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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6331

Chapter 6331 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Michaelson I.A., 1981: Responsiveness to dextro amphetamine in lead exposed rats as measured by steady state levels of catecholamines and loco motor activity

Ekman A M., 1988: Responsiveness to diving reflex after acute myocardial infarction influence of early beta adrenoceptor blocker therapy

Kaufman, R.; Salem, P.; Wittes, R. E., 1977: Responsiveness to endocrine manipulations in breast cancer after prophylactic castration

De-Moraes, S.; Bento, A. C.; Tavares-De-Lima, W., 1988: Responsiveness to epinephrine in adult spontaneously hypertensive rat tail artery preferential mediation by postjunctional alpha 2 adrenoceptors

Kawashima S., 1981: Responsiveness to estrogen of pituitary glands and prolactin cells in gonadectomized male and female rats

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330006

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330007

Gordon, M. Y., 1977: Responsiveness to humoral factors of mouse marrow colony forming cells after treatment with cyclo phosphamide

Straus, D. S.; Williamson, R. A., 1978: Responsiveness to insulin is a dominant characteristic in somatic cell hybrids

Smith P.H., 1985: Responsiveness to light of the circadian clock controlling eclosion in the blowfly lucilia cuprina

Stanford J.L., 1986: Responsiveness to live mycobacterium tuberculosis and common antigens of sonicate stimulated t cell lines from normal donors

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330012

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330013

Visalberghi E., 1988: Responsiveness to objects in two social groups of tufted capuchin monkeys cebus apella

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330015

Hughes R.A.C., 1988: Responsiveness to p 2 of blood derived and cauda equina derived lymphocytes in experimental allergic neuritis in the lewis rat preliminary characterization of a p 2 specific cauda equina derived t cell line

Swales J.D., 1982: Responsiveness to pressor agents in experimental reno vascular and steroid hypertension effects of converting enzyme inhibitor and nephrectomy

Gavosto F., 1983: Responsiveness to prostaglandin e 1 of different subtypes of normal and pathological committed granulo monopoietic precursors

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330019

Mikled C., 1985: Responsiveness to seasonal temperature and nitrogen among genotypes of kikuyu pennisetum clandestinum paspalum paspalum dilatatum and bermuda grass cynodon pastures of coastal new south wales australia

Soffie, M.; Zayan, H., 1978: Responsiveness to social releasers in cattle 2. relation between social status and responsiveness and possible effect of previous familiarization with the test conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330022

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330023

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330024

Toda N., 1986: Responsiveness to vasoconstrictor and dilator agents of senescent beagle cerebral arteries

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330026

Falzett, M.; Nussdorf, J. D.; Powers, M. K., 1988: Responsivity and absolute sensitivity of retinal ganglion cells in goldfish of different sizes when measured under psychophysical conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330028

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330029

Hartley S., 1981: Responsivity of normal kitten striate cortex deteriorates after brief bin ocular deprivation

Iorio L.C., 1981: Responsivity of rats to neutral and danger signaling stimuli during sleep

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330032

Skrzypczynska, M., 1977: Resseliella skuhravyorum diptera cecidomyiidae its stages of development biology and economic importance

Macintyre N.R., 1987: Rest and exercise cardiac output and diffusing capacity assessed by a single slow exhalation of methane acetylene and carbon monoxide

Ashburn W., 1981: Rest and exercise electro cardiograms and radio nuclides in patients presenting for cardiac rehabilitation

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330036

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330037

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330038

Tsagaris T.J., 1979: Rest and exercise hemodynamic studies in patients with isolated aortic stenosis

Lock J.E., 1982: Rest and exercise hemodynamics after the fontan procedure

Parker F.B.Jr, 1985: Rest and exercise hemodynamics following aortic valve replacement a comparison between 19 and 21 millimeters ionescu shiley pericardial and carpentier edwards porcine valves

Moller J.H., 1980: Rest and exercise hemodynamics in children before and after aortic valvotomy

Moller J.H., 1985: Rest and exercise hemodynamics in pulmonary stenosis comparison of children and adults

Zuberbuhler J.R., 1983: Rest and exercise right and left ventricular function late after the mustard operation assessment by radio nuclide ventriculography

Mclaughlin P.R., 1983: Rest and exercise ventricular function in adults with congenital ventricular septal defects

Hundt, D., 1976: Rest and passage places for waterfowl in the area of the river amper in upper bavaria west germany

Segal B.L., 1983: Rest and re distribution thallium 201 myo cardial scintigraphy to predict improvement in left ventricular function after coronary arterial bypass grafting

Plotnick, G. D.; Charliner, N. H.; Fisher, M. L.; Defelice, C. E.; Becker, L., 1978: Rest angina with transient s t segment elevation correlation of clinical features with coronary anatomy

Unrath C.R., 1983: Rest completion prediction model for cultivar starkrimson delicious apples malus domestica

Lumia, F. J.; Macmillan, R. M.; Germon, P. A.; Kornberg, B.; Fernandez, J.; Maranhao, V., 1985: Rest exercise radionuclide angiographic assessment of left ventricular function in chronic aortic regurgitation significance of serial studies in medically vs. surgically treated groups

Goldman, R., 1977: Rest its use and abuse in the aged

Buchanan D.W., 1981: Rest prediction model for low chilling nectarine prunus persica cultivar sungold

Schuster S., 1982: Rest stop survey of lake constance europe a semi quantitative breeding bird study

Vlietinck R., 1987: Rest versus heavy work during the last weeks of pregnancy influence on fetal growth

Cavanagh D., 1988: Restaging laparotomy and ovarian cancer

Collab Study Group Child Dev Test (China), 1986: Restandardization of denver developmental screening test from six cities in north china

Lecoanet J., 1988: Restatement of an immuno enzymatic method elisa to detect antibodies to bovine viral diarrhea virus in bovine sera

Terno G., 1979: Restatement of lymphography in childhood experience with 413 consecutive patients in 10 years

Bachelier, G., 1977: Restatement of termite action in soils

Fleurat-Lessard, F., 1975: Restatement of the question of mites on dried plums development conditions and spreading of carpoglyphus lactis acarida glycyphagidae

Robbins J.B., 1988: Restaurant associated outbreak of typhoid fever in maryland usa identification of carrier facilitated by measurement of serum vi antibodies

Hughes J.M., 1981: Restaurant associated type a botulism transmission by potato salad

Essed C.E., 1987: Restenosis 3 months after successful percutaneous aortic valvoplasty a clinicopathological report

Rudolph W., 1988: Restenosis after balloon dilatation of coronary stenosis multivariate analysis of potential risk factors

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330066

Gruentzig A.R., 1986: Restenosis after successful coronary angioplasty in patients with single vessel disease

Ohishi H., 1988: Restenosis after successful percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty serial angiographic follow up of 229 patients

Burdine J.A., 1984: Restenosis after transluminal coronary angioplasty detected with exercise gated radionuclide ventriculography

Bourassa M.G., 1987: Restenosis and its determinants in first and repeat coronary angioplasty

Bjornlert U., 1986: Restenosis and occlusion after carotid surgery assessed by duplex scanning and digital subtraction angiography

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330072

Loeffler M., 1987: Restimulation of cell cycle progression by hypoxic tumor cells with deoxynucleosides requires ppm oxygen tension

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330074

Majewska H., 1980: Resting activity of some enzymes in blood of young thoroughbred and half bred horses in spring and autumn

Koppenhoefer, E., 1972: Resting and action potential of nitella mucronata under normal conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330077

Abe, T.; Oda, K., 1976: Resting and action potentials of excitable cells in the main pulvinus of mimosa pudica

Athias, P.; Moalic, J. M.; Frelin, C.; Klepping, J.; Padieu, P., 1977: Resting and active potentials of dissociated rat heart cells in culture

Morrison S.D., 1982: Resting and activity energy expenditure during total parenteral nutrition in rats with methyl cholanthrene induced sarcoma

Walford R.L., 1979: Resting and concanavalin a stimulated levels of cyclic nucleotides in splenic cells of aging mice with spontaneous cancers

Dyer B.S., 1979: Resting and diel respiration rates for the burrowing wolf spider geolycosa domifex

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330083

Oldridge, N. B.; Heigenhauser, G. J. F.; Sutton, J. R.; Jones, N. L., 1978: Resting and exercise heart rate with apnea and facial immersion in female swimmers

Gulotta S.J., 1983: Resting and exercise hemodynamics in constrictive peri carditis and a case of cardiac amyloidosis mimicking constriction

Kostuk W.J., 1983: Resting and exercise left ventricular function in patients with hypertrophic cardio myopathy

Einzig S., 1983: Resting and exercise renal blood flows in immature ovine aortic coarctation impact of gradient relief

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330088

Nagata H., 1984: Resting and germination of cysts of peridinium sp dinophyceae

Coleman J.R., 1986: Resting and high frequency evoked 2 deoxyglucose uptake in the rat inferior colliculus developmental changes and effects of short term conduction blockade

