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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6327

Chapter 6327 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Harris, P. M.; Hodgson, D. F.; Broadhurst, R. B., 1984: Response of male and female rats to undernutrition 1. changes in energy utilization body composition and tissue turnover during undernutrition

Harris, P. M.; Broadhurst, R. B.; Hodgson, D. F., 1984: Response of male and female rats to undernutrition 2. influence of ovariectomy on partition of nutrients by female rats during undernutrition

Fernald R.D., 1980: Response of male cichlid fish haplochromis burtoni reared in isolation to models of conspecifics

Reddi O.S., 1982: Response of male germ cells of mouse to acute and fractionated doses of iodine 131 induced radiation

Johnston, J. D.; Buckland, R. B., 1976: Response of male holstein calves from 7 sires to 4 management stresses as measured by plasma corticoid levels

Prakash I., 1983: Response of male indian gerbil tatera indica to urine from females

Anderson R.L., 1979: Response of male rats to sodium saccharin ingestion urine composition and mineral balance

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326009

Byrne D., 1981: Response of males to female initiated dates

Gaffney E.V., 1984: Response of malignant mammary cell lines to a growth inhibitor partially purified from plasma derived human serum

Bertazzoni U., 1987: Response of mammalian adp ribosyl transferase to lymphocyte stimulation mutagen treatment and cell cycling

Vnukova, Z. E., 1978: Response of mammalian cell cultures to a constant magnetic field of 1000 and 3000 oersted

Drasar B.S., 1982: Response of mammalian cell lines to the toxins of escherichia coli

Bongiorni P., 1980: Response of mammalian cells irradiated with 30 megavolt x rays in the presence of a uniform 20 kilogauss magnetic field

El Zeftawi B.M., 1982: Response of mandarins citrus reticulata cultivar early imperial to selective harvesting

Majmudar A.M., 1983: Response of mango mangifera indica cultivar langra to foliar application of phosphorus

Yang Y R., 1986: Response of marbled sole to white lights

Palumbo A.V., 1984: Response of marine bacterio plankton to differential filtration and confinement

Morel F.M.M., 1986: Response of marine diatom thalassiosira weissflogii to iron stress

Vermersch P.S., 1982: Response of marine phyto plankton to low levels to arsenate

Dortch, Q.; Clayton, J. R-Jr ; Thoreson, S. S.; Bressler, S. L.; Ahmed, S. I., 1982: Response of marine phyto plankton to nitrogen deficiency decreased nitrate uptake vs. enhanced ammonium uptake

Armbruster J.A., 1983: Response of maryland tobacco nicotiana tabacum to saline aerosol emissions from brackish water cooling towers

Aycock M.K.Jr, 1986: Response of maryland usa tobacco nicotiana tabacum to chronic ozone stress in the field

Sheffler B.A., 1982: Response of mature mice to challenge with neuro blastoma after inoculation with neuro blastoma cells as neo nates

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326027

Starratt C.E., 1987: Response of max spring wheat to management inputs

Gopalaswamy, N.; Palaniappan, T. A.; Loganathan, N. S.; Sivasankaran, D., 1975: Response of mcu 5 cotton to different irrigation schedules

Pasternak Kusmierska D., 1986: Response of meadow vegetation on liquid manure treatment

Thorburn J., 1979: Response of mean and phasic coronary arterial blood flow to graded hypercapnia in dogs

Seto K., 1988: Response of medial preoptic anterior hypothalamic neurons to ventrolateral medulla stimulation and its attenuation by adrenoceptor antagonists

Fenske, M.; Ellendorff, F.; Wuttke, W., 1975: Response of medial preoptic neurons to electrical stimulation of the medio basal hypothalamus amygdala and mesencephalon in normal serotonin or catecholamine deprived female rats

Feldman S., 1961: Response of medial septal neurons to the iontophoretic application of gluco corticoids

Miller C.A., 1979: Response of medial telencephalic neurons to stimulation in reinforcing sites in the medial fore brain bundle and ventral tegmental area

Kanzler, M.; Zeidenberg, P.; Jaffe, J. H., 1976: Response of medical personnel to an on site smoking cessation program

Gusev A.A., 1984: Response of medullary area postrema cells to experimental alloxan diabetes

