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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6333

Chapter 6333 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Khudaidatov B.R.; Shaginyan V.S., 1981:
Results of an electro physiological and clinical study of children affected with cerebral paralysis

Car, M.; Kovacevic, N.; Sostaric-Pisacac, K.; Knezevic, M.; Zelenko, F., 1978:
Results of an ensiling of a mixture of corn stover and marrowstem kale

Sachs, B.P.; Friedman, E.A., 1986:
Results of an epidemiologic study of postdate pregnancy

Gorin, O.Z.; Vasenin, A.A.; Eropov, V.I.; Byalaya, I.V.; Litvinenko, R.P., 1976:
Results of an epidemiological survey for tick borne encephalitis in the section of the baikal amur railway in the irkutsk oblast during early construction stages

Hubbs, C.; Lucier, T.; Marsh, E.; Garrett, G.P.; Edwards, R.J.; Milstead, E., 1978:
Results of an eradication program on the ecological relationships of fishes in leon creek texas

Antalovits M.; Kraucsek G.; Simon P., 1985:
Results of an ergonomic study

Athanasiu P.; Predescu E.; Deltin L.; Fischbach A.; Popa D.P.D.; Dumitrache M.; Nuta M.; Raica I., 1982:
Results of an etiology therapy applied to patients with different localizations of herpes infection detected by immuno fluorescence reaction

Re, M.C.; Callegari, V.; Dalpozzo, S., 1978:
Results of an experiment of anti influenza vaccination with a live and attenuated vaccine

Gerrettson-Cornell, L.; Humphreys, F.R., 1978:
Results of an experiment on the effects of pinus radiata bark on the formation of sporangia in phytophthora cinnamomi

Boehm R.; Stockinger H., 1985:
Results of an experimental disinfectant testing of formaldehyde and peracetic acid with spores of several clostridial species

Santaella, E.; De-Laguna, J.B.; Santos, A., 1975:
Results of an exploratory survey off la palma island canary islands crustaceans decapods and fishes

Kamennova L.S.; Timoshenko V.I.; Ananova E.V.; Baranchikov V.D.; Lev M.I.; Vasyanovich A.E., 1981:
Results of an immunological survey of the population for tularemia in the area adjoining the eastern section of the baikal amur railroad ussr

Katsumata K., 1981:
Results of an inquiry into the clinical features of severe hypo glycemia due to oral hypo glycemic drugs or insulin in nagoya city japan

Rohrmeier M.; Langnickel R.; Hilpert P., 1987:
Results of an interdisciplinary controlled treatment of unresectable squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity oropharynx and hypopharynx

Valenti S.; Segatto A.; D.B.anchi E.; Polato D.; Torelli L.; Giron G.P., 1985:
Results of an investigation concerning the health emergency and the critical patients transport organization in the venetian region italy

Colpi C.; Masutti L., 1984:
Results of an investigation on the insect fauna of alnus viridis stands in the natural park of paneveggio pale di san martino trentino dolomites italy insecta

Meeder, P.J.; Weise, K.; Wentzensen, A., 1980:
Results of an operative therapy of dislocated fractures of the humeral head in adults

Herrmann T., 1980:
Results of an retrospective analysis of intra uterine radiation doses to children with leukemic diseases

Fainshtein, F.E., 1977:
Results of analyses of some clinical aspects of chronic leukemia

Janssen E., 1981:
Results of analysis executed during several years for chlorinated hydro carbon pesticides in imported animal feedingstuff

Demin Y.S.; Mazin S.M.; Safronova L.D., 1986:
Results of analysis t haplotypes from moscow house mice ussr population

Konstantinovic J.; Spasojevic B.; Molnar I.; Radoje L.; Bodrazic B., 1986:
Results of and experiences in the application of rational system of soil tillage for wheat

Nechaeva N.T., 1986:
Results of and prospects for research at the karakul experimental station in the central kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Smirnova L.A., 1983:
Results of and the tasks for genetic and population studies of the rust fungi in the problem of creating resistant wheat cultivars

Ochi K.; Watanabe K.; Okamoto M.; Yokoyama M.; Wakatsuki A.; Takeuchi M., 1985:
Results of anderson hynes pyeloplasty for hydronephrosis

Streckbein R.G.; Woeltge E.; Kubicek J., 1980:
Results of animal experiments about the healing of bone defects in os frontale and os parietale after implantation of tri calcium phosphate sheets

Pott, F.; Friedrichs, K.H.; Huth, F., 1976 :
Results of animal experiments concerning the carcinogenic effect of fibrous dusts and their interpretation with regard to carcinogenesis in humans

Vasic L.; Tomic D.; Kukic D., 1985:
Results of animal production achieved in the private sector in vojvodina province yugoslavia

Moussa A.H.; Nitta M.; Symon L., 1983:
Results of anterior cervical fusion in cervical spondylosis review of 125 cases

Purves, S.J.; Wada, J.A.; Woodhurst, W.B.; Moyes, P.D.; Strauss, E.; Kosaka, B.; Li, D., 1988:
Results of anterior corpus callosum section in 24 patients with medically intractable seizures

Goshtautas A.A.; Rugyavichyus M.Z., 1981:
Results of anti smoking campaigns in middle aged men

Nguyen J.; Dautzenberg B.; Grosset J.; Sors C., 1982:
Results of antibiotic sensitivity and streptococcus pneumoniae serotype tests in the pitie salpetriere hospital france 1979 1980

Bryniak C.; Lauterbach R.; Wanda K M., 1981:
Results of antibiotic treatment of premature babies born in 28 37 weeks of pregnancy

Kushimoto T.; Ohshima K.; Ariyoshi A., 1987:
Results of antireflux operation with cohen procedure for primary vesicoureteral reflux

Kugler, J.D.; Campbell, E.; Vargo, T.A.; McNamara, D.G.; Hallman, G.L.; Cooley, D.A., 1979:
Results of aortic valvotomy in infants with isolated aortic valvular stenosis

Tsukerman, G.I.; Bykova, V.A.; Fursov, B.A.; Yavorskaya, L.A.; Barbarash, L.S., 1978:
Results of aortic xeno valve implantation in the tricuspid position

Kito Y.; Ohara K.; Kosakai T.; Kawazoe K.; Hayashi K.; Ego Y.; Fujii H.; Aono N.; Naito Y.; E.A., 1983:
Results of aorto coronary bypass for coronary spasm superimposed on athero sclerotic stenosis

Sakakibara, T.; Hirose, H.; Nakano, S.; Matsuda, H.; Shirakura, R.; Shimazaki, Y.; Hiranaka, T.; Matsumura, R.; Kitamura, S.; Kawashima, Y., 1985:
Results of aortocoronary bypass surgery for patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction

Zhukov Y.P., 1986:
Results of application in 2 crop rotations of a fertilization system calculated with the use of balance coefficients

Mamaladze L.P., 1980:
Results of application of ethaphos and dursban to the plum fruit moth

Zagorcheva L.; Poryazov I., 1983:
Results of applying experimental mutagenesis in garden beans vicia faba cultivar zarya

Solik, A.; Tomassi, W., 1975:
Results of applying potentiometric method for studying the agglutination of red blood cells in ABO system

Thelen, E., 1979:
Results of arthrodesis of the ankle joint

Watanabe M.; Noguchi T.; Chayaba S.; Kawamura T., 1979:
Results of artificial crossing between resistant clones to needle cast disease and between resistant and plus tree clones in japanese larch larix leptolepis

Hogerzeil, H.V.; Hamerlynck, J.V.; van Amstel, N.; Nagelkerke, N.J.; Lammes, F.B., 1988:
Results of artificial insemination at home by the partner with cryopreserved donor semen: a randomized study

Matarugic D.; Riznar S., 1984:
Results of artificial insemination of cows after estrus synchronization by prid

Sternadel Z.; Janczewski Z.; Bablok L.; Witkowska E., 1981:
Results of artificial insemination with partners semen in cases of marital sterility

Golub V.B.; Pilipenko V.N.; Losev G.A., 1986:
Results of assessing the combined effect of soil moisture content and salinity on plant incidence in the volga river delta russian sfsr ussr and the quantity of their epigeal biomass

Coman C.; Paunescu E.; Micu V.; Georgescu G.; Scurei A.; Stan A.; Coman B.C., 1985:
Results of associated polychemotherapy including riaval to surgical treatment of bronchopulmonary carcinoma

Reddin D.G., 1984:
Results of atlantic salmon tagging study in miramichi bay new brunswick canada

Gudjonsson H.; Baldvinsson E.; Oddsson G.; Asgeirsson E.; Kristjansson H.; Hardarson T., 1982:
Results of attempted cardio pulmonary resuscitation of patients dying suddenly outside the hospital in reykjavik iceland and the surrounding area 1976 1979

Korneva, E.I., 1976:
Results of back crosses of steroid containing solanum species

Slopek, S.; Durlakowa, I.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Kucharewicz-Krukowska, A.; Dabrowski, M.; Bisikiewicz, R., 1983:
Results of bacterio phage treatment of suppurative bacterial infections 1. general evaluation of the results

Slopek, S.; Durlakowa, I.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Kucharewicz-Krukowska, A.; Dabrowski, M.; Bisikiewicz, R., 1983:
Results of bacterio phage treatment of suppurative bacterial infections 2. detailed evaluation of the results

Slopek, S.; Durlakowa, I.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Dabrowski, M.; Kucharewicz-Krukowska, A., 1984:
Results of bacteriophage treatment of suppurative bacterial infections 3. detailed evaluation of the results obtained in further 150 cases

Slopek, S.; Kucharewicz-Krukowska, A.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Dabrowski, M., 1985:
Results of bacteriophage treatment of suppurative bacterial infections. IV. Evaluation of the results obtained in 370 cases

Slopek, S.; Kucharewicz-Krukowska, A.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Dabrowski, M., 1985:
Results of bacteriophage treatment of suppurative bacterial infections. V. Evaluation of the results obtained in children

Slopek, S.; Kucharewicz-Krukowska, A.; Weber-Dabrowska, B.; Dabrowski, M., 1985:
Results of bacteriophage treatment of suppurative bacterial infections. VI. Analysis of treatment of suppurative staphylococcal infections

Baevskii R.M.; Funtdva I.I.; Groza P.P., 1984:
Results of ballistocardiographic studies in a 7 day space flight

