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Revision of the genera cordonema and skrjabinoclava nematoda acuarioidea

Revision of the genera cordonema and skrjabinoclava nematoda acuarioidea

Canadian Journal of Zoology 61(2): 339-348

Cordonema Schmidt and Kuntz, 1972 is regarded as valid and its type species, C. venusta Schmidt and Kuntz, 1972, is redescribed. C. solonitzini (Sobolev, 1943), C. longifuniculata (Sobolev, 1952) and C. brevispicula (Bondarenko and Daiya, 1971) comb. nov. (S. brevispicula) are included in Cordonema. S. horrida (Rudolphi, 1809) from Erolia alpina alpina (L.) from France is redescribed. S. cincli (Yamaguti, 1935), S. thapari Freitas, 1953, S. halcyoni Ryzikov and Hoklova, 1964, S. alii Ali, 1968, S. tupacincai Freitas and Ibanez, 1970, S. rallae Schmidt and Kuntz, 1972, S. amaurornae Schmidt and Kuntz, 1972 and S. catoptrophori Badley, 1978 are characterized as synonyms of S. horrida. Skrjabinoclava aculeata (Creplin, 1825) is regarded as a species inquirenda. S. decorata (Solonitzin, 1928) is regarded as the only other valid species in the genus. S. horrida, mainly a parasite of Scolopacidae and Charadriidae, is sporadic in other birds. It is rarely acquired by gulls on the wintering grounds but apparently not transmitted to gulls on their nesting grounds in Lake Ontario [North America]. S. horrida may not be able to utilize fish paratenic hosts and this could limit its establishment in piscivorous birds.

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