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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6335

Chapter 6335 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ando A.; Ando I.; Hiraki T.; Hisada K.; Nitta K.; Ogawa H., 1986:
Retention and subcellular distribution of gallium 67 in normal organs

Ahlner J.; Axelsson K.L.; Ljusegren M.E.; Norlander B.; Andersson R.G.G., 1987:
Retention and subsequent liberation of glyceryl trinitrate in organ baths influences the relaxation of bovine mesenteric arteries contracted by various agents

Willes, R.F.; Lok, E.; Truelove, J.F.; Sundaram, A., 1977:
Retention and tissue distribution of lead 210 lead nitrate administered orally to infant and adult monkeys

Vangelov S., 1981:
Retention and tolerance of the mammary gland of various drug forms of gentamicin at intra mammary application

Dauble D.D.; Fallon W.E.; Bean R.M.; Gray R.H.; Felice L.J., 1983:
Retention and toxicity of a coal liquid in artificially contaminated sediments

Kirchgessner M.; Staudacher W.; Steinhart H., 1984:
Retention and utilization of amino acids of early weaned piglets after qualitatively and quantitatively different protein supplies

Rumessen J.J.; Gudmand Hoyer E., 1987:
Retention and variability of hydrogen samples stored in plastic syringes

Asafu Adjaye E.B.; Kohler P.W.; S.S.Y., 1986:
Retention behavior and solvent optimization of organochlorine pesticides in solid phase extraction

Okamoto M.; Jinno K., 1986:
Retention behavior in micro high performance liquid chromatography on various types of glasses modified with phenyl groups

Hill, R.E., 1977:
Retention behavior of a bonded reversed phase in a high performance liquid chromatographic assay of serum theophylline M.; Massart D.L., 1987:
Retention behavior of acidic neutral and basic drugs on a cn column using phosphate buffers in the mobile phase

Pietrogrande M.C.; Dondi F.; Blo D.; Borea P.A.; Bighi C., 1988:
Retention behavior of benzodiazepines in normal phase hplc silica cyano and amino phases comparison

L.D.S.; Vialle J.; Tralongo H.; Longeray R., 1983:
Retention behavior of bile acids in ion suppression and ion pair chromatography on bonded phases/

Verhaar L.A.T.; Kuster B.F.M.; Claessens H.A., 1984:
Retention behavior of carbohydrate oligomers in reversed phase chromatography

Koizumi K.; Kubota Y.; Okada Y.; Utamura T.; Hizukuri S.; Abe J I., 1988:
Retention behavior of cyclodextrins and branched cyclodextrins on reversed phase columns in high performance liquid chromatography

Hara S.; Ijitsu T.; Matsumoto T., 1983:
Retention behavior of drugs and metabolites in aqueous 2 phase liquid chromatography system employing silica gel support

Abidi S.L., 1985:
Retention behavior of long chain quaternary ammonium homologues and related nitrosoalkylmethylamines

Bush B.T.; Frenz J.H.; Melander W.R.; Horvath C.; Cashmore A.R.; Dryer R.N.; Knipe J.O.; Coward J.K.; Bertino J.R., 1979:
Retention behavior of pteroyl oligo gamma l glutamates in reversed phase chromatography

Bieganowska, M.; Glowniak, K., 1988:
Retention behavior of some coumarins in normal phase high performance thin layer and column chromatography

Singleton J.A.; Pattee H.E., 1985:
Retention behavior of triglycerides on reverse phase columns using pseudophase liquid chromatography

Okamoto M.; Jinno K.; Nobuhara K.; Fukushima K., 1987:
Retention behavior of typical antiepileptic drugs and pth amino acids in high performance liquid chromatography on various types of glasses modified with octadecyl groups

Davis J.M.; Fan F R.F.; Bard A.J., 1987:
Retention by electrical field flow fractionation of anions in a new apparatus with annular porous glass channels

Gentile J.R.; Monaco N.; Iheozor Ejiofor I.E.; Ndu A.N.; Ogbonaya P.K., 1982:
Retention by fast and slow learners

Hemingway R.G.; Mclaughlin A.M., 1979:
Retention by sheep of magnesium phosphorus and fluorine from magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate

Arzola Pina N., 1981:
Retention capacity of phosphorus in some soils in cuba

Fober G.W.; Reeve T.G., 1985:
Retention characteristics of abstract spatial information

Noffsinger J.B.; Danielson N.D., 1986:
Retention characteristics of cobalt iron and copper 4 2 pyridylazoresorcinol complexes on c 18 and amino silica packings

Cook S.D.; Weinstein A.M.; Sander T.A.; Klawitter J.J., 1982:
Retention characteristics of porous rooted cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy dental implants

Kinoshita, N.; Yamasaki, Y.; Kato, M.; Hori, N.; Hoshina, A.; Nishii, M.; Arima, K.; Horiuchi, E.; Ogawa, H., 1985:
Retention cyst of the prostate gland: report of a case

Moskowitz, P.S.; Newton, N.A.; Lebowitz, R.L., 1976:
Retention cysts of Cowper's duct

Beatty W.W.; Rush J.R., 1983:
Retention deficit after dextro amphetamine treatment memory defect or performance change?