Melchior J.P.; Meier B.; Finci L.; Steffenino G.; Noble J.; Rutishauser W., 1987:
Results of balloon angioplasty in chronic total coronary occlusion

Zink, G., 1976:
Results of band inspection of re captured egrets casmerodius alba egretta alba in the central danube region

Pelisek, J.; Sekaninova, D., 1975:
Results of basic research of natural and anthropogenic soils in the north bohemian lignite district

Gaisler J., 1979:
Results of bat census in a town mammalia chiroptera

Swanson, D.W.; Maruta, T.; Swenson, W.M., 1979:
Results of behavior modification in the treatment of chronic pain

Tanabe T.; Yasuda K.; Honma H.; Sugie S., 1980:
Results of below knee bypass operation for limb salvage in thrombo angiitis obliterans

Piani, P., 1977:
Results of bibliographic studies on jujubinus strigosus

Takahashi T.; Kumagai S.; Watanabe T.; Tazawa Y., 1988:
Results of bilateral penetrating keratoplasty

Hara, T.; Hara, T., 1980:
Results of binkhorst 4 loop lens implantation following intra capsular cataract extraction in 383 consecutive eyes 2. results of bin ocular implantation secondary implantation and lens implantation for diabetic eyes

Hara, T.; Hara, T., 1980:
Results of binkhorst 4 loop lens implantation following intra capsular cataract extraction in 383 consecutive eyes 3. complications 1. results in intra ocular lens dislocations and intra ocular lens implantation into the eyes with vitreous loss

Hara, T.; Hara, T., 1980:
Results of binkhorst 4 loop lens implantation following intra capsular cataract extraction in 383 consecutive eyes 4. complications 2. complications other than lens dislocations and vitreous loss

Hara, T.; Hara, T., 1980:
Results of binkhorst 4 loop lens implantation following intra capsular cataract extraction in 383 eyes 1. outcome to post operative visual acuity

Pannier R.; Huebner G.; Schulz G., 1986:
Results of biological exposure tests in connection with passive dosimetric measurements of ambient air concentrations in occupational exposure to tetrachloroethane in dry cleaning shops

Huebner G.; Pannier R.; Behning I.; Schulz G., 1987:
Results of biological exposure tests in connection with passive dosimetric measurements of interior air concentrations on occupational exposure to trichloroethylene at metal washing workplaces

Lytton B.; Collins J.T.; Weiss R.M.; Schiff M.Jr; Mcguire E.J.; Livolsi V., 1979:
Results of biopsy after early stage prostatic cancer treatment by implantation of iodine 125 labeled seeds

Gromadzka J., 1983:
Results of bird ringing in poland migrations of dunlin calidris alpina

Kania W., 1985:
Results of bird ringing in poland migrations of white stork ciconia ciconia

Fal'kovskii G.E.; Aleksi Meskhishvili V.V.; Berishvili I.I.; Buzinova L.A., 1981:
Results of blalock taussig anastomosis in young children with tetralogy of fallot

Machard M.; Machard P., 1982:
Results of breeding chrysocarabus and chrysotribax in 1981

Seifert H.; Nagel E., 1986:
Results of breeding experimental studies on juvenile osteochondropathies of the extremities skeleton of meat hogs

Diaz D.G.enu Martinez C.; Torre E.L.M.; Pallares P.B.; Cadorniga F.J.D.; Granda J.A.; Artal A.R., 1988:
Results of bromocriptine therapy in macroprolactinomas with extrasellar extension

Póder, G.; Kelemen, J.; Mezei, G.; Börzsönyi, L., 1987:
Results of bronchial challenge after infantile obstructive bronchitis

Watanabe, Y.; Sato, H.; Kobayashi, H.; Iida, S.; Kimoto, H.; Ichihashi, T.; Minagawa, M.; Yamashita, R.; Murakami, S.; Iwa, T., 1986:
Results of bronchoplastic surgery in patients with bronchogenic carcinomas

Abdurasitova T.V., 1981:
Results of bronchoscopic investigations in tuberculosis patients undergoing complex chemo therapy

Hasse, H.P.; Sander, E.; Otto, W., 1987:
Results of bunnell's operation for injuries of acromioclavicular joint in comparison with those of conservative treatment

Weir, B.K., 1983:
Results of burr hole and open or closed suction drainage for chronic subdural hematomas in adults

Kito, Y.; Ohara, K.; Kosakai, Y.; Fujii, H.; Hiramori, K.; Saito, M.; Haze, K.; Fujita, T.; Manabe, H., 1984:
Results of bypass surgery for left main coronary artery

Loeliger E.A.; Van Halem Visser L.P., 1979:
Results of calibration by the dutch national reference laboratory of thromboplastins included in the international committee on thrombosis and hemostasis international committee for standardization in hematology collaborative study of prothrombin time standardization

Gura C.; Sieniawska M.; Welc Dobies J., 1985:
Results of captopril treatment of arterial hypertension in children with terminal renal failure

Jensen, B., 1978:
Results of captures with cage traps

Ali S.W.; Evans A.S.; Monaghan J.M., 1986:
Results of carbon dioxide laser cylinder vaporization of cervical intraepithelial disease in 1234 patients an analysis of failures

Wood, D.S.; Leberman, R.C., 1987:
Results of carnegie museum of natural history expeditions to belize iii. distributional notes on the birds of belize

Tachmuradov B.N.; Rodin V.N.; Redzhepov A.G.; Muradov A.M.; Babadzhanov A.A.; Tachmuradov A.N.; Kerimov B.Ch; Kakurin V.S., 1980:
Results of catheterization of the heart cavities main arteries veins and x ray studies with the purpose of treatment and diagnosis

Ignatowicz R.; Michalowicz R.; Kmiec T., 1986:
Results of cavinton use in certain central nervous system diseases in children

Malmstrom H.; Axelsson O., 1981:
Results of cervical cerclage operations in pregnant women during a 5 year period

Ekert H.; Balderas A.; Waters K.D.; Matthews R.N., 1981:
Results of cessation of treatment in childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia

Boguslawski, E.V.; Lach, G., 1973:
Results of chemical analysis of soil and nutrient condition in pot and field experiment

Barbagallo, S.; Patti, I., 1977:
Results of chemical control against coccus pseudomagnoliarum homoptera coccidae

Abisatov K.A., 1982:
Results of chemo therapy and radio therapy of poorly differentiated and undifferentiated lung cancer

Nowrousian M.R.; Kubaschinski G.; Hossfeld D.K.; Schaefer U.W.; Schmidt C.G., 1983:
Results of chemo therapy for acute myelocytic leukemia in adults

Aliev B.M., 1988:
Results of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in malignant neoplasms of some localizations

Toronto Leuk Study Group, 1986:
Results of chemotherapy for unselected patients with acute myeloblastic leukemia effect of exclusions on interpretation of results

Scherpe A.; Schroeder M.; Von Heyden H W.; Nagel G.A., 1984:
Results of chemotherapy with cisplatin and 5 fluorouracil in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck region

Perich P.A.; Gonzalez R., 1987:
Results of chlorpropamide treatment in non insulin dependent diabetic patients

Consiglio L.; Rosmini M.; Massai F., 1981:
Results of choledocho duodenostomy

Michelmann, H.W.; Goetze, G.; Paufler, S., 1977:
Results of chromosome analysis after in vitro x irradiation of rabbit sperm cells in early embryonic tissue

Ritter G.; Beetke E.; Bartsch J.; Bienengraeber V.; Sobkowiak E M.; Hering P.; Hering H., 1988:
Results of clinical and histological investigations to the amputation of deciduous pulp with several methods and wound dressings

Davignon L.; Lussier G.; Quevillon M.; Lavergne B.; Fauvel M.; Aubert D., 1982:
Results of clinical assays carried out with the iaf armand frappier institute laval quebec canada super attenuated measles vaccine

Beregovkin, A.V.; Krupina, T.N.; Syrykh, G.D.; Korotaev, M.M.; Kuklin, N.A.; Balandin, V.A.; Znamenskii, V.S.; Nikiforov, V.I.; Nistratov, V.V.; Et-Al, 1977:
Results of clinical examinations of cosmonauts after a 63 day flight

Antignani P.L.; Todini A.R.; Saliceti F.; Pacino G.; Bartolo M., 1987:
Results of clinical laboratory and hemorheological investigations of the use of pentoxifylline in high doses

Kittel, G., 1976:
Results of clinical olfactometric studies

Gerner, R.H.; Psarras, J.; Kirschenbaum, M.A., 1980:
Results of clinical renal function tests in lithium patients

Anderseck E.; Von Majewsky I., 1986:
Results of clinical studies of various therapeutic methods in teeth

Kondrat'eva N.A.; Kruglova G.V.; Kovaleva L.G.; Makhonova L.A.; Volkova M.A.; Brilliant M.D.; Mayakova S.A.; Isaev V.G.; Abakumov E.M.; E.A., 1981:
Results of clinical study of lenvis in leukemia in children and adults

Zaitsev V.P.; Kalyagina I.E.; Mukhanov A.B., 1980:
Results of clinical study of phenazepam in psycho pathological changes in patients with ischemic heart disease

Kondrat'ev V.B.; Danova L.A.; Gershanovich M.L., 1982:
Results of clinical trials of bleomycetin anti tumor antibiotic

Gorbunova V.A.; Moroz L.V., 1981:
Results of clinical trials of cis di aminodichloro platinum

Glotova K.V.; Senkevich N.A.; Kaliteevskaya T.N.; Pichugin V.A.; Manzhosova G.B.; Khmara S.N., 1981:
Results of clinical trials of polyvinoxide in silicosis

Bianchi, W.; Imbasciati, A.; Mariani, L.; Ohnmeiss, H., 1987:
Results of clinical trials with ciprofloxacin in Italy

Tateno M.; Maruyama C., 1985:
Results of clinical use of cefminox in obstetrics and gynecology

Gagarin V.V., 1985:
Results of clinicolaboratory examination of patients with acute disorder of mesenterial circulation

Kohzuka, T., 1985:
Results of closed vitrectomy for 100 consecutive cases of diabetic traction retinal detachment

Geltzeiler, J.; Belman, A.B., 1984:
Results of closure of urethrocutaneous fistulas in children

