Section 7
Chapter 6,340

Revision of japanese luciferinae decapoda penaeidae sergestidae

Hayashi K I.; Tsumura, S.

Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 47(11): 1437-1442


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5392
DOI: 10.2331/suisan.47.1437
Accession: 006339742

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Species [5] of the genus Lucifer are found in Japanese waters: L. chacei, L. hanseni, L. intermedius, L. penicillifer and L. typus. The 1st species is probably a new member to the Japanese fauna. The others have been recorded in many previous reports under the invalid name L. reynaudii. A key to these 5 spp. and a distributional map are presented. The shape of the thoracic sternal plate as seen under the scanning electron microscope is proposed as a character that can be used to distinguish between females of L. intermedius and L. penicillifer.

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