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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6315

Chapter 6315 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Plagemann P.G.W., 1986: Replication of lactate dehydrogenase elevating virus in c 58 mice and quantification of antiviral antibodies and of tissue virus levels as a function of development of paralytic disease

Stueckemann, J. A.; Ritzi, D. M.; Holth, M.; Smith, M. S.; Swart, W. J.; Cafruny, W. A.; Plagemann, P. G. W., 1982: Replication of lactate dehydrogenase elevating virus in macrophages 1. evidence for cytocidal replication

Stueckemann, J. A.; Holth, M.; Swart, W. J.; Kowalchyk, K.; Smith, M. S.; Wolstenholme, A. J.; Cafruny, W. A.; Plagemann, P. G. W., 1982: Replication of lactate dehydrogenase elevating virus in macrophages 2. mechanism of persistent infection in mice and cell culture

Matsubara K., 1982: Replication of lambda dv plasmid in vitro promoted by purified lambda o and p proteins

Adams A., 1987: Replication of latent epstein barr virus genomes in raji cells

Cummings D.J., 1981: Replication of linear mitochondrial dna from paramecium sequence and structure of the initiation end cross link

Krell P.J., 1987: Replication of long virus like particles in the reproductive tract of the ichneumonid wasp diadegma terebrans

May M.H., 1983: Replication of lyophilized and cultured bcg in human macrophages

Ray D.S., 1981: Replication of m 13 o r i c bacterio phages in an escherichia coli r e p mutant is dependent on the cloned escherichia coli replication origin

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314009

Gautschi J.R., 1979: Replication of mammalian dna in vitro evidence for initiation from fiber auto radiography

Ward, D. C.; Tattersall, P., 1978: Replication of mammalian parvoviruses

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314012

Kiley, M. P.; Gray, R. H.; Payne, F. E., 1974: Replication of measles virus distinct species of short nucleo capsids in cytoplasmic extracts of infected cells

Fleury, H.; Du-Pasquier, P., 1977: Replication of measles virus in a cell culture from a glio blastoma of human origin

Vainiopaa R., 1985: Replication of measles virus in human lymphocytes

Mccormick, W.; Penman, S., 1968: Replication of mengovirus in neopl hela cells pre infected with nonreplicating poliovirus guanidine anti viral actidione metab

Matsubara K., 1987: Replication of mini f plasmid in vitro promoted by purified e protein

Faelen M., 1981: Replication of mini mu pro phage dna

Chattoraj D.K., 1987: Replication of mini p1 plasmid dna in vitro requires two initiation proteins encoded by the rep a gene of phage p1 and the dna a gene of escherichia coli

Astell, C. R., 1977: Replication of minute virus of mice in chinese hamster ovary fibroblasts

Robberson, D. L.; Kasamatsu, H.; Vinograd, J., 1972: Replication of mitochondrial dna circular replicative intermediates in mouse l cells

Robberson, D. L.; Clayton, D. A., 1972: Replication of mitochondrial dna in mouse l cells and their thymidine kinase minus derivatives displacement replication on a covalently closed circular template

Ryan R.J., 1988: Replication of mitochondrial dna in the gonadotropin primed corpus luteum of the rat

Winnacker E L., 1981: Replication of mouse adenovirus strain fl dna

Shirman G.A., 1979: Replication of mouse encephalomyocarditis virus in enucleated cells of krebs 2 ascites carcinoma

Stohlman S.A., 1982: Replication of mouse hepatitis virus negative stranded rna and replicative form rna are of genome length

Baumann, K. R.; Hosick, H. L., 1978: Replication of mouse mammary tumor cells in mono layer cultures stimulated with embryo extract

Sarkar, N. H.; Pomenti, A. A.; Dion, A. S., 1977: Replication of mouse mammary tumor virus in tissue culture part 1 establishment of a mouse mammary tumor cell line virus characterization and quantitation of virus production

Sarkar, N. H.; Pomenti, A. A.; Dion, A. S., 1977: Replication of mouse mammary tumor virus in tissue culture part 2 kinetics of virus production and the effect of rna and protein inhibitors on viral synthesis

Saal, F.; Canivet, M.; Samso, A.; Peries, J., 1977: Replication of mouse sarcoma virus moloney and its helper in a human hetero ploid cell line of malignant origin

Gazdar, A. F.; Russell, E. K.; Minna, J. D., 1974: Replication of mouse tropic and xenotropic strains of murine leukemia virus in human x mouse hybrid cells

Ito Y., 1987: Replication of mumps virus in mouse transient replication in lung and potential of systemic infection

Ito Y., 1984: Replication of mumps virus in murine cells

Flintoff W.F., 1984: Replication of murine coronaviruses in somatic cell hybrids between fibroblasts and rat schwannoma cells

Pesanti E.L., 1980: Replication of murine cytomegalovirus in lung macrophages effect on phagocytosis of bacteria

Donta S.T., 1979: Replication of murine cytomegalovirus in murine y 1 cells

Oldstone M.B.A., 1980: Replication of murine cytomegalovirus in reproductive tissues

Ruddle, N. H.; Armstrong, M. Y. K.; Richards, F. F., 1976: Replication of murine leukemia virus in bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Yuen P.H., 1981: Replication of murine leukemia virus in heterologous cells interaction between ecotropic and xenotropic viruses

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314040

Buller, C. S.; Astrachan, L., 1968: Replication of mutant t4rii bacterio phage in escherichia coli k 12 lambda

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314042

Das, J.; Maniloff, J., 1976: Replication of mycoplasma virus mvl 51 attachment of mvl 51 parental dna to host cell membrane

Das, J.; Maniloff, J., 1976: Replication of mycoplasma virus mvl 51 part 3 identification of a progeny viral dna protein intermediate

Chaudhuri, U.; Das, J.; Haberer, K.; Maniloff, J., 1979: Replication of mycoplasmavirus mvl 51 6. acriflavine stimulates growth of this single stranded dna virus

Das, J.; Maniloff, J., 1976: Replication of mycoplasmavirus mvl 51 part 4 inhibition of viral synthesis by rifampin

Das, J.; Maniloff, J., 1978: Replication of mycoplasmavirus mvl 51 part 5 in vivo synthesis of virus specific proteins

Watanabe, T.; Saito, H., 1978: Replication of native and uv irradiated herpes simplex virus in sublines derived from hela cells

Campbell W.P., 1985: Replication of non repetitive dna during early middle and late s phase the general class and the subset transcribed

Pritchard, C.; Patton, J. T.; Bates, R. C.; Stout, E. R., 1978: Replication of nondefective parvoviruses lack of a viron associated dna polymerase

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314051

Hills A., 1988: Replication of nonvocal system for teaching nonreaders to read in an adult training center

Hink W.F., 1980: Replication of nosema algerae in 3 insect cell lines

Higashi K., 1981: Replication of nucleolar dna during the cell cycle

Guttes, E.; Guttes, S., 1969: Replication of nucleolus associated dna during g 2 phase in physarum polycephalum

