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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6337

Chapter 6337 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Thurston H.; Bing R.F.; Swales J.D., 1980: Reversal of 2 kidney 1 clip reno vascular hypertension in the rat

Friedhoff, A. J.; Bonnet, K.; Rosengarten, H., 1977: Reversal of 2 manifestations of dopamine receptor super sensitivity by administration of l dopa

Rathnam, C. K. M.; Zilinskas, B. A., 1977: Reversal of 3 3 4 di chlorophenyl 1 1 dimethyl urea inhibition of carbon di oxide fixation in spinach chloroplasts and protoplasts by di carboxylic acids

Bopp, M.; Bajaj, Y. P. S.; Ackermann, C. E.; Gapp, S., 1972: Reversal of 5 fluorodeoxy uridine caused growth inhibition in intact and excised etiolated hypocotyls of sinapis alba by thymidine

Spannhake E.W.; Levin J.L.; Mellion B.T.; Gruetter C.A.; Hyman A.L.; Kadowitz P.J., 1980: Reversal of 5 hydroxy tryptamine induced broncho constriction by prostaglandin i 2 distribution of central and peripheral actions

Livingston A.; Oner G.; Lederis K., 1983: Reversal of 6 hydroxy dopamine induced hypotension in long evans and diabetes insipidus brattleboro rats

Bennett, T.; Gardiner, S. M., 1978: Reversal of 6 hydroxy dopamine induced hypotension in the rat without activation of the renin angiotensin system

Perkins D.D.; Metzenberg R.L.; Raju N.B.; Selker E.U.; Barry E.G., 1986: Reversal of a neurospora translocation by crossing over involving displaced recombinant dna and methylation of the recombinant dna segments that result from recombination

Baessler, U., 1976: Reversal of a reflex to a single moto neuron in the stick insect carausius morosus

Mansell P.I.; Rawlings J.; Allison S.P.; Shenkin A.; Compton G.; Beck S.; Bassey E.J., 1987: Reversal of a skeletal myopathy with selenium supplementation in a patient on home parenteral nutrition

Sparber S.B.; Cohen C.A.; Messing R.B., 1988: Reversal of a trimethyltin induced learning deficit by desglycinamide 8 arginine vasopressin

Tedford, W. H.; Gray, C. F., 1976: Reversal of a visual illusion of length perception

Dicaprio R.A.; Clarac F., 1981: Reversal of a walking leg reflex elicited by a muscle receptor

Singh, I.; Chohan, I. S., 1973: Reversal of abnormal fibrinolytic activity blood coagulation factors and platelet function in high altitude pulmonary edema with frusemide

Das, V. S. R.; Rao, I. M.; Raghavendra, A. S., 1976: Reversal of abscisic acid induced stomatal closure by benzyl adenine

Purohit S.S., 1979: Reversal of abscisic acid induced stomatal closure by kinetin

Rai V.K.; Sharma S.S.; Sharma S., 1986: Reversal of abscisic acid induced stomatal closure by phenolic compounds

Laloraya M.M.; Nozzolillo C.; Purohit S.; Stevenson L., 1986: Reversal of abscisic acid induced stomatal closure by trans cinnamic and p coumaric acid

Ray S.D.; Guruprasad K.N.; Laloraya M.M., 1983: Reversal of abscisic acid inhibited beta cyanin synthesis by phenolic compounds in amaranthus caudatus seedlings

Tee L.B.G.; Boobis A.R.; Huggett A.C.; Davies D.S., 1986: Reversal of acetaminophen toxicity in isolated hamster hepatocytes by dithiothreitol

Stewart D.J.; Muenzel T.; Bassenge E., 1987: Reversal of acetycholine induced coronary resistance vessel dilation by hemoglobin

Ramu A.; Glaubiger D.; Fuks Z., 1984: Reversal of acquired resistance to doxorubicin in p 388 murine leukemia cells by tamoxifen and other triparanol analogs

