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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6314

Chapter 6314 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Masuda Y.; Murai S.; Saito H.; Kohori I.; Itoh T., 1987: Repeated low dose apomorphine induced subsensitivity of presynaptic dopamine receptors

Kayser V.; Niel A.; Guilbaud G., 1986: Repeated low doses of morphine induce a rapid tolerance in arthritic rats but a potentiation of opiate analgesia in normal animals

Prestwood, A. K.; Nettles, V. F., 1977: Repeated low level infection of white tailed deer with parelaphostrongylus andersoni

Yurchenko, N. I.; Berdov, B. A.; Drozdovskii, B. Ya, 1978: Repeated lower mesentericography in the assessment of the efficacy of radiation therapy in rectal cancer

Hill N.S.; O'brien R.F.; Rounds S., 1984: Repeated lung injury due to alpha naphthyl thio urea causes right ventricular hypertrophy in rats

Feloney, J. P.; Balchum, O. J., 1978: Repeated massive hemoptysis successful control using multiple balloon tipped catheters for endo bronchial tamponade

Gill J.L., 1988: Repeated measurement split plot trend analysis versus analysis of first differences

Davis R.T.; Bennett C.L.; Weisenburger W.P., 1982: Repeated measurements of forgetting by rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Carter R.C.; Stone D.A.; Bittner A.C., 1982: Repeated measurements of manual dexterity applications and support of the 2 process theory

Zeiler, M. D., 1969: Repeated measurements of reinforcement schedule effects on gradients of stimulus control

Romer F.K.; Solling K., 1984: Repeated measurements of serum immuno globulin free light chains in early sarcoidosis

Olsen J.; Strunge P.; Rasmussen J., 1987: Repeated measurements of serum lipids

Ryan C.J.; Pusey C.D.; Aslam M.; Gaylor J.D.S.; Maini R.; Courtney J.M., 1986: Repeated membrane plasma separation with on line sorbent treatment of plasma in the conscious rat

Gashinskii V.V.; Voitsekhovskii V.G., 1978: Repeated micro cycle of bacillus cereus

Kumagai N.; Morizane T.; Inagaki Y.; Nakamura T.; Tsuchimoto K.; Watanabe T.; Tsuchiya M., 1984: Repeated micro monocyte adherence inhibition assay a new technique of leukocyte adherence inhibition to detect tumor immunity in patients with hepatoma

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Lenzi, P.; Franzini, C.; Cianci, T.; Guidalotti, P. L., 1982: Repeated microsphere measurements of regional blood flows in chronic animals 2. separation of different radio isotope counts by single channel gamma counter

Wexler, B. C., 1978: Repeated myo cardial infarction in nonarteriosclerotic and arterio sclerotic sprague dawley rats

Gober A.E.; Kearns G.L.; Yokel R.A.; Danziger L., 1979: Repeated naloxone administration for morphine over dose in a 1 month old infant

Verhoeven W.M.A.; Van Praag H.M.; Van Ree J.M., 1984: Repeated naloxone administration in schizophrenia

Zahradnik, J.; Nigrin, Z., 1987: Repeated nesting of the hornet vespa crabro l. in east bohemia czechoslovakia hymenoptera vespidae

Elliott P.J.; Nemeroff C.B., 1986: Repeated neurotensin administration in the ventral tegmental area effects on baseline and dextro amphetamine induced locomotor activity

Case S.T.; Byers M.R., 1983: Repeated nucleotide sequence arrays in balbiani ring 1 of chironomus tentans contain internally nonrepeating and sub repeating elements

Bysotskaya L.V.; Tuturova K.F., 1981: Repeated nucleotide sequences hetero chromatin and dna content in some species of grasshoppers

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Swets, J. A.; Birdsall, T. G., 1978: Repeated observation of an uncertain signal

Hofmann V.; Frick P.G., 1982: Repeated occurrence of skin necrosis twice following coumarin intake and subsequently during decrease of vitamin k dependent coagulation factors associated with cholestasis

Mikulski B.; Lambrecht W.; Szlezak A., 1987: Repeated operations after surgical treatment for large bowel tumors

Blokhin N.N.; Kovalevskii E.O.; Kopsheva M.A.; Vishnyakov A.A., 1985: Repeated operations in cancer patients after trial laparotomies

