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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6324

Chapter 6324 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Volkova, M. A.; Motkalyuk, O. B., 1978: Respiration intensity in cereals during the period critical to moisture deficiency

Vorob'ev, N. V., 1978: Respiration intensity in germinating rice seeds at constant and variable temperatures of the medium

Galazii S.G., 1980: Respiration intensity in the baikal pelagic amphipod macrohectopus branickii

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323003

Khmeleva N.N., 1980: Respiration intensity of ostracods from a hot spring of the transbaikal region russian sfsr ussr

Lebedeva N.I., 1980: Respiration intensity of vernalized and nonvernalized wheat leaves in the presence of 2 4 di nitro phenol

Somlo, M., 1970: Respiration linked atp formation by an oxidative phosphorylation mutant of yeast

Engel J.Jr, 1980: Respiration linked limbic spindles vibration artifact recorded from naso pharyngeal and intra cerebral electrodes

Lazarewicz, J. W.; Hamberger, A., 1977: Respiration linked limited calcium accumulation in brain mitochondria part 2 requirement for atp and other factors

Payne W.J., 1986: Respiration linked proton flux in wolinella succinogenes during reduction of n oxides

Jones C.W., 1981: Respiration linked proton translocation in the obligate methylotroph methylophilus methylotropus

Gould J.M., 1979: Respiration linked proton transport changes in external ph and membrane energization in cells of escherichia coli

Patil H.S., 1986: Respiration liver glycogen and bioaccumulation in labeo rohita exposed to zinc

Soeder C.J., 1985: Respiration losses in planktonic green algae cultivated in raceway ponds

Tikhonov, M. A.; Belan, A. S., 1977: Respiration mechanics in talking during static exercise

Withers, P. C., 1977: Respiration metabolism and heat exchange of eu thermic and torpid poorwills and hummingbirds

Loomis R.S., 1979: Respiration modeling and hypothesis testing with a dynamic model of sugar beet beta vulgaris growth

Burd B.J., 1985: Respiration of a low oxygen tolerant galatheid crab munida quadrispina

Opalinski K.W., 1981: Respiration of a slug limax sp in degraded area

Vernberg, W. B.; Coull, B. C., 1974 : Respiration of an interstitial ciliate and benthic energy relationships

Wells R.M.G., 1987: Respiration of antarctic fish from mcmurdo sound antarctica

Rahn H., 1980: Respiration of avian embryos a comparative analysis

Farrar J.F., 1987: Respiration of barley roots assessment of activity of the alternative path using sham

Hespell, R. B.; Rosson, R. A.; Thomashow, M. F.; Rittenberg, S. C., 1973: Respiration of bdellovibrio bacteriovorus strain 109 j and its energy substrates for intra periplasmic growth

Boeger P., 1982: Respiration of blue green algae in the light

Boabaid, K.; Brandao, D.; Curial, O.; Campello, A. P., 1976: Respiration of bovine gingival epithelium action of di phenyl hydantoin

Nilova N.S., 1979: Respiration of brain synaptosomes of sleep deprived rats in media of varying ionic composition

Nilova N.S., 1981: Respiration of brain synaptosomes under conditions of de polarization in rats with paradoxical sleep deprivation

Nishikawa Y., 1979: Respiration of bull spermatozoa after rapid freezing and thawing

Slaweta R., 1987: Respiration of bull spermatozoa in presence of exogenous glutathione gsh

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323032

Mobley P.W., 1980: Respiration of carbon 14 labeled carbon di oxide by intact animals of various species given carbon 14 labeled l fucose or carbon 14 labeled d arabinose

Takeda T., 1982: Respiration of carp cyprinus carpio under anesthesia induced by mixed bubbling of carbon di oxide and oxygen

Fencl V., 1984: Respiration of chemo de nervated goats in acute metabolic acidosis

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323036

Belozerova, L. S.; Fedorova, L. K., 1976: Respiration of corn scutellum during seed germination

Full R.J., 1984: Respiration of crabs in air and water

Morison J.I.L., 1985: Respiration of crop species under carbon dioxide enrichment

Newrkla P., 1985: Respiration of cytherissa lacustris ostracoda at different temperatures and its tolerance towards temperature and oxygen concentration

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323041

Myronyuk, V. I., 1977: Respiration of dunaliella salina algae under differing growth conditions