Sheehan C., 1985: Replication of oryctes baculovirus in cell culture viral morphogenesis infectivity and protein synthesis

Belak, S.; Palfi, V.; Tuboly, S., 1978: Replication of ovine adenoviruses

Marians K.J., 1985: Replication of p br 322 dna in vitro with purified proteins requirement for topoisomerase i in the maintenance of template specificity

Pierard G.E., 1984 : Replication of paget cells in mammary and extramammary pagets disease

Tsai, K. S., 1977: Replication of parainfluenza type 3 virus in alveolar macrophages evidence of in vivo infection and of in vitro temperature sensitivity in virus maturation

Powell, C. A.; De-Zoeten, G. A., 1977: Replication of pea enation mosaic virus rna in isolated pea nuclei

Kaper J.M., 1984: Replication of peanut stunt virus and its associated rna 5 in cowpea protoplasts

Bedinger P., 1981: Replication of phage fd replicative form dna with fd gene 2 protein and phage t 4 enzymes

Zechel, K.; Bouche, J. P.; Kornberg, A., 1975: Replication of phage g 4 a novel and simple system for the initiation of dna synthesis

Kodaira, K. I.; Taketo, A., 1978: Replication of phage g 4 progeny double stranded dna in dna mutants of escherichia coli

Kessler-Liebscher, B. E.; Staudenbauer, W. L., 1976: Replication of phage m 13 dna in plasmolyzed escherichia coli cells formation of fully synthetic duplex dna

Kessler-Liebscher, B. E.; Staudenbauer, W. L.; Hofschneider, P. H., 1978: Replication of phage m 13 dna in plasmolyzed escherichia coli cells structure of a replicative intermediate with restricted binding of intercalating dyes/

Grosse, F.; Krauss, G., 1984: Replication of phage m 13 mp 7 single stranded dna in vitro by the 9s dna polymerase alpha ec from calf thymus

Salas M., 1985: Replication of phage phi 29 dna with purified terminal protein and dna polymerase synthesis of full length phi 29 dna

Taketo, A., 1975: Replication of phage phi a and phage phi x 174 in escherichia coli mutants thermo sensitive in dna synthesis

Shlomai, J.; Polder, L.; Arai, K. I.; Kornberg, A., 1981: Replication of phage phi x 174 dna with purified enzymes 1. conversion of viral dna to a super coiled biologically active duplex

Arai, N.; Polder, L.; Arai, K. I.; Kornberg, A., 1981: Replication of phage phi x 174 dna with purified enzymes 2. multiplication of the duplex form by coupling of continuous and discontinuous synthetic pathways

Miller, R. C. Jr ; Taylor, D. M.; Mackay, K.; Smith, H. W., 1973: Replication of phage t 4 dna in escherichia coli treated with toluene

Imae, Y.; Shinozaki, K.; Okazaki, R., 1976: Replication of phage t 4 dna in vitro part 2 assay system for and some properties of gene products required for phage t 4 dna replication

Olivera, B. M.; Bonhoeffer, F., 1972: Replication of phi x 174 dna by escherichia coli pola in vitro

Dorsch-Hasler, K.; Yogo, Y.; Wimmer, E., 1975: Replication of picornaviruses part 1 evidence for in vitro rna synthesis that poly adenylate of the poliovirus genome is genetically coded

Womble, D. D.; Warren, R. L.; Rownd, R. H., 1978: Replication of plasmid dna in proteus mirabilis in limiting concentrations of thymine/

Hasunuma, K.; Sekiguchi, M., 1977: Replication of plasmid psc 101 in escherichia coli k 12 requirement for dna a function

Novick R.P., 1981: Replication of plasmid pt 181 dna in vitro requirement for a plasmid encoded product

Wlodarczyk, M.; Bednarska, M., 1978: Replication of plasmid r 6k in dna polymerase deficient mutants of escherichia coli

Firshein W., 1986: Replication of plasmid rk 2 in vitro by a dna membrane complex evidence for initiation of replication and its coupling to transcription and translation

Ehrlich S.D., 1980: Replication of plasmids from staphylococcus aureus in escherichia coli

Ito Y., 1982: Replication of pluripotent stem cells in granulocyte macrophage colonies developed in methyl cellulose culture of mouse bone marrow cells

Norrby E., 1981: Replication of poliovirus and measles virus in cultures of human lympho blastoid and of burkitts lymphoma cell lines

Willems, F. T. C.; Melnick, J. L.; Rawls, W. E., 1969: Replication of poliovirus in phyto hem agglutinin stimulated human lymphocytes

Bjursell, G.; Magnusson, G., 1976: Replication of polyoma dna accumulation of early replicative intermediates during hydroxy urea inhibition

Nilsson M G., 1979: Replication of polyoma dna in isolated nuclei analysis of replication fork movement

Otto, B.; Reichard, P., 1975: Replication of polyoma dna in isolated nuclei part 5 complementation of in vitro dna replication

Reichard P., 1979: Replication of polyoma dna in isolated nuclei part 7 initiator rna synthesis during nucleotide depletion

Eliasson, R.; Reichard, P., 1978: Replication of polyoma dna in isolated nuclei synthesis and distribution of initiator rna

Reichard P., 1979: Replication of polyoma dna in nuclear extracts and nucleo protein complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314093

O'hare K., 1981: Replication of polyoma plasmid recombinants in mouse cells

Pociuli S., 1987: Replication of porcine circovirus induction by glucosamine and cell cycle dependence

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314097

Chernos V.I., 1981: Replication of poxvirus dna in chick embryo fibroblasts

Chandler M., 1986: Replication of psc 101 effects of mutations in the escherichia coli dna binding protein integration host factor

Breitman M.L., 1985: Replication of psv 2 gpt in cos 1 cells stability of plasmid dna in the presence and absence of biochemical selection

Engberg, B.; Nordstrom, K., 1975: Replication of r factor r 1 in escherichia coli strain k 12 at different growth rates

Nomura, S.; Bassin, R. H.; Fischinger, P. J., 1972: Replication of radiation induced murine leukemia virus in normal and transformed mouse cells

Checheneva T.N., 1987: Replication of recombinant dna in tobacco protoplasts

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314104

Comings, D. E.; Mattoccia, E., 1970: Replication of repetitious dna and the s period

Knight V., 1983: Replication of respiratory syncytial virus in lungs of immuno deficient mice

Temin, H. M.; Kassner, V. K., 1974: Replication of reticuloendotheliosis viruses in cell culture acute infection

Butterworth, B. E.; Grunert, R. R.; Korant, B. D.; Lonberg-Holm, K.; Yin, F. H., 1976: Replication of rhinoviruses brief review

Buongiorno Nardelli M., 1981: Replication of ribosomal dna in xenopus laevis

Bailey C.L., 1984: Replication of rift valley fever virus in the sand fly lutzomyia longipalpis