Hamilton Miller J.M.T., 1988: Reversal of activity of trimethoprim against gram negative cocci by thymidine thymine and folates

Leblanc R.; Feindel W.; Yamamoto L.; Milton J.G.; Frojmovic M.M., 1984: Reversal of acute experimental cerebral vaso spasm by calcium antagonism with verapamil

Wolf J.L.; Spruce W.E.; Bearman R.M.; Forman S.J.; Scott E.P.; Fahey J.L.; Farbstein M.J.; Rappaport H.; Blume K.G., 1982: Reversal of acute malignant myelo sclerosis by allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Markov, A. K.; Lehan, P. H.; Hellems, H. K., 1976: Reversal of acute myo cardial ischemia in closed chest animals by retrograde perfusion of the coronary sinus with arterial blood

Vanhille P.; Fleury D.; Lemaitre V.; Gobert P.; Lemoinne J.P.; Marache P., 1985: Reversal of acute renal failure and malignant hypertension by unilateral percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of stenosed renal artery report of 2 cases

Rajagopalan P.R.; Reines H.D.; Pulliam C.; Fitts C.T.; Leveen H.H., 1983: Reversal of acute renal failure using hemo dilution with hydroxyethyl starch

Akintonwa, A.; Auditore, J. V., 1978: Reversal of adenine induced depression of mouse loco motor activity by amphetamine

Valla D.; Gaudin C.; Geoffroy P.; Braillon A.; Lee S.S.; Lebrec D., 1987: Reversal of adrenaline induced increase in azygos blood flow in patients with cirrhosis receiving propranolol

Rogan A.M.; Hamilton T.C.; Young R.C.; Klecker R.W.Jr; Ozols R.F., 1984: Reversal of adriamycin resistance by verapamil in human ovarian cancer

Vesselinovitch, D.; Wissler, R. W.; Hughes, R.; Borensztajn, J., 1976: Reversal of advanced athero sclerosis in rhesus monkeys part 1 light microscopic studies

Ochs, H. R.; Smith, T. W., 1977: Reversal of advanced digitoxin toxicity and modification of pharmaco kinetics by specific antibodies and fab fragments

Wofsy D.; Seaman W.E., 1987: Reversal of advanced murine lupus in nzb nzw f 1 mice by treatment with monoclonal antibody to l3t4

Awad, A. S.; Edwards, D. G., 1977: Reversal of adverse effects of heavy ammonium sulfate application on growth and nutrient status of a kikuyu pasture

Furukawa T.; Meydani S.N.; Blumberg J.B., 1987: Reversal of age associated decline in immune responsiveness by dietary glutathione supplementation in mice

Yuh K C.; Gafni A., 1987: Reversal of age related effects in rat muscle phosphoglycerate kinase

Nadkarni G.D.; Deshpande U.R.; Pahuja D.N., 1979: Reversal of alcohol induced inhibition of plasma protein synthesis by propyl thio uracil

Wikberg J.E.S., 1981: Reversal of alpha 1 receptor mediated relaxation in intestinal smooth muscle

Vlcek L.M.; Gassman M.L., 1979: Reversal of alpha alpha di pyridyl induced porphyrin synthesis in etiolated and greening red kidney bean leaves

Morisset J.; Benrezzak O., 1985: Reversal of alpha difluoromethylornithine inhibition of caerulein induced pancreatic growth by putrescine

Shimoyama R., 1980: Reversal of altered vascular responsiveness in bartters syndrome by indomethacin treatment

Zieve L.; Doizaki W.M.; Derr R.F., 1979: Reversal of ammonia coma in rats by l dopa a peripheral effect

Yamamoto B.K.; Freed C.R., 1984: Reversal of amphetamine induced circling preference in trained circling rats

Widelitz, M. M.; Coryell, M. R.; Avadhani, N. G., 1977: Reversal of amphetamine induced polysome dissociation by neuroleptic agents in rat brain

