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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6323

Chapter 6323 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Blau J.N., 1982: Resolution of migraine attacks sleep and the recovery phase

James T.W., 1982: Resolution of mitochondrial dna structures in the large yeast wickerhamia fluorescens

Ohnishi T., 1982: Resolution of mitochondrial nadh dehydrogenase and isolation of 2 iron sulfur proteins

Laczko G., 1984: Resolution of mixtures of fluorophores using variable frequency phase and modulation data

West S.C., 1988: Resolution of model holliday junctions by yeast endonuclease in dependent upon homologous dna sequences

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322005

Wyllie M.G., 1982: Resolution of mono amine uptake into binding and translocation components

Edgington T.S., 1988: Resolution of monomeric and heterodimeric forms of tissue factor the high affinity cellular receptor for factor vii

Croteau R.B., 1987: Resolution of monoterpene enantiomers by gas chromatography

Harvey D.J., 1986: Resolution of mouse hepatic cytochrome p 450 isozymes by chromatofocusing

Bailey N., 1982: Resolution of multi nodular goiter following change of diet a case and review of some evidence linking nutrition with the etiology of neoplasia

Lakowicz J.R., 1987: Resolution of multicomponent fluorescence emission by phase sensitive detection at multiple modulation frequencies

Banerjee A.K., 1988: Resolution of multiple complexes of phosphoprotein ns with nucleocapsid protein n of vesicular stomatitis virus

Poretz R.D., 1987: Resolution of multiple endosomal compartments associated with the internalization of epidermal growth factor and transferrin

Yount R.G., 1984: Resolution of multiple fluorescence lifetimes in heterogeneous systems by phase modulation fluorometry

Lipscomb, J. D.; Hooper, A. B., 1982: Resolution of multiple heme centers of hydroxylamine oxido reductase from nitrosomonas europaea 1. epr spectroscopy

Lipscomb, J. D.; Andersson, K. K.; Munck, E.; Kent, T. A.; Hooper, A. B., 1982: Resolution of multiple heme centers of hydroxylamine oxido reductase from nitrosomonas europaea 2. moessbauer spectroscopy

Pelkonen O., 1985: Resolution of multiple p 450 forms separation of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase and aminopyrine n demethylase associated p 450 isoenzymes by chromatofocusing

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322018

Mcpherson, J.; Traut, R. R.; Mason, D. T.; Zelis, R.; Wikman-Coffelt, J., 1974: Resolution of myo cardial myosin light chains by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

Weglicki W.B., 1983: Resolution of myo cardial phospho lipase c into several forms with distinct properties

Kaplan, A.; Gale, J.; Poljakoff-Mayber, A., 1976: Resolution of net dark fixation of carbon di oxide into its respiration and gross fixation components in bryophyllum daigremontianum

Ramsay M., 1988: Resolution of neurological symptoms in high risk infants during the first two years of life

Kohno H., 1986: Resolution of nmr chemical shift images into real and imaginary components

Wotiz H.H., 1985: Resolution of nonactivated and activated androgen receptors based on differences in their hydrodynamic properties

Goldstein I.J., 1980: Resolution of nucleotide sugars and oligo saccharides by lectin affinity chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322026

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322027

Weiter J.J., 1980: Resolution of optic disc neo vascularization associated with intra ocular inflammation

Karmen A., 1986: Resolution of optical isomers as the mixed chelate copper ii complexes by reversed phase chromatography

Yang S.K., 1982: Resolution of optical isomers by chiral high performance liquid chromatography separation of di hydro diols and tetra hydro diols of benzo a pyrene and benz a anthracene

Yang, S. K.; Gelboin, H. V.; Weber, J. D.; Sankaran, V.; Fischer, D. L.; Engel, J. F., 1977: Resolution of optical isomers by high pressure liquid chromatography the separation of benzo a pyrene trans diol derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322032

