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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6327

Chapter 6327 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Harris, P.M.; Hodgson, D.F.; Broadhurst, R.B., 1984:
Response of male and female rats to undernutrition. 1. Changes in energy utilization, body composition and tissue turnover during undernutrition

Harris, P.M.; Broadhurst, R.B.; Hodgson, D.F., 1984:
Response of male and female rats to undernutrition. 2. Influence of ovariectomy on partition of nutrients by female rats during undernutrition

Reddy P.P.; Reddy S.B.; Ebenezer D.N.; Reddi O.S., 1982:
Response of male germ cells of mouse to acute and fractionated doses of iodine 131 induced radiation

Johnston, J.D.; Buckland, R.B., 1976:
Response of male holstein calves from 7 sires to 4 management stresses as measured by plasma corticoid levels

Idris M.D.; Prakash I., 1983:
Response of male indian gerbil tatera indica to urine from females

Anderson R.L., 1979:
Response of male rats to sodium saccharin ingestion urine composition and mineral balance

Searcy W.A.; Mcarthur P.D.; Peters S.S.; Marler P., 1981:
Response of male song sparrows melospiza melodia and swamp sparrows melospiza georgiana to neighbor stranger and self songs

Kelley K.; Pilchowicz E.; Byrne D., 1981:
Response of males to female initiated dates

Vnukova, Z.E., 1978:
Response of mammalian cell cultures to a constant magnetic field of 1000 and 3000 oersted

Giugliano, L.G.; Mann, G.F.; Drasar, B.S., 1982:
Response of mammalian cell lines to the toxins of Escherichia coli

Nath R.; Schulz R.J.; Bongiorni P., 1980:
Response of mammalian cells irradiated with 30 megavolt x rays in the presence of a uniform 20 kilogauss magnetic field

E.Zeftawi B.M., 1982:
Response of mandarins citrus reticulata cultivar early imperial to selective harvesting

Reddy S.E.; Majmudar A.M., 1983:
Response of mango mangifera indica cultivar langra to foliar application of phosphorus

Yang Y R., 1986:
Response of marbled sole to white lights

Harrison G.I.; Morel F.M.M., 1986:
Response of marine diatom thalassiosira weissflogii to iron stress

Sanders J.G.; Vermersch P.S., 1982:
Response of marine phyto plankton to low levels to arsenate

Dortch, Q.; Clayton, J.R.Jr ; Thoreson, S.S.; Bressler, S.L.; Ahmed, S.I., 1982:
Response of marine phyto plankton to nitrogen deficiency decreased nitrate uptake vs. enhanced ammonium uptake

Mulchi C.L.; Armbruster J.A., 1983:
Response of maryland tobacco nicotiana tabacum to saline aerosol emissions from brackish water cooling towers

Mulchi C.L.; Aycock M.K.Jr, 1986:
Response of maryland usa tobacco nicotiana tabacum to chronic ozone stress in the field

Haeseler C.W.; Smith C.B.; Kardos L.T.; Fleming H.K., 1980:
Response of mature vines of vitis labrusca cultivar concord to applications of phosphorus and potassium over an 8 year span in pennsylvania usa

Caldwell C.D.; Starratt C.E., 1987:
Response of max spring wheat to management inputs

Gopalaswamy, N.; Palaniappan, T.A.; Loganathan, N.S.; Sivasankaran, D., 1975:
Response of mcu 5 cotton to different irrigation schedules

Pasternak Kusmierska D., 1986:
Response of meadow vegetation on liquid manure treatment

Vance, J.P.; Smith, G.; Brown, D.M.; Thorburn, J., 1979:
Response of mean and phasic coronary arterial blood flow to graded hypercapnia in dogs

Sinnamon H.M.; Cromarty A.S.; Miller C.A., 1979:
Response of medial telencephalic neurons to stimulation in reinforcing sites in the medial fore brain bundle and ventral tegmental area

Kanzler, M.; Zeidenberg, P.; Jaffe, J.H., 1976:
Response of medical personnel to an on site smoking cessation program

Gusev A.A., 1984:
Response of medullary area postrema cells to experimental alloxan diabetes

John, W.M.; Wang, S.C., 1977:
Response of medullary respiratory neurons to hypercapnia and isocapnic hypoxia

Subramanyam, S.; Murthy, D.K., 1984:
Response of meiotic chromosomes of mice to phenobarbitone

Egunjobi O.A.; Olaitan J.O., 1986:
Response of meloidogyne incognita infected cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar ife brown to some agro waste soil amendments

Sitaramaiah, K.; Singh, R.S., 1977:
Response of meloidogyne javanica and other nematodes to fatty acids

Volotovskij, J.; Risi, S.; Dose, K., 1976:
Response of membrane bound atpase ec of micrococcus luteus to heat and uv light

Kasamo, K.; Shimomura, T., 1978:
Response of membrane bound magnesium ion activated atpase of tobacco leaves to tobacco mosaic virus

Parkin G.F.; Speece R.E.; Yang C.H.J.; Kocher W.M., 1983:
Response of methane fermentation systems to industrial toxicants

Burton P.J.; Mueller Dombois D., 1984:
Response of metrosideros polymorpha seedlings to experimental canopy opening

Harrison, G.G.; Morrell, D.F., 1980:
Response of mhs swine to intra venous infusion of lignocaine and bupivacaine

Lanara E.; Vakirtzi Lemonias C.; Kritikou L.; Demopoulos C.A., 1982:
Response of mice and mouse platelets to acetylglyceryl ether phosphoryl choline

Bhatia, A.L.; Gupta, M.L.; Singh, R.P., 1978:
Response of mice liver to continuous beta irradiation from tritiated water

Gonzalez, G.G.; Hanson, R.P.; Barrera, B.C., 1978:
Response of mice to infection by vesicular stomatitis virus new jersey and indiana usa isolates

Best, G.R.; Nabholz, J.V.; Ojasti, J.; Crossley, D.A.J., 1978:
Response of micro arthropod populations to naphthalene in 3 contrasting habitats

Svoboda, D.J., 1976:
Response of micro peroxisomes in rat small intestinal mucosa to ethyl p chlorophenoxy iso butyrate a hypo lipidemic drug

Bottner P., 1985:
Response of microbial biomass to alternate moist and dry conditions in a soil incubated with carbon 14 labeled and nitrogen 15 labeled plant material

Bottner P.; Mneimne Z.; Billes G., 1984:
Response of microbial biomass to the addition of carbon 14 labeled vegetal material to the soil the role of living roots

Sexstone, A.J.; Atlas, R.M., 1977:
Response of microbial populations in arctic tundra soils to crude oil

Thomas, J.W.; Emery, R.S.; Breaux, J.K.; Liesman, J.S., 1984:
Response of milking cows fed a high concentrate, low roughage diet plus sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, or magnesium hydroxide

Barker I.K.; Povey R.C.; Voigt D.R., 1983:
Response of mink mustela vison skunk mephitis mephitis red fox vulpes vulpes and raccoon procyon lotor to inoculation with mink virus enteritis feline pan leukopenia and canine parvovirus and prevalence of antibody to parvovirus in wild carnivores in ontario canada

Margolis, L.; Beverley-Burton, M., 1977:
Response of mink (Mustela vison) to larval Anisakis Simplex (Nematoda: Ascaridida)

Price J.F.; Harbaugh B.K.; Stanley C.D., 1982:
Response of mites tetranychus urticae and leaf miners liriomyza trifolii to trickle irrigation rates in spray chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar manatee yellow iceberg production

Gulyas B.J.; Yuan L.C.; Gwatkin R.B.L.; Schmell E.D., 1983:
Response of monkeys macaca fascicularis to porcine zona pellucida as detected by a solid phase radio immunoassay

Foltin, R.W.; Schuster, C.R., 1984:
Response of monkeys to intragastric preloads: limitations on caloric compensation

Hosaka H.; Inaba N.; Ishikawa H., 1984:
Response of monocotyledons to bas 9052 oh

Andersen, R.N., 1976:
Response of monocotyledons to hoe 22870 and hoe 23408 usa

Ivanovic, J.; Jankovic-Hladni, M.; Stanic, V.; Kalafatic, D., 1985:
Response of morimus funereus l. coleoptera cerambycidae larvae to the effect of different factors at the level of neurosecretory system hemolymph and midgut

Kasap, M., 1981:
Response of mosquitoes to mechanical stimuli 2. an observation on the response of the larvae and pupae of aedes aegypti anopheles stephensi and culex pipiens diptera culicidae to taps at the edge of an experimental dish

Vogt, J.L.; Levine, S., 1980:
Response of mother and infant squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus to separation and disturbance

Maharajan P.; Rosato F.; Maharajan V., 1987:
Response of mouse embryos and uterus to tumor extract treatment

Batra, B.K.; Raveendran, P.; Maharajan, V., 1977:
Response of mouse embryos to tumor cell and embryonic cell dialysate

Butomo N.V.; Pegov A.A., 1980:
Response of mouse hemopoietic stem cells to repeated irradiation

Araujo P.E.; Norden A.R., 1979:
Response of mouse intestinal micro flora to dietary cellulose starch and sucrose

Zywietz, F.; Jung, H.; Hess, A.; Franke, H.D., 1979:
Response of mouse intestine to 14 MeV neutrons

Hume S.P.; Marigold J.C.L., 1981:
Response of mouse intestine to combined hyper thermia and radiation contribution of direct thermal damage in assessment of the thermal enhancement ratio

Withers, H.R.; Reid, B.O.; Hussey, D.H., 1975:
Response of mouse jejunum to multifraction radiation

Grusser-Cornehls, U., 1968:
Response of movement detecting neurons of the frogs retina to moving patterns under stroboscopic illumination

Meissner, A.P.; Clarke, A.L., 1977:
Response of mown pasture to potassium fertilizer in southeastern south australia

Miller R.F.; Donart G.B., 1981:
Response of muhlenbergia porteri to season of defoliation

Sacks P.G.; Miller M.W.; Sutherland R.M., 1983:
Response of multi cell spheroids to 1 megahertz ultrasonic irradiation cavitation related damage

Gates, J.R.; Rosenfeld, W.E.; Maxwell, R.E.; Lyons, R.E., 1987:
Response of multiple seizure types to corpus callosum section

Mainitz, M.; Schmidt, J.B.; Gebhart, W., 1986:
Response of multiple syringomas to isotretinoin

Panwar, K.S.; Singh, U.V.; Misra, A.S., 1976:
Response of mung phaseolus aureus to different levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in central uttar pradesh india

Plummer, M.J.; Evans, M.J., 1976:
Response of murine dna polymerase c and dna polymerase n to partial hepatectomy

Siemann D.W., 1982:
Response of murine tumors to combinations of 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea with misonidazole and other radiation sensitizers

