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Respiratory responses of exercising asthmatic volunteers exposed to sulfuric acid aerosol

Linn, W.S.; Avol, E.L.; Shamoo, D.A.; Whynot, J.D.; Anderson, K.R.; Hackney, J.D.

Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 36(12): 1323-1328


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-2470
PMID: 3805509
DOI: 10.1080/00022470.1986.10466181
Accession: 006324286

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Young asthmatic adult volunteers (N = 27) were exposed in an environmental chamber to sulfuric acid aerosol at concentrations near 0, 122, 242, and 410 .mu.g/m3, in purified background air at 22.degree. C and 50 percent relative humidity. The polydisperse aerosol had a mass median aerodynamic diameter near 0.6 .mu.m. Exposures occurred in random order at one-week intervals. Each lasted 1 h, during which subjects exercised (mean ventilation 42 L/min) and rested during alternate 10-min periods. Specific airway resistance and forced expiratory function were measured pre-exposure, after the initial exercise, and at end-exposure. Bronchial reactivity was determined by challenge with cold air immediately post-exposure. Symptoms were monitored during exposure for one week afterward. Exercise-induced bronchospasm was observed under all conditions. Physiologic and symptom changes possibly attributable to sulfuric acid were small and not statistically significant. Our largely negative results contrast with positive findings elsewhere at lower acid doses. Possible explanations include different clinical characteristics of subjects and different routes of breathing.

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