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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6328

Chapter 6328 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nead M.; Buttner J.K., 1987:
Response of the brackish water mummichog to different salinities

Baile, E.M.; Paré, P.D., 1983:
Response of the bronchial circulation to acute hypoxemia and hypercarbia in the dog

Nasisse, M.P.; Cook, C.S.; Harling, D.E., 1986:
Response of the canine corneal endothelium to intraocular irrigation with saline solution, balanced salt solution, and balanced salt solution with glutathione

Dennis M.A.; Maher J.W.; Crandall Moore V.; Woodward E.R., 1981:
Response of the canine lower esophageal sphincter to endogenous hyper gastrinemia

Beregovkin A.B.; Bodolazov A.S.; Georgievskii V.S.; Kakurin L.I.; Kalinichenko V.V.; Korelin N.V.; Mikhailov V.M.; Shchigolev V.V., 1980:
Response of the cardio vascular system to physical exercise after prolonged flights aboard the salyut 6 orbital station

Kuindzhi N.N.; Sinyakina A.D.; Mendeleeva O.I., 1980:
Response of the cardio vascular system to study work load in school children living in the arctic regions of the ussr

Cuypers J.; Renz S., 1979:
Response of the cat central nervous system to an acute sodium chloride intoxication clinical and morphological observations

Melville G.N.; Kumar M.; Ismail S.; Mills J.L., 1982:
Response of the central and peripheral airways to cigarette smoking in humans and rats

Ershova L.K.; Kokshareva N.V., 1985:
Response of the central nervous system to diethyxim and phenobarbital after the action of tri o cresyl phosphate

Oruç, T.; Terzioglu, M.; Sahin, G.; Dursun, S., 1982:
Response of the central respiratory control mechanisms to hyperoxia and hypoxia

Kaemper G.; Dambach M., 1981:
Response of the cercus to giant inter neuron system in crickets gryllus campestris to species specific song

Pickard, J.D.; MacDonell, L.A.; MacKenzie, E.T.; Harper, A.M., 1977:
Response of the cerebral circulation in baboons to changing perfusion pressure after indomethacin

Samoilov M.O.; Semenov D.G., 1979:
Response of the cerebral cortical neurons to complete ischemia

Sas M.; Godo G.; Szollosi J., 1984:
Response of the cervical factor to combined treatment with clomiphene and ethynylestradiol

Edelstone, D.I.; Botti, J.J.; Mueller-Heubach, E.; Caritis, S.N., 1978:
Response of the circulation of pregnant sheep to angiotensin and norepinephrine before and after dexamethasone

Pribil, M.; Matousek, J., 1975:
Response of the circulation on muscular work at various temperatures of the environment

Thornton F.C.; Davey C.B., 1983:
Response of the clover rhizobium symbiosis to soil acidity and rhizobium strain

Pandey A.; Singh R., 1985:
Response of the cockroach periplaneta americana brain gamma aminobutyric acid system to isonicotinic acid hydrazide and mercaptopropionic acid

Titus J.R.; Vandruff L.W., 1981:
Response of the common loon gavia immer to recreational pressure in the boundary waters canoe area northeastern minnesota usa

Kapustina, E.V., 1977:
Response of the conducting vessels of the liver to experimental venous congestion in early stages of the experiment

Cavallaro N.; Mcbride M.B., 1980:
Response of the copper and cadmium ion selective electrodes to solutions of different ionic strength and ion composition

Koliopoulos J.X.; Margaritis L.H., 1979:
Response of the cornea to far uv light an ultrastructural study

Schultz, R.O.; Glasser, D.B.; Matsuda, M.; Yee, R.W.; Edelhauser, H.F., 1986:
Response of the corneal endothelium to cataract surgery

Taboada J.; Mikesell G.W.Jr; Reed R.D., 1981:
Response of the corneal epithelium to krypton fluoride excimer laser pulses

Hartley M.L.; Pennefather J.N., 1981:
Response of the costo uterine muscle of the rat to adreno receptor agonists during the estrous cycle a comparison with the uterine horn

E.S.ahawy R.M.; Mostafa M.T.; Reiad M.S.; Saleh E.A., 1983:
Response of the cotton plant and soil microflora to cotoran multi herbicide

Mostafa M.T.; Reiad M.S.; E.S.ahawy R.M.; Saleh E.A., 1983 :
Response of the cotton plant and soil microflora to different levels of cotoran multi herbicide and nutrin foliar fertilizer

Ibrahim, S.A.; Mahmoud, S.A.; Saad, A.O.M., 1983:
Response of the cowpea vigna sinensis l. plant to foliar spraying with iron under different phosphorus levels

Singh, J.; Tyagi, R.P.S., 1977:
Response of the de nervated heart to thiopental sodium and dextrose saline in the dog

Grobner P.; Loidl P., 1983:
Response of the deoxy tmp synthesizing enzymes to differentiation processes in physarum polycephalum

Vollmer, A.T.; Bamberg, S.A., 1975:
Response of the desert shrub krameria parvifolia after 10 years of chronic gamma irradiation

Harrell, H.L., 1978:
Response of the devils river texas usa fish community to flooding

Woodhall, P.B.; Tisher, C.C., 1973:
Response of the distal tubule and cortical collecting duct to vasopressin in the rat

Ramakrishnan, P.S.; Chand, R., 1976:
Response of the ecotype populations of cynodon dactylon to nitrogen source

Dedov V.I.; Norets T.A., 1981:
Response of the endocrine system of female rats of various ages to the administration of selenium 75 labeled methionine

Lanier, G.N.; Gore, W.E.; Pearce, G.T.; Peacock, J.W.; Silverstein, R.S., 1977:
Response of the european elm bark beetle scolytus multistriatus coleoptera scolytidae to isomers and components of its pheromone

Donina Z.A.; Troshikhin G.V., 1983:
Response of the external respiration system to hypercapnic stimulus in rabbits under hyperbaric pressure

Ward, C.R.; Mitchell, E.R.; Sparks, A.N.; Serrate, H.; Villarroel, D., 1980:
Response of the fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda and other lepidopterous pests of bolivia to synthetic pheromones

Pullin A.S.; Woodell S.R.J., 1987:
Response of the fen violet viola persicifolia schreber to different management regimes at woodwalton fen national nature reserve cambridgeshire england uk

Dobbins, D.E.; Swindall, B.T.; Haddy, F.J.; Dabney, J.M., 1985:
Response of the forelimb vasculature to vasoactive agents: effects of ouabain

Mandel, L.J.; Curran, P.F., 1972:
Response of the frog skin to steady state voltage clamping part 1 the shunt pathway

Mandel, L.J.; Curran, P.F., 1973:
Response of the frog skin to steady state voltage clamping part 2 the active pathway