Beckers C., 1988: Resting and hypercapnic regional cbf in patients with unilateral occlusive disease of the internal carotid artery

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330092

Sahi T., 1983: Resting and post exercise electro cardiogram findings in an adult lapp population

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330094

Coleman J.R., 1987: Resting and pure tone evoked metabolic responses in the inferior colliculus of young adult and senescent rats

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330096

Das, G. D., 1976: Resting and reactive macrophages in the developing cerebellum an experimental ultrastructural study

Steinman R.M., 1984: Resting and sensitized t lymphocytes exhibit distinct stimulatory antigen presenting cell requirements for growth and lymphokine release

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330099

Woodson, P. B. J.; Schlapfer, W. T.; Tremblay, J. P.; Barondes, S. H., 1976: Resting and stimulated values of model parameters governing transmitter release at a synapse in aplysia californica

Rius J., 1986: Resting angina with fixed coronary artery stenosis nocturnal decline in ischemic threshold

Gordon, J.; Millsum, M. J.; Guy, G. R.; Ledbetter, J. A., 1988: Resting b lymphocytes can be triggered directly through the cdw40 bp50 antigen a comparison with il 4 mediated signaling

Khan D.H., 1982: Resting behavior biting activity pattern and host preference of the common mosquitoes of dacca city bangladesh

Devaputra M., 1984: Resting behavior of anophelines and sporozoite rates in vectors of malaria along the river thenpennai tamil nadu india

Istasse L., 1988: Resting behavior of belgian white blue bulls in a tie stall barn

Bamberg F., 1986: Resting behavior of fallow deer cervus dama as an adaptation to the nutritional stress of winter

Istasse L., 1988: Resting behavior of friesian bulls maintained in a tie stall barn under two patterns of lighting

Istasse L., 1988: Resting behavior of friesian fattening bulls in a tie stall barn

Gielen M., 1988: Resting behavior of heifers in the barn before and after calving

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330110

Imms F.J., 1983: Resting blood flow in the paretic and nonparetic lower legs of hemiplegic persons relation to local skin temperature

Eveleth P.B., 1984: Resting blood pressure and pulse rate distributions in black adolescents the philadelphia pennsylvania usa blood pressure project

Hallbook T., 1979: Resting blood pressure index in arterial occlusive disease of the lower limbs

Jebram, D., 1975: Resting buds hibernacula of bryozoa ctenostomata in meso haline and marine waters

Hirakawa K., 1979: Resting cell studies on fermentation of sugar and peptone by clostridia

Raleigh M.J., 1986: Resting cortisol levels and the emergence of dominant status among male vervet monkeys cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus

Sandgren C.D., 1980: Resting cyst formation in selected chrysophyte flagellates an ultrastructural survey including a proposal for the phylogenetic significance of interspecific variations in the encystment process

Lewis C.M., 1982: Resting cysts of the toxic red tide dinoflagellate gonyaulax excavata in bay of fundy canada sediments

Tow D.E., 1982: Resting early peak diastolic filling rate a sensitive index of myo cardial dys function in patients with coronary artery disease

Prokop L., 1986: Resting echocardiographic parameters after cessation of regular endurance training

Grice, G. D.; Gibson, V. R., 1977: Resting eggs in pontella meadi copepoda calanoida

Grice, G. D.; Lawson, T. J., 1976: Resting eggs in the marine calanoid copepod labidocera aestiva

Kankaala P., 1983: Resting eggs seasonal dynamics and production of bosmina longispina maritima cladocera in the northern baltic proper

Elovainio R., 1982: Resting electro cardiogram in athletic and nonathletic adolescent boys correlations with heart volume and cardio respiratory fitness

Et Al, 1988: Resting energy expenditure body composition and excess weight in the obese

Lundholm K., 1984: Resting energy expenditure in mal nourished patients with and without cancer

Blackburn G.L., 1986: Resting energy expenditure in moderate obesity predicting velocity of weight loss

Blackburn G.L., 1987: Resting energy expenditure in patients with end stage liver disease and in normal population

Fischer J.E., 1987: Resting energy expenditure of host and tumor is similar in rats with methylcholanthrene induced sarcoma

Banerjee, B.; Saha, N.; Khew, K. S.; Ratnam, S. S., 1977: Resting energy expenditure of patients after gynecological operation in singapore

Berenson G.S., 1982: Resting heart rate and pressure rate product of children in a total bi racial community the bogalusa heart study

Rodahl K., 1979: Resting heart rate in apparently healthy middle aged men

Bhattacharyya N.K., 1985: Resting heat production in bos indicus and their f 1 crosses with exotic breeds at a thermoneutral environment

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330136

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330138

Edlin D., 1984: Resting kinetics of thallium 201 in patients with coronary artery disease

Gensini G.F., 1987: Resting left ventricular impairment of diastolic function relation with exercise thallium 201 myocardial perfusion scintigraphy

Nakajima K., 1983: Resting level of serum enzymes and heart weight in growing rats trained with voluntary running

Leca F., 1986: Resting lung function in children after repair of tetralogy of fallot

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330143

Senda M., 1980: Resting membrane potential and action potential of nitella expansa protoplasts

Peres A., 1986: Resting membrane potential and inward current properties of mouse ovarian oocytes and eggs

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330146

Vaidhyanathan V.S., 1979: Resting membrane potentials of giant axon systems

Sproat J.E., 1981: Resting membrane potentials of pacemaker and nonpacemaker areas in rat uterus

Wager J., 1988: Resting metabolic rate and body composition of healthy swedish women during pregnancy

Groscolas R., 1980: Resting metabolic rate and cost of loco motion in long term fasting emperor penguins

Brown C., 1984: Resting metabolic rate and energetic cost of incubation in macaroni penguins eudyptes chrysolophus and rockhopper penguins eudyptes chrysocome

Bouchard C., 1985: Resting metabolic rate in monozygotic and dizygotic twins

Tacu, D., 1978: Resting metabolic rate of lactating and developing citellus citellus

Weissman, C.; Kemper, M.; Askanazi, J.; Hyman, A. I.; Kinney, J. M., 1986: Resting metabolic rate of the critically ill patient measured vs. predicted

Ellis T.M., 1987: Resting metabolic rates in boid snakes allometric relationships and temperature effects

Calder, W. A. Iii ; Dawson, T. J., 1978: Resting metabolic rates of ratite birds the kiwis and the emu

Owen O.E., 1988: Resting metabolic requirements of men and women

Osaka Y., 1982: Resting metabolism in conditions of air temperature between 20 and 28 celsius

Hayashi M.A.N., 1982: Resting metabolism in hypoxia acclimated rats during acute hypoxic exposure

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330163

Zambraski, E. J.; Fuchs, B., 1980: Resting metabolism of yucatan miniature swine

Polowczyk J., 1985: Resting metabolism rate in mice after cutaneous poisoning with zinc cadmium and lead

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330166

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330167

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330168

Keesey R.E., 1985: Resting oxygen consumption in overfed and underfed rats with lateral hypothalamic lesions

Raiss, R., 1976: Resting period and weight variations of resting song thrushes redwings and blackbirds during autumn migration on helgoland west germany

Bellec, C.; Hebrard, G., 1980: Resting places for adults of the simulium damnosum complex diptera simuliidae 1. methods of investigation

Bellec, C.; Hebrard, G., 1980: Resting places for adults of the simulium damnosum complex diptera simuliidae 2. distribution in space and time

Keller D.M., 1986: Resting platelets contain a substantial centrally located pool of glycoprotein iib iiia complex which may be accessible to some but not other extracellular proteins

Midtgard, U., 1978: Resting postures of the mallard anas platyrhynchos

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330176

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330177

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330178

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330179

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330180

Miyake, M.; Kurihara, K., 1983: Resting potential of the mouse neuro blastoma cells 2. significant contribution of the surface potential to the resting potential of the cells under physiological conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330182

Galassi F., 1986: Resting potential of the retina in retinal detachment post operative evaluation by means of electro oculography

Takano N., 1982: Resting pulmonary ventilation and dead space ventilation during the menstrual cycle

Krupinski A.V., 1986: Resting single breath diffusing capacity as a screening test for exercise induced hypoxemia

Okiwelu S.N., 1982: Resting site preferences of the tsetse glossina morsitans submorsitans diptera glossinidae in mali

Okiwelu S.N., 1981: Resting site preferences of the tsetse glossina palpalis gambiensis diptera glossinidae in mali

Mikkola K., 1979: Resting site selection by oligia and biston moths lepidoptera noctuidae and geometridae

Okiwelu, S. N., 1976: Resting sites of glossina morsitans morsitans diptera glossinidae during the dry season in the republic of zambia

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330190

Hampson M.C., 1984: Resting sporangium of synchytrium endobioticum its structure and composition of the lipids and fatty acids

Shimazu M., 1979: Resting spore formation of entomophthora sphaerosperma entomophthorales entomophthoraceae in the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens hemiptera homoptera delphacidae

