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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6326

Chapter 6326 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sterrett J.P.; Hipkins P.L., 1980:
Response of apple malus domestica cultivar yellow delicious buds to pressure injection of abscisic acid and cyto kinin

Proctor J.T.A.; Crowe A.D., 1983:
Response of apple malus domestica growth and flowering to shade and ground covers

Bonn W.G.; Dirks V.A., 1980:
Response of apple scions on size controlling rootstocks to inoculation by erwinia amylovora

Cripps J.E.L., 1987:
Response of apple trees to soil applications of phosphorus nitrogen and potassium

Hassan M.M.; Salem A.T.; Fayek M., 1986:
Response of apricot prunus armeniaca seedling lines to waterlogging

Brookes A., 1986:
Response of aquatic vegetation of sedimentation downstream from river channelization works in england and wales uk

Bonner C.A.; Vrba J.; Jensen R.A., 1988:
Response of aromatic pathway enzymes to changing physiological states of growth in suspension cultures of nicotiana silvestris

Conrad J.D.; Stritzke J.F., 1980:
Response of arrowleaf clover trifolium vesiculosum to post emergence herbicides

Gibbs, C.P.; Noel, S.C., 1977:
Response of arterial segments from gravid human uterus to multiple concentrations of lignocaine

Boegehold, M.A.; Johnson, P.C., 1988:
Response of arteriolar network of skeletal muscle to sympathetic nerve stimulation

Mezykowski, T.; Bal, J.; Debiec, H.; Kwarecki, K., 1980:
Response of Aspergillus nidulans and Physarum polycephalum to microwave irradiation

Spector, S.; Luparello, T.J.; Kopetzky, M.T.; Souhrada, J.; Kinsman, R.A., 1976:
Response of asthmatics to methacholine and suggestion

Mcloon S.C., 1986:
Response of astrocytes in the visual system to wallerian degeneration an immunohistochemical analysis of laminin and glial fibrillary acidic protein

Iwai, H.; Goto, Y.; Ueda, K., 1979:
Response of athymic nude mice to Sendai virus

Spradbrow P.B.; Ibrahim A.L.; Chulan U.; Milliken G.; Shapcott R.; Kingston D., 1980:
Response of australian chickens naturally infected with avirulent newcastle disease virus to challenge with velogenic newcastle disease virus

Yu, Q.C.; Marzella, L., 1988:
Response of autophagic protein degradation to physiologic and pathologic stimuli in rat hepatocyte monolayer cultures

Singh B.; Aujla T.S.; Sandhu B.S.; Khera K.L., 1988:
Response of autumn potato solanum tuberosum to irrigation and straw mulching in northern india

D'amato A.; Giordano I., 1985 :
Response of autumnal sowing sugar beet beta vulgaris saccharifera to different levels of irrigation water nitrogen and plant density

Morrison M.L.; Meslow E.C., 1984:
Response of avian communities to herbicide induced vegetation changes

Banzett, R.B.; Burger, R.E., 1977:
Response of avian intra pulmonary chemo receptors to venous carbon di oxide and ventilatory gas flow

Barnas, G.M.; Mather, F.B.; Fedde, M.R., 1978:
Response of avian intra pulmonary smooth muscle to changes in carbon di oxide concentration

Kohne, J.S., 1988:
Response of avocado persea americana mill. to the growth regulator paclobutrazol

Derr J.F., 1987:
Response of azalea rhododendron obtusum new name cultivars to sethoxydim and fluazifop p

Ali S.; Watanabe I., 1986:
Response of azolla to phosphorus potassium and zinc in different wetland rice soils in relation to chemistry of floodwater

Meadows G.G.; Oeser D.E., 1983:
Response of b 16 melanoma bearing mice to varying dietary levels of phenyl alanine and tyrosine

Francioli P.B.; Keithly J.S.; Jones T.C.; Brandstetter R.D.; Wolf D.J., 1981:
Response of babesiasis babesia microti to pentamidine therapy

Wallace J.B.; Gurtz M.E., 1986:
Response of baetis mayflies ephemeroptera to catchment logging

Pezeshki, S.R.; Delaune, R.D.; Patrick, W.H.J., 1987:
Response of baldcypress taxodium distichum var distichum to increases in flooding salinity in louisiana's mississippi river deltaic plain usa

Tippet J.T.; Bogle A.L.; Shigo A.L., 1982:
Response of balsam fir abies balsamea and hemlock tsuga canadensis roots to injuries

Zhukov Y.P.; Karpukhina N.S., 1984:
Response of barley cultivars to different levels of mineral nutrition under treatment with 2 4 d

Day A.D.; Elmigri M.R., 1986:
Response of barley hordeum vulgare genotypes to non saline and saline environments

Brinkman M.A.; Langer D.K.; Harvey R.G., 1980:
Response of barley hordeum vulgare spring wheat triticum aestivum and oats avena sativa to atrazine

Nicholls, P.B., 1978:
Response of barley shoot apices to application of gibberellic acid and abscisic acid dependence on tissue sensitivity

Nicholls, P.B., 1978:
Response of barley shoot apices to application of gibberellic acid initial response pattern

Ahmad A.; Afridi M.M.R.K.; Samiullah; Inam A., 1986:
Response of barley varieties to pre treatment of grain with pyridoxine

Paul, F.; Neumann, F.; Huchzermeyer, H., 1978:
Response of basal and penta gastrin stimulated gastric secretion and of serum gastrin to short term and long term intra venous infusion of salmon calcitonin in hyper chlor hydric subjects

Roundy B.A., 1983:
Response of basin wild rye elymus cinereus cultivar magnar and tall wheat grass agropyron elongatum cultivar jose

Dunning, J.A.; Heck, W.W., 1977:
Response of bean and tobacco to ozone effect of light intensity temperature and relative humidity

Hartman C.L.; Secor G.A.; Venette J.R.; Albaugh D.A., 1986:
Response of bean phaseolus vulgaris calli to filtrate from pseudomonas syringae pathovar phaseolicola and correlation with whole plant disease reaction

Ram N.; Verloo M.; Cottenie A., 1983:
Response of bean phaseolus vulgaris to foliar spray of titanium

Musselman R.C.; Huerta A.J.; Mccool P.M.; Oshima R.J., 1986:
Response of beans phaseolus vulgaris cultivar california dark red kidney to simulated ambient and uniform ozone distributions with equal peak concentration

Hennessy, D.W.; Nolan, J.V.; Norton, B.W.; Ball, F.M.; Leng, R.A., 1978:
Response of beef cattle to infused supplements of urea and of urea molasses when offered a low quality grass hay

Mitchell E.R.; Agee H.R., 1981:
Response of beet armyworm spodoptera exigua and fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda moths to different colored lamps in the laboratory and field

Batal K.M.; Smittle D.A., 1981:
Response of bell pepper capsicum annuum cultivar keystone giant resistant no 2 to irrigation nitrogen and plant population

Raju M.S.; Varma S.C., 1984:
Response of bengal gram cicer arietinum varieties to phosphate fertilization in relation to farmyard manure application and rhizobial inoculation

Khandkar U.R.; Shinde D.A.; Kandalkar V.S.; Nigam K.B.; Jain N.K., 1986:
Response of bengal gram to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization in a vertisol under rainfed condition

Grassle, J.F.; Elmgren, R.; Grassle, J.P., 1981:
Response of benthic communities in marine ecosystems research laboratory usa experimental ecosystems to low level chronic additions of no. 2 fuel oil

Wright R.J.; Perry H.D.; Carter M.C.; Bennett O.L., 1984:
Response of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon selections from the appalachian region usa to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization

Siviour T.R.; Schultz G.F., 1984:
Response of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon to siduron

Johnson B.J., 1984:
Response of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon turf to winter applied herbicides

Hicks C.P.; Jordan T.N., 1984:
Response of bermudagrass cynodon dactylon quackgrass agropyron repens and wirestem muhly muhlenbergia frondosa to postemergence grass herbicides

Janawade, A.D.; Patel, G.J., 1985:
Response of bidi tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivars to soil moisture regimes i. effect on leaf growth yield and spangle development

Lagory K.E.; Lagory M.K.; Perino J.V., 1982:
Response of big and little bluestem andropogon seedlings to soil and moisture conditions

Juste, C.; Demarne, Y.; Corring, T., 1983:
Response of bile flow, biliary lipids and bile acid pool in the pig to quantitative variations in dietary fat

Facteau T.J.; Rowe K.E.; Chestnut N.E., 1987:
Response of bing and lambert sweet cherry fruit to preharvest calcium chloride applications

Lautenschlager R.A.; Rothenbacher H.; Podgwaite J.D., 1979 :
Response of birds to aerial application of the nucleopolyhedrosis virus of the gypsy moth lymantria dispar

Conover M.R., 1984:
Response of birds to different types of food repellents

Currier W.W., 1985:
Response of birdsfoot trefoil nodulating rhizobium to lectins and trefoil chemotactin

Woronecki P.P.; Dolbeer R.A.; Stehn R.A., 1981:
Response of blackbirds to mesurol and sevin applications on sweet corn

Varughese K.; Mathew J.; Pillai G.R., 1986:
Response of blackgram to different levels of irrigation in summer rice fallows

Manjunath A.; Bagyaraj J.D., 1986:
Response of blackgram vigna mungo chickpea cicer arietinum and mungbean vigna radiata to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation in an unsterile soil