Tkachuk V.N.; Tarasov N.I.; Nurmedov A.M., 1981: Repeated operations on a solitary kidney in recurrent nephro lithiasis

Dovlatyan A.A., 1986: Repeated operations on patients with tuberculosis and post tuberculous urinary stenosis

Chernov V.A., 1984: Repeated operations on the heart in patients with a history of mitral commissurotomy

Watson W.A.; Jenkins T.C.; Velasquez N.; Schentag J.J., 1987: Repeated oral doses of activated charcoal and the clearance of tobramycin a non absorbable drug

Salerno, F.; Badalamenti, S.; Incerti, P.; Tempini, S.; Restelli, B.; Bruno, S.; Bellati, G.; Roffi, L., 1987: Repeated paracentesis and i.v. albumin infusion to treat tense ascites in cirrhotic patients a safe alternative therapy

Stjernquist-Desatnik, A.; Kurl, D. N.; Christensen, P., 1984: Repeated passage of freshly isolated group a streptococci on blood agar 1. effect on m protein opacity factor and immunoglobulin g fc receptor activity

Stjernquist Desatnik A.; Krul D.N.; Christensen P., 1986: Repeated passage of freshly isolated group a streptococci on blood agar effect on adherence capacity

Maizels R.M.; Meghji M., 1984: Repeated patent infection of adult dogs with toxocara canis

Mueller K.; Hollingsworth E.; Pettit H., 1986: Repeated pemoline produces self injurious behavior in adult and weanling rats

Jonsson K A.; Bodemar G.; Norlander B.; Walan A., 1984: Repeated penta gastrin stimulated gastric acid secretory tests carried out in the evaluation of the pharmacodynamics of a new histamine h 2 receptor antagonist skf 93479 2 2 5 di methylaminomethyl 2 furamylmethylthioethylamino 5 6 methyl 3 pyridinylmethyl 4 1h pyrimidinone tri hydro chloride

Fiedler F B.; Bellee H.; Link M., 1988: Repeated perioperative prophylaxis by antibiotics in cesarean section

Alliot J.; Alexinsky T., 1983: Repeated post trial administration of vasopressin impairs subsequent differential reinforcement of low rates performance

Fitzsimmons J.; Wapner R.J.; Jackson L.G., 1983: Repeated pregnancy loss

Jen K L.C.; Juuhl N.; Lin P.K.H., 1988: Repeated pregnancy without lactation effects on carcass composition and adipose tissue cellularity in rats

Jaeger R.J.; Sussman R.G.; Gearhart J.M.; Bowers A.B.; Sellakumar A.R.; Shore R.E., 1983: Repeated pulmonary function evaluation following bleomycin treatment

Nakano H.; Ueda K.; Saito A.; Nojima K., 1985: Repeated quantitative angiograms in coronary arterial aneurysm in kawasaki disease

Sundkvist G.M.G.; Ahlgren L.; Lilja B.; Mattsson S.; Abrahamsson P.A.; Wadstrom L.B., 1988: Repeated quantitative bone scintigraphy in patients with prostatic carcinoma treated with orchiectomy

Cowden J.W.; Lynn M.J.; Waring G.O.IIi; Cartwright C.S.; Hayes N.E.; Campbell E.; Steinberg E.B.; Cavanagh H.D.; Coles W.H.; Et Al, 1987: Repeated radial keratotomy in the prospective evaluation of radial keratotomy study

El Kassaby Y.A., 1983: Repeated relation between allozyme variation and a quantitative trait in douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii

Pineschi A.; Perini R.; Faraguna D.; Loschi L.; Gazzola A.M., 1987: Repeated rescue of a broviac catheter fixation of exposed cuff by a skin flap

Chepenets, E. N., 1978: Repeated resection in recurrent lung cancer

Kharitonov, N. P.; Nemchenko, V. I., 1978: Repeated resection of the esophagus due to a recurrence of cancer after 19 years

Mcbride, H. C. A., 1978: Repeated reuse of a nest by a blackbird

Giroud, J. P.; Roch-Arveiller, M.; Muntaner, O., 1978: Repeated sampling of rat polymorphonuclear leukocytes from the pleural cavity application for the study of leukocyte chemo taxis

Chamberlain J.; Clifford R.E.; Nathan B.E.; Price J.L.; Burn I., 1984: Repeated screening for breast cancer

