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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6325

Chapter 6325 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mendes E.G., 1981: Respiratory metabolism and tolerance in a tropical millipede rhinocricus padbergi 3 the responses to temperature variations

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Brooke O.G., 1984: Respiratory metabolism in preterm infants the measurement of oxygen consumption during prolonged periods

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324014

Sazhina L.I., 1980: Respiratory metabolism in some dominant pelagic copepods of the tropical pacific

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324017

Das, K.; Patnaik, B. K., 1978: Respiratory metabolism in the garden lizard calotes versicolor brain oxygen consumption with endogenous and exogenous substrates and effect of temperature and season

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324019

Heslot, H.; Goffeau, A.; Louis, C., 1970: Respiratory metabolism of a petite negative yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h 1

Young S.R., 1979: Respiratory metabolism of alaskozetes antarcticus

Vivekanandan M., 1981: Respiratory metabolism of amitrole induced aplastidic mesophyll cells of canna edulis

Kasprzak K., 1983: Respiratory metabolism of annelida 3

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Veerannan, K. M., 1972: Respiratory metabolism of crabs from marine and estuarine habitats part 1 scylla serrata

Strachan I.M., 1980: Respiratory metabolism of cyclops bicuspidatus copepoda cyclopoida from esthwaite water cumbria britain uk

Megrey B.A., 1981: Respiratory metabolism of gizzard shad dorosoma cepedianum

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Gordon E.P., 1985: Respiratory metabolism of l 929 cells at different water contents and volumes

Moreira P.S., 1980: Respiratory metabolism of macrobrachium olfersii zoeae during the molting cycle from eclosion to 1st ecdysis

Yamamoto Y., 1987: Respiratory metabolism of mitochondria in soybean root nodules

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324033

Dresco-Derouet, L., 1978: Respiratory metabolism of nymphon gracile and endeis spinosa pycnogonida comparison with some species of crustaceans

Dawirs R.R., 1984: Respiratory metabolism of pagurus bernhardus decapoda paguridae megalopa

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Seidel, M., 1977: Respiratory metabolism of temperate and tropical american turtles genus chrysemys

Targett, T. E., 1978: Respiratory metabolism of temperature acclimated fundulus heteroclitus zones of compensation and dependence

Baust J.G., 1982: Respiratory metabolism of the antarctic tick ixodes uriae

Riddle, W. A., 1976: Respiratory metabolism of the centipede nadabius coloradensis influence of temperature season and starvation

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Balakrishnan Nair N., 1979: Respiratory metabolism of the hill stream loach noemacheilus triangularis

El Sayed M.S., 1985: Respiratory metabolism of uniformly labeled carbon 14 glucose in hens and cocks during prolonged treadmill exercise

Moesges R.W., 1980: Respiratory mid position and thoracic gas volume at exercise up to maximal work loads in different body positions

St John W.M., 1988: Respiratory modulated activities of motor units of the facial nerve

Davidson, N. S.; Goldner, S.; Mccloskey, D. I., 1976: Respiratory modulation of baro receptor and chemo receptor reflexes affecting heart rate and cardiac vagal efferent nerve activity

Davis, A. L.; Mccloskey, D. I.; Potter, E. K., 1977: Respiratory modulation of baro receptor and chemo receptor reflexes affecting heart rate through the sympathetic nervous system

Kuemmell H.C., 1987: Respiratory modulation of cardiac time intervals

Murphy K., 1987: Respiratory modulation of left ventricular stroke volume in man measured using pulsed doppler ultrasound

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324053

Frysinger R.C., 1986: Respiratory modulation of neuronal discharge in the central nucleus of the amygdala during sleep and waking states

Klein J.P., 1985: Respiratory modulation of sympathetic activity

Karpukhina M.V., 1986: Respiratory modulation of the startle reflexes in cats

Pager J., 1981: Respiratory modulation of unit activity in the olfactory bulb of tracheotomized rats

Spiegelman D.L., 1982: Respiratory morbidity among processing and mill workers a cross sectional survey in 3 tire manufacturing plants

Patel S., 1983: Respiratory morbidity and lung function after whooping cough

St Leger A.S., 1981: Respiratory morbidity and lung function in school children aged 7 to 11 years in south wales and the west of england uk

Carson B.S., 1985: Respiratory morbidity benefit of awaiting onset of labor after elective cesarean section

Friedman G.D., 1985: Respiratory morbidity in smokers of low and high yield cigarettes

