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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6318

Chapter 6318 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bullini L., 1985: Reproductive isolation and genetic divergence between the small ermine moths yponomeuta padellus and yponomeuta malinellus lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Webster J.M., 1984: Reproductive isolation and taxonomic differentiation of romanomermis culicivorax and romanomermis communensis

Christie P., 1983: Reproductive isolation as a pleiotropic effect of copper tolerance in mimulus guttatus

Grun P., 1981: Reproductive isolation barriers to gene exchange between solanum chacoense and solanum commersonii solanaceae

Brown A.H.D., 1986: Reproductive isolation between isozyme groups of glycine tomentella leguminosae and spontaneous doubling in their hybrids

Keenleyside, M. H. A., 1978: Reproductive isolation between pumpkinseed lepomis gibbosus and longear sunfish lepomis megalotis centrarchidae in the thames river southwestern ontario canada

Frolov A.N., 1982: Reproductive isolation between species of the genus ostrinia lepidoptera pyraustidae as a criterion of their differentiation

Frolov, A. N., 1982: Reproductive isolation between species of the genus ostrinia lepidoptera pyraustidae as a criterion of their differentiation 2. search for post copulative mechanisms

Gotoh T., 1986: Reproductive isolation between the two forms of panonychus akitanus acarina tetranychidae

Myers J.H., 1983: Reproductive isolation between urophora affinis and urophora quadrifasciata diptera tephritidae in british columbia canada

Miehlbradt, J.; Neumann, D., 1976: Reproductive isolation by optical swarm markers in the sympatric chironomus thummi and chironomus piger

Sauer, K. P.; Hensle, R., 1977: Reproductive isolation ecological separation and morphological differentiation of the sibling species panorpa communis and panorpa vulgaris insecta mecoptera a comparative biological and evolutionary ecological study

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317014

Bicudo, H. E. M. C., 1978: Reproductive isolation in drosophila prosaltans drosophila saltans group

Shaw D.D., 1981: Reproductive isolation in relation to allozymic and chromosomal differentiation in the grasshopper caledia captiva

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317018

Tuskes P.M., 1979: Reproductive isolation in sympatric species of day flying moths hemileuca saturnidae

Bicudo, H. E. M. D. C.; Prioli, A. J., 1978: Reproductive isolation in the drosophila saltans group of drosophila part 2 the drosophila parasaltans subgroup

Kiang, Y. T.; Hamrick, J. L., 1978: Reproductive isolation in the mimulus guttatus mimulus nasutus complex

Bicudo, H. E. M. C., 1979: Reproductive isolation in the saltans group of drosophila 4. the sturtevanti subgroup

Bicudo, H. E. M. D. C., 1973: Reproductive isolation in the saltans group of drosophila part 1 the drosophila saltans subgroup

Bell D.T., 1981: Reproductive isolation of cooccurring banksia species at the yule brook botany reserve western australia

Stepanyan, L. S., 1978: Reproductive isolation of populations and criteria of species in birds

Johnson, B. L.; Dhaliwal, H. S., 1976: Reproductive isolation of triticum boeoticum and triticum urartu and the origin of the tetra ploid wheats

Minyailo, V. A.; Minyailo, A. K., 1978: Reproductive isolation of yponomeuta evonymellus and yponomeuta orientalis lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Kaye J.G., 1985: Reproductive isolation with little genetic divergence between urticinia felina and urticinia eques anthozoa actiniaria

Stahl G., 1979: Reproductive isolation with little genetic divergence in sympatric populations of brown trout salmo trutta

Harnishfeger, R. L.; Roseberry, J. L.; Klimstra, W. D., 1978: Reproductive levels in unexploited woodlot fox squirrels sciurus niger rufiventer

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317031

Sankhyan A.R., 1981: Reproductive life of bhoksa india women

Sidhu S., 1986: Reproductive life of some gujar women of punjab india

Senanayake S., 1985: Reproductive losses induced by virus infection in determinate flowering faba bean vicia faba

Sokolove, P. G.; Mccrone, E. J., 1978: Reproductive maturation in the slug limax maximus and the effects of artificial photoperiod

Knobloch D., 1984: Reproductive maturity in fresh and aquarium held eledone cirrhosa cephalopoda octopoda

Pasteels J.M., 1986: Reproductive mechanisms in termites polycalism and polygyny in nasutitermes polygynus and nasutitermes costalis

Nadler R.D., 1983: Reproductive memory for diagonal and nondiagonal patterns in chimpanzees pan troglodytes

Geissler P.A., 1988: Reproductive mode in populations of daphnia pulex and daphnia obtusa from the east midlands of britain uk

Shine R., 1987: Reproductive mode may determine geographic distributions in australian venomous snakes pseudechis elapidae

Hardie J., 1980: Reproductive morphological and behavioral affinities between the alate gynopara and virginopara of the aphid aphis fabae

Trono G.C.Jr, 1982: Reproductive morphology and periodicity of laurencia sp at calatagan batangas philippines

Nazario M.L., 1983: Reproductive morphology and sperm transport facilitation and regulation in the female sugarcane borer diatraea saccharalis lepidoptera crambidae

Pound, J. M.; Oliver, J. H. Jr, 1976: Reproductive morphology and spermatogenesis in dermanyssus gallinae acari dermanyssidae

Rao K.S., 1984: Reproductive morphology of hoppea fastigiata

Pound, J. M.; Oliver, J. H. Jr, 1976: Reproductive morphology of ornithonyssus sylviarum acari macronyssidae

Kim W., 1988: Reproductive morphology of the anchialine shrimp procaris ascensionis decapoda procarididae

Ackermann Liebrich U., 1988: Reproductive mortality in switzerland between 1952 and 1982

Rochat R.W., 1982: Reproductive mortality in the usa

Rosenthal S.M., 1987: Reproductive mortality in the usa recent trends and methodologic considerations

Potts M., 1986: Reproductive mortality in two developing countries

Blumer L.S., 1985: Reproductive natural history of the brown bullhead ictalurus nebulosus in michigan usa

Iverson, J. B., 1978: Reproductive notes on florida usa snakes

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317058

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317059

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317060

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317061

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317062

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317063

Caspi E., 1987: Reproductive outcome after fimbrial evacuation of tubal pregnancy

Serr D.M., 1986: Reproductive outcome after microsurgical treatment of tubal pregnancy in women with a single fallopian tube

Tarlatzis B.C., 1985: Reproductive outcome following 2 ectopic pregnancies

Matson M., 1982: Reproductive outcome following amnio centesis for genetic indications

Lifchez A.S., 1983: Reproductive outcome following conservative surgery for tubal pregnancy in women with a single fallopian tube

Cousins, L.; Karp, W.; Lacey, C.; Lucas, W. E., 1980: Reproductive outcome of women exposed to di ethyl stilbestrol in utero

