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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6316

Chapter 6316 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grandgenett, D. P.; Stahly, D. P., 1971: Repression of di amino pimelate decarboxylase by l lysine in different bacillus sp

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315001

Wagner F., 1982: Repression of endo 1 4 beta glucanase formation in penicillium janthinellum and product inhibition of its 1 4 beta glucanases and cellobiases

Williams, J. C.; O'donovan, G. A., 1973: Repression of enzyme synthesis of the pyrimidine pathway in salmonella typhimurium

Qi T Q., 1986: Repression of enzymes involved in the tryptophan biosynthetic pathway of escherichia coli by dethiochuangxinmycin

Faanes, R.; Rogers, P., 1972: Repression of enzymes of arginine biosynthesis by l canavanine in arginyl transfer rna synthetase mutants of escherichia coli

Pierard, A.; Glansdorff, N.; Gigot, D.; Crabeel, M.; Halleux, P.; Thiry, L., 1976: Repression of escherichia coli carbamoyl phosphate synthase ec relationships with enzyme synthesis in the arginine and pyrimidine pathways

Gerolimatos, B.; Hanson, R. L., 1978: Repression of escherichia coli pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase ec by leucine

Fishinger Z., 1983: Repression of exo protease synthesis in bacillus licheniformis

Sugino H., 1982: Repression of fibrinolysis in scalded rats by administration of serratia sp protease

Bianchetti R., 1987: Repression of folate synthesis in the logarithmic phase of euglena gracilis growth

Theimer R.R., 1983: Repression of glyoxysomal enzyme activities in anise pimpinella anisum suspension cultures

Alderete, J. F.; Robertson, D. C., 1977: Repression of heat stable entero toxin synthesis in entero toxigenic escherichia coli

Richter, D., 1973: Repression of in vivo synthesis of the mitochondrial elongation factor t and factor g in saccharomyces fragilis

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315015

Gershanovitch, V. N.; Ilyina, T. S.; Rusina, O. Y.; Yourovitskaya, N. V.; Bolshakova, T. N., 1977: Repression of inducible enzyme synthesis in a mutant of escherichia coli k 12 deleted for the ptsh gene

Gershanovitch, V. N.; Il'ina, T. S.; Rusina, O. Yu ; Yurovitskaya, N. V.; Bol'shakova, T. N., 1977: Repression of inducible enzyme synthesis in an escherichia coli k 12 mutant with a deleted ptsh gene

Ziff E.B., 1987: Repression of insulin gene expression by adenovirus type 5 e1a proteins

Bakke A., 1987: Repression of ips typographus infestations in stored logs by semiochemicals

Mayer A.M., 1988: Repression of laccase formation in botrytis cinerea and its possible relation to phytopathogenicity

Keller R., 1985: Repression of lymphatic metastasis by a second implant of the same tumor

De Marco C.B.A., 1983: Repression of lysine transport in escherichia coli kl 16

Roeder G.S., 1986: Repression of meiotic crossing over by a centromere cen 3 in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Yao Z., 1986: Repression of ms 3 gene expression during hmba induced differentiation of an embryonal carcinoma cell line b7 2 in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315025

Garrett R.H., 1980: Repression of nitrate reductase activity and loss of antigenically detectable protein in neurospora crassa

Matsumoto, H.; Teraoka, K.; Kawasaki, T., 1980: Repression of nitrate reductase in cucumber leaves cucumis sativus cultivar seiriki no. 2 caused by calcium deficiency

Gooden D., 1980: Repression of nitrate reductase in neurospora studied by using l methionine dl sulfoximine and glutamine auxotroph gln 1b

Brill W.J., 1984: Repression of nitrogen fixation in klebsiella pneumoniae at high temperature

Malkov M.A., 1987: Repression of oleandomycin biosynthesis by glucose added in the process of fermentation

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315031

Holten D., 1988: Repression of pentose phosphate pathway dehydrogenase synthesis and messenger rna by dietary fat in rats

Downer, D. N.; Davis, W. B.; Byers, B. R., 1970: Repression of phenolic acid synthesizing enzymes and its relation to iron uptake in bacillus subtilis

Perez-Lopez, J. A.; Rodriguez, C.; Montoya, E., 1977: Repression of proteolytic enzymatic system in myxococcus xanthus

Matsumoto H., 1988: Repression of proton extrusion from intact cucumber roots and the proton transport rate of microsomal membrane vesicles of the roots due to calcium starvation

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315036

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315037

Croce C.M., 1984: Repression of rearranged mu gene and translocated c myc in mouse 3t3 cells x burkitts lymphoma cell hybrids

Uchiyama S., 1987: Repression of ribosomal rna synthesis during slug reconstruction in dictyostelium discoideum

Takeuchi I., 1979: Repression of ribosomal rna synthesis induced by dis aggregation in dictyostelium discoideum

Semenenko V.E., 1980: Repression of rna synthesis and disturbances in the activity of chloroplast photochemical systems as affected by 2 deoxy d glucose and hypertrophic accumulation of assimilates in chlorella cells

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315042

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315043

Hooykaas P.J.J., 1983: Repression of small bacteriocin excretion in rhizobium leguminosarum and rhizobium trifolii by transmissible plasmids

Ohne, M.; Rutberg, B., 1976: Repression of sporulation in bacillus subtilis by l malate

Kadner, R. J., 1978: Repression of synthesis of the vitamin b 12 receptor in escherichia coli

Weimberg, R., 1976: Repression of the acid phosphatase ec of saccharomyces bisporus in relation to the poly phosphate content of the cells

Alonso A., 1982: Repression of the albumin gene in novikoff hepatoma cells

Das J., 1982: Repression of the alkaline phosphatase of vibrio cholerae

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315050

Chambon P., 1985: Repression of the immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancer by the adenovirus 2 e 1a products

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315052

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315053

Selvaraj, J. C., 1974: Repression of the production of verticillium dahliae poly galacturonase and cellulase by glucose

Suiko, M.; Maekawa, K., 1977: Repression of the propagation of ehrlich ascites tumors by means of attenuating tumor cells part 3

Chaloupka J., 1984: Repression of the synthesis of exocellular and intracellular proteinases in bacillus megaterium