Perez H.D.; Goldstein I.M.; Shenkman L.; Borkowsky W.; Kaplan H.B., 1980: Reversal of an abnormality of polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemo taxis with lithium

Judge M.E.; Quartermain D., 1981: Reversal of anisomycin induced amnesia by the ergot derivative hydergine

Weissman B.A.; Fatt I.; Horn B., 1982: Reversal of anoxic corneal swelling by breathing oxygen

Singh, Y. N.; Marshall, I. G.; Harvey, A. L., 1978: Reversal of antibiotic induced muscle paralysis by 3 4 di amino pyridine

Serebrinsky G.; Isturiz M.A., 1985: Reversal of antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity suppression by cycloheximide

Arai K.; Kaibara N.; Takagishi K.; Hotokebuchi T.; Arita C., 1987: Reversal of antigen induced resistance to collagen arthritis by cyclophosphamide

Kubota K.; Sun F Y.; Sugaya K.; Sunagane N., 1986: Reversal of antinociceptive effect of caerulein by benzodiazepine

Kubota K.; Sugaya K.; Matsuda I.; Matsuoka Y.; Terawaki Y., 1985: Reversal of antinociceptive effect of cholecystokinin by benzodiazepines and a benzodiazepine antagonist ro 15 1788 flumazepil

Im W.B.; Blakeman D.P.; Sachs G., 1985: Reversal of antisecretory activity of omeprazole by sulfhydryl compounds in isolated rabbit gastric glands

Ayusawa, D.; Iwata, K.; Ikegami, S.; Seno, T., 1980: Reversal of aphidicolin directed inhibition of dna synthesis in vivo and in vitro by deoxy ribo nucleosides or their 5' tri phosphates

Walport M.J.; Hubbard W.N.; Hughes G.R.V., 1982: Reversal of aplastic anemia secondary to systemic lupus erythematosus by high dose intra venous cyclo phosphamide

Sudasrip H., 1981: Reversal of arenga pinnata spadices into vegetative shoots and its relevance to the origin of coconut bulbils

Steinbrook R.A.; Fencl V.; Gabel R.A.; Leith D.E.; Weinberger S.E., 1983: Reversal of arterial to expired carbon di oxide partial pressure differences during re breathing in goats

Harris, S. C.; Carlson, R. B., 1978: Reversal of asymmetry in a male hesperocorixa vulgaris corixidae hemiptera

Dee H.L.; Hannay H.J., 1981: Reversal of asymmetry in human perceptual performance as a function of labeling mode of response and familiarity

Pogell, B. M.; Taketa, K.; Sarngadharan, M. G., 1971: Reversal of atp and adp inactivation of liver fructose 1 6 di phosphatase by 3 phospho glycerate

Asami, K.; Fujiwara, A.; Shoger, R. L.; Yasumasu, I., 1975: Reversal of atp inhibition of phospho fructo kinase ec by nucleotides and phosphate as a possible regulatory mechanism of sea urchin egg glycolysis

Ritch P.S.; Anderson T., 1987: Reversal of autoimmune hemolytic anemia associated with chronic lymphocytic leukemia following high dose immunoglobulin

Bisby, M. A.; Bulger, V. T., 1977: Reversal of axonal transport at a nerve crush

Bulger, V. T.; Bisby, M. A., 1978: Reversal of axonal transport in regenerating nerves

Bisby M.A., 1981: Reversal of axonal transport similarity of proteins transported in anterograde and retrograde directions

Hyatt, K. H.; West, D. A., 1977: Reversal of bed rest induced orthostatic intolerance by lower body negative pressure and saline

Simson P.G.; Weiss J.M.; Hoffman L.J.; Ambrose M.J., 1986: Reversal of behavioral depression by infusion of an alpha 2 adrenergic agonist into the locus coeruleus

Amaral J.F.; Tsiaris W.; Morgan T.; Thompson W.R., 1987: Reversal of benign intracranial hypertension by surgically induced weight loss

