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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6322

Chapter 6322 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gunther, E.; Eggert, D.; Grummer, G., 1970: Resistance of tomatoes d to late blight phytophthora infestans

Georgiev K., 1984: Resistance of tomatoes of different origin against root knot nematodes

Dorozhkin, N. A.; Poliksenova, V. D., 1976: Resistance of tomatoes to leaf mold under greenhouse conditions

Goh H.G., 1986: Resistance of tongil japonica indica and japonica varieties to chilo suppressalis w

Chutna J., 1979: Resistance of transplantation tolerance to x irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321006

Savitsky H., 1981: Resistance of trisomic and di ploid hybrids of beta vulgaris and beta procumbens to the sugar beet nematode heterodera schachtii

Stuchlikova, E.; Bartos, P., 1976: Resistance of triticale to puccinia recondita f sp tritici

Zohary D., 1985: Resistance of triticum dicoccoides collected in israel to infection with puccinia recondita f sp tritici

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321010

Rosenbloom J., 1981: Resistance of tropo elastin and elastin peptides to degradation by alpha 2 macro globulin protease complexes

Gorelik E., 1983: Resistance of tumor bearing mice to a 2nd tumor challenge

Smith, J. D., 1975: Resistance of turf grasses to low temperature basidiomycete snow mold and recovery from damage

Taylor J.D., 1979: Resistance of uk cultivars of runner beans phaseolus coccineus to bean common mosaic virus and bean yellow mosaic virus and to halo blight

Pinheiro B.D., 1981: Resistance of upland rice oryza sativa to stem borer diatraea saccharalis and its association with plant morphological characters

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321016

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321017

Esteban M., 1984: Resistance of vaccinia virus to interferon is related to an interference phenomenon between the virus and the interferon system

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321019

Doncheva S., 1981: Resistance of valencia spanish and virginia peanuts to powdery mildew oidium arachidis

Izquierdo F., 1979: Resistance of varieties and lines of tomato to early blight in 2 seeding seasons

Izquierdo F., 1982: Resistance of varieties and lines of tomato to early blight in the field during 3 years

Rakhman M.I., 1987: Resistance of various cenoses of fresh water bacterioplankton to a chemical shock

Niyazov A.E., 1981: Resistance of various foreign cotton breeds to spider mite tetranychus telarius

Gromova, O. A.; Zakharova, N. E.; Lyakhovich, V. V.; Tsyrlov, I. B., 1977: Resistance of various forms of rat liver cytochrome p 450 to agents destabilizing the microsomal membrane

Georgiev Kh, 1979: Resistance of various solanum pennellii types to the hothouse white fly trialeurodes vaporarium

Collins F.M., 1983: Resistance of various strains of mycobacteria to killing by activated macrophages in vivo

Sudo, S. Z.; Dworkin, M., 1969: Resistance of vegetative cells and micro cysts of myxococcus xanthus temperature uv light sonic vibration

Yamaguchi A., 1985: Resistance of venturia nashicola to thiophanate methyl and benomyl build up and decline of resistance in the field

Yamaguchi A., 1981: Resistance of venturia nashicola to thiophanate methyl and benomyl existence of weakly resistant isolates and its practical significance

Yanase H., 1983: Resistance of venturia nashicola to thiophanate methyl and benomyl formation of the perfect state in culture and its application to genetic analysis of the resistance

Koroleva, N. S.; Kas'yanenko, A. G.; Ryabova, I. M., 1978: Resistance of verticillium dahliae to the fungicide benomyl

Goree A., 1984: Resistance of vibrio vulnificus to serum bactericidal and opsonizing factors relation to virulence in suckling mice and humans

Oliveira C.A.V., 1981: Resistance of vigna unguiculata to liriomyza sativae

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321036

Hubackova, M.; Hubacek, V., 1982: Resistance of vitis vinifera l. buds to frost on different stocks

Perez, J. C.; Haws, W. C.; Garcia, V. E.; Jennings, B. M-Iii, 1978: Resistance of warm blooded animals to snake venoms

Hopkins D.L., 1981: Resistance of watermelon citrullus lanatus cultivars to fusarium oxysporum f sp niveum wilt

Kaplan, A. M.; Mandels, M.; Pillion, E.; Greenberger, M., 1970: Resistance of weathered cotton d cellulose to cellulase action

Vandesar, T. J. D., 1978: Resistance of western white pine to feeding and oviposition by pissodes strobi in western canada

Baichev V., 1986: Resistance of wheat and rye amphidiploids to brown and black rust

Sinigovets M.E., 1984: Resistance of wheat cultivars to the widespread races of leaf rust

Protsenko, D. F.; Emchuk, V. G., 1977: Resistance of wheat pigments to destruction nitrogen salts and sucrose application

Kaplya A.V., 1985: Resistance of wheat sprouts to thermal stress

Raychaudhuri S.P., 1984: Resistance of wheat triticum aestivum to leaf spot caused by bipolaris sorokiniana

Waddill, V. H.; Conover, R. A., 1978: Resistance of white fleshed sweet potato cultivars to the sweet potato weevil

Owen H., 1983: Resistance of white lupine lupinus albus cultivars to wilt caused by fusarium oxysporum f sp lupini