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315057

Brown, B. A.; Lax, S. R.; Liang, L.; Dabney, B. J.; Spremulli, L. L.; Ravel, J. M., 1977: Repression of the tyrosine lysine and methionine biosynthetic pathways in a hist mutant of salmonella typhimurium

Levin R.E., 1983: Repression of uv induction of lambda pro phage by caffeine

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315060

Orlofsky, J. L., 1976: Repression sensitization and affect cognition an examination of the 2 defensive modes purportedly measured by the repression sensitization scale

Hill, D.; Gardner, G., 1976: Repression sensitization and cardiac responses to threat

Blair D., 1982: Repression sensitization and flood hazard appraisal in carman manitoba canada

Gardner G., 1980: Repression sensitization and yielding to threatening health communications

Matney, D. C.; Mcmanis, D. L., 1977: Repression sensitization status and social intelligence characteristics

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315066

Temoshok L., 1984: Repressive coping reactions in patients with malignant melanoma as compared to cardio vascular disease patients

Semenenko V.E., 1986: Repressive effect of a glucose analogue in the chloroplast as it depended on the spectral composition of light

Imsande, J., 1973: Repressor and anti repressor in the regulation of staphylococcal penicillinase synthesis

Belfort, M.; Kass, N.; Oppenheim, A.; Katzir, N.; Oppenheim, A. B., 1977: Repressor and int synthesis of bacterio phage lambda in the escherichia coli host mutant er 437

Mark, K. K.; Szybalski, W., 1973: Repressor and rex product of coli phage lambda lack of collaboration and joint controls

Echols H., 1981: Repressor cleavage as a pro phage induction mechanism hyper sensitivity of a mutant phage lambda ci protein to reca mediated proteolysis

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315073

Larson T.J., 1985: Repressor for the sn glycerol 3 phosphate regulon of escherichia coli k 12 cloning of the glp r gene and identification of its product

Golub, E. I.; Orlowa, G. G.; Reshetnikova, V. N., 1970: Repressor function of late phage gene

Ohtsubo E., 1987: Repressor gene fin o in plasmids r 100 and f constitutive transfer of plasmid f is caused by insertion of is 3 into f fin o

Yamazaki T., 1987: Repressor of p elements in drosophila melanogaster cytotype determination by a defective p element carrying only open reading frames o through 2

Nick, H.; Arndt, K.; Boschelli, F.; Jarema, M. A.; Lillis, M.; Sommer, H.; Lu, P.; Sadler, J., 1982: Repressor operator interaction in the lac operon 2. observations at the tyrosines and tryptophans

Arndt, K.; Nick, H.; Boschelli, F.; Lu, P.; Sadler, J., 1982: Repressor operator interaction in the lac operon 3. nmr observations with altered amino terminal dna binding domains

Kennedy C., 1982: Repressor properties of the nif l gene product in klebsiella pneumoniae

Ptashne M., 1983: Repressor structure and the mechanism of positive control

Prell H.H., 1979: Repressor synthesis in regulatory mutants of bacterio phage p 22

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315083

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315084

Russo, J. E.; Wisher, R. A., 1976: Reprocessing as a recognition cue

Haas L., 1987: Reprocessing of angiographic catheters 3rd communication

Rozman C., 1986: Reproduceability of the fab classification and prognostic value of the main cytological characteristics in 147 cases of acute non lymphoblastic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315088

Matsudaira M., 1980: Reproducibilities of radio nuclide left ventricular analysis and studies on functional images of left ventricular performance

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315090

Bird H.A., 1981: Reproducibility along a 10 centimeter vertical visual analog scale

Fredberg J.J., 1984: Reproducibility and accuracy of airway area by acoustic reflection

Roth, J.; Luethy, H., 1977: Reproducibility and accuracy of an optical source surface distance pointer

Tkacheva G.A., 1981: Reproducibility and clinical adequacy of in vitro radio testing results

Ganda, O. P.; Day, J. L.; Soeldner, J. S.; Connon, J. J.; Gleason, R. E., 1978: Reproducibility and comparative analysis of repeated intra venous and oral glucose tolerance tests

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315096

Threatt B.A., 1983: Reproducibility and consistency in classification of breast parenchymal patterns

Fenger C., 1985: Reproducibility and diagnostic value of hemoccult ii test a colonoscopic evaluation in asymptomatic patients

Larssen T., 1983: Reproducibility and observer variation at computed tomography and ultrasound of the normal pancreas

Williams G.J., 1988: Reproducibility and persistence of abnormal transmitral flow velocity patterns detected by pulsed doppler ultrasound

Hennekens C.H., 1987: Reproducibility and predictive values of routine blood pressure measurements in children comparison with adult values and implications for screening children for elevated blood pressure

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315102

Soret J.Y., 1986: Reproducibility and prognostic value of gleason and gaeta histological classifications in prostatic cancer

Meiners B.G., 1983: Reproducibility and quality control in the analysis of biological samples of lead and mercury

Et Al, 1984: Reproducibility and quantitativity of oblique angle reconstruction in single photon emission computed tomography using thallium 201 myocardial phantom

Matveeva V.A., 1979: Reproducibility and relation to specific and nonspecific anti tumor resistance of the tumor sneaking through phenomenon

Et Al , 1987: Reproducibility and reliability of first pass radionuclide ventriculography with gold 195m validation of gold 195m radionuclide ventriculography

Olsson B., 1983: Reproducibility and the influence of age on inter specimen determinations of blood pressure in the horse

Gettes L.S., 1984: Reproducibility and treatment of exercise induced ventricular tachy cardia

Speizer F.E., 1985: Reproducibility and validity of a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire

Raftery E.B., 1987: Reproducibility and validity of ambulatory st segment monitoring in patients with chronic stable angina pectoris

Pietinen, P.; Hartman, A. M.; Haapa, E.; Rasanen, L.; Haapakoski, J.; Palmgren, J.; Albanes, D.; Virtamo, J.; Huttunen, J. K., 1988: Reproducibility and validity of dietary assessment instruments i. a self administered food use questionnaire with a portion size picture booklet