Thaller C.; Weaver L.H.; Eichele G.; Wilson E.; Karlsson R.; Jansonius J.N., 1981: Repeated seeding technique for growing large single crystals of proteins

Mcnamara J.O.; Peper A.M.; Patrone V., 1980: Repeated seizures induce long term increase in hippocampal benzodiazepine receptors

Flavell R.; O'dell M.; Smith D., 1979: Repeated sequence dna comparisons between triticum and aegilops species

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Kaluza K.; Hahn M.; Hennecke H., 1985: Repeated sequences similar to insertion elements clustered around the nif region of the rhizobium japonicum genome

Tarassoff I.A.; Kuzmin E.V.; Levchenko I.V.; Zaitseva G.N., 1986: Repeated sequences with unusual properties from the divergent region of crithidia oncopelti maxicircle kinetoplast dna

Hoffmeister H.M.; Mauser M.; Schaper W., 1986: Repeated short periods of regional myocardial ischemia effect on local function and high energy phosphate levels

Leijon M.; Mikaelsson B., 1984: Repeated short term sick leave as a possible symptom of psycho social problems

Dudley, F. J.; Young, G. P.; Mcinnes, I. E., 1978: Repeated shunt surgery in a patient with portal hypertension

Mihalko D., 1987: Repeated significance testing in survival analysis using a litter matched design

Wells J.H.; Lerner M.R.; Strecker R.A.; Cain W.A., 1983: Repeated skin tests in guinea pigs with fluorescein visualization

Lotti M.; Johnson M.K., 1980: Repeated small doses of a neuro toxic organo phosphate monitoring of neuro toxic esterase in brain and spinal cord

Karolyi G., 1987: Repeated sociological social gerontologic investigation of older citizens working in agriculture

Rebora A.; Crovato F.; Dallegri F.; Patrone F., 1980: Repeated staphylococcal pyoderma in 2 siblings with defective neutrophil bacterial killing

Tremblay J.P.; Gregoire L.; Sasseville R.; Belhumeur C., 1987: Repeated stimulation of the dystrophic mouse neuromuscular junctions

Proctor R.W.; Fober G.W., 1985: Repeated stimulus superiority and inferiority effects in the identification of letters and digits

Ottenweller J.E.; Pitman D.L.; Natelson B.H., 1987: Repeated stress at the same time of day does not mimic timed feeding in its effects on the plasma corticosterone rhythm in rats

Herman J P.; Stinus L.; Le Moal M., 1984: Repeated stress increases locomotor response to amphetamine

Castren E.; Saavedra J.M., 1988: Repeated stress increases the density of angiotensin ii binding sites in rat paraventricular nucleus and subfornical organ

Flaherty C.F.; Becker H.C.; Checke S., 1983: Repeated successive contrast in consummatory behavior with repeated shifts in sucrose concentration

Wiranowska-Stewart, M.; Chudzio, T.; Stewart, W. E. Ii, 1977: Repeated super induction of interferon in human di ploid fibroblast cultures

Shioya Y.; Hanada A.; Kobayashi J., 1985: Repeated superovulation of holstein heifers with fsh and prostaglandin f 2 alpha analog for non surgical embryo collection

Mastro J.M.; Axthelm M.; Mathes L.E.; Krakowka S.; Ladiges W.; Olsen R.G., 1986: Repeated suppression of lymphocyte blastogenesis following vaccinations of canine parvovirus immune dogs with modified live canine parvovirus vaccines

Ageev I.S.; Minkin A.U.; Kopylov V.I.; Martyushova N.A., 1987: Repeated surgery for nodular lesions and cancer of the thyroid in a goiter endemic region

Madelenat P.; Rose D.; Ascher E.; Ravina J.H., 1983: Repeated surgery for tubo peritoneal infertility a critical analysis of a series of 50 cases

Dovlatyan A.A., 1982: Repeated surgical interventions in tuberculosis of the urinary tract

Lasker G.W., 1988: Repeated surnames in those marrying into british uk one surname lineages an approach to the evaluation of population structure through analysis of the surnames in marriages

Buchet J.P.; Roels H.; Lauwerys R.; Bruaux P.; Claeys Thoreau F.; Lafontaine A.; Verduyn G., 1980: Repeated surveillance of exposure to cadmium manganese and arsenic in school age children living in rural urban and nonferrous smelter areas in belgium