Anderson, R.U., 1979:
Response of bladder and urethral mucosa to catheterization

Grizard J.; Szczygiel M.; Champredon C.; Theriez M.; Prugnaud J.; Pion R., 1987:
Response of blood glucose and free amino acid concentrations

Korcakova L.; Holub M.; Nouza K.; Draber P., 1980:
Response of blood leukocytes to an intra peritoneal immunization in normal mice and leukopenic mice with the nu gene

Rupp, H.; Jacob, R., 1982:
Response of blood pressure and cardiac myosin polymorphism to swimming training in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Virtanen, K.; Jänne, J.; Frick, M.H., 1982:
Response of blood pressure and plasma norepinephrine to propranolol, metoprolol and clonidine during isometric and dynamic exercise in hypertensive patients

Shakoori, A.R.; Zaheer, S.A.; Ahmad, M.S., 1976:
Response of blood serum proteins and free amino acids pool to starvation in fresh water teleost channa punctatus

Gupta S.L.; Kashyap A.K.; Singh A.P., 1985:
Response of blue green algae to copper a comparative study

Kaiser P.H.; Berlinger S.S.; Fredrickson L.H., 1979:
Response of blue winged teal anas discors to range management on waterfowl production areas in southeastern south dakota usa

Erb W.A.; Moore J.N.; Sterne R.E., 1987:
Response of blueberry cultivars to inoculation with phytophthora cinnamomi rands zoospores

Korcak R.F.; Galletta G.J.; Draper A., 1982:
Response of blueberry vaccinium spp seedlings to a range of soil types

Webb W.M.; Guthery F.S., 1982:
Response of bobwhite colinus virginianus to habitat management in northwest texas usa

Hammerquist Wilson M.M.; Crawford J.A., 1981:
Response of bobwhites colinus virginianus to cover changes within 3 grazing systems

Garg S.K.; Nangia O.P., 1981:
Response of body fluid compartments to climatic variations in buffalo

Leone, N.F., 1982:
Response of borderline patients to loxapine and chlorpromazine

Birch, M.C., 1977:
Response of both sexes of trichoplusia ni lepidoptera noctuidae to virgin females and to synthetic pheromone

Miller R.F.; Donart G.B., 1979:
Response of bouteloua eriopoda and sporobolus flexuosus to season of defoliation

Ford, S.P.; Weber, L.J.; Kennick, W.H.; Stormshak, F., 1977:
Response of bovine ovarian arterial smooth muscle to prostaglandin f 2 and neuro transmitter

Bhuiya M.S.U.; Eaqub M.; Kabir S.G., 1987:
Response of br 11 cultivar of rice to nitrogen phosphorus potassium sulfur and zinc

Verma K.M.; Kochar D.K.; Gupta K.D.; Jatkar P.R.; Vyas U.K., 1980:
Response of brain to butanol soluble fraction of homologous liver and brain homogenate

Deweese L.R.; Henny C.J.; Floyd R.L.; Bobal K.A.; Shultz A.W., 1979:
Response of breeding birds to aerial sprays of trichlorfon dylox and carbaryl sevin 4 oil in montana usa forests

Scott V.E.; Crouch G.L., 1987:
Response of breeding birds to commercial clearcutting of aspen in southwestern colorado usa

Vos D.K.; Ryder R.A.; Graul W.D., 1985:
Response of breeding great blue herons ardea herodias to human disturbance in northcentral colorado usa

Wiens J.A.; Rotenberry J.T., 1985:
Response of breeding passerine birds to rangeland alteration in a north american shrubsteppe locality

Nakahata N.; Nakanishi H.; Suzuki T., 1981 :
Response of briefly glycerinated smooth muscle to calcium ion and magnesium ion

Hassan E.A.; E.M.ursi A., 1982:
Response of broad bean vicia faba plants to low cycocel concentration treatments in comparison to a commercial source of cyto kinin and together

McNaughton, J.L.; Reece, F.N., 1984:
Response of broiler chickens to dietary energy and lysine levels in a warm environment

Okorie A.U.; Enunwaonye C.A.; Anugwa F.O.I., 1988:
Response of broiler chicks to graded levels of heat treated castor oil bean ricinus communis cake supplemented with dl methionine

Kling, H.F.; Grant, R.J.; Moeller, M.W.; Harms, R.H.; Damron, B.L.; Quarles, C.L.; Dilworth, B.C.; Day, E.J., 1977:
Response of broilers to diets containing bambermycins roxarsone and zoalene

Ukrainetz H.; Campbell C.A.; Zentner R.P.; Monreal M., 1988:
Response of bromegrass to nitrogen phosphorus and sulfur fertilizer on a gray luvisolic soil in northwestern saskatchewan canada

Bildusas I.J.; Pfleger F.L.; Stewart E.L.; Dixon R.K., 1986:
Response of bromus inermis inoculated with glomus fasciculatum to potassium fertilization and drought stress

Dufty A.M.Jr, 1982:
Response of brown headed cowbirds molothrus ater to simulated conspecific intruders

Johnson G.D.; Sims J.L., 1986:
Response of burley tobacco to application date source and rate of potassium fertilizer

Hindawi I.J.; Rea J.A.; Griffis W.L., 1980:
Response of bush bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar contender exposed to acid mist

Mack H.J.; Varseveld G.W., 1982:
Response of bush snap beans phaseolus vulgaris to irrigation and plant density

Yang W P.; Onuma E.K.; Hui S W., 1984:
Response of c 3h 10t 1 2 fibroblasts to an external steady electric field stimulation reorientation shape change concanavalin a receptor and intramembranous particle distribution and cytoskeleton reorganization

Csizinsky A.A.; Schuster D.J., 1985:
Response of cabbage brassica oleracea cultivar market prize to insecticide schedule plant spacing and fertilizer rates

Morais, F.I.D.O.; Pereira, G.C., 1986:
Response of cacao to fertilizers and soil amendments in the amazon basin of brazil i. growth and initial production

Swarup K.; Srivastav A.K.; Tewari N.P., 1979:
Response of calcitonin cells parathyroid and serum electrolytes during glucagon induced hypo calcemia in the mongoose herpestes edwardsi

Singh S.N.; Yunus M.; Srivastava K.; Kulshreshtha K.; Ahmad K.J., 1985:
Response of calendula officinalis to long term fumigation with sulfur dioxide

Hoarrison H.F.Jr; Bhatt P.; Fassuliotis G., 1983:
Response of calli and seedlings of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars to metribuzin

Bowman, D.M.J.S.; Wilson, B.A.; Davis, G.W., 1988:
Response of callitris intratropica r. t. baker and h. g. smith to fire protection murgenella northern australia

Wilkie, B.N.; Markham, R.J.; Shewen, P.E., 1980:
Response of calves to lung challenge exposure with Pasteurella haemolytica after parenteral or pulmonary immunization

Boerboom C.M.; Wyse D.L., 1988:
Response of canada thistle cirsium arvense and birdsfoot trefoil lotus corniculatus to bentazon

Spanier, A.M.; Dickens, B.F.; Weglicki, W.B., 1985:
Response of canine cardiocyte lysosomes to ATP

Walter H.; Gausman H.W.; Escobar D.E.; Rodriguez R.R.; Rittig F.R., 1982:
Response of cantaloupe cucumis melo var cantalupensis and cotton gossypium hirsutum plants to the anti transpirant farnesol

Schneider D.C.; Methven D.A., 1988:
Response of capelin to wind induced thermal events in the southern labrador current

Blizard R.A.; Perry G.C., 1979:
Response of captive male red foxes vulpes vulpes to some conspecific odors

Ceulemans R.; Impens I.; Moermans R., 1980:
Response of carbon di oxide exchange rate to photosynthetic photon flux density for several populus clones under laboratory conditions

Dikshith T.S.S.; Raizada R.B., 1983:
Response of carbon tetra chloride pre treated rats to endosulfan carbaryl and phosphamidon

Dikshith T.S.S.; Datta K.K.; Raizada R.B., 1980:
Response of carbon tetra chloride treated male rats to bhc and quinalphos

Bol'shakova, G.B., 1977:
Response of cardio myocytes in the right heart side to trauma of the left side

Arora, J.S.; Saini, S.S., 1976:
Response of carnation dianthus caryophyllus to various levels of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilization

Okoli P.S.O.; Wilson G.F., 1986:
Response of cassava manihot esculenta to shade under field conditions

Howeler R.H.; Cadavid L.F.; Burckhardt E., 1982:
Response of cassava manihot esculenta to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation and phosphorus application in greenhouse and field experiments

Manrique L.A., 1987:
Response of cassava to liming on a strongly acid ultisol of panama

Dem'yanenko V.S., 1981:
Response of cat anterior suprasylvian gyrus neurons to electrical stimulation of the vestibular apparatus

Looft, F.J., 1986:
Response of cat cutaneous mechanoreceptors to punctate and grating stimuli

Quintero, D.R.; Lora, S.R., 1977:
Response of cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis to nitrogen phosphorus and cattle manure and their residual effects

Cameron, P.M.; Wood, D.D., 1978:
Response of cba n mice to human bone marrow derived cell activating factor/

Sheikh M.I.; Bangash S.H.; Abbas S.H., 1984:
Response of cedrus deodara to nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilizers at azad kashmir valley

Mahajan, V.P.; Randhawa, G.S.; Bains, D.S., 1974:
Response of celery to graded doses of nitrogen and farm yard manure

Sakharova, S.A.; Ryzhov, A.I.; Udintsev, N.A., 1977:
Response of central and peripheral mediator links of the sympatho adrenal system to the single action of an alternating magnetic field

