Research into the possibilities of using once bred gilts in the industrial production and processing of meat

Crnojevic, Z.; Jancic, S.; Zlatic, H.; Crnojevic, T.; Homen, B.; Bolic, M.; Jaksic, S.; Dragojlov, D.

Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra 59: 81-94


Accession: 006318340

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Early induction and sychronization of estrus in gilts and the influence of gestation on slaughtering results and quality of meat and bacon were investigated. Gilts were divided into 2 groups, mated and unmated. The average age of gilts at mating was 193.75 days and the average weight, 80.87 kg. At equal average weight, different treatment did not significantly affect basic characteristics of carcasses, meat/fat ratio, ratio and participation of processes and unprocessed carcasses on physical and chemical properties of meat and fat, except for water content.