Jurczak J., 1985: Resolution of ortho meta and para isomers of some disubstituted benzene derivatives via alpha cyclodextrin and beta cyclodextrin inclusion complexes using reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322034

Irace G., 1985: Resolution of overlapping bands in the near uv absorption spectrum of indole derivatives

Isaacson, L. C., 1977: Resolution of parameters in the equivalent electrical circuit of the sodium transport mechanism across toad skin

Sawyer W.H., 1981: Resolution of partition coefficients in the transverse plane of the lipid bi layer

Wright D.J., 1987: Resolution of pea legumin subunits by high performance liquid chromatography

Basha S.M., 1988: Resolution of peanut seed proteins by high performance liquid chromatography

Biguet J., 1979: Resolution of penicillium roqueforti toxin and eremofortins a b and c by high performance liquid chromatography

Konaka R., 1979: Resolution of peptide antibiotics cerexins and tridecaptins by high performance liquid chromatography studies on antibiotics from the genus bacillus part 26

Beveridge C.M., 1983: Resolution of phospho gluco mutase isozymes in mytilus edulis

Joy M.L.G., 1980: Resolution of pinhole collimators used with gamma cameras

Shinitzky M., 1982: Resolution of plasma membrane lipid fluidity in intact cells labeled with di phenyl hexatriene

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322045

Russell E.S., 1979: Resolution of products of the duplicated hemo globin alpha chain loci by iso electric focusing

Hammarstrom, S.; Falardeau, P., 1977: Resolution of prostaglandin endo per oxide synthase and thromboxane synthase of human platelets

Hillson, D. A.; Freedman, R. B., 1980: Resolution of protein di sulfide isomerase ec and glutathione insulin transhydrogenase ec activities by covalent chromatography properties of the purified protein di sulfide isomerase

Sano Y., 1987: Resolution of proteins in linear gradient elution ion exchange and hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Lutzeyer W., 1985: Resolution of proteins in the kidney stone matrix using high performance liquid chromatography

Ali I., 1986: Resolution of pth amino acids in three new solvents on zinc cadmium mercury impregnated silica plates

Fuleihan F.J.D., 1983: Resolution of pulmonary dys function following acute chlorine exposure

Herget, J.; Suggett, A. J.; Leach, E.; Barer, G. R., 1978: Resolution of pulmonary hypertension and other features induced by chronic hypoxia in rats during complete and intermittent normoxia

Schimmel, D. H.; Julien, P. J.; Gamsu, G., 1976: Resolution of pulmonary lymph angitic carcinoma of the breast

Evstigneeva R.P., 1981: Resolution of racemic 2 hydroxy palmitic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322056

Tambute A., 1987: Resolution of racemic amides and phosphine oxides on a beta cyclodextrin bonded stationary phase by subcritical fluid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322058

Secrist, J. A. Iii ; Montgomery, J. A.; Shealy, Y. F.; O'dell, C. A.; Clayton, S. J., 1987: Resolution of racemic carbo cyclic analogues of purine nucleosides through the action of adenosine deaminase antiviral activity of the carbo cyclic 2' deoxyguanosine enantiomers

Si Y K., 1987: Resolution of racemic gossypol

Balaram P., 1986: Resolution of racemic gossypol and interaction of individual enantiomers with serum albumins and model peptides

Kato J., 1981: Resolution of racemic methyl jasmonate by high performance liquid chromatography and the inhibitory effect of dextro enantiomer on the growth of rice oryza sativa cultivar tan ginbozu seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322063

Stewart, K. K.; Doherty, R. F., 1973: Resolution of racemic tryptophan by affinity chromatography on bovine serum albumin agarose columns

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322065

Smith J.B., 1987: Resolution of radiolabeled molecular species of phospholipid in human platelets effect of thrombin

Gispen W.H., 1985: Resolution of rat brain synaptic phosphoprotein b 50 into multiple forms by 2 dimensional electrophoresis evidence for multisite phosphorylation