Munzner, R. F.; Quint, S. R.; Johnson, R. N., 1976: Response of medullary neurons to step changes in carotid sinus pressure

St-John, W. M.; Wang, S. C., 1977: Response of medullary respiratory neurons to hypercapnia and isocapnic hypoxia

Remmers J.E., 1982: Response of medullary respiratory neurons to rostral pontine stimulation

Murthy D.K., 1984: Response of meiotic chromosomes of mice to phenobarbitone

Olaitan J.O., 1986: Response of meloidogyne incognita infected cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar ife brown to some agro waste soil amendments

Sitaramaiah, K.; Singh, R. S., 1977: Response of meloidogyne javanica and other nematodes to fatty acids

Volotovskij, J.; Risi, S.; Dose, K., 1976: Response of membrane bound atpase ec of micrococcus luteus to heat and uv light

Kasamo, K.; Shimomura, T., 1978: Response of membrane bound magnesium ion activated atpase of tobacco leaves to tobacco mosaic virus

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326046

Wampler G.L., 1981: Response of metastatic cloacogenic carcinoma to treatment with semustine

Solomon, A.; Sonoda, T.; Patterson, F. K., 1976: Response of metastatic malignant carcinoid tumor to adriamycin nsc 123127

Kocher W.M., 1983: Response of methane fermentation systems to industrial toxicants

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326050

Mueller Dombois D., 1984: Response of metrosideros polymorpha seedlings to experimental canopy opening

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326052

Hitchner S.B., 1980: Response of mibolerone treated chickens to infectious bursal disease virus

Demopoulos C.A., 1982: Response of mice and mouse platelets to acetylglyceryl ether phosphoryl choline

Bhatia, A. L.; Gupta, M. L.; Singh, R. P., 1978: Response of mice liver to continuous beta irradiation from tritiated water

Gonzalez, G. G.; Hanson, R. P.; Barrera, B. C., 1978: Response of mice to infection by vesicular stomatitis virus new jersey and indiana usa isolates

Plotkin S.A., 1983: Response of mice to rotaviruses of bovine or primate origin assessed by radio immunoassay radio immuno precipitation and plaque reduction neutralization

Prior R.B., 1982: Response of mice to trans tracheal pulmonary inoculation of anaerobic bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326059

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326060

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326061

Bottner P., 1985: Response of microbial biomass to alternate moist and dry conditions in a soil incubated with carbon 14 labeled and nitrogen 15 labeled plant material

Billes G., 1984: Response of microbial biomass to the addition of carbon 14 labeled vegetal material to the soil the role of living roots

Sexstone, A. J.; Atlas, R. M., 1977: Response of microbial populations in arctic tundra soils to crude oil

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326065

Tilman D., 1987: Response of microtus pennsylvanicus to vegetation fertilized with various nutrients with particular emphasis on sodium and nitrogen concentrations in plant tissues

Liesman J.S., 1984: Response of milking cows fed a high concentrate low roughage diet plus sodium bicarbonate magnesium oxide or magnesium hydroxide

Voigt D.R., 1983: Response of mink mustela vison skunk mephitis mephitis red fox vulpes vulpes and raccoon procyon lotor to inoculation with mink virus enteritis feline pan leukopenia and canine parvovirus and prevalence of antibody to parvovirus in wild carnivores in ontario canada

Margolis, L.; Beverley-Burton, M., 1977: Response of mink mustela vison to larval anisakis simplex nematoda ascaridida

Stanley C.D., 1982: Response of mites tetranychus urticae and leaf miners liriomyza trifolii to trickle irrigation rates in spray chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivar manatee yellow iceberg production

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326071

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326072

Schmell E.D., 1983: Response of monkeys macaca fascicularis to porcine zona pellucida as detected by a solid phase radio immunoassay

Schuster C.R., 1984: Response of monkeys to intragastric preloads limitations on caloric compensation

Ishikawa H., 1984: Response of monocotyledons to bas 9052 oh

Andersen, R. N., 1976: Response of monocotyledons to hoe 22870 and hoe 23408 usa

Ivanovic, J.; Jankovic-Hladni, M.; Stanic, V.; Kalafatic, D., 1985: Response of morimus funereus l. coleoptera cerambycidae larvae to the effect of different factors at the level of neurosecretory system hemolymph and midgut