Roikhel' V.M.; Mats V.N.; Fokina G.I.; Pogodina V.V., 1987:
Response of central nervous system neurons to the infection of mice with the scrapie agent in the preclinical pathogenetic period of experimental infection

Hwang J.C.; O.T.H.; Cheung Y.M., 1980:
Response of central vestibular neurons to utricular stimulation in cats

Lee, L.T., 1984:
Response of cerebellum to stimulation of telencephalon in the catfish (Ictalurus nebulosus)

Kontos, H.A.; Wei, E.P.; Navari, R.M.; Levasseur, J.E.; Rosenblum, W.I.; Patterson, J.L.Jr, 1978:
Response of cerebral arteries and arterioles to acute hypotension and hypertension

Tamaki, K.; Heistad, D.D., 1986:
Response of cerebral arteries to sympathetic stimulation during acute hypertension

Rosenberg A.A.; Jones M.D.Jr; Traystman R.J.; Simmons M.A.; Molteni R.A., 1982:
Response of cerebral blood flow to changes in carbon di oxide tension in fetal new born and adult sheep

Prough, D.S.; Stump, D.A.; Roy, R.C.; Gravlee, G.P.; Williams, T.; Mills, S.A.; Hinshelwood, L.; Howard, G., 1986:
Response of cerebral blood flow to changes in carbon dioxide tension during hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass

Martins, A.N.; Doyle, T.F.; Wright, S.J.; Bass, B.G., 1980:
Response of cerebral circulation to topical histamine

Gabrielyan, E.S.; Amroyan, E.A., 1976:
Response of cerebral vessels to noradrenaline during hypocapnia and inhibition of prostaglandin biosynthesis

Scott, D.B.; Cass, T.L., 1977:
Response of cerithidea californica to lowered salinities and its paleo ecological implications

Hasan A., 1983:
Response of certain varieties of bottlegourd lagenaria leucantha to infection of root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

White T.R.; Weaver J.S.IIi; Agee H.R., 1983:
Response of cerura borealis lepidoptera notodontidae larvae to low frequency sound

Bhattacharya T.; Ray A.K.; Bhattacharya S., 1985:
Response of channa punctatus under short term and long term exposure to industrial pollutants induction of histopathology in the kidney

Pratesi G.; Manzotti C.; Damia G.; D'incalci M., 1988:
Response of chemically induced primary colon tumors of the mouse to flavone acetic acid nsc 347 512

Singh G.; Bajpai M.R., 1982:
Response of chick pea cicer arietinum to phosphorus and foliar application of zinc and sulfuric acid

Menko A.S.; Croop J.; Toyama Y.; Holtzer H.; Boettiger D., 1982:
Response of chicken embryo dermal fibroblasts to cytochalasin b is altered by rous sarcoma virus induced cell transformation

Sharma, R.N.; Gopalkrishna, S.; Mohanty, G.C.; Rajya, B.S., 1976:
Response of chicken embryo to mareks disease virus

Beech, D.F.; Leach, G.J., 1988:
Response of chickpea accessions to row spacing and plant density on a vertisol on the darling downs south eastern queensland australia 1. dry matter production and seed yield

Leach, G.J.; Beech, D.F., 1988:
Response of chickpea accessions to row spacing and plant density on a vertisol on the darling downs south eastern queensland australia 2. radiation interception and water use

Katageri S.R.; Sheelavantar M.N., 1985:
Response of chickpea cicer arietinum to different irrigation schedules and naphthalene acetic acid

Singh K.; Gupta V.K., 1986:
Response of chickpea cicer arietinum to zinc fertilization and its critical level in soils of semi arid tropics

Sivakumar M.V.K.; Singh P., 1987:
Response of chickpea cultivars to water stress in a semi arid environment

Holleman, K.A.; Barnett, B.D.; Wicker, G.W., 1976:
Response of chicks and turkey poults to Aroclor 1242

Damron B.L.; Johnson W.L., 1986:
Response of chicks to two drinking water sodium levels supplied from three different salts

Ahlstrand G.M., 1982:
Response of chihuahuan desert usa mountain shrub vegetation to burning

Feeley J.C.; Curlin G.T.; Aziz K.M.A.; Wiggins G.L.; Albritton W.L., 1979:
Response of children in bangladesh to adult type tetanus diphtheria toxoid administered during a field trial of cholera toxoid

Painter R.B., 1980:
Response of chinese hamster ovary cells to dna damage after a conditioning exposure to uv light

Agrawal, M.; Kumar, H.D., 1975:
Response of chlorella to mercury pollution

Rai L.C.; Khatoniar N., 1980:
Response of chlorella vulgaris to mercury pollution

Salman N.A.; Eddy F.B., 1987:
Response of chloride cell numbers and gill sodium potassium atpase activity of freshwater rainbow trout salmo gairdneri richardson to salt feeding

Ashton, I.K.; Francis, M.J.O., 1978:
Response of chondrocytes isolated from human fetal cartilage to plasma somatomedin activity

Hester J.P.; Waddell C.C.; Coltman C.A.Jr; Morrison F.S.; Stephens R.L.; Balcerzak S.P.; Baker L.H.; Chen T.T., 1984:
Response of chronic myelogenous leukemia patients to cytoxan vincristine cytosine arabinoside prednisone splenectomy a southwest oncology group study

Orenberg, E.K.; Deneau, D.G.; Farber, E.M., 1980:
Response of chronic psoriatic plaques to localized heating induced by ultrasound

Thurston H.; Bing R.F.; Marks E.S.; Swales J.D., 1980:
Response of chronic reno vascular hypertension to surgical correction or prolonged blockade of the renin angiotensin system by 2 inhibitors in the rat

Johnston J.W.Jr; Heagle A.S., 1982:
Response of chronically ozonated soybean glycine max cultivar dare plants to an acute ozone exposure

Dean G.J.; Satasook C., 1983:
Response of chrysoperla carnea neuroptera chrysopidae to some potential attractants

Lamarre M., 1983:
Response of cigar tobacco nicotiana tabacum to different cropping methods

Petraglia F.; Barletta C.; Facchinetti F.; Spinazzola F.; Monzani A.; Scavo D.; Genazzani A.R., 1988:
Response of circulating acth beta endorphin beta lipotropin and cortisol to athletic competition

Lucey M.R.; Fairclough P.D.; Wass J.A.H.; Kwasowski P.; Medbak S.; Webb J.; Rees L.H., 1984:
Response of circulating somatostatin insulin gastrin and gastric inhibitory polypeptide to intraduodenal infusion of nutrients in normal man

Sokolov V.I.; Yarullin Kh; Vikharev N.D.; Sazonova M.V.; Degterenkova N.V., 1987:
Response of circulation to antiorthostatic hypokinesia in 45 52 year old men

Ferguson J.J.; Menge J.A., 1986:
Response of citrus seedlings to various field inoculation methods with glomus deserticola in fumigated nursery soils

Manjunath A.; Mohan R.; Bagyaraj D.J., 1983:
Response of citrus to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation in unsterile soils

Chatterjee, S.; Bhattacharya, S., 1985:
Response of climbing perch anabas testudineus to industrial pollutants head kidney peroxidase ec iodide peroxidase and blood thyroxine profiles

Lazar, R.; Breinig, M.K.; Armstrong, J.A.; Ho, M., 1980:
Response of cloned progeny of clinical isolates of herpes simplex virus to human leukocyte interferon

Chan Tik Kan'; Afanas'ev G.G.; Pelevina I.I., 1979:
Response of clonogenic cells of mouse nkly ll solid tumor to n methyl n nitroso urea

Mahony D.E., 1982:
Response of clostridium perfringens and its l form to bacteriocins of clostridium perfringens

Wani A.G.; Patil B.B., 1982:
Response of cluster bean cyamopsis tetragonoloba varieties to phosphate fertilization and bacterial inoculation

Kudrow L., 1981:
Response of cluster head ache attacks to oxygen inhalation

Raut M.S.; Ali M., 1983:
Response of clusterbean cyamopsis tetragonoloba to phosphate application and rhizobial inoculation under dryland conditions

Kissel D.E.; Burnett E., 1979:
Response of coastal bermuda grass cynodon dactylon to tillage and fertilizers on an eroded grayland soil

Moore, T.J.; Cashin, J.L.Jr, 1976:
Response of cochlear nucleus neurons to synthetic speech

Chaves J.C.D.; Pavan M.A.; Igue K., 1984:
Response of coffee coffea arabica to lime

Duclaux, R.; Schäfer, K.; Hensel, H., 1980:
Response of cold receptors to low skin temperatures in nose of the cat

Kaplan, J.; Smaldone, G.C.; Menkes, H.A.; Swift, D.L.; Traystman, R.J., 1981:
Response of collateral channels to histamine: lack of vagal effect

Poinsot-Balaguer, N., 1976:
Response of collembolan communities to chronic gamma irradiation of a mediterranean forest

T.J.C.; Jarvis W.R., 1979:
Response of colletotrichum lindemuthianum to benomyl

Maloney, J.M.; Wallis, R.C., 1976:
Response of colonized culiseta melanura to photoperiod and temperature

Gayral F.; Edouard D.; Bedossa P.; Dinh A.; Paoli D.; Larrieu H., 1987:
Response of colorectal metastatic cancer to hepatic intra arterial chemotherapy histopathologic evaluation in three cases of secondary hepatic resection