Osawa Y.; Yukie M.; Yaginuma S.; Okuda H.; Yamaguchi K.; Omata K.; Iwai E., 1988:
Retention deficits of visual associative memory in monkeys with lesions of area te in the inferotemporal cortex

Tremaine, R.; Hall, B.K., 1979:
Retention during embryonic life of the ability of avian spinal cord to induce somitic chondrogenesis in vitro

Wilson J.H., 1983:
Retention efficiency and pumping rate of ostrea edulis in suspensions of isochrysis galbana

Seybert J.A.; Mcclanahan L.G.; Gilliland J.W., 1982:
Retention following appetitive discrimination training the kamin effect

Izquierdo, I.; McGaugh, J.L., 1987:
Retention impairment by posttraining epinephrine: role of state dependency and of endogenous opioid mechanisms

Gold, P.E.; Rose, R.P.; Hankins, L.L., 1978:
Retention impairment produced by unilateral amygdala implantation reduction by post trial amygdala stimulation

Ott, T.; Grecksch, G.; Matthies, H., 1978:
Retention improvement by topical application of ump into different brain areas

Hopen G.; Schreiner A., 1979:
Retention in glass bead columns as a measure of leukocyte adhesiveness part 1 influence of sample size and erythrocyte sedimentation

Hopen G., 1979:
Retention in glass bead columns as a measure of leukocyte adhesiveness part 2 influence of platelets and erythrocytes

Laming D.; Scheiwiller P., 1985:
Retention in perceptual memory a review of models and data

Nakamura A.; Tanaka R.; Kashimoto T., 1984:
Retention indexes for electron capture gas chromatography on programmed temperature high resolution capillary column/

Newton, B.; Foery, R.F., 1984:
Retention indices and dual capillary gas chromatography for rapid identification of sedative hypnotic drugs in emergency toxicology

Oszczapowicz J.; Osek J.; Dolecka E., 1984:
Retention indices of dimethylformamidines dimethylacetamidines and tetramethylguanidines on a non polar column

Marko V., 1988:
Retention indices of some beta adrenolytics and their perfluoroacyl derivatives

Magg H.; Ballschmiter K., 1985:
Retention indices of some ergopeptines in reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Chance J.E.; Goldstein A.G., 1987:
Retention interval and face recognition response latency measures

Kłaptocz, B.; Karasiński, A., 1981:
Retention line of partial removable prostheses

Gerrits P.O.; Horobin R.W.; Wright D.J.; Von Goor H.; Grond J., 1987:
Retention localization and staining of lipids in tissues embedded in water miscible methacrylates using the solubility parameter to analyze the influences of resins plasticizers and other reagents

Hinz R., 1986:
Retention measures and temporary dental prostheses following treatment of cleft lip cleft alveolus and cleft palate

Charmot D.; Audebert R.; Quivoron C., 1985:
Retention mechanism in ligand exchange chromatography of alpha amino acids improved resolution of racemates with a new multidentate polymeric packing

Nelis H.J.C.F.; D.L.enheer A.P., 1980:
Retention mechanisms of the tetracyclines on a c 8 reversed phase material

Chernyshev, V.B., 1976:
Retention of 24 hour rhythm in drosophila melanogaster after prolonged exposure to a 15 hour light darkness cycle

Weinstein M.P.; Weiss S.L.; Hodson R.G.; Gerry L.R., 1980:
Retention of 3 taxa of post larval fishes in an intensively flushed tidal estuary cape fear river north carolina usa

Jimenez Lopez A.; Lledo Ruiz F., 1981:
Retention of 4 nitro phenol by a vermiculite and its acid activation product

Lopez-Gonzalez, J.D.D.; Valenzuela-Calahorro, C.; Gaitan-Perabad, M., 1979:
Retention of 6 chloro n n' diethyl 1 3 5 triazine 2 4 diamine simazine on homo ionic samples of montmorillonite and vermiculite and a silica gel

Durkovic R.G., 1985:
Retention of a classically conditioned reflex response in spinal cat

Stephen K.W.; Kirkwood M.; Main C.; Gillespie F.C.; Campbell D., 1982:
Retention of a filled fissure sealant using reduced etch time a 2 year study in 6 to 8 year old children

Bentley J.K.; Shimomura H.; Garbers D.L., 1986:
Retention of a functional resact receptor in isolated sperm plasma membranes

Jurik M.; Mucha V.; Valenta V., 1983:
Retention of a stylet borne virus by different clones of the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum

Butterfield, W.; Jong, S.C., 1975:
Retention of albino and brown phenotypes of histoplasma capsulatum by liquid nitrogen refrigeration

Gottschalk M.E.; Latshaw S.P.; Kemp R.G., 1983:
Retention of allo steric properties properties in an inactive proteolyzed form of phospho fructo kinase

Greger J.L.; Donnaubauer S.E., 1986:
Retention of aluminum in the tissues of rats after the discontinuation of oral exposure to aluminum

Flashner, Y.; Schramm, M., 1977:
Retention of amylase in the secretory granules of parotid gland after extensive release of calcium ion by ionophore a 23187

Crow, T.J.; Alkon, D.L., 1978 :
Retention of an associative behavioral change in Hermissenda

Hays R.M.; Bourguet J.; Satir B.H.; Franki N.; Rapoport J., 1982:
Retention of anti diuretic hormone induced particle aggregates by luminal membranes separated from toad bufo marinus bladder epithelial cells

Jaffard R.; Galey D., 1980:
Retention of appetitive operant conditioning in mice as a function of training to test interval effects of pre test electrical stimulation of the hippocampus

Lidster P.D.; Mcrae K.B.; Johnston E.M., 1985:
Retention of apple malus domestica quality in low oxygen storage followed by standard controlled atmosphere regimens

