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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6339

Chapter 6339 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rosen P., 1981: Reversibility of tumor cells

Dhalla N.S., 1986: Reversibility of ultrastructural contractile function and calcium transport changes in guinea pig hearts after global ischemia

Bremer H.J., 1986: Reversibility of urinary tract abnormalities due to schistosoma haematobium infection

Teitelbaum S.L., 1986: Reversibility of vitamin d induced human leukemia cell line maturation

Sriramachari S., 1981: Reversibility or prevention of brain edema

Trooster W.J., 1988: Reversibility revisited stimulus dependent stability of filial preferences in the chick

Wiseman, A.; Attardi, G., 1978: Reversible 10 fold reduction in mitochondrial dna content of human cells treated with ethidium bromide

Thomson D.M.P., 1984: Reversible abnormal nonadherence to glass and responsiveness to chemoattractants of leukocytes from patients with advanced cancer

Ghompson G.R., 1979: Reversible abnormalities of low density lipo protein composition in familial hyper cholesterolemia

Barnett D.B., 1985: Reversible abnormalities of myocardial relaxation in hypothyroidism

Satchell P., 1985: Reversible abnormalities of the hering breuer reflex in acrylamide neuropathy

Sinclair, J., 1972: Reversible abolition of enhancement in isolated spinach chloroplasts

Seinfeld J.H., 1982: Reversible absorption of a pollutant from an area source in a stagnant fog layer

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338013

Zaleskaya N.D., 1986: Reversible accumulation of double and one stranded dna breaks in the growth arrest of cells

Hayashi R.H., 1983: Reversible acid activation of amniotic fluid inactive renin

Iizuka, T.; Makino, R.; Ishimura, Y.; Yonetani, T., 1985: Reversible acidic alkaline transition of the carbon monoxide complex of cytochrome c peroxidase ec

Krasnovskii A.A., 1980: Reversible action of light on hydrogen evolution by clostridium butyricum

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338019

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338020

Mcghee N.K., 1980: Reversible activation inactivation of renin in human plasma

Higgins J.A., 1987: Reversible activation inactivation of the deacylation acylation cycle in rat liver microsomes

Londos, C.; Lin, M. C.; Welton, A. F.; Lad, P. M.; Rodbell, M., 1977: Reversible activation of hepatic adenylate cyclase by guanyl 5 yl alpha beta methylene di phosphonate and guanyl 5 yl imido di phosphate

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338024

Hall D.O., 1987: Reversible activation of hydrogenase from escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338026

Day, N. K.; Schreiber, R. D.; Gotze, O.; Muller-Eberhard, H. J., 1976: Reversible activation of proactivator factor b of the alternative pathway without cleavage of the molecule

Mcdonal-Gibson, R. G.; Thorn, M. B., 1969: Reversible activation of succinate dehydrogenase

Gabig T.G., 1986: Reversible activation of the neutrophil superoxide generating system by bhc correlation with effects on a subcellular superoxide generating fraction

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338030

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338031

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338032

Berthoux F.C., 1987: Reversible acute renal failure arf due to converting enzyme inhibitors cei in a patient with iga nephritis

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338034

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338035

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338036

Pils P., 1979: Reversible acute tubular necrosis following severe acute renal rejection

Walder, J. A.; Hyman, B. T.; Heller, M. J.; Shishido, R. Y.; Klotz, I. M., 1977: Reversible acylation and inhibition of aggregation of platelets by substituted maleic anhydrides

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338039

Di Stefano D.L., 1980: Reversible addition of thiols to steroid alpha beta unsaturated carbonyl groups possible role in steroid protein interactions

Furuta, Y.; Yoshikawa, A., 1976: Reversible adrenergic alpha receptor blocking action of 2 4 di methyl 3 piperidino propiophenone tolperisone

Lovejoy F.H.Jr, 1987: Reversible adsorption desorption of aspirin from activated charcoal

Taguchi, S.; Kouyama, H.; Yago, N., 1981: Reversible aggregation and stability of lysosomal acid beta galactosidase ec from porcine adrenal cortex

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338044

Jolobe O.M.P., 1984: Reversible air flow obstruction clinical spectrum and responsiveness to anti cholinergic drugs

Skoglund R.R., 1979: Reversible alexia mitochondrial myopathy and lactic acidemia

Roy A.K., 1983: Reversible alteration of hepatic messenger rna species for peroxisomal and nonperoxisomal proteins induced by the hypo lipidemic drug wy 14643 4 chloro 6 2 3 xylidino 2 pyrimidinyl thio acetic acid

Zanchetti A., 1983: Reversible alteration of myocardial function in gestational diabetes

Witt H.T., 1984: Reversible alteration of nanosecond reduction of chlorophyll a i i in inside out thylakoids correlated to inhibition and reconstitution of oxygen evolving activity

Ridgway E.C., 1984: Reversible alteration of the visual evoked potential in hypothyroidism

Kwock L., 1986: Reversible alterations in cultured pulmonary artery endothelial cell monolayer morphology and albumin permeability induced by ionizing radiation

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338052

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338053

Gage F.H., 1981: Reversible alterations in hypothalamic uptake of biogenic amines after septal lesions

Ginns L.C., 1982: Reversible alterations in immuno regulatory t cells in smoking analysis by mono clonal antibodies and flow cytometry

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338056

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338057

Edgar L., 1979: Reversible alterations in the neuro muscular junctions of drosophila melanogaster bearing a temperature sensitive mutation shibire

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338059

Greiner, R.; Meyer, A., 1977: Reversible and irreversible azoo spermia after irradiation of the malignant tumor of the testicle

Tam, S. W.; Liu-Chen, L. Y., 1986: Reversible and irreversible binding of beta funaltrexamine to mu delta and kappa opioid receptors in guinea pig brain membranes

Proctor P.H., 1979: Reversible and irreversible changes in hydrogen ion titration curves of melanins