Mayeux H.S.Jr; Hamilton W.T., 1983:
Response of common goldenweed isocoma coronopifolia and buffel grass cenchrus ciliaris to fire and soil applied herbicides

Duchelle S.F.; Skelly J.M., 1981:
Response of common milkweed asclepias syriaca to oxidant air pollution in the shenandoah national park in virginia usa

Cauley, L.K.; Murphy, J.W., 1979:
Response of congenitally athymic (nude) and phenotypically normal mice to Cryptococcus neoformans infection

Unger P.W.; Steiner J.L.; Jones O.R., 1986:
Response of conservation tillage sorghum sorghum bicolor to growing season precipitation

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Response of container grown cultivar hicks yew taxus media to pre plant chilling and post plant night lighting

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Response of container grown photinia photinia fraseri to moisture stress

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Response of container grown plants to 6 consumer growing media

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Response of container grown rabbiteye blueberry vaccinium ashei plants to irrigation water quality and soil type

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Response of coprosma robusta to different forms of endo mycorrhizal inoculum

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Response of cordia megalantha blake seedlings to gap environments in tropical rain forest

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Response of corn hybrid ica h 302 to defoliation

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Response of corn seedlings to simulated southern corn rootworm coleoptera chrysomelidae feeding damage

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Response of corn to low rate foliar sprays of dinoseb

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Response of corn to micro nutrients zinc and copper on a saline soil part 1 growth and ionic relationships

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Response of corn to nitrogen 15 labeled anhydrous ammonia with and without nitrapyrin in iowa usa

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Response of corn to zinc applied with banded acid type fertilizers and ammonium polyphosphate

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Response of corn to zinc in ortho phosphate and pyro phosphate fertilizers as affected by soil temperature and moisture

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Response of corn to zinc source and rate of zinc band applied with either ortho phosphate or poly phosphate

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Response of corn zea mays and inoculated legumes to urea lime phosphorus and sulfur on guadalupe clay

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Response of corn zea mays and soybeans glycine max to simulated saline aerosol drift from brackish water cooling towers

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Response of corn zea mays and soybeans glycine max to soil vs. foliar applied salts of cooling tower origin

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Response of corn zea mays seedlings to high concentrations of ammonium phosphates

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Response of corn zea mays to nitrogen in preplant and sidedress applications of liquid dairy cattle manure

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Response of corn zea mays to tillage and delayed irrigation

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Response of coronary circulation in a healthy human to the stimulation of the heart with isoproterenol and physical load

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Response of cortical and pial arteries to changes of arterial carbon di oxide tension in rats a morphometric study

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Response of cortical taste cells and chorda tympani fibers to anodal direct current stimulation of the tongue in rats

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Response of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar deltapine 16 to dicamba

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Response of cotton gossypium hirsutum to mepiquat chloride with varying nitrogen rates and plant populations

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Response of cotton hard seeds to accelerated aging

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Response of cotton plant and soil microflora to foliar application with nutrin

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Response of cotton to combined spray of hormones and nitrogen phosphorus potassium

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Response of cowpea genotypes to zinc in relation to photosynthesis nodulation and dry matter distribution

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Response of cowpea vigna sinensis to herbicide polluted water

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Response of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar los banos bush sitao no. 1 to nitrogen and inoculation in trinidad west indies

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Response of cowpea vigna unguiculata to carbon dioxide enrichment environment on growth dry matter production and yield components at different stages of vegetative and reproductive growth

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Response of cowpea vigna unguiculata to moisture stress and seed pretreatment

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Response of cowpea vigna unguiculata to phosphorus potash and row spacing under rainfed conditions

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Response of cowpea vigna unguiculata to phosphorus sources of different citrate solubility in sierra leone

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Response of cowpea vigna unguiculata to spacing in the savanna and rain forest zones of nigeria

Odulaja A.; Kayode G.O., 1987:
Response of cowpea vigna unguiculata to spacing in the savanna and rainforest zones of nigeria response surface analysis

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Response of cows to a reduction in dietary crude protein from 17 percent to 13 percent during early lactation

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Response of cows to dietary crude protein during mid lactation

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Response of crested wheatgrass agropyron cristatum l. perennial ryegrass lolium perenne and white clover trifolium repens l. to inoculation with bacillus polymyxa

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Response of crocidura russula to conspecifics scent tracks insectivora soricidae

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Response of crop plants to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal glomus fasciculatus inoculation in an unsterile indian soil

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Response of crop plants to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation in five unsterile soils of karnataka india

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Response of crop trees of sugar maple acer saccharum white ash fraxinus americana and black cherry prunus serotina to release and fertilization

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Response of crops to sorghum sorghum vulgare residues

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Response of cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar poinsett to annual weeds and herbicides

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Response of cucumber cucumis sativus cultivars and other cucurbitaceous species to infection by hop stunt viroid

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Response of culex spp larvae and their natural insect predators to 2 inoculation rates with dugesia dorotocephala in shallow ponds

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Response of cultivar concord grapes vitis labrusca to 2 4 d in irrigation water

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Response of cultivar delicious apple malus domestica trees in the greenhouse to rates and forms of nitrogen and phosphorus in a low phosphorus soil

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Response of cultivar golden delicious apple trees to treatment with growth regulators

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Response of cultivar golden delicious apples to low oxygen storage ethylene removal and to short term high carbon dioxide treatment before storage in 5 percent carbon dioxide plus 3 percent oxygen

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Response of cultivar inga rice to application of nitrogen fertilizer at varying growth stages

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Response of cultivar jro 632 tossa jute to different levels of nitrogen and spacings

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Response of cultivar kalyan sona wheat triticum aestivum to phosphorus availability in the rhizosphere under the influence of calcium carbonate and edta

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Response of cultivar mcfarlin cranberry vaccinium macrocarpon to nitrogen sprays

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Response of cultivar perola pineapple ananas comosus to five planting dates

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Response of cultivar siratro to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi ii. efficacy of selected vesicular arbuscular fungi at different phosphorus levels

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Response of deep nephrons and the terminal collecting duct to a reduction in renal mass

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Response of deer odocoileus hemionus sitkensis to secondary forest succession in southeast alaska usa

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Response of delayed potassium ion channels to the time dependent clamping functions in squid giant axon part 2 descending ramps hyperbolae and exponentials

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Response of depressive symptoms to nortriptyline, phenelzine and placebo

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Response of determinate and indeterminate tropical soybean glycine max cultivars to water stress

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Response of developing branched bacteria to adverse environments 1. membrane transfer techniques for assessment and scanning electron microscopy visualization of drug activity against nocardia asteroides

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Response of developing branched bacteria to adverse environments 2. micro morphological effects of lysozyme on some aerobic actinomycetes

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Response of digital blood pressure to cold provocation in cases with raynauds phenomena

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Response of diplachne fusca kallar grass to nitrogen phosphorus and magnesium on a saline sodic soil

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Response of dipterocarp seedling to various light conditions under forest canopies

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Response of dogs to gamma neutron irradiation and x irradiation of the upper abdomen 1. comparative characteristics of functional activity of stomach after x irradiation and gamma neutron irradiation of dog upper abdomen

Kostesha, N.Ya, 1980:
Response of dogs to gamma neutron irradiation and x irradiation of the upper abdomen 2. effect of pharmacological blockade of autonomic nervous system function on manifestations of radiation sickness symptoms

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Response of dogs to gamma neutron irradiation and x irradiation of the upper abdomen 3. gastric secretion with the autonomic nervous system being switched off

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Response of douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii var menziesii seedlings to phosphorus fertilization and influence of temperature on this response

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Response of douglas fir seedlings to nitrate and ammonium nitrogen sources at different levels of ph and iron supply

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Response of droughted wheat to mid season water application recovery in leaf area and its effect on grain yield

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Response of dwarf barley to levels of irrigation and nitrogen in light textured soils of rajasthan india

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Response of dwarf wheat triticum aestivum and 4 weed species to herbicides

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Response of early and late maturing laying hybrids to different treatments during the rearing period

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Response of early and late planted soybeans glycine max to natural infection by bean pod mottle virus

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Response of eastern black walnut and northern california black walnut seedlings to waterlogging

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Response of eastern larch beetle coleoptera scolytidae in alaska usa to its natural attractant and to douglas fir beetle pheromones

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Response of ecklonia radiata laminariales to light at 15 celsius with reference to the field light budget at goat island bay new zealand

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Response of ectomycorrhizal pinus banksiana and picea glauca to heavy metals in soil

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Response of ectomycorrhizal quercus rubra to soil cadmium nickel and lead

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Response of egg production and shell quality to increases in environmental temperature in 2 age groups of hens

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Response of egyptian cotton plants to mepiquat chloride with varying concentrations and time of application

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Response of eight sugarcane saccharum cultivars to glyphosine and glyphosate ripeners

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Response of elevator activity during mastication to treatment of functional disorders

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Response of emotionally disturbed children to auditory discrimination tests in quiet and in noise

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Response of emt 6 multi cellular tumor spheroids to hyper thermia and cyto toxic drugs

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Response of endometrioid ovarian carcinoma in nude mice to the combination of vincristine sulfate and cyclo phosphamide

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Response of energy and suicidal ideation to electroconvulsive treatment

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Response of enlarged alveolar vessels to acute hypoxia

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Response of enzymatic feedback system to oscillatory input

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Response of enzymes involved in the metabolism of poly amines to phyto hem agglutinin induced activation of human lymphocytes