Nemoto O.; Takeda J.; Adachi K.; Halprin K.M.; Woodyard C.W.; Levine V., 1983: Reversal of beta agonist induced refractoriness in skin by tetracaine and mepacrine

Leadem C.A.; Kalra S.P., 1985: Reversal of beta endorphin induced blockade of ovulation and luteinizing hormone surge with prostaglandin e 2

Fox, J.; Care, A. D.; Marshall, D. H., 1978: Reversal of betamethasone induced inhibition of intestinal calcium absorption by 1 alpha hydroxy cholecalciferol

Desaymard, C., 1978: Reversal of bone marrow derived cell immunization or tolerance by specific enzymatic degradation of antigen

Wilkens H.J.; Back N., 1980: Reversal of brady kinin action possible involvement of prostaglandins or dual receptors

Waldron T.L.; Antonaccio M.J.; Murthy V.S., 1982: Reversal of brady kinin induced reflex tachy cardia to brady cardia by captopril evidence for prostacyclin involvement

Odutuga A.A., 1981: Reversal of brain essential fatty acid deficiency in the rat by dietary linoleate linolenate and arachidonate

Kirpekar, M.; Kirpeker, S. M.; Prat, J. C., 1978: Reversal of bretylium blockade of adrenergic nerve terminals by tetra ethyl ammonium

Satoh H.; Vassalle M., 1985: Reversal of caffeine induced calcium overload in cardiac purkinje fibers

Marston S.B.; Redwood C.S.; Lehman W., 1988: Reversal of caldesmon function by anti caldesmon antibodies confirms its role in the calcium regulation of vascular smooth muscle thin filaments

Presant C.A.; Multhauf P.; Metter G., 1987: Reversal of cancer chemotherapeutic resistance by amphotericin b a broad phase i ii pilot study

Sen, S.; Tarazi, R. C.; Bumpus, F. M., 1981: Reversal of cardiac hypertrophy in renal hypertensive rats medical vs. surgical therapy

Baker, T. L.; Mcginty, D. J., 1977: Reversal of cardio pulmonary failure during active sleep in hypoxic kittens implications for sudden infant death

Shea P.J.; Tupy D.R., 1984: Reversal of cation induced reduction in glyphosate activity with edta

Fuks, Z.; Strober, S.; King, D. P.; Kaplan, H. S., 1976: Reversal of cell surface abnormalities of thymus derived lymphocytes in hodgkins disease after in vitro incubation in fetal sera

Baraka, A.; Harik, S., 1977: Reversal of central anti cholinergic syndrome by galanthamine

Issa F.G.; Sullivan C.E., 1986: Reversal of central sleep apnea using nasal continuous positive airway pressure

Voldby B.; Petersen O.F.; Buhl M.; Jakobsen P.; Ostergaard R., 1984: Reversal of cerebral arterial spasm by intra thecal administration of a calcium antagonist nimodipine an experimental study

Joseph R., 1986: Reversal of cerebral dominance for language and emotion in a corpus callosotomy patient

Sanadi S.; Pandey R.; Khuller G.K., 1987: Reversal of cerulenin induced inhibition of phospholipids and sterol synthesis by exogenous fatty acids sterols in epidermophyton floccosum

Mccarthy C.M., 1988: Reversal of cerulenin inhibition of mycobacterium avium by octanoate

Kordan H.A., 1987: Reversal of cesium inhibition of growth by potassium in hypocotyls of tomato seedlings lycopersicon esculentum l

Newcombe R.G., 1983: Reversal of changes in distribution of gestational age and birth weight among first born infants of cardiff wales uk residents

Ayobe M.H.; Tarazi R.C., 1984: Reversal of changes in myo cardial beta receptors and inotropic responsiveness with regression of cardiac hypertrophy in renal hypertensive rats

Martin S.K.; Oduola A.M.J.; Milhous W.K., 1987: Reversal of chloroquine resistance in plasmodium falciparum by verapamil