Dolgner R.; Brockhaus A.; Ewers U.; Wiegand H.; Majewski F.; Soddemann H., 1983: Repeated surveillance of exposure to thallium in a population living in the vicinity of a cement plant emitting dust containing thallium

Marini, J. L.; Williams, S. P.; Sheard, M. H., 1978: Repeated sustained release lithium carbonate administration in cats

Spadari R.C.; Moraes S.D., 1988: Repeated swimming stress and responsiveness of the isolated rat pacemaker to the chronotropic effect of noradrenaline and isoprenaline role of adrenal corticosteroids

Yokel R.A., 1983: Repeated systemic aluminum exposure effects on classical conditioning of the rabbit

Wang R Y.; Hsu T.C.; Kendal W.S., 1987: Repeated tandem translocations in a clone and subclones of b16 f10 murine melanoma

Bardo M.T.; Neisewander J.L.; Miller J.S., 1986: Repeated testing attenuates conditioned place preference with cocaine

Hillegaart V.; Ahlenius S.; Magnusson O.; Fowler C.J., 1987: Repeated testing of rats markedly enhances the duration of effects induced by haloperidol on treadmill locomotion catalepsy and a conditioned avoidance response

Bagchi N.; Brown T.R., 1985: Repeated thyrotropin stimulation of thyroid secretion lack of refractoriness in vivo

Shigeta S.; Misawa T.; Aikawa H.; Kondo A., 1979: Repeated toluene exposure and sidman avoidance response in rats

Kirkinen P.; Jouppila P.; Tuononen S.; Paavilainen T., 1982: Repeated trans abdominal reno centeses in a case of fetal hydro nephrotic kidney

Ekha Ya E.; Serka T.T.; Sulling T A.A.; Rebane T.Kh; Lukha O.A.; Peeba M.Kh; Laanoya Ya V., 1986: Repeated transcutaneous transluminal angioplasty for coronary arterial restenosis

Hashimoto N.; Yamagami T.; Kojima M.; Yonekawa Y., 1987: Repeated transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenomas

Duewel D., 1987: Repeated treatment of roe deer capreolus capreolus with panacur in winter for control of nematode infection

Przegalinski E.; Rokosz Pelc A.; Baran L.; Vetulani J., 1987: Repeated treatment with antidepressant drugs does not affect the benzodiazepine receptors in preincubated membrane preparations from mouse and rat brain

Maj J.; Rogoz Z.; Skuza G.; Sowinska H., 1984: Repeated treatment with antidepressant drugs increases the behavioral response to apomorphine

Przegalinski E.; Baran L.; Siwanowicz J.; Bigajska K., 1984: Repeated treatment with antidepressant drugs prevents salbutamol induced hypoactivity in rats

Mogilnicka E.; Nielsen M., 1986: Repeated treatment with clenbuterol produces desensitization of rat brain beta adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors without changes of alpha 1 adrenoceptors

Cervo L.; Samanin R., 1988: Repeated treatment with imipramine and amitriptyline reduced the immobility of rats in the swimming test by enhancing dopamine mechanisms in the nucleus accumbens

Smialowski A.; Bijak M., 1987: Repeated treatment with imipramine enhances the excitatory response of hippocampal neurons to dopamine

Smialowski A.; Maj J., 1985: Repeated treatment with imipramine potentiates the locomotor effect of apomorphine administered into the hippocampus in rats

Chiodo L.; Antelman S.M., 1980: Repeated tri cyclics induce a progressive dopamine auto receptor subsensitivity independent of daily drug treatment

Lonsbury Martin B.L.; Martin G.K.; Bohne B.A., 1987: Repeated tts exposures in monkeys alterations in hearing cochlear structure and single unit thresholds

Maekawa H.; Suzuki Y., 1980: Repeated turn off and turn on of fibroin gene transcription during silk gland development of bombyx mori

Kirkels W.J.; Pelgrim O.E.; Aalders M.W.; Debruyne F.M.J.; Vooys G.P.; Herman C.J., 1985: Repeated urine cell culture in soft agar potential role in follow up of patients with transitional cell carcinoma

Efremenkov, S. V.; Rakhmilevich, L. S., 1977: Repeated use of an adreno blocking agent in a single electro physiological experiment