Takahashi M., 1987: Resting spore formation of leptocylindrus danicus bacillariophyceae during short time scale upwelling and its significance as predicted by a simple model

Johnson, T. W-Jr, 1977: Resting spore germination in 3 chytrids

Martin, R. G.; Stein, S., 1976: Resting state in normal and sv 40 transformed chinese hamster lung cells

Astrand I., 1980: Resting systolic blood pressure and heart rate at work

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330197

Mehlum F., 1983: Resting time in migrating robins erithacus rubecula at store faerder outer oslo fjord norway

Mchenry P.L., 1980: Resting u wave inversion as a marker of stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery

Dajas F., 1984: Resting urinary catecholamine excretion in schizophrenics methodology and interpretation of results

Barta, E.; Brvenik, P.; Kolesar, J.; Babusikova, F., 1978: Resting values of left ventricular work to coronary blood flow ratio in rats exposed to intermittent high altitude hypoxia and swimming

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330202

Callaghan C.J., 1986: Restinga butterflies biology of synargis brennus riodinidae

Shapiro E.S., 1979: Restitution and positive practice over correction in reducing aggressive disruptive behavior a long term follow up

Rushkovs'kyi, H. P.; Senyutovych, R. V., 1975: Restitution of acid secretory function and content of muco poly saccharides in dog gastric mucosa

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330206

Liacos J.A., 1988: Restitution of barrier and transport function of porcine colon after acute mucosal injury

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330208

Pirkle, J. C. Jr ; Gann, D. S., 1976: Restitution of blood volume after hemorrhage role of the adrenal cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330210

Nordstroem, C. H.; Rehncrona, S.; Siesjoe, B. K., 1976: Restitution of cerebral energy state after complete and incomplete ischemia of 30 minutes duration

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330212

Hsu T.C., 1982: Restitution of chromatid and iso chromatid breaks induced in the g 2 phase by actinomycin d

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330214

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330215

Vogt P.K., 1979: Restitution of fibroblast transforming ability in src deletion mutants of avian sarcoma virus during animal passage

Goldberger, M. E., 1972: Restitution of function in the central nervous system the pathologic grasp in macaca mulatta

Sibinska E., 1983: Restitution of gamma radiation induced lesions of dna complex in resting human lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330219

Bishop, D. H. L.; Repik, P.; Obijeski, J. F.; Moore, N. F.; Wagner, R. R., 1975: Restitution of infectivity to spikeless vesicular stomatitis virus by solubilized viral components

Stock, W.; Bohn, H. J.; Isselhard, W., 1973: Restitution of muscular energy metabolism after chronic limb ischemia in rats

Sievers S., 1986: Restitution of polarity in statocytes from centrifuged roots

Buschard, K.; Rygaard, J., 1976: Restitution of streptozotocin induced diabetes mellitus in nude mice with pancreatic grafts from the rat

Silen W., 1982: Restitution of the surface epithelium of the in vitro frog rana catesbeiana gastric mucosa after damage with hyper osmolar sodium chloride morphologic and physiologic characteristics

Bathmann R., 1984: Restitution of the thymus in lethally irradiated mice after transplantation of syngeneic or allogeneic bone marrow

Pandey A.K., 1986: Restitution of thyroid activity in the ddt exposed sarotherodon mossambicus a histological and histochemical profile

Barbeau M., 1981: Restitution of visual function in 2 cases of post anoxic occipital blindness a long term clinical study

Von Cramon D., 1979: Restitution of visual function in patients with cerebral blindness

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330229

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330230

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330231

Watanabe S., 1987: Restocking effects on the single species population obeying difference equation

Watanabe S., 1985: Restocking effects on the two competing species system including a nonlinearly regulated species population

Akopyan I.G., 1981: Restoration ability of some grape hybrid seedlings after damaging late spring frosts

Haraguchi Y., 1984: Restoration anaerobic character in germ free mice of the facultative anaerobe mutant of bifidobacterium 2

Morris, C. R.; Alexander, E. A.; Bruns, F. J.; Levinsky, N. G., 1972: Restoration and maintenance of glomerular filtration by mannitol during hypo perfusion of the kidney

Gotsman M.S., 1984: Restoration and maintenance of sinus rhythm after mitral valve surgery for mitral stenosis

Guitelman A., 1984: Restoration and maintenance of spermatogenesis by human chorionic gonadotropin therapy in patients with hypothalamo hypophyseal damage

Adam A., 1984: Restoration and stimulation of the in vitro immune response of b cells to sheep erythrocytes by interleukins and muramyl dipeptide

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330240

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330241

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330242

Suzuki F., 1982: Restoration by cyclic amp of the differentiated phenotype of chondrocytes from de differentiated cells pre treated with retinoids

Archer D.L., 1981: Restoration by cyclic gmp and extracellular calcium of butylated hydroxy anisole suppressed primary murine thymus dependent antibody response

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330245

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330246

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330247

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330248

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330249

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330250

Lampkin B.C., 1981: Restoration by normal human immuno globulin g of deficient serum opsonization for streptococcus pneumoniae in sickle cell disease

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330252

Bretthauer R.K., 1983: Restoration by phospho lipids of dolichol pyro phosphate n acetyl glucosamine synthesis in delipidated rat lung microsomes

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330254

Ziegler, J. B.; Alper, C. A.; Rosen, F. S.; Lachmann, P. J.; Sherington, L., 1975: Restoration by purified complement c 3b inactivator of complement mediated function in vivo in a patient with complement c 3b inactivator deficiency

Ishitsuka H., 1986: Restoration by recombinant interferon alpha a d of host defense systems against tumor in immunosuppressed mice

Ohsawa, H.; Maruo, B., 1976: Restoration by ribosomal protein s 1 of the defective translation in a temperature sensitive mutant of escherichia coli k 12 characterization and genetic studies

Frindel E., 1979: Restoration by serum thymic factor of spleen colony forming unit entry into dna synthesis in thymectomized mice after thymus dependent antigen treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330259

Low, B., 1973: Restoration by the rac locus of recombinant forming ability in recb minus and recc minus mero zygotes of escherichia coli k 12

Popkov, G. G., 1975: Restoration capacity of the root tissue as reaction to the effect of drought

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330263

Yap S.H., 1983: Restoration effects of glucose re feeding on reduced synthesis of albumin and total protein and disaggregated poly ribosomes in liver of starved rats evidence of a post transcriptional control mechanism

Sozinov, A. A.; Netsvetaev, V. P.; Poperelya, F. A.; Navolotskii, V. D., 1976: Restoration in hybridization of pr alpha locus activity in barley hordeum vulgare mutant and its dose effect

Holmes G.D., 1983: Restoration of a disused dock basin as a habitat for marine benthos and fish

Lewkowicz, M.; Lewkowicz, S., 1977: Restoration of a pond after a 5 year period of fertilization with beet sugar factory wastes chemical factors and zoo plankton

Brown, M. S.; Sobhani, M. K.; Brunschede, G. Y.; Goldstein, J. L., 1976: Restoration of a regulatory response to low density lipo protein in acid lipase deficient human fibroblasts

Carter M.G., 1979: Restoration of a toxic waste quarry

Bilder, G. E.; Denckla, W. D., 1977: Restoration of ability to reject xeno grafts and clear carbon after hypophysectomy of adult rats

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330271

Rosen, B. P., 1973: Restoration of active transport in an magnesium atpase ec deficient mutant of escherichia coli

Brodie A.F., 1980: Restoration of active transport of solutes and oxidative phosphorylation by naphtho quinones in irradiated membrane vesicles from mycobacterium phlei

Ter Avanesyan M.D., 1980: Restoration of activities of acid phosphatase i and phospho ribosyl amino imidazole carboxylase as a result of ochre suppression of pho 1 and ade 2 mutations in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330275

Hartman F.C., 1988: Restoration of activity to catalytically deficient mutants of ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase by aminoethylation

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330277

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330278

Kohsaka M., 1984: Restoration of aerial mycelium and antibiotic production in a streptomyces griseoflavus arginine auxotroph

Obodan L.Z., 1986: Restoration of agglutinable properties in serologically nontyped strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Lear, P. A.; Heidecke, C. D.; Kupiec-Weglinski, J. W.; Arandea, D.; Strom, T. B.; Tilney, N. L., 1983: Restoration of allo graft responsiveness in b rats 2. requirements for lymphoid populations and lymphokine

Kupiec-Weglinski, J. W.; Lear, P. A.; Heidecke, C. D.; Araneda, D.; Tilney, N. L., 1984: Restoration of allo graft responsiveness in b rats 4. the divergent migratory behavior of lymphocyte populations mediating cardiac allo graft rejection

Tilney N.L., 1982: Restoration of allo graft responsiveness in b rats by interleukin 2 and or adherent cells

Ghoda A., 1984: Restoration of anaerobic character in germ free mice of the facultative anaerobe mutant of bifidobacterium