Gryuner A.M., 1982: Resistance of wild apple cultivars to diseases

Wilcoxson R.D., 1986: Resistance of wild barley hordeum spontaneum accessions from israel to leaf rust puccinia hordei collected in the usa and israel

Rogers, C. E.; Thompson, T. E., 1978: Resistance of wild helianthus species to an aphid masonaphis masoni

Gomez, C. E. P.; Valor, J. F.; Van-Schoonhoven, A., 1985: Resistance of wild phaseolus vulgaris l. and of its hybrids with the cultivated bean to the common weevil acanthoscelides obtectus say in the field and the laboratory

Romena A.M., 1985: Resistance of wild rices oryza spp to the whorl maggot hydrellia philippina diptera ephydridae

Golenberg E.M., 1986: Resistance of wild wheat to stripe rust predictive method by ecology and allozyme genotypes

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321057

Chikida N.N., 1985: Resistance of winter triticale to snow mold

Vanova M., 1981: Resistance of winter wheat and winter barley varieties to eyespot disease cercosporella herpotrichoides and effect of fungicide on yield

Mitropolenko A.I., 1979: Resistance of winter wheat plants of varying age to low temperatures according to the degree of growing point differentiation

Priestley R.H., 1984: Resistance of winter wheat varieties to ear blight fusarium culmorum

Priestley R.H., 1985: Resistance of winter wheat varieties to septoria tritici

Allan R.E., 1986: Resistance of winter wheats triticum aestivum to cephalosporium stripe in the field

Priestley R.H., 1984: Resistance of winter white cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata f alba varieties to turnip mosaic virus

Perez, J. C.; Haws, W. C.; Hatch, C. H., 1978: Resistance of wood rats neotoma micropus to crotalus atrox venom

Barylak J., 1979: Resistance of yeast like fungi to 5 fluoro cytosine

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321067

Bernard D.T., 1985: Resistance of yeast to dry heat

Shchurov M.N., 1984: Resistance of yeasts assimilating ethanol to mono iodo acetate and tetra ethyl thiuram di sulfide

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321070

Ballesta, J. P. G.; Alexander, M., 1971: Resistance of zygorhynchus sp to lysis

Shimizu R., 1983: Resistance ot thermophilic atpase to specific f 1 atpase inhibitors including local anesthetics

Singh P., 1981: Resistance pattern in salmonella spp isolated from spices

Georghiou G.P., 1979: Resistance pattern of anopheles albimanus following selection by parathion

Koundinya D.V., 1985: Resistance pattern of enteropathogenic escherichia coli

Ozaki K., 1984: Resistance patterns in the rice brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens hemiptera homoptera delphacidae after selection with carbaryl and propoxur

Zollinger Iten J., 1985: Resistance patterns of nonfermentative gram negative rods and aeromonads to beta lactam antibiotics a diagnostic aid

Stock C.C., 1980: Resistance patterns of walker carcino sarcoma 256 and other rodent tumors to cyclo phosphamide and l phenyl alanine mustard

Bauer D., 1983: Resistance plasmid independent and protease independent murine virulence of a multiple drug resistant strain of serratia marcescens

Barcs I., 1985: Resistance plasmids for inducible macrolide lincosamide resistance in staphylococcus simulans and staphylococcus epidermidis

Markovetz A.J., 1979: Resistance plasmids in pseudomonas cepacia 4 g 9

Brazil G., 1985: Resistance plasmids of aeromonads

Rhoades K.R., 1985: Resistance plasmids of pasteurella multocida isolated from turkeys

Boronin A.M., 1983: Resistance plasmids of pseudomonas isolated from industrial sewage waters

Nadakal, A. M.; Mohandas, A.; John, K. O.; Simon, M., 1975: Resistance potential of certain breeds of domestic fowl exposed to raillietina tetragona infections part 12 effects of calcium deficient diet of the host on raillietina tetragona infections

White G.B., 1984: Resistance potential of culex quinquefasciatus against the insect growth regulators methoprene and diflubenzuron

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321088

Costa C.P.D., 1985: Resistance reaction of eggplant solanum melongena progenies to verticillium albo atrum

Reuveni R., 1983: Resistance reactions of cucumis melo to inoculation with pseudoperonospora cubensis

Taylor R.C., 1979: Resistance reflexes and patterned discharge in motor neurons of the crayfish cambarus clarkii propus dactylus joint

Bruton C.J., 1985: Resistance regulatory and production genes for the antibiotic methylenomycin are clustered

Jones, W. D.; Greenberg, J., 1978: Resistance relationships in mycobacterium smegmatis atcc 607 to phages sensitive or resistant to both chloroform and streptomycin sulfate

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321094

Hobbs H.A., 1986: Resistance responses in cowpea vigna unguiculata to southern bean mosaic virus based on virus accumulation and symptomatology

Powers H.R.Jr, 1988: Resistance responses in half sib loblolly pine progenies after inoculation with cronartium quercuum f sp fusiforme

Sacristan M.D., 1982: Resistance responses to phoma lingam of plants regenerated from selected cell and embryogenic cultures of ha ploid brassica napus

Morrison P.E., 1983: Resistance shown by a parathion resistant onion maggot diptera anthomyiidae strain to some other insecticides