Steele R.D., 1988: Resolution of rat liver 10 formyltetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase hydrolase activities

Srere P.A., 1979: Resolution of rat mitochondrial matrix proteins by 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Faiers, A. A.; Loh, A. Y.; Osmond, D. H., 1977: Resolution of rat renin substrates by iso electric focusing

Strathern J.N., 1984: Resolution of recombination intermediates generated during yeast mating type switching

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322072

Mccullough J., 1984: Resolution of red cell compatibility testing problems in patients receiving anti lympho blast or anti thymocyte globulin

Dikman, S. H.; Kahn, T.; Gribetz, D.; Churg, J., 1977: Resolution of renal amyloidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322075

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322076

Zeichner, M.; Stern, R., 1977: Resolution of rna by sepharose 4b column chromatography

Antunes-Madeira, M. C.; Madeira, V. M. C., 1978: Resolution of sarcoplasmic reticulum proteins by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Myher J.J., 1979: Resolution of saturated and unsaturated 5 beta cholanoic acids by gas liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322080

Welander U., 1986: Resolution of several screen film combinations in rotational panoramic radiography

Burke, R. L.; Anderson, P. J.; Bauer, W. R., 1978: Resolution of single stranded and double stranded rna in buoyant cesium tri chloro acetate

Ross, E. M.; Gilman, A. G., 1977: Resolution of some components of adenylate cyclase necessary for catalytic activity

Bush C.A., 1984: Resolution of some glyco peptides of hen ov albumin by reverse phase high pressure liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322085

Peskin C.S., 1986: Resolution of steroid binding heterogeneity by fourier derived affinity spectrum analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322087

Bayer E., 1984: Resolution of sulfur containing amino acids by chiral phase gas chromatography

O'farrell, P. Z.; Goodman, H. M., 1976: Resolution of sv 40 proteins in whole cell extracts by 2 dimensional electrophoresis heterogeneity of the major capsid protein

Landy A., 1984: Resolution of synthetic att site holliday structures by the integrase protein of bacteriophage lambda

Bersohn R., 1982: Resolution of the 2 metal binding sites of human serum transferrin by low temperature excitation of bound europium iii

Onuigbo, W. I. B., 1977: Resolution of the appendiceal mass in nigerian igbos

Rose I.A., 1979: Resolution of the atp dependent proteolytic system from reticulocytes a component that interacts with atp

Ebner K.E., 1979: Resolution of the charge forms and amino acid sequence and location of a tryptic glyco peptide in rat alpha lact albumin

Lenaz G., 1987: Resolution of the circular dichroism spectra of the mitochondrial cytochrome bc 1 complex

Starzl T.E., 1986: Resolution of the clinical features of tyrosinemia following orthotopic liver transplantation for hepatoma

Foster M.A., 1979: Resolution of the coenzyme b 12 dependent dehydratases of klebsiella sp and citrobacter freundii

Brokaw C.J., 1985: Resolution of the competitive inhibitory effects of lithium and beta gamma imido atp on the beat frequency of atp reactivated demembranated sea urchin sperm flagella

Lu, A. Y. H.; Junk, K. W.; Coon, M. J., 1969: Resolution of the cytochrome p 450 containing omega hydroxylation system of liver microsomes into 3 components

Baril, E.; Bonin, P.; Burstein, D.; Mara, K.; Zamecnik, P., 1983: Resolution of the di adenosine 5' 5''' p 1 p 4 tetra phosphate binding subunit from a multi protein form of hela cell dna polymerase alpha ec

Gesteland R.F., 1983: Resolution of the discrepancy between a gene translation termination codon and the deduced sequence for release of the encoded poly peptide

Sens, D.; Eshenbaugh, D.; James, E., 1975: Resolution of the dna strands of the specialized transducing bacterio phage lambda h 80c 1 857dargf

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322103

Kumanotani J., 1982: Resolution of the enantiomers of aldoses by liquid chromatography of dia stereo isomeric 1 n acetyl alpha methylbenzylamino 1 deoxy alditol acetates