Pietinen, P.; Hartman, A. M.; Haapa, E.; Rasanen, L.; Haapakoski, J.; Palmgren, J.; Albanes, D.; Virtamo, J.; Huttunen, J. K., 1988: Reproducibility and validity of dietary assessment instruments ii. a qualitative food frequency questionnaire

Speizer F.S., 1987: Reproducibility and validity of self reported menopausal status in a prospective cohort study

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315115

Serup J., 1987: Reproducibility and variability of transepidermal water loss measurement studies on the servo med evaporimeter

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315117

Karcher W., 1984: Reproducibility aspects in specific migration measurements a collaborative study

Hall, L. S.; Gordon, D. D., 1976: Reproducibility efficacy and methodology of mitogen induced lymphocyte transformations by the whole blood assay

Byrne G.E.Jr, 1984: Reproducibility in morphologic classification of non hodgkins lymphomas using the lukes collins systems the southeastern cancer study group experience

David M., 1987: Reproducibility in pathology application of the kappa test to the histopathological grading on soft tissue sarcomas of adults

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315122

Finney K.F., 1984: Reproducibility of 100 gram bread volume as affected by correct side wrong side or both sides break and shred

Rajala M., 1985: Reproducibility of a clinical screening method for assessing gingival inflammation pockets and plaque retentions

Sanmarco, M. E.; Brooks, S. H.; Blankenhorn, D. H., 1978: Reproducibility of a consensus panel in the interpretation of coronary angiograms

Goussot J F., 1986: Reproducibility of a histopathologic grading system for adult soft tissue sarcoma

Halvorsen J.F., 1979: Reproducibility of a method for graded stenosis in tubes and vessels of small calibers an in vitro and in vivo experiment

Hennessy, A. V.; Davenport, F. M., 1972: Reproducibility of a neuraminidase inhibition test employed to measure anti influenza neuraminidase antibody

De Jong H.P., 1986: Reproducibility of a palpation test for the stomatognathic system

Rusko H., 1984: Reproducibility of aerobic and anaerobic thresholds in 20 to 50 year old men

Joelsson B., 1988: Reproducibility of ambulatory esophageal ph monitoring

Van De Poel A.C.M., 1987: Reproducibility of an assessment scale of denture quality

Rubin S.J., 1979: Reproducibility of an indirect immuno fluorescent antibody technique for capsular sero typing of klebsiella pneumoniae

Tjotta E.A.L., 1984: Reproducibility of an indirect immunofluorescence test for varicella zoster antibodies

Greb W., 1981: Reproducibility of and experiences with the bhk cell transformation assay

Mcanulty J.H., 1986: Reproducibility of arrhythmia induction with intracardiac electrophysiologic testing patients with clinical sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias

Waller M., 1987: Reproducibility of auditory brain stem evoked responses as a function of the stimulus scorer and subject

Fleming J.E.E., 1980: Reproducibility of bi parietal diameter measurements obtained with a real time scanner

Wiedman L.A., 1984: Reproducibility of bio volumetric parameters in community reconstruction

Alencar M.M.D., 1985: Reproducibility of birth and weaning weights in a herd of canchim cattle

Van Palenstein Helderman W.H., 1986: Reproducibility of bleeding tendency measurements and the reproducibility of mouth bleeding scores for the individual patient

Yu P L., 1984: Reproducibility of carbon di oxide response curves with 10 minutes separating each re breathing test

Mori C., 1986: Reproducibility of cardiac output estimation by thermodilution method in rats

Hunter S., 1988: Reproducibility of cardiac output measurement by cross sectional and doppler echocardiography

Myhre E., 1987: Reproducibility of cardiac stroke volume estimated by doppler echocardiography

Thomson P.D., 1983: Reproducibility of cardio pulmonary effects of different endo toxins in the same sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315149

Alexander K., 1985: Reproducibility of carotid artery doppler frequency measurements

Meissner M., 1988: Reproducibility of cerebral glucose metabolic measurements in resting human subjects

Parker J.O., 1979: Reproducibility of clinical and hemodynamic parameters during pacing stress testing in patients with angina pectoris

Wigley, F. M.; Malamet, R.; Wise, R. A., 1987: Reproducibility of cold provocation in patients with raynaud's phenomenon

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315154

Renson C.E., 1985: Reproducibility of computer aided image analysis derived estimates of the depth and area of radiolucencies in approximal enamel

Wijsman K., 1988: Reproducibility of computerized pallor measurements obtained with the rodenstock disk analyzer

Kayashima, N.; Hayama, T., 1976: Reproducibility of copper sulfate emesis by oral threshold dose in cats

Et Al, 1982: Reproducibility of coronary arteriographic reading in the coronary artery surgery study

Thomassen A., 1985: Reproducibility of coronary hemodynamics and cardiac metabolism during pacing induced angina pectoris

Meijer C.J.L.M., 1988: Reproducibility of counting immunoglobulin containing cells in colonic mucosal biopsies

Kafer, E. R.; Donnelly, P., 1977: Reproducibility of data on steady state gas exchange and indices of mal distribution of ventilation and blood flow

Dirks O.B., 1983: Reproducibility of dental caries in balb c mice induced by the bacterium streptococcus mutans

Willems, J. L.; Pardaens, J., 1977: Reproducibility of diagnostic results by a multi variate computer electro cardiogram analysis program

Henry W.L., 1984: Reproducibility of doppler aortic blood flow measurements studies on intraobserver interobserver and day to day variability in normal subjects

Merrill J.S., 1988: Reproducibility of doppler echocardiographic measurements of left ventricular diastolic function

Gonsalves B., 1985: Reproducibility of dust disturbance techniques during clearance sampling after asbestos removal

Stefadouros, M. A.; Canedo, M. I., 1977: Reproducibility of echo cardiographic estimates of left ventricular dimensions

Parisi A.F., 1981: Reproducibility of echo cardiography a study evaluating the variability of serial echo cardiographic measurements

Fulkerson P.K., 1980: Reproducibility of echo cardiography in chronic congestive heart failure

Ashburn W., 1979: Reproducibility of ejection fraction and ventricular volume by gated radio nuclide angiography after myo cardial infarction