Israeli R., 1984: Reproductive outcomes in families of 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane exposed men

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317071

Edmonds L.D., 1988: Reproductive outcomes of mothers with potential exposure to 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin

Stamberg J., 1984: Reproductive outcomes of paracentric inversion carriers report of a liveborn dicentric recombinant and literature review

Evans J.P., 1985: Reproductive output and biomass allocation in sesbania emerus in a tropical swamp

Black G.A., 1985: Reproductive output and population biology of cystidicola stigmatura nematoda in arctic char salvelinus alpinus salmonidae

Swennen C., 1983: Reproductive output of eiders somateria mollissima mollissima on the southern border of its breeding range

Gilman, A. P.; Fox, G. A.; Peakall, D. B.; Teeple, S. M.; Carroll, T. R.; Haymes, G. T., 1977: Reproductive parameters and egg contaminant levels of great lakes herring gulls

Padua L.F.M., 1982: Reproductive parameters and nesting behavior of the amazon turtle podocnemis expansa testudinata pelomedusidae in brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317079

Taylor W.K., 1979: Reproductive parameters for 9 avian species at moore creek merritt island national wildlife refuge florida usa

Frajese G., 1983: Reproductive parameters in prolactinemic men

Furley C.W., 1986: Reproductive parameters of african gazelles gestation first fertile matings first parturition and twinning

Watts C.H.S., 1979: Reproductive parameters of some australian rodents

Perrin, W. F.; Miller, R. B.; Sloan, P. A., 1977: Reproductive parameters of the offshore spotted dolphin a geographical form of stenella attenuata in the eastern tropical pacific 1973 1975

Temme M., 1981: Reproductive parameters of the polynesian rat rattus exulans in the northern marshall islands

Peng, M. T.; Lai, Y. L.; Yang, C. S.; Chiang, H. S.; New, A. E.; Chang, C. P., 1973: Reproductive parameters of the taiwan monkey macaca cyclopis

Lewis J.B., 1987: Reproductive parameters of wild turkey hens in north missouri usa

Browne R.A., 1980: Reproductive pattern and mode in the brine shrimp artemia salina

Rachmatika I., 1985: Reproductive pattern of some cyprinid species at lebak lebung floodplain area lubuk lampan south sumatra indonesia

Lundalv T., 1981: Reproductive patterns and population dynamics of ascidia mentula on the swedish west coast

Kerr C., 1986: Reproductive patterns and thalassemia major

Franceschi S., 1985: Reproductive patterns and the risk of gestational trophoblastic disease

June, F. C., 1977: Reproductive patterns in 17 species of warm water fishes in a missouri river reservoir

Gordon S.J., 1987: Reproductive patterns in chromosomally distinct races of phyllodactylus marmoratus lacertilia gekkonidae in south western australia

Jones C.B., 1985: Reproductive patterns in mantled howler monkeys estrus mate choice and copulation

Hoppe W.F., 1988: Reproductive patterns in three species of large coral reef sponges

Borowsky, B., 1980: Reproductive patterns of 3 inter tidal salt marsh gammaridean amphipods

Iwasaki, T., 1976: Reproductive patterns of artemia with special regard to food and temperature

Willig M.R., 1985: Reproductive patterns of bats from caatingas and cerrado biomes in northeast brazil

Sagar, P.; Bindra, O. S., 1978: Reproductive patterns of captive lesser bandicoot rat bandicota bengalensis in the punjab india

Vera M.A., 1980: Reproductive patterns of eupsophus roseus and eupsophus vittatus

Nelson W.G., 1980: Reproductive patterns of gammaridean amphipods

Scheibling R.E., 1987: Reproductive patterns of harpacticoid copepods on intertidal macroalgae ascophyllum nodosum and fucus vesiculosus in nova scotia canada

Jong K., 1988: Reproductive patterns of selected understorey trees in the malaysian rain forest the apomictic species

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317105

O'farrell, M. J.; Kaufman, D. W.; Gentry, J. B.; Smith, M. H., 1977: Reproductive patterns of some small mammals in south carolina

Spence J.R., 1987: Reproductive patterns of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis in alberta canada

Blake N.J., 1981: Reproductive patterns within sub populations of lytechinus variegatus echinodermata echinoidea

Ojengbede O.A., 1986: Reproductive performance after eclampsia

Thiery, M.; Le-Sian, A. Y., 1977: Reproductive performance after prostaglandin induced labor

Evoh, N. J.; Akinla, O., 1978: Reproductive performance after the repair of obstetric vesico vaginal fistulae

Caspi, E.; Perpinial, S., 1975: Reproductive performance after treatment of intra uterine adhesions

Seifert G.W., 1987: Reproductive performance and calf growth to weaning of hereford and belmont red cattle in subtropical subcoastal queensland australia

Parker W.P., 1986: Reproductive performance and condition of white tailed deer odocoileus virginianus in ohio usa

Peacock, F. M.; Koger, M.; Crockett, J. R.; Warnick, A. C., 1977: Reproductive performance and cross breeding angus brahman and charolais cattle

Phillips J.G., 1981: Reproductive performance and endocrine responses to ingested petroleum in domestic ducks anas platyrhynchos

Doyle, R. E.; Sharp, G. C.; Irvin, W. S.; Berck, K., 1976: Reproductive performance and fertility testing in strain 13 and hartley guinea pigs

Van Mourik S., 1986: Reproductive performance and maternal behavior in farmed rusa deer cervus timorensis

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317122

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317123

Wilson R.T., 1986: Reproductive performance and survival of young one humped camels camelus dromedarius on kenya commercial ranches

Ray D.E., 1985: Reproductive performance as affected by lactation status and body fat in beef cows

Goot, H.; Maijala, K., 1977: Reproductive performance at 1st lambing and in twice yearly lambing in a flock of finnish landrace sheep in finland

Adelusi B., 1985: Reproductive performance following active management of diabetic pregnancies at the university college hospital ibadan nigeria

Serr D.M., 1987: Reproductive performance following conservative microsurgical management of tubal pregnancy

Pearson R.E., 1981: Reproductive performance from daughters of single and multiple trait selected sires

Fortin A., 1982: Reproductive performance growth and carcass characteristics of gilts mated at puberty restricted in food intake during gestation and slaughtered post partum

Bondari K., 1984: Reproductive performance growth and survival of selected and wild x selected channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Taub, D. M.; Adams, M. R.; Auerbach, K. G., 1978: Reproductive performance in a breeding colony of brazilian squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Reinhardt V., 1982: Reproductive performance in a semi wild cattle herd bos indicus

Abplanalp H., 1981: Reproductive performance in aged partridge alectoris graeca

Silva, H. M.; Machado-Sampaio, I. B.; Cespedes-Villalba, J. J., 1979: Reproductive performance in beef cattle 1. age at 1st breeding and gestation length in chianino nelore

Silva, H. M.; Sampaio, I. B. M.; Villalba, J. J. C., 1979: Reproductive performance in beef cattle 2. open days and services per conception in chianino nelore

Wilson M.E., 1982: Reproductive performance in capture acclimated female rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317139

Pettersson H., 1984: Reproductive performance in gilts through their 1st 2 parities

Cooke F., 1985: Reproductive performance in lesser snow geese anser caerulescens are two parents essential?