Pollak V.E.; Kant K.S.; Parnell S.L.; Levin N.W., 1986: Repeated use of dialyzers is safe long term observations on morbidity and mortality in patients with end stage renal disease

Saha S.N.; Sen A.K., 1983: Repeated use of guinea pigs for conducting potency testing of foot and mouth disease vaccine

Trueworthy, R. C.; Sutow, W. W.; Pullen, J.; Komp, D.; Berry, D. H., 1978: Repeated use of l asparaginase in multi drug therapy of childhood leukemia

Yamane T.; Funada T.; Ishida S., 1982: Repeated use of lipase immobilized on amphiphilic gel for hydrolysis of a small amount of glycerides included in liquid crude fatty acid

Vajda G.; Antal T.; Szabo I., 1986: Repeated use of microplates for cell cultures

Perez E.; Minoletti A.; Blouin J.; Blouin A., 1986: Repeated users of a psychiatric emergency service in a canadian general hospital

Task-Force, W. H. O., 1977: Repeated vaginal administration of 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester for termination of pregnancy in the 13 20th week of gestation

Pecchini F.; Emanuelli C.; Gruttad'auria C.; Orlandini G., 1980: Repeated venesection in pseudoporphyria cutanea tarda in hemo dialysis

Yamasaki, M.; Hirose, Y.; Takagi, M., 1978: Repeated visits of polistes jadwigae hymenoptera vespidae to its hunting site

Jaenicke U A.; Coper H., 1984: Repeated withdrawal from barbital as a drive for drug taking behavior in rats

Maier D.M.; Pohorecky L.A., 1987: Repeated withdrawal from ethanol on radial arm acquisition in rats

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Mokrusch T.; Schramm J.; Fahlbusch R., 1985: Repeatedly reversible alteration of acoustic evoked brainstem responses with a cystic craniopharyngioma

Macleod W.N., 1987: Repeater f waves a comparison of sensitivity with sensory antidromic wrist to palm latency and distal motor latency in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome

Ado N.Yu; Petrov N.B.; Filippovich Yu B., 1985: Repeating and unique sequences in the dna of some species of coleoptera

Beachey E.H.; Seyer J.M.; Dale J.B.; Hasty D.L., 1983: Repeating covalent structure and protective immunogenicity of native and synthetic poly peptide fragments of type 24 streptococcal m protein mapping of protective and nonprotective epitopes with mono clonal antibodies

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Jones D.S., 1981: Repeating layers in the molluscan shell are not always periodic

Odermatt E.; Tamkun J.W.; Hynes R.O., 1985: Repeating modular structure of the fibronectin gene relationship to protein structure and subunit variation

Lasker G.W.; Mascie Taylor C.G.N.; Coleman D.A., 1986: Repeating pairs of surnames in marriages in reading england uk and their significance for population structure

Parry D.A.D.; Fraser R.D.B.; Macrae T.P., 1979: Repeating patterns of amino acid residues in the sequences of some high sulfur proteins from alpha keratin

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Baer B.W.; Kornberg R.D., 1980: Repeating structure of cytoplasmic poly adenylated ribo nucleo protein

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Rogers D.T.Jr; Hicks D.L.; Wischusen E.W.; Parrish J.R., 1982: Repeats returns and estimated flight ranges of some north american migrants in guatemala

Charlwood J.D.; Dagoro H., 1987: Repellant soap for use against malaria vectors in papua new guinea

Mather T.N.; Defoliart G.R., 1983: Repellency and initial toxicity of abate and dursban formulations to aedes triseriatus in oviposition sites

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Schreck C.E.; Kline D.L., 1981: Repellency determinations of 4 commercial products against 6 species of ceratopogonid biting midges culicoides spp

Khan M.A., 1983: Repellency of chemical compounds to stored product insect pests

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Teobin M.E.; Dehaven R.W., 1984: Repellency of methiocarb treated grapes to 3 species of birds

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Ripert C.; Same Ekobo A.; Enyong P.; Palmer D., 1979: Repercussion of parasitic disease malaria bilharziasis onchocerciasis dracontiasis of construction of 57 dams in the mount mandara area north cameroon

Varo Perez E.; Canis Lopez M.; Reyes Cerezo M.; Rufian Pena S.; Arevalo Jimenez E.; Pera Madrazo C., 1985: Repercussion of percutaneous biliary drainage on acute cholangitis

