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Respiratory effects of propafenone in asthmatic volunteers

Cazzola, M.; Lobefalo, G.; Rosatti, F.; Brita, G.; Persico, N.; Del Gaudio, F.; Marmo, E.

Drugs under Experimental and Clinical Research 10(6): 405-412


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-6501
Accession: 006323677

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Respiratory responses to propafenone [a .beta.-adrenergic blocker and anticarrhythmic agent] (70 mg i.v.) in a group of patients with bronchial asthma were evaluated. Moderate bronchoconstriction occurred with i.v. administration of propafenone 70 mg. In general the effects were most obvious for FVC [forced vital capacity] and FEV1 [forced expiratory volume in 1 S] and less pronounced ofr FEF50 [forced expiratory flow] and FEF75. Propafenone at rest increased minute ventilation (.ovrhdot.VE), O2 uptake (.ovrhdot.VO2) and CO2 ventilation (.ovrhdot.VCO2). During incremental exercise at 100 W propafenone induced a decrease in .ovrhdot.VE, .ovrhdot.VO2 and .ovrhdot.VCO2, but without differences for .ovrhdot.VE/.ovrhdot.VO2 and O2-pulse.

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