Pandey, U.C.; Singh, K.; Saimbhi, M.S., 1974:
Response of muskmelon cucumis melo to foliar and soil application of nitrogen

Hemphill D.D.Jr; Mansour N.S., 1986:
Response of muskmelon cucumis melo to three floating row covers

Lumsden H.G., 1986:
Response of mute swans cygnus olor to a snapping turtle chelydra serpentina attack on a cygnet

Mccarthy, C.M.; Schaefer, J.O., 1974:
Response of mycobacterium avium to uv irradiation

Mccoy, R.E.; Gwin, G.H., 1977:
Response of mycoplasma like organism infected pritchardia trachycarpus fortunei and veitchia merrilli palms to oxytetracycline

Pacovsky R.S.; Paul E.A.; Bethlenfalvay G.J., 1986:
Response of mycorrhizal and phosphorus fertilized soybeans glycine max cultivar amsoy 71 to nodulation by bradyrhizobium or ammonium nitrate

Ramsay, D.L.; Parnes, R.E.; Dubin, N., 1984:
Response of mycosis fungoides to topical chemotherapy with mechlorethamine

Purkayastha R.P.; Raha C., 1979:
Response of myrothecium roridum to beta sito sterol isolated from leaf spot resistant and susceptible jute cultivars

Gold, G.; Widnell, C.C., 1975:
Response of nadph cytochrome e reductase and cytochrome p 450 in hepatic microsomes to treatment with pheno barbital differences in rat strains

Bal J.S.; Singh S.N.; Randhawa J.S., 1986:
Response of naphthaleneacetic acid spray at fruit set and slow growth phase on ber fruit zizyphus mauritiana lamk

Robson A.D.; Snowball K., 1987:
Response of narrow leafed lupines to cobalt application in relation to cobalt concentration in seed

McCaffrey, T.V.; Kern, E.B., 1979:
Response of nasal airway resistance to hypercapnia and hypoxia in the dog

Ruyooka D.B.A., 1979:
Response of nasutitermes exitiosus termitidae to decay fungus infested wood and fungal isolate b 8 infested wood

Gilstrap F.E.; Mckinnon L.K., 1988:
Response of native parasites to russian wheat aphid

Tamaki G.; Annis B.; Weiss M., 1981:
Response of natural enemies to the green peach aphid myzus persicae in different plant cultures

Meadows G.G.; Abdallah R.M.; Starkey J.R.; Aslakson C.J., 1988:
Response of natural killer cells from dietary tyrosine restricted and phenylalanine restricted mice to biological response modifiers

Vaccaro, R.F.; Azam, F.; Hodson, R.E., 1977:
Response of natural marine bacterial populations to copper controlled ecosystem pollution experiment

Jordan M.; Chamberlain J.A.Jr; Chamberlain R.B., 1988:
Response of nautilus to variation in ambient pressure

El-Zeftawi, B.M., 1976:
Response of navel orange trees to skirting

Redden R.J.; Usher T.; Younger D.; Mayer R.; Hall B.; Fernandes A.; Kirton D., 1987:
Response of navy beans to row width and plant population density in queensland australia

Lidell M.C.; Niles G.A.; Walker J.K., 1986:
Response of nectariless cotton gossypium hirsutum genotypes to cotton fleahopper pseudatomoscelis seriatus heteroptera miridae infestation

Burleson W.H.; Hewitt G.B., 1982:
Response of needle and thread grass stipa comata and western wheat grass agropyron smithii to defoliation by grasshoppers

West, S.E.; Sparling, P.F., 1985:
Response of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to iron limitation: alterations in expression of membrane proteins without apparent siderophore production

Long, R.A.; Ellis, W.L.; Taylor, G.R., 1976:
Response of nematospiroides dubius to the space environment

Snider T.G.IIi; Pierce K.R.; Adams L.G., 1982 :
Response of neo natally thymectomized holstein calves to bcg

Yang H Q.; Yang Z Q., 1987:
Response of neurons in cat parafascicular nucleus of thalamus to noxious stimulation of peripheral nerves and intra arterial injection of bradykinin

Bureau M.A.; Carroll J.L.; Canet E., 1988:
Response of newborn lambs to carbon dioxide induced hypoxia

Katiyar, O.P.; Lal, L.; Mukharji, S.P., 1975:
Response of newly hatched caterpillars of diacrisia obliqua to certain host plants

Bayer, M.H., 1973:
Response of nicotiana mesophyll protoplasts of normal and tumorous origin to iaa in vitro

Obi, T.U.; Daniyan, M.A.; Ngere, L.O., 1980:
Response of Nigerian zebu cattle to zeranol implants

Lienhart, R.; Lichtensteiger, W.; Langemann, H., 1974:
Response of nigral dopamine neurons to acute and prolonged morphine treatment effect of exposure to cold physostigmine and nicotine

Shimeno S.; Takeda M.; Sasaki H., 1981:
Response of nitrogen excretion to change of dietary composition in carp cyprinus carpio

Tel O.E., 1980:
Response of nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria to salt

Shamsuddin, M.; Islam, H.M.W.; Paul, J.C.; Habib, M.A., 1985:
Response of nitrogen t.s.p. and potash to grain yield analysis of different design of experiments

Eckert D.J.; Dick W.A.; Johnson J.W., 1986:
Response of no tillage corn grown in corn zea mays and soybean glycine max residues to several nitrogen fertilizer sources

Walker M.E.; Branch W.D.; Gaines T.P.; Mullinix B.G.Jr, 1984:
Response of nodulating and nodulating peanuts arachis hypogaea to foliarly applied nitrogen

Esartiya D.T.; Pastorova V.E., 1984:
Response of nonenzymatic fibrinolysis to intravenous injections of salmonella endotoxin into rabbits

Sarig S.; Kapulnik Y.; Nur I.; Okon Y., 1984:
Response of nonirrigated sorghum bicolor to azospirillum brasilense inoculation

Lauer D.A., 1986:
Response of nooksack potatoes to nitrogen fertilizer

Palmer, G.J.; Ziegler, M.G.; Lake, C.R., 1978:
Response of norepinephrine and blood pressure to stress increases with age

Smith, L.J.; Kaplan, N.B.; Brody, J., 1980:
Response of normal and beige mouse alveolar type 2 cells to lung injury

E.A.tar A.; Bordas A.; Merat P., 1983:
Response of normal and dwarf dw gene chicks to starvation during the growth period

Manyak, M.J.; Matthews, D.M.; Smith, P.D.; Nochomovitz, L.E.; Glatstein, E.; Russo, A., 1988:
Response of normal canine ureter to photodynamic therapy using a cylindrical fiber

Zighelboim, J.; Lichtenstein, A.; Benjamin, D., 1981:
Response of normal subjects to mitogens 1. influence of adherent cells

Guss P.L.; Sonnet P.E.; Carney R.L.; Tumlinson J.H.; Wilkin P.J., 1985:
Response of northern corn rootworm diabrotica barberi to stereoisomers of 8 methyl 2 decylpropanoate

Peterson C.E.; Ryan P.J.; Gessel S.P., 1984:
Response of northwest douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii stands to urea correlations with forest soil properties

Samoshkin E.N., 1979:
Response of norway spruce to influence of 1 4 bis di azo acetyl butane aqueous solutions

Tamura, T.; Ueda, K.; Hirano, N.; Fujiwara, K., 1976:
Response of nude mice to a mouse hepatitis virus isolated from a wasting nude mouse

Kyriazis, A.P.; Kyriazis, A.A.; Yagoda, A.; Fogh, J., 1985:
Response of nude mouse grown adenocarcinomas of the human exocrine pancreas to cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii diammine 1 1 cyclobutanedicarboxylato 2 o o' platinum and mitoguazone dihydrochloride

Kyriazis, A.P.; Yagoda, A.; Kyriazis, A.A.; Fogh, J., 1985:
Response of nude mouse grown human urothelial cancer to cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii diammine 1 1 cyclobutanedicarboxylato 2 minus o o' platinum and mitoguazone dihydrochloride

Firgany A.H.; Rezk A.I.; Fawzi A.F.A.; E.S.yed A.A., 1983:
Response of nutritive status and grain yield of wheat to nutrient supply in egypt

Thomson A.D.; Ferguson J.D., 1980:
Response of oat rye grass and barley infected with barley yellow dwarf virus to variation in nutrient supply

Brinkman M.A.; Langer D.K.; Harvey R.G.; Hardie A.R., 1980:
Response of oats avena sativa to atrazine

Sandhu, B.S.; Horton, M.L., 1977:
Response of oats to water deficit part 1 physiological characteristics

Sandhu, B.S.; Horton, M.L., 1977:
Response of oats to water deficit part 2 growth and yield characteristics

Steelman R.; Boraski J., 1985:
Response of odontogenic infections to parenteral antibiotics in non compliant patients

Reynolds A.G., 1988:
Response of okanagan riesling vines to training system and simulated mechanical pruning

Agrawal P.K.; Sinha S.K., 1980:
Response of okra seeds abelmoschus esculentus cultivar pusa sawani of different chronological ages during accelerated aging and storage

Antognozzi E.; Catalano F., 1985:
Response of olive tree varieties to frost damage

Takemori N.; Ito T., 1981:
Response of omental milk spots to colloidal saccharated iron iii oxide in the mouse light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Menges R.M.; Tamez S., 1981:
Response of onion allium cepa cultivar yellow granex prr to annual weeds and post emergence herbicides

E.H.bbasha K.M.; Behairy A.G., 1977:
Response of onion allium cepa to foliar application of gibberellic acid and some micro elements

Akey W.C.; Souza Machado V., 1985:
Response of onion allium cepa to oxyfluorfen during early seedling development

Mulkey J.R.Jr; Albach E.L.; Dainello F.J., 1979:
Response of onions allium cepa to phosphorus placement

Osanai K.; Kuraishi R., 1988:
Response of oocytes to meiosis inducing agents in pelecypods

Stich, H.F.; Hornby, A.P.; Mathew, B.; Sankaranarayanan, R.; Nair, M.K., 1988:
Response of oral leukoplakias to the administration of vitamin A

Karakulov R.K.; Polyakov P.Yu; Pelevina I.I.; Kiseleva E.S.; Dar'yalova S.L.; Saenko A.S., 1982:
Response of oral tumors to radiation therapy depending on their proliferative activity

Tanaka H.; Hojito S.; Sato S.; Ikegaya F., 1980:
Response of orchard grass clones from different geographical origins on grazing and clipping and their seasonal productivity

Hurkova J., 1984:
Response of organic pesticide resistant tetranychus urticae acarina to pyrethroids

Rochel, S.; Margolis, F.L., 1980:
Response of ornithine decarboxylase ec during neuronal degeneration and regeneration in olfactory epithelium