Jankovic J., 1984: Respiratory morbidity in wollastonite workers

Green M.A., 1988: Respiratory morbidity in workers exposed to asbestos in the primary manufacture of building materials

Peters J.M., 1980: Respiratory morbidity in workers exposed to dust containing phenolic resin

Rovainen, C. M., 1974: Respiratory moto neurons in lampreys

Speck D.F., 1986: Respiratory motoneuronal activity is altered by injections of picomoles of glutamate into cat brain stem

IIda Y., 1981: Respiratory movement and thoracic deformity in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324069

Dawes, G. S.; Fox, H. E.; Leduc, B. M.; Liggins, G. C.; Richards, R. T., 1972: Respiratory movements and rapid eye movement sleep in the fetal lamb

Kendall, J. Z., 1977: Respiratory movements in the fetal guinea pig in utero

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324072

Engel L.A., 1983: Respiratory movements of the vocal cords

Pier G.B., 1988: Respiratory mucin inhibition of the opsonophagocytic killing of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Winblad B., 1983: Respiratory mucosal damage after brush biopsy an experimental study in rabbits

Winblad B., 1983: Respiratory mucosal damage by flexible fiber optic bronchoscopy in pigs

Pare P.D., 1983: Respiratory mucosal permeability in asthma

Sachdev G.P., 1983: Respiratory mucous secretions in patients with cystic fibrosis relationship between levels of highly sulfated mucin component and severity of the disease

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324079

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324080

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324081

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324082

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324083

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324084

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324085

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324086

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324087

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324088

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324089

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324090

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324091

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324092

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324093

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324094

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324095

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324096

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324097

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324098

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324099

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324100

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324101

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324102

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324103

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324104

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324105

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324106

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324107

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324108

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324109

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324110

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324111

Der Vartanian D.V., 1984: Respiratory mutants of azotobacter vinelandii with elevated levels of cytochrome d

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324113

Zaitsev V.S., 1984: Respiratory mycoplasmosis in surgical patients

Kobisch M., 1987: Respiratory mycoplasmosis of the pig

Komatsu A., 1982: Respiratory nervous activity in the isolated nerve cord of the larval dragonfly anax parthenope julius and location of the respiratory oscillator

St John W.M., 1988: Respiratory neural activities after caudal to rostral ablation of medullary regions

Corbet K., 1981: Respiratory neuro muscular output during breath holding

Lourenco R.V., 1980: Respiratory neuro muscular response to carbon di oxide re breathing with inspiratory flow resistance in humans

Juch P.J.W., 1979: Respiratory neuron activity in the mesencephalon diencephalon and cerebellum of the carp

St John W.M., 1981: Respiratory neuron responses to hypercapnia and carotid chemo receptor stimulation

Barillot J.C., 1982: Respiratory neurons in the region of the retrofacial nucleus pontile medullary spinal and vagal projections

Gromysz, H.; Karczewski, W. A., 1976: Respiratory neurons of the ventral respiratory nucleus of the rabbit and their vagal connections

Ferguson S.J., 1988: Respiratory nitrate reductase from paracoccus denitrificans evidence for two b type hemes in the gamma subunit and properties of a water soluble active enzyme containing alpha and beta subunits

Van 't Riet J., 1979: Respiratory nitrate reductase its localization in the cytoplasmic membrane of klebsiella aerogenes and bacillus licheniformis

Cook F.D., 1983: Respiratory nitrate reduction by desulfovibrio sp

Holinger, P. C.; Holinger, L. D.; Reichert, T. J.; Holinger, P. H., 1978: Respiratory obstruction and apnea in infants with bilateral abductor vocal cord paralysis meningo myelocele hydrocephalus and arnold chiari malformation/

Symbas P.N., 1981: Respiratory obstruction caused by a multicentric granular cell tumor of the laryngo tracheo bronchial tree

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324129

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324130

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324131

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324132

Band, D. M.; Wolff, C. B., 1978: Respiratory oscillations in discharge frequency of chemo receptor afferents in sinus nerve of anesthetized cats at normal and low arterial oxygen tensions

Folgering, H.; Smolders, F. D. J.; Kreuzer, F., 1978: Respiratory oscillations of the arterial partial pressure of oxygen and their effects on the ventilatory controlling system in the cat

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Saia O.S., 1987: Respiratory paralysis in large asphyxiated newborns

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Liard R., 1984: Respiratory pathology in occupational medicine an evaluation of 3 methods of gathering data and research into risk factors

