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Residues from post harvest nonrecovery spray applications of imazalil to oranges citrus sinensis and effects on green mold caused by penicillium digitatum

Brown, G.E.; Nagy, S.; Maraulja, M.

Plant Disease 67(9): 954-957


ISSN/ISBN: 0191-2917
Accession: 006319865

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Imazalil is an imidazole fungicide effective against green mold of citrus caused by P. digitatum. A comparison of residues and efficacy was made by applying imazalil in water or water-based resin solution wax using a nonrecovery spray application to oranges revolving on horsehair brushes saturated with the treating solutions. Applications of imazalil in water resulted in higher residues than comparable concentrations applied in water wax and residues from water treatments were also enhanced by increased time on the brushes. Residues were not enhanced by degreening fruit with ethylene before fungicide treatment. Injured rind contained higher residues of imazalil than uninjured tissue and residues on fruit washed after imazalil treatment were reduced only slightly. Higher concentrations of imazalil were required in wax than in water applications for control of infection of posttreatment injuries and sporulation by P. digitatum.

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