Ivanovskii R.N., 1980: Respiration of ectothiorhodospira shaposhnikovii during growth in light and dark

Mauderly J.L., 1986: Respiration of f 344 rats in nose only inhalation exposure tubes

Barnard, E. L.; Jorgensen, J. R., 1977: Respiration of field grown loblolly pine roots as influenced by temperature and root type

Ninomiya, I.; Hozumi, K., 1981: Respiration of forest trees 1. measurement of respiration in pinus densi thunbergii by an enclosed standing tree method

Vshivtsev V.S., 1983: Respiration of fungal trichoderma koningii and mucor plumbeus colonies in the process of growth on solid media with glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323048

Belozerova, L. S.; Buaro, I.; Severina, L. M.; Radchenko, N. G., 1977: Respiration of germinating corn seeds and the participation of the glycolytic pathway in this process

Ratajczak, L., 1976: Respiration of germinating yellow lupine seeds part 1 mitochondrial activity in cotyledonless embryos cultured in vitro

Ratajczak, L., 1976: Respiration of germinating yellow lupine seeds part 2 comparison of mitochondrial activity of excised cotyledons with that of seedling cotyledons

Woodstock, L. W.; Toole, V. K., 1977: Respiration of grand rapids lettuce lactuca sativa seeds in relation to chemical and photo control of germination

Purvis A.C., 1980: Respiration of grapefruit citrus paradisi cultivar marsh and orange citrus sinensis cultivar valencia flavedo tissue in relation to chilling and nonchilling temperatures and respiratory inhibitors

Opalinski K.W., 1981: Respiration of grasshoppers chorthippus sp in degraded area

Vilenkin B.Ya, 1982: Respiration of growing individuals deroceras reticulatum pulmonata agriolimacidae

Kikuchi, M.; Ishikura, N.; Ishima, T.; Iino, K., 1981: Respiration of husked rice 4. effects of growing fields on grain volume maturity respiration rate and germination rate of husked rice

Cerkasov, J.; Cerasovova, A.; Kulda, J.; Vilhelmova, D., 1978: Respiration of hydrogenosomes of tritrichomonas foetus part 1 adp dependent oxidation of malate and pyruvate

Mueller, M.; Lindmark, D. G., 1978: Respiration of hydrogenosomes of tritrichomonas foetus part 2 effect of coenzyme a on pyruvate oxidation

Epstein, M. H.; Thorne, P. R., 1970: Respiration of isolated cerebellar neurons using an automatic fiber optic cartesian diver rat

Paul A.J., 1986: Respiration of juvenile pollock theragra chalcogramma relative to body size and temperature

Rayns F.W., 1987: Respiration of leaves of barley infected with powdery mildew increased engagement of the alternative oxidase

Coombs G.H., 1981: Respiration of leishmania mexicana mexicana amastigotes and promastigotes

Varakina N.N., 1981: Respiration of maize zea mays cells in batch suspension culture as compared to the intact root tip and coleoptile

Lahiri, S.; Kao, F. F.; Velasquez, T.; Martinez, C.; Pezzia, W., 1970: Respiration of man during exercise at high altitude highlander vs lowlander

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323065

Kelman, B. J.; Bush, D. M.; Sasser, L. B.; Jarboe, G. E., 1977: Respiration of mercury from rats and release of mercury from stored rat tissues treated with methyl mercury chloride

Averianov A.A., 1980: Respiration of minute forms of zoo plankton and net growth efficiency of some copepods in the peruvian upwelling region

Keough K.M.W., 1985: Respiration of mitochondria from the gonads of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus droebachiensis the effects of petroleum fractions on oxygen consumption

Wiskich J.T., 1988: Respiration of mitochondria isolated from leaves and protoplasts of avena sativa

Fritz, K. W.; Tabbert, M.; Mottner, J.; Patschke, D., 1982: Respiration of multi injured patients with helium oxygen and nitrogen oxygen mixtures 1. ventilatory effects and pulmonary gas exchange

Fritz, K. W.; Tabbert, M.; Mottner, J.; Patschke, D., 1984: Respiration of multi injured patients with helium oxygen and nitrogen oxygen mixtures 2. hemodynamics

