Section 7
Chapter 6,318

Reproductive status of cows and incidence of anti sperm antibodies

Farahani, J.K.; Tompkins, W.; Wagner, W.C.

Theriogenology 15(6): 605-612


ISSN/ISBN: 0093-691X
DOI: 10.1016/0093-691x(81)90064-9
Accession: 006317370

Serum and mucus samples from 3 groups of cows, i.e., repeat breeder cows, fertile cows and virgin heifers, were tested for antispermatozoal antibodies. Agglutinating (Aggl) and immunofluorescent (IF) antibodies were found in serum from all cows. Positive agglutination occurred in 26, 32 and 0% of mucus samples tested from the repeat breeder cows, fertile cows and virgin heifers, respectively. Positive results on IF tests on mucus samples from the same cows were 37, 28 and 13%, respectively. No sperm-immobilizing antibodies were found in any samples. There was no apparent correlation between the incidence and/or titer of the Aggl or IF antibodies and fertility status of the animal. These antibodies were assumed to be produced naturally (natural antibodies) with no need of female exposure to sperm antigens, since all virgin heifers also demonstrated Aggl and IF antibodies in their sera. Antibodies against sperm apparently were not responsible for reduced fertility in this particular group of repeat breeder cows.

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