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Reproductive capacity of male auto tetra ploid rana nigromaculata and male and female amphi di ploids produced from them by mating with female di ploid rana brevipoda

Kawamura, T.; Nishioka, M.

Scientific Report of the Laboratory for Amphibian Biology Hiroshima University 6: 1-46


Accession: 006316582

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Four autotetraploid male R. nigromaculata were crossed with female R. brevipoda for the purpose of obtaining numerous amphidiploids. The reproductive capacity of the amphidiploids was examined. Experiments involving the matings of male and female amphidiploids, and the production of allotriploids by mating male or female amphidiploids with male or female diploids are described. The production of amphidiploids from female amphidiploids by gynogenesis accompanied by refrigeration of eggs is also described.

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