Spencer S.R.; Cameron G.N., 1985:
Response of the fulvous harvest mouse reithrodontomys fulvescens to artificial habitat patchiness

Cavener D.R., 1984:
Response of the g 6pd and 6pgd polymorphisms in drosophila melanogaster to dietary selection

Moiseenko A.V.; Ginovker A.G.; Pechnikova M.B., 1983:
Response of the gastric and ileal mucosa to the shigella sonnei toxin in experimental chronic opisthorchiasis

Wankhede, N.P.; Sadaphal, M.N., 1977 :
Response of the germ plasm of upland cotton to population pressures and fertility levels and their reaction to bollworm damage

Langdon J.S.; Thorpe J.E., 1984:
Response of the gill sodium potassium atpase activity succinic dehydrogenase activity and chloride cells to salt water adaptation in atlantic salmon salmo salar parr and smolt

Reichmuth C., 1985:
Response of the granary weevil sitophilus granarius to gradually increasing and decreasing phosphine concentrations

Passos L.P., 1981:
Response of the grapevine vitis vinifera cultivar to 5 times of cleft grafting

Affeldt H.A.; Thimijan R.W.; Smith F.F.; Webb R.E., 1983:
Response of the greenhouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum homoptera aleyrodidae and the vegetable leaf miner liriomyza sativae diptera agromyzidae to photo spectra

Taylor, J.F.; Warrell, E.; Evans, R.A., 1987:
Response of the growth plates to tibial osteotomy in rats

Coetzee, A.; Fourie, P.; Badenhorst, E., 1987:
Response of the heart to acute hypertension during halothane, enflurane, and isoflurane anesthesia

Kapel'ko, V.I.; Giber, L.M., 1977:
Response of the heart to functional loading in rats adapted to physical loads

Stein, P.D.; Sabbah, H.N.; Viano, D.C.; Vostal, J.J., 1982:
Response of the heart to nonpenetrating cardiac trauma

Vershinina S.F., 1979:
Response of the hemopoietic system of rats to blood loss under acute and protracted irradiation exposure

Sidky Y.A.; Auerbach R., 1979:
Response of the host vascular system to immuno competent lymphocytes effect of pre immunization of donor or host animals

Unger, W.G.; Brown, N.A.; Edwards, J., 1977:
Response of the human eye to laser irradiation of the iris

Onchi Y., 1988:
Response of the human masseter muscle evoked by gingival stimulation

Istl Lenz Y.; Hyden D.; Schwarz D.W.F., 1985:
Response of the human vestibulo ocular reflex following long term 2 times magnified visual input

Boumans, L.J.J.M.; Rodenburg, M.; Maas, A.J.J., 1983:
Response of the human vestibulo ocular reflex system to constant angular acceleration 1. theoretical study

Boumans, L.J.J.M.; Rodenburg, M.; Maas, A.J.J., 1983:
Response of the human vestibulo ocular reflex system to constant angular acceleration 2. experimental investigation

Anderson, H.T.; Kessinger, J.M.; McFarland, W.J.; Laks, H.; Geha, A.S., 1978:
Response of the hypertrophied heart to acute anemia and coronary stenosis

Avetisyan, A.M.; Khostikyan, N.G.; Aznauryan, A.S., 1976:
Response of the hypothalamic adrenal ovarian complex in rats subjected to local hypo thermia

Narbaev B.N., 1983:
Response of the hypothalamic hypophyseal adreno cortical system to insulin

Kolesnik Y.M.; Orestenko Y.N., 1983:
Response of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus and dorsal hippocampus during long term adaptation to hypoxia

Glass, A.R.; Smith, C.E.; Kidd, G.S.; Vigersky, R.A., 1978:
Response of the hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis to surgery

Brin, V.B., 1975:
Response of the hypothalamo hypophyseal neuro secretory system to surgical intervention and ischemia of the kidneys in dogs of various ages

Levin, R.M.; Wein, A.J., 1982:
Response of the in vitro whole bladder (rabbit) preparation to autonomic agonists

Vunder P.A.; Fefer M.I.; Anishchenko T.G.; Smetanina M.D., 1984:
Response of the infantile rat ovary to the grafting into the spleen of adult castrated diabetic animals

Barannikova I.A.; Vasil'eva E.V.; Krasnodembskaya K.D., 1982:
Response of the interrenal gland of the siberian sturgeon acipenser baeri stenorhynchus to hypophysectomy and administration of acth

Young G.; Lin R.J., 1988:
Response of the interrenal to acth after short term thyroxine treatment of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Bailey, R.B.; Parks, L.W., 1972:
Response of the intra cellular atp pool of saccharomyces cerevisiae to growth inhibition induced by excess l methionine

Dratnal E.; Kasprzak K., 1980:
Response of the invertebrate fauna to organic pollution in a well oxygenated karst stream exemplified by the pradnik stream south poland

Green, K.; Lollis, G., 1981:
Response of the isolated rabbit ciliary epithelium to adrenergic drugs following superior cervical ganglionectomy

Rostand, S.G.; Watkins, J.B., 1977:
Response of the isolated rat kidney to metabolic and respiratory acidosis

Yamamoto M.; Takaba H.; Hashimoto J.; Miyake K., 1986:
Response of the isolated seminiferous tubule of the rat to various autonomic drugs

Mitrovic D.; Garcia F.; Guillermet V.; Garcia G.; Darmon N.; Ryckewaert A., 1982:
Response of the joint tissues to the presence of a foreign body implanted into the rabbit knee joint a new model of experimental osteo arthrosis

Wilcox, C.S.; Mitch, W.E.; Kelley, R.A.; Skorecki, K.; Meyer, T.W.; Friedman, P.A.; Souney, P.F., 1983:
Response of the kidney to furosemide 1. effects of salt intake and renal compensation

Petryuk A.E., 1984:
Response of the kidneys to an increase in the volume of extracellular fluid in adrenoreceptor blockade

Rentschler, L.A.; Hirschberger, L.L.; Stipanuk, M.H., 1986:
Response of the kitten to dietary taurine depletion: effects on renal reabsorption, bile acid conjugation and activities of enzymes involved in taurine synthesis

Adeagbo A.S.O.; Coceani F.; Olley P.M., 1982:
Response of the lamb ductus venosus to prostaglandins and inhibitors of prostaglandin and thromboxane synthesis

Kasap, M., 1978:
Response of the larvae and pupae of aedes aegypti anopheles stephensi and culex pipiens to a moving shadow 1

Kasap, M., 1978:
Response of the larvae and pupae of aedes aegypti anopheles stephensi and culex pipiens to light intensity changes 2

Podvigin, N.F.; Khabibullin, R.D.; Chueva, I.V., 1976:
Response of the lateral geniculate bodys receptive fields to change in time of the light stimulus area