O'toole, J.C.; Cruz, R.T., 1980:
Response of oryza sativa cultivars kinandang patong and ir 28 leaf water potential stomatal resistance and leaf rolling to water stress

Fageria N.K., 1984:
Response of oryza sativa rice cultivars to liming in cerrado soil

Ito N.; Yamazaki H.; Nakazaki M.; Miyahara T.; Kozuka H.; Sudo H., 1987:
Response of osteoblastic clonal cell line mc3t3 e1 to asu 1 7 eel calcitonin at a specific cell density or differentiation stage

Mail J.T.; Cohen M.D.; Mirkin L.D.; Provisor A.J., 1985:
Response of osteosarcoma to preoperative intravenous high dose methotrexate chemotherapy computed tomographic evaluation

Lewis L.C.; Lublinkhof J.; Berry E.C.; Gunnarson R.D., 1982:
Response of ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae infected with nosema pyrausta microsporida nosematidae to insecticides

Mäenpää, J.; Kangas, L.; Grönroos, M., 1985:
Response of ovarian cancer to combined cytotoxic agents in the subrenal capsule assay: Part I

Takenouchi T.; Kojima S.; Nakayama T.; Yanaihara T.; Nakayama T., 1988:
Response of ovarian steroid secretion to the intrinsic gonadotropin release caused by the administration of synthetic lhrh difference between follicular and luteal phase

Nakao, T., 1977:
Response of ovaries and serum steroid levels after treatment of cystic ovarian disease in dairy cattle part 1 treatment with cortico steroids and a combination of human chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone

Bruce, S.L.; Morishima, H.O.; Petrie, R.H.; Sakuma, K.; Daniel, S.S.; Yeh, S.Y., 1981:
Response of ovine uterine blood flow to angiotensin II: effect on the fetus

Rathore G.S.; Dubey S.B.; Khamparia R.S.; Sharma B.L.; Sinha S.B., 1982:
Response of paddy oryza sativa as influenced by zinc application and available zinc status of soils

Patton, G.S.; Ipp, E.; Dobbs, R.E.; Orci, L.; Vale, W.; Unger, R.H., 1976:
Response of pancreatic immuno reactive somatostatin to arginine

Krarup T.; Madsbad S.; Hilsted J.; Christensen N.J.; Sestoft L.; Schwartz T.W., 1983 :
Response of pancreatic poly peptide to hypo glycemia in insulin dependent diabetics with and without residual beta cell function

Eletskii Y.K.; Kulikova O.V.; Tsibulevskii A.Yu, 1984:
Response of paneth cells of the rat jejunum to bilateral vagotomy ultrastructural analysis

Sanzonowicz C.; Jaster F., 1981:
Response of pangola grass digitaria decumbens to nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilization in a native field of parana brazil

Escalada R.G.; Gerona G.R., 1986:
Response of para centro combination to different fertilizer levels under coconut

Krishna L.; Swarup K., 1985:
Response of parathyroid gland ultimobranchial body paravertebral lime sacs and serum calcium level to salmon calcitonin administration in rana cyanophlyctis anura amphibia

Singh H.P.; Ganapathy K.M.; Anjaneyulu K., 1980:
Response of passion fruit passiflora edulis to nitrogen phosphorus and potassium applications

Williams P.H.; Paterson D.J., 1983:
Response of pastures to nitrogen fertilizer applied in autumn and spring on the west coast of south island new zealand

Aronow, W.S.; Allen, W.H.; D.C.istofaro, D., 1975:
Response of patients and physicians to mass screening for coronary risk factors

Rosen, H.; Cohen, L.B.; Schwartz, L.; Digiacomo, J.N., 1979:
Response of patients to participation in psychiatry board examinations

Minor, D.R.; Schiffman, G.; McIntosh, L.S., 1979:
Response of patients with Hodgkin's disease to pneumococcal vaccine

de la Fuente, B.; Kasper, C.K.; Rickles, F.R.; Hoyer, L.W., 1985:
Response of patients with mild and moderate hemophilia A and von Willebrand's disease to treatment with desmopressin

Potter, J.W.; Dirks, V.A.; Johnson, P.W.; Olthof, T.H.; Layne, R.E.; McDonnell, M.M., 1984:
Response of Peach Seedlings to Infection by the Root Lesion Nematode Pratylenchus penetrans under Controlled Conditions

Barker K.R.; Schmitt D.P.; Campos V.P., 1982:
Response of peanut arachis hypogaea corn zea mays tobacco nicotiana tabacum and soybean glycine max to criconemella ornata

Kvien C.S.; Pallas J.E., 1986:
Response of peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner to strains of bradyrhizobium and nitrogen fertilizer

Cope J.T.; Starling J.G.; Ivey H.W.; Mitchell C.C.M.Jr, 1984:
Response of peanuts arachis hypogaea and other crops to fertilizers and lime in 2 long term experiments

Walker M.E.; Flowers R.A.; Henning R.J.; Keisling T.C.; Mullinix B.G., 1979:
Response of peanuts arachis hypogaea cultivar early bunch to calcium and potassium fertilization

Bell R.L.; Janick J.; Zimmerman R.H.; Van Der Zwest T.; Blake R.C., 1981:
Response of pear pyrus spp to inbreeding

Singh S.; Ranwa R.S.; Malik D.S.; Karwasra R.S., 1985:
Response of pearl millet hybrids to levels of nitrogen under rainfed conditions of haryana india

Bouton J.H.; Smith R.L.; Schank S.C.; Burton G.W.; Tyler M.E.; Littell R.C.; Gallaher R.N.; Quesenberry K.H., 1979:
Response of pearl millet inbreds and hybrids to inoculation with azospirillum brasilense

Wani S.P.; Chandrapalaiah S.; Dart P.J., 1985:
Response of pearl millet pennisetum americanum cultivars to inoculation with nitrogen fixing bacteria

Kaushik S.K.; Gautam R.C., 1986:
Response of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides hybrids to nitrogen fertilization and plant density under rainfed conditions

Kaushik S.K.; Gautam R.C., 1980:
Response of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides hybrids to nitrogen levels under dryland conditions

Venkateswarlu B.; Rao A.V., 1983:
Response of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides to inoculation with different strains of azospirillum brasilense

Hartz T.K.; Bogle C.R.; Villalon B., 1985:
Response of pepper capsicum annuum and muskmelon cucumis melo to row solarization

Zornoza P.; Caselles J.; Carpena O., 1987:
Response of pepper plants to nitrate ammonium ratio and light intensity

Marrero Teran A.; Gonzalez Barrios J., 1985:
Response of pepper varieties capsicum annuum to xanthomonas vesicatoria

O'sullivan J., 1979:
Response of peppers capsicum annuum to irrigation and nitrogen

Keatinge J.D.H.; Garrett M.K.; Stewart R.H., 1980:
Response of perennial rye grass lolium perenne and italian rye grass lolium multiflorum to temperature and soil water potential

Field R.J.; Whitford A.R., 1983:
Response of perennial rye grass lolium perenne prairie grass bromus catharticus and browntop agrostis tenuis to the growth retardant mefluidide

Dayan D.; Shoshan S., 1981:
Response of periodontal ligament and mandibular joint to the collagen cross link inhibitor penicillamine in the rat

Jagetia G.C.; Gupta S.M.; Kumar S.; Devi P.U., 1982:
Response of peripheral blood to iodine 131 treatment in swiss albino mice

Kumar S.; Devi P.U., 1982:
Response of peripheral leukocytes to whole body irradiation and 2 mercapto propionyl glycine treatment

Rochkind S.; Nissan M.; Barr Nea L.; Razon N.; Schwartz M.; Bartal A., 1987:
Response of peripheral nerve to helium neon laser experimental studies

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Response of peroxidase to low levels of sulfur dioxide

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Response of phaseolus vulgaris protoplasts to chemical components of fungal origin

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Response of pheasant phasianus colchicus chicks to adult lady beetles coleoptera coccinellidae

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Response of pheidole morrisi to two species of enemy ants and a general model of defense behavior in pheidole hymenoptera formicidae

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Response of phobic patients to direct computer assessment

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Response of phosphorus in legume cereal cropping sequence in a mollisol

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Response of phosphorus to 2 different varieties of paddy under upland conditions

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Response of photosynthesis and dark carbon dioxide fixation to light carbon dioxide and temperature in leaf slices under osmotic stress

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Response of photosynthetic apparatus of winter wheat seedlings to nitrogenous nutrition at different temperatures

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Response of physicians to medical complaints in men and women

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Response of phyto parasitic and free living nematodes to soil solarization and 1 3 di chloro propene in california usa

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Response of phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae to metalaxyl exposure

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Response of phytophthora spp to metalaxyl in forest tree nurseries in the pacific northwest usa

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Response of phytoplankton populations in some egyptian irrigation drains to the aquatic weed herbicide acrolein

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Response of pigeon pea cajanus cajan to phosphorus on a phosphorus marginal soil in nigeria

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Response of pigeon pea cajanus cajan to plant density and phosphorus fertilizer under dryland conditions

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Response of pigeon pea to different sources methods and levels of phosphorus application

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Response of pigeonpea to phosphorus and rhizobium inoculation

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Response of piglets to suboptimal protein diets supplemented with lysine methionine threonine and tryptophan

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Response of pigs to total body gamma irradiation

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Response of pine birch and aspen to extended decreases in soil temperature

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Response of pine trees to fires in the transbaikal region ussr

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Response of pineapple plants growing in nematode infested soil to after planting nematocidal treatments

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Response of pineapples ananas comosus to different nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilizer rates in sierra leone

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Response of pinto bean phaseolus vulgaris cultivar pinto 111 plants exposed to ozone sulfur di oxide or mixtures at varying temperatures

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Response of pinto bean to simultaneous exposure to ozone and peroxyacetyl nitrate

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Response of pinus radiata seedlings to carbon dioxide enrichment at different levels of water and phosphorus growth morphology and anatomy

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Response of pinus radiata to various silvicultural treatments on adjacent first and second rotation sites near tantanoola south australia i. establishment and growth up to age 7 years

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Response of pituitary adrenal axis to corticotropin releasing hormone in patients with cushing's disease before and after ketoconazole treatment

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Response of plague microbes from various natural foci and their mutants with lowered requirements in nutrition factors to polymyxin

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Response of plankton algae bacillariophyta and pyrrophyta to water from the reduction zone of the black sea ussr

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Response of planktonic rotifers to the eutrophication process and the autumnal shift of blooms in lake biwa japan 1. changes in abundance and composition of rotifers

Hillbricht-Ilkowska, A., 1983:
Response of planktonic rotifers to the eutrophication process and the autumnal shift of blooms in lake biwa japan 2. changes in fecundity and turnover time of the dominant species

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Response of plant tissue cultures to changes in their position relative to the direction of the earth gravitational field