Mahone, J. P.; Dukelow, W. R., 1978: Reproductive performance in macaca fascicularis following repeated laparoscopy

Kanwar K.C., 1985: Reproductive performance in mice following lead administration

Masaki J., 1980: Reproductive performance in pre puberal or puberal female rats after the 1st ovulation

Corrigall W., 1981: Reproductive performance in pure bred and cross bred commercial rabbits

Rao M.V.R., 1986: Reproductive performance in rats effect of diets containing fresh and sorbic acid preserved chapaties

Zartarian G., 1981: Reproductive performance in rats with different histories of mal nutrition

Rawat S., 1982: Reproductive performance in selected and control lines of rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317150

Faulk W.P., 1986: Reproductive performance in women with repeated pregnancy losses and multiple partners

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317152

Mccormick W.C., 1979: Reproductive performance of 2 year old and 3 year old bulls assigned 25 or 40 cows during the breeding period

Xande A., 1982: Reproductive performance of a creole cattle herd in a tropical area

Rosa A.D.N., 1982: Reproductive performance of a nelore herd raised on the plateau of mato grosso state brazil

Moran N., 1984: Reproductive performance of a specialist herbivore uroleucon nigrotibium homoptera on its host and on a nonhost

Deloach J.R., 1985: Reproductive performance of adult stable flies stomoxys calcitrans diptera muscidae when fed fresh or reconstituted freeze dried bovine or porcine blood

Bhatnagar D.S., 1984: Reproductive performance of alpine and saanen does under intensive management

Bird D.M., 1985: Reproductive performance of american kestrels falco sparverius laying replacement clutches

Koger M., 1980: Reproductive performance of angus brahman charolais and cross bred dams

Mettus R.V., 1982: Reproductive performance of bracon hebetor females following acute exposure to sulfur di oxide in air

Petters, R. M.; Grosch, D. S., 1977: Reproductive performance of bracon hebetor females with more or fewer than the normal number of ovarioles

Miller, D. H.; Bradley, J. W.; Ferguson, T. M., 1976: Reproductive performance of broad breasted white turkeys in relation to dietary phosphorus

Leeson S., 1981: Reproductive performance of broiler and leghorn breeders fed corn soybean diets with graded supplements of vitamin b 12

El Serafy A.M., 1980: Reproductive performance of buffalo heifers bred at young age

Kelly, R. W.; Johnstone, P. D., 1982: Reproductive performance of commercial sheep flocks in south island districts new zealand 2. relationships between ovulation rate live weight mating and lambing performances

Kelly, R. W., 1982: Reproductive performance of commercial sheep flocks in south island new zealand districts 1. flock performance and sources of wastage between joining and tailing

Wolynetz M.S., 1982: Reproductive performance of confined sheep in an accelerated controlled breeding program under 2 lighting regimes

Montgomery M.E., 1988: Reproductive performance of dairy cows following treatment with cloprostenol 26 and or 40 days postpartum a field trial

Mares S.E., 1986: Reproductive performance of dairy cows with cystic ovaries following administration of procystin

Tancer M.L., 1981: Reproductive performance of di ethyl stilbestrol exposed female progeny

Barlow, R.; Hodges, C. J., 1976: Reproductive performance of ewe lambs genetic correlation with weaning weight and subsequent reproductive performance

Johns M.A., 1985: Reproductive performance of ewes fed sweet narrow leafed lupine lupinus angustifolius seed infected with phomopsis leptostromiformis

Allison A.J., 1980: Reproductive performance of ewes grazing red clover trifolium pratense cultivar grasslands pawera or white clover trifolium repens grass pasture at mating

Meyer G.B., 1982: Reproductive performance of female breeder turkeys fed on maize soybean diets supplemented with methionine

Ryder J.P., 1983: Reproductive performance of female female pairs and polygynous trios of ring billed gulls larus delawarensis

Prandi A., 1987: Reproductive performance of female goats given progestogen associated with pmsg and or hmg in deep anestrus

Quirke, J. F., 1978: Reproductive performance of galway finnish landrace and finn cross ewe lambs

Flipot, P.; Dufour, J. J., 1977: Reproductive performance of gilts fed rapeseed meal cultivar tower during gestation and lactation

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317187

Hassanein A.M., 1984: Reproductive performance of giza rabbit does under different natural and artificial environmental conditions

Galindez, F. J.; Prud'hon, M.; Reboul, G., 1977: Reproductive performance of group synchronized merino d'arles and romanov cross bred ewes

Bhat P.N., 1979: Reproductive performance of hariana cattle

Rauch H W., 1988: Reproductive performance of hens fed field beans and potential relationships to vicine metabolism

Brower J.H., 1981: Reproductive performance of inbred or outbred f 1 and f 2 progeny of adult indian meal moth plodia interpunctella females or males x females partially sterilized by gamma irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317193

Oishi T., 1984: Reproductive performance of japanese black cows in their lifetimes

Wilson R.T., 1988: Reproductive performance of kenana cows in sudan

Buchanan Smith J.G., 1986: Reproductive performance of lactating holstein cows fed supplemental beta carotene

Johnson T.J., 1985: Reproductive performance of merino ewes supplemented with sweet lupine lupinus angustifolius seed in southern western australia

Kaushish, S. K.; Sahni, K. L., 1977: Reproductive performance of merino sheep during autumn and spring seasons under semi arid conditions

Steklenev, E. P., 1987: Reproductive performance of north american bison bison bison bison l. in the south of the ukrainian ssr ussr and prospects for its practical use

Wilcox C.J., 1988: Reproductive performance of pitangueiras cattle in brazil

King C.F., 1981: Reproductive performance of polwarth and corriedale sheep in tasmania australia

Beal W.E., 1986: Reproductive performance of postpartum beef cows after short term calf separation and dietary energy and protein supplementation

Freitas A.R.D., 1984: Reproductive performance of pregnant sows kept under different confinement system and diets

Ingalls J.R., 1987: Reproductive performance of prepubertal dairy heifers on low or high beta carotene diets

Tewolde A., 1988: Reproductive performance of purebred and crossbred beef cattle in the tropics of mexico

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317208

Ryder J.P., 1981: Reproductive performance of ring billed gulls larus delawarensis in relation to nest location

Schneider D.C., 1986: Reproductive performance of seabirds the importance of population and colony size