White G.B., 1985: Resistance spectra and allelism of chlorpyrifos resistance factors in culex quinquefasciatus populations from colombo sri lanka and dar es salaam tanzania

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321100

Hama H., 1986: Resistance spectrum to various insecticides in the diamondback moth plutella xylostella linne lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Gieler U., 1981: Resistance status of bacteria in general practice

Zettler J.L., 1988: Resistance status of red flour beetle coleoptera tenebrionidae infesting stored peanuts in the southeastern usa

Kay A.M., 1987: Resistance survival and recovery of trampled corals on the great barrier reef australia

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321105

Brownstein D.G., 1987: Resistance susceptibility to lethal sendai virus infection genetically linked to a mucociliary transport polymorphism

Lee S.K., 1987: Resistance test of 13 pine species and race identification for pine gall midge

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321108

Almeida A.M.P., 1981: Resistance test on genetic material of maize to helminthosporium turcicum in greenhouses

Krauss H., 1982: Resistance testing of bacteria by firefly bio luminescence a rapid test

Boeden E., 1985: Resistance tests on poplars raised by tissue culture

Marx S.J., 1983: Resistance to 1 25 di hydroxy vitamin d association with heterogeneous defects in cultured skin fibroblasts

Kees U.R., 1987: Resistance to 1 beta d arabinofuranosylcytosine after high dose treatment in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia isolation of a drug resistant and a sensitive cell line

Root R.B., 1987: Resistance to 16 diverse species of herbivorous insects within a population of goldenrod solidago altissima genetic variation and heritability

Lobo, Z.; Maitra, P. K., 1977: Resistance to 2 deoxy glucose in yeast a direct selection of mutants lacking glucose phosphorylating enzymes

Katan T., 1982: Resistance to 3 5 di chloro phenyl n cyclic imide di carboximide fungicides in the gray mold pathogen botrytis cinerea on protected crops

Clements V., 1987: Resistance to 402ax teratocarcinoma involves immunity to minor histocompatibility antigens

Potvin B.W., 1979: Resistance to 5 fluoro orotic acid and pyrimidine auxotrophy a new bi directional selective system for mammalian cells

Kaufman E.R., 1984: Resistance to 5 fluoro uracil associated with increased ctp levels in v 79 chinese hamster cells

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321120

Phillips J.R., 1983: Resistance to 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl adenine in cultured leukemia l 1210 cells

Lepage, G. A., 1978: Resistance to 9 beta d arabinofuranosyl adenine in murine tumor cells

Stone H.A., 1983: Resistance to a malignant lymphoma in chickens is mapped to subregion of major histo compatibility b complex

Cocuzzi, E.; Kellen, J. A., 1978: Resistance to a transplantable rat mammary tumor dmba 8bt after pre treatment with syngeneic fetal cells

Filner P., 1981: Resistance to aceto hydroxamate acquired by slow adaptive increases in urease in cultured tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi cells

Sabater, J. F. G.; Yscla, A. A., 1978: Resistance to actidione a new technique for the identification of fast growing mycobacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321128

Stenbjerg, S.; Jorgensen, J., 1977: Resistance to activated factor ix concentrate

Nordberg M., 1987: Resistance to acute nephrotoxicity induced by cadmium metallothionein dependence on pretreatment with cadmium chloride

Klein T.W., 1985: Resistance to adenovirus infection after administration of bordetella pertussis vaccine in mice

Mrosovsky N., 1987: Resistance to adipocyte hyperplasia in ground squirrels given high fat diets

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321133

Hixon, S. C.; Ocak, A.; Thomas, J. E.; Daugherty, J. P., 1980: Resistance to adriamycin cyto toxicity among respiratory deficient mutants in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Blair G.W., 1986: Resistance to adriamycin relationship of cytotoxicity to drug uptake and dna single and double strand breakage in cloned cell lines of adriamycin sensitive and resistant p 388 leukemia

Smith C.M., 1987: Resistance to adult bean leaf beetle and banded cucumber beetle coleoptera chrysomelidae in soybean

Skinner D., 1982: Resistance to air flow through bedding materials used in infancy

Steel G.G., 1985: Resistance to alkylating agents and tumor differentiation in xenografts of small cell lung cancer

Dahiya J.S., 1988: Resistance to alternaria brassicae and phytoalexin elicitation in rapeseed and other crucifers

St Pierre C.A., 1988: Resistance to alternating freeze and thaw stresses in wheat rye triticale and foxtail barley

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321141

Ely B., 1982: Resistance to amino acid inhibition in caulobacter crescentus

Baykal M., 1982: Resistance to amino glycosides among gram negative bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321145

Richey, E. J.; Brock, W. E.; Kliewer, I. O.; Jones, E. W., 1977: Resistance to anaplasmosis after elimination of latent anaplasma marginale infections

Alexander R.R., 1986: Resistance to and repair of shell breakage induced by durophages in late ordovician brachiopods

Durasinovic M., 1987: Resistance to and resistant types of escherichia coli during fourteen years

Henderson, W. R.; Jenkins, S. F. Jr, 1977: Resistance to anthracnose in di ploid and poly ploid watermelons

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321151

Tin, F.; Hlaing, N., 1977: Resistance to anti malarials by plasmodium falciparum in burma

O'boyle D., 1981: Resistance to anti microbial agents of staphylococcus aureus isolated from the bovine udder