Wolf E., 1987: Resolution of the enantiomers of various alpha substituted ornithine and lysine analogs by high performance liquid chromatography with chiral eluant and by the gas chromatography on chirasil val

Fogarty W.M., 1987: Resolution of the extracellular alpha glucosidase system of bacillus sp ncib 11203

Meighen E., 1982: Resolution of the fatty acid reductase from photobacterium phosphoreum into acyl protein synthetase and acyl coenzyme a reductase activities evidence for an enzyme complex

Singer T.P., 1985: Resolution of the flavocytochrome p cresol methylhydroxylase into subunits and reconstitution of the enzyme

Valeur, B.; Weber, G., 1977: Resolution of the fluorescence excitation spectrum of indole into the 1 l a and 1 l b excitation bands

Edwards J.R., 1979: Resolution of the glycosyl transferase activities from 2 strains of streptococcus mutans by poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of tween 80

Hooper A.B., 1987: Resolution of the hemes of hydroxylamine oxidoreductase by redox potentiometry and esr spectroscopy

Saprykin, V. A.; Nikitin-Yu, K., 1977: Resolution of the human auditory analyzer

Weber J.P., 1980: Resolution of the individual steps in the reaction of lysozyme with the trimer and hexamer of n acetyl d glucosamine at subzero temperatures

Panijpan, B.; Vilartsakdanon, P.; Rungruangsak, K.; Vimokesant, S. L., 1978: Resolution of the initial phase controversy in the thiamine poly phenol reaction

O'brien E.M., 1985: Resolution of the isoenzymes of soybean lipoxygenase using isoelectric focusing and chromatofocusing

Lakowicz J.R., 1988: Resolution of the lifetimes and correlation times of the intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence of human hemoglobin solutions using 2 ghz frequency domain fluorometry

Anderson L.E., 1981: Resolution of the light dependent modulation system of pea pisum sativum cultivar little marvel chloroplasts

Meister A., 1979: Resolution of the light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein of vicia faba chloroplasts into 2 different chlorophyll protein complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322119

Kaufman B., 1979: Resolution of the major components of human lung mucosal gel and their capabilities for re aggregation and gel formation

Sadahiro S., 1979: Resolution of the major hemorrhagic component of trimeresurus flavoviridis venom into 2 parts

Vrijsen, R.; Wouters, M.; Boeye, A., 1978: Resolution of the major poliovirus capsid poly peptides into doublets

Sone, N.; Yoshida, M.; Hirata, H.; Kagawa, Y., 1978: Resolution of the membrane moiety of the proton atpase complex into 2 kinds of subunits

Colby, J.; Dalton, H., 1978: Resolution of the methane mono oxygenase of methylococcus capsulatus strain bath into 3 components purification and properties of component c a flavo protein

Blondin G.A., 1979: Resolution of the mitochondrial n n di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide binding proteo lipid fraction into 3 similar sized proteins

Lovrien R.E., 1984: Resolution of the multienzyme cellulase complex of trichoderma reesei qm 9414

Wagner P.D., 1982: Resolution of the multiple inert gas method for estimating ventilation perfusion mal distribution

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322128

Villarreal-Moguel, E. I.; Ibarra, V.; Ruiz-Herrera, J.; Gitler, C., 1973: Resolution of the nitrate reductase complex from the membrane of escherichia coli

Tucker, H.; Chesterson, G. J., 1988: Resolution of the nonsteroidal antiandrogen 4' cyano 3 4 fluorophenylsulfonyl 2 hydroxy 2 methyl 3' trifluoromethylpropionanilide and the determination of the absolute configuration of the active enantiomer

Karger B.L., 1979: Resolution of the optical isomers of dansyl amino acids by reversed phase liquid chromatography with optically active metal chelate additives

Santi W., 1981: Resolution of the optical isomers of underivatized amino acids on chemically bonded chiral phases by ligand exchange chromatography