Collins S.M.; Abdelmoumene S.; Jensen R.T.; Gardner J.D., 1981: Reversal of cholecystokinin induced persistent stimulation of pancreatic enzyme secretion by di butyryl cyclic gmp

Swabb E.A.; Tai Y H.; Jordan L., 1981: Reversal of cholera toxin induced secretion in rat ileum by luminal berberine

Koiwa H.; Ikeda T.; Yoshida Y., 1986: Reversal of chromoplasts to chloroplasts in buxus leaves

Hobbs J.R.; Hugh Jones K.; Barrett A.J.; Byrom N.; Chambers D.; Henry K.; James D.C.O.; Lucas C.F.; Rogers T.R.; Et Al, 1981: Reversal of clinical features of hurlers disease and biochemical improvement after treatment by bone marrow transplantation

Garvey H.L.; Woodhouse B.L., 1980: Reversal of clonidine induced hypotension by beta adrenoceptor blocking drugs

Bell A.J.; Chisholm M.; Hickton M., 1986: Reversal of coagulopathy in kasabach merritt syndrome with tranexamic acid

Katz I.R.; Bell M.K.; Hoffman M.K.; Thorbecke G.J., 1986: Reversal of concanavalin a induced suppression by a platelet derived factor which binds to activated suppressor t cells

Butkus D.E.; Jones F.T., 1982: Reversal of copper induced inhibition of vasopressin responsiveness by reducing agents

Habermann, H. M., 1969: Reversal of copper inhibition in chloroplast reactions by manganese phytolacca americana d mehler reaction hill reaction glutathione

Rascher W.; Dietz R.; Schoemig A.; Burkart G.; Gross F., 1980: Reversal of cortico sterone induced super sensitivity of vascular smooth muscle to noradrenaline by arachidonic acid and prostacyclin

Terada N.; Ono M.; Nagamatsu Y.; Oka T., 1982: Reversal of cortisol induced inhibition of alpha lact albumin production by prostaglandins in the mouse mammary gland in culture

Al-Awqati, Q.; Field, M.; Greenough, W. B. Iii, 1974: Reversal of cyclic amp mediated intestinal secretion by ethacrynic acid

Holmgren, J.; Lange, S.; Lonnroth, I., 1978: Reversal of cyclic amp mediated intestinal secretion in mice by chlorpromazine

Quartermain, D.; Freedman, L. S.; Botwinick, C. Y.; Gutwein, B. M., 1977: Reversal of cyclo heximide induced amnesia by adrenergic receptor stimulation

Dibenedetto J.Jr; Higby D.J.; Chester S.J.; Albala M.M., 1981: Reversal of cyclo phosphamide induced neutropenia by hyper transfusion and androgen therapy

Moffat F.L.; Falk R.E.; Teodorczyk Injeyan J.; Clark A.G.; Gilas T.; Falk M.; Dalfen R.; Rothstein L.E.; Mcdonell M.; Et Al, 1985: Reversal of cyclosporine induced mortality with a synthetic polymeric immunostimulant in a murine model of fecal peritonitis

Ondrej M., 1981: Reversal of cyto genetic action of 5 fluorodeoxy uridine in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar ametyst root meristems by thymidine

Lee C.; Durant N.N.; Au E.; Katz R.L., 1981: Reversal of dantrolene sodium induced depression of skeletal muscle in the cat

Jekunen, A.; Vilpo, J. A., 1984: Reversal of deamination related cytotoxicity of 5 methyl 2' deoxycytidine by tetrahydrouridine in human leukemia cells

Valdemarsson S.; Hedner P.; Nilsson Ehle P., 1982: Reversal of decreased hepatic lipase and lipo protein lipase activities after treatment of hypo thyroidism

Pykalisto, O.; Goldberg, A. P.; Brunzell, J. D., 1976: Reversal of decreased human adipose tissue lipo protein lipase and hyper tri glyceridemia after treatment of hypo thyroidism