Flavel P.F., 1979: Reproductive performance of sheep grazing estrogenic pastures on kangaroo island south australia

Allan P.J., 1979: Reproductive performance of shorthorn and brahman cross bred cows in the dry tropics of north queensland australia

Lewis, A. J.; Aherne, F. X.; Hardin, R. T., 1978: Reproductive performance of sows fed low glucosinolate tower rapeseed meal

Freitas A.R.D., 1984: Reproductive performance of sows inseminated once or twice using semen stored in kiew extender

Sather A.P., 1987: Reproductive performance of sows inseminated with fresh or thawed semen influence of insemination at a fixed time or as indicated by changes in vaginal mucus conductivity

Smajic J., 1986: Reproductive performance of sows under farm production conditions

Radwan, H. S. A.; Abo-Elghar, M. R.; Ammar, I. M. A., 1978: Reproductive performance of spodoptera littoralis treated topically with sublethal doses of an anti molting insect growth regulator dimilin

Waller S.L., 1987: Reproductive performance of suffolk and suffolk cross ewes and ewe lambs exposed to vasectomized rams before breeding

Young, L. D.; Johnson, R. K.; Omtvedt, I. T., 1976: Reproductive performance of swine bred to produce pure bred and 2 breed cross litters

Binkley M.E., 1984: Reproductive performance of the anglicans of fogo island newfoundland canada bio cultural implications

Manry D.E., 1985: Reproductive performance of the bald ibis geronticus calvus in relation to rainfall and grass burning

Lee R.M., 1980: Reproductive performance of the desert pupfish cyprinodon nevadensis nevadensis in relation to salinity

Schreiber R.W., 1979: Reproductive performance of the eastern brown pelican pelecanus occidentalis

Naranjo, Q. A.; Sabogal, O. Y., 1978: Reproductive performance of the ewe in a high tropical locality colombia

Rico C., 1988: Reproductive performance of the hampshire breed

Aboagye G., 1981: Reproductive performance of the west african dwarf and the nungua black head sheep of ghana

Molokwu, E. C. I.; Umunna, N. N., 1980: Reproductive performance of the y'ankasa sheep of nigeria

Wolynetz M.S., 1982: Reproductive performance of totally confined sheep bred with semen extended in a lactose egg yolk glycerol buffer and stored at 5 celsius

Mccartney, M. G.; Borron, D. C.; Brown, H. B., 1977: Reproductive performance of turkey females as affected by grower and pre breeder diets

Sakhatskii, N. I., 1978: Reproductive performance of turkey hens with respect to functional state of the oviduct during artificial insemination

Yaakugh I.D.I., 1986: Reproductive performance of white fulani cows

Sexton T.J., 1982: Reproductive performance of white leghorns provided fluoride

Tulandi T., 1988: Reproductive performance of women after two tubal ectopic pregnancies

Walden, P. A. M.; Bagshawe, K. D., 1976: Reproductive performance of women successfully treated for gestational tropho blastic tumors

Candiani G.B., 1987: Reproductive performance of women with unicornuate uterus

Pystynen P., 1982: Reproductive performance of women with uterine anomalies an evaluation of 182 cases

Madalena, F. E.; Hinojosa, C. A., 1976: Reproductive performance of zebu compared with charolais x zebu females in a humid tropical environment

Petrovic M., 1986: Reproductive performance on the new zealand white and californian breeds of rabbits and the efficiency of their use in industrial crossing

Hill W.G., 1986: Reproductive performance over repeated parities of lines of mice selected for appetite lean growth and fatness

Turnquist J.E., 1984: Reproductive performance population dynamics and anthropometrics of the free ranging cayo santiago rhesus macaques macaca mulatta

Baah J., 1985: Reproductive performance preweaning growth rate and preweaning lamb mortality of djallonke sheep in ghana

Ricordeau, G.; Razungles, J.; Eychenne, F.; Tchamitchian, L., 1976: Reproductive performances of berrichon du cher romanov and cross bred ewes part 2 components of prolificacy

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317245

Bice T.O., 1983: Reproductive performances of cross bred and pure strain channel catfish ictalurus punctatus brood stocks

Siegel L.S., 1982: Reproductive peri natal and environmental factors as predictors of the cognitive and language development of preterm and full term infants

Siegel L.S., 1982: Reproductive peri natal and environmental variables as predictors of development of preterm less than 1501 grams and full term children at 5 years

Kishi Y., 1985: Reproductive period and occupation of empty beverage cans by males of the crab hemigrapsus penicillatus

Dos Santos J.M., 1982: Reproductive period and weight and length relationship of 2 astyanax species pisces characidae

Pearse, J. S., 1978: Reproductive periodicities of indo pacific invertebrates in the gulf of suez part 4 the chitons acanthopleura haddoni and onithochiton lyelli and the abalone haliotis pustulata

Dunlop J.N., 1985: Reproductive periodicity in a population of crested terns sterna bergii in southwestern australia

Walker M.M., 1982: Reproductive periodicity in evechinus chloroticus in the hauraki gulf new zealand

Braley R.D., 1982: Reproductive periodicity in the indigenous oyster saccostrea cucullata in sasa bay apra harbor guam

O'connor C., 1979: Reproductive periodicity of a penaeus esculentus population near low islets queensland australia

Coull, B. C.; Vernberg, W. B., 1975: Reproductive periodicity of meio benthic copepods seasonal or continuous

Lessios H.A., 1981: Reproductive periodicity of the echinoids diadema and echinometra on the 2 coasts of panama

Chang K H., 1981: Reproductive periodicity of the sea urchin tripneustes gratilla in taiwan compared with other regions

Dittel A.I., 1983: Reproductive periodicity of the tropical crab callinectes arcuatus in central america

Matter H.E., 1988: Reproductive periods in karakul ewes

Roach S.H., 1988: Reproductive periods of phidippus species araneae salticidae in south carolina usa

Sasada M., 1987: Reproductive pharmacology of prostaglandins

Kaul R.B., 1985: Reproductive phenology and biology in annual and perennial alismataceae

Sziklai O., 1984: Reproductive phenology and its impact on genetically improved seed production in a douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii

Herrmann J., 1985: Reproductive phenology in dendrocoelum lacteum turbellaria in south sweden

Kurogi M., 1982: Reproductive phenology of gigartina pacifica ochotensis and petrocelis rhodophyta in oshoro bay hokkaido japan

Brinkhuis B.H., 1986: Reproductive phenology of laminaria saccharina phaeophyta at the southern limit of its distribution in the northwestern atlantic ocean

Abbe L.B., 1986: Reproductive phenology of the oak family fagaceae in the lowland rain forests of borneo

Lincoln G.A., 1984: Reproductive photo refractoriness in rams and accompanying changes in the patterns of melatonin and prolactin secretion