Ashburn W.L., 1979: Reproducibility of ejection fraction determinations by equilibrium radio nuclide angiography in response to supine bicycle exercise concise communication

Parsons D.D.F., 1982: Reproducibility of electron diffraction intensity data obtained from hydrated micro crystals of rat hemo globin

Greer, D. O.; Pearson, J. K. L., 1976: Reproducibility of electronic cell counts in milk a study of 5 further factors

Singh B.N., 1982: Reproducibility of equilibrium radio nuclide ventriculography in patients with coronary artery disease response of left ventricular ejection fraction and regional wall motion to supine bicycle exercise

Henriksen J.M., 1986: Reproducibility of exercise induced asthma in children

Davidson G.P., 1983: Reproducibility of expired breath hydrogen levels in the neo nate a comparison of 2 methods for sample collection

Petheram I.S., 1981: Reproducibility of flow rates measured with low density gas mixtures in exercise induced broncho spasm

Sharp P.F., 1981: Reproducibility of gamma camera data

Myrvold H.E., 1986: Reproducibility of gastroesophageal reflux scintigraphy and the standard acid reflux test

Petersen V.S., 1986: Reproducibility of goniometry of the wrist

Reale A., 1987: Reproducibility of handgrip induced hemodynamic changes in patients with coronary artery disease

Coope G.F.IIi, 1979: Reproducibility of headspace analysis of wines

Gleason R.E., 1979: Reproducibility of hemo globin a ic and sensitivity to various degrees of glucose intolerance

Judy W.V., 1983: Reproducibility of hemodynamic measurements by impedance cardiography

Silverman M., 1983: Reproducibility of histamine challenge tests in asthmatic children

Weeke B., 1985: Reproducibility of histamine skin prick test intervariation and intravariation using histamine dihydrochloride 1 5 and 10 milligram per milliliter

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315188

Olinsky A., 1986: Reproducibility of hyperventilation of cold dry air in children with cystic fibrosis

Becher P., 1986: Reproducibility of immobilized ph gradients after seven months of storage

House D.E., 1985: Reproducibility of individual responses to ozone exposure

Schaberg, D. R.; Haley, R. W.; Terry, P. M.; Mcgowan, J. E. Jr, 1977: Reproducibility of interpretation of the test for antibody coated bacteria in urinary sediment

Bellelahom L., 1988: Reproducibility of intra abdominal pressure when lifting

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315194

Long D.A., 1987: Reproducibility of intravenous linear pharmacokinetic parameters of ethanol in dogs

Vatne K., 1983: Reproducibility of ischemic lactate metabolism during atrial pacing in man

Conti C.R., 1985: Reproducibility of left ventricular area and volume measurements using a computer endocardial edge detection algorithm in normal subjects

Popp R.L., 1983: Reproducibility of left ventricular volumes by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Rawles J.M., 1986: Reproducibility of linear cardiac output measurement by doppler ultrasound alone

Schlichting P., 1980: Reproducibility of liver biopsy diagnosis in relation to the size of the specimen

Bircks W., 1980: Reproducibility of local activation times during intra operative epi cardial mapping

Kupari M., 1984: Reproducibility of m mode echocardiographic assessment of left ventricular function significance of the temporal range of measurements

Light R.W., 1985: Reproducibility of maximal oxygen consumption in patients with chronic air flow obstruction

Sadoul P., 1984: Reproducibility of maximal oxygen uptake in silicotic subjects who are co operative

Zamel N., 1979: Reproducibility of maximum expiratory flow in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Haven, G. T.; Hansell, J. R.; Haven, M. C., 1978: Reproducibility of mean values of duplicate specimens in the basic ligand assay survey

Powell P.H., 1988: Reproducibility of measurement of prostatic volume by ultrasound comparison of transrectal and transabdominal methods

Steiner, H. M.; Raczynski, J., 1976: Reproducibility of measurements and individual measuring errors in craniometric studies on apodemus

Hawkins, R. A.; Hill, A.; Freedman, B.; Gore, S. M.; Roberts, M. M.; Forrest, A. P. M., 1977: Reproducibility of measurements of estrogen receptor concentration in breast cancer

Komi P.V., 1980: Reproducibility of measurements of selected neuro muscular performance variables in man

Uther J.B., 1986: Reproducibility of measurements of ventricular activation time using the signal averages frank vectorcardiogram

Duran W.N., 1982: Reproducibility of micro vascular permeability responses to successive topical applications of brady kinin in the hamster cheek pouch

Dunkel, V. C.; Zeiger, E.; Brusick, D.; Mccoy, E.; Mcgregor, D.; Mortelmans, K.; Rosenkranz, H. S.; Simmon, V. F., 1984: Reproducibility of microbial mutagenicity assays 1. tests with salmonella typhimurium and escherichia coli using a standardized protocol

Mariuzzi G.M., 1988: Reproducibility of mitotic counts and identification of mitotic figures in malignant glial tumors

Renzetti A.D.Jr, 1981: Reproducibility of multi breath nitrogen washout measurements

Raftery E.B., 1984: Reproducibility of multistage graded exercise testing in patients with chronic stable angina

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315217

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315218

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315219

Ling J., 1988: Reproducibility of nuclear measurements in computer assisted image analysis

Janson M., 1986: Reproducibility of occlusal findings a comparison between clinical and articulator analyses

Pope B., 1986: Reproducibility of optic disc measurements with computerized analysis of stereoscopic video images

Toeller, M.; Knussmann, R., 1973: Reproducibility of oral glucose tolerance tests with 3 different loads

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315224

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315225

Schwartz B., 1985: Reproducibility of photogrammetric optic disc cup measurements

Volle M., 1986: Reproducibility of plasma catecholamine concentrations at rest and during exercise in man

Reisin, E.; Eliahou, H. E., 1978: Reproducibility of plasma renin activity profile in essential hypertension patients

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315229

Attstrom R., 1984: Reproducibility of pocket depth and attachment level measurements when using a flexible splint

Jackson W.G.Jr, 1979: Reproducibility of positive linear acceleration tolerance testing

Pepys J., 1982: Reproducibility of prick skin tests to 5 common allergens

Nilveus R., 1984: Reproducibility of probing attachment level measurements

Isles K.D., 1980: Reproducibility of pulmonary function tests under laboratory and field conditions