Boland R.; Matthews C.; De Boland A.R.; Ritz E.; Hasselbach W., 1983: Reversal of decreased phosphorylation of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium transport atpase by 1 25 di hydroxy cholecalciferol in experimental uremia

Schindler L.; Leroux M.; Zimmermann G.F.; Betzler M.; Kirchner H., 1987: Reversal of defective lymphoproliferation in postoperative patients with colon cancer

Tomlinson D.R.; Mayer J.H., 1985: Reversal of deficits in axonal transport and nerve conduction velocity by treatment of streptozotocin diabetic rats with myo inositol

Bamford, C. R.; Labadie, E. L., 1976: Reversal of dementia in normotensive hydrocephalus after removal of a cauda equina tumor

Tani M.; Yamazaki H.; Noma S.; Ohnishi S.; Handa S.; Nakamura Y., 1986: Reversal of depressant effects of propranolol on the left ventricular pump function by nifedipine in dogs with chronic ischemia

Bertouch, J. V.; Johnston, C.; Davis, P., 1987: Reversal of depressed neutrophil superoxide production in felty's syndrome after gold therapy

Chung H.M.; Malacinski G.M., 1983: Reversal of developmental competence in inverted amphibian eggs

Herbert, E.; Allen, R. G.; Paquette, T. L., 1978: Reversal of dexamethasone inhibition of acth release in a mouse pituitary tumor cell line either by growing cells in the absence of dexamethasone or by addition of hypothalamic extract

Newsom G.; Murray N., 1983: Reversal of dexamethasone suppression test nonsuppression in alcohol abusers

Reimer, S.; Trebst, A., 1976: Reversal of di bromo thymo quinone inhibition of photosynthetic electron flow by thiol compounds

Robinson H.H.; Guikema J.A.; Yocum C.F., 1980: Reversal of di bromo thymo quinone inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport by bovine serum albumin

Bowen K.M.; Lafferty K.J., 1980: Reversal of diabetes by allogeneic islet transplantation without immuno suppression

Bowen K.M.; Prowse S.J.; Lafferty K.J., 1981: Reversal of diabetes by islet transplantation vulnerability of the established allo graft

Flatt P.R.; Bailey C.J.; Swanston Flatt S.K.; Tan K.S.; Marks V., 1987: Reversal of diabetes by syngeneic transplantation of a radiation induced rat insulinoma

Dixit P.K.; Bauer G.E.; Younoszai R.; Hegre O., 1982: Reversal of diabetes by the iso transplantation of nicotinamide streptozotocin induced islet adenoma in rats

Kemp, J. A.; Mullen, Y.; Weissman, H.; Heininger, D.; Brown, J.; Clark, W. R., 1978: Reversal of diabetes in rats using fetal pancreases stored at minus 196 celsius

Abouna G.M.; Kremer G.D.; Daddah S.K.; Al Adnani M.S.; Kumar S.A.; Kusma G., 1983: Reversal of diabetic nephropathy in human cadaveric kidneys after transplantation into nondiabetic recipients

White M.C.; Kohner E.M.; Pickup J.C.; Keen H., 1981: Reversal of diabetic retinopathy by continuous sub cutaneous insulin infusion a case report

Budohoski L.; Challiss R.A.J.; Mcmanus B.; Newsholme E.A.; Cooney G.J., 1984: Reversal of dietary induced insulin resistance in muscle of the rat by adenosine deaminase and an adenosine receptor antagonist

Wellington G.M., 1980: Reversal of digestive interactions between pacific reef corals mediation by sweeper tentacles

Larbig D.; Raff U.; Haasis R., 1979: Reversal of digitalis effects by specific antibodies

Bowerman R.E.; Steinmetz E.F.; Schwarten D.E.; Pinkerton C.A.; Noble R.J., 1982: Reversal of digitalis induced mesenteric vaso spasm by sodium nitroprusside