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Response of ependyma of the rat 3rd ventricle to operative loss of cerebrospinal fluid a transmission electron microscopical study

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Response of epidermal conductance to irradiance as affected by changes in carbon di oxide concentration leaf water potential or age mathematical approximation

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Response of epilachna varivestis to colored surfaces laboratory experiments

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Response of epiphytic bacteria to the treatment of 2 aquatic macrophytes with the herbicide paraquat

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Response of epithelial cells of the choroid plexus in the ferret model for Reye's syndrome

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Response of equisetum arvense plants to mechanical injury and its significance

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Response of ergot of rye to paired row sowing pattern and seed rates

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Response of eriophorum vaginatum to elevated carbon dioxide and temperature in the alaskan tussock tundra

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Response of erythroid day 3 burst forming units to endo toxin and erythropoietin

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Response of Escherichia coli to ornithyl peptides

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Response of established siratro macroptilium atropurpureum cultivar siratro pastures in southeast queensland australia to phosphorus fertilizer

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Response of esthesio neuro blastoma to chemo therapy 5 cases and review of the literature

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Response of eucalyptus forest and woodland to four fire regimes at munmarlary northern territory australia

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Response of eucalyptus occidentalis to water stress induced by sodium chloride

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Response of eucalyptus sideroxylon to release from competition in an irregular stand

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Response of eucalyptus sp to field infection by puccinia psidii

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Response of eurasian water milfoil to sub freezing temperature

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Response of ewes to a single injection of a analog of prostaglandin f 2 alpha given at different stages of the estrous cycle

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Response of ewings sarcoma to sequential cyclo phosphamide and adriamycin induction therapy

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Response of exfoliation glaucoma to laser trabeculoplasty

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Response of exposed pulp to composite resin in germ free rat molars

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Response of external respiration to hypercapnia in alert dogs

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Response of extrapancreatic glucagon to gastrointestinal hormones in pancreatectomized dogs

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Response of faba bean to rhizobial inoculation and fertilization with micronutrients in sandy soil

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Response of fertilizer combinations on the incidence of spodoptera litura yield attributes and losses in soybean glycine max

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Response of festuca rubra seedlings to ethephon

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Response of field bean vicia faba and associated weeds to some new herbicides used alone and in combinations

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Response of field beans vicia faba l. cultivar maris bead to time of sowing plant population nitrogen and irrigation

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Response of field grown bean cultivars to atmospheric oxidant in new jersey

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Response of filefish navodon modestus colored lights/

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Response of fish to low frequency sound

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Response of flue cured tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar speight g 28 to application of nematocides

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Response of flue cured tobacco to foliar and soil applications of manganese

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Response of fodder sorghum genotypes to different seed rates and fertility levels

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Response of forage sorghum sorghum bicolor to soil and applied nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in a mollisol of uttar pradesh india

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Response of fore limb guard hair afferent units to air jet stimulation of the entire receptive field

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Response of forest tree seedlings terminalia ivorensis to varying levels of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers

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Response of four woody ornamental species to superphosphate and controlled release fertilizers

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Response of free and esterified plasma cholesterol levels in the mongolian gerbil meriones unguiculatus to the fatty acid composition of dietary lipid

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Response of freesia hybrida cultivar moya corms to exogenous growth regulator applications

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Response of french bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar burpee stringless to planting time in relation to plant density

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Response of fresh market tomatoes to nitrogen fertilizer and plastic mulch in a short growing season

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Response of fresh water macro invertebrates to addition of terrestrial plant litter

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Response of freshly isolated strains of Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus mitior to change in pH in the presence and absence of fluoride during growth in continuous culture

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Response of frog cerebellar neurons to caloric vestibular stimuli of different intensities

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Response of fruit trees in michigan usa to trickle irrigation

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Response of fsh prolactin and human chorionic gonadotropin to continuous lhrh infusion in pregnant women

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Response of garlic to day length

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Response of gas exchange in leaves in darkness to high temperatures

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Response of gasterosteus aculeatus gill epithelium chloride cells to changes in ph and salinity in the environment

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Response of gastric inhibitory poly peptide to oral administration of nutrients in normal and pancreatectomized dogs

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Response of gastric secretory cells to the administration of peptides into the hypothalamus caudate nucleus and amygdala

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Response of generalized granuloma annulare to alkylating agents

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Response of genioglossus muscle activity to nasal airway occlusion in normal sleeping adults

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Response of german cockroach blattella germanica orthoptera blattellidae populations to a frequency sweeping ultrasound emitting device

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Response of german cockroaches blattella germanica to a dispersant emitted by adult females

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Response of german cockroaches blattella germanica to aggregation pheromone emitted by adult females

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Response of gestating gilts and starter grower finisher swine to biotin pyridoxine folacin and thiamin additions to corn soybean meal diets

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Response of glycine max to simulated acid rain 1. environmental and morphological influences on the foliar leaching of rubidium 86

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Response of glycine max to simulated acid rain 2. localization of foliar injury and growth response

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Response of gnotobiotic pigs to Escherichia coli

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Response of goat granulosa cell cultures to prolactin combined with luteinizing hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin

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Response of grain filling to ripening conditions in waxy glutinous and nonwaxy isogenic lines and their f 1 hybrid of rice

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Response of gram cicer arietinum varieties to varying rates of seeding and phosphorus application

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Response of gram pea and lentil to phosphorus under irrigated conditions in sequence of kharif paddy

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Response of gram to irrigation and phosphorus

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Response of granulocyte committed progenitors from patients with chronic myeloid leukemia to humoral regulator release by macrophages in agar diffusion chamber culture

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Response of granulosa cell gap junctions to human chorionic gonadotropin at ovulation

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Response of grapes to water deficit stress in particular stages of development

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Response of grapevines vitis vinifera cultivar shiraz to fluoride under field conditions

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Response of grass stands of varying botanical composition on fertilization and irrigation

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Response of grass swards to fertilizer nitrogen under cutting or grazing

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Response of grassland to the application of sulfur at 2 sites in northeast scotland uk

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Response of gray rock cod sebastes inermis to colored lights

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Response of great horned owls bubo virginianus given the optical isomers of ketamine

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Response of green gram vigna radiata to phosphorus application in the arid zone

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Response of green gram vigna radiata to rhizobial inoculation in relation to fertilizer nitrogen

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Response of green gram vigna radiata to sulfur on calcareous soils

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Response of greenbug susceptible and resistant hybrids of grain sorghum sorghum bicolor to atrazine and propachlor

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Response of greenhouse populations of tetranychus urticae to acaricides of slow lethal or repellent effect

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Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea cultivar junagadh 11 to different levels and sources of phosphorus under rainfed conditions in medium black soils of saurashtra india

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Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea cultivar sb xi to fertilizers nitrogen and phosphate and economics of fertilization

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Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea l. varieties to plant density under semi arid rainfed conditions

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Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea to application of farmyard manure nitrogen and phosphorus on light sandy loam savanna soil of northern nigeria

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Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea to combined inoculation with glomus mosseae and rhizobium sp

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Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea to varying levels of irrigation phosphorus and anti transpirant in summer

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Response of groundnut arachis hypogaea varieties to phosphorus fertilization

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Response of groundnut cultivar tmv 2 to rhizobial inoculation

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Response of groundnut to foliar application of urea at the pegging stage

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Response of growing bulls to diets containing untreated or urea treated rice straw with rice bran supplementation

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Response of growing leghorn pullets to long or increasing photoperiods

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Response of growing swine to dietary clinoptilolite from 2 geographic sources

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Response of growth and yield of semi dwarf wheat to phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers

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Response of growth and yield of short straw wheat triticum aestivum to salinized water and cycocel

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Response of growth and yield of tall straw wheat triticum aestivum to salinized water irrigation and cycocel 2 chloroethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride

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Response of growth hormone to acute infusion of growth hormone releasing factor 1 29 in patients with acromegaly comparison of baseline levels of growth hormone with levels obtained with somatostatin of prolonged action

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Response of growth hormone to trh during fetal life

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Response of growth selected japanese quail lines to tannin levels in grain sorghum diets and suboptimal protein

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Response of growth to soil moisture a laboratory and field investigation of riccia discolor

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Response of gtp concentration to nutritional changes and its significance for bacillus subtilis sporulation

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Response of guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) to dietary supplementation of zinc bacitracin

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Response of guinea pig respiratory tract to inhalation of submicron zinc oxide particles generated in the presence of sulfur di oxide and water vapor

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Response of guinea pigs to vaccination with parainfluenza 3

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Response of ha ploid and di ploid protoplasts from datura inoxia and petunia hybrida to treatment with x rays and a chemical mutagen

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Response of Haemonchus contortus cayugensis to a change in the ratio of smooth to linguiform

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Response of hail damaged corn zea mays to applications of nutrients through simulated fertigation

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Response of haley pond maine to changes in effluent loading

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Response of hamster circadian system to transitions between light and darkness

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Response of harvested avocado fruits to supply of iaa gibberellic acid and abscisic acid

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Response of hawkweed hieracium floribundum patches to nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilizer in an abandoned pasture

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Response of HeLa cells to selected pesticides and hallucinogens

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Response of hematopoietic cell lines derived from patients with Down's syndrome and from normal individuals to mitomycin C and caffeine

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Response of hemp broomrape orobanche ramosa infestation to some nitrogenous compounds

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Response of hepatic hematopoiesis to whole body irradiation