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330285

Bhat P.V., 1983: Restoration of anchorage regulation in transformed cells by retinoic acid is independent of the presence of cytoplasmic retinoic acid binding proteins

Horton J.D., 1982: Restoration of antibody responsiveness in early thymectomized xenopus by implantation of major histo compatibility complex mismatched larval thymus

Et Al, 1984: Restoration of antigenicity of tissue antigens cell bound immunoglobulins and immune deposits in paraffin embedded tissue the influence of fixation and proteolytic enzymatic digestion

Sisler H.D., 1987: Restoration of appressorial penetration ability by melanin precursors in pyricularia oryzae treated with anti penetrants and in melanin deficient mutants

Packer M., 1987: Restoration of atp synthesis in urea treated membranes prepared from pea cotyledon mitochondria

Betlach M.C., 1985: Restoration of bacterioopsin gene expression in a revertant of halobacterium halobium

Gill A.M., 1980: Restoration of bark thickness after fire and mechanical injury in a smooth barked eucalypt eucalyptus dalrympleana

Spelina K.R., 1986: Restoration of baroreflex control of heart rate during recovery from anesthesia

Marinkovic, D. V.; Marinkovic, J. N., 1977: Restoration of beta galactosidase to escherichia coli strain m 15 complementation studies

Xing Y.Y., 1988: Restoration of binding of oxidized transcription factor iiia to 5s rna by thioredoxin

Matsumoto F., 1986: Restoration of blood flow after middle cerebral arterial occlusion in dogs study of cerebral blood flow and histological findings

Mironov K.A., 1983: Restoration of bog bilberry vaccinium uliginosum and cranberry oxycoccus quadripetalus after ground fires

Sokolova E.N., 1981: Restoration of bone marrow after partial irradiation

Hetzel B.S., 1984: Restoration of brain growth in fetal sheep after iodized oil administration to pregnant iodine deficient ewes

Siegelman, S. S.; Hagstrom, J. W. C.; Koerner, S. K.; Veith, F. J., 1977: Restoration of bronchial artery circulation after canine lung allo transplantation

Pecht I., 1983: Restoration of calcium influx and de granulation capacity of variant rbl 2h 3 cells upon implantation of isolated cromolyn binding protein

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330303

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330304

Yipintsoi T., 1981: Restoration of cardiac function and myo cardial flow by collateral development in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330306

Drobyshev A.A., 1985: Restoration of cardial function by direct mechanical cardiac massage

Malhotra R.K., 1988: Restoration of catecholamine content of previously depleted adrenal medulla in vitro importance of synthesis in maintaining the catecholamine stores

Pozharisskaya, T. D.; Lavrent'eva, I. I., 1978: Restoration of cell composition in different zones of the lymph node cortex after total body and partial irradiation

Mackaness, G. B.; Lagrange, P. H., 1974: Restoration of cell mediated immunity to animals blocked by a humoral response

Dietzler D.N., 1985: Restoration of cell volume and the reversal of carbohydrate transport and growth inhibition of osmotically upshocked escherichia coli

Tkacheva G.R., 1981: Restoration of cerebral stroke impaired motor functions

Leusen I., 1979: Restoration of cerebro spinal fluid bi carbonate concentration after its experimental lowering in normocapnic conditions

Kakamboura A., 1986: Restoration of cervical erosions and abrasions

Bourdonne J.C., 1981: Restoration of chrysolina bigorrensis coleoptera chrysomelidae chrysomelinae

Boyle M.D.P., 1984: Restoration of complement function in vivo by plasma infusion in factor i complement c 3b inactivator deficiency

Sheppard, J. R., 1971: Restoration of contact inhibited growth to transformed cells by di butyryl cyclic amp

Sweeney, J. L.; Hoffmann, D. C., 1987: Restoration of continuity after hartmann's procedure for the complications of diverticular disease

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330319

Glushko, T. A.; Veselovskaya, Z. F.; Pankov, E. Ya, 1977: Restoration of corneal endothelium recovery after cryo application

Downing S.E., 1985: Restoration of coronary dilator action of adenosine in experimental diabetes

Krieger D.T., 1979: Restoration of cortico steroid periodicity in obese rats by limited morning food access

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330323

Choi Y.S., 1979: Restoration of cyclo phosphamide induced suppression of thymus derived cyto toxic cell generation by normal thymocytes

Bien, M.; Kolodynski, J.; Lachowicz, T. M., 1976: Restoration of cytochrome c in pet 46 mutant of saccharomyces cerevisiae by mod 3 gene

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330326

Denesh M., 1986: Restoration of cytoplasmic streaming in nitella cells with electric current

Isotupa K., 1988: Restoration of deciduous molars with ion crowns retention and subsequent treatment

Morita T., 1987: Restoration of decreased suppressor cells by vitamin b 12 therapy in a patient with pernicious anemia

Yamashita K., 1981: Restoration of defective cellular functions by supply of dna polymerase i to permeable cells of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330331

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330332

Collins, F. M.; Morrison, N. E., 1976: Restoration of delayed hyper sensitivity to sheep erythrocytes by thymosin treatment of thymus derived cell depleted mice

Eisenberg, R. C., 1971: Restoration of deoxy cholate disrupted membrane oxidases of micrococcus lysodeikticus

Ronquist, G.; Hedstrom, M., 1977: Restoration of detergent inactivated atpase ec activity of human prostatic fluid with concanavalin a

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330336

Young Rodenchuk M., 1979: Restoration of diminished splenic responses to phyto hem agglutinin and concanavalin a in adjuvant induced disease by cortico steroids further evidence for the presence and pathogenetic role of 2 populations of splenic suppressor cells

Kourounakis L., 1979: Restoration of diminished splenic responses to phyto hem agglutinin and concanavalin a in adjuvant induced disease by virazole possible pathogenetic role of a virus and suppressor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330339

Carrascosa J.L., 1987: Restoration of direct fourier three dimensional reconstructions of crystalline specimens by the method of convex projections

Goven'ko F.S., 1981: Restoration of discriminative sensitivity after suturing the median and ulnar nerves on the fore arm

Goven'ko F.S., 1985: Restoration of discriminative sensitivity following suture of the nerves of the upper extremity

Vavilov S.B., 1981: Restoration of disturbed functions in patients with a history of thalamic hemorrhage

Liebart J.C., 1979: Restoration of dna synthesis at nonpermissive temperature and of uv resistance induced by bacterio phage mu in escherichia coli lig ts 7 strain

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330345

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330346

Basrur V.S., 1987: Restoration of drug sensitivity by nitroxazepine hydrochloride in p388 murine leukemia cells resistant to adriamycin

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330348

Sabadus I., 1985: Restoration of edentation of the first upper premolar in relation to the demands of parodontal prophylaxis

Zelazna-Kowalska, I.; Kowalski, M., 1978: Restoration of effectiveness of rhizobium meliloti ineffective mutants by transduction of high level streptomycin resistance

Kleinert H.E., 1983: Restoration of elbow flexion by pectoralis major and pectoralis minor transfer

Solov'eva, I. A.; Atanasova, E., 1977: Restoration of electrical activity and nervous apparatus after stomach wall transection in the dog

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330353

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330354

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330355

Petrov, V. E.; Loskutnikov, A. I., 1977: Restoration of energy metabolism of an assimilating cell after the action of extreme temperatures

Salganik R.I., 1979: Restoration of enzymatic induction in rat liver reduced as a result of prolonged cortisol administration

Sealy-Lewis, H. M.; Casselton, L. A., 1978: Restoration of enzyme activity by recessive missense suppressors in the fungus coprinus cinereus

Collier R.J., 1988: Restoration of enzymic activity and cytotoxicity of mutant e553c pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin a by reaction with iodoacetic acid

Jackson, D. A.; Yanofsky, C., 1969: Restoration of enzymic activity by complementation in vitro between mutant alpha subunits of tryptophan synthetase and between mutant subunits and fragments of the alpha subunit

Kirkham M.B., 1985: Restoration of eroded prairie with digested sludge

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330362

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330363

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330364

Bezanson, G. S.; Iyer, V. N., 1975: Restoration of f prime super infection inhibition in a dnab mutant of escherichia coli upon construction of hetero zygous dnab mero di ploids or bacterio phage p 1 lysogens carrying a dnab analog

Murray J.E., 1980: Restoration of facial contour using free vascularized omental transfer

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330367

Shigematsu N., 1987: Restoration of fc receptor mediated desensitization of superoxide generation in human pmn by pma

Semivolos A.M., 1986: Restoration of fecundity in replacement heifers with hypofunction of the ovaries

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330370

Hooker R.H., 1979: Restoration of fertility after nonobstructive vasectomy in the rabbit

Fallon, B.; Jacobo, E.; Bunge, R. G., 1978: Restoration of fertility by vasovasostomy

Reiter, R. J.; Rudeen, P. K.; Vaughan, M. K., 1976: Restoration of fertility in light deprived female hamsters by chronic melatonin treatment