Gona O.; White J.H., 1986:
Response of the lens of the galactose fed rat to neodymium yag laser induced injury

Overbeck, H.W.; Grega, G.J., 1970:
Response of the limb vascular bed in man to intra brachial arterial infusions of hypertonic dextrose or hypertonic sodium chloride solutions

Findsen, E.W.; Simons, P.; Ondrias, M.R., 1986:
Response of the local heme environment of (carbonmonoxy)hemoglobin to protein dehydration

Calvo M.A.; Lloris J.M.; Azcarraga F.M.; Arino J.; Zaragoza C.; Salvi M.; Narbona B., 1986:
Response of the lower esophageal sphincter of the rabbit to 2 deoxyglucose after proximal gastric vagotomy

Reddi M.V.; Rajan A., 1985:
Response of the lymph node to tumor antigen and bcg in cattle bearing tumors of the ethmoturbinate region

Reddi M.V.; Rajan A., 1984:
Response of the lymph nodes stimulated by tumor antigen and bcg in vaccinated and unvaccinated tumor bearing animals

Lunina N.V.; Koval' S.B., 1982:
Response of the lysosomal apparatus of neutrophilic leukocytes to the effect of a stressor of a noninfectious nature

Harkema, J.R.; Plopper, C.G.; Hyde, D.M.; S.G.orge, J.A.; Wilson, D.W.; Dungworth, D.L., 1987:
Response of the macaque nasal epithelium to ambient levels of ozone. A morphologic and morphometric study of the transitional and respiratory epithelium

Blyth, J.D.; Doeg, T.J.; St-Clair, R.M., 1984:
Response of the macroinvertebrate fauna of the mitta mitta river victoria australia to the construction and operation of dartmouth dam 1. construction and initial filling period

Doeg, T.J., 1984:
Response of the macroinvertebrate fauna of the mitta mitta river victoria australia to the construction and operation of dartmouth dam 2. irrigation release

Antropova M.V., 1983:
Response of the main physiological systems in the body of children aged 6 12 in the process of adaptation to study load

Ingram, R.H.J. ; Szidon, J.P.; Fishman, A.P., 1970:
Response of the main pulmonary artery of dogs to neuronally released vs blood borne norepinephrine

Hernandez, G.; Alonso, C.A., 1985:
Response of the majagua hibiscus elatus sw. to nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilization in different soils iii. lixiviated red ferralitic soil

Hernandez, G.; Alonso, C., 1985:
Response of the majagua hibiscus elatus to nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilization in various soils 2. typical tropical yellow soil

Hinton, R.J.; Carlson, D.S., 1986:
Response of the mandibular joint to loss of incisal function in the rat

Moya F.; Mena P.; Heusser F.; Foradori A.; Paiva E.; Yazigi R.; Michaud P.; Gross I., 1986:
Response of the maternal fetal and neonatal pituitary thyroid axis to trh

Muminov B.A., 1986:
Response of the maxillary styloconic sensilla in the corn earworm heliothis armigera to the effect of insecticides

Bentley, A.G.; Madsen, K.M.; Davis, R.G.; Tisher, C.C., 1985:
Response of the medullary thick ascending limb to hypothyroidism in the rat

Nazer, I.K.; Obidat, M.M.; Sharaf, N.S., 1985:
Response of the melon aphid aphis gossypii glov. homoptera aphididae to certain insecticides in the jordan valley jordan

D.Bottini G.A., 1980:
Response of the micro drop eragrostis curvula cultivar ermelo bioassay to different gibberellins

Pignatello, J.J.; Johnson, L.K.; Martinson, M.M.; Carlson, R.E.; Crawford, R.L., 1985:
Response of the microflora in outdoor experimental streams to pentachlorophenol: compartmental contributions

Snodgrass, C.J.; Koburger, J.A., 1968:
Response of the mimeae to some physical and chemical agents mima polymorpha herellea vaginicola

Brown, D.A.; Prahlad, K.V., 1977:
Response of the mongolian gerbil uterus to estradiol 17 beta at various times after ovariectomy

Nazer, I.K.; Al-Azzeh, T.K., 1985:
Response of the mosquito Culex pipiens molestus in the Amman area of Jordan to certain insecticides

Borden J.H.; Ryker L.C.; Chong L.J.; Pierce H.D.Jr; Johnston B.D.; Oehlschlager A.C., 1987:
Response of the mountain pine beetle dendroctonus ponderosae hopkins coleoptera scolytidae to five semiochemicals in british columbia canada lodgepole pine forests

Abe, K.; Takano, H., 1987:
Response of the mouse epididymal duct to the disappearance and reappearance of spermatozoa induced by temporal cryptorchidism

Quarmby, V.E.; Fox-Davies, C.; Newbold, R.R.; Korach, K.S., 1988:
Response of the mouse uterus to nafoxidine stimulation: agonism and antagonism

Bueno, L., 1977:
Response of the myo electric complex of the small intestine to changes in the flow rate of digestive contents in sheep/

Pelikan, Z.; Feenstra, L.; Barree, G.O.F., 1977:
Response of the nasal mucosa to allergen challenge measured by 2 different methods of rhino manometry

Kalimullina L.B., 1985:
Response of the neurons from the basolateral group of the amygdaloid complex nuclei to gonadectomy in rats

Vince M.A., 1986:
Response of the newly born clun forest lamb to maternal vocalizations

Nelson B.L.; Jacobs R.L., 1982:
Response of the nonallergic rhinitis with eosinophilia syndrome to 4 percent cromolyn sodium nasal solution

Makinde, J.M.; Ohia, S.E., 1983:
Response of the non-pregnant and pregnant rat uterus to chloroquine in vitro

Evans, C.M.; Fellows, S.J.; Rack, P.M.; Ross, H.F.; Walters, D.K., 1983:
Response of the normal human ankle joint to imposed sinusoidal movements

Brnetic D.; Bartulovic A.; Jelusic F.; Petric J., 1985:
Response of the olive fruit fly dacus oleae diptera tephritidae to olfactory and visual stimulation in certain yugoslavian olive plantations

Hall R.A.; Widdowson E.M., 1979:
Response of the organs of rabbits to feeding during the 1st days after birth

Vasal, S.; Sundararaj, B.I., 1976:
Response of the ovary in the catfish heteropneustes fossilis to various combinations of photoperiod and temperature

Mani M.; Nagarkatti S., 1988:
Response of the parasitoid eucelatoria bryani sabrosky diptera tachinidae to different pesticides

Goldberg, S.J., 1987:
Response of the patent ductus arteriosus to indomethacin treatment

Goff A.M.; Nault L.R., 1984:
Response of the pea aphid parasite aphidius ervi hymenoptera aphidiidae to transmitted light