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Response of hepatic ornithine decarboxylase ec and polyamine concentration to surgical stress in the rat evidence for a permissive effect of catecholamines on glucocorticoid action

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Response of herb layer cover to experimental canopy gaps

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Response of herbaceous vegetation in east central texas usa to herbicides

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Response of high producing dairy cows in early lactation to the feeding of heat treated whole soybeans

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Response of high yielding varieties of paddy to nitrogen and phosphorus levels

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Response of high yielding wheat varieties to rates and methods of potassium application

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Response of highbush blueberry vaccinium corymbosum axillary leaf bud apices to growth regulators and its seasonal changes

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Response of higher plant cells in vitro to variations in the force of gravity

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Response of highly permeable plant cells to 3 anti freezing substances glycerin ethylene glycol and di methyl sulfoxide campanula d allium m

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Response of hirschmanniella oryzae juveniles towards cabbage brassica oleracea seedlings

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Response of honey bees apis mellifera to high voltage transmission lines

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Response of honey mesquite prosopis glandulosa and understory vegetation to herbicides

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Response of honey vine milkweed ampelamus albidus to herbicide applications

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Response of honeylocust gleditsia triacanthos inermis cultivars to air pollution stress in an urban environment

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Response of hordeum distichon cultivar igri 2 row and hordeum hexastichon cultivar plaisant 6 row winter barley to foliar applications of chlormequat

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Response of horse bean cultivars to phosphorus and potassium fertilization with differentiated plant density

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Response of horses to sweet, salty, sour and bitter solutions

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Response of human and rat small intestinal mucosa to oral administration of Saccharomyces boulardii

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Response of human b cells to staphylococcus aureus cowan i t independent proliferation and t dependent differentiation to immunoglobulin secretion involve subsets separable by rosetting with mouse erythrocytes

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Response of human chorionic gonadotropin to lhrh stimulation in the culture media of normal human placenta choriocarcinoma cell lines and in the serum of patients with gestational trophoblastic disease

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Response of human corneal endothelial cells to increased intra ocular pressure a specular microscopic study

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Response of human growth hormone, prolactin and thyrotropin to thyrotropin releasing hormone in liver cirrhosis and diabetes mellitus

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Response of human jejunal mast cells to degranulatory procedures

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Response of human leukocytes to yellow fever virus infection in in vitro

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Response of human lymphocyte chromosomes to single and split dose gamma radiation delivered at different stages of the mitotic cycle

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Response of human lymphocytes to measles virus after natural infection

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Response of human lymphocytes to phyto hem agglutinin and concanavalin a dependent on and regulated by thymus humoral factor a thymic hormone

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Response of human lymphocytes to phyto hem agglutinin and tumor associated antigens as detected by fluorescence polarization

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Response of human malignant melanoma xeno grafts to hyper thermia effect of vascular occlusion

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Response of human neuroblastoma and melanoma multicellular tumor spheroids to single dose irradiation

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Response of human neutrophils to complement c 5a a role for the oligo saccharide moiety 74 glyco peptide residue of human complement c 5a but not complement c 5a in biologic activity

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Response of human platelets exposed to arachidonate upon stimulation with other agonists possible role of ionized calcium movement

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Response of human skin to uv radiation dissociation of erythema and metabolic changes following sunscreen protection

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Response of human t lymphocytes to phytohemagglutinin after sequential depletion of monocytes hla dr positive leu 11a positive and leu 7 positive cells

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Response of human tumor xenografts to fractionated x irradiation

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Response of human tumors in vitro to cb 1954 5 aziridinyl 2 4 dinitro benzamide

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Response of human uterine arteries to local anesthetics

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Response of hybrid and open pollinated maize cultivars to nitrogen fertilizer in southern brazil

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Response of hybrid bajra hb 3 pennisetum americanum to nitrogen and phosphorus pent oxide under dryland conditions

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Response of hybrid napier variety nb 21 grass to different spacing and fertility levels under rainfed conditions at hebbal bangalore india

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Response of hybrid poplar to simultaneous exposure to ozone and per oxy acetyl nitrate

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Response of hybrid poplar to the application of major fertilizer nutrients at changa manga pakistan

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Response of hybridized wheat m seeds to x irradiation

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Response of hydrilla verticillata to selected dyes

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Response of hyper eosinophilic syndrome to 6 thio guanine and cytarabine

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Response of hypertensive adolescents to dynamic and isometric exercise stress

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Response of hypertensive rats to acute and chronic conditions of static exercise

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Response of hypertrophic heart myocardial glycogen to glucose insulin potassium and hypovolemic shock

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Response of iahi brassica campestris var toria to simultaneous variations in soil fertility and fertilizer doses in mollisols of uttar pradesh india

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Response of identified edible snail neurons to the action of metabolic regulators under various conditions of oxygen supply

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Response of idiopathic nephrotic syndrome to immuno suppressants

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Response of ilex crenata cultivar helleri to super phosphate incorporated pine bark

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Response of ilex crenata cultivar helleri to timed fertilizer applications

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Response of ilex cultivars to media and ph on the incidence of black root rot caused by thielaviopsis basicola

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Response of immature mature nonbreeding and mature breeding ferret testis to exogenous luteinizing hormone stimulation

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Response of immature testis to exogenous gonadotropins in young rana nigromaculata

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Response of immunized parenterally nourished rats to challenge infection with the nematode trichinella spiralis

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Response of inbred and f 1 hybrid embryos of mesta hibiscus cannabinus l. to x irradiation

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Response of inbred mice to aerosol challenge with Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Response of indeterminate and determinate soybean cultivars to defoliation and half plant cut off

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Response of indian mustard brassica juncea ssp juncea to levels of irrigation and fertility in light textured soils of rajasthan india

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Response of indian mustard genotypes to different sowing dates

Marwaha K.K.; Siddiqui K.H.; Sarup P., 1986:
Response of indigenous maize germplasms to heavy natural infestation of shoot fly species atherigona soccata rondani and atherigona naqvii steyskal in spring season

Dery, C.V.; Herrmann, C.H.; Mathews, M.B., 1987:
Response of individual adenovirus promoters to the products of the E1A gene

Przykorska Zelawska T., 1980:
Response of individual scotch pine pinus sylvestris seedlings to nutrition and watering as a measure of genotype environment interaction

Frezieres, R.G.; Coulson, A.H.; Katz, R.M.; Detels, R.; Siegel, S.C.; Rachelefsky, G.S., 1982:
Response of individuals with reactive airway disease to sulfates and other atmospheric pollutants

Ike I.F.; Thurtell G.W., 1981:
Response of indoor grown cassava manihot esculenta cultivar llanera to water deficits and recovery of leaf water potential and stomatal activity after water stress

Heenan D.P.; Lewin L.G., 1982:
Response of inga rice to nitrogen fertilizer rate and timing in new south wales australia

Kennedy G.G.; Farrar R.R.Jr, 1987:
Response of insecticide resistant and susceptible colorado potato beetles leptinotarsa decemlineata to 2 tridecanone and resistant tomato foliage the absence of cross resistance

Marumo, F.; Sakai, T.; Sato, S., 1979:
Response of insulin, glucagon and growth hormone to arginine infusion in patients with chronic renal failure

Cummins, K.A.; Sartin, J.L., 1987:
Response of insulin, glucagon, and growth hormone to intravenous glucose challenge in cows fed high fat diets

Madsen, K.M.; Tisher, C.C., 1984:
Response of intercalated cells of rat outer medullary collecting duct to chronic metabolic acidosis

Ijiri K.; Potten C.S., 1983:
Response of intestinal cells of differing topographical and hierarchical status to 10 cyto toxic drugs and 5 sources of radiation

Fu, J.C.; Moyer, D.L.; Cuevas, J.; Cummings, L.; Eaton, A.; Elshire, D., 1978:
Response of intra muscular walker 256 rat tumor to sustained release cyclo phosphamide and cytosine arabinoside capsules

Powell, F.L.; Gratz, R.K.; Scheid, P., 1978:
Response of intra pulmonary chemo receptors in the duck to changes in partial pressure of carbon di oxide and ph

Rao R.L.N.; Singh A.P.; Nigam J.M.; Chawla S.K., 1985:
Response of intraosseous venous circulation to metacarpal fracture healing in buffalo calves bubalus bubalis an osteomedullographic study

Choudhuri G.N.; Sharma B.D., 1979:
Response of intraspecific variants of a facultative halophyte to cationic treatments

Witanachchi J.P., 1986:
Response of ips grandicollis adults coleoptera scolytidae to sites in bark initiated by others of the same species

Horesh I.; Levy Y., 1981:
Response of iron deficient citrus trees to foliar iron sprays with a low surface tension surfactant

Ghobrial G.I., 1982:
Response of irrigated dry seeded rice oryza sativa to nitrogen and phosphorus in a semi arid environment

Sharma B.R., 1985:
Response of irrigated fodder oats avena sativa to nitrogen fertilization as influenced by tillage

Silva P.S.L.; Brandao S.S., 1987:
Response of irrigated rice cultivars to levels of nitrogen fertilizer

Garside A.L.; Fulton M.C., 1986:
Response of irrigated soybeans glycine max cultivar buchanan to phosphorus on an alkaline cracking clay in semi arid tropical australia

Rehm G.W., 1986:
Response of irrigated soybeans glycine max to rate and placement of fertilizer phosphorus

Mironova, A.P., 1980:
Response of isolated frog rana temporaria muscle tissue to experimental effects of hardening 1. effect of temperature