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Response of plantago major seeds to the red far red ratio as influenced by other environmental factors

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Response of planted pinus taeda to brush control in northern louisiana usa

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Response of plants of lactuca sativa to several treatment of lignite

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Response of plants to nitrogen nutrition 1. effects of interruption of the nitrate supply and aeration of the nutrient solution on absorption and distribution of nitrogen in maize zea mays cultivar capella plants

Spek, L.Y., 1984:
Response of plants to nitrogen nutrition 2. response of maize plants to interruptions of the nitrogen nutrition and root aeration

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Response of plants to the application of nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilizers and lime on the pseudogley soils having different levels of available nutrient elements

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Response of plasma and liver cholesterol and fatty acids in hypercholesterolemic rats to short term feeding of vegetable and fish oils

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Response of plasma beta endorphin like immunoreactivity to cardiopulmonary bypass in children

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Response of plasma cholesterol to dietary cholesterol in marmosets callithrix jacchus

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Response of plasma glucose, fructose and insulin to dietary glucose and fructose in the lactating sow

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Response of plasma insulin and gastrin to intravenous intraruminal and intraduodenal infusion of vfa in calves

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Response of plasma luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone to synthetic luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in children at various pubertal stages

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Response of plasma nonconjugated estradiol to manipulated adrenal function by acth and dexamethasone

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Response of plasma pancreatic and gastro intestinal hormones and growth hormone to oral and intra venous glucose and insulin hypo glycemia in chagas disease

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Response of plasma prolactin to changes in ambient temperature and humidity in man

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Response of plasma renin activity to hypotension and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor in the turtle pseudemys scripta elegans

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Response of plasma renin activity to postural change in vasovagal syncope in children, with observations on syncope

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Response of plasma somatostatin like immuno reactivity to a 75 gram oral glucose tolerance test in normal subjects and patients with impaired glucose tolerance

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Response of plasma testosterone urinary 17 oxo steroids estrogens and androsterone plus etiocholanolone to human chorionic gonadotropin in dexamethasone suppressed men

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Response of plasmodium berghei anka strain to some antimalarials

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Response of Plasmodium falciparum in Sudan to oral chloroquine

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Response of plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in hospital patients at muheza tanzania

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Response of plateau phase mouse embryo fibroblasts to uv light

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Response of plum prunus domestica cultivars to controlled shoot refrigeration

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Response of poikiloxerophilic blue green water plants nostoc commune to dehydration

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Response of poly adenylic acid polymerase in rat liver nuclei and mitochondria to starvation and re feeding with amino acids

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Response of pond fish young to stress factors caused by transfers in geo thermal fish farming

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Response of ponderosa pine primary needles to separate and simultaneous ozone and per oxy acetyl nitrate exposures

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Response of pop corn zea mays everta to plant population and nitrogen

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Response of pot chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar paragon to supplemental irradiation during rooting long day and short day production stages

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Response of potamopyrgus jenkinsi gastropoda hydrobiidae to the weed killer 2 4 5 t survival reproduction and available metabolic energy of individuals differentiated by an iron marker

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Response of potassium deficient tomato plants to atmospheric ozone

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Response of potato crop to treatment with ascorbic acid and cycocel

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Response of potato solanum tuberosum cultivars to phosphorus in acidic soils of meghalaya india

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Response of potato solanum tuberosum l. to sulfur dioxide pollution

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Response of potato solanum tuberosum l. varieties on various fertility levels

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Response of potato solanum tuberosum u cultivars to infection by the potato spindle tuber viroid

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Response of potato to application of micronutrients and to nitrogen phosphorus and potassium levels

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Response of potato to micronutrients at shillong india

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Response of potato varieties and lines to rhizoctonia solani the agent causing rhizoctoniosis

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Response of potatoes solanum tuberosum cultivar russet burbank to nitrogen form and to change in nitrogen form at tuber initiation

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Response of potatoes to nitrogen fertilizer dynamic model

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Response of potatoes to nitrogen fertilizer quantitative relations for components of growth

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Response of potted slash pine seedlings on imperfectly drained coastal plain soil to additions of zinc

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Response of potted tulips to new and established growth retarding chemicals

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Response of pre harvest drop of grapefruit on 2 rootstocks to 2 4 d 4 chloro 2 methylphenoxy acetic acid and gibberellic acid

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Response of prepubertal ewes primed with monensin or progesterone to administration of FSH

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Response of primary human lung carcinomas to autocrine growth factors produced by a lung carcinoma cell line

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Response of primate joint afferent neurons to mechanical stimulation of knee joint

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Response of primate s i cortical neurons to noxious stimuli

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Response of processing peas pisum sativum and annual weeds to acetanilide herbicides

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Response of progeny from interspecific cross of cucumis melo x cucumis metuliferus to meloidogyne incognita acrita

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Response of progeny of 2 way 3 way and 4 way barley hybrids to different controlled environments

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Response of prolactin cells in the goldfish carassius auratus adapted to diluted sea water with or without calcium/

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Response of prolific and nonprolific maize to growth regulating chemicals

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Response of promising strains and varieties of gossypium arboreum and gossypium hirsutum cotton to nitrogen fertilization

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Response of properties of visual cortical neurons in cats reared in stroboscopic illumination

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Response of prorocentrum mariae lebouriae dinophyceae to light of different spectral qualities and irradiances growth and pigmentation

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Response of proso millet panicum miliaceum to fungicide seed treatments

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Response of protein c and protein c inhibitor to warfarin therapy in patient with combined deficiency of factor v and factor viii

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Response of proteus strains isolated from clinical material of different types to antibiotics

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Response of protoplasts to hyphal wall components in relationship to resistance of potato to phytophthora infestans

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Response of protozoans to detergent enzymes

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Response of psychotic and nonpsychotic depression to phenelzine

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Response of psylla pyricola homoptera psyllidae to and characterization of polar and lipid fractions of pyrus sp leaves

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Response of pulmonary cellular defenses to the inhalation of high concentrations of diesel exhaust

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Response of pulmonary macrophages to hyperoxic pulmonary injury. Acquisition of surface fibronectin and fibrin/ogen and enhanced expression of a fibronectin receptor

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Response of pulmonary macrophages to lead

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Response of pulmonary macrophages to unilateral instillation of carbon

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Response of pulmonary rapidly adapting receptors during lung inflation

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Response of pulmonary venous admixture. A means of comparing therapies?

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Response of purple nut sedge cyperus rotundus to some soil applied inorganic compounds

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Response of pyronema domesticum to volatiles from microbes seeds and natural substrata

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Response of quercus shumardii seedlings to nitrogen form and fertilization rate in a container medium

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Response of quiescent and cycling colony forming units to stimulation

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Response of rabbit spleen explants to ionizing radiation

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Response of rabbits to pyrogen in a 80 percent helium 20 percent oxygen environment

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Response of radiata pine to salt stress part 1 water relations osmotic adjustment and salt uptake

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Response of radiata pine to salt stress part 2 localization of chloride

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Response of radiation induced fibrosarcoma 1 in mice to cyclophosphamide monitored by in vivo phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

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Response of radioactive trace metals to acid base titrations in controlled experimental ecosystems evaluation of transport parameters for application to whole lake radiotracer experiments

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Response of radish plants to the level of sulfur nutrition in soil

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Response of radopholus similis infected calathea spp container grown in 2 soil media to applications of nematocides

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Response of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) to increased levels of available carbohydrate in practical trout diets

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Response of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri to source and level of supplemental dietary methionine

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Response of rainfed moong to different dates of sowing and seed inoculation with rhizobium culture

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Response of rainfed pearl millet pennisetum glaucum to plant density and moisture conservation

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Response of rainfed pop corn zea mays to nitrogen and plant population

Nagre K.T., 1982:
Response of rainfed sorghum to split application of phosphorus and potassium

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Response of random skin flaps to rapid expansion

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Response of raspberries rubus idaeus to soil nitrogen and boron applications

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Response of rat aortic adventitial fibroblasts to estradiol treatment in vivo role of the cell tubulin system

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Response of rat bladder organ cultures to the effect of carcinogenic nitroso compounds

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Response of rat brain indoles and motor activity to short light dark cycles

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Response of rat brain tissue for the extraction of iodine 125 antipyrine after single and fractionated roentgen ray doses a comparison of fractionation models applied to the central nervous system

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Response of rat coronary circulation to carbon monoxide and nitrogen hypoxia

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Response of rat heart membranes and associated ion transporting atpase to dietary lipid

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Response of rat incisor mesenchymal cells to doxorubicin after bleomycin pretreatment

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Response of rat jejunum to angiotensin III: pharmacology and mechanism of action

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Response of rat liver aspartate amino transferase ec to carbon tetra chloride

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Response of rat pancreatic proteases to dietary proteins, their hydrolysates and soybean trypsin inhibitor

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Response of rat paraventricular neurons with central projections to suckling hemorrhage or osmotic stimuli

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Response of rat pituitary anterior lobe prodynorphin products to changes in gonadal steroid environment

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Response of rat skeletal muscle to neural application of batracho toxin or tetrodo toxin effect on sarcoplasmic reticulum

Wan K.K.; Boegman J., 1981:
Response of rat skeletal muscle to neural application of batracho toxin or tetrodo toxin effect on soluble proteins

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Response of rat soleus muscle to tenotomy: a correlative histochemical and biochemical study

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Response of ratooning grain sorghum sorghum bicolor to nitrogen fertilizer and insecticides

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Response of rats to diets of equal chemical score: effect of lysine or threonine as the limiting amino acid and of an amino acid excess

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Response of rats to over heating after prolonged hypo kinesia

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Response of rats to repeated oral administration of endosulfan

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Response of raya brassica juncea varieties to the levels and the time of nitrogen fertilization

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Response of red and jack pines to inoculation with microbial associates of the pine engraver ips pini coleoptera scolytidae

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Response of red blood cell control materials to altered testing conditions

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Response of red clover to time of application of phosphorus potassium in combination with nitrogen fertilization part 1 forage yield

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Response of red cotton bug dysdercus koenigii fabr. toward some newly synthesized juvenile hormone mimics

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Response of red spruce picea rubens and balsam fir abies balsamea seedlings to aluminum toxicity in nutrient solutions

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Response of red tide organisms to sulfide

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Response of red winged blackbirds agelaius phoeniceus to nests of long billed marsh wrens cistothorus palustris

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Response of remission lymphocytes to autochthonous leukemic myelo blasts

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Response of resistant and susceptible alfalfa cultivars to regional isolates of stem nematode

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Response of resistant and susceptible soybean glycine max cultivars to continuous cropping in area infested with cyst nematode heterodera glycines

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Response of respiration of tobacco d leaves in light and darkness and carbon di oxide compensation concentration to prior illumination and oxygen

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Response of respiratory center lateral zone neurons to local stimulation of the medial zone