Galvez, J. F.; Caneque, V.; Lazaro, F., 1978: Repercussion of the quantity of milk used in artificial nursing of bull calves on subsequent growth at weaning and the economic yield

Carrozza, G.; Livrea, G.; Russo, C. R., 1978: Repercussions from diets of diverse protein contents on liver lipogenesis in the rat

Diz L.G.; Navarro M.P., 1981: Repercussions from the consumption of diets excessively high in phosphorus in quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Bultot F.; Coppens A.; Dupriez G.L.; Gellens D.; Meulenberghs F., 1988: Repercussions of a carbon dioxide doubling on the water cycle and on the water balance a case study for belgium

Vaysse G.; Sanz J.G.; Marenco M.J.; Galissie M.; Abravanel G., 1983: Repercussions of a dietary deficiency of dl tryptophan and an inhibition of serotonin synthesis on the behavior and learning capacity of drosophila melanogaster

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Hirbli K.; Altman J.J.; Slama G.; Tchobroutsky G., 1985: Repercussions of clinical hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism on patent diabetes mellitus 59 cases

Meher Homji V.M., 1980: Repercussions of de forestation on precipitation in western karnataka india

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Kaufman E.R., 1984: Replication of dna containing 5 bromouracil can be mutagenic in syrian hamster cells

Vos J M.; Rommerlaere J., 1987: Replication of dna containing apurinic sites in human and mouse cells probed with parvoviruses mvm and h 1

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Yamada M., 1983: Replication of herpes simplex virus in 2 cell systems derived from rhesus monkeys

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Kirchner, H.; Kleinicke, C.; Northoff, H., 1977: Replication of herpes simplex virus in human peripheral thymus derived lymphocytes

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Lopez C.; Dudas G., 1979: Replication of herpes simplex virus type 1 in macrophages from resistant and susceptible mice

Goertz J.; Brake B.; Haerle Grupp V.; Falke D., 1984: Replication of herpes simplex virus type 1 in murine peritoneal macrophages comparison of various virus strains with different properties

Mandeville R.; Holloway A.; Lauchlan S.C.; Simard R., 1979: Replication of herpes simplex virus type 2 in normal dysplastic and neoplastic human cervical epithelia

Ben-Porat, T.; Veach, R. A.; Ladin, B. F., 1980: Replication of herpesvirus dna 6. virions containing either isomer of pseudorabies virus dna are infectious

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Rosenthal L.J., 1979: Replication of herpesviruses and latency

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Taylor J.; Mason W.; Summers J.; Goldberg J.; Aldrich C.; Coates L.; Gerin J.; Gowans E., 1987: Replication of human hepatitis delta virus in primary cultures of woodchuck hepatocytes

Kawatani T.; Hattori N.; Kurimura T., 1988: Replication of human immunodeficiency virus in two t cell lines and their application as antigens for immunofluorescence

Patterson S.; Macnaughton M.R., 1982: Replication of human respiratory coronavirus strain 229e in human macrophages

Birch C.J.; Rodger S.M.; Marshall J.A.; Gust I.D., 1983: Replication of human rotavirus in cell culture

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Loh P.C.; Ang K.S., 1981: Replication of human syncytium forming virus in human cells effect of certain biological factors and selective chemicals

Visvader J.E.; Symons R.H., 1986: Replication of in vitro constructed viroid mutants location of the pathogenicity modulating domain of citrus exocortis viroid

Jackwood D.H.; Saif Y.M.; Hughes J.H., 1987: Replication of infectious bursal disease virus in continuous cell lines

Yu K.K Y.; Macdonald R.D.; Moore A.R., 1982: Replication of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus in trout leukocytes and detection of the carrier state

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Etkin L.D.; Pearman B.; Ansah Yiadom R., 1987: Replication of injected dna templates in xenopus embryos

Moses J.A.Jr, 1985: Replication of internal consistency reliability values for the luria nebraska neuropsychological battery summary localization factor and compensation scales

Cerutti M.; Guerillon J.; Arella M.; Devauchelle G., 1981: Replication of iridovirus type 6 civ in different cell lines

Hajduk S.L.; Englund P.T.; Klein V.A., 1984: Replication of kinetoplast dna maxi circles

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