O'grady F., 1980: Resistance to anti microbial agents of vibrio cholerae eltor strains isolated during the 4th cholera epidemic in tanzania

Dodin A., 1986: Resistance to anti microbial agents of vibrio cholerae eltor strains isolated in douala cameroon

Hofer E., 1985: Resistance to antibiotic among gram negative bacteria in food

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321157

Vidor C., 1986: Resistance to antibiotics and fungicides associated with symbiotic effectiveness of rhizobium phaseoli strains

Vasil'ev N.S., 1982: Resistance to antibiotics and heavy metal salts in coagulase positive staphylococci belonging to different biological types ecovars

Baumgartner, M. G., 1986: Resistance to antibiotics and occurrence of plasmid borne beta lactamases among agents of traveller's diarrhea

Alfaro G., 1986: Resistance to antibiotics and plasmid content in salmonella strains isolated from clinical samples in mexico city mexico

Cosar G., 1985: Resistance to antibiotics and resistance transfer in salmonella typhimurium strains

Kent R.L., 1985: Resistance to antibiotics in clinical isolates of klebsiella pneumoniae

Miorini T., 1987: Resistance to antibiotics in humans and animals on the cape verde islands atlantic ocean

Van Klingeren B., 1986: Resistance to antibiotics in salmonella

Rimzha, M. I., 1978: Resistance to antibiotics in staphylococcus aureus isolated in 2 city obstetrics hospitals

Abdel-Wahab, S. M.; Rifaat, O. M.; Ahmed, K. A.; Hamdi, Y. A., 1976: Resistance to antibiotics of rhizobium trifolii and its relation to nitrogen fixation

Zoukh K., 1988: Resistance to antibiotics of salmonella other than typhi and paratyphi isolated in algeria from 1979 to 1985

Mero, E., 1976: Resistance to antibiotics of shigella strains isolated in somalia

Vadineanu E., 1980: Resistance to antibiotics of some strains of salmonella isolated from meat and water samples

Williamson V.M., 1986: Resistance to antimycin a in yeast by amplification of adh 4 on a linear 42 kilobase palindromic plasmid

Barmore J.L., 1985: Resistance to aphis craccivora homoptera aphididae in selected varieties of cowpea vigna unguiculata

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321174

Casals, J.; Buckley, S. M.; Barry, D. W., 1973: Resistance to arbovirus challenge in mice immediately after vaccination

Craig S.R., 1981: Resistance to arsenate toxicity in the blue green alga synechococcus leopoliensis

Hedges, R. W.; Baumberg, S., 1973: Resistance to arsenic compounds conferred by a plasmid transmissible between strains of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321178

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321179

Clark I.A., 1979: Resistance to babesia spp and plasmodium vinckei petteri in mice pre treated with an extract of coxiella burnetii

Vizkeleti J., 1983: Resistance to bacteria of plastics used in dental practice

Patel P.N., 1983: Resistance to bacterial blight in cowpeas vigna unguiculata in tanzania and other countries

Nuesch B., 1980: Resistance to bacterial wilt xanthomonas graminis increases yield and persistency of lolium multiflorum

Van Etten J.L., 1979: Resistance to bacterio phage phi 6 by pseudomonas phaseolicola

Jorgensen J., 1982: Resistance to barley leaf stripe caused by pyrenophora graminea

Innes N.L., 1979: Resistance to bean common mosaic virus in dwarf beans phaseolus vulgaris

Morinaka T., 1985: Resistance to bean rust induced in phaseolus vulgaris by the preinoculation with colletotrichum lindemuthianum

Miller A., 1983: Resistance to bean yellow mosaic virus in phaseolus vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321192

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321193

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321194

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321195

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321196

Tatsumi, I.; Saito, T.; Miyata, T.; Kato, N.; Soeda, Y., 1983: Resistance to benzomate in citrus red mite panonychus citri acarina tetranichidae 2. cuticle permeability and metabolism of tritium labeled benzomate

Schmid, B.; Kayser, F. H., 1976: Resistance to beta lactam antibiotics and amino glycosides in gram negative bacteria part 1 molecular and genetic characterization of r factors

Schmid, B.; Kayser, F. H., 1976: Resistance to beta lactam antibiotics and amino glycosides in gram negative bacteria part 2 mechanism of resistance

Rozhavin M.A., 1985: Resistance to beta lactam antibiotics in gram negative bacteria isolated from urological patients

Moellering R.C.Jr, 1982: Resistance to beta lactam antibiotics in streptococcus faecium

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321202

Cluzel R., 1986: Resistance to beta lactams in enterobacteriaceae distribution of phenotypes related to beta lactamase production

Cranham J.E., 1982: Resistance to binapacryl and tetradifon and the genetic background in fruit tree red spider mite panonychus ulmi from english apple orchards

Simpson R.W., 1987: Resistance to biological and chemical challenge in rodents treated with xerosin ii a natural product of achromobacter xerosis

Livers R.W., 1980: Resistance to biotype c greenbug schizaphis graminum in synthetic hexa ploid wheats derived from triticum tauschii

Anderson, M. M., 1972: Resistance to black currant leaf spot pseudopeziza ribis in crosses between ribes dikuscha and ribes nigrum