Prasad C.M.; Nair K.G.; Sheth U.K., 1980: Reversal of digoxin induced cardiac arrhythmias by nickel chloride

Moezzi B.; Dhozein R.; Pooymehr F.; Shakibi J.G., 1980: Reversal of digoxin induced changes in erythrocyte electrolyte concentrations by penicillamine in children

Schmidt, D. H.; Butler, V. P. Jr, 1971: Reversal of digoxin toxicity with specific antibodies

Schiffl H.; Weidmann P.; Mordasini R.; Riesen W.; Bachmann C., 1982: Reversal of diuretic induced increases in serum low density lipo protein cholesterol by the beta blocker pindolol

Griffing G.T.; Sindler B.H.; Aurecchia S.A.; Melby J.C., 1983: Reversal of diuretic induced secondary hyper aldo steronism and hypo kalemia by enalapril mk 421 a new angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor

Shafer D.A.; Priest J.H., 1984: Reversal of dna methylation with 5 aza cytidine alters chromosome replication patterns in human lymphocyte and fibroblast cultures

Sutka J.; Veisz O., 1988: Reversal of dominance in a gene on chromosome 5a controlling frost resistance in wheat

Dixon K.L., 1987: Reversal of dominance in a pair of song sparrows

Higgins, C. B.; Wexler, L., 1975: Reversal of dominance of the coronary arterial system in isolated aortic stenosis and bicuspid aortic valve

Cardellini P., 1988: Reversal of dorsoventral polarity in xenopus laevis embryos by 180 degree rotation of the animal micromeres at the eight cell stage

Durie B.G.M.; Dalton W.S., 1988: Reversal of drug resistance in multiple myeloma with verapamil

Becker L.C.; Levine J.H.; Dipaula A.F.; Guarnieri T.; Aversano T., 1986: Reversal of dysfunction in postischemic stunned myocardium by epinephrine and postextrasystolic potentiation

Damasio H.; Damasio A.R.; Castro Caldas A.; Hamsher K.D., 1979: Reversal of ear advantage for phonetically similar words in illiterates

Goldfarb V.; Sanders D.; Gradmann D., 1984: Reversal of electrogenic chloride pump in acetabularia mediterranea increases level and phosphorus 32 labeling of atp

Mueller S.M.; Reinertson J.E., 1980: Reversal of emissary vein blood flow in achondroplastic dwarfs

Lonnroth I.; Jennische E., 1982: Reversal of entero toxic diarrhea by anesthetic and membrane stabilizing agents

Tang W.; Ziboh V.A., 1988: Reversal of epidermal hyperproliferation in essential fatty acid deficient guinea pigs is accompanied by rapid generation of inositol triphosphate

Shifrin E.; Perel A.; Olschwang D.; Diamant Y.; Cotev S., 1980: Reversal of ergotamine induced arterio spasm by mechanical intra arterial dilatation

Mcneil G.E.; Chen T.S.; Leevy C.M., 1985: Reversal of ethanol and indomethacin induced suppression of hepatic dna synthesis by 16 16 dimethylprostaglandin e 2

Wright J.W.; Donlon K., 1979: Reversal of ethanol induced body dehydration with prolonged consumption in rats

Alkana, R. L.; Parker, E. S.; Cohen, H. B.; Birch, H.; Noble, E. P., 1977: Reversal of ethanol intoxication in humans an assessment of the efficacy of l dopa aminophylline and ephedrine

Alkana, R. L.; Parker, E. S.; Cohen, H. B.; Birch, H.; Noble, E. P., 1976: Reversal of ethanol intoxication in humans an assessment of the efficacy of propranolol

Ram H.Y.M.; Sett R., 1982: Reversal of ethephon induced feminization in male plants of cannabis sativa by ethylene antagonists

Yamada, M.; Takahashi, J., 1977: Reversal of ethionine intoxication in the domestic fowl with methionine and adenine sulfate