Nettevich, E. D., 1969: Restoration of fertility in male sterile forms of wheat m with the cytoplasm of triticum timopheevi m genetics of the fertility restoring factors in wheat m with cytoplasmic male sterility

Eisenbach M., 1986: Restoration of flagellar clockwise rotation in bacterial envelopes by insertion of the chemotaxis protein chey

Wiltshire D., 1983: Restoration of flexor pollicis longus function by flexor digitorum superficialis transfer

Kayushin L.P., 1987: Restoration of fmn in a photogalvanic cell in the presence of nucleotide

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330379

Sears T.A., 1984: Restoration of function in external intercostal moto neurons of the cat following partial central de afferentation

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330381

Thorbert G., 1982: Restoration of functionally impaired and degenerated sympathetic nerves in guinea pig uterus following pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330383

Kendysh, I. N., 1978: Restoration of glucose utilization in alloxan diabetes by fatty acid inhibition and gluconeogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330385

Geelen, M. J. H.; Pruden, E. L.; Gibson, D. M., 1977: Restoration of glycogenesis in hepatocytes from starved rats

Utkaeva V.V., 1987: Restoration of gray forest soil structure after agricultural use

Tomei, L. D.; Bertram, J. S., 1978: Restoration of growth control in malignantly transformed mouse fibroblasts grown in a chemically defined medium

Nielsen, T. B.; Downs, R. W-Jr ; Spiegel, A. M., 1980: Restoration of guanine nucleotide stimulated and fluoride stimulated activity to an adenylate cyclase ec deficient cell line with affinity purified guanine nucleotide regulatory protein

Al Awadi H., 1987: Restoration of heavily polluted branches of the shatt al arab river iraq

Sumoza, A.; Fairbanks, V. F.; Pineda, A. A., 1977: Restoration of hemo globin function in stored edta blood application in identification of hemo globin variants with abnormal oxygen affinity

Erkens Versluis M.E., 1981: Restoration of hemopoiesis by spleen colony forming units from different backgrounds in the mouse

Kalandarova M.P., 1979: Restoration of hemopoiesis in animals after 2 time x ray irradiation with uneven distribution of absorbed doses

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330394

Struve, D. K.; Lineberger, R. D., 1988: Restoration of high adventitious root regeneration potential in mature betula papyrifera marsh. softwood stem cuttings

Butler W.L., 1983: Restoration of high potential cytochrome b 559 in liposomes

Butler W.L., 1983: Restoration of high potential cytochrome b 559 in photosystem ii particles in liposomes

Hervas, M.; Ortega, J. M.; De-La-Rosa, F. F.; Losada, M., 1988: Restoration of high potential cytochrome b 564 by integration of baker's yeast complex iii into liposomes

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330399

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330400

Weigle W.O., 1985: Restoration of humoral immunity in vitro in immunodeficient aging mice by c 8 derivatized guanine ribonucleosides

Daugherty J.P., 1987: Restoration of hyperthermia associated increased protein to dna ratio of nucleoids

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330403

Jasberg K., 1983: Restoration of hypoxic pulmonary vaso constriction following normoxia in isolated dog lungs occurs in the presence but not in the absence of prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors

Sinclair J.D., 1986: Restoration of hypoxic respiratory responses in the awake rat after carotid body denervation by sinus nerve section

Zolla, S.; Naor, D., 1974: Restoration of immune competence in tolerant mice by parabiosis to normal mice

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330407

Hiroshi K., 1981: Restoration of immune functions and subsequent suppression of blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats by allogeneic xenogeneic thymus grafts or injection of thymus extracts

Kobayashi H., 1981: Restoration of immune functions in t cell depressed spontaneously hypertensive rats by injection of neurotropin

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330410

Tochinai, S.; Nagata, S.; Katagiri, C., 1976: Restoration of immune responsiveness in early thymectomized xenopus by implantation of histo compatible adult thymus

Nilsson, E.; Bertani, L. E., 1977: Restoration of immunity in lysogens carrying pro phage p 2 de repressed at high temperature

Batchelor J.R., 1982: Restoration of immunogenicity to passenger cell depleted kidney allo grafts by the addition of donor strain dendritic cells

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330414

Makinodan, T.; Albright, J. W., 1979: Restoration of impaired immune functions in aging animals 2. effect of mercapto ethanol in enhancing the reduced primary antibody responsiveness in vitro

Heidrick, M. L.; Albright, J. W.; Makinodan, T., 1980: Restoration of impaired immune functions in aging animals 4. action of 2 mercapto ethanol in enhancing age reduced immune responsiveness

Hirokawa, K.; Sato, K.; Makinodan, T., 1982: Restoration of impaired immune functions in aging animals 5. long term immuno potentiating effects of combined young bone marrow and new born thymus grafts

Chang, M. P.; Tanaka, J. L.; Stosic-Grujicic, S.; Yamamoto, E. K.; Perkins, E. H.; Strehler, B. L.; Makinodan, T., 1982: Restoration of impaired immune functions in aging animals 6. differential potentiating effect of 2 mercapto ethanol on young and old murine spleen cells

Hirokawa, K.; Albright, J. W.; Makinodan, T., 1976: Restoration of impaired immune functions in aging animals part 1 effect of syngeneic thymus and bone marrow grafts

Albright J.W., 1979: Restoration of impaired immune functions in aging animals part 3 effect of mercapto ethanol in enhancing the reduced primary antibody responsiveness in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330422

Shokhor Trotskaya M.K., 1980: Restoration of impaired motor and speech functions in elderly and senile patients after cerebral stroke

Zarling J., 1987: Restoration of impaired natural killer cell activity of b chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients by recombinant interleukin 2

Shirakawa F., 1987: Restoration of impaired t cell functions in tumor bearing mice by the administration of interleukin 1

Kuhn R.E., 1984: Restoration of in vitro immune responses of spleen cells from mice infected with trypanosoma cruzi by supernatants containing interleukin 2

Mond J.J., 1986: Restoration of in vitro responsiveness of x linked immune defect b cells to trinitrophenol ficoll by 8 mercaptoguanosine

Trofimova O.G., 1988: Restoration of innervation in the rat extremity after connection of the ends of the injured nerve by means of a microsurgical suture

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330429

Krieger M., 1987: Restoration of ldl receptor activity in mutant cells by intercellular junctional communication

Sakai, T.; Yanagihara, S.; Ushio, K., 1980: Restoration of lead inhibited 5 amino levulinate dehydratase ec activity in whole blood by heat zinc ion and or di thio threitol

Williams C.E., 1988: Restoration of left ventricular systolic performance after reattachment of the mitral chordae tendineae the importance of valvular ventricular interaction

Goode R.L., 1988: Restoration of lid function with cartilage implant in patients with facial palsy

Watanabe T., 1983: Restoration of lipo poly saccharide responsiveness of c 3h hej mouse lymphocytes by micro injection of cytoplasmic factors from lipo poly saccharide stimulated normal lymphocytes

Tokunaga T., 1987: Restoration of lipopolysaccharide mediated cytotoxic macrophage induction in c3h hej mice by interferon gamma or a calcium ionophore

Harding R., 1987: Restoration of lung liquid volume following its acute alteration in fetal sheep

Ikegami, M.; Hesterberg, T.; Nozaki, M.; Adams, F. H., 1977: Restoration of lung pressure volume characteristics with surfactant comparison of nebulization vs instillation and natural vs synthetic surfactant

Adams F.H., 1979: Restoration of lung pressure volume characteristics with various phospho lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330439

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330440

Hoshina S., 1979: Restoration of lyso lecithin induced inhibition of the hill reaction in spinach chloroplasts by the addition of lecithin

K"drev T., 1981: Restoration of maize plants post magnesium starvation by the aid of magnesium and 2 4 d

Galun E., 1986: Restoration of male fertile nicotiana by fusion of protoplasts derived from two different cytoplasmic male sterile cybrids

Kahnberg K E., 1979: Restoration of mandibular jaw defects in the rabbit by subperiosteally implanted teflon mantle leaf

Jauneau A., 1981: Restoration of marsh biocenoses by use of an ancient bovine breed highland cattle case of the mannevilles nature preserve vernier marsh eure normandy france

Wyllie M.G., 1983: Restoration of mean arterial pressure in endo toxic shock by meptazinol contributions from lysosomal membrane stabilization opiate antagonism and noradrenaline release

Muehlbauer F.J., 1982: Restoration of meiotic regularity and fertility among derivatives of lens culinaris x lens nigricans hybrids

Takahashi M., 1980: Restoration of membrane excitability in a behavioral mutant of paramecium caudatum during conjugation and by micro injection of wild type cytoplasm

Sakai H., 1979: Restoration of membrane excitability of squid doryteuthis bleekeri giant axons by reagents activating tyrosine tubulin ligase