Sharma, B. R.; Swarup, V.; Chatterjee, S. S., 1977: Resistance to black rot disease xanthomonas campestris in cauliflower

Waggoner P.E., 1979: Resistance to black shank phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae in the field predicted by a test of tobacco seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321210

Williamson B., 1982: Resistance to botrytis cinerea in canes of rubus idaeus and some related species

Suratt P.M., 1980: Resistance to breathing in healthy subjects following endo tracheal intubation under topical anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321215

Orellana R.G., 1981: Resistance to bud blight in introductions from the germ plasm of wild soybean glycine soja

Rosendal K., 1980: Resistance to cadmium arsenate and mercury among danish strains of staphylococcus aureus isolated from cases of bacteremia 1957 1974

Beattie J.H., 1979: Resistance to cadmium by pre treated rainbow trout alevins

Diamond G.L., 1985: Resistance to cadmium induced necrosis in testes of inbred mice possible role of a metallothionein like cadmium binding protein

Renwick J.A.A., 1985: Resistance to callosobruchus maculatus coleoptera bruchidae in selected cowpea lines vigna unguiculata

Zajicek G., 1986: Resistance to cancer chemotherapy

Mcgregor G.R., 1988: Resistance to cane spot elsinoe veneta in the red raspberry and its relationship to resistance to yellow rust phragmidium rubi idaei

Loerakker W.M., 1986: Resistance to carbendazim in pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides from dutch wheat fields

Madsen T.V., 1984: Resistance to carbon di oxide fixation in the submerged aquatic macrophyte callitriche stagnalis

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321225

Prival, M. J.; Magasanik, B., 1971: Resistance to catabolite repression of histidase and proline oxidase during nitrogen limited growth of klebsiella aerogenes

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321227

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321228

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321229

Festenstein H., 1982: Resistance to cell mediated cyto toxicity is correlated with reduction of h 2k gene products in akr leukemia

Schmidt W., 1986: Resistance to cellular immune response in akr leukemias

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321232

Cioli D., 1980: Resistance to cercarial challenge upon transfer of schistosoma mansoni into mice

Lester J., 1987: Resistance to cerebrospinal fluid outflow and intracranial pressure in patients with hydrocephalus after subarachnoid haemorrhage

Ferents A.I., 1987: Resistance to certain antibiotics of pathogenic escherichia coli isolated from patients and bacilli carriers

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321236

Dykstra M.A., 1984: Resistance to challenge and macrophage activity in mice previously vaccinated with formalin killed cryptococcus neoformans

Shull R.L., 1986: Resistance to change produced by access to fixed delay versus variable delay terminal links

Falchi M., 1984: Resistance to chemoantibiotics of salmonella strains isolated from people employed in food production and distribution in 1982

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321240

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321241

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321242

Fudenberg H.H., 1979: Resistance to coccidiosis eimeria ferrisi in c 57bl 6 mice effects of immunization and transfer factor

Dolmazashvili A.R., 1981: Resistance to cold and heat of female buffaloes in the alazani valley ussr

Topp, W., 1978: Resistance to cold in staphylinids coleoptera

Shagov, E. M.; Chesnek, S. I., 1978: Resistance to cold in the predatory bug perillus bioculatus heteroptera pentatomidae

Mccutcheon, S. N.; Homes, C. W.; Mcdonald, M. F.; Rae, A. L., 1983: Resistance to cold stress in the new born lamb 1. responses of romney drysdale x romney and merino lambs to components of the thermal environment

Mccutcheon, S. N.; Holmes, C. W.; Mcdonald, M. F.; Rae, A. L., 1983: Resistance to cold stress in the new born lamb 2. role of body weight birth rank and some birth coat characters as determinants of resistance to cold stress

Parsons, P. A., 1977: Resistance to cold temperature stress in populations of drosophila melanogaster and drosophila simulans

Zinder, N. D., 1973: Resistance to colicin e 3 and colicin k induced by infection with bacterio phage f 1

Conner R.L., 1986: Resistance to colonization by the wheat curl mite in aegilops squarrosa and its inheritance after transfer to common wheat triticum aestivum

Ryley M., 1987: Resistance to common bacterial blight in selected accessions of phaseolus spp

Kerr, R. W., 1977: Resistance to control chemicals in australian arthropod pests

Walsh A.L., 1981: Resistance to copper in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Peisach J., 1986: Resistance to copper toxicity of cultured hepatoma cells characterization of resistant cell lines

Waiss A.C.Jr, 1984: Resistance to corn earworm heliothis zea larvae in corn zea mays silks as related to larval growth suppression and recovery

Van Steekelenburg N.A.M., 1985: Resistance to corynebacterium michiganense in tomato genotypes

Radulovic K., 1985: Resistance to counseling of boarding school and elementary school teachers within the community psychiatric service

Labonne G., 1979: Resistance to cucumber mosaic virus transmission by aphids in cucumis melo

Hunt T.E., 1987: Resistance to cusp fracture in endodontically treated teeth

Hill J.O., 1984: Resistance to cutaneous leishmaniasis acquired ability of the host to kill parasites at the site of infection

Handman E., 1981: Resistance to cutaneous leishmaniasis in genetically susceptible balb c mice