Thatcher, W. W.; Chenault, J. R., 1976: Reproductive physiological responses of cattle to exogenous prostaglandin f 2

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317271

Mcmillan C., 1980: Reproductive physiology in the seagrass syringodium filiforme from the gulf of mexico and the caribbean

Wildt, D. E.; Howard, J. G.; Hall, L. L.; Bush, M., 1986: Reproductive physiology of the clouded leopard neofelis nebulosa i. electroejaculates contain high proportions of pleiomorphic spermatozoa throughout the year

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317275

Muley, E. V.; Nagabhushanam, R., 1976: Reproductive physiology of the indian fresh water prosobranch melania scabra

Pickett, B. W.; Faulkner, L. C.; Seidel, G. E. Jr ; Berndtson, W. E.; Voss, J. L., 1976: Reproductive physiology of the stallion part 6 seminal and behavioral characteristics

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Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317744

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Greenberg P.D., 1986: Requirement for recognition of class ii molecules and processed tumor antigen for optimal generation of syngeneic tumor specific class i restricted cytotoxic t lymphocytes

Marks G.S., 1986: Requirement for reduced unliganded hemoprotein for the hemoglobin mediated and myoglobin mediated biotransformation of glyceryl trinitrate

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Cundliffe E., 1979: Requirement for ribosomal protein bm l11 in stringent control of rna synthesis in bacillus megaterium

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317756

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317757

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317758

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Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317766

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Ross S.R., 1988: Requirement for the sv 40 small tumor antigen in tumorigenesis in transgenic mice

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Gershon, R. K.; Askenase, P. W.; Gershon, M. D., 1975: Requirement for vasoactive amines for production of delayed type hyper sensitivity skin reactions

Kitaoka S., 1987: Requirement for vitamin b 1 for growth of euglena gracilis

Makinodan T., 1982: Requirement of 2 mercapto ethanol for in vitro growth factor production by t cells and vulnerability of the response to age

Terrana, B.; Newton, A., 1976: Requirement of a cell division step for stalk formation in caulobacter crescentus

Polet H., 1981: Requirement of a combination of a saturated and an unsaturated free fatty acid and a fatty acid carrier protein for in vitro growth of lymphocytes

Depamphilis, M. L.; Berg, P., 1975: Requirement of a cytoplasmic fraction for synthesis of sv 40 dna in isolated nuclei

Nevins J.R., 1984: Requirement of a downstream sequence for generation of a poly adenylic acid addition site

Wu, J. R.; Yeh, Y. C., 1973: Requirement of a functional gene 32 product of bacterio phage t 4 in uv repair

Boccardo G., 1981: Requirement of a genome associated protein of tobacco ringspot virus for infectivity but not for in vitro translation

Kuriki Y., 1987: Requirement of a heat labile factors for in vitro expression of the amp gene of pbr322

Neupert W., 1982: Requirement of a membrane potential for the post translational transfer of proteins into mitochondria

Le Douarin N.M., 1986: Requirement of a neural tube signal for the differentiation of neural crest cells into dorsal root ganglia

Chinnadurai, G.; Mccorduodale, D. J., 1973: Requirement of a phage induced 5 prime exo nuclease for the expression of late genes of bacterio phage t 5

Inuzuka, M.; Helinski, D. R., 1978: Requirement of a plasmid encoded protein for replication in vitro of plasmid r 6k

Et Al, 1987: Requirement of a properly acylated beta 1 6 d glucosamine disaccharide bisphosphate structure for efficient manifestation of full endotoxic and associated bioactivities of lipid a

Marnett J., 1985: Requirement of a reactive alpha beta unsaturated carbonyl for inhibition of tumor growth and induction of differentiation by a series prostaglandins

Wyche, J. H.; Noteboom, W. D., 1977: Requirement of a specific factor for the multiplication of ovarian cells in serum free medium

Catalona W.J., 1987: Requirement of a thymus dependent immune response for bcg mediated antitumor activity

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317795

Kim K H., 1983: Requirement of acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase kinase for coenzyme a

Lieberman M.A., 1979: Requirement of acetyl phosphate for the binding protein dependent transport systems in escherichia coli

Ledinko N., 1979: Requirement of adenovirus type 12 gene 401 function for initiation of virus dna synthesis

Freimuth, W. W.; Cudkowicz, G., 1981: Requirement of adherent phagocytic cells for the induction of f 1 anti parent cell mediated lympholysis 1. parental adherent splenocytes serve as stimulators

Hamel, E.; Koka, M.; Nakamoto, T., 1972: Requirement of an escherichia coli 50s ribosomal protein component for effective interaction of the ribosome with t and g factors and with gtp

Schlosnagle, D. C.; Sander, E. G.; Bazer, F. W.; Roberts, R. M., 1976: Requirement of an essential thiol group and ferric iron for the activity of the progesterone induced porcine uterine purple phosphatase

Dhillon, S. S.; Berlyn, G. P.; Miksche, J. P., 1977: Requirement of an internal standard for micro spectrophotometric measurements of dna

Yadomae T., 1984: Requirement of anionic groups for the mitogenicity of a fungal mitogen vesiculogen

Grinyus L.L., 1986: Requirement of atp and membrane potential for injection of phage t 7 dna into the cell during infection

Oka M., 1988: Requirement of atp for exocytotic release of catecholamines from digitonin permeabilized adrenal chromaffin cells

Lieberman M.W., 1983: Requirement of atp for specific incision of uv damaged dna during excision repair in permeable human fibroblasts

Taylor B.L., 1982: Requirement of atp in bacterial chemo taxis

Shimura Y., 1988: Requirement of atp in the second step of the pre messenger rna splicing reaction

Hojo K., 1984: Requirement of b lymphocytes in local adoptive transfer of experimental allergic orchitis by lymph node cells

Yeh Y C., 1981: Requirement of bacterio phage t 4 gene function for survival after x irradiation

Yamaoka T., 1982: Requirement of calcium for the gelatinization of pectin solution by a proteinous cell wall bound factor and solubilization of the gel by acid treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317812

Goshima, K.; Owaribe, K.; Yamanaka, H.; Yoshino, S., 1978: Requirement of calcium ions for cell degeneration with a toxin vibrio lysin from vibrio parahaemolyticus

Ortin, J.; Vinuela, E., 1977: Requirement of cell nucleus for african swine fever virus replication in vero cells

Brown D.T., 1983: Requirement of cell nucleus for sindbis virus replication in cultured aedes albopictus cells

Sarma D.S.R., 1981: Requirement of cell proliferation for the initiation of liver carcinogenesis as assayed by 2 procedures

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317819

Ogino C., 1980: Requirement of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta held in fresh water for dietary phosphorus

Ishii K., 1987: Requirement of conditioned medium or a high concentration of serum for anchorage independent growth of adenovirus type 12 e1a transformed rat cells hy1