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314111

Van Der Veen J., 1980: Replication of rubella virus in human mononuclear blood cells

Mussen, E. C.; Furgala, B., 1977: Replication of sacbrood virus in larval and adult honey bees apis mellifera

Hori T A., 1980: Replication of satellite dna in kangaroo rat dipodomys ordii cells during inhibition of protein synthesis

Prusiner S.B., 1986: Replication of scrapie prions in hamster eyes precedes retinal degeneration

Friedman, R. M.; Levy, H. B.; Carter, W. B., 1966: Replication of semliki forest virus 3 forms of viral rna produced during infection chick cells enz rnase

Sawicki, D. L.; Gomatos, P. J., 1976: Replication of semliki forest virus poly adenylate in plus strand rna and poly uridylate in minus strand rna

Blair, C. D.; Robinson, W. S., 1970: Replication of sendai virus part 2 steps in virus assembly

Fujiwara K., 1986: Replication of sialodacryoadenitis virus of rat in lbc cell culture brief report

Clarke, J. K.; Gay, F. W.; Attridge, J. J., 1969: Replication of simian foamy virus in rhesus monkey kidney cells

Hilliard J.K., 1984: Replication of simian herpesvirus sa 8 and identification of viral poly peptides in infected cells

Birdwell, C. R.; Strauss, J. H., 1974: Replication of sindbis virus part 4 electron microscope study of the insertion of viral glyco proteins into the surface of infected chick cells

Simmons, D. T.; Strauss, J. H., 1974: Replication of sindbis virus part 5 poly ribosomes and messenger rna in infected cells

Frey, T. K.; Strauss, J. H., 1978: Replication of sindbis virus part 6 poly adenylic acid and poly uridylic acid in virus specific rna species

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314125

Biswas S.B., 1988: Replication of single stranded dna templates by primase polymerase complexes of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Staudenbauer, W. L., 1976: Replication of small plasmids in extracts of escherichia coli

Staudenbauer, W. L.; Lanka, E.; Schuster, H., 1978: Replication of small plasmids in extracts of escherichia coli involvement of the dnab and dnac protein in the replication of early replicative intermediates

Staudenbauer, W. L., 1976: Replication of small plasmids in extracts of escherichia coli requirement for both dna polymerase i and dna polymerase iii

Volna A., 1988: Replication of some herpesviruses in pseudorabies virus transformed human cells

Silverman, E. M.; Zimmer, C. H., 1976: Replication of speech fluency fluctuations during the menstrual cycle

Post, J.; Hoffman, J., 1970: Replication of spleen lymphocytes in the young rat in vivo

Dalgarno L., 1979: Replication of standard and defective ross river virus in bhk cells patterns of viral rna and poly peptide synthesis

Richter, A.; Scheu, R.; Otto, B., 1980: Replication of sv 40 chromatin in vitro depends on the amount of dna polymerase alpha ec associated with replicating chromatin

Manteuil, S.; Pages, J.; Stehelin, D.; Girard, M., 1973: Replication of sv 40 dna analysis of the 1 step growth cycle

Mandel M., 1981: Replication of sv 40 dna in normal human fibroblasts and in fibroblasts from xeroderma pigmentosum

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314137

Hurwitz J., 1987: Replication of sv 40 origin containing dna in vitro with purified proteins

Nath, D. M.; Minocha, H. C., 1977: Replication of swine and equine influenza viruses in canine kidney cells

Bol J.F., 1983: Replication of temperature sensitive mutants of alfalfa mosaic virus in protoplasts

Jazwinski S.M., 1982: Replication of the 2 micrometer dna plasmid of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Liberman, R. P.; Ferris, C.; Salgado, P.; Salgado, J., 1975: Replication of the achievement place model in california

Srivastava A., 1987: Replication of the adeno associated virus dna termini in vitro

Meints R.H., 1986: Replication of the algal virus pbcv 1 in uv irradiated chlorella

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314145

Yotov M., 1984: Replication of the aujeszkys disease mk 25 virus in cell cultures of chick fibroblasts

Vail, P. V.; Jay, D. L.; Romine, C. L., 1976: Replication of the autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus in insect cell lines grown in modified media

Young N., 1986: Replication of the b 19 parvovirus in human bone marrow cell cultures

Billen, D., 1969: Replication of the bacterial chromosome location of new initiation sites after irradiation mutagen escherichia coli

Veltkamp, E.; Pols, K.; Van-Ee, J. H.; Nijkamp, H. J. J., 1976: Replication of the bacteriocinogenic plasmid clo df 13 action of the plasmid protein cloacin df 13 on clo df 13 dna

Veltkamp, E.; Nijkamp, H. J. J., 1974: Replication of the bacteriocinogenic plasmid clo df 13 in thermo sensitive escherichia coli mutants defective in initiation or elongation of dna replication

Pettersson U., 1986: Replication of the bovine papillomavirus type 1 genome antisense transcripts prevent episomal replication

Bagdasarian M., 1984: Replication of the broad host range plasmid rsf 1010 requirement for 3 plasmid encoded proteins

Hohn T., 1985: Replication of the cauliflower mosaic virus role and stability of the cloned delta 3 discontinuity sequence

Lanka E., 1979: Replication of the colicin e 1 plasmid in extracts of escherichia coli uncoupling of leading strand from lagging strand synthesis

Barker, G. R.; Hardman, N.; Twose, T. M., 1976: Replication of the dna of multiple drug resistance factor in escherichia coli

Abe, M.; Tomizawa, J. I., 1967: Replication of the escherichia coli k 12 chromosome

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314158

Vandenberg, S. G.; Price, R. A., 1978: Replication of the factor structure of the comrey personality scales

Boulton, R. W.; Westaway, E. G., 1976: Replication of the flavivirus kunjin proteins glyco proteins and maturation associated with cell membranes

Ho, C.; Armentrout, R. W., 1978: Replication of the genes coding for 5s rna in synchronized human cervical cancer hela cells

Mason W.S., 1982: Replication of the genome of a hepatitis b like virus by reverse transcription of an rna intermediate

Hay A.J., 1982: Replication of the influenza virus genome

Borst P., 1979: Replication of the linear mitochondrial dna of tetrahymena pyriformis

Mayer, H.; Luibrand, G.; Goebel, W., 1977: Replication of the mini r 1 plasmid rsc 11 and rsc 11 hybrid plasmids

Trowbridge, S. T.; Benyesh-Melnick, M.; Biswal, N., 1973: Replication of the moloney murine sarcoma leukemia virus in rat xc cells

Spector D.H., 1988: Replication of the murine cytomegalovirus genome structure and role of the termini in the generation and cleavage of concatenates

Degraaff, J.; Crosa, J. H.; Heffron, F.; Falkow, S., 1978: Replication of the nonconjugative plasmid rsf 1010 in escherichia coli k 12