Toda N., 1981:
Response of isolated monkey macaca fuscata coronary arteries to catecholamines and to trans mural electrical stimulation

Mironova, A.P., 1982:
Response of isolated muscle tissue of different frogs to experimental hardening 2. effect of ethyl alcohol

Mckean T.A., 1984:
Response of isolated muskrat and guinea pig hearts to hypoxia

Martelli A.M.; Cocco L.; Antonucci A.; Caramelli E.; Papa S.; Manzoli F.A., 1985:
Response of isolated nuclei to phospholipid vesicles a 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis analysis of hydrogen sulfate soluble nuclear proteins after treatment with phosphatidylserine

Buckhout T.J.; Morre D.J.; Young K.A.; Low P.S., 1980:
Response of isolated plant membranes to auxins calcium release

Edwards, R.M., 1985:
Response of isolated renal arterioles to acetylcholine, dopamine, and bradykinin

Mehrotra, P.K.; Patnaik, G.K.; Kamboj, V.P.; Dhawan, B.N., 1985:
Response of isolated uterus of rat, hamster and guinea pig to different uterine stimulants

Khera K.L.; Singh B.; Sandhu B.S.; Aujla T.S., 1986:
Response of japanese mint mentha arvensis to nitrogen irrigation and straw mulching on a sandy loam soil of punjab india

Kothari S.K.; Singh V.; Singh K., 1987:
Response of japanese mint mentha arvensis to varying levels of nitrogen application in uttar pradesh india foothills

Buckmaster, G.W.; Cheeke, P.R.; Arscott, G.H.; Dickinson, E.O.; Pierson, M.L.; Shull, L.R., 1977:
Response of Japanese quail to dietary and injected pyrrolizidine (Senecio) alkaloid

Abbott I.; Loneragan O., 1983:
Response of jarrah eucalyptus marginata regrowth to thinning

Perdue, M.H.; Davison, J.S., 1986:
Response of jejunal mucosa to electrical transmural stimulation and two neurotoxins

Khosh Khut M.; Rouhant I.; Shaybany B., 1979:
Response of jerusalem cherry to growth regulators

Catlin P.B.; Olsson E.A.; Rost T.J., 1982:
Response of jojoba simmondsia chinensis seedlings to waterlogged root environments

Berger A.; Heurteaux P., 1985:
Response of juniperus phoenicea on sandy dunes in the camargue france to water and saline constraint in summer

Lemly, A.D., 1982:
Response of juvenile centrarchids to sublethal concentrations of waterborne selenium 1. uptake tissue distribution and retention

Watkins J.E.; Shearman R.C.; Houfek J.A.; Riordan T.P., 1981:
Response of kentucky blue grass poa pratensis cultivars and blends to a natural stem rust population

Nelson S.H., 1984:
Response of kentucky blue grass poa pratensis to amount and frequency of nitrogen application

Symington A.G.; Carter L.E.; Hurto K.A., 1986:
Response of kentucky bluegrass poa pratensis to chemical growth retardants

Kiniry J.R.; Musser R.L., 1988:
Response of kernel weight of sorghum to environmental early and late in grain filling

Bovey R.W.; Baur J.R.; Merkle M.G.; Bashaw E.C., 1980:
Response of klein grass panicum coloratum cultivar selection 75 and buffel grass cenchrus ciliaris cultivar nueces to herbicides

Schingoethe D.J.; Parsons J.G.; Ludens F.C.; Schaffer L.V.; Shave H.J., 1979:
Response of lactating cows to 300 milligrams of supplemental vitamin e daily

Erfle J.D.; Sauer F.S.; Mahadevan S.; Teather R.M., 1986:
Response of lactating dairy cows to formaldehyde treated soybean meal when fed with control or urea treated corn silage

Carrick H.J.; Lowe R.L., 1988:
Response of lake michigan usa benthic algae to in situ enrichment with silicon nitrogen and phosphorus

Mills E.L.; Forney J.L., 1982:
Response of lake ontario north america plankton entering the international section of the st lawrence river usa

Stevens R.J.J.; Neilson M.A., 1987:
Response of lake ontario usa canada to reductions in phosphorus load 1967 1982

Poston H.A., 1986:
Response of lake trout salvelinus namaycush and rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to dietary cellulose

Jessup, A.J., 1988:
Response of lambert and ron's seedling sweet cherries to fumigation with methyl bromide plus cold storage

Knight R.A., 1980:
Response of lambs to challenge infections after repeated inoculations with fasciola hepatica cysts

Shillito Walser E.; Walters E.; Hague P.; Williams T., 1985 :
Response of lambs to model ewes

Motavkin, P.A.; Chertok, V.M.; Bozhko, G.G., 1977:
Response of large dense core vesicles in sympathetic nerve endings to some pharmacological agents

Moran E.T.Jr; Poste L.M.; Ferket P.R.; Agar V., 1984:
Response of large tom turkeys differing in growth characteristics to divergent feeding systems performance carcass quality and sensory evaluation

Allsopp P.G.; Adams G.D.; Butler D.G., 1980:
Response of larvae of pterohelaeus darlingensis coleoptera tenebrionidae to moisture temperature and gravity

Selim, A.A.; Khalil, F.M., 1984:
Response of larvae of the tiger moth ocnogyna loewii z. to two antifeeding compounds

Kumar V.; Ogunlela V.B.; Mustafa S., 1982:
Response of late sown cotton gossypium hirsutum to levels and times of nitrogen application in nigeria

Bustany Z.A.; Elwinger K., 1987:
Response of laying hens to different dietary lysine intakes a comparison of some commercial hybrids with strains selected on a low protein diet

Schock M.R., 1980:
Response of lead solubility to dissolved carbonate in drinking water

Beckerson D.W.; Hofstra G., 1979:
Response of leaf diffusive resistance of radish raphanus sativus cucumber cucumis sativus and soybean glycine max to ozone and sulfur di oxide singly or in combination

Rao, M.G.; Gangadhara, M.; Inamdar, J.A., 1977:
Response of leaf epidermis of allium cepa to growth substances

Muchow R.C.; Sinclair T.R.; Bennett J.M.; Hammond L.C., 1986:
Response of leaf growth leaf nitrogen and stomatal conductance to water deficits during vegetative growth of field grown soybean glycine max

Kishk M.A.; Fawzi A.F.A.; Firgany A.H.; E.B.z F.K., 1983:
Response of leaf nutrient status and yield of romy red grapes to microelement nutrition in minia egypt

Zemskii V.G.; Karnaukhov T.V., 1987:
Response of leaves from various levels of bean sunflower and maize plants to dehydration

Coriat, P.; Mundler, O.; Bousseau, D.; Fauchet, M.; Rous, A.C.; Echter, E.; Viars, P., 1986:
Response of left ventricular ejection fraction to recovery from general anesthesia: measurement by gated radionuclide angiography

Purtock, R.V.; Zuperku, E.J.; Peters, S.R.; Coon, R.L.; Kampine, J.P., 1977:
Response of left ventricular mechano receptors to changes in pressure and muscle length

Slutsky R.; Karliner J.; Ricci D.; Schuler G.; Pfisterer M.; Peterson K.; Ashburn W., 1979:
Response of left ventricular volume to exercise in man assessed by radio nuclide equilibrium angiography

Nad B.K.; Goswami N.N., 1983:
Response of legume and oilseed crops to different sources of sulfur and magnesium in some alluvial soils

Rao, W.V.B.S., 1974:
Response of legumes to rhizobium inoculation

Dhingra K.K.; Gill A.S.; Tripathi H.P.; Sekhon H.S., 1983:
Response of lentil lens culinaris genotypes to dates of planting under different agro climatic conditions of punjab india

Herrera A.; Longeri L., 1985:
Response of lentil lens culinaris to inoculation with rhizobium leguminosarum

Singh B.; Marok A.S., 1981:
Response of lentil lens esculenta to phosphorus application on soils differing in available phosphorus status

Bisen C.R.; Tomar S.S.; Shivamurthy R.B.; Kashyap M.L., 1980:
Response of lentil lens esculenta to rhizobium inoculation and fertilization under different moisture regimes

Sekhon, H.S.; Kaul, J.N.; Dahiya, B.S., 1978:
Response of lentil to rhizobium inoculation and nitrogen fertilizer

Harrison H.C., 1986:
Response of lettuce lactuca sativa cultivars to sludge amended soils and bed types

Ferris, M.; Bacha, W.J., 1986:
Response of leukocytes in chickens infected with the avian schistosome Austrobilharzia variglandis (Trematoda)

Kamarad V., 1983:
Response of leydig cells to single and repeated occlusion of blood flow in the spermatic cord a quantitative morphometric study

Yamagishi, T.; Gyobu, Y.; Sakamoto, K.; Ishisaka, S.; Saito, K.; Morinaga, S.; Katsuda, S.; Umei, T.; Konishi, K., 1987:
Response of ligated rabbit ileal loop to Clostridium perfringens type C strains and their toxic filtrates

Grant I.; Beversdorf W.; Zilka J., 1983:
Response of light grown and dark grown callus of atrazine resistant and susceptible rapeseed brassica napus to varying concentrations of atrazine

Lewis A.J.; Lewis J.S., 1980 :
Response of lilium longiflorum cultivar nellie white to ancymidol bulb dips

Bhattacharjee S.K., 1983:
Response of lilium tigrinum tiger lily to soil drench application of growth regulating chemicals