Prasad S.S.; Motto H.L., 1982:
Retention of applied phosphorus by volcanic ash soils influence on available phosphorus and soluble aluminum

Wilschut J.; Duzgunes N.; Hong K.; Hoekstra D.; Papahadjopoulos D., 1983:
Retention of aqueous contents during divalent cation induced fusion of phospho lipid vesicles

Warrendorf, E.M.; Kitson, J.A., 1978:
Retention of ascorbic acid in hospital meals

Perehuda L.V.; Plyuta P.H., 1986:
Retention of atmospheric precipitation by phytocenoses of various vegetation types

Martin, M., 1978:
Retention of attended and unattended auditorily and visually presented material

Kurata N.; Marunouchi T., 1988:
Retention of autonomous replicating plasmids in cultured drosophila cells

Pittenger M.F.; Cleveland D.W., 1985:
Retention of autoregulatory control of tubulin synthesis in cytoplasts demonstration of a cytoplasmic mechanism that regulates the level of tubulin expression

Elson, I.J.; Seybert, J.A.; Ghiselli, W.B., 1977:
Retention of aversively motivated behavior effects of time of training and associative vs nonassociative processes

Goomas, D.T., 1977:
Retention of avoidance time since original training or time since shock

Thomas, C.J.; McMeekin, T.A.; Balis, C., 1977:
Retention of bacteria in liquid films at agar surfaces

Mcmeekin, T.A.; Thomas, C.J., 1978:
Retention of bacteria on chicken skin after immersion in bacterial suspensions

Heuschele A.S., 1982:
Retention of benthic invertebrates with different sieving techniques

Ikegami, T.; Takaki, R.; Fukuma, M.; Ono, J., 1976:
Retention of beta cell function in organ cultured rat pancreatic islet

Robb R.J.; Mayer P.C.; Garlick R., 1985:
Retention of biological activity following radioiodination of human interleukin 2 comparison with biosynthetically labeled growth factor in receptor binding assays

Weber A.M.; Briggs P.T., 1983:
Retention of black sea bass centropristis striata in vented and unvented lobster homarus americanus traps

Wezeman F.H.; Guzzino K.M., 1986:
Retention of bone cell viability in mouse calvarial explants after cryopreservation

Evans L.J., 1987:
Retention of boron by agricultural soils from ontario canada

Pagenkopf, G.K.; Connolly, J.M., 1982:
Retention of boron by coal ash

Laas F.J.; Forss D.A.; Godfrey M.E.R., 1985:
Retention of brodifacoum in sheep tissues and excretion in feces

King L.D., 1988:
Retention of cadmium by several soils of the southeastern usa

Phillpotts C.J., 1979:
Retention of cadmium in the duodenum of the rat following oral administration

Coelho J.L.; Vercesi A.E., 1980:
Retention of calcium by rat liver and rat heart mitochondria effect of phosphate magnesium and nadp redox state

Landi, S.; Tseng, M.C.; Held, H.R., 1974:
Retention of carbon 14 labeled tuberculin purified protein derivative in the skin of sensitized and nonsensitized animals

Landsberg, J.D.; Bodyfelt, F.W.; Morgan, M.E., 1977:
Retention of chemical contaminants by glass poly ethylene and poly carbonate multi use milk containers

Sengupta, T.; Mukherji, S., 1988:
Retention of chlorophyll by colchicine in isolated leaf discs of cephalandra indica and leaves of intact mungbean vigna radiata l. seedlings during ageing

Baptist, J.P.; Hoss, D.E.; Lewis, C.W., 1970:
Retention of chromium 51 iron 59 cobalt 60 zinc 65 strontium 85 niobium 95 indium 141m and iodine 131 by the atlantic croaker micropogon undulatus

Mauk M.D.; Thompson R.F., 1987:
Retention of classically conditioned eyelid responses following acute decerebration

Guzelian P.S.; Diegelmann R.F., 1979:
Retention of clostridial collagenase by primary cultures of parenchymal cells prepared from adult rat liver

Fletcher D.H.; Haw F.; Bergman P.K., 1987:
Retention of coded wire tags implanted into cheek musculature of largemouth bass

Floystrand F.; Orstavik J.S., 1984:
Retention of complete maxillary dentures as a result of changes in design

Fløystrand, F.; Orstavik, J.S., 1984:
Retention of complete maxillary dentures measured as resistance against unilateral occlusal loading

Orstavik, J.S.; Fløystrand, F., 1984:
Retention of complete maxillary dentures related to soft tissue function

Herbst H.A.; Mourino A.P.; Moon P.C., 1988:
Retention of composites on alumina blasted stainless steel crowns

Okuda H.; Osawa Y.; Yaginuma S.; Yamaguchi E.; Omata K.; Iwai E., 1988:
Retention of concurrent and serial object discrimination learning in normal monkeys

Thomas D.A., 1979:
Retention of conditioned inhibition in a bar press suppression paradigm

Yeo C.H.; Hardiman M.J.; Moore J.W.; Russell I.S., 1983:
Retention of conditioned inhibition of the nictitating membrane response in decorticate rabbits

Macdonald S.J.F.; Huizinga W.B.; Mckenzie T.C., 1988:
Retention of configuration in the coupling of aluminated heterocycles with glycopyranosyl fluorides

Afseth J.; Helgeland K.; Bonesvoll P., 1983:
Retention of copper and zinc in the oral cavity following rinsing with aqueous solutions of copper and zinc salts