Kasap, M., 1981: Response of mosquitoes to mechanical stimuli 2. an observation on the response of the larvae and pupae of aedes aegypti anopheles stephensi and culex pipiens diptera culicidae to taps at the edge of an experimental dish

Vogt, J. L.; Levine, S., 1980: Response of mother and infant squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus to separation and disturbance

Borden J.H., 1988: Response of mountain pine beetle dendroctonus ponderosae hopkins and pine engraver ips pini say to ipsdienol in southwestern british columbia canada

Maharajan V., 1987: Response of mouse embryos and uterus to tumor extract treatment

Batra, B. K.; Raveendran, P.; Maharajan, V., 1977: Response of mouse embryos to tumor cell and embryonic cell dialysate

Pegov A.A., 1980: Response of mouse hemopoietic stem cells to repeated irradiation

Mangum M., 1983: Response of mouse hepatoma cell methylene tetra hydro folate poly glutamates to folate deprivation

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326086

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326087

Franke H.D., 1979: Response of mouse intestine to 14 mev neutrons

Marigold J.C.L., 1981: Response of mouse intestine to combined hyper thermia and radiation contribution of direct thermal damage in assessment of the thermal enhancement ratio

Withers, H. R.; Chu, A. M.; Reid, B. O.; Hussey, D. H., 1975: Response of mouse jejunum to multifraction radiation

Constable W.C., 1980: Response of mouse kidney to hyper thermia pathology and temperature dependence of injury

Giger, O.; Mccallum, R. E., 1976: Response of mouse liver glycogen cycle enzymes to endo toxin treatment

Higgins P.J., 1982: Response of mouse liver tumor cells to the differentiation inducing agent di methyl sulfoxide

Maisin J.R., 1988: Response of mouse lung air blood barrier to x irradiation ultrastructural and stereological analysis

Adamson, I. Y. R.; Bowden, D. H., 1987: Response of mouse lung to crocidolite asbestos 1. minimal fibrotic reaction to short fibers

Adamson, I. Y. R.; Bowden, D. H., 1987: Response of mouse lung to crocidolite asbestos 2. pulmonary fibrosis after long fibers

Hill R.P., 1983: Response of mouse lung to irradiation at different dose rates

Fritz Niggli H., 1983: Response of mouse small intestine to fractionated doses of pions

Gosslee D.G., 1984: Response of mouse spermatogonial stem cells to x ray induction of heritable reciprocal translocations

Dritschilo A., 1985: Response of mouse tumor to interferon inducer and radiation

Jassik-Gerschenfeld, D.; Lange, R. V.; Ropert, N., 1977: Response of movement detecting cells in the optic tectum of pigeons to change of wavelength

Grusser-Cornehls, U., 1968: Response of movement detecting neurons of the frogs retina to moving patterns under stroboscopic illumination

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326103

Cohen P.L., 1985: Response of mrl mp + + mice to mouse sm non h 2 linked genes determine t cell recognition

Donart G.B., 1981: Response of muhlenbergia porteri to season of defoliation

Sutherland R.M., 1983: Response of multi cell spheroids to 1 megahertz ultrasonic irradiation cavitation related damage

Yuhas J.M., 1981: Response of multi cellular tumor spheroids to multiple fractions of negative pi mesons and x rays

Lyons R.E., 1987: Response of multiple seizure types to corpus callosum section

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326109

Panwar, K. S.; Singh, U. V.; Misra, A. S., 1976: Response of mung phaseolus aureus to different levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in central uttar pradesh india

Plummer, M. J.; Evans, M. J., 1976: Response of murine dna polymerase c and dna polymerase n to partial hepatectomy

Sakamoto M., 1987: Response of murine epidermal keratinocyte cultures to 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin tcdd comparison of haired and hairless genotypes

Poland A., 1982: Response of murine epidermis to 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin interaction of the ah and hr loci

Gay M., 1985: Response of murine spermatocytes to the metaphase arresting effect of several mitotic arrestants

Siemann D.W., 1982: Response of murine tumors to combinations of 1 2 chloroethyl 3 cyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea with misonidazole and other radiation sensitizers