Szamosi A., 1980: Reproducibility of pulmonary structures on conventional chest films

Wold S., 1979: Reproducibility of pyrolysis gas chromatographic analyses of the mold penicillium brevicompactum

Shute, L. A.; Gutteridge, C. S.; Norris, J. R.; Berkeley, R. C. W., 1988: Reproducibility of pyrolysis mass spectrometry effect of growth medium and instrument stability on the differentiation of selected bacillus species

Schiller N.B., 1988: Reproducibility of quantitative two dimensional echocardiography

Norman J.R., 1983: Reproducibility of re breathing parameters in normal humans

Enevoldsen, E. M.; Jensen, F. T., 1978: Reproducibility of regional cerebral blood flow measurements in acute severe head injury

Newton T.H., 1985: Reproducibility of relaxation times and spin density calculated from routine magnetic resonance imaging sequences clinical study of the central nervous system

Eriksson A.T., 1986: Reproducibility of repeated mountings of a noninvasive ct mri stereoadapter

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315244

Oh M.S., 1987: Reproducibility of reports of frequency of food use in the tecumseh diet methodology study

Held B.J., 1983: Reproducibility of respiratory fit as measured by quantitative fitting tests

Kopp, S., 1976: Reproducibility of response to a questionnaire on symptoms of masticatory dys function

Wieke B., 1987: Reproducibility of responsiveness to a standardized bronchial allergen provocation r t compared to fev 1 as measurement of response to provocation

Krishnamurthy G., 1987: Reproducibility of rest and exercise left ventricular ejection fraction and volumes in chronic aortic regurgitation

Deveciana M., 1987: Reproducibility of results in near replicate carcinogenesis bioassays

Levi M.I., 1982: Reproducibility of results of determining the activity of antibodies and antigens in the takachi micro titrator

Raczynski, J.; Chlebus, H., 1975: Reproducibility of results of hemodynamic examinations in conscious trained dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315253

Knutsen K.M., 1987: Reproducibility of serial m mode and doppler echocardiographic recordings of left ventricular dimensions and function a comparison with traditional measurements of heart rate and blood pressure in apparently healthy men

Costlow R.D., 1981: Reproducibility of serum hapto globin profiles in mice with transplanted tumors

Canton, J. H.; Adema, D. M. M., 1978: Reproducibility of short term and reproduction toxicity experiments with daphnia magna and comparison of the sensitivity of daphnia magna with daphnia pulex and daphnia cucullata in short term experiments

Weil A., 1983: Reproducibility of simultaneous urethro cystometry measured with electronic micro transducers

Schlepper M., 1980: Reproducibility of sinus node recovery time in relation to the time of the day and the overdrive stimulation rate

Moss R., 1988: Reproducibility of skin prick testing with allergen extracts from different manufacturers

Malling, H. J., 1985: Reproducibility of skin sensitivity using a quantitative skin prick test

Joly P., 1984: Reproducibility of skin tests a comparative study of the pepys prick test and the morrow brown needle and their correlation with the serum immunoglobulin e level

Yasui N., 1987: Reproducibility of somatosensory evoked potentials and eeg in normal humans under hyperbaric oxygenation

Shakhshneider N.M., 1985: Reproducibility of some parameters of 1 dimensional echocardiography sectoral scanning and tetrapolar chest rheoplethysmography

Richards, M. A.; Gregory, W. M.; Webb, J. A. W.; Jewell, S. E.; Reznek, R. H., 1987: Reproducibility of spin lattice relaxation time t 1 measurement using an 0.08 tesla md 800 magnetic resonance imager

Dmitrenko L.V., 1981: Reproducibility of spirographic indices in patients with lung diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315266

Weeke B., 1986: Reproducibility of standardized bronchial allergen provocation test

Gizdulich P., 1980: Reproducibility of strain gauge venous occlusion plethysmography in long run measurements in man

Kant J.A., 1986: Reproducibility of synovial fluid analyses a study among four laboratories

Bowman H.E., 1980: Reproducibility of syphilis serology results

Brant Zawadzki M., 1985: Reproducibility of t 1 and t 2 relaxation times calculated from routine magnetic resonance imaging sequences phantom study

Sun Y., 1987: Reproducibility of temperature programmed retention indices on several ov 101 columns

Mclaughlin, P. R.; Martin, R. P.; Doherty, P.; Daspit, S.; Goris, M.; Haskell, W.; Lewis, S.; Kriss, J. P.; Harrison, D. C., 1977: Reproducibility of thallium 201 myo cardial imaging

Butler, D. A.; Lobregat, C. M.; Gavan, T. L., 1975: Reproducibility of the analytab e system

Job, D.; Papoz, L.; Eschwege, E.; Rosselin, G. E., 1978: Reproducibility of the blood glucose and plasma insulin response to identical oral glucose load performed 1 year apart

Prylinski M., 1986: Reproducibility of the border outline of working impressions of the edentulous mandible obtained by the slack herbst method

Auer G., 1982: Reproducibility of the cellular dna distribution patterns in multiple fine needle aspirates from human malignant tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315278

Boyle C.A., 1985: Reproducibility of the cytologic diagnosis of human papillomavirus infection

Polk B.F., 1988: Reproducibility of the diagnosis of cervicitis in pregnancy

Komatsu C., 1984: Reproducibility of the electrophysiologic examination

Samsonova V.P., 1979: Reproducibility of the energy dispersion roentgeno fluorescent method of analysis in connection with the study of soil bulk composition

Woggon B., 1979: Reproducibility of the factorial structure of the work study group for methods and documentation in psychiatry system

Korytnikov K.I., 1985: Reproducibility of the flow volume indicators in healthy subjects and patients with pulmonary diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315285

Nancy N.R., 1979: Reproducibility of the forced expiratory spirogram

Et Al, 1985: Reproducibility of the french american british classification of acute leukemia the southwest oncology group experience

Hilden J., 1984: Reproducibility of the history of low back trouble

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Fitzner R.E., 1985: Reproduction mortality and heavy metal concentrations in great blue herons ardea herodias from three colonies in washington and idaho usa

Chittenden M.E.Jr, 1984: Reproduction movements and population dynamics of the banded drum larimus fasciatus in the gulf of mexico

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315828

Chittenden M.E.Jr, 1981: Reproduction movements and population dynamics of the sand sea trout cynoscion arenarius

Mackie G.L., 1986: Reproduction of a fingernail clam pisidium casertanum in contrasting habitats life history tactics?