Moll, H.; Scollay, R.; Mitchell, G. F., 1988: Resistance to cutaneous leishmaniasis in nude mice injected with l3t4 positive t cells but not with ly 2 positive t cells

David, H. L., 1971: Resistance to d cyclo serine in the tubercle bacilli mutation rate and transport of alanine in parental cells and drug resistant mutants

Gautheron D.C., 1980: Resistance to deactivation of enzyme collagen membranes

Juliano S.A., 1986: Resistance to desiccation and starvation of two species of brachinus coleoptera carabidae from southern arizona usa

Milward De Andrade R., 1981: Resistance to desiccation of pomacea haustrum mollusca pilidae captured in pampulha lake belo horizonte mato grosso brazil

Jennings D.L., 1982: Resistance to didymella applanata in red raspberry and some related species

Ahmad S., 1979: Resistance to dieldrin and tolerance to chlorpyrifos and bendiocarb in a northern new jersey usa population of japanese beetle popillia japonica

Sullivan A.C., 1987: Resistance to diet induced obesity food intake pancreatic sympathetic tone and insulin

Cameron D.F., 1980: Resistance to diseases and pests of tropical pasture plants

Morell P., 1984: Resistance to disruption of multilamellar fragments of central nervous system myelin

Marone C., 1987: Resistance to diuretics

Peterson G.W., 1984: Resistance to dothistroma pini within geographic seed sources of pinus ponderosa

Thomas C.E., 1982: Resistance to downy mildew in cucumis melo plant introductions and american cultivars

Thurtell G.W., 1984: Resistance to drought and density stress in canadian and european maize zea mays hybrids

Gyles C.L., 1984: Resistance to drugs and heavy metals colicin production and biochemical characteristics of selected bovine and porcine escherichia coli strains

Shimizu M.T., 1982: Resistance to drugs of enterobacteria isolated from food products

Leforestier C., 1981: Resistance to dryness and vegetative propagation in fossombronia caespitiformis

Ogilvie G.K., 1979: Resistance to ehrlich ascites tumor in a strain of dystrophic mice

Stockdale, P. H. G.; Yates, W. D. G., 1978: Resistance to eimeria zuernii produced after chemo therapy of experimental infection in calves

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321285

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321286

Rose M.R., 1985: Resistance to environmental stress in drosophila melanogaster selected for postponed senescence

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321288

Irwin W.J., 1985: Resistance to enzymic hydrolysis as a parameter in drug potency

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321290

Van Zant G., 1986: Resistance to erythroleukemia in immunodeficient xid negative cba n mice with susceptibility after immune stimulation

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321293

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321294

Loggins P.E., 1987: Resistance to experimental infection with fasciola hepatica in exotic and domestic breeds of sheep

Dubanoski, R. A.; Weiner, H. R., 1978: Resistance to extinction a test of the discrimination hypothesis

Gray J.A., 1985: Resistance to extinction after schedules of partial delay or partial reinforcement in rats with hippocampal lesions

Weiner I., 1987: Resistance to extinction and punishment following training with shock and non reinforcement failure to obtain cross tolerance

Jenkins, P. E., 1978: Resistance to extinction and satiation following training on random ratio schedules of reinforcement

Levine, B. A., 1976: Resistance to extinction as a function of iq and reinforcement ratio among retarded children

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321474

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321475

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321477

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321479

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321480

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321487

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321495

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321574

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321591

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321592

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321598

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321599

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321613

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321614

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321631

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321632

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321669

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321670

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321706

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321707

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321739

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321740

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321741

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321747

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321748

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321759

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321760

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Purdy W.C., 1979: Resolution of age dependent reference intervals polynomial regression methodology with applicability to plasma zinc levels in a childhood population

Cords M., 1988: Resolution of aggressive conflicts by immature long tailed macaques macaca fascicularis

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321871

Righetti P.G., 1986: Resolution of alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes in serum by isoelectric focusing in immobilized ph gradients

Kuksis A., 1984: Resolution of alkenylacylglycerol moieties of natural glycerophospholipids by gas liquid chromatography on polar capillary columns

Yuasa S., 1986: Resolution of all proteinic dl amino acids on native cellulose chromatography

Alexa M., 1980: Resolution of aloin into dia stereomers and their characterization

Snider B.G., 1987: Resolution of alpha arylacetic acid enantiomers on two chiral stationary phases

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321878

Gil Av E., 1982: Resolution of alpha methyl alpha amino acid derivatives by gas chromatography on optically active diamide stationary phases

Azerad R., 1988: Resolution of alpha substituted amino acid enantiomers by high performance liquid chromatography after derivatization with a chiral adduct of omicron phthalaldehyde application to glutamic acid analogues

Krummen K., 1984: Resolution of amino acid enantiomers by high performance liquid chromatography using automated pre column derivatization with a chiral reagent

Shimada A., 1984: Resolution of amino acids by a native cellulose column

Rossomando E.F., 1983: Resolution of an atp metal chelate from metal free atp by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321884

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321885

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Edelheit E.B., 1981: Resolution of aromatic resonances in proton nmr spectra of transfer rna

Ames, G. F. L., 1974: Resolution of bacterial proteins by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis on slabs membrane soluble and periplasmic fractions

Browning E.T., 1980: Resolution of basic cellular proteins including histone variants by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis evaluation of lysine to arginine ratios and phosphorylation