Yokota, T.; Kasuga, T., 1972: Requirement of cyclic amp for formation of the phage lambda receptor in escherichia coli

Nakazawa, T.; Yokota, T., 1973: Requirement of cyclic amp for l arabinose isomerase synthesis in escherichia coli

Yamamoto, T.; Yokota, T.; Kaji, A., 1977: Requirement of cyclic amp for the thermo sensitive effects of rts 1 in a cyclic amp less mutant of escherichia coli

Ohashi M., 1986: Requirement of cyclic amp in the production of a permeability increasing factor by vibrio cholerae

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317826

Schapira G., 1981: Requirement of different ionic concentrations for optimal translation of alpha globin messenger rna and beta globin messenger rna in krebs ii ascites cell free system

Borden E.C., 1988: Requirement of differentiative signals of both interferon gamma and 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 for induction and secretion of interleukin 1 by hl 60 cells

Neuhaus J M., 1981: Requirement of divalent cations for fast exchange of actin monomers and actin filament subunits

Inoue Y., 1983: Requirement of divalent cations for photo activation of the latent water oxidation system in intact chloroplasts from flashed leaves

Filutowicz M., 1980: Requirement of dna gyrase for the initiation of chromosome replication in escherichia coli k 12

Mychajlonka, M.; Slepecky, R. A., 1974: Requirement of dna synthesis for micro cycle sporulation in bacillus megaterium

Shimma Y., 1980: Requirement of eel anguilla japonica for essential fatty acids

Scolnick E.M., 1984: Requirement of either of a pair of ras related genes of saccharomyces cerevisiae for spore viability

Schreiber R.D., 1985: Requirement of endogenous interferon gamma production for resolution of listeria monocytogenes infection

Schubert, R.; Richter, G.; Putsche, M., 1981: Requirement of energy crude protein and amino acids by cairina moschata domestica 3. influence of the crude protein content of the ration on various stages of development and on fattening and slaughtering performance

Cohen G., 1983: Requirement of escherichia coli dna synthesis functions for the lytic replication of bacterio phage p 1

Watanabe T., 1986: Requirement of essential fatty acids in the abalone haliotis discus hannai

Nose T., 1979: Requirement of essential fatty acids of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta in fresh water environment

Rahat M., 1987: Requirement of exogenous inducers for metamorphosis of axenic larvae and buds of cassiopea andromeda cnidaria scyphozoa

Kato H., 1987: Requirement of extracellular calcium after tetanus for induction of long term potentiation in guinea pig hippocampal slices

Sugiura T., 1985: Requirement of extracellular calcium ions for the early fertilization events in the medaka oryzias latipes egg

Yanagimachi R., 1982: Requirement of extracellular calcium ions for various stages of fertilization and fertilization related phenomena in the hamster

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317844

Stewart V., 1982: Requirement of fnr and nar l functions for nitrate reductase expression in escherichia coli k 12

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317846

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317847

Bolton, W. K.; Benton, F. R.; Lobo, P. I., 1978: Requirement of functional thymus derived cells in the production of auto immune glomerulo tubular nephropathy in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317849

Kusaka T., 1986: Requirement of glucose for mycolic acid biosynthetic activity localized in the cell wall of bacterionema matruchotii

Young, F. E., 1967: Requirement of glucosylated teichoic acid for adsorption of phage in bacillus subtilis 168 mutants phage phi 25 phage phi 29 phage spo 2 phage sp 10 phage phi 1 phage sp 3 phage pbs 1

Blagodatskaya, V. M.; Lambina, V. A., 1976: Requirement of growth substances in heterothallic yeast cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317853

Shirai T., 1986: Requirement of h 2 heterozygosity for autoimmunity in nzb x nzw f 1 hybrid mice

Gleich Mann E., 1986: Requirement of h 2 subregion differences for graft versus host autoimmunity in mice superiority of the differences at class ii h 2 antigens i a i e

Tai P.C., 1988: Requirement of heat labile cytoplasmic protein factors for posttranslational translocation of omp a protein precursors into escherichia coli membrane vesicles

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317857

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317858

Holden H.T., 1979: Requirement of histo compatible macrophages for the induction of a secondary cyto toxic response to syngeneic tumor cells in vitro

Starr S.E., 1986: Requirement of hla dr positive accessory cells in natural killing of cytomegalovirus infected fibroblasts

Ben-Zeev, A.; Becker, Y., 1977: Requirement of host cell rna polymerase ii in the replication of herpes simplex virus in alpha amanitin sensitive and resistant cell lines

Johnston R.E., 1983: Requirement of host transcription in the replication of sindbis virus

Francke U., 1979: Requirement of human chromosomes 19 6 and possibly 3 for infection of hamster x human hybrid cells with baboon m 7 type c virus

Yamashita U., 1983: Requirement of ia positive accessory cells for t cell stimulation with 12 0 tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Yano A., 1985: Requirement of ia positive accessory cells in the mixed lymphocyte reaction response against class ii antigen on human b cell tumor line

Bernal, S. D.; Blumberg, B. M.; Nakamoto, T., 1974: Requirement of initiation factor 3 in the initiation of poly peptide synthesis with n acetyl phenyl alanyl transfer rna

Sibley C.H., 1983: Requirement of light chain for the surface deposition of the heavy chain of immuno globulin m

Ts'o P.O.P., 1986: Requirement of long progression time for the expression of neoplastic phenotypes following direct perturbation of specific regions of dna of syrian hamster embryo cells

Subbaiah P.V., 1982: Requirement of low density lipo proteins for the lyso lecithin acyl transferase activity in human plasma assay of enzyme activity in abeta lipo proteinemic patients

Weller, D.; Doemel, W.; Brock, T. D., 1975: Requirement of low oxidation reduction potential for photosynthesis in a blue green alga phormidium sp

Pena J., 1982: Requirement of macrophage metabolic activity for t lymphocyte activation

Yamashita U., 1986: Requirement of macrophages monocytes for the induction of interleukin 2 receptors on b lymphocytes

Wilairat P., 1983: Requirement of malarial protease in the invasion of human red cells by merozoites of plasmodium falciparum

Wada T., 1987: Requirement of manganese for electron donation of hydrogen peroxide in photosystem ii reaction center complex

Yamanouchi K., 1985: Requirement of methionine for the replication of canine distemper virus in vero cells

Zadik Z., 1986: Requirement of mineralocorticoid in congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 11 beta hydroxylase deficiency

Shraideh Z.A., 1988: Requirement of mitochondrial functions for blue light response in the plasmodium of physarum polycephalum

Takagi N., 1988: Requirement of mitoses for the reversal of x inactivation in cell hybrids between murine embryonal carcinoma cells and normal female thymocytes

Moskovitz, B. R.; Wood, H. G., 1978: Requirement of monovalent cations for enolization of pyruvate by pyruvate phosphate di kinase ec