Esashi Y.; Saijoh Y.; Ishida S.; Oota H.; Isizawa K., 1986: Reversal of ethylene action on cocklebur xanthium pennsylvanicum seed germination in relation to duration of pre treatment soaking and temperature

Nichols R.; Kofranek A.M., 1982: Reversal of ethylene inhibition of tulip tulipa stem elongation by silver thio sulfate

Simon F.R.; Gonzalez M.; Sutherland E.; Accatino L.; Davis R.A., 1980: Reversal of ethynyl estradiol induced bile secretory failure with triton wr 1339

Andrews P.; Papadakis N.; Gavras H., 1982: Reversal of experimental acute cerebral vaso spasm by angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition

Makowka L.; Falk R.E.; Rotstein L.E.; Falk J.A.; Nossal N.; Langer B.; Blendis L.M.; Phillips M.J., 1980: Reversal of experimental acute hepatic failure in the rat

Waldor M.K.; Sriram S.; Hardy R.; Herzenberg L.; Herzenberg L.A.; Lanier L.; Lim M.; Steinman L., 1985: Reversal of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis with monoclonal antibody to a t cell subset marker

Gavras H.; Andrews P.; Papadakis N., 1981: Reversal of experimental delayed cerebral vaso spasm by angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition

Bixler T.J.; Gott V.L.; Gardner T.J., 1981: Reversal of experimental pulmonary hypertension with sodium nitroprusside

Pill C.F.; Noble A.D.; Letchworth A.T., 1981: Reversal of female sterilization

Lennox C.E.; Mills J.A.; James G.B., 1987: Reversal of female sterilization a comparative study

Taylor P.J.; Leader A., 1982: Reversal of female sterilization how reliable is the previous operative report?

Owen E., 1984: Reversal of female sterilization review of 252 microsurgical salpingo salpingostomies

Mccammon R.L.; Stoelting R.; Madura J.A., 1983: Reversal of fentanyl induced spasm of the sphincter of oddi

Freye E.; Azevedo L.; Hartung E., 1985: Reversal of fentanyl related respiratory depression with nalbuphine effects on the carbon dioxide response curve in man

Saba T.M.; Blumenstock F.A.; Shah D.M.; Kaplan J.E.; Cho E.; Scovill W.; Stratton H.; Newell J.; Gottlieb M.; Et Al, 1984: Reversal of fibronectin and opsonic deficiency in patients a controlled study

Taylor, B. L.; Koshland, D. E-Jr, 1974: Reversal of flagellar rotation in monotrichous and peritrichous bacteria generation of changes in direction

Damiano R.J.; Ungerleider R.M.; Lofland G.K.; Williams J.M.; Quick G.; Cox J.L., 1981: Reversal of flow through chronic coronary collateral vessels

Flecther R.A.; Meru S.V.; Bhardwaj S.N., 1984: Reversal of fluridone reduced chlorophyll accumulation in cucumber cucumis sativus cotyledons by stimulatory compounds

Baron J.C.; Bousser M.G.; Rey A.; Guillard A.; Comar D.; Castaigne P., 1981: Reversal of focal misery perfusion syndrome by extracranial intra cranial arterial bypass in hemodynamic cerebral ischemia a case study with oxygen 15 positron emission tomography

Ledwitz Rigby F., 1980: Reversal of follicular fluid inhibition of granulosa cell progesterone secretion by manipulation of intra cellular cyclic amp

Boone L.R.; Myer F.E.; Yang D.M.; Ou C Y.; Koh C.K.; Roberson L.E.; Tennant R.W.; Yang W.K., 1983: Reversal of fv 1 host range by in vitro restriction endo nuclease fragment exchange between molecular clones of n tropic and b tropic murine leukemia virus genomes

Elgebaly S.A.; Barton R.; Forouhar F., 1985: Reversal of gamma radiation induced leukemogenesis in mice by immunomodulation with thiabendazole and dinitrofluorobenzene

Pederson J.E.; Herschler J., 1982: Reversal of glaucomatous cupping in adults

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