Ahmed, M.B.; Ashour, N.I.; El-Basyouni, S.Z.; Sayed, A.M., 1976:
Response of the photosynthetic apparatus of corn zea mays to pre sowing seed treatment with gamma rays and ammonium molybdate

Kemp P.F.; Swartz R.C.; Lamberson J.O., 1986:
Response of the phoxocephalid amphipod rhepoxynius abronius to a small oil spill in yaquina bay oregon usa

Chow Fraser P.; Duthie H.C., 1987:
Response of the phytoplankton community to weekly additions of monoammonium phosphate in a dystrophic lake

Zhulavskaya G.P., 1980:
Response of the pigment complex of poplar elm and oleaster leaves to environmental pollution

Karabanova O.I., 1983:
Response of the pituitary gland in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri salmonidae fingerlings to a hypotonic environment and thio urea

Schmechta H.; Porstmann T.; Kopetz B.; Nugel E.; Porstmann B.; Rolle D J., 1983:
Response of the pregnancy associated alpha 1 glyco protein of the rat during growth of experimental tumors methyl cholanthrene induced sarcoma and yoshida sarcoma

Rendas, A.; Branthwaite, M.; Lennox, S.; Reid, L., 1982:
Response of the pulmonary circulation to acute hypoxia in the growing pig

Jarvis J.H.; King P.E., 1979:
Response of the pycnogonids nymphon gracile and pycnogonum littorale to light stimuli of different wavelength and intensity

Christopherson, R.I.; Finch, L.R., 1978:
Response of the pyrimidine pathway of Escherichia coli K 12 to exogenous adenine and uracil

Donina Z.A., 1985:
Response of the rabbit respiration system to a hypoxic stimulus in a nitrogen oxygen environment under an increased pressure

Kamboj, V.P.; Gupta, D.N.; Mehrotra, P.K., 1978:
Response of the rabbit uterus primed with nonsteroidal estrogens to progesterone

Gillenwater, J.Y.; Morris, S.A.; Bryan, P.R.; Attinger, F.; Smith, H.C.; McManany, J.L.; Marion, D., 1978:
Response of the rabbit vas deferens in vivo to vasoactive drugs

Vazquez, R.; Martin-Castro, A.; Barahona, M., 1977:
Response of the rat adrenal cortex to brief exposures to extremely low temperatures

Vazquez, R.; Martin-Castro, A.; Barahona, M.; Riesco, J.M., 1978:
Response of the rat adrenal cortex to moderate and sustained cold

Wolinsky, H., 1970 :
Response of the rat aortic media to hypertension. Morphological and chemical studies

Barta, E.; Ostádal, B.; Pelouch, V.; Procházka, J.; Strec, V., 1985:
Response of the rat cardiovascular system to a moderate altitude in connection with endurance training

Larkin, E.C.; Kimzey, S.L.; Siler, K., 1978:
Response of the rat erythrocyte to ozone exposure

Paterson R.C.; Watts A., 1981:
Response of the rat molar pulp to a glass ionomer cement

Huang Y S.; Horrobin D.F., 1986:
Response of the ratios of 20 3n 9 total n 6 fatty acids in tissue phospholipids to dietary linoleate in the essential fatty acid deficient rats

Emerole G.O.; Thabrew M.I., 1984:
Response of the rats hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme system to chemo therapy of trypanosoma brucei brucei infections with berenil and suramin

Sreekumaran T.; Rajan A., 1982:
Response of the regional lymph node to bcg in cattle bearing carcinoma of the mucosa of the ethmoid

Tannen R.L.; Gerrits L., 1985:
Response of the renal potassium conserving mechanism to kaliuretic stimuli evidence for a direct kaliuretic effect by furosemide

Greenberg, S.R., 1986:
Response of the renal supporting tissues to chronic fluoride exposure as revealed by a special technique

Kenny A.D.; Pang P.K.T., 1982:
Response of the renal vitamin d endocrine system to oxidized parathyroid hormone 1 34

Salem, S.I.; Coward, W.A.; Lunn, P.G.; Hudson, G.J., 1984:
Response of the reproductive system of male rats to protein and zinc deficiency during puberty

Suzuki T.; Takahashi H., 1988:
Response of the retina of flying squid sthenoteuthis oualaniensis lesson to light changes

Herman, J.H.; Bradley, J.; Ziff, M.; Smiley, J.D., 1971:
Response of the rheumatoid synovial membrane to exogenous immunization

Ninomiya S., 1984:
Response of the rhythmic leaf movements of soybean glycine max to the light intensity of light dark cycles

Chaudhry, F.M.; Latif, A.; Rashid, A.; Alam, S.M., 1976:
Response of the rice varieties to field application of micro nutrient fertilizers

Brown, J.M.; Twentyman, P.R.; Zamvil, S.S., 1980:
Response of the rif 1 tumor in vitro and in c 3h km mice to x radiation cell survival re growth delay and tumor control chemo therapeutic agents and activated macrophages

Reis E.L.; Cabala Rosand P.; Santana C.J.L.D., 1985:
Response of the rubber clone fx 3864 to fertilizers in southern bahia brazil

Himmelman J.H.; Guderley H.; Vignault G.; Drouin G.; Wells P.G., 1984:
Response of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus droebachiensis to reduced salinities importance of size acclimation and interpopulation differences

Philpott D.E.; Sapp W.; Williams C.; Stevenson J.; Corbett R.; Black S., 1983:
Response of the seminiferous epithelium of the mouse exposed to low dose high energy and electro magnetic radiation

Erickson, B.H.; Blend, M.J., 1976:
Response of the sertoli cell and stem germ cell to cobalt 60 gamma radiation dose and dose rate in testes of immature rats

Cooper, B.T.; Mallas, E.; Trotter, M.D.; Cooke, W.T., 1978:
Response of the skin in dermatitis herpetiformis to a gluten free diet, with reference to jejunal morphology

Mccarty F.A.; Billings P.M.; Richerson J.V.; Payne T.L.; Edson L.J., 1980:
Response of the southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis to behavioral chemicals in the laboratory

Pelaez R.J.; Calero C.; Jaramillo V.J., 1984:
Response of the squash cucurbita pepo to fertilization with nitrogen phosphorus potassium and organic material

Ramkrishna V.; Saigal R.P.; Tiwari G.P., 1988:
Response of the subcommissural organ and adrenal gland to long term dehydration in buffalo calves

Varma R.V.; Reghunandanan V.R.; Ambika B., 1984:
Response of the subterranean termite odontotermes guptai isoptera termitidae to extracts of eucalypt root and certain other plant materials