Bonvallat A.; Friedli B.; Rouge J.C.; Faidutti B.; Hahn C., 1981:
Results of coarctectomy in new borns and infants

Volterrani F.; Sigurta D.; Uslenghi C.; Chiesa F.; Molinari R., 1981:
Results of cobalt 60 tele therapy in oral cancer

Reinfuss M., 1981:
Results of cobalt 60 telegamma therapy in patients with laryngeal carcinoma in the division of the institute of oncology in krakow poland

Chumakov M.P.; Boiko V.M.; Malyshkina L.P.; Mel'nikova S.K.; Rodin V.I., 1987:
Results of coded trials of the activity of the trivalent subunit influenza vaccine grippovac in day care centers in moscow russian sfsr ussr in december of 1983 and first quarter of 1984

Mathewson P.R.; Fahrenholz C.H.; Booth G.D.; Pomeranz Y.; Miller B.S., 1982:
Results of collaborative testing using a simplified rapid colorimetric alpha amylase assay for evaluation of sprouted wheat

Mey W., 1981:
Results of collecting caddis flies by light trap in the region of the havel lakes east germany trichoptera

Schiessel R.; Wunderlich M.; Waneck R., 1986:
Results of colonal anastomosis in deep seated rectal tumors

Verriest G.; Francq P.; Pierart P., 1980:
Results of color vision tests in alcoholic and mentally disordered subjects

Konno A.; Hanazawa S.; Okamoto Y.; Terada N.; Ishikawa K.; Togawa K., 1987:
Results of combination therapy for carcinoma of the mesopharynx

Burnstein, M.J.; Vassal, K.P.; Strasberg, S.M., 1982:
Results of combined biliary drainage and cholecystokinin cholecystography in 81 patients with normal oral cholecystograms

Hering, K.; Seegelken, K., 1976:
Results of combined chemo therapy and radio therapy of bronchial carcinomas

Vinokurova N.A.; Chekharina E.A., 1979:
Results of combined chemo therapy in patients with stage iii iv lympho granulomatosis

Hochberg, M.S.; Merrill, W.H.; Michaelis, L.L.; Mcintosh, C.L., 1978:
Results of combined coronary end arterectomy and coronary bypass for diffuse coronary artery disease

Agnani G.; Brax P.; Schaal J.P.; Attal B.; Lempereur M.; Colette C., 1987:
Results of combined medical and surgical treatment of mild and moderate endometriosis in cases of sterility

Grenz R.; Maul F.D.; Standke R.; Klepzig H.Jr; Kober G.; Hoer G., 1986:
Results of combined myocardial scintigraphy and radionuclide ventriculography before and after transluminal coronary angioplasty of critical coronary stenoses

Mel'nikova, L.N.; Krauz, V.S.; Koryakina, L.P.; Rykova, V.P., 1976:
Results of combined radiation treatment of cervix uteri cancer using the hose apparatus agat v

Korzeniowski S.; Reinfuss M., 1988:
Results of combined radiotherapy and multidrug chemotherapy in advanced cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx

Reinfuss, M.; Korzeniowski, S., 1986:
Results of combined radiotherapy and multidrug chemotherapy in advanced squamous cell cancer of the head and neck

Mendeleev I.M.; Berliner G.B.; Myasnikov A.A.; Polezhaev Y.N., 1986:
Results of combined splenectomy and polychemotherapy in the treatment of 15 patients with chronic myeloid leukemia

Chikui K.; Mizogami K.; Ishii Y.; Kanatani I.; Maeda T.; Kamao T., 1988:
Results of combined surgery with trabeculotomy and intraocular lens implantation

Berezhnov I.P.; Nechiporenko A.Z.; Nechiporenko N.A., 1979:
Results of combined surgical and radiation therapy of patients with urinary bladder cancer

Jend H H.; Konstantinidis E.; Ruehl U., 1982:
Results of combined surgical and radio therapeutic treatment of carcinoma of the urinary bladder stage p 2 p 3

Poetter R.; Mueller R P.; Luttke G., 1988:
Results of combined surgical and radiological therapy in penile carcinoma

Mau S.; Riessbeck K H.; Mandel L.; Coblenz R., 1980:
Results of combined therapy of malignant renal tumors

Habermalz H J., 1987:
Results of combined treatment in medulloblastoma

Vashakmadze L.A.; Babayan L.A.; Talaev M.I.; Kolyadyuk I.V.; Savinov V.A.; Starinskii V.V.; Belous T.A.; Sidorova E.A.; Napol'skikh V.M.; E.A., 1987 :
Results of combined treatment of cancer of the gastric cardia a cooperative randomized study

Pawlicki, M.; Skolyszewski, J.; Brandys, A., 1983:
Results of combined treatment of patients with locally advanced breast cancer

Krupsinka Sanecka I.; Fracka B.; Janik A.; Bodarski Z.; Kowalik B., 1985:
Results of combined treatment with 5 fluorocytosine and amphotericin b in a case of cerebrospinal meningitis due to candida albicans in an infant

Starzynska T.; Zelechowska J.; Rubach M.; Kozlowicz I., 1980:
Results of combined treatment with chemo therapy followed by tele radio therapy with gamma rays in micro cellular bronchial carcinoma 2

Krawczyk K.; Krochmal M.; Pawlicki M., 1980:
Results of combined treatment with vincristine and cyclo phosphamide in undifferentiated lung carcinoma

Reed G.E.; Sanoudos G.M.; Pooley R.W.; Moggio R.A.; Mcclung J.A.; Somberg E.D.; Praeger P.I., 1983:
Results of combined valvular and myo cardial re vascularization

Khristov, A.; Blazhev, V.; Simeonova, L.; Goranova, P., 1984:
Results of comparative alfalfa cultivar trials 1. american cultivars

V.Schwanewede H.; Hess C.; Hess R., 1987:
Results of comparative investigations for the testing of fixed bridge prostheses of the lateral area of the upper and lower jaws

Jordan T.; Welker D., 1985:
Results of comparing physical tests between lead containing lead free and dust free irreversible hydrocolloids

Blau E.; Konetzke G.; Enderlein G., 1981:
Results of complex industrial hygiene and industrial medical examinations in east german foundries

Kalmykov, Z.A., 1978:
Results of complex resort sanatorium treatment for obesity patients at a sanatorium

Tatarenkov, V.T., 1978:
Results of complex studies on water air and combined methods of heated retting of flax

Helseth, H.K.; Haglin, J.J.; Monson, B.K.; Wickstrom, P.H., 1980:
Results of composite graft replacement for aortic root aneurysms

Szlenk Z.; Zarski S.; Makuch K.; Ruzikowski E.; Lesiak A.; Bardadin T.; Ferdyuns Chromy J.; Tan Nin L.; Kozina W.; Styczynski T., 1979:
Results of comprehensive investigation in clinical syndromes of cervical spondylosis

Serratrice G.; Salamon G.; Jiddane M.; Gastaut J.L.; Pellissier J.F.; Pouget J., 1985:
Results of computed tomographic examination of muscles in 145 cases of neuromuscular diseases

Junges, R.; Zwicker, H., 1981:
Results of computed tomography of the lumbar vertebral discs

Bramstedt W.R.; Harrington D.E., 1979:
Results of computerization and automation of a perkin elmer 240 carbon hydrogen nitrogen analyzer

Sadauskas W.M.; Maksimaitiene D.A.; Butkewiczius S.S., 1982:
Results of conservative and surgical treatment for placenta previa

Hermann, R.E.; Esselstyn, C.B.; Crile, G.; Cooperman, A.M.; Antunez, A.R.; Hoerr, S.O., 1985:
Results of conservative operations for breast cancer

Tsel' E.A., 1980 :
Results of conservative operative procedures in malignant soft tissue tumors of the extremities

Linhart W.E.; Hollwarth M.E.; Wildburger R., 1986:
Results of conservative treatment for ligamentous osteochondral avulsion of the fibular malleolus in children

Kramer W.; Neugebauer W.; Schoenemann B.; Maier G., 1986:
Results of conservative treatment in fractures of the radius

Orthner E.; Kwasny W.; Schabus R., 1987:
Results of conservative treatment of palmar plate injuries in the proximal interphalangeal joint of the fingers

Kulikov S.K., 1982:
Results of conservative treatment of patients with adenoma of the prostate

Ioseliani D.G.; Mshvidobadze T.A.; Vasilidze T.V.; Movelidze T.A., 1986:
Results of conservative treatment of unstable angina pectoris

Dallek, M.; Mommsen, U.; Schöntag, H.; Jungbluth, K.H., 1982:
Results of conservatively treated upper arm fractures in adults

Mikaelyan A.L.; Mkrtchyan A.A.; Gusakova N.F.; Ayunts M.B., 1983:
Results of constructive operations in thrombo obliterating diseases of vessels of the lower extremities depending on the degree of changes in blood supply and tissue metabolism

Nagata H.; Kitani K.; Hirota Y., 1988:
Results of continuous measurement of the surface water in the toyama bay sea of japan in may 1987

Todorovski B.; Vasilev L.; Jovanoski B., 1979:
Results of control of insect pests in stored tobacco nicotiana tabacum with phosphine detia gas ex b

Bicanova M.; Meskova M., 1982:
Results of control of prescription bottles for microbiological contamination

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Results of conventional post irradiation of mammary carcinoma 1. influence of anamnestic factors on survival time

Van-Der-Wall, H., 1980:
Results of conventional post irradiation of mammary carcinoma 2. influence of therapeutic factors on survival time

Van-Der-Wall, H., 1980:
Results of conventional post irradiation of mammary carcinoma 3. influence of recidivation and metastases on survival time

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Results of coronary artery surgery in women

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Results of coronary bypass surgery in relation to gender

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Results of coronary revascularization to an occluded coronary artery

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Results of corrective surgery for complete transposition of the great arteries in Japan

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Results of corrective surgery for tetralogy of Fallot

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Results of cost calculations on bovine embryo transfer

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Results of crossbreeding of berrichonne du cher breed with local greek breeds

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Results of crossing balbas ewes with rams of the romanovskii breed

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Results of crossing caucasian ewes with north caucasian rams ii. a study of f 2 crosses

Stankov, I.K., 1986:
Results of crossing of caucasian ewes with north caucasian rams i. a study on f 1 crosses

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Results of crossing the bison bison bison bison with the cow bos taurus typicus and characteristics of chromosome complexes of hybrid progeny