Mcbride, M.B., 1978:
Retention of copper ion calcium ion magnesium ion and manganese ion by amorphous alumina

Mcewen, B.S.; Weiss, J.M.; Schwartz, L.S., 1970:
Retention of cortico sterone by cell nuclei from brain regions of adrenalectomized rats

Al-Aidroos, K.; Somers, J.M.; Bussey, H., 1973:
Retention of cytoplasmic killer determinants in yeast cells after removal of mitochondrial dna by ethidium bromide

Kent, S.W., 1977:
Retention of defective Verres needle sheath in abdominal cavity after laparoscopy

Jacobs, R.M.; Jones, A.O.; Fox, M.R.; Fry, B.E., 1978:
Retention of dietary cadmium and the ameliorative effect of zinc, copper, and manganese in Japanese quail

Khaitlina, S.Y. ; Pinaev, G.P., 1976:
Retention of differences in the polymerization of actin isolated at different ontogenetic stages after its purification

Hammond, G.S.; Baer, P.E.; Fuhrer, M.J., 1980:
Retention of differential autonomic conditioning and memory for conditional stimulus relationships

Wilson, P.D.; Anderson, R.J.; Breckon, R.D.; Nathrath, W.; Schrier, R.W., 1987:
Retention of differentiated characteristics by cultures of defined rabbit kidney epithelia

Chen W., 1983:
Retention of electro myogram bio feedback relaxation training

Phipps J.; Michniewicz J.; Yao F L.; Narang S.A., 1987:
Retention of enzymatic activity by amino terminal domain 1 78 t4 lysozyme expression of synthetic dna in escherichia coli

Savithri, H.S.; Light, A., 1980:
Retention of enzymatic activity of bovine entero kinase ec after a limited reduction of di sulfide bonds

Le-Maire, M.; Moller, J.V.; Tanford, C., 1976:
Retention of enzyme activity by detergent solubilized sarcoplasmic calcium ion atpase

Hall, B.K.; Van Exan, R.J.; Brunt, S.L., 1983:
Retention of epithelial basal lamina allows isolated mandibular mesenchyme to form bone

Riser M.E.; Manner C.E.; Lai E.C., 1985:
Retention of estrogen receptors in vitro requires limited estradiol exposure in vivo

Engelhardt, W.H., 1977:
Retention of fluorescent pigment marks by 2 strains of largemouth bass

Williams M.W., 1980:
Retention of fruit firmness and increase in vegetative growth and fruit set of apples malus domestica with amino ethoxy vinyl glycine

Platt, C., 1983:
Retention of generalized hair cell patterns in the inner ear of the primitive flatfish Psettodes

Bolander F.F.Jr; Nicholas K.R.; Topper Y.J., 1979:
Retention of gluco corticoid by isolated mammary tissue may complicate interpretation of results from in vitro experiments

Campbell B.A.; Stehouwer D.J., 1980:
Retention of habituation and sensitization in neo natal rats

Santra C.R.; Thakur A.R., 1984:
Retention of helical structure of pbr 322 covalently closed circular duplex dna at high alkaline ph

Bolz G.R.; Lough R.G., 1984:
Retention of ichthyo plankton in the georges bank region during the autumn winter seasons 1971 1977/

Thompson R.; Yang S., 1982:
Retention of individual spatial reversal problems in rats with nigral caudo putamenal and reticular formation lesions

Baudin J.P.; Fritsch A.F., 1987:
Retention of ingested cobalt 60 by a freshwater fish

Egle, J.L., 1970:
Retention of inhaled acetaldehyde in man

Sweeney, T.D.; Brain, J.D.; Tryka, A.F.; Godleski, J.J., 1983:
Retention of inhaled particles in hamsters with pulmonary fibrosis

Mewhinney J.A.; Diel J.H., 1983:
Retention of inhaled plutonium 238 di oxide in beagles a mechanistic approach to description

Lloyd, R.D.; Mays, C.W.; Taylor, G.N.; Atherton, D.R., 1976:
Retention of injected plutonium 239 by chinchillas

Tew J.G.; Mandel T.E.; Burgess A.W., 1979:
Retention of intact human serum albumin for prolonged periods in the popliteal lymph nodes of specifically immunized mice

Klein, S.B.; Mikulka, P.J.; Domato, G.C.; Hallstead, C., 1977:
Retention of internal experiences in juvenile and adult rats

Shatoury, H.H., 1969:
Retention of intra cellular potassium by the house fly

Presly A.H., 1984:
Retention of iprodione on salad onion leaves in relation to the control of botrytis spp

Reinhold, J.G.; Garcia Estrada, J.; Garcia, P.M.; Garzon, P., 1986:
Retention of iron by rat intestine in vivo as affected by dietary fiber, ascorbate and citrate

Chandrasekharam V.; Srikanth N.S.; Raghavaiah K.; Satyam P.; Abhinender Naidu K.; Ramamurthi R., 1982:
Retention of label of uniformly carbon 14 labeled leucine in the hemolymph of pila globosa as a function of sex and long term aestivation

Chamberlain W.F.; Hopkins D.E., 1980:
Retention of larval dietary phosphorus 32 in the malpighian tubules of adult stomoxys calcitrans haematobia irritans and cochliomyia macellaria

Smith W.G.; Morse W.W., 1985:
Retention of larval haddock melanogrammus aeglefinus in the georges bank region a gyre influenced spawning area

Mcintosh, S.M.; Tarpy, R.M., 1977:
Retention of latent inhibition in a taste aversion paradigm