Banfalvi G., 1987: Replication of the origin region of sv 40 dna in permeabilized monkey cells

Tattersall, P., 1972: Replication of the parvovirus minute virus of mice part 1 dependence of virus multiplication and plaque formation on cell growth

Tattersall, P.; Crawford, L. V.; Shatkin, A. J., 1973: Replication of the parvovirus minute virus of mouse part 2 isolation and characterization of intermediates in the replication of the viral dna

Ray D.S., 1980: Replication of the plasmid pbr 322 under the control of a cloned replication origin from the single stranded dna phage m 13

Prentki, P.; Chandler, M.; Caro, L., 1977: Replication of the pro phage p 1 during the cell cycle of escherichia coli

Terawaki, Y.; Rownd, R., 1972: Replication of the r factor rtsl in proteus mirabilis

Hampar, B.; Tanaka, A.; Nonoyama, M.; Derge, J. G., 1974: Replication of the resident repressed epstein barr virus genome during the early s phase s 1 period of nonproducer raji cells

Lamm S.S., 1987: Replication of the ribosomal rna and legumin genes in synchronized root cells of pea pisum sativum evidence for transient eco r i sites in replicating ribosomal rna genes

Diringer H., 1988: Replication of the scrapie agent in hamsters infected intracerebrally confirms the pathogenesis of an amyloid inducing virosis

Espinosa M., 1987: Replication of the streptococcal plasmid pmv 158 and derivatives in cell free extracts of escherichia coli

Dwyer K.G., 1986: Replication of the trichoplusia ni granulosis and nuclear polyhedrosis viruses in cell cultures

Keene J.D., 1985: Replication of the vesicular stomatitis virus genome in permissive and nonpermissive host cells

Lipton H.L., 1980: Replication of theilers murine encephalomyelitis viruses in bhk 21 cells an electron microscopic study

Yamamoto, T.; Kaji, A., 1977: Replication of thermo sensitive rts 1 plasmid dna at the nonpermissive temperature

Price R.W., 1983: Replication of thymidine kinase deficient herpes simplex virus type 1 in neuronal cell culture infection of the pc 12 cell

Dippe H., 1980: Replication of tick borne encephalitis virus and langat virus in cells from immune individuals

Palukaitis, P.; Garcia-Arenal, F.; Sulzinski, M. A.; Zaitlin, M., 1983: Replication of tobacco mosaic virus 7. further characterization of single stranded and double stranded virus related rna from tobacco mosaic virus infected plants

Sulzinski, M. A.; Gabard, K. A.; Palukaitis, P.; Zaitlin, M., 1985: Replication of tobacco mosaic virus 8. characterization of a 3rd subgenomic tobacco mosaic virus rna

Rezaian, M. A.; Francki, R. I. B.; Chu, P. W. G.; Hatta, T., 1976: Replication of tobacco ringspot virus part 3 site of virus synthesis in cucumber cotyledon cells

Peev, Y.; Motovski, A.; Aleksandrov, M., 1987: Replication of topical strain of porcine parvovirus in the cell cultures of swine kidney

Levitsky E.L., 1981: Replication of total and mitochondrial dna in rat liver with aging

Geryk, J.; Mazo, A.; Svoboda, J.; Hlozanek, I., 1980: Replication of transformation defective mutants of the prague strain of rous sarcoma virus and isolation of a transformation defective mutant from duck adapted prague strain of rous sarcoma virus subgroup c

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314195

Hull R., 1983: Replication of turnip rosette virus rna in inoculated turnip brassica rapa cultivar just right protoplasts

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314197

Pozner, L. H.; Daniels, C. A.; Cooper, J. A.; Cohen, H. J.; Logue, G. L.; Croker, B. P., 1978: Replication of type i herpes simplex virus in primary cultures of hairy cell leukemic leukocytes

Livneh Z., 1986: Replication of uv irradiated single stranded dna by dna polymerase iii holoenzyme of escherichia coli evidence for bypass of pyrimidine photodimers

Sarasin, A. R.; Hanawalt, P. C., 1980: Replication of uv irradiated sv 40 in monkey kidney cells

Esteban, M.; Holowczak, J. A., 1977: Replication of vaccinia dna in mouse l cells part 1 in vivo dna synthesis

Esteban, M.; Holowczak, J. A., 1977: Replication of vaccinia dna in mouse l cells part 2 in vitro dna synthesis in cytoplasmic extracts

Esteban, M.; Holowczak, J. A., 1977: Replication of vaccinia dna in mouse l cells part 3 intra cellular forms of viral dna

Esteban, M.; Holowczak, J. A., 1978: Replication of vaccinia dna in mouse l cells part 4 protein synthesis and viral dna replication

Whitley R.J., 1986: Replication of varicella zoster virus in raji cells

Hearn, H. J.; Tribble, H. R-Jr ; Nagle, S. C. Jr ; Bowersox, O. C. Jr, 1971: Replication of venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus in vitro part 2 viral growth response to selected nutritional additives in suspension cultures

Wertz G.W., 1983: Replication of vesicular stomatitis virus defective interfering particle rna in vitro transition from synthesis of defective interfering leader rna to synthesis of full length defective interfering rna

Mitchell R.L., 1979: Replication of vesicular stomatitis virus facilitated by shope fibroma virus in vivo

Crouch, N. A., 1978: Replication of vesicular stomatitis virus facilitated in nonpermissive cells by early functions of shope fibroma virus

Paul W.E., 1981: Replication of vesicular stomatitis virus in mouse spleen cells

Banerjee A.K., 1981: Replication of vesicular stomatitis virus in murine spleen cells enrichment of the virus replicating lymphocytes and analysis of replication restriction

Schincariol, A. L.; Howatson, A. F., 1970: Replication of vesicular stomatitis virus part 1 viral specific rna and rna protein in infected mouse l cells

Nonoyama, M.; Pagano, J. S., 1972: Replication of viral dna and breakdown of cellular dna in epstein barr virus infection

Roufa D.J., 1981: Replication of viral dna sequences integrated within the chromatin of sv 40 transformed chinese hamster lung cells

Johnson, L. D.; Lazzarini, R. A., 1977: Replication of viral rna by a defective interfering vesicular stomatitis virus particle in the absence of helper virus

Pollet, R.; Knolle, P.; Weissmann, C., 1967: Replication of viral rna xv purification and properties of q minus strands inst poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Walder R., 1983: Replication of virulent and attenuated strains of yellow fever virus in human monocytes and macrophage like cells u 937

Sreevalsan, T.; Allen, P. T., 1968: Replication of western equine encephalo myelitis virus ii cytoplasmic structure involved in the synthesis and development of the virions chick embryo cells

Sreevalsan, T.; Allen, P. T., 1968: Replication of western equine encephalo myelitis virus ii cytoplasmic structure involved in the synthesis and development of the virions chick embryo cells sucrose density gradients