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Results of crossing with ile de france in merino population

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Results of cryo surgery on cochlear membranous labyrinth in the guinea pig a light microscopic investigation

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Results of cryo surgical treatment of equine penile neoplasms

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Results of cryoextraction of dislocated and severely subluxated lenses

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Results of cryptorchidism therapy a study on 232 patients

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Results of cueppers posterior fixation suture

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Results of curative high voltage irradiation of prostatic carcinoma

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Results of curative radiotherapy in non small cell carcinomas of the lung

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Results of curative radiotherapy in oropharyngeal carcinomas

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Results of cutaneous testing with pollen extracts of fruit trees in early blossom pollinosis

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Results of cyclocryocoagulation in eyes with chronic narrow angle glaucoma

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Results of cyto genetic control of breeding bulls at artificial insemination stations

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Results of cyto genetic examination of population groups under intense and limited use of pesticides

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Results of cyto photometric and auto radiographic experiments on the auto catalytic activity of macro nuclear dna during the polymorphic cycle of the ciliate tetrahymena paravorax

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Results of cytogenetic testing of workers exposed to ethylene oxide

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Results of cytologic investigation in leukoplakia and cancer of the vulva

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Results of cytologic mass screening in west germany

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Results of de cortication in chronic empyema with special reference to paragonimiasis

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Results of delayed excision of the radial head after fracture

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Results of determining the amount of rna in duodenal brush border enterocytes in posthemorrhagic terminal periods and after revivification

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Results of di bromochloro propane treatment on the citrus nematode tylenchulus semipenetrans on orange trees

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Results of diallelic analysis of protein content in grain of winter soft wheat

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Results of diaphragmatic plication for unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis

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Results of dietary treatment of obesity in relation to the event that triggered the onset of the disorder reflections ten years after withdrawal of treatment

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Results of different anesthetics for cesarean section

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Results of different variants of radiation treatment of reticular tumors of the tonsils

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Results of discussions on the hygienic standardization of carcinogenic substances

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Results of distribution pattern analysis of exposure of people working in agrochemical centers with reference to the relevant sections of the law on poisonous substances

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Results of divergent selection for either low or high feed conversion in ducks over six generations

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Results of diverse therapeutic schemes including rifampicin

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Results of dog gastric secretory activity studied in remote periods after mucosa antrectomy

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Results of donor artificial insemination in 415 couples

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Results of drift bottle experiments to investigate the kuroshio functioning as a means of transportation and diffusion of fish eggs and larvae

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Results of early hypospadias surgery using optical magnification

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Results of early operations for ruptured aneurysms

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Results of early surgical treatment of myelocele

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Results of early treatment of intracranial hemorrhage in children with aplastic anemia

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Results of ecological investigation on culicoides nipponensis in meiwa cho taki gun mie prefecture japan

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Results of efforts to eradicate endemic goiter in the dagestan assr ussr

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Results of elective nissen fundoplication for gastro esophageal reflux in selected patients

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Results of elective surgery for recurrent ulcer

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Results of electro encephalographic examination of children after late diet treatment of phenyl ketonuria

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Results of electromyostimulation in sports medical rehabilitation

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Results of electron microscopic investigations at the uterus horns of white new zealand rabbits using 4 different coagulation methods

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Results of electron therapy of tumors in various localizations

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Results of embolization of fistula of the spinal cord with peri medullary venous drainage

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Results of en bloc resections for lung cancer

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Results of endo neural injection of guillain barre serum in lewis rats

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Results of endolymphatic sac mastoid shunt operation for menieres disease

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Results of endoscopic examinations of the lower nasal passage

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Results of endoscopic sphincterotomy in common bile duct stones

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Results of endoscopic urethrotomy

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Results of entomological collections using special light trap systems part 2

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Results of epidemiological studies of primary hepatic cancer in the tyumen oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Results of epididymal ablation by sclerosing agents in the nonhuman primate

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Results of esophagogastrectomy for carcinoma in cirrhotic patients. A series of 23 consecutive patients

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Results of estrus synchronization in sheep with sub cutaneous implants and intra vaginal sponges in 3 different seasons of the year

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Results of examination of hereditary factors in children with acute lymphatic leukemia

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Results of examination of the workers of moving crews with respect to radiographic findings on the spine and joints of lower extremities

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Results of examination on the physiology of effort on fruit tree pruning by means of pneumatic pruning shears

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Results of examining children born to mothers treated repeatedly for infectious forms of syphilis

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Results of examining malaria patients by immuno fluorescence with homologous and heterologous antigens

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Results of examining patients with tumors of the left and right frontal lobes by the rorschach method

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Results of examining wild monkeys for the presence of anti small pox antibody and viruses of the small pox group

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Results of experimental density manipulation in an arizona usa lizard community

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Results of experimental investigations into the continuous physical load capacity of juveniles

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Results of experimental research on nonwashing flow rates for natural and claydite sand

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Results of experimental study on polymyxin b sulfate pharmaco kinetics

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Results of experimentation on the cultivation of four apple cultivars grown in the form of italian palmette and free hedge

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Results of experiments conducted to induce by virus dispersion the infection of european pine sawfly neodiprion sertifer population

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Results of experiments imitating preservation of plague bacillus under natural conditions

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Results of experiments on the economical use of supplemental water and fractionated nitrogen fertilization in potato growing

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Results of experiments on the effect of grasses used as preceding crops for grass reseeding on mountain sites

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Results of experiments over a 3 year period in using herbicides for combating wild oats avena ludoviciana infestation in winter wheat

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Results of exploration for parasitoids of citricola scale coccus pseudomagnoliarum homoptera coccidae in japan and their introduction in california usa

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Results of exploratory purse seining between cochin and goa india

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Results of extended resection of tumors involving the cervical part of the trachea

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Results of extraarticular fixation of femoral neck fractures

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Results of fast neutron tele therapy for locally advanced head and neck tumors

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Results of fast neutron therapy for advanced carcinomas of the oral cavity and oropharynx

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Results of fast neutron therapy in advanced head and neck cancer

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Results of fattening of first generation crossbreds and back crosses of local black and white and holstein friesian bulls

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Results of feces analysis of capercaillie in the vosges mountains france

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Results of feeding additions of copper sulfate on the alimentary balance of oniscus asellus isopoda

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Results of fetal necropsy in 925 cases of perinatal death

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Results of fetoscopic examination at our hospital

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Results of fibrinolytic therapy with strepto kinase and uro kinase in deep vein thrombosis

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Results of field and pot tests on the action of copper

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Results of field trails with rapeseed and sunflower in turkey

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Results of field trials of the repellent aerosol rebephthale

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Results of field trials to control the diamond back moth plutella xylostella by application of crude methanolic extracts and aqueous suspensions of seed kernels and leaves of neem azadirachta indica in togo

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Results of finding some physiological groups of microorganisms from water by using some new methods

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Results of fish surveys in the tennessee river drainage usa 1979 1981

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Results of fitness examinations in women working in transportation jobs

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Results of five standard operations for elective surgery of duodenal ulcer

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Results of floristic geographic and systematic investigations in hungary 1961 1972

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Results of fluorescent microscopic investigation into bone healing under stimulation with bipolar pulse currents and interference current in animal experiment

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Results of focosi tendon lengthening operation on kinetic incompetence in blocked strabismus

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Results of focused and projector ultrasonic doppler cardio valvulography in a study of patients with normal pulmonary pressure and hypertension

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Results of follow up examinations of mandibular fractures

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Results of follow up of patients after acute myocardial infarction treated in the scientific research center in naleczow poland and patients not subjected to sanatorium rehabilitation treatment

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Results of fontanas operation in congenital heart diseases

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Results of forage testing based on observations of forage feeding conditions at sumiyoshi japan livestock breeding station

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Results of fractionation optimization of tumors of the bladder in homogenous patient collectives

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Results of fresh water studies in the international biological program limnological research in japan

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Results of functional treatment of tibial shaft fractures

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Results of fungicide testing against gray mold of grapes in the western georgian ssr ussr

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Results of gastric juice analyses according to lambling in infants with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

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Results of gastro intestinal nematode control in sheep with a simultaneous administration of selenium preparations

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Results of gastroplasty in the treatment of cancer of the esophagus. Review of the last 5 years

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Results of genetic studies on milk protein in the frame of black pied dairy cattle smr breeding 2. genetic parameters in smr from realized and regression estimation on mother daughter pairs

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Results of genotoxicity testing of theophylline on bacteria and two lines of mammalian cells

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Results of grafting aortic valve transplants into mitral position

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Results of group anti goiter prophylaxis with a complex of trace elements iodine cobalt manganese on tashkent ussr school children

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Results of halothane test in some meat breed swine in serbia yugoslavia

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Results of halothane testing in offspring of dutch landrace artificially inseminated boars of different halothane phenotypes

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Results of heart valve replacement with the SORIN prosthesis

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Results of helminthological examinations of dogs and their hygienic epidemiological aspects

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Results of hemibody irradiation in lung metastases of renal adenocarcinoma

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Results of hepatitis b surface antigen testing of american association of blood banks college of american pathologists survey samples

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Results of hepatitis b vaccination in a paris france hospital 386 subjects

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Results of herbicide application on weed control in bean

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Results of high dose ruthenium 106 irradiation of choroidal melanomas

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Results of high energy x ray therapy of gastric carcinoma 3. early gastric carcinoma t carcinoma

Oehler W.; Lessel A.; Huettner J., 1987:
Results of high voltage and neutron irradiation in the therapy of local recurrent stomach carcinoma

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Results of high voltage therapy after trans urethral tumor resection in carcinoma of the bladder

Pinkert R., 1985:
Results of histological research on the pathological fibrocartilage reactions of the temporomandibular joint and a discussion on etiological facts of arthropathia deformans

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Results of histopathological examinations of cattle suffering from leukemia in the gdansk and elblag provinces poland

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Results of hospital hygienic inspections made by state hygienic inspection in practices and laboratories of polyclinics

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Results of human liver transplantation in vienna austria

Kurachi K.; Aono T.; Suzuki M.; Hirano M.; Kobayashi T.; Kaibara M., 1985:
Results of human menopausal gonadotropin humegon human chorionic gonadotropin therapy in 6096 treatment cycles of 2166 japanese women with anovulatory infertility