Siliprandi N., 1982: Restoration of membrane potential in mitochondria deenergized with carbonyl cyanide p tri fluoromethoxyphenyl hydrazone

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330451

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330452

Borodin E.A., 1986: Restoration of microsomal membranes damaged by iron ascorbate dependent lipid peroxidation using phospholipids

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330454

Kadykov A.S., 1980: Restoration of mobility and skills in patients with post insult pareses during different states of higher psychic functions

Maliga, P.; Lazar, G.; Joo, F.; H-Nagy, A.; Menczel, L., 1977: Restoration of morphogenic potential in nicotiana by somatic hybridization

Puech, A. J.; Fichelle, J., 1976: Restoration of motor activity in mice rendered akinetic by experimental inflammation of the hind legs

Grublyak V.T., 1982: Restoration of motor functions in patients with a history of stroke

Goven'ko F.S., 1987: Restoration of movements and sensitivity following median and ulnar nerve sutures in children and adults

Huang M., 1984: Restoration of muco ciliary tracheal epithelium following deprivation of vitamin a a quantitative morphologic study

Babudri, N.; Monti-Bragadin, C., 1977: Restoration of mutability in nonmutable escherichia coli carrying different plasmids

Prout T., 1984: Restoration of mutationally suppressed characters in drosophila melanogaster

Konings W.N., 1982: Restoration of nadh oxidation with menaquinones and menaquinone analogs in membrane vesicles from the menaquinone deficient bacillus subtilis aro d

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330464

Patoria N.K., 1981: Restoration of natural color to pathology specimens

Ierusalimov, E. N., 1977: Restoration of needle biomass and increment in a pine forest infested by dendrolimus pini

Farel, P. B.; Bemelmans, S. E., 1986: Restoration of neuromuscular specificity following ventral rhizotomy in the bullfrog tadpole rana catesbeiana

Fialkow P.J., 1980: Restoration of nonclonal hematopoiesis in chronic myelogenous leukemia following a chemo therapy induced loss of the philadelphia chromosome

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330469

Sanui H., 1981: Restoration of normal appearance growth behavior and calcium content to transformed 3t3 cells by magnesium deprivation

Glinski, W.; Obalek, S.; Haftek, M., 1978: Restoration of normal experimental di nitrochloro benzene hyper sensitivity development in symptom free patients with psoriasis

Tanaka A., 1987: Restoration of normal febrile response to endotoxin in pyrogen tolerant rabbits by injection with human beta interferon

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330473

Felig P., 1979: Restoration of normal lipid and amino acid metabolism in diabetic patients treated with a portable insulin infusion pump

Lewis, C. M.; Pegrum, G. D., 1977: Restoration of normal membrane function in chronic lymphatic leukemia cells by patients serum

Takakuwa, Y.; Tchernia, G.; Rossi, M.; Benabadji, M.; Mohandas, N., 1986: Restoration of normal membrane stability to unstable protein 4.1 deficient erythrocyte membranes by incorporation of purified protein 4.1

Ali, I. U.; Mautner, V.; Lanza, R.; Hynes, R. O., 1977: Restoration of normal morphology adhesion and cyto skeleton in transformed cells by addition of a transformation sensitive surface protein

Cunha G.R., 1986: Restoration of normal morphology and estrogen responsiveness in cultured vaginal and uterine epithelia transplanted with stroma

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330479

Takasugi N., 1980: Restoration of normal responsiveness of vaginal and uterine epithelia to estrogen in neo natally estrogenized a vitaminized adult mice

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330481

Knowles J., 1979: Restoration of nucleo mitochondrial compatibility in paramecium

Doi M., 1988: Restoration of optimal redox state for the photosynthetic electron transfer system by auxiliary oxidants in an aerobic photosynthetic bacterium erythrobacter sp och 114

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330484

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330485

Finch C.E., 1983: Restoration of ovulatory cycles by young ovarian grafts in aging mice potentiation by long term ovariectomy decreases with age

Lee, S. H.; Cohen, N. S.; Brodie, A. F., 1976: Restoration of oxidative phosphorylation by purified n n di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide sensitive latent atpase ec from mycobacterium phlei

Jouvet M., 1982: Restoration of paradoxical sleep by cerebro spinal fluid transfer to p chlorophenyl alanine pre treated insomniac cats

Pansier E.A., 1982: Restoration of pasture after top soil removal effects on soil carbon and nitrogen mineralization microbial biomass and enzyme activities

Watts H.M., 1984: Restoration of pasture after topsoil removal changes in soil biochemical properties over a 5 year period a note

Nielubiwicz J., 1980: Restoration of patency of the deep femoral artery in patients with high surgical risk

Shoshan S., 1984: Restoration of periodontal attachment employing enriched collagen solution in the dog

Wyroba, E.; Brutkowska, M., 1978: Restoration of phagocytic activity of paramecium tetraurelia suppressed by previous digestion of surface coat

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330494

Gerdes, R. G.; Strickland, K. P.; Rosenberg, H., 1977: Restoration of phosphate transport by the phosphate binding protein in spheroplasts of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330496

La-Scolea, L. Jr ; Balbinder, E., 1972: Restoration of phospho ribosyl transferase activity by partially deleting the trpb gene in the tryptophan operon of salmonella typhimurium

Mcneil P.H., 1979: Restoration of photosynthesis in pot bound tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthii plants

Bennoun P., 1988: Restoration of phototrophic growth in a mutant of chlamydomonas reinhardtii in which the chloroplast atpb gene of the atp synthase has a deletion an example of mitochondria dependent photosynthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330500

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330501

Nakamura, H.; Kano, Y.; Imamoto, F., 1978: Restoration of polarity by n deficiency in lambda phage containing a translocated trp operon segment

Geiger, H. H., 1972: Restoration of pollen fertility to cytoplasmic male sterile rye m

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330504

Chappel S.C., 1980: Restoration of pro estrous and estrous release of gonadotropins in ovariectomized hamsters mesocricetus auratus a possible role for inhibin in the female

Martini, A. K., 1986: Restoration of pronation of the forearm experiences with the operation according to zancolli

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330507

Mosca, J. D.; Wu, J. M.; Suhadolnik, R. J., 1983: Restoration of protein synthesis in lysed rabbit reticulocytes by the enzymatic removal of 5' amp with either amp deaminase or amp nucleosidase

Robacker, C. D.; Ascher, P. D., 1978: Restoration of pseudo self compatibility in derivatives of a high pseudo self compatibility x no pseudo self compatibility cross in nemesia strumosa

Inoue K., 1984: Restoration of pulmonary functions after reinflation in chronic atelectasis

Holzenspies A.J., 1981: Restoration of pulmonary perfusion by a serotonin antagonist

Takeda, A.; Katoh, N.; Yonezawa, M., 1982: Restoration of radiation injury by ginseng 3. radioprotective effect of thermostable fraction of ginseng extract on mice rats and guinea pigs

Yonezawa, M.; Katoh, N.; Takeda, A., 1985: Restoration of radiation injury by ginseng iv. stimulation of recoveries in blood forming stem cells and megakaryocyte counts related to the prevention of occult blood appearance in x irradiated mice

Takeda, A.; Yonezawa, M.; Katoh, N., 1981: Restoration of radiation injury by ginseng panax ginseng 1. responses of x irradiated mice to ginseng extract

Yonezawa, M.; Katoh, N.; Takeda, A., 1981: Restoration of radiation injury by ginseng panax ginseng 2. some properties of the radioprotective substances

Yonezawa, M., 1976: Restoration of radiation injury by intra peritoneal injection of ginseng extract in mice

Blueford J.R., 1986: Restoration of radiolarian strewn slides made with canada balsam

Devoret R., 1984: Restoration of rec a protein activity by genetic complementation

Stern A., 1979: Restoration of red cell catalase activity by glucose metabolism after exposure to a vitamin k analog

Mills E., 1980: Restoration of reflex ventilatory response to hypoxia after removal of carotid bodies in the cat

Clarke, B. J., 1978: Restoration of regenerative ability of x rayed newt limbs after grafting of proximal or distal skin

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330522

Mitty H.A., 1981: Restoration of renal function after bilateral renal artery occlusion

Ryabukha, A. K.; Safronova, V. G.; Galustyan, A. Sh, 1978: Restoration of reproductive capability of irradiated hemopoietic tissue in culture

Leiberman J.R., 1986: Restoration of reproductive function following removal of intra cranial hydatid cyst

Prilepskaya V.N., 1980: Restoration of reproductive function in patients with dys functional uterine hemorrhages during treatment with gestagenic steroids

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330527

Boyne P.J., 1983: Restoration of resected mandibles in children without the use of bone grafts

Shichiri M., 1985: Restoration of residual b cell function in type ii diabetics with basal and postprandial insulin supplements

Vorontsova T.V., 1980: Restoration of respiration and glucose assimilation by bacteria after lyophilization

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330531

Peschek G.A., 1980: Restoration of respiratory electron transport reactions in quinone depleted particle preparations from anacystis nidulans