Kett, N.A.; Pollack, E.D., 1985 :
Retention of lateral motor column neurons during the phase of rapid cell loss after limb amputation in Rana pipiens tadpoles

Rader J.I.; Celesk E.M.; Peeler J.T.; Mahaffey K.R., 1983:
Retention of lead acetate in weanling and adult rats

Bankowska J.; Hine C., 1985:
Retention of lead in the rat

Nilsson, J.R., 1978:
Retention of lead within the digestive vacuole in tetrahymena

Willerman, L.; Skeen, J.T.; Simpson, J.S., 1976:
Retention of learned temperature changes during problem solving

Ruegg E.F.; Mesquita T.B.; Luchini L.C.; Sampaio M.R.F.P.; Abussamra M.; Ostiz S.B., 1987:
Retention of lindane applied to two soils of the district of sao paulo brazil

Odashima, S.; Nishikawa, K.; Nakayabu, Y.; Nagao, Y., 1981:
Retention of liver type pyruvate kinase ec in cultured rat hepatoma cells

Asakawa N.; Tsuno M.; Hattori T.; Ueyama M.; Shinoda A.; Miyake Y., 1981:
Retention of lysozyme chloride by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Cohen J.; Bridges R.S., 1981:
Retention of maternal behavior in nulliparous and primi parous rats effects of duration of previous maternal experience

Brands, R.; Snider, M.D.; Hino, Y.; Park, S.S.; Gelboin, H.V.; Rothman, J.E., 1985:
Retention of membrane proteins by the endoplasmic reticulum

Laarman, P.W.; Willford, W.A.; Olson, J.R., 1976:
Retention of mercury in the muscle of yellow perch perca flavescens and rock bass ambloplites rupestris

Campbell C.; Arfin S.M.; Goldman E., 1980:
Retention of messenger activity of rna phage rna following reverse phase chromatography 5

Adesnik, M.; Lande, M.; Martin, T.; Sabatini, D.D., 1976:
Retention of messenger rna on the endoplasmic reticulum membranes after in vivo disassembly of polysomes by an inhibitor of initiation

King L.D., 1988:
Retention of metals by several soils of the southeastern usa

Fynn G.H.; Whitmore T.N., 1984:
Retention of methanogens in colonized reticulated poly urethane foam biomass support particle

Chatrath, M.S.; Gupta, J.P., 1975:
Retention of methyl 1 butylcarbamyl 2 benzimidazolecarbamate on seeds of wheat

Peil A.; Barrett F.; Rha C.; Langer R., 1982:
Retention of micro nutrients by polymer coatings used to fortify rice

Snipes M.B.; Clem M.F., 1981:
Retention of microspheres in the rat lung after intra tracheal instillation

Finch, B.W.; Ephrussi, B., 1967:
Retention of multiple developmental potentialities by cells of a mouse testicular anom neopl terato carcinoma during prolonged culture in vitro and their extinction upon hybridization with cells of permanent lines

Sheppard J.C.; Campbell M.J.; Kittrick J.A.; Hardt T.L., 1979:
Retention of neptunium americium and curium by diffusible soil particles

Leslie B.A.; Landis C.A.; Butcher F.R.; Putney J.W.Jr, 1979:
Retention of nerve terminals in dispersed parotid acinar cells

Ruchkovskii, B.S.; Shevchenko, I.N., 1977:
Retention of nicotine in tobacco smoke by metal filters

Hanczakowski P.; Hanczakowska E.; Skraba B., 1982:
Retention of nitrogen from ground barley grain supplemented with lucerne or barley leaf juice in long term balance experiments conducted with rats

Chuong, B.T.; Benarie, M., 1978:
Retention of nitrosamines within the respiratory tract

Kopecny, Y.; Fulka, J., 1975:
Retention of nuclear basic protein in rabbit spermatozoa up to entry into the vitellus

Prasad M., 1980:
Retention of nutrients by peats and wood wastes

Puri R.; Chawla P.; Mehta S., 1984:
Retention of nutrition and health knowledge and practices after an in service training program

Kudo, M.; Kimura, J., 1981:
Retention of organic solvent vapors in plastic bags 5. a basic study of correction methods of concentration of organic solvent vapors in plastic bags

Rogozea R.; Florea Ciocoiu V.; Constantinovici A., 1983:
Retention of orienting reaction habituation in patients with epileptogenic cerebral tumors

Rogozea, R.; Florea-Ciocoiu, V., 1984 :
Retention of orienting response extinction in night terrors

Rogozea, R.; Florea-Ciocoiu, V., 1984:
Retention of orienting response extinction in nocturnal enuresis

Rogozea, R.; Florea-Ciocoiu, V., 1986:
Retention of orienting response extinction in nocturnal enuresis (II)

Mnkeni P.N.S.; Mackenzie A.F., 1985:
Retention of orthophosphates and polyphosphates in some quebec canada soils as affected by added organic residues and calcium carbonate

Olafsdottir K.; Reed D.J., 1988:
Retention of oxidized glutathione by isolated rat liver mitochondria during hydroperoxide treatment

Iashvili G.D.; Grinberg K.N.; Pichugina E.M.; Chernikov V.G., 1983:
Retention of parental traits in human chinese hamster hybrid cells

Svartengren M.; Widtskiold Olsson K.; Philipson K.; Camner P., 1981:
Retention of particles on the 1st bifurcation and the trachea of rabbits

Gostan J.; Mayer Gostan N.; Romano J C., 1985:
Retention of particulate atp from mediterranean deep sea water by glass fiber and membrane filters