Jacobson G.R., 1984: Resolution of the phospho transferase enzymes of streptococcus mutans purification and preliminary characterization of a heat stable phospho carrier protein

Waygood E.B., 1980: Resolution of the phosphoenol pyruvate fructose phospho transferase system of escherichia coli into 2 components enzyme ii fructose and fructose induced histidine containing protein like protein

Smith A.D., 1987: Resolution of the phosphoinositide specific phospholipase c isolated from porcine lymphocytes into multiple species partial purification of two isoenzymes

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322136

Motoyoshi, K.; Iwasaki, K., 1977: Resolution of the poly peptide chain elongation factor 1 beta gamma into subunits and some properties of the subunits

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322138

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322139

Melchiorre C., 1987: Resolution of the potent alpha 1 adrenoreceptor antagonist 2 2 2 6 dimethoxyphenoxyethylaminomethyl 1 4 benzoxathian benoxathian

Maines M.D., 1988: Resolution of the rat brain heme oxygenase activity absence of a detectable amount of the inducible form ho 1

Wishart G.J., 1987: Resolution of the sperm motility stimulating principle of fowl seminal plasma into calcium and an unidentified low molecular weight factor

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322143

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322144

Evstigneev V.B., 1979: Resolution of the structure of absorption spectrum of blue green algae by the method of measuring the 2nd derivative at minus 196 celsius

Bowen S.T., 1982: Resolution of the subunits of artemia salina hemo globins on triton acid urea poly acrylamide gels

Hedgecock D., 1985: Resolution of the varietal relationship within the species pichia opuntiae and establishment of a new species pichia thermotolerans new species new combination

Way J.L., 1979: Resolution of thio sulfate interference in cyanide determination

Hillson D.A., 1981: Resolution of thiol containing proteins by sequential elution covalent chromatography

Harzer, K.; Anzil, A. P.; Schuster, I., 1977: Resolution of tissue sphingomyelinase ec iso electric profile in multiple components is extraction dependent evidence for a component defect in niemann pick disease type c is spurious

Schultz G., 1987: Resolution of transducin subunits by chromatography on blue sepharose

Myasoedov, N. F.; Kuznetsova, O. B.; Petrenik, O. V.; Davankov, V. A.; Zolotarev-Yu, A., 1980: Resolution of tritium labeled amino acid racemates by ligand exchange chromatography 1. method for obtaining tritium labeled l valine and tritium labeled d valine using a poly styrene resin with l hydroxy proline groupings

Zolotarev-Yu, A.; Myasoedov, N. F.; Penkina, V. I.; Dostovalov, I. N.; Petrenik, O. V.; Davankov, V. A., 1981: Resolution of tritium labeled amino acid racemates by ligand exchange chromatography 2. l hydroxy proline modified and l phenyl alanine modified resins for the resolution of common alpha amino acids

Huber S.C., 1987: Resolution of two molecular forms of sucrose phosphate synthase from maize soybean and spinach leaves

Benecke I., 1984: Resolution of underivatized 2 hydroxy acids by high performance liquid chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322156

Kurtzman C.P., 1984: Resolution of varietal relationship within the species hansenula anomala hansenula bimundalis and pichia nakazawae through comparisons of dna relatedness

Griffith, J. M.; Brody, W. R.; Goodman, L., 1976: Resolution performance of doppler ultrasound flowmeters

Cauthen, S. E.; Ellis, R. D.; Larrison, S. B.; Kidd, M. R., 1976: Resolution purification and characterization of rabbit serum atropin esterase and cocaine esterase

Fogarty W.M., 1986: Resolution purification and characterization of two extracellular glucohydrolases alpha glucosidase and maltase of bacillus licheniformis

Kraus, P., 1980: Resolution purification and some properties of 3 glutathione transferases ec from rat liver mitochondria

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322162

Gaffney R.M., 1981: Resolution rates of artificially produced protein and amino acid edemas and the effect of a benzopyrone