Jorgensen L., 1986: Reversible and irreversible changes in the dog heart during acute left ventricular failure due to experimental multifocal ischemia

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338064

Jaeger M.J., 1987: Reversible and irreversible components of central airway flow resistance

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338066

Sun, S. M.; Mcleester, R. C.; Bliss, F. A.; Hall, T. C., 1974: Reversible and irreversible dissociation of globulins from phaseolus vulgaris seed

Sauer K., 1986: Reversible and irreversible effects of alkaline ph on photosystem ii electron transfer reactions

Arp D.J., 1988: Reversible and irreversible effects of nitric oxide on the soluble hydrogenase from alcaligenes eutrophus h16

Strong E.R., 1981: Reversible and irreversible effects of oxygen partial pressure alterations on 2 groups of aplysia californica neurons

Thomas R., 1986: Reversible and irreversible effects of retinol upon the phenotypic properties of embryonal carcinoma cells

Forichon, J.; Jomain, M. J.; Dallevet, G.; Minaire, Y., 1976: Reversible and irreversible glucose disposal in dogs influence of fasting and cold exposure

Oelze J., 1985: Reversible and irreversible inactivation of cellular nitrogenase on oxygen stress in azotobacter vinelandii growing in oxygen controlled continuous culture

Hirasawa R., 1984: Reversible and irreversible inactivation of photosynthesis in relation to the lipid phases of membranes in the blue green algae cyanobacteria anacystis nidulans and anabaena variabilis

Kamaya, H.; Ueda, I.; Eyring, H., 1977: Reversible and irreversible inhibition by anesthetics of the calcium induced luminescence of aequorin

Heldman E., 1987: Reversible and irreversible inhibition of high affinity choline transport caused by ethylcholine aziridinium ion

Reithmeier R.A.F., 1985: Reversible and irreversible inhibition of phosphate transport in human erythrocytes by a membrane impermeant carbodiimide

Ali, M.; Mcdonald, J. W. D., 1978: Reversible and irreversible inhibition of platelet cyclo oxygenase and serotonin release by nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Sokolovsky M., 1985: Reversible and irreversible inhibition of rat brain muscarinic receptors is related to different substitutions on bisquaternary pyridinium oximes

Dorris M.L., 1983: Reversible and irreversible inhibition of thyroid peroxidase catalyzed iodination by thio ureylene drugs

Pastan I.H., 1982: Reversible and irreversible inhibitors of clustering of alpha 2 macro globulin in clathrin coated pits on the surface of fibroblasts

Ewins A.R., 1985: Reversible and irreversible interactions between elastin and plasma lipoproteins

Visioli O., 1984: Reversible and irreversible ischemic damage importance of energy metabolism

Kurlander R.J., 1980: Reversible and irreversible loss of fc receptor function of human monocytes as a consequence of interaction with immuno globulin g

Tsong T.Y., 1985: Reversible and irreversible modification of erythrocyte membrane permeability by electric field

Garthwaite J., 1986: Reversible and irreversible neuronal damage caused by excitatory amino acid analogs in rat cerebellar slices

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338087

Etienne A L., 1988: Reversible and irreversible photoinhibition in herbicide resistant mutants of synechocystis 6714

Yoshida S., 1987: Reversible and irreversible reduction of acc dependent ethylene formation in mung bean vigna radiata l wilczek hypocotyls caused by chilling

Matsushiro A., 1982: Reversible and irreversible stages in the transition of cell surface marker during the differentiation of pluripotent terato carcinoma cell induced with retinoic acid

Yen T.F., 1985: Reversible and irreversible surface charge modification of bacteria for facilitating transport through porous media

Bradwejn J., 1982: Reversible and irreversible tardive dys kinesia a case

Schleiffer R., 1985: Reversible and non reversible enlargement of cerebrospinal fluid spaces in anorexia nervosa

Varlejides S., 1986: Reversible and permanent bone conduction threshold shift in cases of chronic suppurative otitis media

Yamamoto K.R., 1984: Reversible and persistent changes in chromatin structure accompany activation of a glucocorticoid dependent enhancer element

Lindboe C.F., 1987: Reversible and reproducible in vivo staining of motor endplates by use of the acetylthiocholine iodine method

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338097

Horzempa L.M., 1982: Reversible and resistant components of poly chlorinated bi phenyl adsorption desorption isotherms

Lundstrom I., 1986: Reversible and specific interaction of dehydrogenases with a coenzyme coated surface continuously monitored with a reflectometer

Hallman G.L.Jr, 1982: Reversible angiopathy

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338101

Davis, B. K., 1976: Reversible anti fertility effect by nonoccluding oviductal copper coils in the rabbit

Stambrook, P. J.; Velez, C., 1976: Reversible arrest of chinese hamster v 79 cells in g 2 by di butyryl cyclic amp

Beppu T., 1988: Reversible arrest of proliferation of rat 3y1 fibroblasts in both the g1 and g2 phases by trichostatin a

Rudnick S.A., 1987: Reversible arrhythmias observed in patients treated with recombinant alpha 2 interferon

Moudrianakis E.N., 1980: Reversible association of calf thymus histones to form a symmetrical octamer a case of a mixed associating system

Woodworth R.C., 1987: Reversible association of half molecules of ovotransferrin in solution basis of co operative binding to reticulocytes

Nemat Gorgani M., 1987: Reversible association of ox liver glutamate dehydrogenase with the inner mitochondrial membrane

Matsuda T., 1985: Reversible asymmetric septal hypertrophy in acute myocarditis serial findings of two dimensional echocardiogram and thallium 201 scintigram

Rudroff W., 1981: Reversible asymmetric septal thickening in the echo cardiogram in a case with suspected peri myo carditis

Bodenheimer, M. M.; Banka, V. S.; Helfant, R. H., 1976: Reversible asynergy and its determinants

Odessey, R., 1980: Reversible atp induced inactivation of branched chain 2 oxo acid dehydrogenase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338114