Coleman M., 1983: Restoration of responsiveness of chronic myeloid leukemia granulocyte macrophage colony forming cells to growth regulation in vitro following pre incubation with prostaglandin e

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330534

Soidla T.R., 1980: Restoration of rho plus state by episome like factor in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bjorklund A., 1987: Restoration of rhythmic slow activity theta in the subcortically denervated hippocampus by fetal cns transplants

Baneva N.A., 1986: Restoration of root mass in the norway spruce after fellings

Wauquier, A.; Niemegeers, C. J. E., 1976: Restoration of self stimulation inhibited by neuroleptics

Kowalski T.A., 1985: Restoration of sensibility to anesthetic scarred digits with free vascularized nerve grafts from the dorsum of the foot

Landkamer G.J., 1985: Restoration of sensitivity to oxazaphosphorines by inhibitors of aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in cultured oxazaphosphorine resistant l 1210 and cross linking agent resistant p 388 cell lines

Drewes C.D., 1985: Restoration of sensory and motor function in earthworm escape reflex pathways following ventral nerve cord transplantation

Buentemeyer H., 1987: Restoration of serotonin biosynthesis in cell suspension cultures of peganum harmala by selection for 4 methyltryptophan tolerant cell lines

Johnson, G. S.; Friedman, R. M.; Pastan, I., 1971: Restoration of several morphological characteristics of normal fibroblasts in sarcoma cells treated with 3 5 cyclic amp and its derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330544

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330545

Totaro J.A., 1982: Restoration of shock suppressed behavior by treatment with dextro 5 methyl 10 11 di hydro 5h di benzo a d cyclohepten 5 10 imine mk 801 a substance with potent anti convulsant central sympathomimetic and apparent anxiolytic properties

Fomina N.G., 1980: Restoration of sinus rhythm in patients with cardiac fibrillation after heart valve prosthetics in rheumatic heart disease

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330548

Miko I., 1986: Restoration of skin defects with fibrin glue

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330550

Singh J., 1986: Restoration of soil fertility in successional plant communities at idukki kerala india

Sauranbaev B.N., 1981: Restoration of spanish licorice after plowing in the syr darya floodplain ussr

Hill R.L., 1979: Restoration of specific myxovirus receptors to asialo erythrocytes by incorporation of sialic acid with pure sialyl transferases

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330554

Pelikan B., 1986: Restoration of streams a new demand for the ecological function

Schwarz W., 1987: Restoration of streams in large cities as studied on the alterbach basin in the city of salzburg austria

Shannon M.A., 1985: Restoration of strong grasp and lateral pinch in tetraplegia a comparison of 2 methods of thumb control in each patient

Rydevik B., 1980: Restoration of superficially damaged flexor tendons in synovial environment an experimental ultrastructural study in rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330559

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330560

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330561

Hopkins, W. J., 1978: Restoration of suppressor function in athymic mice

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330563

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330564

Kobayashi H., 1985: Restoration of t cell function and induction of antitumor immune response in t cell depressed spontaneously hypertensive rats by treatment with thymosin fraction 5

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330566

Guarente L., 1979: Restoration of termination by rna polymerase mutations is rho allele specific

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330568

Futsuhara Y., 1983: Restoration of the ability to regenerate shoots by somatic hybridization between petunia hybrida and petunia parodii

Kiyohara H., 1987: Restoration of the ability to settle bulking sludge by bacterial seeding in wastewater treatment

Hopkinson B.R., 1981: Restoration of the absent femoral pulse

Chermnykh, L. N.; Chugunova, N. G.; Kosobryukhov, A. A.; Karpilova, I. F., 1975: Restoration of the activity of the photosynthetic apparatus of cucumbers after creating an optimal temperature regime in the root zone

Chen, M.; Robertson, R. P., 1978: Restoration of the acute insulin response by sodium salicylate a glucose dose related phenomenon

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330574

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330596

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330599

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330601

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330602

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330604

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Khesin Ya E., 1980: Restoration of the sensitivity of cells resistant to coxsackievirus b 3 after treatment with sensitive cell filtrate

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Et Al, 1984: Restoration of the thumb by free big toenail skin flap with microvascular anastomosis

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Morrison N.E., 1979: Restoration of thymus derived cell responsiveness by thymosin expression of anti tuberculous immunity in mouse lungs

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330618

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Schell J., 1984: Restoration of virulence of vir region mutants of agrobacterium tumefaciens strain b 6s 3 by co infection with normal and mutant agrobacterium strains

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330630

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330640

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Stikharev A.A., 1979: Restoration time of initial body temperature and a nomogram for its calculation

Spreafico F., 1987: Restoration using am3 of cytotoxic antitumoral activities of nk cells and macrophages in immunocompromised animals

Denko, C. W., 1978: Restorative chemo therapy in degenerative hip disease

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330651

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330652

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330653

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330654

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330676

Wallis D., 1979: Restoring freedom when pressured not to select alternatives

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Helms, R. S.; Dodgen, W. H.; Huey, B. A., 1988: Restoring profitability in rice farming through improved management ii. rice farming for profit

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Aebischer N.J., 1983: Restoring the legibility of the inscriptions on abraded or corroded bird rings

Brookes A., 1987: Restoring the sinuosity of artificially straightened stream channels

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330685

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330687

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330707

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330708

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330718

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Morikawa K., 1981: Restricted antibody formation to sheep erythrocytes of allogenic bone marrow chimeras histo incompatible at the k end of the h 2 complex

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330737

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Catalano D., 1988: Restricted conformational processes in 10 11 dihydro 5h dibenz b f azepine derivatives a deuterium nmr study

Inouye S I.T., 1982: Restricted daily feeding does not entrain circadian rhythms of the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the rat

Cleary P.P., 1982: Restricted deposition of complement c 3 on protein bearing group a streptococci correlation with resistance to phagocytes

Haenel H., 1984: Restricted development of the parasitic mite varroa jacobsoni in the cape honeybee apis mellifera capensis

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330747

Suprunov O.V., 1987: Restricted diet for meat chickens

Zinn S.A., 1984: Restricted dietary chloride and sodium bi carbonate supplementation in early lactation holstein cows cerebro spinal fluid electrolyte alterations

Zinn S.A., 1984: Restricted dietary chloride with sodium bi carbonate supplementation for holstein cows in early lactation

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330753

Shaw, S. R., 1977: Restricted diffusion and extracellular space in the insect retina

Ise N., 1988: Restricted diffusion effect on the binding of proteins to porous polymer resins as studied by repetitive injection method

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330756

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330757

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330758

Dupper G.E., 1987: Restricted distribution of a virulent race of the white pine blister rust pathogen in the western usa

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Mcintyre J.A., 1985: Restricted effector cell function in antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity

Brahme, A., 1978: Restricted energy absorption coefficients for use in dosimetry/

Lau H.K., 1983: Restricted entry of an anti rat epididymal protein immuno globulin g into the rat epididymis

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330764

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Suedfeld P., 1980: Restricted environmental stimulation therapy in a weight reduction program

Landon P.B., 1982: Restricted environmental stimulation therapy in the treatment of essential hypertension

Baker Brown G., 1987: Restricted environmental stimulation therapy of smoking a parametric study

Greaves M.F., 1980: Restricted expression of a human thymus derived cell lineage membrane antigen

Mosmann T.R., 1980: Restricted expression of a major histo compatibility complex allo antigen in cells of the erythroid series a specific marker for erythroid differentiation

Askew, D. S.; Eaves, A. C.; Eaves, C. J.; Takei, F., 1986: Restricted expression of a new acute myelogenous leukemia associated antigen nhl 30.5 on normal hemopoietic progenitor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330772

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Gallo R.C., 1983: Restricted expression of human t cell leukemia lymphoma virus in transformed human umbilical cord blood lymphocytes

Reitz M.S., 1982: Restricted expression of integrated primate type c virus gibbon ape leukemia virus simian sarcoma virus pro viral dna in nonproductively infected human b lympho blasts

Tippett P., 1984: Restricted expression of lw antigen on subsets of human b and t lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330779

Brandhorst B.P., 1982: Restricted expression of paternal genes in sea urchin interspecies hybrids

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De Goes R., 1979: Restricted feed in caged laying hens performance

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Andersson, K.; Elwinger, K.; Pamlenyi, I., 1978: Restricted feeding and different protein levels to 2 strains of single comb white leghorn hybrids part 2 effects on egg composition

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330788

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Wimmer E., 1979: Restricted fragmentation of poliovirus type 1 type 2 and type 3 rna by rnase iii

Pyesmany A.F., 1980: Restricted genetic heterogeneity in families of patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia

Jane J.A., 1987: Restricted growth at the frontonasal suture alterations in craniofacial growth in rabbits

Miller J.M., 1986: Restricted growth of rat kidney proximal tubule cells cultured in serum supplemented and defined media

Panem S., 1981: Restricted hel 12 virus infection in de novo infected human and canine cells