Kajii T., 1985: Replication of x chromosomes in complete moles

Aizawa K., 1984: Replication of xestia c nigrum lepidoptera noctuidae nuclear polyhedrosis virus in continuous cell cultures

Dotto, G. P.; Horiuchi, K.; Jakes, K. S.; Zinder, N. D., 1982: Replication origin of bacterio phage f 1 2. signals required for its function

Yoshikawa H., 1984: Replication origin of the bacillus subtilis chromosome determined by hybridization of the 1st replicating dna with cloned fragments from the replication origin region of the chromosome

Hirota Y., 1980: Replication origin of the escherichia coli k 12 chromosome the size and structure of the minimum dna segment carrying the information for autonomous replication

Godson G.N., 1987: Replication origin ori c on the complementary dna strand of escherichia coli phage g4 biological properties of mutants

Yoshikawa H., 1983: Replication origin region of bacillus subtilis chromosome contains 2 ribosomal rna operons

Bernardi G., 1982: Replication origins are associated with transcription initiation sequences in the mitochondrial genome of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fonatsch C., 1982: Replication pattern in xxy cells with fra x

Biedler J.L., 1981: Replication pattern of a large homogeneously staining chromosome region in anti folate resistant chinese hamster cell lines

Ginelli E., 1984: Replication pattern of human repeated dna sequences

Knight, L. A.; Luzzatti, L., 1973: Replication pattern of the x and y chromosomes in partially synchronized human lymphocyte cultures

Hagemeijer, A.; Hoovers, J.; Smit, E. M. E.; Bootsma, D., 1977: Replication pattern of the x chromosomes in 3 x autosomal translocations

Helmstetter C.E., 1988: Replication patterns of multiple plasmids coexisting in escherichia coli

Clayton D.A., 1985: Replication priming and transcription initiate from precisely the same site in mouse mitochondrial dna

Rhode, S. L. Iii, 1973: Replication process of the parvovirus h 1 part 1 kinetics in a para synchronous cell system

Rhode, S. L. Ii, 1978: Replication process of the parvovirus h 1 part 10 isolation of a mutant defective in replicative form dna replication

Rhode, S. L. Iii, 1974: Replication process of the parvovirus h 1 part 2 isolation and characterization of h 1 replicative form dna

Kongsvik, J. R.; Gierthy, J. F.; Rhode, S. L. Iii, 1974: Replication process of the parvovirus h 1 part 4 h 1 specific proteins synthesized in synchronized human kb kidney cells

Rhode, S. L. Iii, 1976: Replication process of the parvovirus h 1 part 5 isolation and characterization of temperature sensitive h 1 mutants defective in progeny dna synthesis

Rhode, S. L. Iii, 1977: Replication process of the parvovirus h 1 part 6 characterization of a replication terminus of h 1 replicative form dna

Singer, I. I.; Rhode, S. L. Iii, 1977: Replication process of the parvovirus h 1 part 7 electron microscopy of replicative form dna synthesis

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Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314656

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314657

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Hamilton S.R., 1988: Reported binding of monoclonal antibody rap 5 to formalin fixed tissue sections is not indicative of ras p21 expression

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Osterhout S.K., 1983: Reported multiple victim poisonings of children

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Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314733

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Et Al, 1986: Reported satisfaction fluctuation of vision and glare among patients one year after surgery in the prospective evaluation of radial keratotomy study

Avni A., 1982: Reported seizures in early childhood a 14 year follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314737

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314738

Templer D.I., 1979: Reported sleep needed minus obtained sleep family resemblance and age

Carlsson G.E., 1986: Reported symptoms diseases and medication of patients with orofacial discomfort complaints

Mowrer D., 1987: Reported use of a japanese accent to promote fluency

Mckelvie S.J., 1984: Reported visual imagery for faces and facial recognition memory

Himes, J. H.; Roche, A. F., 1982: Reported vs. measured adult statures

Vyas, N. K.; Vyas, M. N.; Jain, S. C.; Sobell, H. M., 1984: Reporter molecules as probes of dna conformation structure of a crystalline complex containing 2 methyl 4 nitro aniline ethylene dimethyl ammonium hydro bromide 5 iodocytidylyl 3' 5' guanosine

Boileau S., 1985: Reporting 35 cases of thymic tumors

Eisenberg, M. S.; Wiesner, P. J., 1976: Reporting and treating gonorrhea results of a statewide survey in alaska usa

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Terranova P., 1987: Reporting filing and retrieval of coronary angiographic findings a new personal computer based system

Rund D.A., 1985: Reporting methodology protocols in three acute care journals

Berger P.J., 1987: Reporting of dystocia scores and effects of dystocia on production days open and days dry from dairy herd improvement data

Vernon T.M., 1980: Reporting of gonorrhea by private physicians a behavioral study

Templeton A.C., 1982: Reporting of myometrial invasion by endometrial cancer

Venanzoni R., 1985: Reporting of rare species or species of particular vegetational interest from some wetlands in alto adige italy

Bessent R.G., 1984: Reporting of ventilation perfusion images for pulmonary embolism accuracy and precision

Mosteller F., 1982: Reporting on methods in clinical trials

Lee A., 1980: Reporting practices of microbiology laboratories

Sewerin I., 1986: Reporting radiographic methods in dental epidemiologic and experimental studies

Shapiro M.F., 1984: Reporting results from chemotherapy trials does response make a difference in patient survival

Mcpeek B., 1980: Reporting standards and research strategies for controlled trials agenda for the editor

Kaufman, J. H., 1972: Reporting terminal for sequential multiple analysis and a positive identification system for serum specimens

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Weir L., 1986: Reporting the results of randomized trials of empiric antibiotics in febrile neutropenic patients a critical survey

Rosvoll R.V., 1980: Reporting transfusion associated hepatitis

Jones D.M., 1987: Reporting words from the eye or the ear to write or to speak

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314766

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De Marzo L., 1985: Reports of agathidium from central nepal and north india expeditions 1979 and 1981 of geneva natural history museum switzerland coleoptera leiodidae

De Marzo L., 1983: Reports of agathidium from turkey coleoptera leiodidae

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Suzuki, H., 1976: Reports of medico zoological investigations in the nansei islands part 5 6 new species of chiggers from the amami island japan prostigmata trombiculidae

Suzuki, H., 1977: Reports of medicozoological investigations in the nansei islands part 6 trombiculid mites collected from amami rabbits and rodents in amami island japan

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Brinkmann, G.; Brix, F., 1988: Reports on various anomalies of the ribs

Becker D., 1988: Reposition of radial head fracture with a resorbable biofix pin

Robinson P.J., 1983: Repositioning errors in measurement of vertebral attenuation values by computed tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314794

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314795

Hellmann E., 1987: Represent the batches 2 of strain nctc 3991 and nctc 3992 bacillus coagulans?