Wada, J. A.; Terao, A.; Scholtmeyer, H.; Trapp, W. G., 1970: Reversible audiogenic seizure susceptibility induced by hyperbaric oxygenation

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338116

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338117

Inotsume, N.; Nakano, M., 1980: Reversible azomethine bond cleavage of 2' fluoro derivatives of benzodiazepines in acidic solutions at body temperature

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338119

Dickerson R.E., 1982: Reversible bending and helix geometry in a b dna dodecamer cgcgaattcgcg brominated in position 9

Johns R.E.Jr, 1983: Reversible beryllium sensitization in a prospective study of beryllium workers

D'agostini G., 1981: Reversible bilateral inter nuclear ophthalmoplegia due to head trauma a case

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338123

Cohen, G.; Gitter, K. A.; Baber, B. W., 1976: Reversible bilateral simultaneous papillitis with no light perception

Fromherz P., 1986: Reversible bilayer junction of lipid monolayers free mono bi monolayer contact

Gazith J., 1979: Reversible binding of 5 methoxy psoralen and 8 methoxy psoralen to human serum proteins albumin and to epidermis in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338127

Stossel T.P., 1987: Reversible binding of actin to gelsolin and profilin in human platelet extracts

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338129

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338130

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338131

Gandolfi, A.; Giovenco, M. A.; Strom, R., 1978: Reversible binding of multivalent antigen in the control of bone marrow derived lymphocyte activation

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338133

Kawabe Y., 1980: Reversible binding of procymidone to a sensitive fungus botrytis cinerea

Obika, M., 1976: Reversible binding of riboflavine and pteridines to melanin in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338136

Butz U., 1980: Reversible binding of the chemo attractant folic acid to cells of dictyostelium discoideum

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338138

Foster K.W., 1988: Reversible bleaching of chlamydomonas reinhardtii rhodopsin in vivo

Cossari A.J., 1979: Reversible blindness in optic neuritis associated with influenza vaccination

Kong N., 1983: Reversible block in intra cellular transport and budding of mutant vesicular stomatitis virus glyco proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338142

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338143

Laurent, J. P.; Rondouin, G.; Benita, M.; Jouvet, M., 1977: Reversible blockade of ponto geniculo occipital waves and concomitant modifications of thalamic unit activity in chronic cats

Babior B.M., 1984: Reversible blockade of the respiratory burst in human neutrophils by a cleavable cross linking agent

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338146

Ikeda K., 1983: Reversible blockage of membrane retrieval and endocytosis in the garland cell of the temperature sensitive mutant of drosophila melanogaster shibire t s 1

Wu C F., 1987: Reversible blockage of neurite development and growth cone formation in neuronal cultures of a temperature sensitive mutant of drosophila

Stange L., 1979: Reversible blockage of the cell cycle in the meristem of riella helicophylla by p chlorophenoxy iso butyric acid

Sugamura, K.; Smith, J. B., 1977: Reversible blocking of antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity

Scheraga H.A., 1985: Reversible blocking of half cystine residues of proteins and an irreversible specific deamidation of asparagine 67 of s sulforibonuclease under mild conditions

Zarytova, V. F.; Ivanova, E. M.; Lebedev, A. V., 1976: Reversible blocking of phospho di ester groups through the use of di cyclo hexyl carbodiimide

Persson, L.; Hansson, H. A., 1976: Reversible blood brain barrier dys function to peroxidase after a small stab wound in the rat cerebral cortex

Zimpfer M., 1987: Reversible blood brain barrier modification with chemotherapy of malignant glioma

Hellman S., 1981: Reversible brachial plexopathy following primary radiation therapy for breast cancer

Tegowska E., 1979: Reversible brain hyper thermia during audiogenic seizures in rats

Choi S.C., 1981: Reversible brain stem dys function following acute traumatic subdural hematoma a clinical and electro physiological study

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338158

Samuelsson B., 1987: Reversible calcium dependent membrane association of human leukocyte 5 lipoxygenase

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338160

Jarrell J.A., 1983: Reversible carbon di oxide induced inhibition of dye coupling in necturus gallbladder

Foster R., 1985: Reversible cell heritable changes during the development of tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar havana 425 pith tissues

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338163

Skrede S., 1980: Reversible cellular damage by di methyl sulfoxide reflected by release of marker enzymes for intra cellular fractions

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338165

Orgogozo J.M., 1984: Reversible cerebral arteriopathy associated with the administration of ergot derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338167

Sbarbaro V., 1984: Reversible cerebral ischemias a comparative analysis of risk factors in transient ischemic attacks and in reversible ischemic neurological deficits

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338169

Shin, Y. A.; Eichhorn, G. L., 1977: Reversible change in psi structure of dna poly lysine complexes induced by metal binding

Verduin, B. J. M., 1978: Reversible change in the nucleo protein composition of bromoviruses after multiplication in chenopodium hybridum

Ko W.H., 1981: Reversible change of mating type in phytophthora parasitica

Arai K I., 1986: Reversible changes in actin activated magnesium atpase activity of fish myosins induced by various effectors

Suzuki, T.; Makino, M.; Azuma, M., 1977: Reversible changes in circular dichroism spectra of cattle rhod opsin and iso rhod opsin

Macdonald, H. R.; Mcfarlane, D. L., 1978: Reversible changes in cytolytic thymus derived lymphocyte function induced by hyper thermia

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338176

Moran O., 1986: Reversible changes in myelin structure and electrical activity during anesthesia in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338178

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338179

Allfrey V.G., 1983: Reversible changes in nucleosome structure and histone h 3 accessibility in transcriptionally active and inactive states of ribosomal dna chromatin

Stumpf W.E., 1985: Reversible changes in rat spermatogenesis induced by an antifertility substance gossypol a histochemical report

Stemerman M.B., 1988: Reversible changes in stress fiber expression and cell shape in regenerating rat and rabbit aortic endothelium