Ranta, E.; Hakala, I., 1978: Respiration of mysis relicta crustacea malacostraca

Frei T., 1984: Respiration of norway spruce trunk

Luard E.J., 1985: Respiration of penicillium chrysogenum in relation to the osmotic potential of the growth medium

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323076

Mamaev, V. V., 1987: Respiration of pinus sylvestris l. roots in various forest types

Holopainen, I. J.; Ranta, E., 1977: Respiration of pisidium amnicum bivalvia measured by ir gas analysis

Vladimirova I.G., 1980: Respiration of planaria dendrocoelum lacteum under regeneration and cicatrization of injury

Averianov A.A., 1980: Respiration of planktonic animals in the tropical part of the pacific ocean

Ivanova, T. I.; Vas'kovskii, M. D., 1976: Respiration of plants of wrangel island ussr

Koblyakov, V. A.; Ryabykh, T. P., 1977: Respiration of rat liver cells and isolated mitochondria in the early stages of hepato carcinogenesis

Yakshina A.M., 1979: Respiration of root systems in differently shaded fraxinus pubescens and betula pendula saplings

Ryabushko L.I., 1981: Respiration of sand dollars in the community of mobile filtering mollusks

Isaka S., 1984: Respiration of sea urchin hemicentrotus pulcherrimus spermatozoa in the presence of a synthetic jelly coat peptide and ionophores

Posthumus F., 1979: Respiration of senecio shoots inhibition during photosynthesis resistance to cyanide and relation to growth and maintenance

Decleir W., 1985: Respiration of sepia officinalis during embryonic and early juvenile life

Teslyuk T.K., 1986: Respiration of spring wheat during ontogeny in relation to protein nitrogen and carbohydrate levels in plant biomass

Bernice, R., 1971: Respiration of streptocephalus dichotomus

Graham, J. B.; Kramer, D. L.; Pineda, E., 1977: Respiration of the air breathing fish piabucina festae

Marvan P., 1984: Respiration of the alga scenedesmus quadricauda in continuous culture conditions under the influence of di methyl amine

Tamura, S. O.; Morii, H.; Yuzuriha, M., 1976: Respiration of the amphibious fishes periophthalmus cantonensis and boleophthalmus chinensis in water and on land

Rakusa-Suszczewski, S.; Mcwhinnie, M. A.; Cahoon, M. O., 1976: Respiration of the antarctic copepod rhincalanus gigas

Laver M.B., 1981: Respiration of the bath pelagic fish cyclothone acclinidens

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323096

Gotz K.H., 1983: Respiration of the carp cyprinus carpio at 10 and 20 celsius and the effects of hypoxia

Petushkova-Yu, P.; Ivanovskii, R. N., 1976: Respiration of the cells of thiocapsa roseopersicina

Lloyd D., 1987: Respiration of the hydrogenosome containing fungus neocallimastix patriciarum

Celerier M L., 1981: Respiration of the imagoes of drosophila melanogaster comparison of 2 wild strains and of their hybrids

Bally R., 1983: Respiration of the marine isopod excirolana natalensis flabellifera cirolanidae from an exposed sandy beach

Price R., 1979: Respiration of the meio benthic harpacticoid copepod tachidius discipes from an estuarine mud flat

Shushenacheva, E. V.; Nesterov, A. I.; Netrusov, A. I., 1975: Respiration of the obligate methylotroph in the presence of various substrates

Barrett J., 1980: Respiration of the polychaete ophelia bicornis

Lambers, H.; Smakman, G., 1978: Respiration of the roots of flood tolerant and flood intolerant senecio spp affinity for oxygen and resistance to cyanide

Williams A.G., 1982: Respiration of the rumen ciliate dasytricha ruminantium

Maksimova, V. I., 1978: Respiration of the san jose scale quadraspidiotus perniciosus insecta coccoidea

Sarviro V.S., 1980: Respiration of the scud gammarus lacustris under sinusoidal changes in temperature

Tarasov V.G., 1981: Respiration of the soft bottom communities in vostok bay sea of japan as related to environmental factors and macro benthos density

Peterkova I., 1988: Respiration of the wild strain and the mutants of cercospora beticola sacc

Bally R., 1987: Respiration of three isopods from different intertidal zones on exposed sandy beaches of the west coast of south africa flabellifera cirolanidae

Lloyd D., 1986: Respiration of trichomonas vaginalis components detected by epr spectroscopy