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Response of respiratory motoneurons to release from vagal inhibition in the rabbit

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Response of resting human peripheral blood natural killer cells to interleukin 2

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Response of retinol serum levels to the intake of vitamin a fortified sugar by preschool children

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Response of rhesus monkey lymphocytes to short term administration of tetra hydro cannabinol

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Response of rhizobia to saline alkaline and acid conditions in laboratory media

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Response of rhizobium culture inoculation zinc and molybdenum application to soybean glycine max

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Response of rhizobium leguminosarum isolates to different forms of inorganic nitrogen during nodule development in pea pisum sativum l

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Response of rhizobium sp umkl 20 to sodium chloride stress

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Response of rhizobium spp and pea seedlings to glycine

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Response of rhizoctonia blights of tall fescue festuca arundinacea to selected fungicides in the greenhouse

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Response of rhytisma acerinum to air pollution

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Response of rice and wheat to nitrogen in rice wheat rotation

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Response of rice cultivar ratna to methods of planting and nitrogen levels

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Response of rice cultivars and hybrids to artificial growth conditions

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Response of rice cultivars to phosphorus supply on an oxisol

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Response of rice oryxa sativa to differential irrigation at growth stages on a sandy loam soil in punjab india

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Response of rice oryza sativa cultivar ir 42 to phosphate and lime on a sulfic tropaquept acid sulfate from unit tatas central kalimantan indonesia

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Response of rice oryza sativa cultivars to the time of harvest in taiwan

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Response of rice oryza sativa cultivars to zinc

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Response of rice oryza sativa to solar radiation and temperature estimated from international yield trials

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Response of rice oryza sativa to the source the rate and the time of applying nitrogen under flooded conditions

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Response of rice to different types of zincated phosphorus fertilizers under submerged conditions

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Response of rice to field to field vs. independent irrigation

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Response of rice to rock phosphate in an alfisol of chotanagpur plateau in bihar india

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Response of rice to zinc and evaluation of some soil test methods for zinc

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Response of rice varieties to differential fertilization

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Response of rice varieties to seasons in taiwan

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Response of rice wheat rotation to zinc under irrigated condition in doon valley india

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Response of right ventricular ejection fraction to exercise stress in coronary artery disease

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Response of right ventricular ejection fraction to upright bicycle exercise in coronary artery disease

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Response of rockfish sebastes schlegeli to the colored lights

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Response of root cells to the feeding by the ecto parasitic root infesting nematode trichodorus similis

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Response of root knot nematode single and mixed populations to certain granular nematicides in tomato roots

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Response of rough fescue festuca scabrella to light water temperature and litter removal under controlled conditions

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Response of roumi red grapevines to applications of 2 chloroethyltrimethylammonium chloride and gibberellic acid

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Response of rubro moto neuronal cells identified by spike triggered averaging of electro myographic activity in awake monkeys

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Response of rutabaga to combinations of herbicides and insecticides

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Response of rye grass lolium perenne and white clover trifolium repens to phosphorus on an allophanic soil egmont black loam

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Response of rye grass plant introductions to artificial inoculation with pyricularia grisea under greenhouse conditions

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Response of rye grass to nitrogen on chalkland in the south of england uk

Eleizalde B., 1983:
Response of ryegrass to phosphorus added in soils of the ebro valley spain

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Response of s 1 maize varieties and varietal hybrids to altitude and environments in cameroon

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Response of s. freud to furst concerning sexual education in sexual explanations given to children

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Response of saccharomyces cerevisiae to n methyl n' nitro n nitrosoguanidine mutagenesis survival and ddr gene expression

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Response of safflower carthamus tinctorius varieties to different dates of sowing

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Response of safflower carthamus tinctorius varieties to plant densities and nitrogen levels

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Response of salivary cortisol levels to dexamethasone suppression test dst in autistic children

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Response of salmonella typhimurium mutants to delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol and in conjunction with known mutagens

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Response of salt stressed wheat triticum aestivum cultivar mexi pax seedlings to kinetin

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Response of salvinia molesta to insect damage changes in nitrogen phosphorus and potassium content

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Response of san jose scale quadraspidiotus perniciosus to natural and synthetic sex pheromones

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Response of sarcomas of bone and soft tissue to neutron beam therapy

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Response of schaffer collateral ca 1 pyramidal cell synapses of the hippocampus to analogs of acidic amino acids

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Response of schistosoma mansoni miracidia to snail substance research on chemotactic substances

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Response of scolytus multistriatus coleoptera scolytidae to alpha multistriatin and delta multistriatin in switzerland

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Response of seasonally anestrous ewes to 6 hour periods of gonadotropic releasing hormone infusion administered on 6 consecutive days

Mcleod B.J.; Haresign W.; Lamming G.E., 1982:
Response of seasonally anestrous ewes to small dose multiple injections of gonadotropin releasing hormone with and without progesterone pre treatment

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Response of secretory cells of the stomach and pancreas to administration of neurotensin into the globus pallidus and the caudate nucleus

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Response of seed germination and hypocotyl and root length of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar pearson a 1 improved 11010 17110 to some monovalent and divalent cations

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Response of seed of 7 deciduous fruits to stratification temperatures and implications for modeling

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Response of seeded grape vitis vinifera cultivar khalili to growth regulators

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Response of seedless grapes to nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and micronutrient supply in relation to dose ratio and time of application in nubariya egypt

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Response of seedling rootstocks of peach prunus persica to soil temperature

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Response of seedling success of solanum khasianum to the acid scarification of seeds during different storage periods

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Response of seedlings of 3 citrus rootstock cultivars to salinity

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Response of seedlings of 3 perennial grasses to dalapon amitrole and glyphosate

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Response of seedlings of winter wheat cultivars varying in productivity to decreased light intensity

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Response of segments of isolated hepatic arteries to serotonin in the presence of metergoline

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Response of selected camellia reticulata cultivars to glomerella cingulata cause of contagious camellia dieback and canker

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Response of selected fetal organs to anti neoplastic agents

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Response of selected maize zea mays inbreds to erwinia stewartii and erwinia zeae

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Response of selected plant species seeded on mule deer odocoileus hemionus hemionus winter range

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Response of selected resistant maize genotypes to 3 species of sclerospora

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Response of selected rice oryza sativa lines to molinate

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Response of selected soybean glycine max cultivars to soil moisture deficit

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Response of Selenastrum capricornutum to zinc sulfides

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Response of self thinning to artificially reduced levels of leaf area in monocultures of trifolium pratense

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Response of semi dwarf and conventional winter wheat varieties to the application of nitrogen fertilizer

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Response of semi mature slash pinus elliottii var elliottii and loblolly pine pinus taeda plantations to fertilization with nitrogen and phosphorus

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Response of semicircular canal dependent units in vestibular nuclei to rotation of a linear acceleration vector without angular acceleration

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Response of semicircular canals of rats flown aboard the bio satellite cosmos 936

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Response of sensory receptors of the cat's hindlimb to a transient step function direct current electric field

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Response of sequentially branching macrovessels and microvessels during reactive hyperemia in skeletal muscle

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Response of serum 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 to variation of ionized calcium during chronic acidosis

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Response of serum cortisol in crossbred bullocks to graded work load

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Response of serum hapto globin to hormone treatment and the relation of pre treatment values to mortality in patients with prostatic cancer

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Response of serum hormones to androgen administration in power athletes

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Response of serum prolactin to catechol estrogen in the immature rat

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Response of serum testosterone and its precursor steroids sex hormone binding globulin and cortisol binding globulin to anabolic steroid and testosterone self administration in man

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Response of sesame sesamum indicum varieties to environment in the sudan central rainlands

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Response of setaria italica to inoculation with azospirillum brasilense as compared to azotobacter chroococcum

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Response of several adrenal steroids to ACTH stimulation in essential hypertension

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Response of several adreno cortical steroids to the administration of acth in hirsute women

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Response of several eastern forest tree species to chronic doses of ozone and nitrogen di oxide

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Response of several genetic sources of corn zea mays to acidic soil

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Response of several members of the ericaceae to soils of contrasting ph and base status

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Response of several sugar beet beta vulgaris cultivars to nitrogen fertilization yield and crown tissue production

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Response of several wheat genotypes to zinc

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Response of several winter wheat cultivars to different crop sequences

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Response of sheep and cattle to combined polyvalent Pasteurella haemolytica vaccines

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Response of sheep lymphocytes to phyto hem agglutinin quantitation by nuclear volume measurement and cell counts

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Response of sheep to challenge infection with Fasciola hepatica

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Response of sheep to parenteral vaccination and immunizing infections against the abomasal nematode haemonchus contortus

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Response of shell less cultured chick embryos to exogenous parathyroid hormone and 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol

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Response of shortgrass plains vegetation to gamma radiation iii. nine years of chronic irradiation

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Response of shrubs to simulated browsing

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Response of silage and grain corn to irrigation and nitrogen fertilizer

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Response of single Purkinje neurons in the flocculus of albino rabbits to caloric stimulation

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Response of single raphe neurons to dextro lsd correlation with dextro lsd binding in brain

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Response of single units in laminae 2 and 3 of cat spinal cord

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Response of single units in the amygdala to stimulation of buffer nerves in cat

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Response of sipunculid hemerythrins to inorganic ions and carbon dioxide

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Response of sitanion hystrix to prescribed burning

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Response of six cultivars of spring barley hordeum vulgare to top dressing of nitrogen

E.Khattari S.K., 1985:
Response of six wheat varieties to different nitrogen rates

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Response of skeletal muscle to neural application of batracho toxin or tetrodo toxin endocytosis of extracellular markers

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Response of skin thickness and metacarpal index to estradiol therapy in postmenopausal women

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Response of skin to ammonium per sulfate

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Response of slash pine pinus elliottii var elliottii progenies to fertilization

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Response of slash pine pinus elliottii var elliottii to different spacings and site preparation treatments

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Response of slash pine seedlings to phosphorus sources of varying citrate solubility

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Response of slovak spotted cattle to stresses evoked by physical stimuli and the administration of pharmaceutical agents

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Response of slugs to unacceptable food items

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Response of small arteries in the rat cremaster muscle to decreases in perfusion pressure

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Response of small grain cultivars to chlorsulfuron

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Response of small laboratory animals by coal fly ash inhalation effect of inhaled coal fly ash on pulmonary surfactant of young adult golden hamsters

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Response of small mammals to aerial applications of the nucleopolyhedrosis virus of the gypsy moth lymantria dispar

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Response of small mammals to forest clearings created by herbicides in the central appalachians usa

Johnson M.K., 1982:
Response of small mammals to livestock grazing in south central idaho usa

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Response of snake cucumber cucumis melo var pubescens cultivar ferany to some plant regulators