Reis, D. J.; Gilad, G.; Pickel, V. M.; Joh, T. H., 1978: Reversible changes in the activities and amounts of tyrosine hydroxylase in dopamine neurons of the substantia nigra in response to axonal injury as studied by immunochemical and immuno cytochemical methods

Reis D.J., 1981: Reversible changes in the activities of tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine beta hydroxylase in neurons of the nucleus locus coeruleus after experimental stroke

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338185

Watanabe S., 1981: Reversible changes in the atpase activity and in the regulatory light chain content upon heat 30 celsius treatment of akazara striated adductor myosin

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338187

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338188

Watanabe S., 1982: Reversible changes in the state of phosphorylation of gizzard myosin in that of gizzard myosin assembly in the atpase activity of gizzard myosin in that of acto myosin and in the super precipitation activity

Dixit, V. P.; Lohiya, N. K.; Arya, M.; Agrawal, M., 1975: Reversible changes in the testes and epididymides of dog treated with alpha chlorohydrin

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338191

Kondrashova M.N., 1982: Reversible changes in the volume of isolated mitochondria during ion flux oscillations between mitochondria and the environment

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338193

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338194

Carone F.A., 1984: Reversible changes of tubular cell and basement membrane in drug induced renal cystic disease

Jay F.A., 1985: Reversible chemical cross linking of the light harvesting polypeptides of rhodopseudomonas viridis

Esteller A., 1988: Reversible cholestasis induced by bromosulfophthalein in rabbits with enterohepatic circulation of bile acids maintained

Feldon S.E., 1982: Reversible choroidal vascular insufficiency without infarction in temporal arteritis

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338200

Korsic L., 1982: Reversible chronic acquired complete atrio ventricular block

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338202

Gaudemer, A.; Zylber, J.; Zylber, N.; Hull, W. E.; Fountoulakis, M.; Koenig, A.; Woelfle, K.; Retey, J.; Baran-Marszac, M., 1981: Reversible cleavage of the cobalt carbon bond of coenzyme b 12 catalyzed by methyl malonyl coenzyme a mutase ec from propionibacterium shermanii the use of coenzyme b 12 stereospecifically deuterated in position 5'

Tracy, J. W.; Kohlhaw, G. B., 1975: Reversible coenzyme a mediated inactivation of biosynthetic condensing enzymes in yeast a possible regulatory mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338205

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338206

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338207

Heller, R. A.; Gould, R. G., 1974: Reversible cold inactivation of microsomal 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec from rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338209

Krogh E., 1981: Reversible color vision defects in obstructive jaundice

Brick J.F., 1988: Reversible coma with prolonged absence of pupillary and brainstem reflexes an unusual response to a hypoxic ischemic event in ms

Horton, M. A.; Burman, J. F., 1977: Reversible complement c 3 hypo complementemia in megalo blastic anemia due to vitamin b 12 deficiency

Neely J.G., 1979: Reversible compression neuropathy of the 8th cranial nerve from a large jugular foramen schwannoma

Bushnell A., 1982: Reversible compression of cytoplasm

Kazner E., 1986: Reversible computed tomographic changes due to early delayed reaction after radiation of brain tumor

Webster D.B., 1988: Reversible conductive hearing loss in mice

Penrose, W. R.; Zand, R.; Oxender, D. L., 1970: Reversible conformational changes in a leucine binding protein from escherichia coli

Geyer, G.; Linss, W.; Halbhuber, K. J.; Stibenz, D.; Makovitzky, J.; Bruchhaus, H., 1977: Reversible conformational changes of plasmalemmal glyco proteins

Julesz J., 1988: Reversible congestive myocardial damage due to hypoparathyreosis

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338220

Bhargava S.K., 1983: Reversible contraception like activity of embelin in male dogs canis indicus

Schmitt U., 1985: Reversible contraction of isolated mammalian cochlear hair cells

Turtas S., 1981: Reversible contrast enhanced lesions of basal ganglia and brain stem on computed tomography

Ikemoto N., 1983: Reversible control of oligomeric interaction of the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase with the use of a cleavable cross linking agent

Ikeda K., 1983: Reversible control of synaptic transmission in a single gene mutant of drosophila melanogaster

Eldefrawi M.E., 1979: Reversible conversion between affinity states for agonists of the muscarinic acetyl choline receptor from rat brain

Soe, G.; Nishi, N.; Kakuno, T.; Yamashita, J., 1978: Reversible conversion from calcium ion atpase activity to magnesium ion and manganese ion atpase activities of coupling factor purified from acetone powder of rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores

Walsh C.T., 1988: Reversible conversion of coenzyme f 420 to the 8 hydroxy amp and 8 hydroxy gmp esters f 390 a and f 390 g on oxygen exposure and reestablishment of anaerobiosis in methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Kiselev P.A., 1986: Reversible conversion of hemoglobin into hemochrome under the influence of fatty acids

Yamauchi, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Hayaishi, O., 1973: Reversible conversion of lysine mono oxygenase to an oxidase by modification of sulfhydryl groups

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338231

Jordan L.M., 1984: Reversible cooling of the brainstem reveals areas required for mesencephalic locomotor region evoked treadmill locomotion

Brooks, A. M. W.; Grant, G.; Gillies, W. E., 1987: Reversible corneal endothelial cell changes in diseases of anterior segment

Garcia, C. A.; Fleming, R. H., 1977: Reversible cortico spinal tract disease due to hyper thyroidism

Brandley B.K., 1985: Reversible covalent immobilization of ligands and proteins on polyacrylamide gels

Dickmeyer, J. P.; Wolfson, W.; Kowell, A.; Dornfeld, L., 1977: Reversible crescentic glomerulo nephritis following an acute exacerbation of chronic relapsing pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338237

Pawagi A.B., 1982: Reversible cryogenic alteration of the uv absorption spectra of the olefinic bonds in lipid membranes

Buttrose, M. S.; Grant, W. J. R.; Lott, J. N. A., 1977: Reversible curvature of style branches of hibiscus trionum a pollination mechanism