Tamminen T., 1982: Respiration of tritium labeled substrates in heterotrophic activity assays

Muller M., 1980: Respiration of tritrichomonas foetus components detected in hydrogenosomes and in intact cells by epr spectrometry

Belozerova, L. S.; Radchenko, N. G., 1977: Respiration of various parts of the corn seed scutellum during germination

Colvin, H. J.; Sauer, B. L.; Munkres, K. D., 1973: Respiration of wild type and extrachromosomal mutants of neurospora crassa

Zimin A.L., 1985: Respiration patterns in hemorrhagic shock

Heyn C.C., 1983: Respiration photosynthesis and drought tolerance in mosses from various habitats in israel

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323119

Radzinskaya L.I., 1983: Respiration rate and atp content in the developing house cricket acheta domesticus eggs

Cohen, S.; Cohen, E.; Schiffmann-Nadel, M.; Volcani, Z., 1978: Respiration rate and ethylene evolution of lemon infected by pseudomonas syringae

Van Der Plas L.H.W., 1982: Respiration rate and redox state of nad during wound induced differentiation of potato solanum tuberosum tuber tissue

Wallace B.J., 1985: Respiration rate growth rate and the accumulation of streptomycin in escherichia coli

Micheletti C., 1986: Respiration rate heart rate and body temperature values in cynomolgus monkeys macaca fascicularis during barbiturate anesthesia

Hultborn R., 1982: Respiration rate in human pituitary tumor explants

Farrar J.F., 1981: Respiration rate of barley hordeum distichum cultivar maris pink roots its relation to growth substrate supply and the illumination of the shoot

Van Den Driessche R., 1979: Respiration rate of cold stored nursery stock

Bychkova Z.N., 1988: Respiration rate of seeds depending on a physical factor affecting them

Ryczkowski, M.; Szewczyk, E., 1978: Respiration rate of the ovule coat and endosperm in different environments in vitro

Ryczkowski, M., 1976: Respiration rate of the ovule coat endosperm tissue and embryo during their development

Shushkina E.A., 1983: Respiration rate variations in the mass zoo plankton species of the black sea during a year

Dizon A.E., 1981: Respiration rates and low oxygen tolerance limits in skipjack tuna katsuwonus pelamis

Mason, C. F., 1971: Respiration rates and population metabolism of woodland snails

Sameoto, D. D., 1976: Respiration rates energy budgets and molting frequencies of 3 species of euphausiids found in the gulf of st lawrence canada

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323138

Mclay C.L., 1983: Respiration rates for the inter tidal spider desis marina

Finlay B.J., 1983: Respiration rates in heterotrophic free living protozoa

Schiemer, F., 1973: Respiration rates of 2 species of gnathostomulids

Ikeda T., 1979: Respiration rates of copepod larvae and a ciliate placus sp from a tropical sea

Yashiro M., 1988: Respiration rates of planktonic crustaceans from the inland sea of japan with special reference to the effects of body weight and temperature

Shibles R., 1986: Respiration rates of soybean glycine max cultivars

Corda M., 1986: Respiration related neurons in the medial nuclear complex of the solitary tract of the cat

Wei J.Yu, 1986: Respiration related neurons in the region of the nucleus tractus solitarius of the rabbit

Vyas, K. M.; Soni, N. K.; Saksena, S. B., 1975: Respiration response of gloeosporium papayae induced by various substances

Swenson P.A., 1981: Respiration responses of a pol a 1 and a tif 1 mutant of escherichia coli to far uv irradiation

Mizuno S., 1983: Respiration responsibility of several vegetables in respiration to ethylene treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323152

Vashakmadze G.Sh, 1979: Respiration stimulated activation of dnase i associated with mitochondria

Grossman P., 1983: Respiration stress and cardio vascular function

Luka J.Y., 1986: Respiration studies and population metabolism of the gastropod theodoxus jordani

Mendes E.G., 1986: Respiration studies on an echiuran worm lissomyema exilii

Humphreys, W. F., 1977: Respiration studies on geolycosa godeffroyi araneae lycosidae and their relationship to field estimates of metabolic heat loss

Berndt W.B., 1988: Respiration supported nitrogenase activity of isolated rhizobium meliloti bacteroids

Hamer, P., 1976: Respiration therapy for traumatized patients

Scheuch K., 1987: Respiration time parameters under mental physical and combined load at the laboratory