Strauss H.W., 1979: Resolution rates of pulmonary embolism assessed by serial positron imaging with inhaled oxygen 15 labeled carbon di oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322165

White W., 1979: Resolution sensitivity and contrast in gamma camera design a critical review

Arsenis, C.; Hackett, M. H.; Huang, S. M., 1976: Resolution specificity and trans phosphorylase activity of calcifying cartilage alkaline phosphatases

Jamieson D.G., 1979: Resolution time and the coding and arithmetic relations on supraliminally different visual extents

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322169

Welsh J.D., 1987: Resolutions of control episodes between well and affectively ill mothers and their young children

Johnson, M. L.; Ackers, G. K., 1977: Resolvability of adair constants from oxygenation curves measured at low hemo globin concentration

Prendergast F.G., 1987: Resolvability of fluorescence lifetime distributions using phase fluorometry

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322173

Nojiri K., 1984: Resolved chronic subdural hematoma associated with acute subdural hematoma in moyamoya disease a case

Sundell S., 1987: Resolved cis 10 hydroxy 4 n propyl 1 2 3 4 4a 5 6 10b octahydrobenzo f quinoline central serotonin stimulating properties

Carlsson A., 1987: Resolved cis and trans 2 amino 5 methoxy 1 methyltetralins central dopamine receptor agonists and antagonists

Crofts A.R., 1981: Resolved difference spectra of redox centers involved in photosynthetic electron flow in rhodopseudomonas capsulata and rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides

Vanderkooi J.M., 1982: Resolved fluorescence emission spectra of iron free cytochrome c

Robb Doyle E., 1988: Resolved incomplete central retinal artery obstruction simulating ischemic optic neuropathy

Carlsson A., 1985: Resolved monophenolic 2 aminotetralins and 1 2 3 4 4a 5 6 10b octahydrobenzo f quinolines structural and stereochemical considerations for centrally acting presynaptic and postsynaptic dopamine receptor agonists

Cantor S., 1980: Resolved there exists an atropinic agent in vivo

Samuelson, P. A., 1976: Resolving a historical confusion in population analysis

Strel'chuk, S. I., 1977: Resolving ability of selection with the hexagonal method for sowing experimental plants

Crawford W., 1988: Resolving behavior problems in preschool children evaluation of a workshop for health visitors

Dmitrieva E.S., 1980: Resolving capacity of hearing during perception of tonal stimuli with variable phasic structure

Hewitt, J. K.; Eaves, L. J.; Neale, M. C.; Meyer, J. M., 1988: Resolving causes of developmental continuity or tracking i. longitudinal twin studies during growth

Horwitz R.I., 1988: Resolving conflicting clinical trials guidelines for meta analysis

Wade N.J., 1985: Resolving discrepant results of the wheatstone experiment

Winchester P., 1986: Resolving duodenal jejunal hematoma in abused children

Blackshaw R.P., 1986: Resolving economic decisions for the simultaneous control of two pests diseases of weeds

Mohler H., 1987: Resolving gaba a benzodiazepine receptors cellular and subcellular localization in the cns with monoclonal antibodies

Rao D.C., 1985: Resolving genetic models for the transmission of schizophrenia

Yang C.N., 1987: Resolving iron deficiency in wrightia religiosa by foliar analysis and its amelioration using an iron chelate as a soil additive

Reivich M., 1988: Resolving metabolic abnormalities in a case of pure alexia

Hill L.M., 1988: Resolving polyhydramnios a sign of improved fetal status

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322196

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322197

Haiduk M.W., 1983: Resolving systematic relationships with g bands a study of 5 genera of south american cricetine rodents

Namkoong G., 1987: Resolving the dilemmas of interaction separability and additivity

Eaves L.J., 1985: Resolving the effects of phenotype and social background on mate selection

Mericle, L. W.; Mericle, R. P., 1973: Resolving the enigma of multiple mutant sectors in stamen hairs of tradescantia