Olive, P. J. W., 1970: Reproduction of a northumberland population of the polychaete cirratulus cirratus

Umeyama H., 1987: Reproduction of ab initio electrostatic potential with classical fractional point charges

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315833

Scowcroft, P. G.; Wood, H. B., 1976: Reproduction of acacia koa after fire

Bishai, R. M., 1977: Reproduction of alestes dentex at jebel aulyia reservoir sudan pisces characidae

Sihag, R. C., 1986: Reproduction of alfalfa pollinating subtropical megachilid bees 5. effect of different feeding conditions on the ovarian recrudescence and hemolymph protein synthesis

Eshelkin, I. I., 1976: Reproduction of alticola strelzovi in the southeast altai ussr

Luchko V.P., 1986: Reproduction of amyotrophic leukospongiosis in laboratory animals

Yang W.T., 1987: Reproduction of an estuarine diaphanosoma aspinosum branchiopoda cladocera under different salinities

Igwegbe E.C.K., 1979: Reproduction of and ultrastructural changes induced by spiroplasma citri in sieve tube of citrus leaves

Keddy C.J., 1987: Reproduction of annual eelgrass variation among habitats and comparison with perennial eelgrass zostera marina l

Shinn G.L., 1985: Reproduction of anoplodium hymanae a turbellarian flatworm neorhabdocoela umagillidae inhabiting the coelom of sea cucumbers production of egg capsules and escape of infective stages without evisceration of the host

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315844

Sedov A.E., 1985: Reproduction of apple tree clone seedling stock by layers and by green and woody slips

Kofron C.P., 1979: Reproduction of aquatic snakes in south central louisiana usa

Sargent J.R., 1982: Reproduction of asteroids from balsfjorden northern norway analyses of lipids in the gonads of ctenodiscus crispatus asterias lincki and pteraster militaris

Calvin, P., 1978: Reproduction of ateles spp in monaco

Mebs D., 1980: Reproduction of atelopus cruciger amphibia salientia bufonidae

Casny J., 1981: Reproduction of attenuated mumps virus in dog kidney cell cultures pre cultivated at 37 and 34 celsius

Saikina L.H., 1981: Reproduction of barley selection material under phytotron conditions

Eriksson M.O.G., 1986: Reproduction of black throated diver gavia arctica in relation to fish density in oligotrophic lakes in southwestern sweden

Torybaev Kh K., 1988: Reproduction of blue and orange iridoviruses of aedes caspius caspius in bombyx mori larvae

Therkildsen N., 1987: Reproduction of blue foxes alopex lagopus with different number of chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315855

Leahy W.M., 1984: Reproduction of bradybaena similaris mollusca pulmonata behavior and anatomofunctional characteristics

Lobacheva V.A., 1979: Reproduction of cells of the retinal pigment epithelium in chick embryos during the period of intensive growth

Gregory K.F., 1983: Reproduction of cephalosporium eichhorniae as spheroplasts

Keeley, J. E.; Zedler, P. H., 1978: Reproduction of chaparral shrubs after fine a comparison of sprouting and seeding strategies

Ueda H., 1986: Reproduction of chirixalus eiffingeri

Leont'ev Orlov O.A., 1982: Reproduction of clone apple stocks by tissue culture method

Pritchard S., 1984: Reproduction of complex 2 dimensional movements as a function of mode of presentation

Fossey J., 1986: Reproduction of complex movements the effects of the presence of vision during encoding or at recall

Uteshev V.K., 1980: Reproduction of conditioned avoidance reflex in mice in a water maze

Chapman R.A., 1983: Reproduction of criconemoides simile helicotylenchus pseudorobustus and paratylenchus projectus on soybean glycine max

Taylor P.W.J., 1986: Reproduction of crown rot of wheat caused by fusarium graminearum group 1 in the greenhouse

Krijnen J.C.M., 1981: Reproduction of cynomolgus monkeys macaca fascicularis in harems

Cerqueira R., 1984: Reproduction of didelphis albiventris in northeastern brazil polyprotodontia didelphidae

Young L.D., 1982: Reproduction of differentially selected soybean cyst nematode heterodera glycines populations on soybeans glycine max

Gibson, P. H.; Clark, R. B., 1976: Reproduction of dodecaceria caulleryi polychaeta cirratulidae

Il'yuchenok, R. Yu ; Leutin, V. P.; Tsvetovskii, S. B., 1975: Reproduction of electro physiological correlates of defensive conditioned reflex after electro convulsive effect

Il'yuchenok R.K., 1983: Reproduction of electrographic correlates of conditioned reflex during changes of noradrenergic and dopaminergic system activity

Sherry, B. Y., 1975: Reproduction of elephant in gonarezhou southeastern rhodesia

Kerr, M. A., 1978: Reproduction of elephant in the mana pools national park rhodesia

Colley M., 1981: Reproduction of end location and distance of movement in early and later blinded subjects

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315878

Vashetko, E. V., 1978: Reproduction of eremias velox in the southern part of soviet central asia

Shaver G.R., 1986: Reproduction of eriophorum vaginatum by seed in alaskan usa tussock tundra

Motten A.F., 1983: Reproduction of erythronium umbilicatum liliaceae pollination success and pollinator effectiveness

Alvarez Lajonchere L., 1983: Reproduction of eugerres brasilianus pisces gerreidae in tunas de zaza cuba

Prescott, D. M., 1976: Reproduction of eukaryotic cells

Leclercq-Smekens, M., 1978: Reproduction of euproctis chrysorrhea lepidoptera lymantriidae part 1 study of testes development and spermatogenesis

Leclercq-Smekens, M., 1978: Reproduction of euproctis chrysorrhea lepidoptera lymantriidae part 2 cytological aspects and role of the apical cell versons cell of the testes