Von-Lehmann, E.; Schaefer, H.E., 1976:
Results of hybridization experiments with wood mice apodemus on the island of sicily italy

Travers, M., 1979:
Results of hydratlante i cruise of research vessel jean charcot off the atlantic french coast 2. phyto plankton pigments

Gastmeier P.; Graul G.; Guenther S., 1988:
Results of hygienic check ups in physiotherapeutic institutions of the county potsdam east germany

Gerhardt G.G.; Gundermann K O., 1986:
Results of hygienic samples from different areas in various hospitals

Weinstein, P.R.; Anderson, G.G.; Telles, D.A., 1987:
Results of hyperbaric oxygen therapy during temporary middle cerebral artery occlusion in unanesthetized cats

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Results of hyperbaric oxygenation in the treatment of hypoxia in pregnant women with heart defects

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Results of identification of ornithosis strains isolated in tadzhik ssr ussr

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Results of ilio femoral venous thrombectomy after acute thrombosis report of 165 cases

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Results of immuno suppression in 170 cases of severe aplastic anemia

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Results of immunologic testing in patients with erythema multiforme

Rovensky J.; Lukac J.; Zitnan D.; Pekarek J.; Cebecauer L., 1986:
Results of immunomodulatory therapy in systemic lupus erythematosus

Filipov F.V., 1986:
Results of immunotherapy with antirabies vaccine in the complex treatment of multiform glioblastoma

Degtyarev V.A.; Bednenko V.S.; Gabyshev V.K.; Sapozhnikov V.A.; Sidorov V.P., 1980:
Results of in flight electro cardiographic examinations of salyut 5 crew members

Lauritsen, J.G.; Therkelsen, A.J., 1984:
Results of in vitro fertilization and culture of human ova

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Results of in vitro fertilization attempts in patients with one or two ovaries

Romeu A.; Muasher S.J.; Acosta A.A.; Veeck L.L.; Diaz J.; Jones G.S.; Jones H.W.Jr; Rosenwaks Z., 1987:
Results of in vitro fertilization attempts in women 40 years of age and older the norfolk virginia usa experience

Testart, J., 1988:
Results of in vitro fertilization with embryo cryopreservation and a recommendation for uniform reporting

Bregulla, K.; Froehlich, M., 1977:
Results of in vitro sperm penetration tests in cervical mucus in women taking the sequential oral contraceptives ovanon and sequilar

Peters W.G.; Willemze R.; Colly L.P., 1988:
Results of induction and consolidation treatment with intermediate and high dose cytosine arabinoside and m amsa of patients with poor risk acute myelogenous leukemia

Hess C.E.; Zirkle J.W., 1982:
Results of induction therapy with vincristine and prednisone alone in adult acute lympho blastic leukemia report of 43 patients and review of the literature

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Results of industrial medical and industrial psychological examination of managerial staff

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Results of inferior vena cava resection for renal cell carcinoma

Goldberg, J., 1980:
Results of influencing the smoking habits of juveniles aged 13 years to 16 years an analysis after a 2.5 year period of intervention

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Results of inhalation of plutonium 239 by dogs

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Results of initial lymph node biopsy in homosexual men with generalized lymphadenopathy

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Results of integrated management of supraglottic carcinoma

Y.V.Y.H.; Zhao S.M.; Bajuk B., 1982:
Results of intensive care for 375 very low birth weight infants

Kaukinen, L., 1982:
Results of intensive care in abdominal surgery patients

Maurette P.; Dabadie P.; Dartigue J.F.; Mignonsin D.; Erny P., 1987:
Results of intensive care in elderly patients

Pissarek D.; Panzram G.; Lundershausen R.; Adolph W.; Senf L., 1980:
Results of intensive therapy of newly detected maturity onset diabetes

Michalewska D.; Radwanska U., 1982:
Results of intensive treatment of 426 children with acute lympho blastic leukemia

Tsubokawa T.; Satou K., 1983:
Results of intentionally delayed definitive surgical treatment for ruptured single cerebral aneurysm

Mukhamedgaliev, F.M.; Abil-Dinov, R.B., 1968:
Results of interbreed transfer of the zygote in sheep

Kob D.; Fueller J.; Kuehn R.A.; Ruffert K., 1984:
Results of interdisciplinary cooperation in therapy of lymphogranulomatosis from point of radiotherapy

Denck H., 1984:
Results of intermittent regional chemo therapy with 5 fluoro uracil for metastatic liver disease and unresectable tumors

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Results of internal fixation for intra capsular fractures of the femoral neck

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Results of interspecific and intergeneric crosses in gramineae in relation to natural reproductive isolating mechanisms

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Results of interspecific cross pollinations between solanum melongena and solanum incanum in eggplant breeding

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Results of interspecific hybridization in grapes

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Results of intra medullary nailing in femoral fractures

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Results of intra ocular lens implant surgery

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Results of intra ocular lens implantation 5. cystoid macular edema after lens implantation

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Results of intra ocular lens insertion for traumatic eyes and effects of bin ocular vision

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Results of intra osseous venography in cox arthroses

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Results of intracranial ependymoma combined with radiochemotherapy

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Results of intraoperative radiotherapy for pancreatic carcinoma studies on conformation radiotherapy applied to postoperative irradiation

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Results of introducing elsholtzia essential oil plants in the nikita botanical garden ukrainian ssr ussr

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Results of introduction into the ussr a population of a predaceous mite metaseiulus occidentalis acarina phytoseiidae resistant to pesticides

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Results of introduction of adonis annua in the environs of moscow and krasnodar krai russian sfsr ussr

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Results of introduction of soybean glycine max cultivar bakhar 2 and dolichos lablab cultivar b 1 in the turkmen ssr ussr

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Results of introduction of the lanceolate thermopsis into the moscow region ussr

Furst M., 1981:
Results of introductions of new fish food organisms into swedish lakes

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Results of intubation in the palliative treatment of esophageal cancer

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Results of invasive and pharmacosonographic examinations during pregnancy first communication

Bollmann R.; Schilling H.; Abet L.; Natho W.; Zienert A.; Moeckel A.; Weihrauch P., 1988:
Results of invasive and pharmacosonographic examinations during pregnancy second communication amniofetography

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Results of investigating ventilation discharges from electro plating shops from the viewpoint of sanitary protection of the air

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Results of investigation and treatment by fiber optic bronchoscopy

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Results of investigation into fungicide effect on the germination of the reproductive organs and the growth of sphaeropsis sapineae fr. dyko a sutton mycelium

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Results of investigation of impotence in patients with overt or probable neuropathy

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Results of investigation of total radio resistance of a wood mouse population inhabiting areas contaminated with strontium 90 using the physical load method

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Results of investigation on fungicide efficiency in the control of dothistroma pini hulbary in australian pine plantations

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Results of investigations during 4 years about the process of ripening of hybrid maize and the influence of frost on its germination

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Results of investigations in spatial activity of the common frog rana temporaria in krkonose national park czechoslovakia

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Results of investigations of a bird population in a forest selected as a model

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Results of investigations of the flight of european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae and of its parasites

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Results of investigations on heterotrophic bacteria as to their quantity from two sewage purification plants in schleswig holstein west germany

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Results of investigations on higher dipterans diptera brachycera in biele karpaty mountains czechoslovakia i. velka javorina

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Results of investigations over a magnitude of aeolian transport in the western part of oscar ii land northwest spitsbergen arctic ocean during summer 1979

Marciniak K.; Szczepanik W., 1983:
Results of investigations over the summer ground thawing in the kaffioyra northwest spitsbergen arctic ocean

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Results of iodine 131 therapy in hyperthyroidism at 7 18 years of age

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Results of irradiation as the only treatment of cancer of the esophagus

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Results of irradiation in squamous cell carcinomas of the glossopalatine sulcus

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Results of irradiation of malignant tumors of the paranasal sinuses

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Results of irradiation of vegetable seeds before sowing

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Results of irradiation therapy for advanced uterine cervical cancer

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Results of irradiation with different radiation sources in the treatment of malignant parotid tumors

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Results of irrigation of white and yellow lupines for seed use in field experiments at different growing sites in east germany

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Results of isolated aortic valve replacement under 3 methods of myo cardial protection

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Results of isotope nephrography follow up studies in children after operation for urethro stenosis

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Results of isotope renography and intra venous pyelography in 420 patients with carcinoma of the uterine cervix

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Results of IVF in the treatment of polycystic ovary disease

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Results of izofen testing against the mites tetranychus viennensis and tetranychus urticae

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Results of jones jones operation for double uterus

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Results of k h luelings research in argentina in 1975 the biotope of the patagonian gymnocharacinus bergii pisces characidae

Gery, J., 1978:
Results of k h luelings research in argentina in 1975 the relationships of the naked characid gymnocharacinus bergii pisces cypriniformes characoidei from northern patagonia

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Results of karyological and immunobiological studies of the striped field mouse apodemus agrarius from different areas of its range

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Results of karyological study of leafy mosses from the gorno altai autonomous oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Results of kidney transplantation in the young child

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Results of knee joint arthrolysis surgery

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Results of labetalol administration in the treatment of hypertension

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Results of laboratory testing of a series of pesticides on egg parasites of the genus trichogramma hymenoptera trichogrammatidae

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Results of laboratory tests of bacillus thuringiensis preparations on larvae of blood sucking mosquitoes of the family culicidae 1

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Results of lamb vaccination with a live vaccine against listeriosis in field conditions

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Results of laminectomy in spinal cord compression due to tumors

Schlosshardt S., 1986:
Results of laser treatment of open angle and angle closure glaucomas

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Results of learning experiments in the course of treatment of endogenomorphic depression. A comparison of electroconvulsive and pharmacological treatment

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Results of lens implant surgery

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Results of limno microbiological research of the danube river as a basis for taking hygienic measures

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Results of liver resection for hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhosis

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Results of loading doses of aspartame by 2 phenyl ketonuric children compared with 2 normal children

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Results of local fluorination with elmex in pre school children

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Results of long term clinical studies of mild forms of intellectual insufficiency

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Results of long term comprehensive rehabilitation of patients with myo cardial infarction

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Results of long term domiciliary dapsone mono therapy for lepromatous leprosy in gudiyatham taluk south india

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Results of long term ethmozine treatment of patients with ventricular arrhythmias