Sprent, J., 1978: Restricted helper function of f 1 hybrid thymus derived cells positively selected to heterologous erythrocytes in irradiated parental strain mice part 1 failure to collaborate with bone marrow derived cells of the opposite parental strain not associated with active suppression

Sprent, J., 1978: Restricted helper function of f 1 hybrid thymus derived cells positively selected to heterologous erythrocytes in irradiated parental strain mice part 2 evidence for restrictions affecting helper cell induction and thymus derived bone marrow derived collaboration both mapping to the end of the h 2 complex

Sprent, J., 1978: Restricted helper function of f 1 to parent bone marrow chimeras controlled by k end of h 2 complex

Platzer M., 1986: Restricted heterogeneity and t cell dependence of human thyroid autoantibody immunoglobulin g subclasses

Dresser W., 1979: Restricted heterogeneity of antibody synthesized by thymus derived cell deprived mice

Lazzarin A., 1988: Restricted heterogeneity of antibody to gp120 and p24 in aids

Pillot J., 1987: Restricted heterogeneity of polyclonal rheumatoid factors

Aasted B., 1986: Restricted heterogeneity of the early antibody response to aleutian disease in mink kits

Myers J.C., 1985: Restricted homology between human alpha 1 type iv and other procollagen chains

Akiyoshi H., 1981: Restricted hydrolysis of newly replicated dna in isolated nuclei from yoshida sarcoma cells

Goss Sampson M., 1984: Restricted immunoglobulin g isotype profiles in trypanosoma cruzi infected mice and chagas disease patients

Kijima, M.; Kubo, H.; Iwabuchi, S.; Anan, A.; Nagao, F., 1987: Restricted indication for an esophageal bypass operation as suggested through the authors' experience and study

Emanoil Ravicovitch R., 1980: Restricted infectivity of ecotropic type c retroviruses in mouse terato carcinoma cells studies on viral dna intermediates

Cancedda R., 1980: Restricted initiation of protein synthesis on the potentially poly cistronic sindbis virus 42s rna

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330818

Ikehara M., 1986: Restricted joining of a decadeoxyribonucleotide for preparation of an eicosadeoxyribonucleotide duplex containing recognition sites for restriction enzymes

Myles D.G., 1988: Restricted lateral diffusion of ph 20 a pi anchored sperm membrane protein

Clark W.G., 1981: Restricted least squares estimates of age composition from length composition

Mageed, R. A.; Walker, M. R.; Jefferis, R., 1986: Restricted light chain subgroup expression on human rheumatoid factor paraprotein determined by monoclonal antibodies

Lofmark, R.; Orinius, E., 1977: Restricted lignocaine prophylaxis in acute myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330824

Farman, A. G.; Smith, S. N., 1977: Restricted mandibular movement report of 2 unusual causes

Poulsen P., 1984: Restricted mandibular opening trismus

Meyer K., 1987: Restricted maximum likelihood to estimate variance components for mixed models with two random factors

Pearce, J.; Jackson, N., 1976: Restricted metabolizable energy intake and hepatic carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in the laying domestic fowl

Jersild R.A.Jr, 1982: Restricted mobility and endocytosis of anionic sites on new born rat jejunal brush border membranes

Schlessinger J., 1982: Restricted mobility of membrane constituents in cell substrate focal contacts of chicken fibroblasts

Harrison B.D., 1985: Restricted multiplication of potato leaf roll virus in resistant potato genotypes

Freng A., 1979: Restricted nasal respiration influence on facial growth

Bolognesi D.P., 1986: Restricted neutralization of divergent human t lymphotropic virus type iii isolates by antibodies to the major envelope glycoprotein

Volk R.J., 1982: Restricted nitrate influx and reduction in corn zea mays cultivar dekalb xl 45 seedlings exposed to ammonium

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330835

Ohara J., 1982: Restricted nucleo cytoplasmic relationship in activation of t and b lymphocytes

Scow R.O., 1987: Restricted passage of insulin across capillary endothelium in perfused rat adipose tissue

Matsumura, P.; Keller, D. M.; Marquis, R. E., 1974: Restricted ph ranges and reduced yields for bacterial growth under pressure

Iversen S.D., 1979: Restricted posterior parietal lesions in the rhesus monkey and performance on visuo spatial tasks

Roberts W.A., 1987: Restricted processing of simultaneously presented brightness and pattern stimuli in pigeons

Harwood I.R., 1988: Restricted pulmonary function in cystic fibrosis

Simon R., 1979: Restricted randomization designs in clinical trials

Voss E.W.Jr, 1981: Restricted reassociation of heavy and light chains from hapten specific mono clonal antibodies

Benner R., 1984: Restricted recognition of h 2 subregion coded alloantigens in delayed type hypersensitivity

Brewen, J. G.; Peacock, W. J., 1969: Restricted rejoining of chromosomal subunits in aberration formation a test for subunit dissimilarity chinese hamster cell line chef 123 inst auto radiography

Schlesinger S., 1979: Restricted replication of 2 alphaviruses in ricin resistant mouse l cells with altered glycosyl transferase activities

Strohl W.A., 1986: Restricted replication of adenovirus type 2 in mouse balb 3t3 cells

Vilagines, R.; Mcauslan, B. R., 1970: Restricted replication of frog virus 3 in selected variants of baby hamster kidney cells

Hovi T., 1983: Restricted replication of herpes simplex virus in human monocyte cultures role of interferon

Stevens J.G., 1983: Restricted replication of herpes simplex virus in spinal ganglia of resistant mice in accompanied by an early infiltration of immuno globulin g bearing cells

Mcburney M.W., 1987: Restricted replication of herpes simplex virus type 1 in murine embryonal carcinoma cells

Rajcani J., 1983: Restricted replication of herpes simplex virus type 1 in pig kidney cells

Gust I.D., 1981: Restricted replication of human hepatitis a virus in cell culture intra cellular biochemical studies

Tennekoon G., 1985: Restricted replication of lentiviruses visna viruses induce a unique interferon during interaction between lymphocytes and infected macrophages

Tournier P., 1982: Restricted replication of mouse adenovirus strain fl in mouse balb c cells transformed by simian adenovirus 7

Van Der Zeijst B.A.M., 1986: Restricted replication of mouse hepatitis virus a 59 in primary mouse brain astrocytes correlates with reduced pathogenicity

Weismanova E., 1982: Restricted replication of the e 5 strain clone 14 of langat tp 21 virus from the tick borne encephalitis complex in central nervous system of subadult mice

Inouye D.W., 1987: Restricted root zone volume influence on growth and development of tomato

Van-Dijk, H.; Van-Heuven-Nolsen, D.; Rademaker, P. M.; Bloksma, N.; Willers, J. M., 1980: Restricted rosette formation with an erythrocyte antibody complement rosette reagent prepared with serum of c 3h hej mice

Bopp T.T., 1983: Restricted rotation and ring chain conformation in hindered 7 cis isomers of retinal and related compounds an nmr study

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330862

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Eisen, E. J., 1977: Restricted selection index an approach to selecting for feed efficiency

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Lefkovitch L.P., 1985: Restricted taxonomic value of leaf sections in canadian narrow leaved festuca poaceae

Chivas A.R., 1987: Restricted terrestrial carbon input to the continental shelf during cyclone winifred implications for terrestrial runoff to the great barrier reef province australia

Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330874

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Murgola E.J., 1981: Restricted wobble in uga codon recognition by glycine transfer rna suppressors of ugg

Carlson H.R., 1986: Restricted year class structure and recruitment lag within a discrete school of yellowtail rockfish sebastes flavidus

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Trautner T.A., 1983: Restriction and modification in bacillus subtilis dna methylation potential of the related bacterio phages z spr sp beta phi 3t and p 11

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Trautner T.A., 1981: Restriction and modification in bacillus subtilis gene coding for a bsu r specific modification methyl transferase in the temperate bacterio phage phi 3t

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Miller, L. K.; Dawes, K. P., 1978: Restriction endo nuclease analysis to distinguish 2 closely related nuclear polyhedrosis viruses autographa californica multiply embedded type nuclear polyhedrosis virus and trichoplusia ni multiply embedded type nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Lysenko A.M., 1980: Restriction endo nuclease and electron microscopy analysis of deletion mutants derived from thermo sensitive plasmid peg 1

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Malygin E.G., 1984: Restriction endo nuclease b a m h i interaction with synthetic duplex containing full length or half size recognition sequences

Schinzel R., 1983: Restriction endo nuclease bgl i as a tool for in vitro reconstruction and recombination of plasmid and bacterio phage genomes

Fujinaga K., 1983: Restriction endo nuclease cleavage analysis of adenovirus type 8 2 new subtypes from patients with epidemic kerato conjunctivitis in sapporo japan

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Section 7, Chapter 6331, Accession 006330996

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Rochaix, J. D., 1978: Restriction endo nuclease map of the chloroplast dna of chlamydomonas reinhardii

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