Skarphol B.J.; Corey K.A.; Meisinger J.J., 1987:
Response of snap beans to tillage and cover crop combinations

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Response of soft bottom benthos to annual catastrophic disturbance in a southern florida usa estuary

Ewing A.L.; Menke J.W., 1983:
Response of soft chess bromus mollis and slender oat avena barbata to simulated drought cycles

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Response of soft shell clam mya arenaria growth to onset and abatement of pollution

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Response of soil micro flora and certain crops to vorlex and linuron

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Response of soil micro flora to high 2 4 d applications

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Response of soil mineral nitrogen to total nitrogen and land use in a long term study of wheat pasture rotations

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Response of soil nematodes rotifers and tardigrades to 3 levels of season long sulfur di oxide exposures

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Response of solanum melongena to the foliar spray on planofix

Vander Zaag P.; Demagante A.; Acasio R.; Domingo A.; Hagerman H., 1986:
Response of solanum potatoes to mulching during different seasons in an isohyperthermic environment in the philippines

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Response of solid seeded soybeans glycine max to flood irrigation 1. application timing

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Response of soluble solids accumulation fruitfulness cold resistance and onset of bud growth to differential defoliation stress at veraison in concord grapevines

Subramanyam, S.; Murthy, D.K., 1978:
Response of somatic chromosomes of mice to pheno barbitone

Niizeki M.; Tanaka M.; Saito K I., 1986:
Response of somatic hybrid callus between rice and soybean in streptomycin

Lee, Y.S.; Kim, J.Y.; Kim, B.H., 1986:
Response of some agronomic traits of rice oryza sativa l. various cultural patterns in the southern part of korea

Milovac M.; Markovic B., 1986:
Response of some crops on the fertilization with potassium in relation with soil fertility

Sharma M.P.; Dattagupta A.K., 1983:
Response of some fresh water micro metazoans to ddt

D.S.alzi M.; Cinelli P.; D.L.onardis V.; Becucci A.; Mariani R.; Fattirolli F.; Ciapini A., 1987:
Response of some hemocoagulatory and hemorheological variables to maximal exercise in sedentary and active subjects

Arsenijevic M., 1982:
Response of some herbaceous and woody plants to pseudomonas syringae isolates of various origin

Vyas K.K.; Khurana G.P.; Jat R.L.; Jat P.C., 1980:
Response of some high yielding wheat triticum aestivum cultivars and their economics under low and moderate fertility levels

Callebaut M.; Badji M.; Feyen J., 1985:
Response of some horticultural crops to irrigation in the semi arid region of tunisia

Eggens J.L., 1979:
Response of some kentucky blue grass poa pratensis cultivars to competitive stress from annual blue grass poa annua

Sinha, N.P.; Singh, T.P., 1977:
Response of some maize germ plasms to zinc in calcareous soil of north bihar india

Kirk J.P.; Davies W.D.; Park K., 1986:
Response of some members of the fish community to gizzard shad removal from chambers county public fishing lake alabama usa

Routaray B.N.; Sahoo H.; Das S.N., 1986:
Response of some nematode resistant tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars to mixed inoculations of meloidogyne incognita and pseudomonas solanacearum

Krasnovskaya I.A., 1984:
Response of some neurosecretory centers of the rat hypothalamus to cooling and thyroliberin injection

Rashid M.; Fasahat Ali Khan M., 1979:
Response of some new corn varieties to fertilizers under artificial saline conditions

Shah S.C.; Gupta L.K., 1985:
Response of some plant growth regulators on rooting behaviour of cutting of belladonna atropa belladonna l

Verma G.S.; Pandey U.K.; Pandey M., 1981:
Response of some plant origin insecticides against insect pests of cruciferous vegetables bagrada cruciferarum hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae

Pandey U.K.; Srivastava A.K.; Chandel B.S.; Lekha C., 1982:
Response of some plant origin insecticides against potato tuber moth gnorimoschema operculella lepidoptera gelechiidae infesting solanaceous crops

Halemani H.L.; Hegde D.M.; Kudasomannavar B.T., 1980:
Response of some promising maize zea mays genotypes to nitrogen fertilization under transition tract rainfed conditions

Coly A., 1980:
Response of some rice varieties grown in west africa to photoperiod

Montasser S.A.; A.S.yed A.A.; Kheir A.M., 1985:
Response of some sunflower cultivars to parasitism by 3 nematode species

Campos, V.P., 1987:
Response of some sunflower helianthus annuus l. cultivars to meloidogyne incognita and meloidogyne javanica

Taha E S.M.; E.B.ltagy A.S.; Hassan S.M.; Gomaa H.M.; Maksoud M.A., 1984:
Response of some tomato lycopersicon esculentum varieties to water stress during germination and seedling stages

Bondad, N.D., 1976:
Response of some tropical and subtropical fruits to pre harvest and post harvest applications of ethephon

Abbas Z.; Kumar S., 1987:
Response of sonalika wheat and triticale varieties to timings of nitrogen application coinciding with irrigation schedule

Dokuchaev N.E., 1980:
Response of sorex caecutiens to bait and its connection with brown fat content

Bebawi F.F., 1981:
Response of sorghum bicolor cultivars and striga hermonthica population to nitrogen fertilization

Rego A.M.; Veiga A.F.S.L.; Pimentel M.L.; Rodrigues Z.A.; Oliveira M.L., 1984:
Response of sorghum bicolor cultivars to sitophilus zeamais coleoptera curculionidae

Edje O.T., 1981:
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor and beans phaseolus vulgaris cultivar 253 1 in mono culture and in association

Devitt D.; Stolzy L.H.; Jarrell W.M., 1984:
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor and wheat triticum aestivum to different potassium to sodium ratios at varying osmotic potentials

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Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor cultivar cs 3541 to nitrogen fertilizer and economics of fertilization

Pawar, H.K.; Narkhede, B.N., 1981:
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor hybrid csh 1 and cultivar m. 35 1 to different levels of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in rabi under irrigation 4. content and uptake of nitrogen

Pawar, H.K.; Narkhede, B.N., 1981:
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor hybrid csh 1 and variety m. 35 1 to different levels of nitrogen potassium and phosphorus in rabi under irrigation 3. dry matter accumulation pattern

Pawar, H.K.; Narkhede, B.N.; Khupse, V.S., 1980:
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor hybrid csh 1 and variety m.35 1 to different levels of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in rabi under irrigation 1. studies on growth and yield

Pawar, H.K.; Narkhede, B.N.; Khuspe, V.S., 1980:
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor hybrid csh 1 and variety m.35 1 to different levels of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in rabi under irrigation 2. studies on content and uptake of phosphate and potash

Devitt D.A.; Stolzy L.H.; Jury W.A.; Lopatynski G., 1986:
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor to a water gradient and potassium variable

Sivakumar, M.V.K.; Seetharama, N.; Gill, K.S.; Sachan, R.C., 1981 :
Response of sorghum sorghum bicolor to moisture stress using line source sprinkler irrigation 1. plant water relations

Hofstra G., 1984:
Response of source sink relationship in soybean glycine max cultivar biloxi to temperature

Smittle, D.A.; Threadgill, E.D., 1977:
Response of southern pea vigna unguiculata to tillage methods

Edwards S.; Foxcroft G.R., 1983:
Response of sows to estradiol benzoate treatment after weaning at 2 stages of lactation

E.S.innawi M.M.; Thabet F.; Shatla M.N.; E.B.hrawy S.A.; Omran N., 1985:
Response of soybean cultivars to inoculation with rhizobium japonicum under egyptian conditions

Cooper, R.L., 1977:
Response of soybean cultivars to narrow rows and planting rates under weed free conditions

Pell, E.J.; Lukezic, F.L.; Levine, R.G.; Weissberger, W.C., 1977:
Response of soybean foliage to reciprocal challenges by ozone and a hyper sensitive response inducing pseudomonad

Porto, M.C.M.; Dos-Santos-Filho, J.M.; Barni, N.A.; Minor, H.C.; Bergamaschi, H., 1980:
Response of soybean glycine max cultivar bragg to irrigation and fertility levels of the soil 2. absorption of nutrients

Reich, P.B.; Schoettle, A.W.; Raba, R.M.; Amundson, R.G., 1986:
Response of soybean glycine max cultivar hodgson to low concentrations of ozone i. reductions in leaf and whole plant net photosynthesis and leaf chlorophyll content

Amundson, R.G.; Raba, R.M.; Schoettle, A.W.; Reich, P.B., 1986:
Response of soybean glycine max cultivar hodgson to low concentrations of ozone ii. effects on growth biomass allocation and flowering

Sacchidanand, B.; Sawarkar, N.J.; Ghurayya, R.S.; Shinde, D.A.; Sinha, S.B., 1980:
Response of soybean glycine max cultivar j.s. 2 to sulfur and phosphorus

Satterlee L.D.; Koller H.R., 1984:
Response of soybean glycine max cultivar wells fruit respiration to changes in whole plant light and carbon dioxide environment

Heatherly L.G., 1983:
Response of soybean glycine max cultivars to irrigation of a clay soil

Costa J.A.; Oplinger E.S.; Pendleton J.W., 1980:
Response of soybean glycine max cultivars to planting patterns

Shinde D.A.; Odhiambo S.O.; Soni B.K., 1984:
Response of soybean glycine max genotypes to superphosphate based on tissue concentration at 50 days growth

Owiredu, J.D.; Danso, S.K.A., 1988:
Response of soybean glycine max l. merrill to bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculation in three soils in ghana

Anand S.C.; Brar G.S., 1983:
Response of soybean glycine max lines to differentially selected cultures of soybean cyst nematode heterodera glycines

Sumarno, 1986:
Response of soybean glycine max merr genotypes to continuous saturated culture

Munevar F.; Wollum A.G.II, 1982:
Response of soybean glycine max plants to high root temperature as affected by plant cultivar and rhizobium japonicum strain

Sediyama T.; Wilcox J.R., 1980 :
Response of soybean glycine max populations to inbreeding under 2 photoperiods

Keeling B.L.; Hartwig E.E.; Jackson E.L., 1981:
Response of soybean glycine max strains to artificial inoculation with nematospora coryli

Marques-Porto, M.C.; Dos-Santos-Filho, J.M.; Barni, N.A.; Minor, H.C.; Bergamaschi, H., 1979:
Response of soybean glycine max to irrigation and level of fertility of the soil 1. yield of seeds and agricultural characteristics

Touchton J.T., 1984:
Response of soybean glycine max to nitrogen phosphorus starter fertilizer

Evans J., 1982:
Response of soybean rhizobium symbioses to mineral nitrogen

Walker, J.T.; Melin, J., 1978:
Response of soybean to anti oxidant sprays at ambient ozone levels in georgia

Badr E.D.n S.M.S.; Khalafallah M.A.; Moawad H., 1986:
Response of soybean to dual inoculation with rhizobium japonicum and phosphate dissolving bacteria