Schary, W. L.; Aarons, L. J.; Rowland, M., 1978: Representation and interpretation of drug displacement interactions

Martinek, V., 1988: Representation and phenology of imago hatching in the species of web spinning sawflies of the genus cephalcia pz. hymenoptera pamphiliidae in synusia localities at the altitudes above 700 m above sea level

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Vaina L., 1982: Representation and recognition of the movements of shapes

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314801

Larew M.B., 1980: Representation and retention of 2 event sequences in pigeons

Von Konigslow R., 1985: Representation and retention of three event sequences in pigeons

Kolarz G., 1986: Representation and semiautomatic acquisition of medical knowledge in cadiag 1 and cadiag 2

Roux M., 1982: Representation and utilization of knowledge for a man machine dialogue to aid in medical decisions

Epstein R., 1982: Representation in the chimpanzee

Belekhova, M. G.; Safarov-Kh, M., 1976: Representation in the fore brain of the scheltopusik ophiasaurus apodus

Widner R.L.Jr, 1985: Representation in the mental lexicon implications for theories of the generation effect

Forbes D.T., 1982: Representation mediated extinction of conditioned flavor aversions

Gerchikova V.F., 1982: Representation of 2 visual hemi fields in lateral suprasylvian area of 1 hemisphere

Frank J., 1984: Representation of 3 dimensionally reconstructed objects in electron microscopy by surfaces of equal density

Kretschmer H., 1983: Representation of a complex structure measure for social groups and its application to the structure of citations in a journal

Sachs M.B., 1986: Representation of a low frequency tone in the discharge rate of populations of auditory nerve fibers

Schreiner, C. E.; Urbas, J. V., 1986: Representation of amplitude modulation in the auditory cortex of the cat i. the anterior auditory field

Schreiner, C. E.; Urbas, J. V., 1988: Representation of amplitude modulation in the auditory cortex of the cat ii. comparison between cortical fields

Roemer H., 1987: Representation of auditory distance within a central neuropil of the bushcricket mygalopsis marki

Bartak J., 1985: Representation of average daily temperature for the purposes of prognosis and signalization in plant protection

Bell R.H.V., 1986: Representation of biotic communities in protected areas a malawian case study

Miller R., 1987: Representation of brief temporal patterns hebbian synapses and the left hemisphere dominance for phoneme recognition

Nadeau R.A., 1980: Representation of cardiac electrical activity by a moving di pole for normal and ectopic beats in the intact dog

Durinyan R.A., 1980: Representation of cat afferent nerves of the concha auriculae in the caudate nucleus of the trigeminal system

Kopp W., 1987: Representation of cells of specific and nonspecific immune defense in the stroma of apical granulation tissue using monoclonal antibodies

Nomoto M., 1980: Representation of cochlear innervation patterns in single auditory nerve fiber responses

Lyman B., 1979: Representation of complex emotional and abstract meanings by simple forms

Creutzfeldt, O. D.; Nothdurft, H. C., 1978: Representation of complex visual stimuli in the brain

Knyihar, E.; Csillik, B., 1976: Representation of cutaneous afferents by fluoride resistant acid phosphatase active terminals in the rat substantia gelatinosa rolandi

Klump H., 1986: Representation of dna sequences by use of helical wheels to identify pattern formation with protein binding potential

Davidson N., 1982: Representation of dna sequences in recombinant dna libraries prepared by restriction enzyme partial digestion

Creutzfeldt O.D., 1987: Representation of edges of variable blur by neuronal responses in the lateral geniculate body and the visual cortex of cats limits of linear prediction

Goldenberg D.M., 1987: Representation of epitopes on colon specific antigen p defined by monoclonal antibodies

Rowe M.J., 1988: Representation of forelimb mechanoreceptors within the superior colliculus of the cat

Salon F., 1980: Representation of free and esterified cholesterol in the supernatant brain fraction

Kohout, L. J., 1976: Representation of functional hierarchies of movement in the brain

Kuemper, H. J.; Richter, K.; Koch, J., 1976: Representation of gynecological fistulas by wick urethro cysto colpo rectography

Wigzell H., 1979: Representation of heavy but not light chain immuno globulin idiotypes on thymus derived cell receptors for allo antigens

Pugaev A.P., 1979: Representation of heterogeneity of soil covering on detailed soil maps in the southern moldavian ssr ussr

Klima E.S., 1981: Representation of inflected signs from american sign language in short term memory

Wagner, H.; Takahashi, T.; Konishi, M., 1987: Representation of interaural time difference in the central nucleus of the barn owl's inferior colliculus

Schuepfer T., 1980: Representation of landmarks and routes

Van Doorn A.J., 1987: Representation of local geometry in the visual system

Wanet Defalque M C., 1987: Representation of locomotor space by the blind

Stein G.S., 1981: Representation of messenger rna sequences in normal and sv 40 transformed human di ploid fibroblasts

Raevskii O.A., 1982: Representation of molecular structure in the form of a spectrum of inter atomic distances for study of the relationship between structure and biological activity

Reichardt W., 1980: Representation of multi input systems computational properties of polynomial algorithms

Cazzullo C.L., 1986: Representation of psychosomatic disturbances metaphor and metonymy

Yakovlev V.N., 1987: Representation of rous sarcoma virus genome leader region in double stranded rna produced in virus transformed cells

Martin, A. , 1987: Representation of semantic and spatial knowledge in alzheimer's patients implications for models of preserved learning in amnesia

Colombo M., 1988: Representation of serial order in monkeys cebus apella

Braun W., 1983: Representation of short range and long range handedness in protein structures by signed distance maps

Elio R., 1986: Representation of similar well learned cognitive procedures

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314852

Roscoe D., 1987: Representation of sleep stages by color density spectral array

Aitkin L.M., 1979: Representation of sound frequency and laterality by units in central nucleus of cat inferior colliculus

Bolan K., 1982: Representation of sound pressure and particle motion information in the mid brain of the goldfish carassius auratus

Johnson Laird P.N., 1984: Representation of spatial descriptions in working memory

Li C.Y., 1984: Representation of spatial details in textured patterns by cells of the cat striate cortex

Derrah C., 1987: Representation of speech sounds by young infants

Langenstein, H.; Rubia, F. J., 1972: Representation of splanchnic afferents in the nucleus ventro postero lateralis of the cat

Sachs M.B., 1979: Representation of steady state vowels in the temporal aspects of the discharge patterns of populations of auditory nerve fibers

Wise L.Z., 1985: Representation of stimulus azimuth by low frequency neurons in inferior colliculus of the cat

Sachs M.B., 1983: Representation of stop consonants in the discharge patterns of auditory nerve fibers

Hayes-Roth, F., 1976: Representation of structured events and efficient procedures for their recognition

Kan M., 1981: Representation of t cell functions in liver bearing hepato cellular carcinoma

Xiao Y M., 1983: Representation of the bin ocular visual field in the superior colliculus of the albino rat