Schmidt, J.E.; Kaiser, W.M., 1987:
Response of the Succulent Leaves of Peperomia magnoliaefolia to Dehydration: Water Relations and Solute Movement in Chlorenchyma and Hydrenchyma

Fagard R.; Amery A.; Reybrouck T.; Lijnen P.; Billiet L., 1979:
Response of the systemic and pulmonary circulation to alpha receptor and beta receptor blockade labetalol at rest and during exercise in hypertensive patients

Demael A.; Garin D.; Peres G., 1980:
Response of the tench tinca tinca to potassium nitrate enriched water

Lohan I.S.; Singal S.P.; Singh Y., 1979:
Response of the testes and accessory sex organs to exogenous gonadotropin in pre pubertal rams

Berger, M.; Chazaud, J.; Jean-Faucher, C.; De-Turckheim, M.; Veyssiere, G.; Jean, C., 1976:
Response of the testis to human chorionic gonadotropin stimulation as a function of age in the immature rabbit

Balogun O.O.; Balogun E.A.; Longe O.O., 1983:
Response of the tissues of new zealand white rabbits to supplementation of amino acids to a protein free diet

Gearhart, J.M.; Schlesinger, R.B., 1988:
Response of the tracheobronchial mucociliary clearance system to repeated irritant exposure: effect of sulfuric acid mist on function and structure

Burlakova, E.B.; Gaintseva, V.D.; Pal'mina, N.P.; Sezina, N.P., 1977:
Response of the tumor and organs of the tumor bearing animal to the action of ionizing radiation

Kovach J.; Gorsuch C., 1986:
Response of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae to various insecticides and fungicides used in south carolina usa peach orchards

Nazer I.K., 1985:
Response of the twospotted spider mite tetranychus urticae koch collected from the jordan valley to certain acaricides

Hassouna, M.; Abdel-Hakim, A.; Abdel-Rahman, M.; Galeano, C.; Elhilali, M.M., 1983:
Response of the urethral smooth muscles to pharmacological agents 1. cholinergic and adrenergic agonists and antagonists

Yamada S.; Morimoto T.; Nose H.; Ogura K., 1984:
Response of the vascular interstitial lymph system to saline loading in the rat

Kostko S.Z.; Samoilenko A.V.; Yurov A.Yu; Stepanova T.G.; Shil'krut B.L., 1987:
Response of the venous and arterial parts of the systemic vascular channel to antianginal agents

Baibekov I.M.; Khoroshaev V.A., 1982:
Response of the venous wall in the extremities to disturbed venous outflow

Gorgiladze, G.I., 1977:
Response of the vestibular apparatus to prolonged caloric stimulation of the labyrinths

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Response of the western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis to temperature and dose of a virus a growth regulator and an organophosphate

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Response of the wheat plant in competition with avena sterilis l. to nitrogen fertilizer in two different soils

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Response of the wheat triticum vulgare alborubrum cultivar canaleja and wild oat avena sterilis association to potassium fertilization

Gonzalez Ponce R., 1979:
Response of the wheat triticum vulgare alborubrum cultivar canaleja and wild oat avena sterilis to nitrogenous fertilization

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Response of the white sea ussr littorina obtusata and littorina littorea gastropoda littorinidae to temperature

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Response of the wild type and low xanthine dehydrogenase strains of Drosophila melanogaster to adenine resistance selection

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Response of thermo luminescence dosimeters to beta radiation and skin dose assessment

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Response of thin norway spruce trees to thinning the canopy of deciduous trees

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Response of thin spruce roots to elimination of root competition of adjacent trees

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Response of thompson seedless grapes to iron supply under calcareous soil conditions

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Response of thompson seedless grapevines to potassium application from 3 fertilizer sources

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Response of three enzymes to oleic acid, trypsin, and calmodulin chemically modified with a reactive phenothiazine

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Response of three okra abelmoschus esculentus l. moench cultivars to irrigation at specific growth stages

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Response of three prairie ground squirrel species spermophilus franklinii spermophilus richardsonii and spermophilus tridecemlineatus to duck eggs

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Response of three shrub communities in southern idaho usa to spring applied tebuthiuron

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Response of tidal salt marshes of the usa atlantic and gulf coasts to rising sea levels

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Response of tilia cordata and acer platanoides in pots to nitrogen levels

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Response of timely sown and late sown wheat to different levels of nitrogen

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Response of tinea corporis cruris and tinea pityriasis versicolor to once daily topical treatment with bifonazole cream a safety and efficacy study

Goffe B.S., 1986:
Response of tinea corporis cruris and tinea pityriasis vesicolor to once daily topical treatment with bifonazole cream a safety and efficacy study

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Response of tissue phospholipid fatty acid composition to dietary n 6 and replacement with marine n 3 and saturated fatty acids in the rat

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Response of tissue receptor to transitory anoxia in the absence of glucose

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Response of tissues and organs of tomato to exogenous alpha tomatine

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Response of tobacco callus to shoot tip exudation from five species

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Response of tomato and 2 other vegetable crops to inoculation with azotobacter

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Response of tomato cultivars to nematocidal treatments controlling meloidogyne incognita in field trials

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Response of tomato lycopersicon esculentum and onion allium cepa to several post emergence grass herbicides

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Response of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar venus plants to stressful temperatures increase in abscisic acid concentrations

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Response of tomato lycopersicon esculentum to defoliation

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Response of tomato plants to foliar application of alar and boron

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Response of tomato seeds fluid drilled in low phosphorus growth media to phosphorus incorporation in the carrier gel

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Response of tomato to inoculation with vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza

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Response of tomato to leaf injection with conidia of virulent and avirulent races of cladosporium fulvum

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Response of tomato to ph of a coastal plain soil

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Response of tomato to pre transplanting applications of chlormequat daminozide and ethephon

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Response of tomato to sulfur nutrition and sulfur dioxide

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Response of tomatoes for fresh consumption to nitrogen phosphorus potassium fertilization and to nitrogen partial applications

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Response of tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum cultivar walker to ozone sulfur di oxide and infection by pratylenchus penetrans

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Response of tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum to fertilization with nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and some minor elements in alluvial soils of cauca valley colombia

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Response of tomatoes to nitrogen and water applied via a trickle irrigation system 1. nitrogen

Bar-Yosef, B.; Sagiv, B., 1982:
Response of tomatoes to nitrogen and water applied via a trickle irrigation system 2. water

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Response of total acid precipitable and acid extractable anthrone positive substances of hemolymph to injected extract of nerve ring in the slug laevicaulis alte

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Response of tree ring density to climate in maine usa

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Response of tribolium castaneum larvae to synthetic aggregation pheromone

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Response of trichogramma pretiosum females to extracts of 2 plants attacked by heliothis zea

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Response of trifolium hybridum germ plasm to mechanical inoculation with bean yellow mosaic virus and clover yellow vein virus in the greenhouse

