and metabolism of salicylates in a desert rodent

Feczko P.J., 1979: Renal hem angioma cause of massive hematuria

Rodriguez Rubio F., 1987: Renal hemangioma

Figuerola D., 1985: Renal hemodynamic abnormalities in patients with short term insulin dependent diabetes mellitus role of renal prostaglandins

Granger J.P., 1983: Renal hemodynamic actions of angiotensin ii interaction with tubulo glomerular feedback

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310264

Chomdej, B.; Bell, P. D.; Navar, L. G., 1977: Renal hemodynamic and auto regulatory responses to acute hyper calcemia

Espiner E.A., 1985: Renal hemodynamic and hormonal effects of human alpha atrial natriuretic peptide in healthy volunteers

Gilchrist N.L., 1986: Renal hemodynamic and hormonal responses to atrial natriuretic peptide infusions in normal man and effect of sodium intake

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310268

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310269

Zawada E.T.Jr, 1986: Renal hemodynamic changes after beta blocker diuretic combination therapy in azotemic hypertensive patients

Mitas J.A., 1981: Renal hemodynamic changes during long term anti hypertensive therapy

Lauer A., 1986: Renal hemodynamic changes in humans response to protein loading in normal and diseased kidneys

Koene R.A.P., 1988: Renal hemodynamic effects of a short term high protein and low protein diet in patients with renal disease

Epstein M., 1987: Renal hemodynamic effects of calcium antagonists

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310275

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310276

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310277

Manning R.D.Jr, 1987: Renal hemodynamic fluid volume and arterial pressure changes during hyperproteinemia

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310279

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Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310285

Moller Petersen J., 1987: Renal hemodynamics and extracellular homeostasis during the menstrual cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310287

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Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310292

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Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310300

Sherlock S., 1979: Renal hemodynamics and the renin angiotensin system in cirrhosis relationship to sodium retention

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Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310305

Donker A.J.M., 1986: Renal hemodynamics during separate and combined infusion of amino acids and dopamine

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Section 7, Chapter 6311, Accession 006310316

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