Y.Z.R.; Chiang B.H.; Hwang L.S., 1986:
Retention of passion fruit juice compounds by ultrafiltration

Lochry E.A.; Riley E.P., 1980:
Retention of passive avoidance and t maze escape in rats exposed to alcohol pre natally

Kovacs G.L.; Bohus B.; D.W.ed D., 1981:
Retention of passive avoidance behavior in rats following alpha endorphin and gamma endorphin administration effects of post learning treatments

Newman, R.G.; Tytun, A.; Bashkow, S., 1976:
Retention of patients in the New York City methadone maintenance treatment program

Huang, P.M.; Wang, T.S.C.; Wang, M.K.; Wu, M.H.; Hsu, N.W., 1977:
Retention of phenolic acids by noncrystalline hydroxy aluminum and hydroxy iron compounds and clay minerals of soils

Arai Y.; Hirukawa M.; Hanai T., 1987:
Retention of phenols on an octadecyl bonded vinyl alcohol copolymer gel

Gustine D.L.; Moyer B.G., 1982:
Retention of phyto alexin regulation in legume callus cultures

Anson, R.A.; Full, C.A.; Wei, S.H., 1982:
Retention of pit and fissure sealants placed in a dental school pedodontic clinic: a retrospective study

Hill D.J.; Davidson P.; Milner R.D.G., 1979:
Retention of plasma somatomedin activity in the fetal rabbit following decapitation in utero

Pinder J.E.IIi; Doswell A.C., 1985:
Retention of plutonium 238 bearing particles by corn plants

Morgan A.; Black A.; Moores S.R.; Lambert B.E., 1984:
Retention of plutonium 239 in the mouse lung and estimation of consequent dose following inhalation of sized plutonium 239 oxide

Soler M.; L.B.uffant L.; Charpin J., 1982:
Retention of pollen grains in human lung technical reevaluation

Willis, J.S.; Holeckova, E., 1977:
Retention of potassium at low temperature in mouse l cells before and after cold adaptation

Yamada I.; Shoji S., 1982:
Retention of potassium by volcanic glasses of the top soils of andosols in tohoku japan

Willis, J.S.; Baudysova, M., 1977:
Retention of potassium ion in relation to cold resistance of cultured cells from hamster and human embryos

Pemberton, J.R., 1975:
Retention of preservative levels of formaldehyde in desiccated biological products

Pemberton, J.R., 1975:
Retention of preservative levels of phenol in desiccated biological products

Chang, M.J.W.; Hart, R.W.; Koestner, A., 1980:
Retention of pro mutagenic o 6 ethyl guanine in the dna of various rat tissues following trans placental inoculation with ethylnitroso urea

Khachaturyan A.A.; Afrikyan E.K., 1981:
Retention of properties of bacillus subtilis bacillus mesentericus group of bacteria during lyophilization

Sheppard J.C.; Campbell M.J.; Cheng T.; Kittrick J.A., 1980:
Retention of radio nuclides by mobile humic compounds and soil particles

El-Shinawy, R.M.K.; Abdel-Malik, W.E.Y., 1980:
Retention of radio nuclides by some aquatic fresh water plants

Withyachumnarnkul B.; Limpanawattanakul M.; Trakulrungsi W., 1986:
Retention of radioactive substances in the hypothalamus anterior pituitary and reproductive organs of male rats after tritiated melatonin administration

Conte M.L.; Leopoldo P.R., 1986:
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Retention of Resistance to Meloidogyne incognita in Lycopersicon Genotypes at High Soil Temperature

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Retention of resistance to the root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita by lycopersicon plants reproduced through tissue culture

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Retention of selected minerals in cooked pasta products

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Retention of self descriptive and nondescriptive words as a function of test anxiety level

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Retention of small particles by the gills of the japanese oyster

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Retention of some vitamins during the ultra high temperature sterilization of milk

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Retention of spray on bracken pinnae effect of application volume and formulation

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Retention of sulfate by acid brown earth and its relationship to atmospheric input of sulfur to forest vegetation

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Retention of text information by grade ability and study

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Retention of the 4 pro r hydrogen atom of mevalonate at carbon 2 2' of bacterioruberin in halobacterium halobium

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Retention of the glycocalyx after cell detachment by ethylene glycol bis beta aminoethyl ether tetra acetic acid

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Retention of the main physiological properties of lactobacillus plantarum kept on different growth media

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Retention of the oxygens at 2 carbon and 3 carbon of d ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate in the reaction catalyzed by ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec

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Retention of the speract receptor by isolated plasma membranes of sea urchin spermatozoa

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Retention of transformant specific type iii collagen in di butyryl cyclic amp treated kirsten sarcoma virus transformed balb 3t3 cells and in a flat revertant

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Retention of tritiated methotrexate in a transplantable mouse glioma

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Retention of urine in genital herpetic infection. Survey and case report

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Retention of verbal recitations given in infancy at pre verbal and post verbal stages of development

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Retention of vinyl chloride in the human lung

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Retention of volatile trace components in freeze drying model solutions

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Retention of ytterbium 169 citrate in rats by fluorescence sensitization auto radiography

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Retention of zinc by bundelkhand soils india

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Retention organ distribution and excretory pattern of cadmium orally administered in a single dose to 2 monkeys macaca irus

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Retention over metamorphosis in the african claw-toed frog

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Retention over period of rapid eye movement or non rapid eye movement sleep