Sato C., 1986: Reversible cyclic amp dependent change in nuclear localization of microtubule associated protein 1 analogues

Sato C., 1988: Reversible cyclic amp induced translocation of cytoskeleton associated 300 to 350 kda proteins from nucleus to cytoplasm

Rodriguez Garay E.A., 1987: Reversible damage of hepatic excretion of bilirubin induced by streptozotocin in the rat

Wagner F.W., 1983: Reversible dark induced senescence of soybean glycine max cultivar woodworth root nodules

Kameshita, I.; Tokushige, M.; Izui, K.; Katsuki, H., 1977: Reversible de sensitization of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase ec to multiple effectors by butanedione

Virden R., 1986: Reversible deactivation of beta lactamase by quinacillin extent of the conformational change in the isolated transitory complex

Innitzer, J., 1976: Reversible deafness as model of pressure damage to the 8th nerve

Bacopoulos N.G., 1983: Reversible decrease in dopaminergic tritium labeled agonist binding after 6 hydroxy dopamine and irreversible decrease after kainic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338248

Acosta A.M., 1984: Reversible defect in antigen induced lymphokine and gamma interferon generation in cutaneous leishmaniasis

Kaariainen L., 1981: Reversible defect in the glycosylation of the membrane proteins of semliki forest virus ts 1 mutant

Evans H.E., 1979: Reversible defect of neutrophil chemo taxis and random migration in primary hyper parathyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338252

Herbert, P. N.; Friedland, M. L., 1986: Reversible deficiency of serum high density lipoproteins in hodgkin's disease

Byrne E.J., 1987: Reversible dementia

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338255

Astrup H., 1981: Reversible dementia in idiopathic hypo parathyroidism

Bokman S.H., 1982: Reversible denaturation of aequorea aequorea green fluorescent protein physical separation and characterization of the renatured protein

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338258

Wallevik, K., 1973: Reversible denaturation of human serum albumin by ph temperature and guanidine hydro chloride followed by optical rotation

Gorski J., 1984: Reversible denaturation of the estrogen receptor and estimation of polypeptide chain molecular weight

Iijima, S.; Saiki, T.; Beppu, T., 1984: Reversible denaturation of thermophilic malate dehydrogenase ec by guanidine hydro chloride and acid

Dzugaj, A.; Buczylko, J., 1987: Reversible denaturation with urea of rabbit liver fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338263

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338264

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338265

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338266

Bendixen P.H., 1981: Reversible detachment of blood derived bovine macrophages by replacement of culture medium with phosphate buffered saline solution

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338268

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338269

Byck, R.; Goldfarb, J.; Schaumburg, H. H.; Sharpless, S. K., 1972: Reversible differential block of saphenous nerve by cold

Chentsov Y.S., 1982: Reversible differential de condensation of unfixed chinese hamster chromosomes induced by change in calcium ion concentration of the medium

Foissner I., 1985: Reversible dilatation of endoplasmic reticulum cisternae during pressure and plasmolysis

Kimmel J.R., 1980: Reversible dimerization of avian pancreatic poly peptide

Ziegler R., 1984: Reversible diminished calcitonin secretion in the rat during chronic hypercalcemia

Hutten R., 1987: Reversible diminution of cochlear activity following stapedotomy discussion with regard to 3 cases

Korenman, S. G.; Ramanath-Rao, B., 1968: Reversible dis aggregation of the cytosol estrogen binding protein of uterine cytosol rabbit rat

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338277

Rosen S.D., 1983: Reversible disruption of cultured endothelial mono layers by sulfated fucans

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338279

Hand S.C., 1986: Reversible dissociation and inactivation of phosphofructokinase in the ischemic rat heart

Hill C.E., 1982: Reversible dissociation of a bovine cardiac factor that supports survival of avian ciliary ganglionic neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338282

Fuchs J.A., 1988: Reversible dissociation of active octamer of cyanase to inactive dimer promoted by alteration of the sulfhydryl group

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338284

Trotta, P. P.; Burt, M. E.; Haschemeyer, R. H.; Meister, A., 1971: Reversible dissociation of carbamyl phosphate synthetase into a regulated synthesis subunit and a subunit required for glutamine utilization

Dautrevaux M., 1983: Reversible dissociation of cortisol transcortin complex by sodium p chloromercuri benzoate

Winter G., 1985: Reversible dissociation of dimeric tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase by mutagenesis at the subunit interface

Margossian S.S., 1985: Reversible dissociation of dog cardiac myosin regulatory light chain 2 and its influence on atp hydrolysis

Kharitonenkov I.G., 1983: Reversible dissociation of influenza virus ribo nucleo protein

Gould H., 1980: Reversible dissociation of linker histone from chromatin with preservation of inter nucleosomal repeat

Tkemaladze, G. Sh ; Sadunishvili, T. A., 1977: Reversible dissociation of malate dehydrogenase ec from plants

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338292

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338293

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338294

Detrich, H. W-Iii ; Williams, R. C. Jr, 1978: Reversible dissociation of the alpha beta dimer of tubulin from bovine brain

Bachofen R., 1988: Reversible dissociation of the b873 light harvesting complex from rhodospirillum rubrum g9 positive

Chang T C., 1988: Reversible dissociation of the catalytically active subunits of pigeon liver malic enzyme

Trotta, P. P.; Pinkus, L. M.; Haschemeyer, R. H.; Miester, A., 1974: Reversible dissociation of the monomer of glutamine dependent carbamyl phosphate synthetase into catalytically active heavy subunits and light subunits

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338300

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338309

Krasnovskii A.A., 1982: Reversible effect of intensive light on photo biochemical properties of rhodospirillum rubrum

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338315

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Peracchia L.L., 1984: Reversible effects of heptanol on gap junction structure and cell to cell electrical coupling

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338322

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338338

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338339

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Sanchez, J. H.; Abernethy, D. J.; Boreiko, C. J., 1986: Reversible expression of morphological transformation in c 3h 10t 1 2 mouse embryo cultures exposed to 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate