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Results of long term field trials to optimize nitrogen fertilization of winter rape

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Results of long term follow up to total hip replacements after ten year's loading under real conditions

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Results of long term group psycho therapy with schizophrenics

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Results of long term hemo dialysis and renal transplantation in the treatment of patients with diabetic renal failure

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Results of long term laboratory storage of the trichomycin producer streptoverticillium hachijoense

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Results of long term observations after trabeculotomy

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Results of long term observations of patients with chronic nonspecific lung diseases

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Results of long term observations of the radiation conditions in the region of the i v kurchatov beloyarskii atomic electric power plant

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Results of long term preservation of mycobacteria by means of freeze drying

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Results of long term therapy with d penicillamine in patients with severe rheumatoid arthritis

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Results of long term treatment of functional disturbances of the intestine with bran

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Results of long term treatment of osteoporosis with 1 alpha hydroxycholecalciferol particularly blood biochemistry and roentgenological findings

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Results of long term use of minoxidil in patients with stable and malignant arterial hypertension

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Results of low dose combination chemo therapy with vincristine bleomycin and methotrexate based on cell kinetics in the palliative treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

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Results of low kilovolt immersion radiographs of the hand in hormonal and metabolic bone diseases

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Results of lower gastro intestinal endoscopy in 150 clinical cases

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Results of lower polar renal vessel transposition the chapman procedure in the management of hydro nephrosis

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Results of lysimeter trials at the limburgerhof facility west germany 1927 1977 the most important findings from 50 years of experiments

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Results of magnetic resonance imaging in rheumatoid arthritis correlation with intraoperative findings

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Results of magnetic resonance tomography in follow up examinations after cruciate ligament transplantation

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Results of mandibular small plate osteosynthesis based on a series of 800 fractures treated over a period of 10 years

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Results of marking and minimum population estimates for the finback whale balaenoptera physalus in the iberian atlantic

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Results of mass screening for cancer of the cervix uteri in fukui prefecture japan by automobile in the past ten years

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Results of mastoid operations in various chronic ear diseases

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Results of measuring the elasticity modulus of microbial cell walls

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Results of medical studies carried out in prolonged space missions in 1985

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Results of medical treatment of cystine lithiasis

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Results of medullary nailing in tibial fractures

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Results of metabolic studies on the crew of the 2nd expedition of salyut 4

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Results of methodological studies on plant sampling in winter grain stands

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Results of metrizamide computed tomographic cisternography 37 cases of fracture of the base of the skull anterior and or middle fossae

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Results of microbiological studies using low frequency ultrasound

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Results of microsurgery in orthopedics and traumatology

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Results of microsurgical lumbar discectomy. Review on 485 patients

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Results of microsurgical reconstruction of peripheral nerves by using a functional anatomic evaluation technique

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Results of microsurgical treatment of nerve injuries of the wrist

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Results of MIME salvage regimen for recurrent or refractory lymphoma

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Results of model experiments on the optimization of finishing weight in pigs

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Results of model experiments regarding the influence of sowing depth on the emergence of grass and alfalfa seeds

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Results of modified anterior repair

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Results of morpho lithodynamic studies on the northern bulgarian shelf

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Results of morpho physiological research on spring wheat and barley at the timiryazev agricultural academy department of genetics moscow ussr selection and seed growing of field crops

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Results of morphological diagnosis of lung cancer by means of biopsy in a clinic for lung diseases

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Results of multi modal therapy for children with neurogenic sarcoma

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Results of multi modality treatment in inoperable lung cancer 233 cases

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Results of multicenter placebo controlled double blind randomized phase iii clinical study of treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with recombinant interferon gamma

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Results of multidisciplinary treatment for squamous cell carcinoma of the maxillary antrum

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Results of multiple implantation of nuclei in production of cultured pearls

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Results of municipal waste compost research over more than 50 years at the institute for soil fertility at haren groningen the netherlands

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Results of muscle biopsies in diphtheritic poly neuropathy light microscopic and electron microscopic examinations of muscle fibers intra muscular nerves motor end plates and intra muscular vessels

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Results of mutagenesis breeding and acclimatization of white lupine as a feed crop in the ussr

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Results of myocardial single photon emission computed tomography with fatty acids in coronary artery disease

Kerekesne Tuske M., 1985:
Results of nannoplankton studies in paleogene rocks of dudar hungary bauxite prospecting boreholes

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Results of nationwide screening of blood and plasma for antibodies to human t cell lymphotropic virus type iii

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Results of near focal roentgeno therapy of skin cancer

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Results of nephro blastoma treatment in the material of the hospital of pediatric surgery in bratislava czechoslovakia 1970 1978

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Results of nerve block treatment in 1000 patients with zoster related pain

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Results of new air caloric testing method among normal subjects part 2 monophasic testing

Mendelson, B.C., 1983:
Results of nipple areola reconstruction

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Results of nitrogen cryotherapy for lid basaliomas

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Results of nmr with cerebral glioma comparison with computed tomography

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Results of node resection for clinically enlarged lymph nodes in malignant melanoma

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Results of nonfixed silicone implants in the treatment of blow out fractures and fractures of the orbita

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Results of non-operative management of blunt renal trauma

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Results of nonreduced acromioclavicular tossy iii separations

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Results of nonsurgical treatment of retained biliary calculi

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Results of objective accommodation determination in eyes with alternating functional central scotoma (alternating strabismus)

Chmielewski, W., 1977:
Results of observations on associations of mites with insects acari insecta

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Results of obstetric paralysis of the brachial plexus electromyographic study

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Results of occupational medical stomatological examination of lead exposed workers

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Results of oligodendroglioma combined with radiochemotherapy

Zumbe J.; Kierfeld G., 1988:
Results of one stage hypospadia repair according to the modification of king

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Results of open heart surgery in patients with impaired renal function as creatinine clearance below 30 milliliters per minute the effects of pulsatile perfusion

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Results of open heart surgery in the septuagenarian

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Results of operations for ventricular tachycardia in 105 patients

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Results of operations upon abdominal aortic aneurysms at a community hospital

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Results of operative management of crohns disease a series of 50 patients managed by 1 surgeon

Malowsky J.; Schuckmann W., 1988 :
Results of operative treatment at the lateral ligament ruptures of the upper ankle joint

Siggelkow G.; Schulze K.; Fritsch B., 1987:
Results of operative treatment in lower leg fractures at a country hospital

Stein V.; Grasshoff H.; Eggeling S., 1985:
Results of operative treatment in muscular torticollis

Jaster D.; Nitz E., 1987:
Results of operative treatment of idiopathic necrosis of the femoral head

Hansen D.; Lind J.; Philipson T.; Wiberg O.; Heckscher J.; Solgaard S., 1985:
Results of operative treatment of lumbar disc herniation

Salenius, P.; Laurent, L.E., 1977:
Results of operative treatment of lumbar disc herniation. A survey of 886 patients

Nigst H., 1983:
Results of operative treatment of neuropathy of the ulnar nerve in the elbow area

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Results of operative treatment of nucleus pulposus prolapse

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Results of operative treatment of patients with lung cancer and tumors of the heart

Puolakka J.; Ronnberg L.; Kauppila A., 1980:
Results of operative treatment of pelvic endometriosis

Svec, V., 1976 :
Results of operative treatment of retinal detachment in children achieved during the last 20 years at the eye hospital of the university hospital in olomouc

Pilka L.; Cupr Z.; Soska J.; Ventruba P., 1984:
Results of operative treatment of tubal sterility

L.Y.P.; E.A., 1985:
Results of operative treatment on congenital talipes equinovarus by achieving early dynamic muscle balance

Bosselmann E., 1986:
Results of operative treatment on luxations of hip with dislocation

Povacz, F., 1981:
Results of operatively treated malleolar fractures in adults

Wegner H., 1980:
Results of oral examinations performed in cases of a sugar free diet a study of children with hereditary intolerance to fructose

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Results of oral methionine loads in normal subjects and patients with liver diseases using an analyzer short program

Fischer, W.; Fischer, M., 1976:
Results of ornithological observations from 2 journeys to the caucasus and to transcaucasia

Plath L., 1986:
Results of ornithological spring expeditions to cape pitsunda abkhaz assr georgian ssr ussr

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Results of os calcis fractures treatment

Bizer V.A.; Timukhina V.N., 1984 :
Results of osteogenic sarcoma treatment with carminomycin in children and adolescents

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Results of otologic referrals in an industrial hearing conservation program

Carbini L.; Masotti O.; Petrazzini A., 1987:
Results of outpatient dietary management with metabolic disorders

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Results of ovicide control from scaphoideus littoralis leafhopper vector of the flavescence doree

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Results of ovo transplantation in cattle

Amatuni V.G.; Egoyan A.K.; Narimanov M.Z.; Amatuni G.V., 1983:
Results of oxyhemometric studies in short term adaptation to high altitude conditions of armenian ssr ussr

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Results of paddy soil testing in yeongnam area korea

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Results of pallesthesiometric examinations in workers exposed to local vibration

Alheit H.D.; Schorcht J.; Eberhardt H J., 1984:
Results of palliative radiation therapy in metastases of the skeleton

D.R.nzis C.; Gaeta M.; Lavagnini L.; Cellini N.; Valentini V.; Smaniotto D., 1985:
Results of palliative radiotherapy of hepatic metastases after the completion of treatment

Maruashvili L.I.; Mamatsashvili N.S.; Khazaradze R.D., 1985:
Results of palynological studies of the bodorna section of the bazaleti molasse terrane

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Results of pancreatoduodenal resection for periampullary carcinoma over a 37 year period

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Results of pancreatoduodenectomies performed because of chronic pancreatitis

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Results of pars plana vitrectomies in anterior segment surgery

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Results of pars plana vitrectomy in behcet's disease

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Results of pars plana vitrectomy in various vitreous disorders

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Results of patch test and photopatch test of ecran total opaque 15 plus a plus b sunscreens

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Results of pathogenicity survey of yellow rust of wheat puccinia striiformis f sp tritici and barley puccinia striiformis f sp hordei during 1981 1984

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Results of pen coupling depending on the choice of different hours of covering ewes in the estrus period

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Results of penetrating keratoplasty in 99 consecutive cases during a 5 year period

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Results of per cutaneous screw fixation of fresh scaphoid fractures