Siagian M.H., 1986: Respiration type and ripening of avocado fruits

Mccarthy L.E., 1982: Respiration unaffected by anemia in chemo de nervated cats

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323163

Wood G.O., 1981: Respirator canister testing for radio iodine

Nelson, G. O.; Harder, C. A., 1976: Respirator cartridge efficiency studies part 6 effect of concentration

Nelson, G. O.; Correia, A. N.; Harder, C. A., 1976: Respirator cartridge efficiency studies part 7 effect of relative humidity and temperature

Nelson, G. O.; Correia, A. N., 1976: Respirator cartridge efficiency studies part 8 summary and conclusions

Vasta J.F., 1985: Respirator cartridge evaluation for isocyanate containing imron and centari enamels

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323169

Dennhardt R., 1984: Respirator controlled intermittent inspiratory chest tube occlusion for ventilatory management of life threatening bronchopleural fistulas

Fergin G.S., 1984: Respirator evaluation for carbon setters with beards

Hack, A. L.; Bradley, O. D.; Trujillo, A., 1980: Respirator protection factors 2. protection factors of supplied air respirators

Hack, A. L.; Mcconville, J. T., 1978: Respirator protection factors part 1 development of an anthropometric test panel

Korz R., 1985: Respirator treatment of patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency

Schock N.C., 1985: Respirator use in progressive neuromuscular diseases

Maclean L., 1979: Respiratory abnormalities among grain elevator workers

Lerman Y., 1986: Respiratory abnormalities among photographic developers a report of three cases

Enarson D., 1985: Respiratory abnormalities among workers in an iron and steel foundry

Anderson, H. R., 1976: Respiratory abnormalities and ventilatory capacity in a papua new guinea island community

Cherniack R.M., 1982: Respiratory abnormalities in employees of the hard rock mining industry

Anderson, H. R., 1978: Respiratory abnormalities in papua new guinea children the effects of locality and domestic wood smoke pollution/

Anderson H.R., 1979: Respiratory abnormalities smoking habits and ventilatory capacity in a highland community in papua new guinea prevalence and effect on mortality

Blasco-Sabio, C.; Portus-Vinyeta, M., 1974: Respiratory acariasis in spanish canaries by sternostoma tracheacolum contribution to treatment

Serur, J. R.; Skelton, C. L.; Bodem, R.; Sonnenblick, E. H., 1976: Respiratory acid base changes and myo cardial contractility interaction between calcium and hydrogen ions

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323185

Schaffer, S. W.; Safer, B.; Ford, C.; Illingworth, J.; Williamson, J. R., 1978: Respiratory acidosis and its reversibility in perfused rat heart regulation of citric acid cycle activity

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323187

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323188

Peschek G.A., 1988: Respiratory activities and aa 3 type cytochrome oxidase in plasma and thylakoid membranes from vegetative cells and heterocysts of the cyanobacterium anabaena atcc 29413

IIzuka H., 1984: Respiratory activities in intact cells and spheroplasts of hydrocarbon utilizing yeasts

Brouwer, A.; Van-Bezooijen, C. F. A.; Knook, D. L., 1977: Respiratory activities of hepatocytes isolated from rats of various ages a brief note

Ishaque M., 1983: Respiratory activities of in vitro grown mycobacterium lepraemurium

Heber U., 1983: Respiratory activities of plant mitochondria under osmotic stress

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323194

Matsuura, D. T.; Smith, R. M.; Whittow, G. C., 1977: Respiratory activity and evaporative heat loss in the small indian mongoose herpestes auropunctatus

Davis, T. P.; Yousef, M. K.; Johnson, H. D., 1978: Respiratory activity and metabolic rate of burros equus asinus effect of age

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323197

Bicz W., 1984: Respiratory activity and oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria of the rat brain and liver under conditions of elevated temperature of the environment

Kobayashi C., 1979: Respiratory activity and sludge volume index of activated sludge during acclimation to saline water

Bruce, A. K.; Berner, J. D., 1976: Respiratory activity as a determinant of radiation survival response

Fuente-Burguillo, P. D.; Nicolas, G., 1979: Respiratory activity during germination of seeds of cicer arietinum 2. effect of some metabolic inhibitors and mitochondrial activities