Davies, J. B.; Jennings, J., 1977: Reproduction of familiar melodies and the perception of tonal sequences

Coblentz B.E., 1982: Reproduction of feral goats on santa catalina island california usa

Thurow T.L., 1985: Reproduction of ferruginous hawks buteo regalis exposed to controlled disturbance

Heard, W. H., 1977: Reproduction of fingernail clams sphaeriidae sphaerium and musculium

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315890

Soloukhin V.Z., 1979: Reproduction of fowl plague virus in aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Drake, P.; Arias, A. M.; Sarasquete, M. C., 1987: Reproduction of fundulus heteroclitus l. 1758 pisces cyprinodontidae in a highly saline environment

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315893

Penchaszadeh, P. E., 1976: Reproduction of gastropods from southwestern atlantic the genus trophon

Magnusson M.L., 1984: Reproduction of globodera rostochiensis on resistant and susceptible potatoes in finland

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315896

Barbieri G., 1985: Reproduction of gymnotus carapo at the wolf dam represa to lobo sao paulo state brazil morphology and histology of the ovary seasonal variation teleostei gymnotidae

Barbieri G., 1984: Reproduction of gymnotus carapo on the wolf dam brazil morphology and histology of the testicle seasonal variation fishes gymnotidae

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315899

Ballinger R.E., 1982: Reproduction of holbrookia maculata in western nebraska usa

Caramaschi, E. P.; Godinho, H. M.; Foresti, F., 1982: Reproduction of hoplias malabaricus teleostei erythrinidae in the artificial lake of the rio pardo botucatu sao paulo brazil 1. histology and scale of maturation of the ovary

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315902

Uriz M.J., 1982: Reproduction of hymeniacidon sanguinea larval behavior and post larval development

Godina L.B., 1985: Reproduction of hynobius keyserlingii

Marsagishvili G.A., 1982: Reproduction of imprinting in chick recipients under the effect of brain homogenates of imprinted chick donors

Rakhimbaev I.R., 1987: Reproduction of inbred sugar beets in a tissue culture

Gildersleeve, R. P.; Galvin, M. J.; Mcree, D. I.; Thaxton, J. P.; Parkhurst, C. R., 1987: Reproduction of japanese quail after microwave irradiation 2.45 ghz cw during embryogeny

Teshima K., 1981: Reproduction of japanese smooth dogfish mustelus manazo and mustelus griseus

Jahoda, G., 1976: Reproduction of kohs type figures by ghanaian children orientation errors revisited

Gaigher I.G., 1984: Reproduction of labeo umbratus pisces cyprinidae in wuras dam a shallow turbid impoundment

Tertyshnikov, M. F., 1978: Reproduction of lacerta agilis and eremias arguta in ciscaucasia

Horst P., 1985: Reproduction of landrace large white and crossbred sows in harsh climate

Odinashoev, A., 1978: Reproduction of lepus tolai pamirensis in the pamirs ussr

Reddy P.S., 1980: Reproduction of liza dussumieri in porto novo waters india

Kaseda Y., 1987: Reproduction of mares living freely in cape toi japan

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315916

Miller C.B., 1982: Reproduction of meso pelagic and bathy pelagic chaetognaths in the genus eukrohnia

Bell J.M., 1982: Reproduction of mice fed low erucic acid rapeseed oil contaminated with weed seed oils

Bell J.M., 1982: Reproduction of mice fed low glucosinolate rapeseed meal contaminated with screenings meals and weed seed meals

Andera M., 1981: Reproduction of microtus agrestis in czechoslovakia

Angerbjorn A., 1986: Reproduction of mountain hares lepus timidus in relation to density and physical condition

Casny J., 1981: Reproduction of mumps virus strains in vero cell cultures at 32 37 and 40 celsius

Sunila I., 1981: Reproduction of mytilus edulis bivalvia in a brackish water area the gulf of finland

Kucherenko L.A., 1986: Reproduction of non germinating rice oryza sativa seeds by the tissue culture method

Richardson S.L., 1980: Reproduction of northern anchovy engraulis mordax off oregon and washington usa

Smith D.S., 1988: Reproduction of northern bobwhites in semiarid environments

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315928

Shabanov P.D., 1981: Reproduction of passive avoidance in rats by administering pharmacological agents

Schubert A.M., 1981: Reproduction of peanuts arachis hypogaea treated with a cyto kinin containing preparation

Golubev N.S., 1981: Reproduction of pelodytes caucasicus amphibia pelobatidae

Williams S.L., 1986: Reproduction of peromyscus alstoni mammalia muridae under laboratory conditions

Kaufman G.A., 1987: Reproduction of peromyscus polionotus number size and survival of offspring

Vaisanen R.A., 1984: Reproduction of pied flycatchers ficedula hypoleuca in good and bad breeding seasons in a northern marginal area

Olver, C. H.; Lewis, C. A., 1977: Reproduction of planted lake trout salvelinus namaycush in gamitagama a small precambrian lake in ontario

Krzewski A., 1981: Reproduction of platanus acerifolia and salix alba cultivar tristis by tissue culture in vitro

Fedurko T.A., 1979: Reproduction of plums with green cuttings in the belorussian ssr ussr

Thorhauge, F., 1975: Reproduction of potamothrix hammoniensis tubificidae oligochaeta in lake esrom denmark a field and laboratory study

Boyd, L. L.; Boyd, N. S.; Dobler, F. C., 1977: Reproduction of prairie falcons by artificial insemination

Yasuda S., 1981: Reproduction of pseudaulacaspis pentagona hemiptera homoptera diaspididae

Kemper, C. M., 1976: Reproduction of pseudomys novaehollandiae muridae in the laboratory

Kemper C.M., 1980: Reproduction of pseudomys novaehollandiae muridae in the wild

Doerr P.D., 1981: Reproduction of raccoons procyon lotor in north carolina usa

Fritzell, E. K., 1978: Reproduction of raccoons procyon lotor in north dakota

Yakovlev V.A., 1981: Reproduction of rana arvalis in high mountains

Pikulik M.M., 1980: Reproduction of rana temporaria in the belorussian ssr ussr

Sevast'yanova, M. V.; Zakharova, L. G.; Gerasina, S. F.; Sushko, N. I.; Al'tshtein, A. D., 1975: Reproduction of rd 114 leukovirus in human di ploid and hetero ploid cells

