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Renal injury of japanese rabbits caused by habu snake trimeresurus flavoviridis venom pathologic alterations of the glomerulus induced by fractionated habu snake venom

Yokoyama, K.

Medical Journal of Kagoshima University 33(1): 29-70


Accession: 006310414

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Glomerular changes caused by i.v. injection of a single dose of each fraction (F1, F2a, F2b, F3) of the crude Habu snake venom collected by gel-filtration to individual outbred Japanese rabbits were studied. Cystic lesions were observable 24 h after F1 administration in a single dose of 1.0 mg/kg body wt. On the 5th day, proliferative changes of the mesangila-like cells became apparent and then gradually disappeared. F2a, F2b and F3 injections did not produce cystic lesions or proliferative changes. Cystic lesions developed in the glomerulus of rabbits given fl 0.5 mg/kg body wt. Fibrin strands, erythrocytes and polymorphonuclear leukocytes were present within cystic lesions. Observations made in series for 8 days after i.v. administration of venom revealed decreasing cystic changes, advancing proliferative changes and disappearance of fibrin strands. Injections of F2a, F2b and F3 did not produce kidney changes. Enhanced phagocytosis was seen in proliferated cells with fraction F1 administration. When observed by a fluorescent microscope, fluorescence was not recognized in damaged glomerulus by fluorescent antibody technique using anti-rabbit .gamma.-globulin antiserum conjugated FITC after fraction F1 administration. Proteinuria and hematuria developed within 24 h after fraction F1 administration. In the glomerulus, cystic lesions were the main features. Proliferative changes took place thereafter, and urine protein decreased in quantity. Identical glomerular changes were observable in cases of crude Habu snake venom and fraction F1 administration. The immunological mechanism took little part in inducing proliferative changes that developed after occurrence of cystic lesions.

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