Kaas J.H., 1980: Representation of the body surface in somatic konio cortex in the prosimian galago

Kaas J.H., 1980: Representation of the body surface in somato sensory area i of tree shrews tupaia glis

Skurida G.I., 1980: Representation of the characteristic equation for nonbranched enzyme reaction with arbitrary number of sequential steps as a polynomial

Phillips D.P., 1986: Representation of the cochlea in primary auditory cortex of the ferret mustela putorius

Hellweg, F. C.; Koch, R.; Vollrath, M., 1977: Representation of the cochlea in the neo cortex of guinea pigs

Knight, P. L., 1977: Representation of the cochlea within the anterior auditory field of the cat

Koff E., 1980: Representation of the female body by early and late adolescent girls

Nyberg G., 1988: Representation of the forepaw in the feline cuneate nucleus a transganglionic transport study

Mizuno N., 1987: Representation of the main branches of the facial nerve within the facial nucleus of the japanese monkey macaca fuscata

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314875

Chioralia G., 1982: Representation of the ocular blood tissue and blood fluid barriers

Frankshtein, S. I.; Smolin, L. N.; Sergeeva, Z. N.; Sergeeva, T. I., 1978: Representation of the phrenic nerve in the cortex of cerebral hemispheres

Gambardella, G., 1975: Representation of the spatial frequency analysis performed by the visual system

Bowman J.P., 1979: Representation of the tongue in the cerebellar nuclei of the monkey

Sanides D., 1981: Representation of the visual field in the optic tract and optic chiasma of the cat

Gattass R., 1988: Representation of the visual field in the second visual area in the cebus monkey

Mcilwain J.T., 1983: Representation of the visual streak in visuotopic maps of the cats superior colliculus influence of the mapping variable

Eggermont J.J., 1986: Representation of time dependent correlation and recurrence time functions a new method to analyze non stationary point processes

Kawagishi S., 1987: Representation of tooth pulp in the mesencephalic trigeminal nucleus and the trigeminal ganglion in the cat as revealed by retrogradely transported horseradish peroxidase

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314885

Nagasaka N., 1986: Representation of upper and lower primary teeth in the trigeminal sensory nuclear complex in the young dog

Mestre D., 1987: Representation of vehicle dynamics for visual control of displacement

Nikonorov, S. I.; Trepakov, V. V., 1977: Representation of visual and olfactory afferent systems in teleost fore brain

Sachs M.B., 1984: Representation of voice pitch in discharge patterns of auditory nerve fibers

Rhoades R.W., 1985: Representation of whisker follicle intrinsic musculature in the facial motor nucleus of the rat

Young E.D., 1982: Representation of whispered vowels in discharge patterns of auditory nerve fibers

Zalkind V.I., 1981: Representation of wrist joint afferents in cat cerebral cortex

Burton H., 1980: Representation pattern in the 2nd somatic sensory area of the monkey cerebral cortex

Kieras D., 1983: Representation saving effects of prior knowledge in memory for simple technical prose

Musatti T., 1986: Representational and communicative abilities in early social play a case study

Golomb, C.; Barr-Grossman, T., 1977: Representational development of the human figure in familial retardates

James, W. C.; Shih, C. S.; Hodgson, W. A.; Callbeck, L. C., 1976: Representational errors due to inter plot interference in field experiments with late blight of potato

Viveros M., 1984: Representations of health the case of a colombian community

Warner M.W., 1982: Representations of m r systems by categories of automata

Ghanjaoui Z., 1984: Representations of mental illness in morocco

Gramiak R., 1985: Representations of rapidly oscillating structures on the doppler display

Elias S.A., 1988: Representations of the body surface by climbing fiber responses in the dorsal paraflocculus of the cat

Kaas J.H., 1983: Representations of the body surface in areas 3b and 1 of postcentral parietal cortex of cebus monkeys

Kaas J.H., 1982: Representations of the body surface in cortical areas 3b and 1 of squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus comparisons with other primates

Kaas J.H., 1980: Representations of the body surface in postcentral parietal cortex of macaca fascicularis

Kaas J.H., 1986: Representations of the face teeth and oral cavity in areas 3b and 1 of somatosensory cortex in squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Van Tasell D.J., 1987: Representations of the long term spectra of speech

Karnes F.A., 1982: Representative and nonrepresentative items for gifted students on the piers harris childrens self concept scale

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314909

Bounias M., 1987: Representative equation of a general case of activation of an enzyme from normal basal kinetics

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314911

Gsueg S R., 1987: Representative of a new family of myxosporidian spirosuturia hypophthalmichthydis new species

Lobanov N.V., 1983: Representative of the family equidae in askania nova ukrainian ssr ussr

Maini R.N., 1988: Representative sample of rheumatoid synovium a morphometric study

Chan K.Y., 1981: Representative sampling for bulk density in a vertisol

Sanders T.G., 1982: Representative sampling location criterion for rivers

Vogel J., 1986: Representative sampling problems in nitrate analysis of greenhouse lettuce

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314919

Cornoni Huntley J.C., 1987: Representativeness of the framingham risk model for coronary heart disease mortality a comparison with a national cohort study

Chauncey H.H., 1987: Representativeness of the ramfjord teeth for epidemiologic studies of gingivitis and periodontitis

Bulat V.S., 1980: Representatives of belorussian flora in preserve areas of the belorussian ssr ussr

Barta Z., 1983: Representatives of genus rattus in pellets of the barn owl tyto alba from ceske stredohori czechoslovakia

Palamar-Mordvyntseva, H. M., 1977: Representatives of the euastrum genus desmidiales new and rare for the ukrainian ssr ussr

Lavorschi V., 1980: Representatives of the family macrochelidae acarina gamasida in the fauna of cuba

Holy, F., 1975: Representatives of the family mastixiaceae in the bohemian tertiary

Eliashvili, T. S.; Aliev, R. A.; Eliava, I. Ya, 1977: Representatives of the family nygolaimidae nematoda dorylaimida in the ussr

Meien S.V., 1979: Representatives of the family peltaspermaceae from permian deposits of the russian platform ussr

Bacescu, M., 1976: Representatives of the family synapseudidae crustacea tanaidacea from the tanzanian coral reefs curtipleon new genus and 3 new species of synapseudes

Fedorenko I.A., 1979: Representatives of the genera gallacanthus and menacanthus mallophaga menoponidae new for science

Shtefyrtsa A.G., 1982: Representatives of the genera pyracantha pistacia berchemia and paliurus in the early sarmatian flora of bursuk moldavian ssr ussr

Kohn, A.; Combes, C.; Gomes, D. C., 1978: Representatives of the genus polystoma monogenea in brazil

Ormiston A.R., 1985: Representatives of the genus terranovia trilobita from the territory of the soviet union and arctic north america

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314934

Horbinger F., 1986: Representatives of the subfamily trinucleinae hawleet et corda 1847 from the dobrotivian of bohemia czechoslovakia trilobita