Bernard R.T.F., 1983: Reproduction of rhinolophus clivosus microchiroptera in natal south africa

Lisovenko, L. A., 1978: Reproduction of rockfish of the family scorpaenidae along the pacific coastline of south america

Foreyt W.J., 1988: Reproduction of rocky mountain bighorn sheep ovis canadensis canadensis in washington usa birth dates yearling ram reproduction and neonatal diseases

Kux Z., 1985: Reproduction of roe deer population in czechoslovakia

Keyserling M.L., 1985: Reproduction of root knot lesion spiral and soybean cyst nematodes on sunflower helianthus annuus

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315955

Tokranov A.M., 1987: Reproduction of sculpins of the genus gymnacanthus cottidae in the coastal waters of kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Mackie G.L., 1985: Reproduction of selected mollusca in some low alkalinity lakes in south central ontario canada

Taubert B.D., 1980: Reproduction of shortnose sturgeon acipenser brevirostrum in holyoke pool connecticut river massachusetts usa

Ragimov D.B., 1986: Reproduction of small goby species gobiidae in the caspian

Vogele L.E., 1981: Reproduction of smallmouth bass micropterus dolomieui in bull shoals lake arkansas usa

Epshtein V.S., 1984: Reproduction of some psammophilic infusoria species in the white sea ussr under experimental conditions

Dubrovina N.I., 1982: Reproduction of sound duration at different periods of human adaptation to new climatic geographic conditions

Nikitin N.I., 1981: Reproduction of sound waveform in the frequency following responses of the cat cochlear nuclei

Penchaszadeh, P. E.; De-Mahieu, G. C., 1975: Reproduction of southwestern atlantic prosobranch gastropods cymatiidae

Petersen J.J., 1982: Reproduction of spalangia cameroni hymenoptera pteromalidae on stable fly stomoxys calcitrans diptera muscidae in the laboratory

Legner E.F., 1979: Reproduction of spalangia endius muscidifurax raptor and muscidifurax zaraptor on fresh vs refrigerated fly hosts

Collins L.A., 1986: Reproduction of spanish mackerel scomberomorus maculatus from the southeastern usa

Petrushina, L. I., 1976: Reproduction of staphylococci and the formation of type a entero toxin in cooked macaroni products

Novikova A.S., 1983: Reproduction of stellate sturgeon acipenser stellatus acipenseridae under conditions of altered flow of the volga river russian sfsr ussr

Veshchev P.V., 1982: Reproduction of sterlet acipenser ruthenus acipenseridae in the lower volga russian sfsr ussr

Bakaev, S., 1978: Reproduction of sykes warbler hippolais caligata rama aves sylviidae in the lower reaches of the zeravshan river ussr

Heller M.A., 1980: Reproduction of tactually perceived forms

Atabekov, J. G.; Schaskolskaya, N. D.; Atabekova, T. I.; Sacharovskaya, G. A., 1970: Reproduction of temperature sensitive strains of tobacco mosaic virus under restrictive conditions in the presence of temperature resistant helper strain

Young L.D., 1982: Reproduction of tennessee soybean cyst nematode heterodera glycinea population on cultivars resistant to race 4

Lobanov, N. V., 1978: Reproduction of the african cape buffalo syncerus caffer in askaniya nova

Harrewijn, P., 1970: Reproduction of the aphid myzus persicae related to the mineral nutrition of potato d plants

Bohrer R.N., 1987: Reproduction of the arctic copepod calanus glacialis in fram strait greenland sea

Bashunova N.N., 1980: Reproduction of the asp aspius aspius in lake balkhash under regulated flow of the i li river kazakh ssr ussr

Harris J.H., 1986: Reproduction of the australian bass macquaria novemaculeata perciformes percichthyidae in the sydney basin australia

Kovtun V.V., 1986: Reproduction of the autumn chum oncorhynchus keta in the southern sakhalin island russian sfsr ussr

Ross S.W., 1985: Reproduction of the banded drum larimus fasciatus in north carolina usa

Meurling P., 1979: Reproduction of the bank vole clethrionomys glareolus in northern and southern sweden during several seasons and in different phases of the vole population cycle

Kolotukhina N.K., 1983: Reproduction of the barnacle chthamalus dalli in the sea of japan

Paul, H.; Zijlstra, C.; Leeuwangh, J. E.; Krens, F. A.; Huizing, H. J., 1987: Reproduction of the beet cyst nematode heterodera schachtii schm. on transformed root cultures of beta vulgaris l

Frisque, G.; Vezina, P. E., 1977: Reproduction of the black spruce picea mariana after small clear cuttings

Danilenko, T. P.; Dyachuk, I. E., 1988: Reproduction of the blue bream abramis ballerus l. in the kanev reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

Hanks J., 1980: Reproduction of the blue wildebeest connochaetes taurinus taurinus in zululand south africa

Lapin, V. I.; Sokolov, L. I.; Tsepkin, E. A., 1987: Reproduction of the bream abramis brama l. in the middle course of the moskva river russian sfsr ussr

Moreau G., 1986: Reproduction of the brook trout salvelinus fontinalis mitchill in lakes with different ph

Julliard J P., 1986: Reproduction of the bulbul pycnonotus barbatus in morocco

Medem F., 1983: Reproduction of the cabezon turtle peltocephalus tracaxa testudines pelomedusidae in colombia

Stuart C.T., 1987: Reproduction of the caracal felis caracal from the cape province of south africa

Myagkov, N. A.; Kondyurin, V. V., 1978: Reproduction of the cat shark apristurus saldancha

Muskhelishvili, T. A., 1978: Reproduction of the caucasian lizard lacerta caucasica caucasica

Martin, R. F.; Miller, G. O.; Lewis, M. R.; Martin, S. R.; Davis, W. R. Ii, 1977: Reproduction of the cave swallow a texas usa cave population

Section 7, Chapter 6316, Accession 006315998

Filonov, K. P., 1975: Reproduction of the common field mouse apodemus sylvaticus charkovensis in the southern left bank ukrainian ssr ussr

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