Miwa M., 1986: Requirement of multiple copies of a 21 nucleotide sequence in the u 3 regions of human t cell leukemia virus type i and type ii long terminal repeats for trans acting activation of transcription

Hofstad M.S., 1983: Requirement of normal serum opsonin and cations in adherence of chicken phagocytes to trichinella pseudospiralis

Thevelein J.M., 1988: Requirement of one functional ras gene and inability of an oncogenic ras variant to mediate the glucose induced cyclic amp signal in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Miyamoto K., 1981: Requirement of oxygen for dark hydrogen evolution by a green alga chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Cudkowicz G., 1979: Requirement of parental thymus derived lymphocytes for the in vitro induction of f 1 hybrid anti parent cyto toxicity

Matney T.S., 1980: Requirement of partially di ploid donor bacillus subtilis for the chemical induction of mutations in transforming dna

Tonomura Y., 1983: Requirement of phosphorylation of physarum myosin heavy chain for thick filament formation actin activation of magnesium atpase activity and calcium inhibitory super precipitation

Inouye, M.; Pardee, A. B., 1970: Requirement of poly amines for bacterial division

Criss, W. E.; Yamamoto, M.; Takai, Y.; Nishizuka, Y.; Morris, H. P., 1978: Requirement of poly cations for the enzymatic activity of a new protein kinase substrate complex from morris hepatoma 3924 a

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317890

Cohen, L.; Holzman, R. S.; Valentine, F. T.; Lawrence, H. S., 1976: Requirement of precommitted cells as targets for the augmentation of lymphocyte proliferation by leukocyte dialysates

Inouye M., 1987: Requirement of pro sequence for the production of active subtilisin e in escherichia coli

Noda, C.; Shinjyo, F.; Nakamura, T.; Ichihara, A., 1983: Requirement of prolonged presence of a high intra cellular level of cyclic amp for induction of serine dehydratase ec in primary cultured rat hepatocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317894

Hutchison, C. A. Iii ; Sinsheimer, R. L., 1971: Requirement of protein synthesis for bacterio phage phi x 174 super infection exclusion

Nishioka, Y.; Silverstein, S., 1978: Requirement of protein synthesis for the degradation of host messenger rna in friend erythro leukemia cells infected with herpes simplex virus type 1

Fuchs J.A., 1984: Requirement of protein synthesis for the induction of ribo nucleoside di phosphate reductase messenger rna in escherichia coli

Nobili R., 1979: Requirement of protein synthesis in the initiation of meiosis and other nuclear changes in conjugation of blepharisma japonicum

Marsh, R. C.; Parmeggiani, A., 1973: Requirement of proteins s 5 and s 9 from 30s subunits for the ribosome dependent gtpase activity of elongation factor g

Sakamoto, S.; Yone, Y., 1978: Requirement of red sea bream for dietary iron part 2

Yone Y., 1979: Requirement of red sea bream for dietary magnesium

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317904

Hartmann H.R., 1980: Requirement of rna and protein synthesis and inhibition by edta of retinoic acid induced proteo glycan release in a transplantable rat chondro sarcoma

Pike, M. C.; Kredich, N. M.; Snyderman, R., 1978: Requirement of s adenosyl l methionine mediated methylation for human monocyte chemo taxis

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317908

Hyne, R. V.; Garbers, D. L., 1981: Requirement of serum factors for capacitation and the acrosome reaction of guinea pig spermatozoa in buffered medium below ph 7.8

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317910

Kawasaki, H.; Takada, H.; Kamisaka, S., 1978: Requirement of sodium chloride for the action of gibberellic acid in stimulating hypocotyl elongation of a halophyte salicornia herbacea

Imae Y., 1986: Requirement of sodium in flagellar rotation and amino acid transport in a facultatively alkalophilic bacillus

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317913

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317914

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317915

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317916

Chambon P., 1986: Requirement of stereospecific alignments for initiation from the sv 40 early promoter

Heckmann K., 1983: Requirement of successive protein syntheses for the progress of meiosis in blepharisma japonicum

Dazzo F.B., 1987: Requirement of succinate dehydrogenase activity for symbiotic bacteroid differentiation of rhizobium meliloti in alfalfa nodules

Niederman, R. A.; Wolin, M. J., 1972: Requirement of succinate for the growth of vibrio succinogenes

Roitt I.M., 1981: Requirement of t cells for the development of spontaneous auto immune thyroiditis in obese strain chickens

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317922

Grandgenett D.P., 1984: Requirement of the avian retrovirus pp 32 dna binding protein domain for replication

Gomez, B.; Nualart, L., 1977: Requirement of the bacterio phage t 7 0.7 gene for phage growth in the presence of the col 1b factor

Parkinson J.S., 1983: Requirement of the che b function for sensory adaptation in escherichia coli

Whitsett J.A., 1988: Requirement of the collagenous domain for carbohydrate processing and secretion of a surfactant protein sp a

Osawa T., 1982: Requirement of the core structure of a complex type glyco peptide for the binding to immobilized lentil lens culinaris and pea pisum sativum lectins

Younis, H. M.; Winget, G. D.; Racker, E., 1977: Requirement of the delta subunit of chloroplast coupling factor 1 for photo phosphorylation

Nagata T., 1987: Requirement of the escherichia coli dna a gene function for ori 2 dependent mini f plasmid replication

Shields M.S., 1986: Requirement of the escherichia coli dna a gene product for plasmid f maintenance

Imai M., 1988: Requirement of the escherichia coli dnaa gene function for integrative suppression of dnaa mutations by plasmid r 100 1

Schutte, J. B.; Van-Weerden, E. J., 1978: Requirement of the hen for sulfur containing amino acids

Francke B., 1981: Requirement of the human chromosome 11 long arm for replication of herpes simplex virus type 1 in nonpermissive chinese hamster x human di ploid fibroblast hybrids

Celada F., 1981: Requirement of the immunogen escherichia coli beta galactosidase for the response towards a determinant responsible for antibody mediated enzyme activation while antibodies binding some other sites can be elicited by mitogen alone

Lieberman, J. R.; Bose, S.; Arntzen, C. J., 1978: Requirement of the light harvesting pigment protein complex for magnesium ion regulation of excitation energy distribution in chloroplasts

Guardiola, J., 1977: Requirement of the newly recognized ilvj gene for the expression of a valine trans aminase activity in escherichia coli k 12

Wolfe R.S., 1986: Requirement of the nickel tetrapyrrole f 430 for in vitro methanogenesis reconstitution of methylreductase component c from its dissociated subunits

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317938

Nishigami K., 1985: Requirement of thiamin for growth in a mutant of bacillus subtilis

Gruetter C.A., 1980: Requirement of thiols for activation of coronary arterial guanylate cyclase by glyceryl tri nitrate and sodium nitrite possible involvement of s nitroso thiols

