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Resistance and susceptibility to panicum mosaic virus st augustine decline strain in millets

Lee, T.A.J. ; Toler, R.W.

Plant Disease Reporter 61(1): 60-62


Accession: 006320171

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Entries in the millet genera Panicum, Setaria, and Pennisetum were screened for resistance to St. Augustine decline (SAD) disease. Some members of the millet genera Panicum and Pennisetum are resistant to SAD. Resistant Panicum species included P. virgatum, P. amarulum, P. stapfianum, and the cultivars 'Leonard' and 'Early Fortune' of P. miliaceum. Resistant cultivars of Pennisetum glaucum were 'Gahi-1', 'Common', 'Tift 239', and 'Tiflate'. All members of Setaria tested were susceptible to SAD.

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