Sionit N., 1983:
Response of soybean to glycine max cultivar ransom to 2 levels of mineral nutrition in carbon di oxide enriched atmosphere

Schmitt, D.P.; Ferris, H.; Barker, K.R., 1987:
Response of Soybean to Heterodera glycines Races 1 and 2 in Different Soil Types

Nur, I.M., 1977:
Response of soybean to rates of nitrogen at sudan

Fattah, Q.A.; Khan, S.A.A. , 1977:
Response of soybean to tri iodo benzoic acid under field conditions

Blackmon C.W.; Lewis S.A., 1979:
Response of soybeans and populations of the lance nematode hoplolaimus columbus to fumigant nematocides applied at planting

Heagle A.S.; Lesser V.M.; Rawlings J.O.; Heck W.W.; Philbeck R.B., 1986:
Response of soybeans glycine max cultivar davis to chronic doses of ozone applied as constant or proportional additions to ambient air

Heagle A.S.; Philbeck R.B.; Brewer P.F.; Ferrell R.E., 1983:
Response of soybeans glycine max cultivar davis to simulated acid rain in the field

Minton N.A.; Barker M.B., 1980:
Response of soybeans glycine max cultivar ransom and nematodes to at planting applications of fumigant and nonfumigant nematocides

Boote K.J., 1981:
Response of soybeans glycine max in different maturity groups to march plantings in southern usa

Martens D.C.; Gunaratne W.D.L.; Gettier S.W.; Tierney C.E., 1984:
Response of soybeans glycine max to broadcast and foliar application of manganese

Emerson B.N.; Minor H.C., 1979:
Response of soybeans glycine max to high temperature during germination

Heatherly L.G.; Elmore C.D., 1983:
Response of soybeans glycine max to planting in untilled weedy seedbed on clay soil

Boerma, H.R.; Marchant, W.H.; Parker, M.B., 1976:
Response of soybeans in maturity group v group vi group vii and group viii to end trimming

Nelson, D.W.; Swearingin, M.L.; Beckham, L.S., 1978:
Response of soybeans to commercial soil applied inoculants

Shrivastava S.K.; Ratnam N.V.; Tiwari D.K., 1982:
Response of soybeans to micro nutrients

Boerma, H.R., 1977:
Response of soybeans to over seeding followed by plant thinning at various growth stages

Lawn, R.J.; Byth, D.E.; Mungomery, V.E., 1977:
Response of soybeans to planting date in southeastern queensland part 3 agronomic and physiological response of cultivars to planting arrangements

Beech D.F.; Garside A.L.; Wood I.M., 1988:
Response of soybeans to sowing date during the wet season in the ord irrigation area western australia

Pezeshki S.R.; Delaune R.D.; Patrick W.H.Jr, 1987:
Response of spartina patens to increasing levels of salinity in rapidly subsiding marshes of the mississippi river deltaic plain usa

Purvis H.A.; Chudy C.L.; King E.L.Jr; Dawson V.K., 1985:
Response of spawning phase sea lampreys petromyzon marinus to a lighted trap

Fabri P.J.; Johnson J.A.; Mcguigan J.E.; Zollinger R.M., 1979:
Response of species of gastrin to calcium infusion in zollinger ellison syndrome

Flora M.D.; Rosendahl P.C., 1982:
Response of specific conductance to environmental conditions in the everglades national park florida usa

Weiser K.; Litt M., 1979:
Response of specific transfer rna levels to amino acid deprivation in friend leukemia cells

Olive, P.L., 1987:
Response of spheroids implanted in the peritoneal cavity of mice exposed to cyclophosphamide and ionizing radiation

Ainsworth E.J.; Kelly L.S.; Mahlmann L.J.; Schooley J.C.; Thomas R.H.; Howard J.; Alpen E.L., 1983:
Response of spleen colony forming units to heavy charged particles

Rey, C.; Dileone, G.R., 1977:
Response of spleen lymphocytes shortly after thymectomy in adult mouse

Meisner J.; Ascher K.R.S.; Aly R.; Warthen J.D.Jr, 1981:
Response of spodoptera littoralis and earias insulana larvae to azadirachtin and salannin

Gafter U.; Eby B.; Martin C.; Lau K., 1986:
Response of spontaneously hypertensive rats to 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 in vivo

Zemanek M., 1980:
Response of spring barley genotypes to differential water supply

Clay S.A.; Thill D.C.; Cochran V.L., 1988:
Response of spring barley hordeum vulgare to herbicides

Johnston H.W.; Macleod J.A., 1987:
Response of spring barley to fungicides plant growth regulators and supplemental nitrogen

Khanvilkar S.A.; Singh N.P.; Hukkeri S.B., 1987:
Response of spring sunflower to irrigation mulch and antitranspirants

Krupnov V.A.; Kozlova A.Yu; Elesin V.A., 1988:
Response of spring wheat cultivars and their analogs to various photoperiods

Singkh S.P.; Rakipov N.T., 1987:
Response of spring wheat to high zinc and lead content under mineral fertilization

Reinertsen M.R.; Cochran V.L.; Morrow L.A., 1984:
Response of spring wheat to nitrogen fertilizer placement row spacing and wild oat avena fatua herbicides in a no till system

Fixen P.E.; Gelderman R.H.; Gerwing J.; Cholick F.A., 1986:
Response of spring wheat triticum aestivum barley hordeum vulgare and oats avena sativa to chloride in potassium chloride fertilizers

Abrazhko M.A., 1985:
Response of spruce picea abies roots to nitrogen fertilizers in subclimax communities

Scherbatskoy T.; Klein R.M., 1983:
Response of spruce picea glauca and birch betula alleghaniensis foliage to leaching by acidic mists

Koshel'kov S.P.; Il'yushenko A.F.; Ivanitskaya E.F.; Il'in V.A., 1980:
Response of spruce re growth to removing birch and fertilization

Smittle D.A.; Threadgill E.D., 1982:
Response of squash cucurbita pepo var condensa cultivar dixie to irrigation nitrogen fertilization and tillage systems

Fucik J.E., 1979:
Response of st augustine grass stenotaphrum secundatum to nitrogen phosphorus and 2 additives in the lower rio grande valley of texas usa

Davidson, J.L.; Birch, J.W., 1978:
Response of standard australian and a mexican wheat to temperature and water stress

Conover M.R.; Perito J.J., 1981:
Response of starlings sturnus vulgaris to distress calls and predator models holding conspecific prey

Gilreath J.P., 1985:
Response of statice limonium sinuata to selected herbicides

De-Ruiter-Bootsma, A.L.; Kramer, M.F.; De-Rooij, D.G.; Davids, J.A.G., 1976:
Response of stem cells in the mouse testis to fission neutrons of 1 mev mean energy and 300 kilovolt x rays methodology dose response studies relative biological effectiveness

Squire G.R., 1979:
Response of stomata of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides to atmospheric humidity

Rai R., 1979:
Response of strains of rhizobium on nodulation grain yield protein and amino acids content of chick pea cicer arietinum

Smeda R.J.; Putnam A.R., 1988:
Response of strawberries and annual weeds to fluazifop butyl and chloroxuron

Albregts E.E.; Howard C.M., 1986:
Response of strawberries fragaria ananassa to soil and foliar fertilizer rates

Culp, J.M.; Wrona, F.J.; Davies, R.W., 1986:
Response of stream benthos and drift to fine sediment deposition vs. transport

Veum T.L.; Ellersieck M.R.; Durham T.L.; Mcvickers W.R.; Mcwilliams S.N.; Lasley J.F., 1979:
Response of stress susceptible and stress resistant hampshire pigs to electrical stress part 1 physiological and biochemical effects

Ellersieck M.R.; Veum T.L.; Durham T.L.; Mcvickers W.R.; Mcwilliams S.N.; Lasley J.F., 1979 :
Response of stress susceptible and stress resistant hampshire pigs to electrical stress part 2 effects on blood cells and blood minerals

Melendez R.C.G.; Salinas J.G.; Pizarro E.A., 1986:
Response of stylosanthes capitata ecotypes to doses of copper in a nutrient solution

Eshel A., 1985:
Response of suaeda aegyptiaca to potassium chloride sodium chloride and sodium sulfate treatments

Boettger, M.; Engvild, K.C.; Kaiser, P., 1978:
Response of substituted iaa in the indolo alpha pyrone fluorescence determination/

Meyer J.R.; Linderman R.G., 1986:
Response of subterranean clover to dual inoculation with vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and a plant growth promoting bacterium pseudomonas putida

Barbetti M.J.; Wong D.H.; Sivasithamparam K.; D'antuono M.F., 1986:
Response of subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum cultivars to root rot fungi

Biengang P.; Johnson W., 1980:
Response of subtropical phyto plankton to power plant entrainment

Prasad B.N.; Tewary P.D., 1981:
Response of subtropical population of passer domesticus to constant illumination

Edwards S.; Roche J.F.; Niswender G.D., 1983:
Response of suckling beef cows to multiple low dose injections of gonadotropin releasing hormone with or without progesterone pre treatment

Gottlieb G.L.; Agarwal G.C., 1979:
Response of sudden torques about ankle in man myo tactic reflex

Jablonski L.M.; Geiger D.R., 1987:
Response of sugar beet plant morphology and carbon distribution to shortened days

Shirinyan M.Kh; Ponomarenko G.I., 1981:
Response of sugar beet to mineral fertilizers as a function of the amount of phosphorus and potassium in the soil

Schweizer E.E., 1979:
Response of sugar beets beta vulgaris and 4 weed species to dinitramine

Schweizer, E.E., 1978:
Response of sugar beets beta vulgaris to sublethal rates of 2 4 d

Smith G.A., 1985:
Response of sugarbeet beta vulgaris in europe and the usa to cercospora beticola infection

Fernandes M.S.; Almeida D.J., 1982:
Response of sugarcane cultivar cb 45 3 to nitrate and molybdenum in 2 tabuleiro soils

Munoz A.R.; Molina M.L., 1984:
Response of sugarcane cultivars poj 28 78 variety to fertilization in sloping soils of antioquia colombia

Elawad, S.H.; Street, J.J.; Gascho, G.J., 1982:
Response of sugarcane saccharum sp to silicate source and rate 2. leaf freckling and nutrient content

Bhosale C.K.; Patil J.D.; Patil N.D., 1986:
Response of sugarcane to different combinations of superphosphate and rock phosphate in calcareous vertisol

Tweneboah, Y., 1977:
Response of sugarcane to fertilizer phosphorus on coastal savanna ochrosols

Prasad, M., 1976:
Response of sugarcane to filter press mud and nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers part 1 effect on sugarcane yield and sucrose content

Prasad, M., 1976:
Response of sugarcane to filter press mud and nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers part 2 effects on plant composition and soil chemical properties