Berk A.J., 1982: Resolving the functions of overlapping viral genes by site specific mutagenesis at a messenger rna splice site

Boonzaier, D. A., 1978: Resonance artifact in intra vascular blood pressure measuring systems a technique for on line digital computer correction

Govil G., 1985: Resonance assignment of the 500 megahertz proton nmr spectrum of self complementary dodecanucleotide deoxy ggatccggatcc altered conformations at bam h i cleavage sites

Hilbers C.W., 1988: Resonance assignments of non exchangeable protons in b type dna oligomers an overview

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322206

Goldstein A., 1981: Resonance by rod shaped reflectors in ultrasound test objects

Menitskii D.N., 1983: Resonance characteristics of the cardio vascular system

Hoextermann, E.; Wernicke, W.; Tscho, J. T.; Lau, A.; Hoffmann, P., 1986: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering cars of chlorophyll v. cars spectra of monomeric chlorophyll a and b in vitro

Hoxtermann, E.; Werncke, W.; Stadnichuk, I. N.; Lau, A.; Hoffmann, P., 1982: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering of chlorophyll 1. a raman spectroscopic method for characterization of chlorophyll in vivo using excitation in the red absorption band

Hoextermann, E.; Werncke, W.; Stadnichuk, I. N.; Lau, A.; Hoffmann, P., 1982: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering of chlorophyll 2. resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering spectra of chlorophyll protein complexes after ruby laser excitation

Hoextermann, E.; Werncke, W.; Stadnichuk, I. N.; Lau, A.; Hoffmann, P., 1982: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering of chlorophyll 3. influence of denaturation on the resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering spectra of chlorophyll protein complexes

Hoxtermann, E.; Werncke, W.; Tscho, J. T.; Brecht, E.; Lau, A.; Hoffman, P., 1986: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering of chlorophyll iv. coherent anti stokes raman spectroscopy spectrum of the light harvesting chlorophyll a b protein complex of photosystem ii from vicia faba after excitation at 694.3 nanometer

Dutta, P. K.; Nestor, J.; Spiro, T. G., 1978: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering spectra of fad riboflavine binding protein and glucose oxidase/

Dutta, P. K.; Nestor, J. R.; Spiro, T. G., 1977: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering spectra of fluorescent biological chromophores vibrational evidence for hydrogen bonding of flavine to glucose oxidase ec and for rapid solvent exchange

Spiro T.G., 1980: Resonance coherent anti stokes raman scattering spectra of oxidized and semi quinone forms of clostridium mp flavodoxin

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322217

Wang, C. Y., 1977: Resonance effect in compartmental analysis and its detection

Nicolau C., 1987: Resonance energy transfer and fluorescence intensity studies of the transport of liposome encapsulated molecules into isolated mouse liver nuclei

Dewey T.G., 1984: Resonance energy transfer as a monitor of membrane protein domain segregation application to the aggregation of bacteriorhodopsin reconstituted into phospholipid vesicles

Pagano R.E., 1983: Resonance energy transfer assay of protein mediated lipid transfer between vesicles

Franzen, J. S.; Marchetti, P. S.; Feingold, D. S., 1980: Resonance energy transfer between catalytic sites of bovine liver udp glucose dehydrogenase ec

Darnall D.W., 1983: Resonance energy transfer between cysteine 34 and tryptophan 214 in human serum albumin distance measurements as a function of ph

Darnall D.W., 1983: Resonance energy transfer between cysteine 34 tryptophan 214 and tyrosine 411 of human serum albumin

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322225

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322226

Pagano R.E., 1986: Resonance energy transfer microscopy observations of membrane bound fluorescent probes in model membranes and in living cells

Strosberg A.D., 1981: Resonance energy transfer studies of the mechanisms of micro clustering of lentil lectin membrane receptors on hela cells