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326116

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326117

Pandey, U. C.; Singh, K.; Saimbhi, M. S., 1974: Response of muskmelon cucumis melo to foliar and soil application of nitrogen

Mansour N.S., 1986: Response of muskmelon cucumis melo to three floating row covers

Mittler S., 1980: Response of mutagen sensitive drosophila melanogaster to hyper thermia and radiation

Lumsden H.G., 1986: Response of mute swans cygnus olor to a snapping turtle chelydra serpentina attack on a cygnet

Mccarthy, C. M.; Schaefer, J. O., 1974: Response of mycobacterium avium to uv irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326124

Bethlenfalvay G.J., 1986: Response of mycorrhizal and phosphorus fertilized soybeans glycine max cultivar amsoy 71 to nodulation by bradyrhizobium or ammonium nitrate

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326126

Raha C., 1979: Response of myrothecium roridum to beta sito sterol isolated from leaf spot resistant and susceptible jute cultivars

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326128

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326129

Snowball K., 1987: Response of narrow leafed lupines to cobalt application in relation to cobalt concentration in seed

Kern E.B., 1979: Response of nasal airway resistance to hypercapnia and hypoxia in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326133

Ruyooka D.B.A., 1979: Response of nasutitermes exitiosus termitidae to decay fungus infested wood and fungal isolate b 8 infested wood

Mckinnon L.K., 1988: Response of native parasites to russian wheat aphid

Weiss M., 1981: Response of natural enemies to the green peach aphid myzus persicae in different plant cultures

Aslakson C.J., 1988: Response of natural killer cells from dietary tyrosine restricted and phenylalanine restricted mice to biological response modifiers

Vaccaro, R. F.; Azam, F.; Hodson, R. E., 1977: Response of natural marine bacterial populations to copper controlled ecosystem pollution experiment

Chamberlain R.B., 1988: Response of nautilus to variation in ambient pressure

El-Zeftawi, B. M., 1976: Response of navel orange trees to skirting

Kirton D., 1987: Response of navy beans to row width and plant population density in queensland australia

Walker J.K., 1986: Response of nectariless cotton gossypium hirsutum genotypes to cotton fleahopper pseudatomoscelis seriatus heteroptera miridae infestation

Hewitt G.B., 1982: Response of needle and thread grass stipa comata and western wheat grass agropyron smithii to defoliation by grasshoppers

Sparling P.F., 1985: Response of neisseria gonorrhoeae to iron limitation alterations in expression of membrane proteins without apparent siderophore production

Long, R. A.; Ellis, W. L.; Taylor, G. R., 1976: Response of nematospiroides dubius to the space environment

Adams L.G., 1982: Response of neo natally thymectomized holstein calves to bcg

Fardon, J. C.; Poydock, M. E.; Tsuchiya, Y., 1978: Response of neoplastic and nonneoplastic cells to a yeast extract

Poo M M., 1985: Response of nerve growth cone to focal electric currents

Wright J.M., 1981: Response of nesting lapland longspurs calcarius lapponicus to burned tundra on the seward peninsula alaska usa

Bliss, E. L.; Ailion, J., 1969: Response of neurogenic amines to aggregation and strangers mouse rat

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326151

Martin J.H., 1983: Response of neurons in primary somato sensory cortex of cat following prolonged exposure to strong sinusoidal mechanical stimuli

Sklar L.A., 1988: Response of neutrophils to stimulus infusion differential sensitivity of cytoskeletal activation and oxidant production

Canet E., 1988: Response of newborn lambs to carbon dioxide induced hypoxia

Katiyar, O. P.; Lal, L.; Mukharji, S. P., 1975: Response of newly hatched caterpillars of diacrisia obliqua to certain host plants

Sutherland, O. R. W., 1975: Response of newly hatched codling moth larvae laspeyresia pomonella to water vapor

Bayer, M. H., 1973: Response of nicotiana mesophyll protoplasts of normal and tumorous origin to iaa in vitro

Ngere L.O., 1980: Response of nigerian zebu cattle to zeranol implants

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326160

Sasaki H., 1981: Response of nitrogen excretion to change of dietary composition in carp cyprinus carpio

Tel Or E., 1980: Response of nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria to salt