Parashar K.S.; Sharma R.P.; Sharma S.N.; Singh S., 1983:
Response of sugarcane to nitrogen phosphorus and potassium

Wells B.R.; Bacon R.K.; Sabbe W.E.; Sutton R.L., 1986:
Response of sulfur deficient wheat triticum aestivum to sulfur fertilizer

Norby R.J.; Kozlowski T.T., 1981:
Response of sulfur di oxide fumigated pinus resinosa seedlings to post fumigation temperature

Koziol M.J.; Shelvey J.D.; Lockyer D.R.; Whatley F.R., 1986:
Response of sulfur dioxide sensitive and resistant genotypes of ryegrass lolium perenne to prolonged exposure to sulfur dioxide

Prasad S.N., 1985:
Response of summer cowpea vigna unguiculata to varying levels of nitrogen and phosphorus

Akhtar M.; Samiullah; Afridi M.M.R.K.; Khan M.M.A.; Khan F.A., 1986:
Response of summer moong to combined doses of nitrogen and phosphorus

Gill, J.S.; Cheema, S.S., 1976:
Response of summer mung phaseolus aureus to irrigations at different potential evaporation values planting methods and phosphorus levels

Butorac A., 1982 :
Response of summer oats avena sativa and winter rye secale cereale in model experiments to soil compaction and fertility

Robinson R.G.; Ford J.H.; Lueschen W.E.; Rabas D.L.; Smith L.J.; Warnes D.D.; Wiersma J.V., 1980:
Response of sunflower helianthus annuus to plant population

Robinson R.G.; Ford J.H.; Lueschen W.E.; Rabas D.L.; Warnes D.D.; Wiersma J.V., 1982:
Response of sunflower helianthus annuus to uniformity of plant spacing

Zehnalek, J.; Minar, J., 1987:
Response of sunflower seedlings helianthus annuus l. to foliar application of solution of dam 390 ammonium nitrate and urea

Connor, D.J.; Jones, T.R., 1985:
Response of sunflower to strategies of irrigation ii. morphological and physiological responses to water stress

Connor, D.J.; Palta, J.A.; Jones, T.R., 1985:
Response of sunflower to strategies of irrigation iii. crop photosynthesis and transpiration

Sharoshkin N.M.; Petrov Spiridonov A.E., 1986:
Response of sunflowers to ammonium feeding under varying phosphate concentration in medium

Boonduang, A.; Kanehiro, Y.; Murdoch, C.L., 1976:
Response of sunturf bermuda grass to slow release nitrogen sources under greenhouse conditions

Mackenzie D.S.; Peter R.E.; River J.; Vale W.W.; Gould D.R., 1984:
Response of superfused goldfish carassius auratus pituitary fragments to mammalian and salmon gonadotropin releasing hormones

Shehata M.A.; Pfleger F.L.; Davis D.W., 1983:
Response of susceptible and moderately resistant pea pisum sativum genotypes to interaction between rhizoctonia solani and 3 other stem and root rot pathogens

Mueller S.C.; Fick G.W., 1987:
Response of susceptible and resistance alfalfa cultivars to phytophthora root rot in the absence of measurable flooding damage

Karchi, Z.; Cohen, S.; Govers, A.; Yoseph, R., 1978:
Response of susceptible and resistant cantaloupes cucumis melo to cucumber mosaic virus under field conditions

Shaner, G.; Ohm, H.W.; Finney, R.E., 1978:
Response of susceptible and slow leaf rusting wheats to infection by puccinia recondita

Lucio, B.; Hitchner, S.B., 1979:
Response of susceptible vs. immune chicks to killed live modified and wild infectious bursal diseases virus vaccines

Swetly, P.; Brodano, G.B.; Knowles, B.; Koprowski, H., 1969:
Response of sv 40 transformed cell lines and cell hybrids to super infection with sv 40 and its dna

Facteau T.J.; Rowe K.E., 1981:
Response of sweet cherry prunus avium cultivar napoleon and apricot prunus armeniaca cultivar tilton pollen tube growth to high levels of sulfur di oxide

Ogg A.G.Jr; Drake S.R., 1982:
Response of sweet corn zea mays to alachlor s ethyldipropyl thio carbamate plus r 25788 n n di allyl 2 2 dichloro acetamide and vernolate plus r 25788

Dufault R.J.; Wiggans S.C., 1981:
Response of sweet peppers capsicum annuum cultivar midway to solar reflectors and reflective mulches

Ajakaiye, M.B.; Greig, J.K., 1976:
Response of sweet spanish onion to soil applied zinc

Barta A.L., 1982:
Response of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and assimilate partitioning to potassium supply in alfalfa medicago sativa

Strugnell, R.A.; Faine, S.; Graves, S., 1984:
Response of syphilitic rabbits to reinfection with homologous and heterologous Treponema pallidum strains

Dujardin, J.P.; Stone, D.N.; Paul, L.T.; Pieper, H.P., 1980:
Response of systemic arterial input impedance to volume expansion and hemorrhage

Wickliff C.; Volk V.V.; Tingey D.T.; Griffis W.L.; Trunk M.Y.; Witherow J.L., 1984:
Response of tall fescue bush bean and maize to chrome tannery sludge in soils

Hoffman G.J.; Jobes J.A.; Alves W.J., 1983:
Response of tall fescue to irrigation water salinity leaching fraction and irrigation frequency

Mersie W.; Parker C., 1983:
Response of teff eragrostis tef to 2 4 d and 2 methyl 4 chlorophenoxy acetic acid at various growth stages

Kawamura G.; Shibata A.; Yonemori T., 1981:
Response of teleosts to the plane of polarized light as determined by the heart beat rate

Den Toom A.L., 1988:
Response of ten cultivars of lolium perenne to the ectoparasitic nematode tylenchorhynchus dubius

Minton N.A.; Adamson W.C., 1979:
Response of tephrosia vogelii to 4 species of root knot nematodes

Rutter, N.; Hull, D., 1979:
Response of term babies to a warm environment

Foster, T.L.; Winans, L.; Casey, R.C.; Kirschner, L.E., 1978:
Response of terrestrial microorganisms to a simulated Martian environment

Gaytan F.; Aguilar E.; Lucena M.C., 1987:
Response of testis and accessory glands to hormonal treatment in neonatally estrogen treated rats

Ohta, Y., 1977:
Response of testis to androgen and gonadotropins in neo natally estrogenized and androgenized mice

Szeligo, F.; Leblond, C.P., 1977:
Response of the 3 main types of glial cells of cortex and corpus callosum in rats handled during suckling or exposed to enriched control and impoverished environments following weaning

Chiu, C.C.; Liu, R.C., 1975:
Response of the ability of rice seed germination to herbicides

Smith K.D.; Rodriguez Rigau L.J.; Steinberger E., 1982:
Response of the adrenal to acth in hyper androgenic women treated chronically with low doses of prednisone

Macho, L.; Alexandrová, M.; Hromadová, M.; Strbák, V.; Kvetnanský, R., 1975:
Response of the adrenals to stress in animals from litters with different numbers of young

Cepeda Pizarro J.G., 1987:
Response of the adults of gyriosomus luczoti coleoptera tenebrionidae to pitfall traps in an arid coastal ecosystem in northern chile

Goldstein, R.H., 1982:
Response of the aging hamster lung to elastase injury

Kamm J.A.; Buttery R.G., 1986 :
Response of the alfalfa and clover seed chalcids hymenoptera eurytomidae to host plant components

Benner B.L.; Bazzaz F.A., 1985:
Response of the annual abutilon theophrasti malvaceae to timing of nutrient availability

Davis, E.E., 1977:
Response of the antennal receptors of the male aedes aegypti mosquito

Reissig, W.H., 1977:
Response of the apple maggot rhagoletis pomonella and the cherry fruit fly rhagoletis fausta diptera tephritidae to protein hydrolysate bait sprays

Yousif Y.H.; Barden J.A., 1979:
Response of the apple rootstock malling merton 104 to 6 soil mixes and 3 water levels

Del-Guercio, R.; Conti, G.; Esposito, C.; Leone, C., 1977:
Response of the arterial circulation by means of photo plethysmography after nitro derivatives

Burns, E.R.; Spaet, T.H.; Stemerman, M.B., 1978:
Response of the arterial wall to endothelial removal an auto radiographic study

Rodrigo, J.; Vazquez, A.; Garcia-Bardon, V., 1976:
Response of the articular and epiphyseal cartilage of the adult rat to the administration of specific anti tissue antibodies

Feinstein D.L.; Moudrianakis E.N., 1984:
Response of the atpase activity of the soluble latent f 1 enzyme from beef heart mitochondria to changes in magnesium and hydrogen concentrations

Puntoni de Mikulić, L.E.; Márquez, M.T.; Aramendía, P., 1977:
Response of the atrial pacemaker to dobutamine

Fisher C.; Sawyer R.H., 1979:
Response of the avian chorionic epithelium to presumptive scale forming dermis

Dhindsa M.S.; Sandhu P.S., 1988:
Response of the baya weaverbird ploceus philippinus to eggs of the white throated munia lonchura malabarica relation to possible incipient brood parasitism

Andersen, R.N.; Givens, J.R.; Wiser, W.L.; Umstot, E.S., 1976:
Response of the binding capacity of plasma testosterone estradiol binding globulin to norethindrone 2 milligrams and mestranol 0.1 milligrams in poly cystic ovarian disease

Twiddy, D.A.; Downie, J.W.; Awad, S.A., 1980:
Response of the bladder to bethanechol after acute spinal cord transection in cats

Shabrov A.V.; Kuznetsov I.P., 1985:
Response of the blood cyclic nucleotides to insulin stimulation in healthy subjects and hypertensives

Kumar, S.; Khanna, S.S., 1977:
Response of the blood glucose and the pancreatic islets of the lizard uromastix hardwicki to exogenous insulin

Yaroslavtseva L.M.; Naidenko T.Kh; Sergeeva E.P.; Yaroslavtsev P.V., 1986:
Response of the blue mussel from the sea of japan at different stages of development to desalinization

Kilmartin, J.V.; Anderson, N.L.; Ogawa, S., 1978:
Response of the bohr group salt bridges to ligation of the t state of hemo globin kansas

Mclaughlin, R.E., 1976:
Response of the boll weevil to th 6040 n 4 chlorophenyl n 2 6 difluorobenzoyl urea administered by feeding

Gruzdev G.P.; Kovrigina A.M., 1987:
Response of the bone marrow fibroblast precursor cell system to exposure to ionizing radiation

Wang T M., 1982:
Response of the bone of the growing rat to cyclo phosphamide

Olivetti, G.; Ricci, R.; Beghi, C.; Guideri, G.; Anversa, P., 1986:
Response of the border zone to myocardial infarction in rats

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