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Results of per cutaneous wire fixation in fractures of the distal end of the radius

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Results of percutaneous catheter valvuloplasty for calcified aortic stenosis in the elderly

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Results of percutaneous cervical cordotomy in 35 patients with pain from urological malignancies

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Results of percutaneous radiotherapy by one and two irradiation series in vesical carcinoma

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Results of percutaneous radiotherapy in case of preponderantly advanced cancers of the tongue

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Results of percutaneous selective thermocoagulation of the gasserian ganglion in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia synthesis of results obtained in 939 treated patients

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Results of phage typing of salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi b in 1974 1978 from west germany including west berlin

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Results of pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic and clinical studies of the use of digoxin

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Results of phase i of the in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer program at tygerberg hospital south africa

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Results of phosphate lime fertilizer trials

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Results of physical investigations of isosit restorative dental materials

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Results of physiological experiments with mammals aboard the bio satellite cosmos 936

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Results of phyto sanitary inspections in the port of venice italy part 2 cryptolestes pusilloides infesting shelled peanuts imported from argentina coleoptera cucujidae

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Results of phytophenological observations in the poplar clone testing area populetum near kecskemet hungary

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Results of pigment examinations in the species of the quercetum petraeae cerris association of the sikfokut project in connection with their photosynthetic productivity and photosynthates

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Results of planned in vitro fertilization programming through the pre administration of the estrogen progesterone combined pill

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Results of plough pan loosening of loess and loamy soils

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Results of poly chemo therapy and attempts at immuno therapy in acute leukoses

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Results of poly chemo therapy of varying lympho sarcomas according to the who classification

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Results of poly culture of milkfish chanos chanos and shrimp penaeus monodon at the karanganyar provincial indonesia demonstration ponds

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Results of poly tetra fluoro ethylene grafts in the femoro popliteal region 2 year evaluation of 146 bypass procedures

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Results of poly tetra fluoro ethylene prostheses in reconstructive surgery of arteries and veins

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Results of polychemotherapy in adult patients with acute leukemia

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Results of polychemotherapy of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in children

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Results of portal decompression in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis

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Results of portal systemic shunts in the treatment of budd chiari syndrome

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Results of post traumatic implant digital arthroplasty

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Results of posterolateral spinal fusion on spondylolisthesis

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Results of posteromedial release for the resistant clubfoot

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Results of postinsemination ovarian checks of cows

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Results of postoperative treatment of pelvic fractures in polytraumatized patients

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Results of pot and field trials with nitrification inhibitor 4 amino 1 2 4 triazole

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Results of preliminary studies of the mathematical model of naroch lakes ecosystems belorussian ssr ussr

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Results of preliminary tests of the stimulator preparation quaterin on chickens

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Results of premolar grafting into wounds caused by extraction of 1st permanent molars

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Results of prenatal amniotic fluid diagnostic in patients with suspicion of morbus haemolyticus fetalis

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Results of prevention programs with adolescents

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Results of preventive medicine actions in the mexican institute of social security

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Results of previous studies on the systematic relationship between summer whitefish and winter whitefish coregonus lavaretus in lake wallen switzerland

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Results of prifinium bromide therapy in irritable bowel syndrome

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Results of primary and secondary internal fracture fixation in multiple injuries

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Results of primary and secondary prophylaxis of arterial hypertension at one of the large industrial enterprises in moscow ussr

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Results of primary flexor tendon sutures using Kleinert's technique in 114 flexor tendon injuries

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Results of primary repair of ulnar and median nerve injuries at the wrist: an evaluation of sensibility and motor recovery

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Results of process research 1. synthesis of o dextro d 2 4 4 tri fluoromethylphenoxyphenoxypropionyl acetone oxime

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Results of professiographic investigations into the work of agrotechnicians mechanizers

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Results of prognathism treatment with extraction of teeth

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Results of prolonged rehabilitation of cerebral palsy in Singapore

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Results of prospective follow up of patients with unstable angina pectoris treated by nonoperative methods

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Results of prostatic adenomectomy depending on the duration and scope of preoperative investigation in a hospital

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Results of prosthetic treatment of jaw defects caused by tumors

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Results of prosthetic valve rereplacement

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Results of protozoological stool examinations 1980 1985 in the district of rostock east germany

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Results of psychological tests on subjects of the same age at the same business entity report 1. characteristics revealed by the self rating depression scale and the cornell medical index method

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Results of pulmonary biopsy by fibroscopy

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Results of quality control surveys for urinary calculus analyses

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Results of quantitative complement fixation and indirect immuno fluorescence reactions with blood sera of persons with trichomonad infection of the lungs

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Results of quantitative cytological analysis of the thymus of rats flown onboard bio satellites

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Results of quantitative light trap captures of noctuidae in different biocenoses of the remote saxon schweiz east germany

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Results of quantitative mycological investigations in edentulous patients treated with prostheses

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Results of quantitative population studies over a 14 year period on triturus spawning places in westphalia west germany amphibia caudata salamandridae

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Results of quantitative testicular imprint cytology

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Results of rabies vaccination in sheep already infected by vulpine rabies virus

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Results of radiation and combined treatment of glomus tumors of the region of the middle ear and base of the skull

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Results of radiation therapy and a combination of radiation and surgery in the laryngeal cancer

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Results of radiation therapy for brain metastases

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Results of radiation therapy for carcinoma of the tongue

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Results of radiation therapy for cerebral metastases 118 cases

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Results of radiation therapy for cervical cancer using the device agat v

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Results of radiation therapy for metastatic brain tumors

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Results of radiation therapy in carcinoma of the endometrium

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Results of radiation therapy in carcinoma of the larynx

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Results of radiation therapy in chordoma data from 7 patients and a review of the literature/

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Results of radiation therapy in malignant germinal tumors of the testicle

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Results of radiation therapy of cancer of the lip

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Results of radiation therapy of cancer of the vulva

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Results of radiation therapy of cervical carcinoma with the use of intra cavitary gamma therapy

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Results of radiation therapy of chordoma

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Results of radiation therapy of malignant tumors of the kidney

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Results of radiation therapy of patients with lympho granulomatosis according to immuno reactivity data

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Results of radiation therapy of squamous cell carcinoma of vagina

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Results of radiation therapy of testicular tumors 1967 1972

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Results of radiation therapy of tonsillar cancer in 161 patients treated between 1950 1976

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Results of radiation therapy of wilms tumors

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Results of radiation treatment in carcinoma of the oral cavity

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Results of radiation treatment of cerebellar medullo blastoma

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Results of radiation treatment of prostate carcinomas as mono therapy

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Results of radical dissection of the groin in patients with stage II melanoma and histologically proved metastases of the iliac or obturator lymph nodes, or both

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Results of radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma report i. analysis according to the tnm staging system of the general rule for clinical and pathological studies on renal cell carcinoma

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Results of radical prostatectomy in prostatic carcinoma

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Results of radical radio therapy of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus

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Results of radical surgery for multiple primary tumors of the large intestine

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Results of radical surgical procedures after radiation for treatment of invasive carcinoma of the uterine cervix in a private practice

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Results of radio anatomic investigations of the lumbar spine in patients with disc herniation and healthy persons 1. spine discs and inter vertebral cartilage

Styczynski, T., 1984:
Results of radio anatomic investigations of the lumbar spine in patients with disc herniation and healthy persons 2. spinal canal and inter vertebral foramina

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Results of radio immunoassay of the renin activity and angiotensin ii level in the blood plasma of patients with hypertension

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Results of radio iodine therapy of autonomous thyroid adenomas with reference to regional iodine kinetics and para nodular uptake

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Results of radio therapy and combined radio therapy and chemo therapy of inoperable lung cancer a joint randomized study in some cmea member countries project 9.1.3 of the 9.1 lung cancer program

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Results of radio therapy for fixed cervical lymph node metastasis from epithelial carcinoma of the head and neck

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Results of radio therapy in cases of juvenile xantho granuloma of the iris

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Results of radio therapy in hodgkins disease after primary failure of chemo therapy and recurrence after chemo therapy

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Results of radio therapy of cancer of the larynx in 6 european countries

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Results of radio therapy of laryngeal carcinoma in relation to the mode of dose fractionation

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Results of radio therapy of metastases of small cell carcinoma of the lung to the brain

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Results of radio therapy of true vocal cord cancer

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Results of radioiodine therapy of patients with immunogenic and non immunogenic hyperthyroidism using different radiation doses

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Results of radiotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of naso pharyngeal cancer in young patients a review of 28 cases

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Results of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in microcellular bronchial carcinoma

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Results of radiotherapy for esophageal cancer

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Results of radiotherapy for invasive bladder cancer a comparison of pre operative irradiation with radical cystectomy and radiotherapy alone

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Results of radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal tumors as a function of the anatomico pathological diagnosis

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Results of radiotherapy in advanced hypopharyngeal tumors

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Results of radiotherapy in advanced oropharynx carcinomas primary and postoperative radiotherapy compared to radiotherapy following initial polychemotherapy

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Results of radiotherapy in cerebral metastases shown by computed tomography

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Results of radiotherapy in extranodal non hodgkin's lymphomas of head and neck

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Results of radiotherapy in the grade iii carcinoma of the cervix

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Results of radiotherapy with cobalt 60 of malignant tumors of the tonsillar fossa

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Results of raising calves in individual open air hutches and in calf houses

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Results of raising silkworms bombyx mori at disturbed environmental factors

Harley H.A.J.; Morgan T.; Redeker A.G.; Reynolds T.B.; Villamil F.; Weiner J.M.; Yellin A., 1986:
Results of randomized trial of end to side portacaval shunt and distal splenorenal shunt in alcoholic liver disease and variceal bleeding

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Results of reconstructive arterial surgery in the upper limb

Guo, Z.X., 1987:
Results of reconstructive laryngectomy in 55 patients

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Results of reconstructive surgery in vaso renal hypertension

Bontempo F.; Ciccozzi A.; Fanini R.; Roselli I.P.; Testa A., 1986:
Results of reduced dose radiotherapy in cutaneous angiomas

Ergens, R., 1978:
Results of reexamination of gyrodactylus luciopercae and gyrodactylus longiradix gyrodactylidae monogenoidea

Moilanen M., 1984:
Results of refertilization of large sedge swamp pine stands in the north ostrobothnia and kainuu area finland