Snajdr M., 1981: Representatives of the trilobite genus delops in bohemian czechoslovakia silurian

Souw L., 1987: Representativity of human mammary tumor cell cultures dna cytophotometry as a method for checking tumor cell characteristics

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314938

Christiansen C., 1986: Representativity of regional to total bone mineral in healthy subjects and anticonvulsive treated epileptic patients measurements by single and dual photon absorptiometry

Palef, S. R.; Nickerson, R. B., 1978: Representing auditory space

Capolongo L., 1986: Representing cell cycle data

Brown, R. F.; Mayer, D. G., 1988: Representing cumulative germination 1. a critical analysis of single value germination indices

Brown, R. F.; Mayer, D. G., 1988: Representing cumulative germination 2. the use of the weibull function and other empirically derived curves

Freyd J.J., 1983: Representing the dynamics of a static form

Baillargeon R., 1986: Representing the existence and the location of hidden objects object permanence in 6 and 8 month old infants

Morimura S., 1980: Repressed template activity of chromatin of pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska roots treated by aluminum

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314947

Smile, D. H.; Donohue, M.; Yeh, M. F.; Kenkel, T.; Trela, J. M., 1977: Repressible alkaline phosphatase from thermus aquaticus associated phospho di esterase activity

Arcos, J. C.; Davies, D. L.; Brown, C. E. L.; Argus, M. F., 1977: Repressible and inducible enzymic forms of di methyl nitrosamine demethylase

Hasunuma, K., 1983: Repressible extracellular phospho di esterases showing cyclic 2' 3' and cyclic 3' 5' nucleotide phospho di esterase activities in neurospora crassa

Otsuki S., 1980: Repressing effect of humates and nitro humates on phosphorus fixation under upland soil conditions

Hinata K., 1987: Repressing the expression of self incompatibility in crucifers by short term high temperature treatment

Rapp F., 1981: Repression and activation of the genome of herpes simplex viruses in human cells

Fomichev Yu K., 1986: Repression and allosteric inhibition of 3 deoxy d arabinoheptulose 7 phosphate synthase in facultative methylotrophic bacteria pseudomonas sp m

Dottin, R. P.; Cutler, L. S.; Pearson, M. L., 1975: Repression and autogenous stimulation in vitro by bacterio phage lambda repressor

Lee N., 1987: Repression and catabolite gene activation in the ara bad operon

Kolombet, L. V.; Gapienko, E. F., 1977: Repression and de repression of lactate dehydrogenase loci during the development of mice

Martin, D. W-Jr ; Owen, N. T., 1972: Repression and de repression of purine biosynthesis in mammalian hepatoma cells in culture

O'donovan G.A., 1980: Repression and de repression of the enzymes of the pyrimidine biosynthetic pathway in salmonella typhimurium

Susskind, M. M.; Botstein, D., 1978: Repression and immunity in salmonella phage p 22 and phage l phage l lacks a functional secondary immunity system

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314961

Seligy V.L., 1982: Repression and induction of flocculation interactions in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314963

Kiritani, K.; Ohnishi, K., 1977: Repression and inhibition of transport systems for branched chain amino acids in salmonella typhimurium

Fieve R.R., 1979: Repression and re activation of lithium efflux from erythrocytes

Kornberg T., 1986: Repression and turnover pattern fushi tarazu rna in the early drosophila embryo

Tanaka S., 1982: Repression by bacteriological peptones of extracellular amylase production in vibrio parahaemolyticus

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314968

Coukell, M. B.; Polglase, W. J., 1969: Repression by glucose of aceto hydroxy acid synthetase in escherichia coli b

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314970

Webb T.E., 1988: Repression by sustained release beta glucuronidase inhibitors of chemical carcinogen mediated induction of a marker oncofetal protein in rodents

Nicholas, D. J. D.; Deering, J. V., 1976: Repression de repression and activation of nitrogenase in azotobacter vinelandii

Potter V.R., 1979: Repression de repression trans inhibition and trans stimulation of amino acid transport in rat hepatocytes and 4 rat hepatoma cell lines in culture

Leisinger, T.; Vogel, R. H.; Vogel, H. J., 1969: Repression dependent alteration of an arginine enzyme in escherichia coli

Long B.C., 1987: Repression hostility and autonomic recovery from a laboratory stressor

Horn V., 1984: Repression is relieved before attenuation in the trp operon of escherichia coli as tryptophan starvation becomes increasingly severe

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314977

Camakaris, J.; Pittard, J., 1971: Repression of 3 deoxy d arabinoheptulosonic acid 7 phosphate synthetase ec trip and enzymes of the tryptophan pathway in escherichia coli k 12

Meltzer, H. L.; Kassir, S.; Dunner, D. L.; Fieve, R. R., 1977: Repression of a lithium pump as a consequence of lithium ingestion by manic depressive subjects

Court D., 1986: Repression of a mutant derivative of the p r e promoter of bacteriophage lambda by its activator cii

Birnbaum, J., 1970: Repression of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase by unsaturated fatty acids relationship to coenzyme repression

Ahlers S.E., 1985: Repression of adenovirus early gene expression by coinfection with a temperature sensitive mutant in the immediate early gene of pseudorabies virus

Manclark C.R., 1982: Repression of adenylate cyclase in the genus bordetella

Yagil, E.; Hermoni, E., 1976: Repression of alkaline phosphatase ec in salmonella typhimurium carrying a phoa plus phor minus episome from escherichia coli

Soska J., 1981: Repression of ant synthesis early in the lytic cycle of phage p 22

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314986

Brown, K. D.; Somerville, R. L., 1971: Repression of aromatic amino acid biosynthesis in escherichia coli k 12

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314988

Pastan, I.; Perlman, R. L., 1969: Repression of beta galactosidase synthesis by glucose in phospho transferase mutants of escherichia coli repression in the absence of glucose phosphorylation

Demain A.L., 1984: Repression of beta lactam production in cephalosporium acremonium by nitrogen sources

Kaspari, H., 1981: Repression of beta ureido propionase ec by ammonia in rhodopseudomonas capsulata

Campbell, A.; Del-Campillo-Campbell, A.; Barker, D., 1978: Repression of biotin biosynthesis in escherichia coli during growth on biotin vitamers

Botchan M.R., 1986: Repression of bovine papilloma virus replication is mediated by a virally encoded trans acting factor

Yasuike T., 1979: Repression of browning of fish meat extract by lactic acid bacteria treatment

Bushway, A. A.; Whistler, R. L., 1975: Repression of cancer cell growth by 5 thio d glucose

Ohtsubo E., 1983: Repression of co integration ability of insertion element is 1 by transcriptional readthrough from flanking regions

Section 7, Chapter 6315, Accession 006314998

West, T. P.; O'donovan, G. A., 1982: Repression of cytosine deaminase ec by pyrimidines in salmonella typhimurium

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