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Hauger W., 1987: Reversible fatty infiltration of the liver

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338354

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Sziklas J.J., 1979: Reversible functional asplenia in chronic aggressive hepatitis

Galogazha M., 1984: Reversible functional blockade of the optical tract following the action of focused ultrasound

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338361

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Soderling T.R., 1986: Reversible generation of a calcium independent form of calcium calmodulin dependent protein kinase ii by an autophosphorylation mechanism

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338367

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Loeffler R., 1985: Reversible helix coil transitions of left handed z dna structures comparison of the thermodynamic properties of polydeoxyguanylic acid polydeoxycytidylic acid double stranded polydeoxyguanylic polydeoxycytidylic acid double stranded polydeoxyguanylate 5 methyldeoxycytidylate

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Giron J.A., 1982: Reversible hepatitis with haemophilus influenzae sepsis

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338377

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Kitabchi A.E., 1981: Reversible hyper insulinuria in diabetic keto acidosis in man

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338383

Swasdikul D., 1986: Reversible hyperpigmentation of skin and nails with white hair due to vitamin b 12 deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338385

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Barnard R.J., 1987: Reversible hypertension associated with unrecognized high pressure chronic retention of urine

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Czuppon A.B., 1985: Reversible immunosuppression of fertility in the rat following immunization by a liposome incorporated spermatozoal polypeptide fraction

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Gump, F. E., 1969: Reversible impairment of the human vapor barrier an attempt to increase water excretion inst gravimetry

Franke W.W., 1980: Reversible in vitro packing of nucleosomal filaments into globular supranucleosomal units in chromatin of whole chick erythrocyte nuclei

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Bradley W.E.C., 1979: Reversible inactivation of autosomal alleles in chinese hamster cells

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338409

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338414

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338421

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338429

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338436

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338438

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Oku, H.; Ide, T.; Sugano, M., 1984: Reversible inactivation reactivation of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec of rat intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338441

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338442

Sirtori C.R., 1985: Reversible increase of the apolipoprotein c ii apolipoprotein c iii 1 ratio in the very low density lipoproteins after procetofen treatment in hypertriglyceridemic patients

Salter, D. W.; Cook, J. S., 1976: Reversible independent alterations in glucose transport and metabolism in cultured human cells deprived of glucose

Yahara I., 1986: Reversible induction of actin rods in mouse c 3h 2k cells by incubation in salt buffers and by treatment with non ionic detergents

Miyaji H., 1988: Reversible induction of anchorage independent growth from normal mouse epidermal keratinocytes msk c3h nu in soft agar medium by 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate and epidermal growth factor

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338447

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Stoffer, S. S., 1978: Reversible infertility in iatrogenic thyro toxicosis

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338451

Mcclung, M.; Miller, J., 1977: Reversible inhibition by diamide of cyclic amp dependent protein kinases from kinases from bovine thyroid

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338453

Masamune Y., 1982: Reversible inhibition by human serum lipo proteins of cell proliferation

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338455

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338456

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338457

Bertram J.S., 1979: Reversible inhibition by retinoids of 3 methyl cholanthrene induced neoplastic transformation in c 3h 10t 1 2 clone 8 cells

Clark, A. G., 1970: Reversible inhibition in bi molecular rapid equilibrium random order enzyme systems the effect of substrate substrate and inhibitor substrate interactions

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338460

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338461

Section 7 , Chapter 6339, Accession 006338462

Chua, B. H.; Shrago, E., 1977: Reversible inhibition of adenine nucleotide translocation by long chain acyl coenzyme a esters in bovine heart mitochondria and inverted sub mitochondrial particles comparison with atractylate and bongkrekic acid

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Sussman M., 1984: Reversible inhibition of aggregation related cohesivity in dictyostelium discoideum by diffusible metabolites

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338467

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338468

Stout E.R., 1984: Reversible inhibition of bovine parvovirus dna replication by aphidicolin and l canavanine

Jarv, J.; Speek, M., 1982: Reversible inhibition of butyryl cholin esterase ec with aromatic hydro carbons

Bershadskii, A. D.; Gel'shtein, V. I., 1976: Reversible inhibition of cell aggregation by cytochalasin b and colcemid

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338473

Bojczuk A.T., 1979: Reversible inhibition of chlamydomonas reinhardtii flagellar surface motility

Kharchenko V.G., 1988: Reversible inhibition of cholinesterases by salts of pyrilium thiopyrillium and selenopyrilium derivatives

Walkenbach, R. J.; Hazen, R.; Larner, J., 1978: Reversible inhibition of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase by insulin

Oberg B., 1980: Reversible inhibition of cytomegalovirus replication by phosphono formate

Tazawa M., 1981: Reversible inhibition of cytoplasmic streaming by intra cellular calcium in tonoplast free cells of chara australis

Avner E.D., 1987: Reversible inhibition of cytosolic glucocorticoid receptors by mercurial agents application in the measurement of total and unoccupied receptors

Jongkind J.F., 1988: Reversible inhibition of dna and protein synthesis by cumene hydroperoxide and 4 hydroxynonenal

Wotiz H.H., 1982: Reversible inhibition of estrogen receptor activation by molybdate

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338482

Hershfield, R.; Richards, F. M., 1976: Reversible inhibition of glucose transport in human erythrocytes by a series of pyridine derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338484

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338486

Crane D., 1984: Reversible inhibition of in vitro epithelial cell proliferation by 2 3 7 8 tetra chloro di benzo p dioxin

Harley E.H., 1986: Reversible inhibition of intercellular junctional communication by glycyrrhetinic acid

Matsuno, T.; Shirasawa, N.; Kohno, S., 1976: Reversible inhibition of interferon induced anti viral state by deoxy adenosine

Taylor E.A., 1986: Reversible inhibition of leukocyte sodium pumps by a circulating serum factor in essential hypertension