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Results of reflex photometric determinations of vaso constriction after topical steroid application tachyphylaxis relative and absolute refractory phase after single and multiple application of steroid

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Results of rehabilitative treatment of patients with a history of myocardial infarction depending on the clinical course of the disease based on a long term observation

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Results of reliability control of biological material toxicological analyses for 1980 1984

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Results of removal of malignant polyps of the large bowel

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Results of renal transplantation in children

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Results of renal transplantation using pediatric cadaver donors

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Results of reoperation for failure of cardiac bioprostheses

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Results of reoperation for primary tissue failure of porcine bioprostheses

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Results of reoperation in valvular heart disease in 194 cases

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Results of reoperation of total hip arthroplasty

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Results of repair of coarctation of the aorta during infancy

Istvan S., 1982:
Results of repatriation at the station for experiments with great bustards at devananya hungary

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Results of repeated intraspecific hybridization of smooth stalked meadow grass poa pratensis

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Results of repeated pediatric examinations for enterobiasis and correction coefficients for indices of single examinations

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Results of repeated tuboplasties

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Results of research activity within the framework of the resort plan of the ministry of health and schools in 1974

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Results of research and prospects for analyses of the roles of insects in the life cycles of helminths

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Results of research into the intestinal lymph nodes of sheep and goat

Berezkin A.N., 1982:
Results of research on seed growing of grain crops under conditions of the central region of the nonchernozem zone of the russian sfsr ussr

Rajczyova, M., 1974:
Results of research on the chemical destruction of weeds in clover

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Results of research on the correlations among 9 mineral elements in apple tree leaves

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Results of research on the influence of aeration on the physicochemical systems and biological complexes in the starodworskie lake poland obtained hitherto

Maceljski, M.; Balarin, I., 1975:
Results of research on the possibilities of controlling the sycamore lace bug corythuca ciliata with insecticides

Mohanti R.C., 1987:
Results of resection and turn grafting in the treatment of giant cell tumors around the knee

Mueller J.M.; Jarczyk A.J.; Huber P.; Pichlmaier H., 1988:
Results of resection of the esophagus due to carcinoma

Gorokhova G.I., 1982:
Results of resource investigations of the medicinal flora in the western part of the baikal amur railroad ussr

Fritsch R.; Hassenstein E.; Dausch D., 1981:
Results of retrobulbar irradiation in benign endocrine ophthalmopathy

Wobbes T.; Eibergen R.; Oldhoff J.; Koops H.S., 1983:
Results of retroperitoneal lymph node dissection and post operative adjuvant chemo therapy with dactinomycin in the treatment of retroperitoneal metastases of nonseminomatous testicular germ cell tumors

Rand, J.A.; Bryan, R.S., 1988:
Results of revision total knee arthroplasties using condylar prostheses. A review of fifty knees

Gunay A.; Saylan T., 1980:
Results of rifampicin treatment in leprosy

Moszczynski P., 1979:
Results of rosette tests in persons having professional contact with organic solvents containing benzene and its homologues

Starichkov M.S.; Tkachev S.I., 1982:
Results of rotational remote gamma therapy of prostatic cancer

Zwart, A.; van Kampen, E.J.; Zijlstra, W.G., 1986:
Results of routine determination of clinically significant hemoglobin derivatives by multicomponent analysis

Chobanov, R.E., 1976:
Results of sanitation and helminthological studies of greens vegetables berries and fruit in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Results of scientific research conducted at the central institute of hematology and blood transfusion through hematological surgery

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Results of scintigraphic studies with iodine 131 m iodobenzylguanidine in space occupying lesions of neuroectodermal origin

Nikol'skaya O.E.; Shcherbakova E.Ya; Lyass F.M., 1981:
Results of scintigraphy for the definition of dynamic disturbances of the cerebro spinal fluid

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Results of scintigraphy with iodine 123 m iodobenzylguanidine on neuroblastoma in children

Gertsch P.; Mosimann F.; Loup P W.; Mosimann R., 1986:
Results of sclerotherapy for bleeding esophageal varices prospective study on 50 cases

Taketomi H.; Soda K.; Katsui G., 1983:
Results of screening test in tocopherols in microbial realm

Tshibwabwa Ntumba E.; Matulewicz S.; Kumboneki Luno A.; Disengomoka I., 1979:
Results of search for pulmonary tuberculosis using radio photography in kinshasa zaire 1974 1978

Bosso G.; Germinetti V., 1986:
Results of secondary implant using choyce mark ix anterior chamber lens

Misyuk N.S.; Ambrazevich S.V.; Klyuver G.M., 1984:
Results of secondary prophylaxis of cerebrovascular accidents in an outpatient hospital

Swierczewska E.; Grzybowska A.; Siennicka A., 1988:
Results of selection conducted in a flock of meat type chicken

Ismailov B.I.; Imangalieva N.T.; Aimambetova K.A., 1980:
Results of selection for affinity in cell populations of some transplanted tumors of the rat

Radomska M.J.; Klewiec J.; Martyniuk E., 1981:
Results of selection on the prolificacy in 2 lines of laboratory mice

Brehm, R.; Philipp, K., 1980:
Results of selective prophylaxis of thrombosis in gynecological surgery

Lorber, J.; Salfield, S.A., 1981:
Results of selective treatment of spina bifida cystica

Reed, E.; Sanger, W.G.; Armitage, J.O., 1986:
Results of semen cryopreservation in young men with testicular carcinoma and lymphoma

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Results of sero epidemiological examinations of children for toxocariasis in the armenian ssr ussr

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Results of seroepidemiology of hemorrhagic conjunctivitis in havana city cuba october 1982 preliminary report

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Results of serologic examination conducted among the population in the suppressed focus of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in the city of kirovobad the azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Results of serological examination of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Results of serological examination of the population of the armenian ssr ussr for echinococcosis and its epidemiological evaluation

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Results of serological tests for syphilis among Gurkhas and other high risk groups

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Results of seven years of biological control of agrobacterium tumefaciens in spain

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Results of several types of treatment in prolactin adenoma

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Results of several years' research in italy on biological control of soil fungi with trichoderma spp

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Results of short term and long term cimetidine treatment in patients with juxtapyloric ulcers with special reference to gastric acid and pepsin secretion

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Results of short term therapeutic pneumo thorax in combination with intra venous chemo therapy in new cases of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis

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Results of sialography

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Results of simple scar excision and layered repair with elevation in facial scars

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Results of single valve replacement with mechanical or bioprostheses in valvular heart disease with advanced myocardial failure

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Results of six months' biofiltration in six selected cases

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Results of skin test and radioallergosorbent test in allergy to a clinically potent allergen castor bean

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Results of slaughter value evaluation on live cattle

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Results of snow crab chionoecetes opilio survey in the estuary and gulf of st lawrence canada

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Results of soil amelioration investigations in siberia russian sfsr ussr

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Results of soil tests conducted in the west germany from 1966 to 1972 and their evaluation and rating relative to the introduction of fertilizing measures

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Results of some collecting journeys to western asia part 5 further new fresh water crabs

Pretzmann, G., 1976:
Results of some collecting journeys to western asia part 6 the fresh water crabs of iran

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Results of some collecting trips to western asia 7. mantodea and saltatoria

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Results of some entomological collections carried out in the pond of foxi near porto pinto southwestern sardinia italy

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Results of some immunologic factors in patients with gastro intestinal cancer

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Results of some methods of controlling wild oats avena fatua in continuous spring barley

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Results of some neuston net catches in the warmer central north atlantic fish larvae and selected invertebrates

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Results of some trials concerning pyrenochaeta lycopersici survival in soil

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Results of soybean cultivar testing with and without irrigation

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Results of space experiment program interferon 1. production of interferon in vitro by human lymphocytes aboard space laboratory solyut 6 interferon i and influence of space flight on lymphocyte functions of cosmonauts interferon iii

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Results of space experiment program interferon 2. influence of spaceflight conditions on the activity of interferon preparations and interferon inducers interferon ii

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Results of specific desensitization in allergic asthma

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Results of specimen collecting of the tribe gnorimoschemini from tunisia lepidoptera gelechiidae

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Results of spectrofluorometric determination of biogenic amines serotonin dopamine in cestodes

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Results of sphincteroplasty in patients with spastic sphincter of Oddi. Predictive value of operative biliary manometry and provocation tests

Sayo, H.; Hosokawa, M., 1985:
Results of spin immunoassay for simultaneous measurement of phenytoin and phenobarbital in serum compared with those of liquid chromatography

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Results of spinal fusion for radiation scoliosis

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Results of splenectomy in Gaucher's disease

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Results of spleno renal anastomosis in the treatment of portal hypertension due to schistosomiasis mansoni a literature review

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Results of spore and pollen malaco faunistic and lithologic studies of holocene deposits of the dniester river floodplain ussr

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Results of spore pollen analysis of cimmerian deposits of the kerch peninsula ukrainian ssr ussr

Smirnoff, W.A., 1979:
Results of spraying bacillus thuringiensis 2. consecutive years over balsam fir stands damaged by spruce budworm

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Results of sprinkler irrigation in field trials with field beans on different east germany sites

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Results of stabilization in pathologic fractures in the femoral shaft region by nailing

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Results of standardized lip repair after tumor resection

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Results of standardized post operative radio therapy in early stage breast cancer a retrospective study in 432 patients

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Results of stapes operations with preservation of the stapedius muscle tendon

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Results of stapes surgery - subjective and objective

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Results of stationary morphodynamic and lithodynamic experiments with the use of luminophore colored sands on the northern coast of cuba

Schlosser, H., 1982:
Results of sterility diagnosis

Clady M.D., 1980:
Results of stocking young largemouth bass micropterus salmoides micropterus salmoides floridanus and spotted bass micropterus punctulatus in several ratios in oklahoma usa ponds

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Results of stomatological examinations of young individuals with hearing and speech impairment

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Results of straw manuring in east germany and czechoslovakia

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Results of strictly monitored standardized chemotherapy in the territory of the cristuru secuiesc phthisiology ward harghita district romania

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Results of strontium 89 therapy in patients with carcinoma of the prostate and incurable pain from bone metastases a preliminary report

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Results of studies in fungal ecology by the department of lower plants

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Results of studies of the effectiveness of simultaneous immunization against influenza with live and inactivated vaccines 1980 1983

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