Ward J.M., 1980: Respiratory pathology in rats and mice after inhalation of 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane or 1 2 di bromo ethane for 13 weeks

Caudarella R., 1980: Respiratory pathology of a group of workers exposed to pig iron powder

Dennis D.T., 1979: Respiratory pathways and fat synthesis in the developing castor oilseed

Ferrero I., 1983: Respiratory pathways in hansenula saturnus

Galzy P., 1986: Respiratory pathways in schwanniomyces castellii

Lange, H., 1970: Respiratory pathways in suberin synthesizing and proliferating potato d tuber tissue fragments

Shannon, R., 1980: Respiratory pattern changes during costo vertebral joint movement

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324151

Russell D.F., 1986: Respiratory pattern generation in adult lampreys lampetra fluviatilis interneurons and burst resetting

Gee J.H., 1980: Respiratory patterns and anti predator responses in the central mud minnow umbra limi a continuous facultative air breathing fish

Foster E.F., 1980: Respiratory patterns and risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy

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Lawson, E. E.; Thach, B. T., 1977: Respiratory patterns during progressive asphyxia in new born rabbits

Nelson B., 1982: Respiratory pauses and apnea during daytime sleep in normal infants during the 1st year of life longitudinal observations

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324158

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324159

Christova Gueorguieva E., 1983: Respiratory pauses in normal prematurely born infants a comparison with full term new borns

Tappel A.L., 1980: Respiratory pentane a measure of in vivo lipid per oxidation applied to rats fed diets varying in poly unsaturated fats vitamin e and selenium and exposed to nitrogen di oxide

Di Loreto S., 1984: Respiratory perception report of a case

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324163

Vanner S., 1980: Respiratory periodicity following stimulation of vagal afferents

Koller E.A., 1987: Respiratory phase detection and delay determination for breath by breath analysis

Grassino A., 1986: Respiratory phase locking during mechanical ventilation in anesthetized human subjects

Chaput M.A., 1986: Respiratory phase related coding of olfactory information in the olfactory bulb of awake freely breathing rabbits

Prabhakar N.R., 1981: Respiratory phase switching of sensitivity of the central nervous regulator during stimulation of chemo sensitive and laryngeal afferents

Shapot, V. S.; Morozkina, T. S.; Chumakov, V. N., 1976: Respiratory phosphorylation in hepatic mitochondria in rats with transplantable sarcomas

Goodman T.G., 1982: Respiratory physiology and energy conservation efficiency of campylobacter jejuni

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Bentley T.B., 1985: Respiratory physiology of diving in the sea turtle

Pasche A., 1980: Respiratory physiology of freely diving harbor seals phoca vitulina

Dye A.H., 1980: Respiratory physiology of gastrosaccus psammodytes crustacea mysidacea

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324176

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Bickford J., 1984: Respiratory poliomyelitis a follow up study

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Finucane K.E., 1988: Respiratory pressure partitioning during quiet inspiration in unilateral and bilateral diaphragmatic weakness

Cherniack N.S., 1985: Respiratory pressure sensation relationship to changes in breathing pattern and pco 2 during acute increase in airway resistance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Becklake M.R., 1983: Respiratory pressures and function in young adults

Stokes G.M., 1983: Respiratory problems 2 years after acute bronchiolitis in infancy

Metcalfe J., 1979: Respiratory properties and 2 3 di phospho glycerate concentration in blood of the adult opossum didelphis virginiana

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324227

Yakunin V.E., 1981: Respiratory reactions and impulse activity of respiratory center lateral zone neurons in local cooling of its medial structures

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324231

Sant'ambrogio G., 1981: Respiratory reflexes evoked by tracheal distension

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324238

Franzen O., 1986: Respiratory related cortical potentials evoked by inspiratory occlusion in humans

Harper R.M., 1981: Respiratory related heart rate variation during sleep and waking states in cats

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Verma S.B., 1986: Respiratory release of carbon dioxide in alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar dawson and soybean under field conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324250

Eaks, I. L., 1970: Respiratory response ethylene production and response to ethylene of citrus d fruit during ontogeny

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324257

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324259

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Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324262

Section 7, Chapter 6325, Accession 006324263

Newball, H. H.; Brahim, S. A., 1976: Respiratory response to domestic fibrous glass exposure

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Molony V., 1986: Respiratory responses of the domestic fowl gallus domesticus to low level carbon dioxide exposure

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Davis D.D., 1983: Response of an f 1 interspecific gossypium hirsutum x gossypium barbadense cotton hybrid to plant density in narrow rows

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