Smith C.I.E., 1979: Reversible inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation by rubidium ions

Bankhurst A.D., 1986: Reversible inhibition of lymphokine activated killer cell activity by lipoxygenase pathway inhibitors

Daniel C.W., 1987: Reversible inhibition of mammary gland growth by transforming growth factor beta

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338494

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Griffiths D.M., 1986: Reversible inhibition of natural killer cell activity by volatile anesthetic agents in vitro

Angus J.A., 1984: Reversible inhibition of neuronal uptake by benextramine an irreversible presynaptic alpha adrenoceptor antagonist

Seva M.I., 1979: Reversible inhibition of newcastle disease virus hemolysis by bivalent cations

Moses H.L., 1986: Reversible inhibition of normal human prokeratinocyte proliferation by type beta transforming growth factor growth inhibitor in serum free medium

Kvist U., 1980: Reversible inhibition of nuclear chromatin decondensation ability of human spermatozoa induced by prostatic fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338501

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338502

Virden, R.; Bristow, A. F.; Pain, R. H., 1978: Reversible inhibition of penicillinase ec by quinacillin evaluation of mechanisms involving 2 conformational states of the enzyme

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338504

Pruidze G.N., 1985: Reversible inhibition of phenol oxidase in tea plant by natural inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338506

Gulyi M.F., 1980: Reversible inhibition of poly amine and dna synthesis in the regenerating rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338508

Jungwirth C., 1983: Reversible inhibition of poxvirus replication by cyclo heximide during the early phase of infection

Uchida T., 1987: Reversible inhibition of protein import into the nucleus by wheat germ agglutinin injected into cultured cells

Saborio, J. L.; Koch, G., 1973: Reversible inhibition of protein synthesis in hela cells by di methyl sulfoxide

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338512

Lazar-Keul, G.; Keul, M.; Wagner, G., 1978: Reversible inhibition of protoplasmic streaming within root hairs of barley hordeum vulgare and tomato lycopersicon esculentum by cytochalasin b

Brown J., 1987: Reversible inhibition of rabbit sperm fertilizing ability of cholesterol sulfate

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338515

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338516

Probst, H.; Gekler, V., 1980: Reversible inhibition of replicon initiation in ehrlich ascites cells by anaerobiosis

Garzo T., 1982: Reversible inhibition of rna synthesis and irreversible inhibition of protein synthesis by d galactosamine in isolated mouse hepatocytes

Nilsson, J. R., 1976: Reversible inhibition of rna synthesis in tetrahymena pyriformis by di methyl sulfoxide an electron microscope auto radiographic study

Lopez Saez J.F., 1988: Reversible inhibition of root growth and cell proliferation by pentavalent arsenic in allium cepa l

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338521

Czaja A.W.P., 1981: Reversible inhibition of secretion in root cap cells of cress after treatment with cytochalasin b support for the membrane flow concept

Kuz'menko V.A., 1980: Reversible inhibition of shoot growth transport of metabolites and tuber formation in potato

Johnston, R. E.; Faulkner, P., 1978: Reversible inhibition of sindbis virus penetration in hypertonic medium

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338525

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338526

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338527

Mishra R.K., 1985: Reversible inhibition of specific tritiated spiroperidol binding by heavy metal ions in rat striatum

Yanagimachi H., 1980: Reversible inhibition of sperm egg fusion in the hamster by low ph

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338530

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338531

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338532

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338533

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338534

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338535

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338536

Baldwin T.O., 1983: Reversible inhibition of the bacterial luciferase catalyzed bio luminescence reaction by aldehyde substrate kinetic mechanism and ligand effects

Kaiser W.M., 1979: Reversible inhibition of the calvin cycle and activation of oxidative pentose phosphate cycle in isolated intact chloroplasts by hydrogen per oxide

Flick, P. K.; Bloch, K., 1975: Reversible inhibition of the fatty acid synthetase complex from mycobacterium smegmatis by palmitoyl coenzyme a

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338540

Suscillon M., 1982: Reversible inhibition of the in vitro coagulation of human plasma by lectins

Nishigori, H.; Sato, M.; Nishimura, C., 1978: Reversible inhibition of the induction of dna polymerase of herpes simplex virus type 2 in hela cells

Hatefi Y., 1982: Reversible inhibition of the mitochondrial ubi quinol cytochrome c oxido reductase complex complex iii by ethoxy formic anhydride

Peterson, R. N.; Freund, M., 1977: Reversible inhibition of the motility of human spermatozoa by cytochalasin b

Peterson, R. N.; Freund, M., 1976: Reversible inhibition of the motility of human spermatozoa by tetra phenyl boron

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338546

Bassleer, R.; De-Paermentier, F.; Lancho-Alonso, J., 1977: Reversible inhibition of the nucleolar function in fibroblasts treated in vitro with adriamycin

Shugahara K., 1984: Reversible inhibition of the photosynthetic water splitting enzyme system by sulfur dioxide fumigation assayed by chlorophyll fluorescence and epr signal in vivo

Oesterhelt D., 1982: Reversible inhibition of the proton pump bacterio rhod opsin by modification of tyrosine 64

Dale, M. P.; Ensley, H. E.; Kern, K.; Sastry, K. A. R.; Byers, L. D., 1985: Reversible inhibitors of beta glucosidase ec

Kiener, P. A.; Waley, S. G., 1978: Reversible inhibitors of penicillinases

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338552

Harding R.P., 1986: Reversible injury after mild hyperthermia

Schwartz, M. M.; Venkatachalam, M. A.; Cotran, R. S., 1977: Reversible inner medullary vascular obstruction in acute experimental hydro nephrosis

Green, J. R. B.; Goble, H. L.; Edwards, C. R. W.; Dawson, A. M., 1977: Reversible insensitivity to androgens in men with untreated gluten enteropathy

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338556

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338557

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338558

Le Goffic F., 1983: Reversible interaction of brom amphenicol with escherichia coli ribosome influence of other peptidyl transferase inhibitors