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Retention patterns in a therapeutic community for the treatment of drug abuse

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Retention performance as a function of the distinctiveness of memory traces and retention task

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Retention performance of a learned delayed alternation task after chemical lesions of the cat mediodorsal nucleus

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Retention prediction of o phthalaldehyde amino acid derivatives in reversed phase liquid chromatography

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Retention prediction of phenylthiohydantoin amino acid derivatives in reversed phase liquid chromatography

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Retention prediction of small peptides in reversed phase liquid chromatography

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Retention prediction of substituted phenols in reversed phase hplc

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Retention promotion decisions selective use of data

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Retention rates among methadone patients an analysis of the new york city usa experience 1964 1976

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Retention reproducibility of basic drugs in high performance liquid chromatography on a silica column with a methanol ammonium nitrate eluent the effect of the mobile phase and the operating conditions

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Retention rule in liquid chromatography selection of the optimum elution composition of some phenylthiohydantoin amino acids on silica gel

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Retention studies of alkyl and halogen substituted aromatics on normal phase silica and alumina columns i. alkylbenzenes and halogenoalkylbenzenes

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Retention time and toxicity of a dye marker sudan red 7b on formosan and eastern subterranean termites isoptera rhinotermitidae

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Retention time data for organo chlorine organo phosphorus and organo nitrogen pesticides on se 30 capillary column and application of capillary gas chromatography to pesticide residue analysis

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Retention time for stimulation of reparatory ability induced in tradescantia leaves by preliminary heating

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Retention times of small feed particles and of water in the gut of dairy goats fed at different levels of intake

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Retentions and resolutions of the tocopherols with various conditions by high performance liquid chromatography and their digital expression

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Retentive properties of luting cements an in vitro investigation

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Retests in static perimetry

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Rethinking allometry

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Rethinking early intervention

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Rethinking prophylactic peripheral iridectomy

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Rethinking the military family syndrome

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Retiarius new genus phyllosphere fungi which capture wind borne pollen grains

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Reticular activation by splanchnic afferents effect on visual projections in the cat cerebral cortex

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Reticular atrophy of the dental pulp artefact or pathomorphological reality

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Reticular cell hyperplasia and amyloidosis in a line of mice with low leukocyte counts

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Reticular control of vertical saccadic eye movements by mesencephalic burst neurons

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Reticular depression of evoked potentials in the thalamic ventrobasal complex and somato sensory brain cortex of the rat

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Reticular dysgenesis report of 2 brothers

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Reticular dystrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium a clinical and electro physiologic study of 3 generations

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Reticular elicitation of hippocampal slow waves common effects of some anxiolytic drugs

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Reticular erythematous mucinosis syndrome: a case report

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Reticular erythematous mucinosis syndrome in a patient with polyarthritis

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Reticular erythematous mucinosis syndrome: report of a case

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Reticular erythematous mucinosis syndrome report of a further case or variant of it

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Reticular fiber deficiency in the intracranial arteries of patients with dissecting aneurysm and review of the possible pathogenesis of previously reported cases

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Reticular fibroblasts in peripheral lymphoid organs identified by a monoclonal antibody

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Reticular formation neurons related to tongue movement in the behaving cat

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Reticular formation of the lower brain stem a common system for cardio respiratory and somato motor functions discharge patterns of neighboring neurons influenced by cardio vascular and respiratory afferents

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Reticular formation of the lower brainstem a common system for cardiorespiratory and somatomotor functions cross correlation analysis of discharge patterns of neighboring neurons

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Reticular formation responses of the rat during functional suppression of the cortical representation of the stimulated paw

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Reticular formation unit discharge modulation by local perfusion in behaving cats

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Reticular influences on lateralis posterior thalamic neurons

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Reticular meshwork of the spleen in rats studied by electron microscopy

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Reticular multiple unit activity and motor changes during differential reinforcement of low rate learning in cats

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Reticular neurons with mixed axon projections involvement in reflex startle activity in cat

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Reticular pathways for transmission of corticofugal impulses

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Reticular pigmented anomaly of the flexures

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Reticular projections to lateral geniculate in cat

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Reticular specializations in photo receptors a review

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Reticular stimulation facilitates retrieval of a forgotten maze habit

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Reticular stimulation in the pregnant rat effects on offspring

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Reticular structures and reticulo spinal pathways involved in the initiation and inhibition of spinal bulbar spinal activity

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Reticular suppression of flash evoked inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in visual cortex neurons

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Reticularis thalami neurons revisited: activity changes during shifts in states of vigilance

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Reticulate erythema a prodrome in hereditary angio edema

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Reticulate erythema with mucinosis syndrome of steigleder

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Reticulate hyperpigmentation distributed in a zosteriform fashion a new clinical type of hyperpigmentation

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Reticulate pigmented anomaly

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Reticulate pigmented anomaly of the flexures dowling degos disease a new geno dermatosis

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Reticulate thickenings in some species of juglans

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Reticulate veins in the systematics of modern ferns

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Reticulated and necrotic purpura necrotic angiodermatitis like due to arterial calcification in chronic renal failure

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Reticulated porokeratosis

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Reticulated porokeratosis. A unique variant of porokeratosis

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Reticulation and other methods of reducing the size of printed diagnostic keys

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Reticulin and its related structural connective tissue proteins in the rheumatoid synovium

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Reticulin auto antibodies in childhood celiac disease not directed against type iii collagen

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Reticulin fibers in relation to retinal vessels

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Reticuline a dopamine receptor blocker