Dewey T.G., 1986: Resonance energy transfer study of membrane bound aggregates of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase

Hudson, B.; Hetherington, W. Iii ; Cramer, S.; Chabay, I.; Klauminzer, G. K., 1976: Resonance enhanced coherent anti stokes raman scattering

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322231

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322232

Kohler B.E., 1979: Resonance enhanced raman spectrum of all trans anhydro vitamin a

Babcock G.T., 1980: Resonance enhancement of the vibrations of cytochrome a 3 and its conformation in oxidized cytochrome oxidase

Kozlovskii A.P., 1983: Resonance frequencies of vibration in rats

Zurek P.M., 1988: Resonance frequency discrimination

Sel'kov E.E., 1983: Resonance in biological membranes having ionic channels with 2 conformational states

Kolarik J., 1984: Resonance in frequency spectrum of brain evoked potential

Gordon D., 1979: Resonance induced alterations of intra cellular bio physical properties

Cha V.A., 1983: Resonance interaction between super high frequency radiation within the millimeter range of low intensity and rat hemo globin molecule

Bol'bukh T.V., 1982: Resonance interactions of the carbonyl vibrations in helical poly nucleotides

Sevast'yanov V.N., 1984: Resonance methods of heart rhythm analysis for early estimation of hen egg productivity

Vibe Hansen H., 1982: Resonance of the human tibia method reproducibility and effect of transection

Sel'kov E.E., 1984: Resonance phenomena in membranes containing ionic channels with inactivation

Mackay W.A., 1984: Resonance properties of the human elbow

Izzo, G. E.; Jordan, F.; Mendelsohn, R., 1982: Resonance raman and 500 megahertz proton nmr studies of tyrosine modification in hen egg white lysozyme ec

Houee Levin C., 1985: Resonance raman and absorption spectra of isomeric retinals in their lowest excited triplet states

Schuster T.M., 1981: Resonance raman and absorption spectroscopic detection of distal histidine fluoride interactions in human met hemo globin fluoride and sperm whale met myo globin fluoride measurements of distal histidine ionization constants

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322249

Dutta, P. K.; Spencer, R.; Walsh, C.; Spiro, T. G., 1980: Resonance raman and coherent anti stokes raman scattering spectra of flavine derivatives vibrational assignments and the zwitterionic structure of 8 methylamino riboflavine

Carey P.R., 1981: Resonance raman and electronic absorption spectral studies of some beta 2 furyl acryloyl glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenases

Spiro T.G., 1983: Resonance raman and electronic spectra of heme a complexes and cytochrome oxidase

Hoffman B.M., 1979: Resonance raman and epr of nitrosyl human hemo globin and chains carp hemo globin and model compounds implications for the nitrosyl heme coordination state

Hoffman B.M., 1979: Resonance raman and epr studies of the quaternary structure change in carp hemo globin sensitivity of these spectroscopic probes to heme strain

Mortenson L.E., 1982: Resonance raman and epr studies on oxidized and ferri cyanide treated clostridium pasteurianum ferredoxin vibrational assignments from sulfur 34 shifts and evidence for conversion of 4 to 3 iron sulfur clusters via oxidative damage

Peticolas W.L., 1984: Resonance raman carbonyl frequencies and uv absorption maxima as indicators of the active site environment in native and unfolded chromophoric acyl alpha chymotrypsin/

Knaff D.B., 1984: Resonance raman characterization of a novel oxygen binding heme protein from chromatium vinosum

Section 7, Chapter 6323, Accession 006322258

Dele Dubois M.L., 1986: Resonance raman characterization of polyacetylenic pigments in the calcareous skeleton

Spiro T.G., 1986: Resonance raman characterization of the 7 ns photoproduct of carbonmonoxyhemoglobin implications for hemoglobin dynamics

Ichikawa Y., 1985: Resonance raman detection of a nu iron carbon monoxide stretching frequency in cytochrome p 450 scc from bovine adrenocortical mitochondria

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