Shamsuddin, M.; Islam, H. M. W.; Paul, J. C.; Habib, M. A., 1985: Response of nitrogen t.s.p. and potash to grain yield analysis of different design of experiments

Coombes R.C., 1986: Response of nitrosomethylurea induced rat mammary tumor to endocrine therapy and comparison with clinical response

Johnson J.W., 1986: Response of no tillage corn grown in corn zea mays and soybean glycine max residues to several nitrogen fertilizer sources

Mullinix B.G.Jr, 1984: Response of nodulating and nodulating peanuts arachis hypogaea to foliarly applied nitrogen

Letarte M., 1984: Response of non t non b acute lymphocytic leukemia cells to phorbol ester

Pastorova V.E., 1984: Response of nonenzymatic fibrinolysis to intravenous injections of salmonella endotoxin into rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326170

Lauer D.A., 1986: Response of nooksack potatoes to nitrogen fertilizer

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326172

Brody J., 1980: Response of normal and beige mouse alveolar type 2 cells to lung injury

Subbiah M.T.R., 1985: Response of normal and diabetic rat aorta to deendothelialization in terms of 6 ketoprostaglandin f 1 alpha synthesis and cholesterol accumulation

Friedman M.I., 1984: Response of normal and diabetic rats to increasing dietary medium chain tri glyceride content

Merat P., 1983: Response of normal and dwarf dw gene chicks to starvation during the growth period

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326177

Russo A., 1988: Response of normal canine ureter to photodynamic therapy using a cylindrical fiber

Zighelboim, J.; Lichtenstein, A.; Benjamin, D., 1981: Response of normal subjects to mitogens 1. influence of adherent cells

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326180

Gessel S.P., 1984: Response of northwest douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii stands to urea correlations with forest soil properties

Samoshkin E.N., 1979: Response of norway spruce to influence of 1 4 bis di azo acetyl butane aqueous solutions

Mogenson G.J., 1982: Response of nucleus accumbens neurons to amygdala stimulation and its modification by dopamine

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326184

Tamura, T.; Ueda, K.; Hirano, N.; Fujiwara, K., 1976: Response of nude mice to a mouse hepatitis virus isolated from a wasting nude mouse

Kyriazis, A. P.; Kyriazis, A. A.; Yagoda, A.; Fogh, J., 1985: Response of nude mouse grown adenocarcinomas of the human exocrine pancreas to cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii diammine 1 1 cyclobutanedicarboxylato 2 o o' platinum and mitoguazone dihydrochloride

Kyriazis, A. P.; Yagoda, A.; Kyriazis, A. A.; Fogh, J., 1985: Response of nude mouse grown human urothelial cancer to cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii diammine 1 1 cyclobutanedicarboxylato 2 minus o o' platinum and mitoguazone dihydrochloride

Iatropoulos, M. J.; Bailey, J.; Adams, H. P.; Coulston, F.; Hobson, W., 1978: Response of nursing infant rhesus to clophen a 30 or hexa chloro benzene given to their lactating mothers

El Sayed A.A., 1983: Response of nutritive status and grain yield of wheat to nutrient supply in egypt

Ferguson J.D., 1980: Response of oat rye grass and barley infected with barley yellow dwarf virus to variation in nutrient supply

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326191

Heck, W. W.; Dunning, J. A., 1978: Response of oats to sulfur di oxide interactions of growth temperature with exposure temperature of humidity

Sandhu, B. S.; Horton, M. L., 1977: Response of oats to water deficit part 1 physiological characteristics

Sandhu, B. S.; Horton, M. L., 1977: Response of oats to water deficit part 2 growth and yield characteristics

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326195

Boraski J., 1985: Response of odontogenic infections to parenteral antibiotics in non compliant patients

Reynolds A.G., 1988: Response of okanagan riesling vines to training system and simulated mechanical pruning

Sinha S.K., 1980: Response of okra seeds abelmoschus esculentus cultivar pusa sawani of different chronological ages during accelerated aging and storage

Catalano F., 1985: Response of olive tree varieties to frost damage

Ito T., 1981: Response of omental milk spots to colloidal saccharated iron iii oxide in the mouse light microscopic and electron microscopic study

Tamez S., 1981: Response of onion allium cepa cultivar yellow granex prr to annual weeds and post emergence herbicides