Lietman P.S., 1981: Requirement of thiols in the adp ribosylation of elongation factor 2 by pseudomonas aeruginosa exo toxin a

Watanabe T., 1987: Requirement of tilapia for alpha tocopherol

Watanabe T., 1983: Requirement of tilapia nilotica for essential fatty acids

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317945

Singh, G.; Singh, P. P., 1977: Requirement of weed free period in autumn planted sugarcane saccharum officinarum

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317947

Leterme P., 1987: Requirements about the photothermal quotient use for yield explanation

Golcz, L.; Kordana, S.; Nowak, A.; Zalecki, R., 1977: Requirements and dynamics of nutrient uptake by atropa belladonna

Banerjee A.K., 1985: Requirements and functions of vesicular stomatitis virus l and ns proteins in the transcription process in vitro

Al Hasani S.M., 1983: Requirements and utilization of vitamin a by japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Denardo S.J., 1985: Requirements for a treatment planning system for radioimmunotherapy

Ryner, L. C.; Manley, J. L., 1987: Requirements for accurate and efficient messenger rna 3' end cleavage and polyadenylation of a sv 40 early pre rna in vitro

Arndorfer R.C., 1982: Requirements for accurate manometric recording of pharyngeal and esophageal peristaltic pressure waves

Braley Mullen H., 1986: Requirements for activation of contrasuppressor t cells by type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317956

Glazer, G.; Steer, M. L., 1977: Requirements for activation of trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen in rabbit pancreatic juice

Faletto M.B., 1985: Requirements for and kinetics of growth arrest of neoplastic cells by confluent 10t 1 2 fibroblasts induced by a specific inhibitor of cyclic amp phosphodiesterase

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317959

Robertus J.D., 1983: Requirements for anti ribosomal activity of pokeweed phytolacca americana anti viral protein

Grisham J.W., 1982: Requirements for atp in dna repair in isolated hepatic nuclei

Chapdelaine A., 1988: Requirements for attachment and subsequent growth of canine prostatic epithelial cells in culture

Whaley, K.; Thompson, R. A., 1978: Requirements for beta 1h globulin and complement c 3b inactivator in the control of the alternative complement pathway in human serum

Silberberg D.H., 1985: Requirements for brain cell attachment survival and growth in serum free medium effects of extracellular matrix epidermal growth factor and fibroblast growth factor

Highley, T. L., 1977: Requirements for cellulose degradation by a brown rot fungus

Gilman A.G., 1982: Requirements for cholera toxin dependent adp ribosylation of the purified regulatory component of adenylate cyclase

Engstrom W., 1981: Requirements for competence and commitment of quiescent 3t3 cells to initiate dna synthesis after growth stimulation in low serum concentration

Holland J.J., 1980: Requirements for defective interfering virus particle prophylaxis against vesicular stomatitis virus infection in vivo

Shaw, J. O.; Lyons, R. M., 1982: Requirements for different calcium pools in the activation of rabbit platelets 1. release reaction and protein phosphorylation

Gus'kova, A. K.; Drutman, R. D.; Keirim-Markus, I. B.; Kraitor, S. N.; Levochkin, F. K., 1977: Requirements for dosimetric information in emergency situations and possibilities of their realization

Sandvig K., 1984: Requirements for entry of poliovirus rna into cells at low ph

Basilico C., 1982: Requirements for excision and amplification of integrated viral dna molecules in polyoma virus transformed cells

Breen, M. D.; Whitehead, E. I.; Kenefick, D. G., 1972: Requirements for extraction of poly ribosomes from barley m tissue

Hartmann C.J.R., 1979: Requirements for extraction of poly ribosomes from lyophilized peel tissue of climacteric pear

White, J. L.; Murakishi, H. H., 1977: Requirements for extraction of poly ribosomes from plant callus cultures

Kuramitsu, H.; Wondrack, L., 1980: Requirements for fatty acid synthesis and a chelation sensitive step in the production of glucosyl transferase ec by streptococcus mutans

Norris I.B., 1987: Requirements for floral induction in contrasting white clover trifolium repens populations

Zeijlemaker W.P., 1987: Requirements for growth of epstein barr virus transformed cells at low cell densities

Bradley T.R., 1983: Requirements for growth of human erythroid progenitors in nutrient agar

Von Boehmer H., 1986: Requirements for growth of immature thymocytes from fetal and adult mice in vitro

Obata K., 1981: Requirements for growth of neurites from embryonic chick cerebellum in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317982

Lands W.E.M., 1983: Requirements for hydro per oxide by the cyclo oxygenase and peroxidase activities of prostaglandin h synthase

Tevethia, M. J.; Pipas, J. M.; Kierstead, T.; Cole, C., 1988: Requirements for immortalization of primary mouse embryo fibroblasts probed with mutants bearing deletions in the 3' end of sv 40 gene a

Bjornson A.B., 1979: Requirements for immuno globulin and the classical and alternative complement pathways for phagocytosis and intra cellular killing of multiple strains of gram negative aerobic bacilli

Hutt Fletcher L.M., 1987: Requirements for immunoglobulin synthesis in leukocyte cultures exposed to human cytomegalovirus

Lalonde M., 1984: Requirements for in vitro propagation of 7 nitrogen fixing alnus spp

Ganoza M.C., 1985: Requirements for in vitro reconstruction of protein synthesis

Moon, M. M.; Redelman, D.; Wolvos, T. A.; Bauer, D. C., 1977: Requirements for inducing tolerance of hapten specific delayed hyper sensitivity epitope density

Yielding K.L., 1982: Requirements for induction of dna strand breaks by litho cholic acid

Blandova Z.K., 1981: Requirements for induction of specific suppressor t cells and detection of their h 2 antigen binding receptors by fractionation on target cell mono layers

Section 7, Chapter 6318, Accession 006317992

Claman, H. N.; Miller, S. D., 1976: Requirements for induction of thymus derived cell tolerance to di nitrofluoro benzene efficiency of membrane associated di nitrofluoro benzene

Byrne, G. I., 1976: Requirements for ingestion of chlamydia psittaci by mouse fibroblasts l cells

Blum, J. C.; Leclercq, B., 1976: Requirements for lysine and sulfur amino acids in guinea fowl during the growing and fattening periods

Bissell M.J., 1979: Requirements for maintaining the embryonic state of avian tendon cells in culture

Unanue E.R., 1979: Requirements for mitogenic stimulation of murine bone marrow derived cells by soluble anti immuno globulin m antibodies

Fain, M. J.; Riddiford, L. M., 1977: Requirements for molting of the crochet epidermis of the tobacco hornworm larva in vivo and in vitro

Scalabrelli R., 1985: Requirements for oral bcg vaccine used in the coadjuvant treatment of neoplasias

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