Smittle D.A., 1979:
Response of lima bean phaseolus lunatus to irrigation nitrogen fertilization and seed grading

Reddy D.S.; Radder G.D., 1983:
Response of linseed linum usitatissimum varieties to varying fertility levels under irrigation

Baev, V.I.; Bulakh, E.I.; Drukina, M.A.; Zozulyakova, S.V.; Volkova, Z.A., 1977:
Response of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in rat tissues to the combined effect of hypercapnia hypoxia and cooling

Shapira, N.; Nir, I.; Budowski, P., 1978:
Response of lipogenic enzymes to over feeding in liver and adipose tissue of light and heavy breeds of chicks

Parrella M.P.; Robb K.L.; Morishita P., 1982:
Response of liriomyza trifolii diptera agromyzidae larvae to insecticides with notes about efficacy testing

Schuster D.J.; Everett P.H., 1983:
Response of liriomyza trifolii diptera agromyzidae to insecticides on tomato

Weaver K.A., 1984:
Response of lithium fluoride powder to iodine 125 photons

Liu N.H.; Gilliam J.D.; Anderson D.W., 1980:
Response of lithium fluoride thermo luminescent dosimeters to technetium 99m gamma rays

Meyer R.E.; Bovey R.W.; Bouse L.F.; Carlton J.B., 1983:
Response of live oak quercus virginiana and understory vegetation to herbicides

Yamamoto Y.; Toyoshima R.; Muramatsu K., 1979:
Response of liver tyrosine catabolizing enzymes in rats fed high tyrosine diets

Kaplan, D.I.; Burkman, W.G.; Adriano, D.C., 1988:
Response of loblolly pine pinus taeda l. seedlings to soil applied organoborates

Paine T.D.; Stephen F.M., 1987:
Response of loblolly pine to different inoculum doses of ceratocystis minor a blue stain fungus associated with dendroctonus frontalis

Mcleod K.W.; Sherrod C.Jr; Porch T.E., 1979:
Response of longleaf pine pinus palustris plantations to litter removal

Hatchell G.E.; Marx D.H., 1987:
Response of longleaf sand and loblolly pines to pisolithus ectomycorrhizae and fertilizer on a sandhills site in south carolina usa

Jensen K.I.N., 1986:
Response of lowbush blueberry vaccinium angustifolium to weed control with atrazine and hexazinone

Butorac A., 1981:
Response of lucerne medicago sativa to nitrogen molybdenum and copper fertilization

Turner, D.; Turner, E.A.; Aparicio, N.J.; Schwarzstein, L.; Coy, D.H.; Schally, A.V., 1976:
Response of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone to different doses of d leucine 6 luteinizing hormone releasing hormone ethylamide in oligo spermic patients

Prelevic G.; Vircburger M.; Popovic A.; Marinkovic Z.; Peric L., 1985:
Response of luteinizing hormone and fsh to gonadotropin releasing hormone in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome

Colenbrander B.; Macdonald A.A.; Elsaesser F.; Parvizi N.; Van D.W.el D.F.M., 1982:
Response of luteinizing hormone and fsh to lhrh in the fetal pig

Yeo T.; Grossman A.; Belchetz P.; Besser G.M., 1981:
Response of luteinizing hormone from columns of dispersed rat pituitary cells to a highly potent analog of lhrh

Schallenberger, E.; Schams, D.; Zottmeier, K., 1978:
Response of lutropin and follitropin to the administration of gonadoliberin in pregnant and post partum cattle including experiments with prolactin suppression

Gubareva A.V.; Markochev A.B.; Rakhmilevich B.M., 1982:
Response of lymph nodes affected by lympho granulomatosis to radiation exposure

Browse, N.L., 1968:
Response of lymphatics of canine hind limb to sympathetic nerve stimulation

Zohar J.; Bannet J.; Drummer D.; Fisch R.; Epstein R.P.; Belmaker R.H., 1983:
Response of lymphocyte beta adrenergic receptors to chronic propranolol treatment in depressed patients schizophrenic patients and normal controls

Hsu, M.M.; Lin, B.L., 1985:
Response of lymphocyte subpopulations to phytohemagglutinin, concanavalin A and pokeweed mitogen in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Wass, M.; Rawlins, G.A.; Pentycross, C.R.; Bagshawe, K.D., 1977:
Response of lymphocytes from cancer patients to human chorionic gonadotropin

Wunder E.; Fleischer Reischmann B., 1983:
Response of lymphocytes from fanconis anemia patients and their hetero zygous relatives to 8 methoxy psoralen in a cloning survival test system

Taniguchi H.; Yoshikawa Y.; Yamanouchi K., 1982:
Response of lymphocytes of japanese quails coturnix coturnix japonica to mitogens

Klinger M., 1980:
Response of lymphocytes to nonspecific mitogens phyto hem agglutinin concanavalin a pokeweed mitogen in patients with glomerulo nephritis

Chernyshov V.P., 1979:
Response of lymphocytes to phyto mitogens in comparison with auto immune reactions and status of spermatogenesis in uro urethrogenic experimental prostatitis in dogs

Mayanskii D.N.; Meilikhova A.N., 1979:
Response of lymphoid cells of hydrocortisone stimulated adrenalectomized mice to n allo antigens

Clendenon, N.R.; Allen, N.; Ito, T.; Gordon, W.A.; Yashon, D., 1978:
Response of lysosomal hydrolases of dog spinal cord and cerebro spinal fluid to experimental trauma

Meyer R.E.; Bovey R.W., 1984:
Response of macartney rose rosa bracteata and understory vegetation to herbicides

Gibson, V.R.; Grice, G.D., 1977:
Response of macro zoo plankton populations to copper controlled ecosystem pollution experiment

Laurence J.A., 1979:
Response of maize and wheat to sulfur di oxide

Schmitt, C.G.; Scott, G.E.; Freytag, R.E., 1977:
Response of maize diallel cross to sclerospora sorghi cause of sorghum downy mildew

Reddy M.R.; Ramamurthy A.; Patil S.J., 1981:
Response of maize genotypes to nitrogen levels under rainfed conditions

Hilty J.W.; Hadden C.H.; Garden F.T., 1979:
Response of maize hybrids and inbred lines to gray leaf spot disease and the effects on yield in tennessee usa

Gotlin, J.; Pucaric, A.; Varga, B., 1978:
Response of maize hybrids to herbicides in preemergence and post emergence treatments

Uelger A.C.; Becker H.C.; Kahnt G., 1987:
Response of maize inbred lines and hybrids to increasing rates of nitrogen fertilizer

Minar, J.; Zehnalek, J., 1987:
Response of maize seedlings zea mays l. to foliar application of dam 390 ammonium nitrate and urea solutions

Martinez G.M.A.; Anaya Garduno M.; Tovar Salinas J.L.; Martinez Garza A.; Zapata R.J., 1986:
Response of maize to 4 microwatershed sizes and different topological arrangement under conditions of insufficient rainfall in sandovales aguascalientes mexico

Meshram S.U.; Shende S.T., 1982:
Response of maize to azotobacter chroococcum

Ndikumana L.; Lumpungu K., 1987:
Response of maize to fractionated application of urea nitrogen in edaphoclimatic conditions of yangambi zaire

Firgany A.H.; Fawzi A.F.A.; E.B.z F.K.; Kishk M.A.; Yakut G.; Zeidan M.S., 1983:
Response of maize to macronutrients and micronutrients application in some areas of egypt

Utkhede, R.S., 1977 :
Response of maize varieties to altitudes and environments in tanzania

Singh, C.M.M.; Sood, B.R.; Modgal, S.C., 1978:
Response of maize varieties to dates of sowing in kulu valley of himachal pradesh india

Taylor B.R.; Bailey T.B., 1979:
Response of maize varieties to environment in west africa

Lal R., 1987:
Response of maize zea mays and cassava manihot esculenta to removal of surface soil from an alfisol in nigeria

Halemani H.L.; Hegde D.M.; Kudasomannavar B.T., 1980:
Response of maize zea mays genotypes to nitrogen application under irrigated conditions

Balko L.G.; Russell W.A., 1980:
Response of maize zea mays inbred lines to nitrogen fertilizer

Sharma, P.K.; De-Datta, S.K.; Redulla, C.A., 1988:
Response of maize zea mays l. and mungbean vigna radiata l. to tillage in relation to water table depth in tropical lowland rice soils

Hussain A.; Arshad M.; Hussain A.; Hussain F., 1987:
Response of maize zea mays to azotobacter inoculation under fertilized and unfertilized conditions

Landi P.; Crosbie T.M., 1982:
Response of maize zea mays to cold stress during vegetative growth

Sandhu, K.S.; Shah, V.H.; Wright, B.C., 1975:
Response of maize zea mays to levels of nitrogen and plant population

Tanner, P.D.; Grant, P.M., 1977:
Response of maize zea mays to lime and molybdenum on acid red and yellow brown clays and clay loams

Fakorede M.A.B., 1985:
Response of maize zea mays to planting dates in a tropical rainforest location

Saad A.O.M.; E.M.ursy A.; Yakout G.M., 1981:
Response of maize zea mays yield to foliar application of urea and cycocel

Adem E.; Watters F.L., 1985:
Response of malathion susceptible and resistant strains of tribolium castaneum coleoptera tenebrionidae to a combination of cobalt 60 gamma irradiation and malathion

Misch, K.J.; Dolman, W.F.; Neild, V.; Rhodes, E.L., 1986:
Response of male acne to antiandrogen therapy with cyproterone acetate

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