El-Habbasha, K. M.; Behairy, A. G., 1977: Response of onion allium cepa to foliar application of gibberellic acid and some micro elements

Souza Machado V., 1985: Response of onion allium cepa to oxyfluorfen during early seedling development

Dainello F.J., 1979: Response of onions allium cepa to phosphorus placement

Kuraishi R., 1988: Response of oocytes to meiosis inducing agents in pelecypods

Nair M.K., 1988: Response of oral leukoplakias to the administration of vitamin a

Saenko A.S., 1982: Response of oral tumors to radiation therapy depending on their proliferative activity

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326211

Ikegaya F., 1980: Response of orchard grass clones from different geographical origins on grazing and clipping and their seasonal productivity

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326214

Rochel, S.; Margolis, F. L., 1980: Response of ornithine decarboxylase ec during neuronal degeneration and regeneration in olfactory epithelium

O'toole, J. C.; Cruz, R. T., 1980: Response of oryza sativa cultivars kinandang patong and ir 28 leaf water potential stomatal resistance and leaf rolling to water stress

Fageria N.K., 1984: Response of oryza sativa rice cultivars to liming in cerrado soil

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326218

Sudo H., 1987: Response of osteoblastic clonal cell line mc3t3 e1 to asu 1 7 eel calcitonin at a specific cell density or differentiation stage

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326220

Gunnarson R.D., 1982: Response of ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae infected with nosema pyrausta microsporida nosematidae to insecticides

Gronroos M., 1985: Response of ovarian cancer to combined cytotoxic agents in the subrenal capsule assay part i

Nakayama T., 1988: Response of ovarian steroid secretion to the intrinsic gonadotropin release caused by the administration of synthetic lhrh difference between follicular and luteal phase

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326224

Nakao, T., 1977: Response of ovaries and serum steroid levels after treatment of cystic ovarian disease in dairy cattle part 1 treatment with cortico steroids and a combination of human chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone

Ngwenya, B. Z., 1976: Response of ovine prolactin treated mice to initial infection with trichinella spiralis

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326227

Yeh S Y., 1981: Response of ovine uterine blood flow to angiotensin ii effect on the fetus

Kaplay S.S., 1979: Response of oxidative phosphorylation in liver of protein energy mal nourished rats

Sinha S.B., 1982: Response of paddy oryza sativa as influenced by zinc application and available zinc status of soils

Ten Haken R.K., 1985: Response of pancreatic cancer to local irradiation with high energy neutrons

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326233

Schwartz T.W., 1983: Response of pancreatic poly peptide to hypo glycemia in insulin dependent diabetics with and without residual beta cell function

Nakano M., 1987: Response of pancreatic tumor to intraoperative radiotherapy medical imaging and pathologic system approach

Tsibulevskii A.Yu, 1984: Response of paneth cells of the rat jejunum to bilateral vagotomy ultrastructural analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326237

Gerona G.R., 1986: Response of para centro combination to different fertilizer levels under coconut

Swarup K., 1985: Response of parathyroid gland ultimobranchial body paravertebral lime sacs and serum calcium level to salmon calcitonin administration in rana cyanophlyctis anura amphibia

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326240

Paterson D.J., 1983: Response of pastures to nitrogen fertilizer applied in autumn and spring on the west coast of south island new zealand

Kalbfleisch J.H., 1983: Response of patients after myo cardial infarction to carrying a graded series of weight loads

Aronow, W. S.; Allen, W. H.; De-Cristofaro, D., 1975: Response of patients and physicians to mass screening for coronary risk factors

Langsjoen, P. H.; Vadhanavikit, S.; Folkers, K., 1973: Response of patients in classes iii and iv of cardiomyopathy to therapy in a blind and crossover trial with coenzyme q 10

Lamballe A.K., 1986: Response of patients to informed consent for excretory urography

Digiacomo J.N., 1979: Response of patients to participation in psychiatry board examinations

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326248

Mcintosh L.S., 1979: Response of patients with hodgkins disease to pneumococcal vaccine

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326251

Mcdonnell M.M., 1984: Response of peach seedlings to infection by the root lesion nematode pratylenchus penetrans under controlled conditions

Campos V.P., 1982: Response of peanut arachis hypogaea corn zea mays tobacco nicotiana tabacum and soybean glycine max to criconemella ornata