Karczewski W.A., 1981: Respiratory activity generated by a split brain stem preparation of the rabbit

Matthews S., 1983: Respiratory activity in pea pisum sativum cotyledons during seed development

Sant'ambrogio G., 1987: Respiratory activity in the superior laryngeal nerve of the rabbit

Piertrosanti W., 1983: Respiratory activity molar growth yields and atp content in an arthrobacter sp ammonium limited chemostat culture

Panchenko, L. F.; Bekkuzhin, A. G.; Ladygina, V. G.; Tarshis, M. A., 1975: Respiratory activity of acholeplasma laidlawii cells and its role in the active transport of carbohydrates

Rychter A., 1984: Respiratory activity of apple malus domestica seeds during dormancy removal and germination

Sergeeva L.E., 1986: Respiratory activity of aspergillus niger during its early development on polyamide tissue

Fedorova Ya V., 1986: Respiratory activity of cells and cell free extracts of the hydrogen bacterium alcaligenes eutrophus

Piaskowska E., 1980: Respiratory activity of different parts of small intestine in starved and fed animals small intestine respiratory activity in rats

Gordienko A.D., 1982: Respiratory activity of frozen and thawed lymphoid cells

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323212

Volkov, I. V., 1978: Respiratory activity of hemo globin in the vimba vimba vimba

Scoles P.V., 1980: Respiratory activity of isolated chondrocytes with a miniaturized oxygen electrode system

Ernster L., 1983: Respiratory activity of isolated rat brain mitochondria following in vitro exposure to oxygen radicals

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323216

Komppula J., 1981: Respiratory activity of milled peat a rapid method of measurement and observations on the effects of moisture temperature ph and peat quality

Tluczkiewicz J., 1983: Respiratory activity of mitochondria of aging water wheat grains

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323219

Freitas S.D.S., 1986: Respiratory activity of stillage and herbicide treated soil

Golebiowska, J.; Pedziwilk, Z., 1976: Respiratory activity of the soil from several habitats in the botanical garden in poznan poland

Guindi G., 1981: Respiratory activity of the vocal cords in normal subjects and patients with air flow obstruction an electro myographic study

Zawadzka, A.; Pytasz, M.; Dolezych, B.; Pedzikiewicz-Strzala, J., 1981: Respiratory activity of various parts of the small intestine in fasted and fed animals 2. respiratory activity of the small intestine in guinea pigs

Kuyumdzhieva A., 1984: Respiratory activity of yeasts assimilating methanol

Busnel M C., 1980: Respiratory activity variations induced in groups of 12 hour light 12 hour dark synchronized sprague dawley rats by a 100 decibel white noise emitted at 12 hour intervals

Wells, R. M., 1978: Respiratory adaptation and energy metabolism in antarctic nototheniid fishes

Lloyd D., 1984: Respiratory adaptation of anaerobically grown saccharomyces uvarum changes in distribution of enzymes

Virgona V., 1986: Respiratory adaptation to chronic hypoxia in newborn rats

Lechner, A. J., 1976: Respiratory adaptations in burrowing pocket gophers from sea level and high altitude

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323230

Branch G.M., 1979: Respiratory adaptations in the limpet patella granatina a comparison with other limpets

Hill B., 1981: Respiratory adaptations of 3 species of upogebia thalassinidea crustacea with special reference to low tide periods

Quetin, L. B.; Childress, J. J., 1976: Respiratory adaptations of pleuroncodes planipes to its environment off baja california usa

Massingill M.J., 1979: Respiratory adaptations of sacramento blackfish orthodon microlepidotus for hypoxia

Felder D.L., 1979: Respiratory adaptations of the estuarine mud shrimp callianassa jamaicense crustacea decapoda thalassinidea

Mackie G.L., 1983: Respiratory adaptations of the fingernail clams sphaerium occidentale and musculium securis to ephemeral habitats

Warren L.M., 1981: Respiratory adaptations to temporary hypoxia by the polychaete cirriformia tentaculata

Gleeson M., 1986: Respiratory adjustments of the unanesthetized chicken gallus domesticus to elevated metabolism elicited by 2 4 dinitrophenol or cold exposure

Sant'ambrogio F.B., 1984: Respiratory afferent activity in the superior laryngeal nerves

Lafortuna C.L., 1987: Respiratory airflow pattern in patients with chronic airway obstruction