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Response of triticale to the hessian fly diptera cecidomyiidae

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Response of triticale triticosecale wheat triticum aestivum cultivar arthur and rye secale cereale cultivar abruzzi to nitrogen in a greenhouse

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Response of tropical and temperature soybean glycine max genotypes to temperature during early reproductive growth

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Response of tumor related and normal lymphocytes to antigens on fibroblasts from embryos of varying age

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Response of turf grass cultivars to ozone sulfur di oxide nitrogen di oxide or their mixture

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Response of turkey broilers to different stocking densities lighting treatments toe clipping and intermingling the sexes

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Response of turnips brassica rapa to chronic doses of ozone in open top field chambers

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Response of two adirondack new york usa watersheds to acidic deposition

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Response of two old field perennials to interactions of carbon dioxide enrichment and drought stress

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Response of tylenchorhynchus in soil amended with carbonaceous and nitrogenous materials

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Response of typha domingensis to salinity and high levels of manganese in the rooting medium

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Response of uca pugilator to diets of 2 selected yeasts

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Response of unaffected skeletal muscle to minced muscle tissue grafting

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Response of understory vegetation to fertilization on mature and clear cut jack pine sites in northern lower michigan usa

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Response of understory vegetation to improvement cutting and physiographic site in 2 mid south usa forest stands

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Response of underwater light transmittance in the rhode river estuary maryland usa to changes in water quality parameters

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Response of unmyelinated poly modal nociceptors to thermal stimuli applied to monkeys face

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Response of upland rice cultivars to meloidogyne spp

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Response of various broad leaved weeds and tolerance of cereals to soil and foliar applications of dpx 4189

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Response of various soil salinity levels on vegetative growth of brinjal solanum melongena genotypes

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Response of various stages of the cotton leafworm spodoptera littoralis to temperature and relative humidity lepidoptera noctuidae

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Response of vigna radiata cultivar ml 5 to sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide pollution

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Response of virgin female mediterranean fruit flies ceratitis capitata to live mature normal males sterile males and trimedlure in plastic traps

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Response of vitamins on growth and sporulation of fusarium oxysporum f sesami

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Response of weeds in bermuda grass cynodon dactylon cultivar common turf to tank mixed herbicides

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Response of weedy and commercial okras abelmoschus esculentus to preemergence herbicides

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Response of welsh mountain ewes to flushing and to housing for all or part of the winter

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Response of west coast beach taxa to salt spray sea water inundation and soil salinity

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Response of western north dakota usa mixed prairie to intensive clipping and 5 stages of development

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Response of westiellopsis prolifica and anabaena sp to salt stress

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Response of wetland rice to applied potassium on haplaquent of meghalaya india

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Response of wetland rice to fertilizer nitrogen in a soil amended with cattle poultry and pig manures

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Response of wetland rice to inoculation with azospirillum lipoferum and pseudomonas sp

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Response of wheat and barley isolates of septoria nodorum to passage through barley and wheat cultivars

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Response of wheat and barley of azospirillum brasilense inoculation

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Response of wheat on coarse textured soils to mode and time of manganese application

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Response of wheat seedlings to short term drought stress with particular respect to nitrate utilization

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Response of wheat seeds of different quality to various doses and intensities of gamma irradiation

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Response of wheat to application of zinc boron and molybdenum

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Response of wheat to applied nutrients in reclaimed sodic soil

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Response of wheat to nitrogen and phosphorus in various agroclimatic conditions of afghanistan

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Response of wheat to nitrogen phosphorus potash and zinc under irrigated conditions

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Response of wheat to single short term waterlogging during and after stem elongation

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Response of wheat to soil application of nitrogen and sulfur

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Response of wheat to sources doses and methods of nitrogen in sodic soil

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Response of wheat to zinc and its critical level in old alluvium soils

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Response of wheat to zinc application in alluvial soils of morena district madhya pradesh india

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Response of wheat to zinc application in different soils of semi arid region

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum and pearl millet pennisetum americanum to zinc fertilizers on 2 soils

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar coker 747 to sulfur fertilization

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar stephens and rotation crops to chlorsulfuron

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar waldron and oat avena sativa cultivar garry seedlings to root applied diclofop methyl and 2 4 d

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum irrigation in a tropical soil

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum tillers at different growing stages to gametocide treatment

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum to boron application

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Response of wheat triticum aestivum to foliar phosphorus treatments under field and high temperature regimes

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Response of wheat triticum vulgare to different levels of soil compaction

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Response of wheat varieties to varying agrotechniques

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Response of white adipocyte of mouse and rabbit to catecholamines and ACTH. 1. Correlation of cyclic AMP levels and initial rates of lipolysis

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Response of white bean to bacterial blight ozone and anti oxidant protection in the field

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Response of white blood cells to iodipamide ethyl ester particles

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Response of white clover and grass to applications of potassium and nitrogen on a potassium deficient hill soil

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Response of white grubs infesting bermuda grass to insecticides

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Response of white leghorns to diets containing ground or whole triticale

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Response of white mice to cells and culture constituents of clostridium perfringens enz phospho lipase c enz neuraminidase

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Response of white mice to inoculation of irradiated organisms of the Toxoplasma strain RH

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Response of white oak quercus alba seedlings to foliar applications of fertilizer and plant growth regulators

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Response of white potato solanum tuberosum to moisture stress

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Response of white tailed deer to snowmobiles and snowmobile trails in maine usa

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Response of wild oat avena fatua flax linum usitatissimum and rapeseed brassica campestris and brassica napus to diclofop methyl

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Response of wildlife food plants to spring discing of mesquite prosopis glandulosa rangeland in northwest texas usa

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Response of winter chemical defense in alaska paper birch and green alder to manipulation of plant carbon nutrient balance

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Response of winter sown maize zea mays cultivars to sowing time and row direction in northwest india

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Response of winter wheat maize and sugar beet to the application of some organic and inorganic soil conditioners on hypogley

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Response of winter wheat to fall applied large urea granules with dicyandiamide

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Response of winter wheat to nitrogen fertilizer quantitative relations for components of growth

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Response of winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivars to barley yellow dwarf virus infection

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Response of winter wheat triticum aestivum to herbicides

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Response of winter wheat triticum aestivum to inhibiting nitrification of fall applied nitrogen

Huber D.M.; Nelson D.W.; Warren H.L.; Tsai C.Y.; Shaner G.E., 1980:
Response of winter wheat triticum aestivum to inhibiting nitrification of fall applied nitrogen with n serve nitrogen stabilizer

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Response of winter wheat triticum aestivum to surface strip applications of ammonium polyphosphate

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Response of winter wheat triticum sativum cultivar fengmai 13 to the climate at different altitudes 2. accumulation and partitioning of dry matter of aerial parts