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Reticulitermes dinghuensis new species from dinghushan china isoptera rhinotermitidae

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Reticulitermes lucifugus and kalotermes flavicollis pests in the slovenian yugoslavia coastal region

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Reticulo blight disease of the tea plant

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Reticulo endothelial tumors of meninges

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Reticulo olivary circuits an intracellular horseradish peroxidase study in the rat

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Reticulo rumen fermentation in dairy cows fed 12 times daily with 3 types of roughages supplemented with straw and concentrates

Norgaard P., 1987:
Reticulo rumen fermentation in dairy cows fed 12 times daily with 4 types of roughages supplemented with straw and concentrates

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Reticulo ruminal mechano receptors in sheep halothane cent depress

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Reticulo spinal neurons with axons in the dorsal part of the lateral funiculus of the lumbar segments

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Reticulocyte motility and form: studies on maturation and classification

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Reticulocytes contain increased amounts of reduced glutathione except when produced by acetylphenyl hydrazine

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Reticulocytopenia in severe auto immune hemolytic anemia of the warm antibody type

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Reticulocytosis increased mean red cell volume and greater blood viscosity in altitude susceptible compared to altitude resistant rats

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Reticuloendothelial clearance in cystic fibrosis and other inflammatory lung diseases

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Reticuloendotheliosis group virus pathogenic to chicken isolated from material infected with turkey herpesvirus type 1

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Reticuloendotheliosis virus: detection of immunological relationship to mammalian type C retroviruses

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Reticuloendotheliosis with eosinophilia (Omenn's syndrome). Findings in fine needle aspirate of a lymph node

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Reticulofugal effects in relation to muscles of extremities

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Reticulol an inhibitor of cyclic amp phospho di esterase ec 3.1.4.c

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Reticulol an inhibitor of cyclic nucleotide phospho di esterases ec 3.1.4.

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Reticulosis of the corpus callosum 2 anatomo clinical observations

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Reticulosis of the eyes and the central nervous system in a dog

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Reticulospinal pacemaker neurons of the rat rostral ventrolateral medulla with putative sympathoexcitatory function an intracellular study in vitro

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Reticulospinal vasomotor neurons of the rat rostral ventrolateral medulla: relationship to sympathetic nerve activity and the C1 adrenergic cell group

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Reticulotaenia new genus for laterioporus australis and lateriporus mawsoni cestoda dilepididae from sheathbills chionis spp infraspecific variation and speciation

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Reticulum cell sarcoma difficult to differentiate from advanced gastric carcinoma type borrmann 2

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Reticulum cell sarcoma in a dog

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Reticulum cell sarcoma large cell of histiocytic lymphoma of the lung as a rare cause of intra pulmonary cavitation a case

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Reticulum cell sarcoma of the brain 4 cases

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Reticulum cell sarcoma of the brain with bilateral ocular involvement a case

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Reticulum cell sarcoma of the scrotum

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Reticulum cell sarcoma of the testis 3 cases

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Reticulum cell sarcoma of the uvea

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Retiform differentiation in ovarian sertoli leydig cell tumors a clinicopathologic study of 6 cases from a gynecologic oncology group study

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Retin a tretinoin treatment of acne vulgaris

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Retina as a model system in paraplegia research pharmacologic studies

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Retina cognin does not bind to itself during membrane interaction in vitro

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Retina contains guanine nucleotide sensitive and insensitive classes of dopamine receptors

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Retina hemodynamic modifications after experimental applications of the vacuum extractor

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Retina of albino corydoras containing equal number of rod and cone cells

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Retina of river dolphin Lipotes Vexillifer

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Retina of the tadpole and frog: delayed dendritic development in a subpopulation of ganglion cells coincident with metamorphosis

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Retina subjected to components of ischemia in vitro selective vulnerability and minimum lethal exposure of neurons and glia to oxygen and or glucose deprivation and to loss of exchange with incubating medium

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Retinal adaptation to light i. mathematical and cybernetic model of the electrical response of photoreceptor cells

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Retinal adaptations in some brazilian tide pool fishes teleostei

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Retinal adhesion after retinal detachment surgery

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Retinal afferent and efferent connections in congenitally monophthalmic chicks

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Retinal afferent arborization patterns dendritic field orientations and the segregation of function in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the monkey

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Retinal afferents and efferents of an ir sensitive snake crotalus viridis

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Retinal alterations in the fellow eye of patients with retinal rhegmatogenous detachment

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Retinal alterations induced by a hyperprotein diet in growing rats

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Retinal alterations induced by continuous light in immature rats part 1 fine structure and electro retinography

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Retinal alterations induced by continuous light in immature rats part 2 zinc iodide osmium tetr oxide reactive sites in the rod outer segments

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Retinal amacrine cell system tyrosine hydroxylase the development of responsiveness to light and neuroleptic drugs

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Retinal and 3 dehydroretinal in the egg of the clawed toad xenopus laevis

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Retinal and choroidal contribution to retinal metabolism in vivo in pigs

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Retinal and dermal comparative evaluation of vascular abnormalities in myotonic dystrophy

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Retinal and gastrointestinal disease due to cytomegalovirus in patients with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome: prevalence, natural history, and response to ganciclovir therapy

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Retinal and optic nerve serotonin and retinal degeneration as influenced by photo period

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Retinal and visual cortical projection to the superior colliculus of the rabbit

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Retinal angiopathy and hemodynamics in takayasu disease

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Retinal protein synthesis in relationship to environmental lighting

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