Pallas J.E., 1986: Response of peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner to strains of bradyrhizobium and nitrogen fertilizer

Mitchell C.C.M.Jr, 1984: Response of peanuts arachis hypogaea and other crops to fertilizers and lime in 2 long term experiments

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326256

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326257

Blake R.C., 1981: Response of pear pyrus spp to inbreeding

Karwasra R.S., 1985: Response of pearl millet hybrids to levels of nitrogen under rainfed conditions of haryana india

Quesenberry K.H., 1979: Response of pearl millet inbreds and hybrids to inoculation with azospirillum brasilense

Dart P.J., 1985: Response of pearl millet pennisetum americanum cultivars to inoculation with nitrogen fixing bacteria

Gautam R.C., 1986: Response of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides hybrids to nitrogen fertilization and plant density under rainfed conditions

Gautam R.C., 1980: Response of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides hybrids to nitrogen levels under dryland conditions

Rao A.V., 1983: Response of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides to inoculation with different strains of azospirillum brasilense

Villalon B., 1985: Response of pepper capsicum annuum and muskmelon cucumis melo to row solarization

Carpena O., 1987: Response of pepper plants to nitrate ammonium ratio and light intensity

Gonzalez Barrios J., 1985: Response of pepper varieties capsicum annuum to xanthomonas vesicatoria

O'sullivan J., 1979: Response of peppers capsicum annuum to irrigation and nitrogen

Stewart R.H., 1980: Response of perennial rye grass lolium perenne and italian rye grass lolium multiflorum to temperature and soil water potential

Whitford A.R., 1983: Response of perennial rye grass lolium perenne prairie grass bromus catharticus and browntop agrostis tenuis to the growth retardant mefluidide

Campion D.R., 1982: Response of pericytes to thermal lesion in the inguinal fat pad of 10 day old rats

Sirois P., 1986: Response of perifused alveolar macrophages to glass fibers effect of exposure duration and fiber length

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326275

Yee J.A., 1979: Response of periodontal ligament cells to orthodontic force ultrastructural identification of proliferating fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326277

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326278

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326279

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326280

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326281

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326282

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326283

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326284

Ito T., 1979: Response of peritoneal cells to horseradish peroxidase and aldehyde fixed erythrocytes in the mouse an electron microscope study

Lawson D.E., 1986: Response of permafrost terrain to disturbance a synthesis of observations from northern alaska usa

Ebermann R., 1987: Response of peroxidase and amylase isoenzyme activities of aesculus hippocastanum and picea abies to gamma and beta irradiation short communication

Varshney C.K., 1985: Response of peroxidase to low levels of sulfur dioxide

Sink K.C., 1981: Response of petunia petunia hybrida plants to sulfur di oxide and of detached leaves leaf discs and callus to sodium sulfite

Carlson, J. R.; Heyworth, M. F.; Owen, R. L., 1986: Response of peyer's patch lymphocyte subsets to giardia muris infection in balb c mice 2 b cell subsets enteric antigen exposure is associated with immunoglobulin isotype switching by peyer's patch b cells

Slack R.C.B., 1987: Response of pharyngeal gonorrhea to single dose penicillin treatment

Perez A., 1986: Response of phaseolus vulgaris cultivar pompadour to inoculation with rhizobium phaseoli under two tillage systems in the dominican republic

Anderson A.J., 1987: Response of phaseolus vulgaris protoplasts to chemical components of fungal origin

Brooke R.C., 1985: Response of phaseolus vulgaris to a single generation of meloidogyne incognita

Munns D.N., 1981: Response of phaseolus vulgaris to molybdenum under acid conditions

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326302

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326320

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326335

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326337

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326348

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326350

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326351

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326355

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326356

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326369

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326373

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326374

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326375

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326376

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326377

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326381

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326382

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326384

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326385

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326406

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326417

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326428

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326429

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326450

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326451

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326452

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326453

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326471

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326472

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326508

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326509

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326527

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326528

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326529

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326530

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326534

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326535

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326548

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326549

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326565

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326778

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326903

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326904

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326905

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326906

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326925

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326926

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Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326990

Section 7, Chapter 6327, Accession 006326991

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