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Results of cytogenetic testing of workers exposed to ethylene oxide

Karelová, J.; Jablonická, A.; Vargová, M.

Journal of Hygiene Epidemiology Microbiology and Immunology 31(2): 119-126


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1732
PMID: 3611756
Accession: 006332264

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The present work was undertaken to test cytogenetically workers exposed to Ethylene oxide (EO) aiming at detecting possible adverse effects of this agent to man. In the period 1983-1984, female workers of the Laboratory of Toxicology and the Production laboratory of ethylene oxide production in a chemical plant, and female workers in a sterilization centers in a medical facilities, were repeatedly examined. In 1984, also workers in ethylene oxide production in a chemical plant were tested. For each exposed group a control group was simultaneously examined, using cytogenetic analysis of peripheral blood lymphocytes. General examination of the health condition of exposed workers were organized in the framework of preventive examinations. The exposure level to ethylene oxide in the working environment was simultaneously monitored. The results have revealed an increase in chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes of persons exposed professionally to EO at the given exposure levels. Smoking was associated with increased frequency of chromosomal aberrations in exposed workers; the difference as compared to non-smokers was however insignificant. By contrast, difference in chromosomal aberration frequency between smokers and non-smokers was significant in the control group.

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