Haak R.A., 1980: Resolution of basic gonococcal outer membrane proteins by nonequilibrium ph gradient electrophoresis

Limbird, L. E.; Lefkowitz, R. J., 1977: Resolution of beta adrenergic receptor binding and adenylate cyclase activity by gel exclusion chromatography

Trautman R., 1979: Resolution of block neutralization test curves into components of the foot and mouth disease virus system

Freiha F.S., 1981: Resolution of bony metastases after bilateral orchiectomy for carcinoma of the prostate

Azzi A., 1984: Resolution of bovine heart cytochrome c oxidase into smaller complexes by controlled subunit denaturation

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Sokatch J.R., 1986: Resolution of branched chain oxo acid dehydrogenase complex of pseudomonas aeruginosa pao

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321899

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321901

Callahan A.P., 1985: Resolution of carbon 11 d l leucine and carbon 11 d l tryptophan by high performance liquid chromatography

Mort J.S., 1985: Resolution of cartilage proteoglycan and its proteolytic degradation products by high performance liquid chromatography using a gel filtration system

Morrison M., 1979: Resolution of cells by centrifugal elutriation

Pecht I., 1984: Resolution of cellular compartments involved in membrane potential changes accompanying immuno globulin e mediated de granulation of rat basophilic leukemia cells

Okubo A., 1982: Resolution of chemical properties with a vertical profiling pump

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Rank R.G., 1988: Resolution of chlamydial genital infection in b cell deficient mice and immunity to reinfection

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Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321910

Hsu C.H., 1980: Resolution of chylo thorax after positive end expiratory pressure ventilation

Staudenbauer W.L., 1988: Resolution of clostridium stercorarium cellulase by fast protein liquid chromatography fplc

Reed R.R., 1981: Resolution of co integrates between transposons gamma delta and tn 3 defines the recombination site

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Aune, K. C.; Rohde, M. F., 1977: Resolution of components in sedimentation equilibrium concentration distributions

French C.S., 1983: Resolution of components of the absorption spectrum of chlorophyll protein 668 and its photo transformation product in atriplex hortensis

Warnhoff E.W., 1980: Resolution of conflicting migratory reports in ring expansion of 3 keto steroids to oxygen and nitrogen

Gibbons W.A., 1987: Resolution of conformational equilibria in linear peptides by circular dichroism in cryogenic solvents

Thomas D.D., 1987: Resolution of conformational states of spin labeled myosin during steady state atp hydrolysis

Leiserowitz L., 1982: Resolution of conglomerates by stereoselective habit modifications

Rao, D. C.; Morton, N. E.; Yee, S., 1976: Resolution of cultural and biological inheritance by path analysis

Fry, M.; Vende-Zande, H.; Green, D. E., 1978: Resolution of cytochrome oxidase ec into 2 component complexes

Lam S., 1986: Resolution of d and l amino acids after precolumn derivatization with o phthalaldehyde by mixed chelation with copper ii l proline

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321928

Drauz K., 1983: Resolution of d l cysteine

Schonbeck, N. D.; Skalski, M.; Shafer, J. A., 1975: Resolution of d serine dehydratase by cysteine an analytical treatment

Hansbury, E.; Scallen, T. J., 1978: Resolution of desmosterol cholesterol and other sterol intermediates by reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatography

Kuksis A., 1982: Resolution of di acyl glycerol moieties of natural glycero phospho lipids by gas liquid chromatography on polar capillary columns

Gonatas N.K., 1985: Resolution of diaminobenzidine for the detection of horseradish peroxidase on surfaces of cultured cells

Tye B K., 1985: Resolution of dicentric chromosomes by ty mediated recombination in yeast

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321935

Demoss J.A., 1981: Resolution of distinct selenium containing formate dehydrogenases from escherichia coli

Chow F.K., 1980: Resolution of dl dansyl amino acids by high performance liquid chromatography with a copper ii l proline eluant

Basu S., 1987: Resolution of dna polymerase alpha primase complex and primase free dna polymerase alpha from embryonic chicken brain

Seeman P., 1981: Resolution of dopamine and serotonin receptor components of tritium labeled spiperone binding to rat brain regions

Gehring, P. J.; Watanabe, P. G.; Park, C. N., 1978: Resolution of dose response toxicity data for chemicals requiring metabolic activation example vinyl chloride

Hedley-Whyte, E. T., 1977: Resolution of electron microscope auto radiograms diminution with emulsion coating on both sides of grids

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Smith E., 1987: Resolution of enantiomeric amides on a cellulose tribenzoate chiral stationary phase mobile phase modifier effects on retention and stereoselectivity

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321945

Brash A.R., 1988: Resolution of enantiomers of hydroxyeicosatetraenoate derivatives by chiral phase high pressure liquid chromatography

Fisher, R. R.; Guillory, R. J., 1971: Resolution of enzymes catalyzing energy linked transhydrogenation part 2 interaction of transhydrogenase factor with rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophore membrane

Fisher, R. R.; Guillory, R. J., 1971: Resolution of enzymes catalyzing energy linked transhydrogenation part 3 preparation and properties of rhodospirillum rubrum transhydrogenase factor

Joshi P.N., 1979: Resolution of enzymes that hydrolyze phosphate esters from agave cantala on amberlite ir 120 aluminum iii