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Response of winter wheat triticum sativum cultivar fengmai 13 to the climate at different altitudes 3. some photosynthetic characteristics of the plant

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Response of winter wheat triticum sativum cultivar fengmai 138 on the climate at different altitudes 1. comparison of leaf characteristics and yield component

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Response on neoplastic and normal vasculature to acetyl choline

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Response properties of the glosso pharyngeal taste system of the mud puppy necturus maculosus 2. responses of individual first order neurons

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Response properties of the non pyramidal tract neuron in the kitten motor cortex during early postnatal development an intracellular horseradish peroxidase study

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Response reinforcer vs. stimulus reinforcer pretraining influences s positive vs. s negative discriminative control

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Response specificity of male pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella moths to different blends and dosages of sex pheromone

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Response stereotypes for rotary controls involving the application of force

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Response strategies of adult male schizocosa crassipes araneae lycosidae during agonistic interactions

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Response strength in multiple periodic and aperiodic schedules

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Response strength in multiple schedules

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Response strength of young children in operant audiometry

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Response style effects response shift bias and a bogus pipeline

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Response style effects response shift bias and a bogus pipeline a replication

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Response summation to a compound stimulus in a context of choice

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Response suppression during stimuli temporally different from the pre food stimulus

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Response suppression produced by electrical stimulation in the neo cortex of the cat

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Response suppression to a shock predicting stimulus in differentially reared monkeys macaca mulatta

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Response surface analysis of bake lab data with a personal computer

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Response surface analysis of teleost cardio respiratory responses to temperature and dissolved oxygen

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Response surface analysis of the combined effects of exposure and acclimation temperatures on filtration oxygen consumption and scope for growth in the oyster ostrea edulis

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Response surface analysis of two species competition an experiment on phleum arenarium and vulpia fasciculata

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Response surface method for determining optimum plot size a methodological trial

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Response surface methodology to study fat destabilization and development of overrun in ice creams produced with poly unsaturated safflower oil and milk fat blends

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Response surface studies on the effects of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on vine growth yield and fruit quality

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Response surfaces of body protein and energy gains in growing chicks fed diets over the entire range of compositions of protein, fat and carbohydrate

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Response surfaces of semi dwarf wheat for seeding rate and levels and times of application of nitrogen fertilizer

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Response surfaces of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar korpara for seeding rate and levels and times of application of nitrogen fertilizer

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Response tendencies, ethnicity, and depression scores

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Response threshold determination of the brainstem auditory evoked response a comparison of the phase vs. magnitude derived from the fast fourier transform

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Response time and temporal order judgment in vision

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Response time of a diffusion sampler under unsteady state

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Response to acute hypercapnia in the parents of victims of sudden infant death syndrome

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Response to adrenergic agonists and antagonists by collateral arteries from the hind limb of the dog

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Response to adreno ovariectomy and or pituitary grafting of carcinogen induced mammary tumors in rats with different growth potential

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Response to and production of interleukin 2 by peripheral blood and cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytes of patients with multiple sclerosis

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Response to and selection between firm substrata by mytilus edulis

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Response to angiotensin i and angiotensin ii and to angiotensin i converting enzyme inhibitor in a shark

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Response to antitumor agents of human transplantable glioma implanted onto chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryo

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Response to antitumor agents of murine transplantable tumors implanted onto chorioallantoic membrane of chick embryo

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Response to atmospheric humidity at comfortable air temperature a comparison of 3 experiments

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Response to banding and hoechst 33258 treatment in chromocenters of the malpighian tubule cells of triatoma infestans

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Response to bleomycin of Escherichia coli mutants deficient in DNA repair

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Response to body rotation and tendency to mystical experience

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Response to bone marrow derived and thymus derived cell mitogens and surface markers in human fetal lymphoid tissues

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Response to brief coronary stenosis in conscious dogs after ventricular sympathectomy

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Response to brief l dopa infusions in parkinsonian patients with and without motor fluctuations

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Response to bronchodilators assessed by lung mechanics

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Response to carbon di oxide of intra pulmonary chemo receptors in the emu

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Response to carbon dioxide of tabanus quinquevittatus females diptera tabanidae in relation to relative abundance parity follicle development and sperm and fructose presence

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Response to cecropia cocoons of mus musculus and 2 species of peromyscus

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Response to certain crops to glyphosate in irrigation water

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Response to chilling of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar hilda mesophyll protoplasts

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Response to chilling stress in plant cells 1. changes in cyclosis and cytoplasmic structure

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Response to chilling stress in plant cells 2. re distribution of intra cellular calcium

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Response to cold in the blue fox alopex lagopus and raccoon dog nyctereutes procyonoides as evaluated by metabolism heart rate and muscular shivering a re evaluation

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Response to concanavalin a and phytohemagglutinin a of host and donor thymic cells in radiation bone marrow chimeras

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Response to conspecific and hetero specific male odors by the voles microtus agrestis microtus arvalis and clethrionomys glareolus with respect to competition for space

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Response to constant angular accelerations of neurons in the squirrel monkey superior vestibular nucleus

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Response to control of competing vegetation in site prepared slash pine pinus elliottii plantations

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Response to cortico steroids in the hyper eosinophilic syndrome association with increased serum immuno globulin e levels

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Response to cosmetic disfigurement: patients with vitiligo

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Response to cryptorchidism of the testis and epididymis of the opossum (Didelphis virginiana)

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Response to dapsone mono therapy in leprosy patients of gudiyatham taluk south india comparison between the 1960s and the 1970s

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Response to density in a wild population of the perennial herb salvia lyrata variation among families

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Response to dexamethasone and subtype of depression

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Response to dietary supplementation of vitamin c and vitamin e in weanling pigs fed low vitamin e selenium diets

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Response to different rates of energy intake by gloucester old spot and large white boars and gilts given the same total feed allowance

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Response to differentiated feeding of 3 lines of mice selected for body weight part 1

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Response to differentiated feeding of 3 lines of mice selected for body weight part 2

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Response to directional light by leaves of a sun tracking lupine lupinus succulentus

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Response to divergent selection for nesting behavior in Mus musculus

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Response to do vaso motor nerves significantly regulate cerebral blood flow

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Response to doxorubicin in hairy cell leukemia

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Response to environmental variation of soybean glycine max lines selected for altered unsaturated fatty acid composition

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Response to ergometer exercise in a healthy bi racial population of children

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Response to ethofumesate of annual blue grass poa annua and over seeded bermuda grass cynodon dactylon

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Response to exercise after withdrawal from chronic alcoholism

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Response to exercise in patients taking psychotropic drugs. Arrhythmias and the QT interval (QT wave peak)