Kitagawa Y., 1987: Reversible interconversion between primitive endoderm like and parietal endoderm like f9 cells demonstrated by messenger rna expression

Black S., 1986: Reversible interconversion of two forms of a valyl transfer rna synthetase containing protein complex

Mendelson J., 1984: Reversible interference with t cell growth factor activity by virus particles

Raftery E.B., 1982: Reversible ischemia of right ventricle detected by exercise thallium 201 scintigraphy

O'fallon W.M., 1982: Reversible ischemic neurologic deficit in a community rochester minnesota usa 1955 1974

Enevoldsen E., 1986: Reversible ischemic neurological deficit and minor strokes before and after extracranial intracranial bypass surgery

Goldberger L.E., 1981: Reversible ischemic pan colitis

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338567

Hall A.E., 1979: Reversible leaflet movements in relation to drought adaptation of cowpeas vigna unguiculata

Fallon R., 1984: Reversible lectin mediated immobilization of plant protoplasts on agarose beads

Jha, G. J., 1977: Reversible lesions of experimental protein deficiency in rhesus monkeys

Sicher R.C., 1982: Reversible light activation of ribulose bis phosphate carboxylase oxygenase in isolated barley hordeum vulgare cultivar pennrad protoplasts and chloroplasts

Wrischer M., 1982: Reversible light dependent transformation of mutant plastids in variegated leaves of euonymus fortunei var radicans

Shubin L.M., 1981: Reversible light induced absorption and fluorescence changes in phycobilisomes

Taptykova, S. D.; Kalakutskii, L. V., 1975: Reversible light removal of the inhibiting effect of a polyene antibiotic on the actinomycete producer

Steinbach J.H., 1981: Reversible loss of acetyl choline receptor clusters at the developing rat neuro muscular junction

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338576

Highsmith S.R., 1982: Reversible loss of cooperative calcium ion binding by sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338578

Elsborg, L., 1976: Reversible mal absorption of folic acid in the elderly with nutritional folate deficiency

Hudson B., 1981: Reversible male infertility due to congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338581

Vincenti, F. G.; Heymsfield, S., 1977: Reversible malignant hypertension and azotemia due to urethral stricture

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338583

Burrows C.F., 1987: Reversible mega esophagus in a dog with hypoadrenocorticism

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338585

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338592

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338593

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338602

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338603

Section 7 , Chapter 6339, Accession 006338604

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338610

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338629

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338630

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338632

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338633

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338634

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338645

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338646

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338674

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338675

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338676

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338677

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338680

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338692

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338693

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338726

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338728

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338730

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338731

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338742

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338793

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338794

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Jialal I., 1984: Reversible tubular lesion in pregnancy induced hypertension detected by urinary beta 2 micro globulin

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338822

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338833

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338834

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338842

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338844

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338845

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338854

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338879

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Zimmer C., 1980: Reversion of the b to a transition of dna induced by specific interaction with the oligo peptide distamycin a

Lallouette, P.; Schwartz, A.; Dhennin, L., 1976: Reversion of the depressive effect of cyclo phosphamide on nonspecific resistance in mice by means of a somatic antigen of bacillus subtilis

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338897

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338898

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338908

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338909

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Wells, P. N. T., 1975: Review absorption and dispersion of ultrasound in biological tissue

Carter S.K., 1983: Review adjuvant use of cyto toxic chemo therapy to destroy micro metastasis in breast cancer after local control therapy current status

Hanan D.A., 1983: Review and analysis of the bluefin tuna thunnus thynnus fishery in the eastern north pacific ocean

Counts, G. W., 1977: Review and control of anti microbial usage in hospitalized patients a recommended collaborative approach

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Weizel, A., 1970: Review cholesterol metabolism

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338960

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338962

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Van Der Marel G.M., 1986: Review lactic acid considerations in favor of its acceptance as a meat decontaminant

Williams, R. J. P., 1978: Review lecture energy states of proteins enzymes and membranes/

Morenz, J., 1977: Review leukocyto tactic defects of neutrophilic granulocytes and monocytes

Guerrier B., 1980: Review of 10 cases of trans facial grafts technique indications 1st results

Pasut M.L., 1984: Review of 1000 consecutive cases of severe head injury treated before the advent of computed tomography scanning

Grassi G.C.N., 1980: Review of 119 cases of cervical inter body fusion by clowards method

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338970

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Macgowan W.A.L., 1980: Review of 210 autogenous vein bypass operations

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Handa H., 1983: Review of 28 cases of sphenoidal ridge meningiomas clinical features neuro radiological findings and surgical results

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338977

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Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338979

Barbera J.A., 1987: Review of 59 patients hospitalized with animal bites

Montero Garcia J.M., 1985: Review of 70 cases of inoperable non microcellular carcinoma of the lung treated by two different schemes of polychemotherapy

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Eder H., 1980: Review of 80 breast reconstructions after radical mastectomy

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Hall K.V., 1981: Review of a material of burns from a 10 year period in odense hospital denmark

Wickham J.E.A., 1984: Review of accessories for percutaneous renal surgery

Cohen, B. A., 1977: Review of acquisition and analysis of the electro myogram

Narchuk E.P., 1982: Review of acrocerid flies diptera acroceridae of the ussr with descriptions of asopsebius new genus and some new species

Avello F., 1979: Review of acute pulmonary pathology produced by bronchial aspiration of gastric content

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338991

Heilman K.M., 1985: Review of agraphia and a proposal for an anatomically based neuropsychological model of writing

Prins A.J., 1986: Review of alien species on south african offshore islands

Section 7, Chapter 6339, Accession 006338994

Norose K., 1986: Review of argon laser trabeculoplasty for open angle glaucoma

Agerer-Kirchhoff, C., 1976: Review of astragalus section astragalus leguminosae

Thomson N., 1985: Review of available aboriginal mortality data 1980 1982

Kilbourn, J. P., 1978: Review of bacterial genetics

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