Yang S.K., 1985: Resolution of epoxide enantiomers of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by chiral stationary phase high performance liquid chromatography

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Ibrahim R.K., 1987: Resolution of five position specific flavonoid o methyltransferases by fast protein liquid chromatofocusing

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321954

Chatterjee A.K., 1987: Resolution of four pectate lyase structural genes of erwinia chrysanthemi ec16 and characterization of the enzymes produced in escherichia coli

Righetti P.G., 1987: Resolution of g gamma and a gamma fetal hemoglobin tetramers in immobilized ph gradients

Bory, S.; Dubois, J.; Gaudry, M.; Marquet, A.; Lacombe, L.; Weinstein, S., 1984: Resolution of gamma methyl glutamic acid and gamma fluoro glutamic acid lack of stereospecificity of leucine amino peptidase ec with l leucyl l erythro gamma substituted glutamates

Russell J.M., 1985: Resolution of genetic and cultural inheritance in twin families by path analysis application to high density lipoprotein cholesterol

Rao D.C., 1987: Resolution of genetic and uterine environmental effects in a family study of new dermatoglyphic measure sole pattern ridge counts

Sood K.C., 1984: Resolution of genetic divergence for choice of parents in soybean glycine max breeding

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321961

Andrews K.J., 1979: Resolution of glpa and glpt loci into separate operons in escherichia coli k 12 strains

Markovic O., 1988: Resolution of glycanases of trichoderma reesei with respect to cellulose and xylan degradation

Qureshi, M. D.; Vanstone, W. E.; Anastassiadis, P. A., 1976: Resolution of glyco proteins of pacific salmons blood by electrophoresis and by fractional precipitation and chromatography

Suzuki I., 1988: Resolution of glycosyltransferases involved in the biosynthesis in vitro of cell surface glycosphingolipids

Brookes A.N., 1987: Resolution of gossypol analytical and large scale preparative hplc on non chiral phases

Baggiolini, M.; Hirsch, J. G.; De-Duve, C., 1969: Resolution of granules from rabbit heterophil leukocytes into distinct populations by inst zonal sedimentation

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321968

Rovera, G.; Magarian, C.; Borun, T. W., 1978: Resolution of hemo globin subunits by electrophoresis in acid urea poly acrylamide gels containing triton x 100

Oakes J.E., 1985: Resolution of herpes simplex virus corneal infection in the absence of delayed type hypersensitivity

Cherek H., 1981: Resolution of heterogeneous fluorescence from proteins and aromatic amino acids by phase sensitive detection of fluorescence

Cuatrecasas P., 1982: Resolution of high and low affinity epidermal growth factor receptors inhibition of high affinity component by low temperature cyclo heximide and phorbol esters

Fox C.R., 1988: Resolution of high and low affinity progesterone receptors from human breast carcinoma t47d cells

Ahmed S.I. , 1986: Resolution of high pressure liquid chromatography of intracellular and extracellular free amino acids of a nitrogen deficient marine diatom skeletonema costatum pulsed with nitrate or ammonium

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321975

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321976

Thompson P., 1979: Resolution of human fibroblast interferon into 2 distinct classes by thiol exchange chromatography

Noguchi K., 1984: Resolution of human mercaptalbumin and nonmercaptalbumin by high performance liquid chromatography

Berk A.J., 1987: Resolution of human transcription factor tfiiic into two functional components

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321980

Gee M.H., 1987: Resolution of increased permeability pulmonary edema in rats

Brown, M. F.; Schleich, T., 1977: Resolution of independently titrating spectral components in the uv circular dichroism of subtilisin enzymes ec by matrix rank analysis

Uehling D.T., 1982: Resolution of induced urinary tract infection an animal model to assess bladder immunization

Springer A.J., 1983: Resolution of infertility conception and successful delivery after abdominal vascular reconstruction

Balter A., 1982: Resolution of initially excited and relaxed states of tryptophan fluorescence by differential wavelength deconvolution of time resolved fluorescence decays

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321986

Strausfeld, N. J.; Obermayer, M., 1976: Resolution of intra neuronal and trans synaptic migration of cobalt in the insect visual and central nervous systems

Hai C M., 1986: Resolution of intracellular calcium metabolism in intact segments of rabbit aorta

Signor P.W.IIi, 1982: Resolution of life habits using multiple morphologic criteria shell form and life mode in turritelliform gastropods

Moss B., 1986: Resolution of linear minichromosomes with hairpin ends from circular plasmids containing vaccinia virus concatemer junctions

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321991

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321992

Fuller A.F., 1988: Resolution of malignant ascites after intraperitoneal chemotherapy in women with carcinoma of the ovary

Kobatake T., 1984: Resolution of massive effluents after total colectomy alteration of fecal flora after total colectomy in dogs

Barkhan P., 1981: Resolution of mena quinones vitamins k 2 by high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321996

Watson, N. W-Jr ; Cowan, R. J.; Maynard, C. D.; Richards, F. Ii, 1977: Resolution of metastatic calcification revealed by bone scanning case report

Section 7, Chapter 6322, Accession 006321998

Bachhawat B.K., 1981: Resolution of micro heterogeneity in rat liver acid phosphatase using immobilized sialic acid binding lectin

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