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Response to exertion after captopril treatment in hypertensive patients with mild cardiac failure

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Response to exogenous administration of progesterone in patients with secondary amenorrhea vs. that in women with lactational amenorrhea

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Response to experimental coarctation of the aorta and pulmonic stenosis in the fetal lamb

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Response to experimental implantation of autologous iris tissue and to iris injuries

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Response to extravascular lung water to intra operative fluids

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Response to fertilization by various plant growth forms in an alaskan usa tundra nutrient accumulation and growth

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Response to fertilization of puntero grass hyparrhenia rufa at el nus region colombia

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Response to fertilizer in a pinus radiata plantation 1. aboveground biomass and wood density

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Response to fertilizer in a pinus radiata plantation 2. accumulation and partitioning of nutrients

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Response to flavomycin and 3 nitro in broiler chicken diets containing clopidol

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Response to food plant stimuli by larvae of the mustard beetle phaedon cochleariae

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Response to foster nestlings by red winged blackbirds agelaius phoeniceus at different reproductive stages

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Response to frusemide in acute renal failure: dissociation of renin and diuretic responses

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Response to full sib selection in four medium maturity maize populations

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Response to fungus pathogen erysiphe graminis f sp hordei in susceptible and resistant barley cultivars 3. water balance

Priehradny, S., 1984 :
Response to fungus pathogen in susceptible and resistant barley cultivars 4. water and dry matter content

Priehradny, S., 1977:
Response to fungus pathogen in susceptible and resistant barley cultivars part 2 water uptake

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Response to gamma irradiation and induced virulent mutation in melampsora medusae of poplars

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Response to gamma radiation of mice with spontaneous chromosome instability (NZB mice)

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Response to gibberellic acid of durum wheat triticum durum

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Response to glucagon of low birth weight infants with early intra venous glucose infusion

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Response to glucose infusion in humans: role of changes in insulin concentration

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Response to gonadotropic stimulation of cultured rat luteal cells isolated from corpora lutea of early pregnancy. Cytochemical and biochemical studies

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Response to granulocyte transfusions in the allo immunized patients

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Response to gravity by zea mays cultivar stowells evergreen seedlings 1. time course of the response

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Response to ground water depletion in southwestern kansas usa

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Response to heat treatment 42.5 degrees celsius in vivo and in vitro of 5 human melanoma xenografts

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Response to heavy metals in organisms 1. excretion and accumulation of physiological and nonphysiological metals in euglena gracilis

Piccinni, E.; Coppellotti, O., 1982:
Response to heavy metals in organisms 2. effects of physiological and nonphysiological metals on ochromonas danica

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Response to hepatitis b vaccine in family members of hepatitis b surface antigen carriers

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Response to hormones of cells cultured from human giant cell tumors of bone

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Response to human chorionic gonadotropin of leydig cells dispersed from the rat testis

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Response to hypercapnia and exercise hyperpnea in graded anesthesia

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Response to immunosuppressive therapy in patients with hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy and associated dysimmune neuromuscular disorders

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Response to influenza vaccine in uremic patients relation to red blood cell magnesium and necessity of a second injection

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Response to infusions of poly electrolyte fractionated human factor viii concentrate in human hemophilia a and von willebrands disease

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Response to inhaled histamine and 24 hour sodium excretion

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Response to inhaled metaproterenol and isoproterenol in asthmatic and normal subjects

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Response to injectable selenium and vitamin e on reproductive performance of sows receiving a standard commercial diet

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Response to injury of skin involved and uninvolved with psoriasis, and its relation to disease activity: Koebner and 'reverse' Koebner reactions

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Response to insecticides of the sugarcane borer in louisiana and texas usa

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Response to insulin by thymocytes of adrenalectomized and adrenalectomized diabetic rats

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Response to ionizing radiation in duchenne muscular dystrophy

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Response to ionizing radiation of human bladder transitional cell carcinomas grown in the nude mouse

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Response to isoantigens and mitogens in the cat: effects of cyclosporin A

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Response to isoproterenol infusion in pediatric patients following atrial repair of transposition of the great arteries

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Response to isotonic saline infusion after selective renal cortical ablation in the rat

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Response to jejunal acidification in man part 1 changes in composition of perfusate

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Response to jejunal acidification in man part 2 pancreatic biliary and gastric responses

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Response to kairomones by some alysiine and eucoilid parasitoid species hymenoptera

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Response to kentucky bluegrass poa pratensis to four growth retardants

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Response to lake phyto plankton communities to in situ manipulations of light intensity and color

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Response to lhrh trh and human chorionic gonadotropin administration in healthy men at different risks for prostatic cancer and prostatic cancer patients

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Response to light by trochophore larvae of spirobranchus giganteus effects of level of irradiance dark adaptation and spectral distribution

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Response to lime and phosphorus by several genetic sources of corn zea mays on a low ph and phosphorus soil in the greenhouse

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Response to long and short term salinity in populations of the c 4 nonhalophyte andropogon glomeratus walter b.s.p

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Response to manganese application and evaluation of chemical extractants to determine available manganese in some arid brown soils of haryana india

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Response to mass selection for plant height and grain yield in amaranth amaranthus spp

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Response to maximal exercise test in patients with complete atrio ventricular block

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Response to measles vaccine in Haitian infants 6 to 12 months old. Influence of maternal antibodies, malnutrition, and concurrent illnesses

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Response to megestrol in male breast carcinoma

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Response to memory training and individual differences in verbal intelligence and state anxiety

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Response to methotrexate in fibrosing alveolitis associated with connective tissue disease

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Response to movement of neurons in areas 17 and 18 of the cat: direction selectivity

Orban, G.A.; Kennedy, H.; Maes, H., 1981:
Response to movement of neurons in areas 17 and 18 of the cat: velocity sensitivity

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Response to muscular exercise following repeated simulated weightlessness

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Response to mycobacterium bovis bcg vaccination in protein deficient and zinc deficient guinea pigs

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Response to neoplastic antigens in human oncology assessment and results of leukocyte inhibitory factor test in breast cancer patients

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Response to netilmicin therapy in patients with urinary tract infection and bacteremia

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Response to nitrogen application and interval between harvests in 5 grasses 1. dry matter yield nitrogen content and yield numbers and weights of tillers and proportion of crop fractions

Wilman, D.; Mohamed, A.A., 1981:
Response to nitrogen application and interval between harvests in 5 grasses 2. leaf development

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Response to nitrogen in sugar beet seed production

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Response to nonprotein nitrogen and sulfur sources by the early weaned calf

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Response to novelty in saimiri and callicebus influence of social context

Forssell, H.; Kirveskari, P.; Kangasniemi, P., 1987:
Response to occlusal treatment in headache patients previously treated by mock occlusal adjustment

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