Creer T.L., 1987: Respiratory airway changes in response to suggestion in normal individuals

Nakornchai V., 1981: Respiratory alkalemia during exercise reduces angina threshold

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323243

Harken A.H., 1979: Respiratory alkalosis increases tissue oxygen demand

Pearson, D. J.; Freed, D. L. J.; Taylor, G., 1977: Respiratory allergy and month of birth

South R.T., 1980: Respiratory allergy in cystic fibrosis

Faith, R. E.; Hessler, J. R.; Small, P. A. Jr, 1977: Respiratory allergy in the dog induction by the respiratory route and the effect of passive antibody

Shivpuri D.N., 1979: Respiratory allergy to algae clinical aspects

Bignon J., 1980: Respiratory allergy to house dust a comparison between clinical reactions and the results of some diagnostic tests 54 cases

Taylor A.J.N., 1987: Respiratory allergy to inhaled bat guano

Dijkman J.H., 1986: Respiratory allergy to laboratory fruit flies drosophila melanogaster

Popa, V. T., 1980: Respiratory allergy to ragweed correlation of bronchial responses to allergen with bronchial responses to histamine and circulating immuno globulin e

Taylor, A. N.; Longbottom, J. L.; Pepys, J., 1977: Respiratory allergy to urine proteins of rats and mice

Rasconi G.C., 1981: Respiratory alterations in ankylosing spondylitis

Okamura, M.; Pimenta, L. H. D. M., 1974: Respiratory alterations in serious cranio encephalic trauma gasimetry of the cerebral spinal fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323256

Jacobsen E., 1981: Respiratory analgesic and endocrine responses to an enkephalin analog in normal man

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323258

Eckberg, D. L.; Orshan, C. R., 1977: Respiratory and baro receptor reflex interactions in man

White A.Q., 1985: Respiratory and behavioral responses of the grass shrimp palaemonetes pugio to cadmium and reduced dissolved oxygen

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323261

Sordahl L.A., 1980: Respiratory and calcium transport functions of mitochondria isolated from normal and transformed human lymphocytes

Linton J., 1983: Respiratory and calcium transport properties of spiny lobster panulirus argus hepato pancreas mitochondria

Rogerson, N. E.; Matthews, S., 1977: Respiratory and carbohydrate changes in developing pea pisum sativum seeds in relation to their ability to withstand desiccation

Pinotti O., 1984: Respiratory and cardiac activity during sleep at high altitude 4650 meters

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323266

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323267

Miyamoto Y., 1988: Respiratory and cardiac responses to dynamic exercise in man

Furney S.R., 1987: Respiratory and cardiac resuscitation skills of the high school athletic coach

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323270

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323271

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323272

Weissberg, R. M.; Marian, J.; Bradshaw, J., 1976: Respiratory and cardio vascular effects of prostaglandins in the conscious guinea pig

Kafer, E. R., 1977: Respiratory and cardio vascular functions in scoliosis

Bamford, O. S.; Jones, D. R., 1976: Respiratory and cardio vascular interactions in ducks the effect of lung de nervation on the initiation of and recovery from some cardio vascular responses to submergence

Baldwin J., 1981: Respiratory and cardio vascular physiology of the aquatic snake acrochordus arafurae

Butler, P. J.; West, N. H.; Jones, D. R., 1977: Respiratory and cardio vascular responses of the pigeon to sustained level flight in a wind tunnel

Fedde M.R., 1979: Respiratory and cardio vascular responses to exercise in the duck

Bolter C.P., 1981: Respiratory and cardio vascular responses to temperature changes in the perfused pulmonary arteries of the dog

Furukawa T., 1985: Respiratory and cardiovascular action of a metabolite m 3 cm 40095 of cm 6912 in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323281

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323282

Section 7, Chapter 6324, Accession 006323283

Barnas, G. M.; Gleeson, M.; Rautenberg, W., 1985: Respiratory and cardiovascular responses of the exercising chicken gallus domesticus to spinal cord cooling at different ambient temperatures 1. cardiovascular responses and blood gases

Gleeson, M.; Barnas, G. M.; Rautenberg, W., 1985: Respiratory and cardiovascular responses of the exercising chicken gallus domesticus to spinal cord cooling at different ambient temperatures 2. respiratory responses

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